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Motormouth thanks to college. No, don't call back either. Don't call back. Don't call back motormouth great idea. Not don't you later. Does this is how callers that dinner this show racing or cyclones? When I heard the idea I thought it was joke. He really rebound after the famous. Yeah, we are to Rutledge loves plan. Yes. No, don't call. Thank you, the mom motormouth. My mom motormouth. Let's get this show darning. I'm ready ATar. Tear mass quit hanging up on them. Yes. Thanks for calling. Show. This is NASCAR America motormouth, and that is the glorious asphalt and Atlanta Motor Speedway my favorite track on this circuit racing is going to be there this weekend. It's gonna be awesome. I'll be there. Opie will be to this show is totally fun. It's all about you guys. Steve Letard is here. Cow teddy. Also, and we want you to call us. So here's the phone number. It's really easy. It's one eight four four NASCAR NBC you can use those letters alphanumerical, especially if used to page people back in the day. Like, I I bet you at a pager. Didn't you say you'd have a beeper? Clear you'd send like you'd send a text code. You didn't have that mine was seven eight because that's our UT. Oh, I'm the only one I guess. Bag phone. I was told not to hang out of that people. Pages. We're on. So we wanna know what's the one question that you want answered this week. It could be about Daytona could be about Atlanta out. We've been talking to whole lot as we're getting ready for the show kinda about the stuff. That's that's come out this week at about different drivers opinions, and what people said, and I can tell you seeing these two guys fired up as we were waiting to get on. There is always a great thing. I always get really sad about that. Right off the top. If you're going to the race Atlanta Motor Speedway to places need to hit up Katie loose. Cafe that's in Sonora. It's my parents and partners pizza. There's like seven locations, you're gonna love it. Get a little taste. You gave the disclaimer there for Katie lose its counts. Favorite restaurant. Yes. It is. We are going to are you guys ready to take a call? Let's take a call now no-one Monday. When you were you were in this seat Monday. I was so I just want. You know, here's what we do. We tell people that. What's the biggest question? You want answered this week in Atlanta. It could be could be what he thinks going to happen will Dinnie Hamlin. Just. Go on a tear. What whatever it is what the one question one answer this weekend. Then we're gonna take the call and hopefully Kyle will not shout this week. Sorry. You got shout at last week. Also, just you know, there was a few people who were confused on how this works. So if you call in any panel show, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone on this end may or may not agree with you a Cokie of you back because I was a little worried. There was a great area for a couple of people Twitter who said Kyle didn't like anyone's ideas. And I thought well to be fair. He did say that's an interesting. I had not thought of that interesting just wouldn't work. That's okay. Also, one of the greatest running jokes that we have at this network is that sometimes when Steve is on air in the booth. People are tweeting Kyle saying not so nice things. I you said that was actually Steve I don't know what you're talking about. It's always Kyle. So I think today we hope is that we're going to put this myth aside. And yeah. And find out that you guys are in the same place. Let's talk it Lanna. Okay. What do you think about Lanham speedway? I like it. Yeah. Expand on that. I know you look it. I am looking forward to it. I always look forward to you. Once we leave the restrictor plate. Once we get in. This is what the season is. And with this package. You're not going to tell what we see it Atlanta's not what we're going to see by the time, we get to California and not while we're going to see by the time, we get to Charlotte. I mean, it's gonna Volve everything's going. But this is where the teams who have worked all winter long who've worked on this package. He'll tested who have done everything. This is their first opportunity to really say. Okay. This is where we're at last year. I think we left Daytona and Daytona fluke for the Fords know, surely they won't run like that Lanta. They went to Atlanta they picked up right where they left off Daytona. So my question this year is we saw a lot of speed out of the Camaros. Lot of speed out of the Chevys lot of expectations last year for the Chevys. I'm gonna be it's gonna be interesting to see to see where the hindered organization and where the Chevys themselves. Sure unload when we get to Atlanta as crew chief what? You think in for land? I just want to see the racing. I've heard so much about the new rule than the new this. And we see the cars that run at Las Vegas two and three wide Atlanta's going to be very different. But I just ready. No offense enough talking. I'm ready to see cars on racetrack. And really starts on Friday. Just be known is. I think group qualifying could be fascinating. Are they going to draft? Or are they not practice is going to be fascinating do the route in packs. I mean, I think this is more of an unknown than any race. We have seen in perhaps a decade, right? This is completely different. And I'll be honest. I think what we're gonna learn this weekend is Atlanta. Yeah, I'm not even sure that's going to translate the Las Vegas. What I know. It's going to be agree is some great side-by-side racing. And I'm ready to watch cars on track and the trick. And you're so much into Atlanta. And then Atlanta is as a place unto itself, it's slick it's worn out. You can run up next to the wall. We saw Kevin Harvick where out that inside line last year. Never get up off the off the bottom. So it's one of those places. Where I think driver can make his own way, you can find that place where your car is really good junior used to be really good about finding that place. Sure. Larson's good about finding that place. Stenhouse houses good about you're going to have to move around. And it's going to be interesting to see how they move around. It'll be cool. And I love doing the double header on Saturday with Charles. That's all right. Are we gonna go to Carl is that right? Is it time to Carl and Akron? I can't wait Carl. What's your question, buddy? Buddy real quick before. I was on a show of NASCAR smarts with you. Both at M I S Michigan internet, man. The man. Question. Oh, yes. JD gives that was an emotional win for Joe Gibbs motor sports. But do you really feel what that interview that Carl was really happy with the situation? Yes, he's he's with the team. And I know he's what J get but just to look of him and health things. What do you really feel that he was really content with how that went down? That's a great question is Bush content with that finishing second place in the five hundred. No, but there's thirty nine other guys that are content with Daytona either. They went there to win a race. And they didn't win a race. That's how simple it is. So is he happy for Joe Gibbs? Is he happy for that families having for the organization? Yes. But content. No, he's not content. Carl not contaminate plus interview. He was that close to winning the Daytona five hundred. Yeah, I went through the audio we discussed it on Monday. It was his choice whether they played the team game or not Bush said. Yep. That's what we're gonna do. We have no idea what the motivation was whether it was to help Danny win. Whether as best chance have gone on behind him. Doesn't matter. I'm thankful. He wasn't. Attend. And I don't think he said it was Catania interview. I think he did a nice job of explaining the size of the moment. But he also let me know that he wants to win the Daytona five hundred. I mean, that's we love do. You think you're calling Carl man. Yeah. Smarts alumni, man. I feel smarter. Right. Do you think do you think? How would do it any differently? I don't care we need another call. All right. Well. I think the moment. I I mean, I think t- mortars in moment like that is is tough. But there weren't team to get women to watch. It wasn't team more Joe Gibbs didn't say or or are paying or nobody job Abe is Adam Stephen said Kyle. We have two options. Either lineup on the front row. Let any pick his lane raise him for the five hundred or we go with option B, which we've done all day, you want air you want or you can do this. How they and that's why I liked the interview because that was Kyle arguing with himself and his own, but he wasn't mad at anyone other than perhaps himself in the end. Listen, he's he's a winner. He's won a lot of stuff, I'm dying choice. And that Doug that. He was honest about it because he said look that was my thing our next we got Rex in Las Vegas with a question about Martin tricks wrecks, which you got. God is is is Martin is. He gonna win in Atlanta. Or is he going to be a failure in Atlanta? Vegas. You tell me. What's the odds? That is a great question. If we get inside track on the bed. Oh. Right now all have it come out yet. But I'm willing to bet tend to one trucks sales in Atlanta. Even know even know I'm a fan of on the I mean, he's my guy. Wreck sites. Job. He's your guy. You're pulling against him. Where to go right now. Look. Right now, you just told me now you're pulling against Rex. Kevin Harvick will probably. We lost. You. My role on the table. I did not set. Thanks having four street top tunes. I think in in Atlanta. Do you think I guess at the core of that question is how soon before tricks team find success? So they're going to be growing pains moving into jobs racing is not going to be is easy as being by yourself out in Colorado. He said it before we lost Rex. Kevin harvick. Oh, by the way, his lead. The most laps in the last five. I don't really care what the rules are until that doesn't happen. We'll be the first time I bet against. But failure was a failure. Second failure failure. I need a definition on failure from our man, Rex do I think that Martin tricks is gonna win. No, I'm not even gonna have him in my fantasy lineup. I don't think he's going to be that good. Wow. The jacket may jacking here. Ryan's by just offset here. He's going to be joining us a little bit later. So you really think how long do you think before tricks gets back to victory lane with that team? Look, I expect him to still win. But it wouldn't surprise me. If it takes eight or ten weeks. I mean, it's a lot different working inside the mothership then being out in Colorado taken what they have to work on. And then trying to make it better. I think there's some politics involved to it. And to be honest, forget the Joe Gibbs racing side just the season. Yes is going to be totally different. And and I think like we said at the top of the show Vegas is different than. Different than land, different Phoenix. It's gonna be a moving target. Yeah. Growing gains. How long I don't know. I don't because I said it last year, we you've taking and using the Colorado analogy, these guys have been gunslingers they've shot from the hip now, they're in an organization that is buttoned up that has a way of doing things that has certain ways and certain methods of doing things Ken Cole Pearn conform to that way of doing it. Ken Morton X conform to the way. They do it in that environment. I know they've been a part of it. But it's been a satellite part of it have been. Yeah, we're gonna call in from Colorado. Now, you're in that office. So it'll be interesting about win or lose turned into winter fail. That says fell right off Rex Rex. There's no listen, though, participation award by like that. No. I think we call that tough love. He said, it's but he's my man, I'm not pulling for it. Take a little time Kevin up you probably heard. But not one like this. Denny Hamlin shares with he made a visit to my basement y'all do not wanna miss that. Plus how Daytona five hundred win sound around the world. We've got the best global calls from Sunday and more of your calls throughout the show and take your calls after the commercial bake right here on motorboats. You're actually calling Michael Jordan. I'm to blame it on y'all. I wasn't maybe the answers in my life. Gerald. Stop it. Are you gonna trust with the foul shot? What's up? Jordan. Thank you. All right. So here's the deal. I'm on part of my take on barstool. And we're talking about you and how good of a friend. You've been to me my entire career. So I just wanna say, thank you. I love you love you. So I wanna say. Your last started off rights five grants that nothing number from a five and a half. We've got five with you over under. So are you? Thank you. Love you love you. Pretty cool. So what I learned Jordan bay? Why listen what you know what I learned? Right. They're careful who you call. 'cause he was like, hey, I know Michael, Jordan. Yeah. Five wins. Right. That was good. You wanted all last week in Philly. To case you got about the rings. You wanna raise I'm five. I liked it. I it's it's stuff. That is good stuff. Funny thing is the moment like that. Especially if you're going to be on barstool and do their podcasts. Also, like what if I'm Jay doesn't pick up did that then they're gonna rag on you, you probably call your friend. Tony whoever it is. That's a harder thing than people realize to pivot there. I will say though, listen, I will say the that Danny? I think is a great Daytona five hundred champion so far doing all the media tour. Yes. But you know. Even Michael said last year winless. Yeah, I think we all forgot very quickly. How miserable last year was for Denny Hamlin. So bounce back. Have you gotta do it. That's the way hundred will make you forget a lot of things. Yeah. About my career. A lot of fast for. Kids asked me about how to get the sport. I remind them that you start pushing a broom at sixteen on my tell you look at him. Now, he's just wearing a plaid shirt. This is my day motor measure. We're gonna get to that. Didn't Hamlin fish story, which I promise you. You're not gonna believe it coming up a little bit later. But right now, we're going back to the phones. We've got Chuck on the line for main Chuck you had a great question about Joey gone. What's your question? I did. I just want to let you know. I've been a NASCAR fan put thirty one years. I don't think I've missed one race of between Loudon and on TV. And was that. I just like to know how come nasca does not. I mean in last couple of years joy Lagaan, oh has dumped everyone at job drive and some of them multiple times and three years ago at homestead at the cow had been dominating that whole race. Ten laps to go. Joey Logano takes him if it hadn't been for that guaranteed. Cal would have won the championship that year and NASCAR does nothing to him. Why? So I let me say Chuck that voice is a sound for soya air. I'm fellow made from Maine it sounded great. But I think my question is I'm not sure what you want to ask are too. I understand your concern on how he's racing his other guys. But I'm a big fan of leaving it on the race tracks you feel NASCAR should get involved with how the racing has competitors because he's dirty. He's a dirty one out there. I mean. What more can I say? And I bet a lot of people agree with me. Something ought to be done. He's all smiles when he's on camera. He gives behind that wheel. And he's dirty. And I just don't understand. I mean, I mean how many times he Joe Gibbs guys? I think Joe gives it would be a little upset with into. I just wanna say, thank you. Michael McDowell for not pushing into the win that. Let's just say this. Yeah. That's just what jug. Let me say. This Joe Gibbs dumped joy Lagaan. Oh, I so whatever joy llegado does. Now. Maybe I don't know. I'm just adding some fuel here. Thanks for call. Amanda, Choy got Sean, but to go back to my mother versa difference do. All right. Kyle could go so deep. So he joke gives dug up. That's right. Use the word. Listen. Chuck say hasn't Mr. race. Thank you. We see you at Loudon. Yes. All. Yeah. Down by the fence. When when people when I first started traveling with this P would ask me or NASCAR fans different place to place. I was like. Yeah. A little bit in the south. They're like, oh, you know, throwing a t-shirt out like I'll get one next time. And in New Hampshire, they yell like I'll be waiting on the pocket lot. Yeah. So real, but he did bring up Michael McDowell who is going to be calling. You gotta show a little bit later. Do you do I mean to me over to where to fall because I don't really I don't vibe with that at all. Because I don't I Joe is just upset. So here's here's here's the thing. Here's a guy from from Maine who watches racing religiously fashion and his passionate about the sport. I love that. But at the same time, the guys who watched Earnhardt senior, and we're passionate pulled for him. Right. Okay. You didn't hear these phone calls? Will you wouldn't have gotten? Now when I was on the twenty fourteen those guys that were passionate about senior they weren't cheering us on yet. No. So let's be clear. They thought Jeff Gordon was a date thou Jamf was that's that's my points. So what? So my point is my points. Exactly that if he's your guy. He's good. He's good. He's just not Chuck Scott. Not checks Scott is what it boils down to. And look we've all that's what makes NASCAR fan. So great. There's forty guys out there man, pick you one and be passionate about a show in college. Let's take another call. We've got Donald on the line from New York with thought on buyer. Go ahead, Donald. Bush is well think William Byron's gonna do Elena in your predictions for the rest of the season. It's a great question. Man. We're glad you called in Atlanta. You showed at the top of the show bumpy track. Tough asphalt does not shine a light well on rookies. Even saw four drivers young drivers in general. I think that William buyer is have a great year. I think checkouts gonna help him a little bit. I I've said vocally that he. I've been very outspoken about the he came to Cup two quick. So I think every year he reminds me a little joy Lagaan. He's only gonna get better that you think he came to quit. I do I think in even time it extended that's my two cents on it. So I think you have a great year, but a tough Atlanta. Yeah. I don't think you can come quick enough to Cup at in this day in time with with these guys are and I applaud Rick Hendrick for putting for bringing him that quick. He had already done well in the trucks already. Why just stay in waste another year? Go ahead and start learning. And that think that's his last year will pay off huge dividends this year. Because I think he's got a solid year under his belt. He's got Chad canals. He's got an organization now, our gut that group around him that can leave him. I think he's going to have a good year. This you send he was gonna argue with the callers say you're going to be on. I know actually actually because we disagree with last year. But both agree. It's gonna be a good year. And we did ask for your calls about Atlanta. Steve is on the line. With a great question Atlanta. Go ahead, Steve. Beginning about a Bush fan. But hanging up right now, we're hanging. This kid. So Jay Jimmy Jimmy Johnson is supposedly down for driver. Winston down for cars, and we're coming into downforce cars again is he going to win. I have concerns about Jimmy Johnson. Obviously I worked there. I've seen him in every driver. You can help me with this has their thing. Jeff, Gordon, drove with his right hand, you want to feel the car on the steering wheel. Jimmy Johnson drives with right foot. He's so good at Dover because of the car frees up he rotates the car with the fraud. I have concerned the less power is going to hurt. Jimmy johnson. We'll see if he can prove us wrong. Or maybe I think Kimmy Johnson can still win races. Oh, no doubt in that. Man. No doubt can Jimmy Johnson. Still contend for championships. I'm not sure I think that we've seen that age. Kinda come down where it's forty two forty three forty four. We're used to be with our heart and my dad Pearson, and those guys it was fifty fifty one fifty two there's a bunch of twelve year olds out there that are going to be in this sport and the next two or three years. So I I don't think he can he can win races. And I'm not sure no matter what he's driving. I don't. I don't care how Dr I don't sleep on his new crew chief, Kevin mentoring. Yeah. I'm obviously partial he was the I forget for years. You talk about running a broom bad broom skills and the chats shop a Hendrick motorsports way back in the day. But I think he is a brilliant up and comer. Yes. And I think Chad canal has kind of set the stage of what is expected out of Jimmy Jimmy now knows that he's looking for something different on the pit box. Get that with Kevin mentoring big deal. It's going to be a big year for him for sure, you know, we told you about dating Hamlin in the fish story, you need to check it out when he stopped by my basement, take a look. We could go back to the bad day. But I had a ex-girlfriend get really really mad at me putting their hair remover, my share PU bottle. She's crazy. Wow. Now, that's that's bad date puts fish underneath by mattress. So when they thought it totally redoubt my apartment, it was awful. She opened up milk cartons and put them behind the headboard. So the smell of my apartment was. Awful. This is heavy heavy stuff. Maybe that should have been worst hit ever. Yeah. That's it. You don't be like the worst six months of my life. Only my close friends know that story, but they all know how how long did you date this person well dated for probably three or four weeks? That's three or four weeks. Got you racing racing came back, and I got in bed, and I noticed something didn't smell, right. Like, it wasn't crazy when I woke up I it was gag city. Because all the fish had melt had thought she what's the store got frozen. Fish put them under the Batra room mattress never lived in that apartment ever again that was my last night there. Oh, in by the way, I a friend called me and said don't use your shampoo because she put near hair removal in your shampoo up. Next question. Are you? Okay. Yeah. This is a positive. She. Is bad. Okay. Just to recap all that. I need a moment. All the headboard frozen. I thought under the mattress, and then they're in the shampoo that was one crazy three week period dated or somewhere between twenty one and twenty eight days too long. Unbelievable, or what the fact that dating. His please give him props back that he shared that story. Number one, number two anytime, you'll wonder why I'm not married did us watch that tape that was he smelling the fish or you're wearing the same shirt that you were in that interview. So gosh, I just got lucky asking. That happened. Hey coming up, dick. We're gonna be talking to Michael Dow in here exactly what he thought taking your calls coming up next. Them one only. This is to coked pretty, you know. That's just so. Bagging data heavy amount. That. Joke. How coal is that? I did not like that last year. Style and all these different languages, the one thing that comes through this man people around the world love this yet. And I felt that passion they felt those moments and there's a person on the phone that was a big part of that. Let's go ahead and welcome Michael McDowell, and Michael man what a great day top-five finish first off. Congrats. What did, you know going going down today tone of that you guys could have that solid day coming out of there? Well, you only have on hopes in mass the premium Daytona you wanna wanna kick off the season and get a win and we've had a really on the super speedways in the past. So it's definitely a race that front row motorsports. And yeah, everybody Armagh thirty four months. Trump's Ford Mustang. Look at it as an opportunity. Fortunately for us. We were in the pitcher and in the Knicks and came out of there was a top five. Hey, Michael Steele tar here. I just wanna talk about that green white checker. I've been fortunate to work with Jeff Gordon, Dale junior. And every time they didn't go our way, they always said they kinda relived it in their heads what they would have done differently. So I know there are ton of opinions including mine about those last two laps. But when you go back and watch the video are you happy with the moves. They made us something different. I mean, it's always easy on Monday. But what's your opinion? Now the race is over. No watching it. I should have went to the bottom. You know, just just seeing how that would have played out. But you know, in the moment, it split-second decision that you have you know, my core wasn't quite quick enough to stay latched onto somebody's bumper. So I was just kinda pushing people a little bit too far ahead of me. And I finally had to run had the momentum. And I just didn't wanna break the momentum. And soon as I shot to the outside it's sold out. Anyway. So once that happened like a man who stuck to the bottom probably gave up a spot everything in, but you know, going forward and last lap Daytona five hundred and you know, I wish they would let me watch the rois crime to the. You want to do? But that's not the case in, you know, just. The top five just to be clear. I want a lot more races on day. If they would just let me redo Goeman one a lot of bad decisions in my. I'll be honest. I showed these guys before we started. I had you in my fantasy league going into Daytona. So you were one of my picks. Thank you very much. You helped me a little bit. I was I was armchair quarterback in because I thought she should have gone into the inside too. I'm like bottom bottom bottom. But they told us behind this. Now what about head and into Atlanta? You guys have a little momentum. You've got a new rule package. This is a different type race first time with this package. How what what are you? What are you looking to? You are looking forward to going to Atlanta just the on loan create excitement, essentially for knowing you know, conceptually the hope is this punk. It will bring cars closer together. We'll be more to three wide. And if it's like Daytona. I think that's gonna swell defense. You know, those are racism, so there's a lot of optimism from our came just knowing that this could be an opportunity, you know, an opportunity year where everything's kind of brought together and close the game up the field. And and you might be able to capitalize on those moments and no different than Daytona with this package. We'd be believe that if you get a green white checkered at the end, you're going to be two three one. I'd and that creates opportunity. So I'm excited. You know? I'm hopeful that that it'll be exactly like Daytona and cover. Well, Mike, the best thing about sports is the raw emotion of sports, and we saw very animated Joey Logano after the Daytona five hundred you both drive forward. You talk about moving towards it Lanta. So I would ask the same thing. I've asked us actually joy Lagaan issues. He's been in. What is the step moving forward? Here. Do you think his comments and opinion of warranted? And be see somebody. You're going to reach out to maybe down in Atlanta just have a conversation before you get back on the racetrack. Well, it's just that heat of the moment. And we all know Joey wants to win the race and he's punishment. Get and I like that. And you know, I'm the same way. And so, you know, I don't take any offense to it. And I totally get it. And we were both trying to get the best for teams. And and absolutely. I understand. Why saying, hey, why didn't you go with me? And so they definitely make sense already reached out the Joey and and spoke to him you know, really Monday after the race. And you know, it's just a heated moment. And it's all good for me. You know, I just think that you know, it would have been great if we would have got one of those things in victory and hopefully this weekend, we can try to again, Michael. You're awesome. Thanks for calling. The fact that that you have inches and nanoseconds of to make a choice like that. But the coolest part for so many fans that have known you wash it for so many years as you are up there at the front of that race with a shot to win. Win the Daytona five hundred and no one can take that away. Man. That's awesome. We appreciate calling man. Thanks, great round my Denki yet. He looked. That's Michael McDowell. He's a man we're gonna take your calls coming up next. Some of the best fans are from Georgia, and our YouTube channel, we gotta after show coming up too. I don't know about you. But. Started one hundred one thousand or on their feet gate drop in Texas. Great great to impress fans. Tricks. Trouble cars, begin the slide. Out of the ballpark where we'll spend a three sixty is up and perfectly executed v. Right now, they're not allowed cars teams and drivers left to win. Final lap. Throws the block on all. Got look slow throws block NASA hair for Charlie pop integrate jigger. Eight. Oh, yeah. Denny ham on as one the sixty edition of the day tone a five hundred. Nascar American motorsports. Our tomorrow is going to be huge willpower is going to be here in the house. That's amazing Krista AJ Parker. We also have our YouTube show after this. If you don't get on during the show, we still wanna talk if you're on the line keep hanging, but let's get back to the phones. You ready? Oh, I can't this. This is an interesting this first time I've had this happened. So we're gonna take a call for the time. We take a call Zach oil. It some Steve not the issue with shock for main. Steve, what's on your mind, buddy? Well, I just got home shafter noon from Daytona. I was there for four vents. I thought Thursday Sunday was great. I don't know what you guys opinions of it is and the guy from Maine Amy's uses head for some besides that wreck. Everybody's been picking on Donald since the kid came in. And they need to lay off of Kyle petty set of best Joe Gibbs was filling that slot machine. And Roger Penske got the payoff and he's happy. ESPN scripts not one snap off. You're you're awesome. I agree. And we may state I'm not up to. But the fact he went just so I know what see what do you do for a living? If I can ask. Unofficially on. A fortunately, I'm retired. Great thing. I off. That's so awesome. That you went like somebody. He had a good time, buddy. That's that's awesome. In your mind because Steve said, the Massachusetts main battle his always going on if Chuck had not been for main. Would you still have been fired up enough to call? Oh, heck. Yeah. Okay. Gordon mass. I grew up in California. I got thirty years on VHS tapes recorded race like this go, man. Thank you. Thanks for the call gonna check by him. I love you. You had someone not only call in and agree with integrated. But guess agree with the previous. I love that. That's a big thing. Right. Let's see who is next that is James from Illinois. James, what's on your mind? Hey, guys, how you doing there? Defy question. I gotta say something to Kyle up there. I had yet for tuning meet your dad back Ichikawa go in speedway a few years back. I rooted for him back in the seventies. And all that. And I just wanna say you and your dad both I real class acts. Thank my question. My question is is this new package going to be anything like the good old days when you know, especially like the mile and a half story race bumper to bumper and packs and everything kinda like they do it the super speedways or is it going to be what I call like the greyhound racist chase the rabbit followed a leader stuff like that. You know? Chains. Great question. So let's all this. I think basically this new package gonna be must see TV because I think it's going to be very different every track. I think they is going to be very different than Atlanta, very different than Charlotte. Do I feel it's going to be packed up? Nobody has vantage. No. I think a good car and a good driver still has an advantage. That's why I'm excited about it. But I also feel that may Michael McDowell who just spoke to when they hit it on the right day. I think the leaders going to have less of an advantage. I think that's all idea. Right KPI, the leader out running late should be have the best of Angie, cleanest air, but the guy second third might have a little draft. And here's the thing this package is just it's a change in how we're going to see the sport is the change in. Hopefully, what you guys are gonna see to change in what the drivers are going to feel what they're going to see. And how the teams rice is it a positive change. We all in the industry believe it's a positive change. We believe in it right now. But we've got to see it to see outcomes funny note if you're going to pick a drinking word for Sunday's race don't pick rules. Or rules package. You won't see the finish. That's a great point. You got to be a serious conversation about it. You know, just talk we lost. We had a call from guy named Jack failing Jack, I'm sorry. We hung up on you. We're gonna go to Cheryl neck, not we use here. That was my Gerald. What's your question? What's on your mind? Well, I think that you doing fantastic job. They say. And I also wanted to ask you, what do you think of men Benedetto? I've been a fan of his ever since he first came on the scene, and do you think that he'll do a pretty good this year? Okay. I'm gonna say this. We did a thing. Cow collars last year cow Larson sings Matt Benedetto's praises every chance. He gets. He said growing up out west race. And you had to be mad Benedetto to make something happen. When you run those little cars in sprint cars and ambigious stuff in California having said that Matt Benedetto believes in himself, and I love that. I love that. We talk about Ryan freeze believe in himself. Matt the Benedetto quit a ride and said, I'm just going out here. I got nothing going on. I'm going to get a better ride. He got this ninety five right? I believe in Matt venedetto secret weapon. Mike Wheeler the reason I say that it's not only your smart crew chief like that. But I think the secret weapons going to be Mike Wheeler. He came from Joe Gibbs racing. Just smart, but he knows the workings of Joe Gibbs racing. Supporting that point Greg goes, the right? Got a call to get the right answer. Yes. Cheryl. Thanks for calling. Awesome. Matt Mansa man next. We got John on the line. I wanna talk about Ryan Preece, John. What's on your mind? First of all, you guys are good and pled. That that John John would was. John. Go ahead, buddy. All right. I'm a local short-track racer was I'm retired. Now, I race against Ryan priest and back in my day. You know, the only way to get there was big dollars. And I just hope he succeeds and does good for you know, the young guys that that look up to him. Now that want to make it to the Winston Cup and same thing with Daniel Henrich to. Yeah. Go ahead. John. The other thing is quickly is what do you think? When the first car gets his qualified will that help. Now, it's Kahn or hurt NASCAR. Good question. So two things. I love his thoughts. Ryan I like when short track racers get a chance. He is disqualification. It's not about helping or hurting NASCAR about really the opinion of the garage and more than that the culture of the garage. That's what NASCAR is trying to change. So I applaud if they're gonna throw someone out will it change. I don't know. It's how they react to it. But if you're not legal black and white time someone out this. It's good for the sport. And it's good for fans because the fans are going to be able to leave the race track. And the who the winner is. There's nothing worse being a fan of this sport and having to wait to Wednesday, Tuesday or Wednesday when they make their announcement on who the official winner is when the football game is over when the baseball game is over when soccer, whatever, you know, who the winner is. We're gonna know now I remember in college a bar fight. Always like a good idea to your friend got thrown out. So I'm with you. I think the first take one good time. And then everybody's gonna happen. Also. I'll sit over here. John. Thanks. Your next up got Mike in Missouri. Mike what's up? Yeah. I. I was wondering with Joey llegado went on a championship last year. And Kevin Harvick dominating with the Fords are the Fords. Gonna have a problem like the Chevrolets dead last year transforming to the new Mustang body. That's a great question. Real simple. There is potential. There would have been made would have concern if you hadn't changed with the new rules. The dire down force the more drag all of those things combined, even if it is a bad year for the Mustang. You'll never know why. So I think that kind of get a freebie there. Right. So they get the work. What I consider a completely clean slate yet. Remember, the Ford that they ran last year they'd spent a lot of time on that car. Chevy. Got a new car, boom, all of a sudden Chevy's back here this year. It's more like this. Everybody's got something that they have to conform to the rules that they are no matter what you start with. Whether you started with last year's car brand new car. Great point guys. These calls are awesome. Good whole line. Hang on with us. We're trying to get as many as we can. We also have our YouTube after show coming up next. We got a great look and coffee with Kyle and Mike Hamilton, you don't wanna miss this. I to sit around talk about the night because I wouldn't trade being part of that era for anything. How you know? I just I consider myself tremendously lucky individual to have been where I was through that era of NASCAR. Because I love the sport. But it's only fun to talk about you cannot recreate you. You can't go back and do it like we used to all I remember it. Well, you can remember all you won't too. But that's not the way it's going to get accomplished today. So every step we take along the way is toward the future of the sport. So no, you can't go back to nineteen eighty five and expect to be able to do that today in nineteen eighty five. I don't think anybody had a crystal ball to figure out how we doing it too. Man that most still amazing. I look really cool to set down to him and talk to him about the eighties nineties when he was here where he sees a sport going his relationship with different drivers what he thinks about globally own the sport. And he was very open. It was it was really a lot of fun. I learned a lot. So when I can sit down and talk to somebody like that, I enjoyed it. So tune in coffee with they're awesome. If you haven't checked out yet, you need you also profited this guy Letard on location. Yeah. Your new favorite podcasts yet. Absolutely. Absolutely. It's got be fun. It's basically real simple. We go on location talked to fund people in great places. I had Duke car down to streamline hotel. Birthplace star come on. We talked about his his tenure Hendra motor sports, and I worked for a long time. Now the chief operating officer ask pretty fancy title. But listen, it's as simple as that is, you know, me, I know big stretch I like to talk. So I try to talk to some fun. Even speaking up. We're gonna try to take some more calls but tonight on NBC thin. It is Wednesday. Nine hockey double header coverage starts at six thirty eastern leading up to black on Red Wings. It's seven thirty. Then it can us Vegas own Kurt Busch during the Bruins and the Golden Knights. Hopefully, there won't be a coast. Call like this checkout flying by our own Pierre McGuire. Wow. That's that's intense. We all got up next. Wow. Route Jerry Maguire. Come back to motormouth. Nate Ryan is here. The greatest part of our show Nate's going to be angry with us because we have a YouTube show that's on immediately. After this. You're on the phone hang on with us. And if you're not on phone call in now, guys, I think we should give some shoutouts. But before Nate tell us what jumped out the most you at the five hundred. I think the Chevrolet Hendrick Toyota Gibbs partnership, those guys working together. I don't think it was a key to any Hamlin winning. But I think it impacted the race in some significant ways pretty crazy took the leverage away from the four two things. It took the leverage away from the Fords on driving the pit cycle. But if the Fords didn't feel good about it. I would be selling to be like we were so good. They had the team to beat us. Because that's what it does the fours were so fast that I applaud I applaud whoever the city make us were in that. It was a good strategy. Yeah. Listen, we go the Daytona five hundred with forty the greatest drivers in the world. And we're talking team sports. Oh, my. I cannot wrap my head around this at a time. And I said it earlier at a time when the manufacturers are people are not brand loyal to a lot of manufacturers. The manufacturers the most important people in our sports strange bedfellows. Interesting story. Not like this not NASCAR. What I saw. Saw this time they run out. The Motor Speedway and our Buddy Ryan blaming. They're planning something crazy Ryan is gonna try the world record attempt for selfish. I hope he puts it on the right now Kim Kardashian one hundred seventy eight or something so he's got to do it three minutes. Ted. Mortis a great racist weekend. We're so excited. I'm gonna be there on Sunday with my friend killer. Mike from run to jewels. Kimiko from the vent. You went. Oh, I was surprised at the drivers meeting for the Tate, right? That can happen. That's great. I won't be awesome. And it's really cool to stop at a gas station last week in see how hard that quick trip supports Atlanta Motor Speedway for the folds. Von five hundred to see how much the city really comes alive for with so much going on there. It's a really cool thing. So we can't wait. At your neighborhood man, come into your house. One apologize business number is knowing them Billy race. We did not have time for your call. Again this week. Fifty seven times. Yes. Eight you. Sorry. Afraid are Matt Damon on this show. We'll never get to you guys right side about this week and taking the win. Chase Elliott hometown guy going to victory lane. Yes. I harburg. Harvick. That Lim pretty your way out. All. Yeah. That was produced. It'd be this. William Barron lays, Jeff Wayne Byron you heard it here. Well, I guess we're going to find out. How about you? I'm going to you chase our o ring that bell weighing by ten. We're not done head over to our YouTube channel for the debrief. We will see you there.

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