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Episode 28: Ten Anomalous Superhuman Abilities and The Ascended Masters


good to talk to you again and welcome to cryptic crunches show dedicated to all the unexplained mysteries of existence. Higher Knowledge Esoterica the paranormal. Or ANYTHING DARK. Weird or other in the world this podcast. As a refuge from all things mainstream meant for like minded open pinkers who understand the great truth that things are almost never what they seem face value in this episode. I'm fulfilling a request. Made by warhead. Or whatever his real name is. Because I don't know what could be worn but warhead asked me to cover some anomalous superhuman abilities like psychic lower spiritual or psychic powers. I guess some of them but they're basically just anomalous superhuman abilities or Hudson interested in like Yogi powers from them came to him. You know like all the crazy stuff they do so I got to Matt Neck. Yoga Sutra powers from the Vita as as a lot of lower around Yoga Masters occult powers tons of crazy legends. I'm just going to talk about Ken. Such anomalous abilities in this episode sequel before Him with even more mysterious powers if he likes it or had thanks for being such a cool fan. Then I'm going to go into an overview of the ascended masters at talk about the ascended masters in the anomalous superhuman abilities figured why not ascended. Masters are basically immortal and profoundly enlightened being several once-regular Humid's they've just evolved in develop spiritual leads to the point that they transcend the material universe. Oh and also aliens. I talked about aliens during that for a little bit. But it's super weird and of course all talk about some famous ascended masters and the secret societies that they allegedly influenced as well as their influence on new age stuff. Yasser Affi and Hindu Yogi culture. I guess in any case strap and because it's going to get super cerebral. I'm your host Tim. Hacker and you're listening to cryptic chronicles tales of supernatural. Yogi are abundant with these enlightened beings portraying extreme anomalous abilities that seem superhuman there are also tales of the ascended masters. Zen Masters Saints Psychics Light Workers Tibetan Buddhists mystics prophets and occultist who all allegedly have anomalous superhuman abilities. But just what are these supernatural? Powers that they seem to possess and what relevance they have in the modern world though. The majority of society is skeptical. That such things are possible. Some accounts are hard to deny unless one is delusional self. Ignorant a sing beyond the little box that David accepted as their reality. I mean many people are just sprayed up incapable of seeing beyond their social conditioning. Now in saying that. I'm not saying that novelist superhuman abilities are true or that you should even take them seriously. All I'm saying is is that things are very rarely what they seem at face value with leaked. Cia documents giving relevance to the existence of humans was super normal abilities. These documents state that scientists have been basically studying the phenomena officially with a government issued sanction and funding for twenty years now. And if you want you can even go. Look these documents. Yourself is proof. There entitled the Chronology of recent interest in exceptional functions of the human body in the People's Republic of China. They were originally leaked but now thanks to the freedom of Information Act. You can literally just go. Check these out at the CIA website. They revolve around the government's interest in China's experiments and research into parapsychology and anomalous events. In general I guess however. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone more. So give you an overview of what many consider to be real and since any subjective reality could be regarded as objective from the viewer. The truth tends to be a point of view. The following are many of the alleged abilities gained by one percent. The population through and light meant spiritual growth psychic abilities or gifted straight up from entities in the spirit routes through mental training. These sages have learned to have total control over the mind body and soul as well as the very fabric of reality while start with the ability to see Auras as well as read them. This ability has documentation in almost all spiritual traditions across the globe throughout human history. The Yogi of India are especially renowned for having this ability and the funny thing about or is is that they are actually scientifically proven to exist. We can't see them because our is just don't pick up that part of the light spectrum but with specific devices you can take pictures of Auras. There is objectively magnetic field of sorts energy. That goes around not only any living human. But anything in general. The AURA is invisible fields of energy that surround all living things as well as non living things and even inanimate objects have or is just like humans and animals only to a different degree people with the ability to perceive auras. Earn not viewing them with their physical is. It's the psychic site that sees them the light spectrum also ships based on what energy is being generated in the aura. This changes the color of it and it can shift based on a variety of different things including a motion moral alignment and spiritual psychic or physical health and some people can even put things inside their aura. Like Signals or runes. I guess Stuff like that like Holy symbols or sacred geometry and whatnot. Some people even have orders. That are pretty much almost one color. Which is Believer not rare most people's auras cascade of different colors or just a couple of a similar. Keller and the people who have like a single more single colour auras. There's usually somebody of very high spiritual standing a God. They can be special in some way. Such as the white aura of ascended masters or people selected by higher powers to perform deeds in assisting the development of humanity in their current incarnation like blas. Fers mystics Saints Shamans. An old souls all often have white onerous in many traditions. The Aura is also a representation of psychic and spiritual defense because demons spirits are only said to be able to possess or influence someone through holes in their oral. These areas can be penetrated by spiritual beings and in a way. Go inside the person on a spiritual. Many entities are said to US holes in order to influence people but it's also a guard against energies of other humans depending on how healthy and or is it can mean how influenced when his by others emotions and psychic pushes and polls from other humans that happens unconsciously all the time though there is an exception because light workers are and paths are said to purposely keep doors open but they do that on an unconscious level. It's just kind of who they are. Naturally and as an old saying that the majority of 'em patents aren't even that their impacts. There's just think the way that they feel is natural when literally statistically nobody around them ills the same way or to the excitement streams those with the ability to see auras witnessed the swirls of cascading energies change color based on mood intention or someone is trying to lie or manipulate them or someone else. You're a also indicates if someone has had or violent intentions anything of this nature can be viewed in an obvious manner by borough reader which makes them almost impossible. The next the novelists ability is invisibility. And I know what you're thinking but it's not that the ability to become invisible as more so done by psychically blocking other people's minds from registering them then actually physically disappearing from sight did council ordinary people. Interacting with Yoga Masters are sprawling with unexplainable examples of them banishing straight from thin air. And the thing about these accounts as that didn't really matter if they had looked away briefly or they had been looking directly at the Yogi and he just vanished. The ascended master Panton jolly talks about the yoga ability to disappear in his Yoga Sutras. But it's also mentioned in many sacred Indian texts if you're wondering what the Yoga Sutras are. They're basically just the documents that describe all of the anomalous yoga abilities as well as the ways to obtain them. Sometimes when a yoga vanishes it seems like they step out of space time for a bit only to reappear later at a completely different date and look unchanged and such accounts have given birth to stories of yoga master is being able to appear in two different places at once to different groups of disciples in this CD. Three twenty one. It states that invisibility is the results of looking at the body intensely with the inner I the Sanskrit gives a rough insinuation and I quote visibility. Is this suspension of the chorus or limited projection of the body and the Ogi say that through energy manipulation the body is surrounded by a Therik vapor mirroring the light spectrum of the Sun. That's an extension of the subtle energy body. All humans possess that exists on the astral plane or his existence but lack of understanding is because mainstream ordinary. People are unaware of the vast limitations of the basic human sense organs. Just how much does the brain actually perceive around us up to ninety percent of what we see and hear is all filtered out from our conscious awareness? What if becoming invisible was just changing the frequency? In which vibrate on this planet distance. We'll to yoga masters. It's a genuine possible through concentrated. Meditation Guru essentially makes the body imperceptible to the human eye. The collective unconscious of humanity can recognize the psychic signals of consciousness. But with a quiet. Calm mind through years of meditation. One can virtually become invisible to other subconscious radar by stopping the energy of thoughts. The Yoga master kind of gives themselves a psychic cloak. You know there's a lot more to this and it's a lot more esoteric but it's too much to go into all at once so this is my best summary of how to explain it without going to into detail however it's safe to say that the Yogi of the East really believed that they have this mystic power but they are not alone in claiming to have this anomalous human ability there are also the mystery schools of the West that claim to be able to achieve it as well such as the Rosicrucians of Thurn America but they originated in Europe. They also claim to have the knowledge on how to achieve invisibility which is a closely guarded secret but this also includes other medic orders and offshoots resolution ism including the masons the other secret orders from the eighteen hundreds and beyond such as the order of the Golden Dawn and literally a countless offshoot mystery schools. That they inspired. Not many people are aware that the West has very deep in ancient esoteric core. Metaphysical are no like weird philosophical. I know how to explain it. They have we. Basically America also has the ancient traditions like the Yogi and other mystics throughout the world. And we it's basically unique our own. Oh and I meant the wests. Not Specifically America. That's all Western. Culture like people like to borrow from the east with all their like shock rose and all that eastern philosophy. But what they don't know is that we in the West actually have something like that. That's completely unique in ours. It's just hidden from the public and not mainstream. You have to search for. It was a really bad explanation. But you know me I'm not trying to be clinical about things anyway. Somebody that we've talked about before on the show. The notorious Alister Crowley himself also claimed to achieve invisibility croly performed all the esoteric rituals required to become invisible and then. He said that he walked down a busy street dressed in a completely ridiculous outfit but nobody would pay him a second glance or even seem to notice him at all so this anomalous superhuman ability is less about literally becoming invisible like superhero and more about psychically blocking yourself from other people being able to perceive you. The next anomalous superhuman ability is cree cognition and premonition. According to quantum physics the future is not certain but always shifting based on our current behaviors thoughts. Those who are said to have the ability of pre cognition can glimpse into the possible outcomes of future. I'm also GONNA throw from initial Nisshin in here. Because because research similar buildings premonition and pre cognition can come in a variety of forms all unique in their own way. It can be a gut feeling that something is wrong or going to turn out to a certain conclusion and those experiencing pre cognition see possible futures and dreams synchronous cities Omens through symbolism or even visions however pre cognition should not be confused with prophecy. Because it's not. It is in the same ballpark to a degree though. But it's not prophecy. Prophecy is to foresee future events that are set in stone and unavoidable whereas precondition. It's to see possible futures. That are still in flux. Somebody having pre cognition in the form of visions will veg out for bid at translate state in see flashes of the future. Putsch reminds me of the people. From the final destination movies well not really illuminating guaranteed future events precondition can help assisting gaining the most beneficial outcome to situations basically in all ways and this is one of the anomalous superhuman abilities. That's that said to be naturally gifted to a higher degree in humans than the other abilities. I'm mentioning however it's suppressed early on in childhood to become permanently dormant for the rest of people's lives from social conditioning. In fact every single person subconscious mind is said to have pre cognitive abilities and those who can open the doorway to the unconscious. Can I guess possibly reawaken this forgotten human ability and our modern society? We look down on things like Oracle's from the classical age basically just shoving. It's this side as superstition but would modern culture doesn't teach us is that the oracles suggest the or calls of Delfi. In Ancient Greece gave readings. That were the salvation of Greece many times over essentially saving the Western world from eastern tyranny allowing unique culture and identity to grow. We wouldn't be here without the oracles of Delfi. They were objectively used to change the world on many occasions. And there wasn't anything supernatural or Pagan. Or you know like magical that they were tapping into what these oracles were doing was tapping into the pre cognition of their subconscious minds. For the best outcomes of Greece's current situation. The ad was done through drugs and like deep meditation and altered states but it still does objectively work and happened all throughout history. The unconscious has incredible power that is untapped by ordinary people. Telepathy telepathy is an anomalous abilities. Some humans are said possess. That is one of the rarest of these anomalous superhuman abilities the ability to communicate on the mental plane solely with one's mind in parapsychology. Telepathy is also a former. Yes Pete the most common form of slept at the is not a natural ability. Someone can use it will but something that happens once or twice no lifetime usually in times of crisis trauma or death of a loved one for example the phenomenon of the twin feeling. They're twins. Death is a form of telepathy but tele paths on the other hand. They can use their ability. Will though it's not necessarily words being spoken someone's head like comic books and movies professor x from the X. Men comes to mind but it's more the language of symbolism and emotion that is universal and often. This is the language of telepathy that's pushed into someone's mind it allows them to communicate even with people who don't even speak the same language them or even animals and nature general though if the telepathic is particularly powerful they can't indeed directly communicate with words in someone's mind but this is the rarest of the rare. Usually this type of telepathic. Some sort of ascended master sang Yogi or a holy person like the Buddha Jesus Shamans excetera to top tier human. That can do that stuff. However it is important to note that tell path using telepathy can do so in a way that influences the minds of others without any evidence of doing so they can transmit ideas desires or motions without that person ever realizing it. Allegedly many sacred enlightening texts have been said to have been channelled by a higher being much is probable to have been a telepathic with immense our. Hello dear listener. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? A spiritual or esoteric experience. Have you ever seen a Ufo or something that you could not explain? Have you ever witnessed anomalous activity? That defies reality. Have you ever experienced unexplained mysteries of existence if you have your own cryptic tail and would like to have shared on the podcast? Then call one eight hundred seven five seven six zero four nine and read the message of your experience. If it's what cryptic chronicles all about then it will be shared on the show. Just make sure you've thought about what you will say ahead of time and give a clear and concise account. Also make sure to leave your name where you're from or any information that will assist in making clear picture to portray to listeners cryptic chronicles once again. Call one eight hundred seven five seven six zero four nine. That's one eight hundred seven five seven six zero four nine. We look forward to hearing from you. The next anomalous superhuman ability is astral projection astral projection. A out of body experiences obt has a variety of different perspectives on. Have a look at it still though at its core. It's the ability to separate oneself in the physical body and travel in their dimension. Overlapping the fiscal one. And there's a level that's even a perfect mirror of our world. The consciousness of the person is projected into those subtle energy body allowing them to exist beyond the laws of physics and there are many levels of the astral plane other than the authentic double that mirrors our world. In fact there's far too many levels or spears of the astral plane ever counted one lifetime and very interesting about the astral plane. Is that too many traditions. Basically all humans travel the astral plane every single time. They sleep at night. It's the realm of drinks. The mental plane is different than the astral plane. But they're very similar connected in that the imagination and beliefs of sub one take tangible form on the astro planes dots and bleats can even give life to things in. The asteroid called thought forms that can become sentient and autonomous life of their own separate from their creator. The ability to ask for project means that somebody can consciously enter the astral plane. It will usually and some forms of meditation or before going to sleep in the astral realms one can travel at the speed of thought and even manipulate space time to an extent with practice. These people can fly in their astro bodies talent and traveled a higher levels as well as the nightmarish lower levels of the astral plane. When can even learn how to dream? Walk into the dreams of others giving that person's subconscious mind insight and guidance since the level of the astral plane at overlaps are physical rules is connected and. Astral PROJECTOR can even visit people. They know in real time seeing the astros double and the astral dull environment that they happen to be in. A projector can even travel through time itself though only as an observer but there are dangers that come what traveling the astral plane because an astral traveller has to be very aware of the old maxim as above so below. And for everything that exists there is another that do allies set. It's opposite such as wherever there's light there's shadow sunrise and sunset six CETERA. All things are made of clarity's duality. If something exists in the material world representation of it exists somewhere in the Asheville. Would I mean is there are monsters and primordial entities ineffable and beyond human comprehension that dwell on the astral planes? An example is just like there's spiders in our material world there are astral entities that basically do the same thing that they do only they are not limited by the laws of physics evolution and any limitations in spite of material world meaning. They can be horrifying beyond belief. This series of opposites goes on impotently to the point. Human consciousness might even be driven insane if they were to view things too far beyond the mind's -bility to comprehend a basically all Yogi mystics Shamans a cultists esoteric assists and spiritually enlightened. People have the ability to ask for project intentionally and consciously. This one may seem odd. But it's actually got a lot of history in a Yoga Masters and eastern religions and it is the anomalous superhuman ability to teleport. It's a legendary yogi ability. There have been many tales of gurus appearing from nowhere materializing out of thin air. Many Yogi legends revolve around a great master who just appears out of nowhere to teach someone or even a group of followers a lot of times. It's a yoga whose presence is known to be extremely far away or even deceased and the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramanova Yoga. Nada Yoga goes into detail about an ascend. Master named up achieve this highest level. Yoga has many supernatural accounts that surround him with many of them. Having a vast host of witnesses the Great Guru could not be contained by the physical plane and allegedly transcended life and death itself. The supernatural powers of Indian mystics are profound and powerful making them basically neon gods ordinary humans. Good thing that. They're so enlightened. In humble the ability of teleportation gives the grew the ability to enter all worlds well at least from Hinduism. Dan Includes Brahma. Loka has to another world's which is basically hell as we would think of it over here in the West and the body moves were thought sends it enabling the Guru to travel far beyond the speed of light. But also everything in between we'll be open to the yoga master. Virtually all planes of existence are open to the yoga once they reach the state and they can fold through all the layers of reality. It will since all matters one and separation an illusion the gurus can touch anywhere in space time and walk through it like a doorway because dad become one with the infinite and are no longer subject to the laws of the material universe. The next anomalous superhuman ability is medium ship which is a classic and. I'm sure that pretty much everybody's heard of it. People who become mediums can witness the astral double or so energy body of deceased humans or the unseen forces of spiritual entities such as elemental demons and spirits of all natures invisible. To human sense organs does from a mainstream perspective. There's also traditions that bank go serve the soul of a dead person but this is really just one way to look at it in deeper spiritual traditions goes are not the soul of a dead person because there are many aspects that make up human being consciousness itself has no attachment to the physical world in quantum physics and in psychology. The conscious mind and ego are actually very small. Parts of what makes up a person as a whole with the unconscious slash sub-conscious being vastly larger. And the more pure form of an individualized person. Human beings are scattered and shattered preachers. That must be reassembled which is one of the meanings of the old maxim know thyself. Mediums witness a variety of ghosts types including psychic imprints. Whicher spirits that are stuck in a never ending loop that usually revolves around their own death. Aura traumatizing events. These types of ghosts are unaware of what they are or even that they're dead. This is your typical jump scare. Ghost mediums can also witness the subtle energy body of a deceased person. Net retains a level of consciousness. These types of ghosts can stay behind long after the soul has passed on the spirit realms and is basically the main type of ghosts that you would think of is a ghost when you think about ghosts. Mediums can also see the souls mystical people who an life learn to intentionally separate their consciousness from the physical body and project it into their astral bodies these masters of the cold can build their own sanctuaries on the astral plane and never cease in their training and gathering of knowledge and basically just tweeting to reincarnate it will win a get opportunity arises and they wish it however these types of ghosts will only allow medium to see them if it's their desire because they are far more spiritually powerful than any common medium and are actually kind of dangerous if provoked so dishes probably just be avoided unless it comes to the medium of its own volition and when talking about mediums. It's hard to leave out neck. Romance see when people think of Neckermann see they think of a black cloaked villain who raises skeletons from the Earth to do his bidding? But technically when you break it down especially with the old lor throughout history going back to the medieval times dark ages back to the classical age necker. Nancy and museum ship are the same thing. They've made a distinction between the two from as far as I could find in my research around the sixteen hundreds but that separation between medium ship and Eckermann only came about. Because they don't WanNa seem evil or you know go around tell somebody that your medium that's going to have a pretty weird reaction some crowds but if you go around and tell people that your neck from answer that could have some worse issues. Like I don't know be burned at the stake or something. Because they'll think you're some kind of crazy satanic devil-worshippers something but when it comes down to it. Necropsy and medium ship are the same thing but then again saying that might irritate some people and it's true that other perspectives. There is a fine line between necker masters in mediums. But it's very blurry. And when I say Neck Romance Sir I don't mean bringing people back to life or raising sculptures from the ground or anything like that even though that did happen according to legend mythology. I'm more just going off of the original term for neckermann served beyond Benghazi. Fiction is a person with the ability to summon and commune with the deceased and control and manipulate spirits of all kinds so neckermann seat is basically a form of medium ship by different names. And if you believe in the Bible or familiar with the Bible Jesus was an extremely powerful neck romance sir. If not the most powerful neck romance to effort cysts a medium has the ability to interact with forces from the spiritual planes through summoning or even the spirits coming to them on their own and this anomalous ability also comes with a lot of dangers. Mediums can be very unhealthy and die early deaths if they don't have the proper grounding work in spiritual training being a conduit to spirits will suck you dry and by that I mean the by the lifeforce natural mediums who never find a mentor. Who Know what they're doing can really have a difficult and painful struggle of life if they pursue their medium chip that can also be fooled into doing horribly self destructive things or giving others who seek guidance by communicating with the dead wrong information or even outright lies there is always an entity willing to step into the shoes of a person or impersonate the spirit of a person that's trying to communicate with and without the ability to test and see through the deception of spiritual beings medium his most likely doomed you are listening to cryptic chronicles. Don't go anywhere Welcome to the Chamber of mysteries. I am a new Biz. Digitization God death and Guide through the underworld recently the goddess. 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It's not only the manipulation of energy and one's physical body but the spiritual essence within as well again example of how powerful Buenos can get the Tabet monks from two sect which are renowned across the world for their ability to meditate so deeply they can change the very temperature of their bodies. A will the two most master. The famous zoo can focus on channeling the heat of his body so well he can channel it into his hands which allegedly he then uses debt healing suit. Zucchini demonstrate his bioch- nisus at will usually by drying things in his hands such as soft clay. But he's also held a glass of water and brought it to a boil on many occasions for crowds. Go Look Up. His demonstrations on Youtube to judge yourself. This is baffled. Scientists but zoo and the two moments are not alone in their ability to perform bioch- nieces literally. Anybody lives or incapable of doing it. Altering one's body through biokineticists can be done in literally countless ways and you most likely have done it and do it without even realizing it and certain reports state that those with this ability which is everybody can also ship the energy of their bodies to sustain great heat. I'm sure you've seen people walking over coals before this is how they do it but this can also use to sit in a giant pot of boiling water and remain unharmed. Something has also been demonstrated by the monks of the East May Times over another great example of powerful bio consists hof from Iceland. Better known as the ice man. He's famous for meditating out in the freezing wilderness and bathing an ice water without suffering any ill whatsoever. His body can be subzero temperatures and does not suffer from exposure frostbite. And he's been doing this for decades. He puts on short scene goes shirtless. Basically just hanging out and snow. Doing snow. Angels gets into is cube filled barrels and freezing temperatures but no matter what the cold never hurts him to whim. It's all about the mind breath training of the cardiovascular system this amazing man from Holland is probably the most mainstream example by openness but like of our said every normal people are totally capable of balconies without even realizing it. If you've ever heard of a placebo or intrigued by a placebo then you know what I'm talking about. They're usually sugar pills that are given to someone in the doctor tells them that's a real pill that will cure whatever ailment they but in reality it is just a plain old sugar pill with no medical properties whatsoever however somehow people get better anyway and this is called the placebo effect astonishingly. The Placebo effect has been scientifically proven to be almost on par with real medication. The mind is a powerful thing and anyone is capable of by Okinawa versus next up. We have a pretty iconic. This anomaly is classically attributed to the Yogi of India or Buddhist monks of the highest calibre. And that is levitation. Does the ability to levitated convinced facetime and defied the laws of physics to a degree in ancient Indian Betas. There's an entire chapter dedicated delimitation but sadly the languages so old and the context kind of forgotten it's impossible translated into the modern form of Indian language. So many words may mean different things concerning limitation in Betas basically based off of what translation is being used. Despite this legend says that there are great masters who still the secret to this famous ability. It's only normal everyday. People who have lost must the ability to translate how to do it but those who do know keep it a very guarded secret and pass it on from one. Yogi to the next and basically all of the highest level Yoga Masters and the ascended masters across the board had the ability to locate though a regular spirit seeker. That's out. Br Enlightenment may tap into this meme and figure it out on their own. It's just much more rare. They just have to achieve enlightenment. The phenomenon of Flying Llamas has been witnessed by so many devout Buddhist monks and practitioners of Hinduism. That it's eyebrow raising but many saints too were said to defy gravity and levitated off the ground according to the Canon of Western culture such as Saint. Joseph of Cupertino was a Christian mystic. That was pretty famous for flying through the air. In any case though only the most enlightened devout and holy can achieve the ability to levy tate levitation is supposedly a physical manifestation of the malleability of reality and an expression of the mental nature of all matter and the universe in general physics proves that physical matter that makes up. The Universe is ninety nine percent empty space and all things are basically given form do different levels of vibration. Those that have the ability to levitated can break free from the laws of nature that pose limitations on the limitless. Even modern physics knows the energetic nature of matter and that's mainstream science so it seems that only the highest level Yogis or ascended masters have mastered this reality to the extent that the laws of physics don't apply to them. There is no spoon and that brings us to the final anomalous superhuman ability and that is remote viewing the psychic phenomenon. Remote viewing has been taken very seriously by governments across the planet for many decades. Now essentially it can be broken down to consciousness gaining information separate and independent from the physical body and it's early days of more mainstream steady. It was called Televisa or travelling clairvoyance. It has also been called anomalous cognition and second sight bat remote. Viewing is actually a mixture of a bunch of different psychic abilities working together such as the argument astral projection but also extrasensory perception clairvoyance and telepathy to a degree Irma. Viewer can see things even. If they're not physically there they can also get psychic imprint on items in good locations completely beyond their knowledge based off of energy they read alone they can watch people on the other side of the world listen to conversations or even see information but then sealed documents born in the most fascinating things about remote viewing is that it's been used by many intelligence agencies including the US government CIA as well as the Russians and Chinese. You name it. There was like a pretty much A little mini psychic Russian. More back when the Russians were doing their own psyche experiments many decades ago and it's even been made into a movie about the research into the early remote viewing and other paranormal abilities by the US government. It's called the men who stare goats and it's kind of silly take but I guess it's worth watching. I saw in theatres join years ago. However today in the mainstream media these studies are basically demonized after becoming public knowledge and the gutter press has been used to make the mainstream heard think of it as only the whims of crackpots or the naive. The true use and research of remote viewing have gone top secret underground and knowing how governments work. It's pretty much. Guaranteed that anything mainstream that they say is probably be S. It is hundred percent certain experiments with remote viewing are alive and well and weirdly enough. Some that possessed the ability to remote you have even claimed to encounter a remote viewing police type. Group of other remote viewers ran by the government that tries to restrict other non-government remote viewers from saint things that they're not supposed to such as certain parts of the moot or underground in some areas such claims of covert government attempts to limit people from exploring beyond mundane existence have been reported by. Astra projectors as well. They seem to type of men in black for extrasensory practitioners but out of all the things concerning remote viewing the most fascinating thing about it is probably. That doesn't really have limitations. Essentially an advanced trauma viewer can view anything in the universe but there are also dangers of remote viewing if you stare long enough into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you there. Thanks for listening to Cryptic Chronicle show sponsored by Blueberry. And if you're interested in starting your own user link we'll even give your podcast. A shout out go to Krypton. Chronicles podcasts. 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Lor is an interesting subject to research when I first came across it. I didn't really know what to think of. The name intrigued me and I felt compelled to know more as it happens. A lot of the information concerning these supernatural beings as metaphysical to the extreme. Well maybe more teric to the extreme. But I'm sure you get the point. Traditions like the fee and other esoteric organizations have also talked about these mysterious people who have attained. What new agers call essentially yeah? The Wu is intense with ascended master knowledge. But once I started I couldn't stop from digging myself deeper and deeper into it many years ago at the time I began my research on ascended masters. I was really into Buddhism and my never ending dedicated meditation practice so when I came across the Buddha himself being stated as one of the ascended masters desire to know more up to me and wouldn't let go and as I not only Buddha among their ranks but Jesus knew Biz and Fuchsias Krishna Sheva Saint John the Baptist among many more names prominent from religions Ed wisdom traditions throughout human history. The ranks of the ascended Masters Built Shaolin. Priests Yoga Saints Shamans mistakes and you name it. These incredibly advanced spiritual beings have all achieved dissension and become an ascended master there said to transcended beyond human condition their souls free of the limitations inflicted by material matter however not all who achieve ascension become ascended masters. It's choice and individual makes because they are actually pre move onto higher realms if they want states of existence the heavens I guess but instead they don't they stay behind to become ascended masters and helped watch over and guide humanity though. It's kind of like the wizards from the Lord of the Rings as their influence is limited to knock conflicts with people's individual Karma Karma. The human race is a whole people are supposed to be challenged and learn the lessons. They're here to experience in their lives. So the ascended masters tend to only interact with a very select type of person they make contact with those who are spiritually awakened and those who can transcend mundane existence. They're not really allowed to influence the world to objectively because it would essentially make our lives pointless on a karmic level like many topics concerning new age. Spiritualism there is a lot of contradicting information concerning the same subject with many groups of people forming their own unique conclusions. The ideas are incredibly complicated and not simple to sum up consistently sending masters differ from the rest of humanity because they have reincarnated hundreds to thousands of times over basically the definition of old souls and I think to understand the nature of ascended masters. It's also essential to comprehend the concept that the higher self and there are a bunch of different names for the higher self depending on what tradition such as the holy guardian angel the higher genius or Genie Slash Jin The Guardian Spirit et Cetera. Same thing different name. The higher self is a part of a human being that is separate from them and their conscious existence in some traditions. Higher self is an aspect of that person that never changes throughout all their reincarnations. With every time the sole reincarnating the higher self retains all the information that they gained in each lifetime. And it's basically the part of us that exists between our incarnations exists eternally watching in the background the higher self can also be knowledge to the subconscious because opening a conscious doorway into this conscious has a similar profound spiritual effect. I cool metaphor. Is that your higher self is US video game player and all the characters that you've played in many many video games you've played are essentially you're incarnations as a Gamer. You've been all those avatars in the sense you're also separate a much wiser and less limited than them. An ascended master has not only transcended the karmic cycle but also has become one with their higher self merging into a entity. The ascended masters take on earthly missions and have often contributed to guide particular humans to achieve the greatness that benefits humanity as a whole in the long game. They're pretty much the guardians of humankind and the great teachers throughout the ages that mentor sages in geniuses alike or the other interesting things about ascended. Master lower is that there's many different perspectives and groups of people and traditions. Who have their own point of view of it. Such as Yogi of India in the Yoga Sutra written by Penton. Jolly there are a number of fantastic supernatural powers associated with the ascended Masters Wolman Yogi and the like as well when a Yogi advances to a certain point they may become ascended masters just vanish out of existence altogether and when they come back many of them just incarnate on earth been air as fully grown human beings and ascended master. Laura they never come back as like growing up or children aged always come back as fully grown adults. And they do so. During troubling periods of history where they're teaching is required for the benefit of the entire world famous and divine up a she is one such example of an ascended master who materializes in the human form at certain points in history to teaching guy in the book autobiography of Yogi written by the ascended master data. There are many examples of what supernatural beings are capable of from yogi point of view. If you're into meditation in Indian philosophy or can do is Or Karma like. You should definitely read this book. Autobiography of a Yogi. Another famous ascended master is the count of Saint Germain from Europe. He was an adventurer with an intense love of all things intellectual and creative as well as the colts that he's like alchemy count is a profound scientists and artists and anyone who heard him speak. Philosophy had there in mind. Blow the famous philosopher. Voltaire called him an quote a man who knows everything and never dies and quote. There are many stories of people who met the count when they were very young with them growing up and living their lives and eventually coming back into contact with Saint Germain and having their minds blown that he hadn't aged single day. And because of this immortality as a legend that was formed about him saying that he discovered the fabled philosopher's stone and in doing so attained eternal life or could have just been ascended. Masters can control their body so much they can willing to slow down and stop aging process and even cure illnesses within themselves will ascended. Masters just can straight up. Turn the off button on aging and the long as they want an throughout all of European history Saint Germain has popped up in banished only to pop up again later with legends surrounding him wherever he went one thing that did throw people off the count. Though was that he was never known to eat or drink. It's still went out the public places where people feasted because he just enjoyed the conversations and interactions some have theorized that he lived without food or water. We something called Birth Jerry. Newsom no matter where he went or who you associated with the count was never seen to drink or eat once something interesting about the count. When compared to other ascended masters is that he enjoyed the company of women and by all accounts had many lovers. There's always a part of the count. Saint Germain apart him deeply invested in the practices that make a person human with account being one of the few or only masters to purposely stepped into the spotlight and the company of other normal humans on a regular basis out of enjoyment count reportedly appeared in a variety of different ways with the changing styles of the Times. He was very up to date in fashion. I guess and could also be the most charismatic person. Ever because there is no one could ever attain influence over and he always had people hosting him a place to stay especially the nobility two counts origins are unknown and he always vanishes without a trace. Though there are theories of his origins. There is nothing that's concrete. In any case count Saint Germain is one of the most well known ascended masters that directly had an influence in shaping western culture and supposedly there sightings of account even in modern times but the influence of the ascended masters in. Western culture continued far beyond the count. Saint Germain S- grasped and had a profound hand in sculpting many secret societies. Madame Lavar Sqi a Russian philosopher spiritualist mystic co-founder of the theological society in eighteen. Seventy five and lover of all things esoteric claimed her work was directly influenced by sending masters allegedly insisted her and writing some of her greatest work including the legendary Isis. Unveils and the secret doctrine. Levesque's said that she would go to a translate state and right for hours. She claimed to be a conduit for the ascended masters who wrote directly through her levesque's associate and Co founder of the society. Henry still all caught witness first hand claimed it was an incredibly profound mystical experience for him. That was never matched the rest of his life much of the auspey revolves around the guidance of the hidden masters however they are not the only ones to make that claim because many secret societies and spiritual groups have claimed to have been influenced by these ended masters in fact it was basically all the rage during the end after Boulevard East era when the Victorian Age was coming to a curtain call esoteric societies like the Hermetic Order of the Golden. Dawn would call their ascended. Masters secret chiefs. Maybe that's debatable. And many more occult ortganizations would claim the same just by different name and the overall usual means of communication with them was through channeling. Which as I said before can be dubious and unreliable if not in the hands of somebody who really knows what they're doing but this make the impression that ascended masters do not possess physical bodies and only communicate through psychic manipulation which many people back then did think about ascended masters but that can be perceived as both true and. I'm sure the ascended masters have little need for physical bodies but they still do manifesting physical form. If is there will. They are still individuals with personalities and unique traits all their own if an ascended master wants to take on a physical form to better their mission or who knows there could be doing different reasons. They'll take a physical form right than a narrative. Thin air an ascended master is very capable of just walking hugh in interacting with you as a normal person. Let's go even deeper into ascended master lower because there's also aliens I don't know if you've heard of the star suit community but it took the idea of ascended masters and cranked up to eleven from this perspective. Humans are a fallen rates. We're in a galactic quarantine with the sides of darkness in a war for our fate. Not only within but without humanity has a massive karmic debt that caused us to fall from grace on a cosmic scale. Basically forcing humanity to start over after a cataclysm destroyed our once great interstellar civilization and if that sounds weird and crazy thing good because there's also evil lizard people back before the fall aliens called rip killings basically doing a bunch of messed up stuff and a lot of human self matters something basically doomed the rest of us we were hanging out cat people and other awesome alien friends that were all part of the same cosmic family descendants all went to shit real quick with humans knocked back to primitive existence with not being able to hang out with cat. People always a huge downgrade allegedly uh humans are incredibly dabble boy and Hardy. Form of life made with a mixture of different alien DNA. We are extremely adaptable. Supposedly this is why so many different types of aliens abduct ordinary humans. They usually do so in an attempt to fix their own damage. Genetics or mix are incredibly hardy. Dna to make their own hybrids back. Before the quarantine of earth human beings were on the rise and showed insane potential on a cosmic scale but now are left alone. Our lactic family members were forced to abandon his after the fall but still assist US paying off our KARMIC debt and mentoring. Us assisting us. If you've ever heard of the legitimate mainstream science theory called the Fermi Paradox you know how hope crushing his those days out to the stars with wondering curiosity the paradox states that there are so many habitable planets in the galaxy that there should be a ton of aliens out there but none of them have been interacting with us even though the cruise the galaxy in a mass interstellar community the Star student this faction of Ufo phenomenon believers the court earth after the fall is the explanation for the Fermi Paradox. They leave us alone. And no aliens Iraq thus because Earth is under quarantine but our old alien family do still hang around. They made sure that our dicks don't screw with humanity too hard or more than our Karma Wires. The killings are still hear her. Oh and we're in some sort of cold war since the fall of Atlantis and Maria our previous green highly advanced civilizations before the fall and this is when the ascended masters. Come back to be in the alien stuff. The earth ascended masters have ascended beyond their Karmic debt for the fall and are freed interact with our galactic family members with aliens known as are probably being our most excellent protectors who double as spiritual teachers for the Senate Masters from the Star seat point of view the ascended masters they're dormant alien DNA and became one with their higher celts. Humans that are on the path of becoming an ascended master are called light workers and stuff like that and they may or may not have a connection to semi ascended master who can also connect them to the Alien Galactic Command. The Federation of Aliens that are related. Humans deficits PSYCHEDELIC. I love it but in any case according to ascended master lower they are here to guide and watch over us. It's just where they can and given lightning knowledge to a select few to people just discovering information on them. It's baffling yet highly intriguing. They are the highest of the human soul its peak evolution and spiritual awakening but instead of moving on and advancing beyond they stay behind tout shepherding guide the people earth the ascended masters have allegedly had a huge influence on new age stuff as well as esoteric communities all around the benevolence and love. This show is unconditional internal they speak to us in drains and gently guide the evolution of human consciousness. The supernatural spiritual powers of the ascended. Masters are beyond anything a common mortal Karima but they only use them for the cause of good and remain with us to assist in the eventual ascendants of all humanity down to every single last so well. That was a good one cryptic. Chronicles is available on Itunes stitcher as well as basically all podcast hubs in House. Remember to subscribe descriptive chronicles. I knew to follow us on social media such as facebook. Tumbler twitter read it. Of course visit the website at cryptococcal dot com if you decide to come sub to the youtube channel. Bigfoot said that he'd give me free pogo sticks to hand out to literally anyone who sets and he promises not abduct you and take you to his smelly big foot deep in the woods. Force you to listen to their apelike screaming for hours on end until you go mad with favor and eight singing and as always. I'd like to think so of our patriots orders shot up to Kenny. Canes Awesome as Usual Shadow to Stephanie Wilkie Linda Gonzalez Mark Lane always a bad us and of course Angela declare. Who's in facebook prison right now? We're all very SAFFY ANGELA TO FACEBOOK GROUP. Mrs You desperately. If you don't WanNa get abducted by bigfoot just go to CRYPTOCOCCAL DOT COM and click on the chroniclers volt. It'll lead you to patriarch a buck a month. And you won't be abducted by Big Foot's you can unlock unreleased episodes. The show follows at reversion podcast. Early Bird Youtube videos before the officialese and other goodies like hanging out with me. I do stuff you know entertaining depending on what you pledge you could even come an open at the soap with me not to mention joining the discord server. Let's explore some mysteries together. And I'm out. I gotta go close the portal. Before one of the outer gods getting to reap the souls of humanity bringing about an apocalypse at least stink tion of all life on earth. So kind of important to care that I'm your host Tim Hacker and about US break dude. One said quality is not an act as a habit

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