Hour 1: Game of Thrones


The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? This is the Dan lebatardshow with stugatz podcasts. Steph. Curry has a pretty sweet deal all things considered. He just lost a three. And whenever he loses the game. We talk about is Steph injure is there something wrong this time with his finger because he dislocated his finger. Now, he's missing these come on. He's the greatest shooter of all time. And he's missing these shots that are these shot in the world. But he's missed them in the past in the in the postseason, maybe not the dog not dunks in the layups. She just doesn't look right to me. We can do that every year, right? They lost the damn championship to Laurent. The single most surprising championship of our lifetime. Other than the other one that involved LeBron not posting up JJ Berea. Justin, look right to me that one. Yeah. Yep. He's got a good gig. Right. He's got a perhaps the best gig in sports. Yeah. And it's never his fault. I I'm confused by that right? Because at the end of a game seven when they needed a shot, Kyrie Irving made it and Steph curry couldn't get around. Kevin love. Kevin love him. Switch. You have it again. He just didn't look, right. Thank you. I know you can keep saying it. So let's talk about the thing that everyone's talking about today was that a legitimate modern Starbucks like coffee Cup in the middle of a game of thrones seen an important scene. Now, I I'm of the belief that game of thrones. If they wanted to have the biggest television event in history by leaps and bounds. They can make their final episode ten hours long. They wanted to. They will they are making all the rules up as they go along they can make it as long as they want. It's not television. They're making weekly movies. They're spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the production of this thing and somebody left a coffee Cup like a Starbucks cop in front of the mother of dragons. And so what I want to just ask you guys whose fault with that was that how was that the oversight that somehow? You're talking about everything transport you to a different time to warrior times to to the time transport. You this fantasy land that is, you know, I don't even know how many wins it set. What what years is that? It's an alternate dimension. When there wasn't Starbucks. That's when it was set. It's confusing because like Star Wars, it seems like futuristic technology. Right. But it starts with a long time ago and a galaxy far far away. So whenever you get into different dimensions. You really have to lose. Whatever your grasp is of time. Is that a fireable offense? Whoever was responsible for not allowing a Starbucks Cup. The be in the shot. I'm asking put it on the pole. Guillermo at lebatardshow is whoever left that coffee Cup on the game of thrones set during a critical scene fired which is more of a fireball offense, leaving Starbucks Cupper. Having an episode so dark that no one could see it back the back week of mistakes that teams with this flawless show getting sloppy at the end. And you think the Starbucks CEO is watching that and like spinach drink Alec. What? Yes, I don't think it was wasn't actually Starbucks. I think it might have been a Starbucks derivative. I know, but my point is is that the CEO's like look at this free publicity. We didn't even pay for this amazing. This is a phase. As I like to call mailing it in. I'm familiar with that would that phrase. Trust me. No, one is more familiar with that phrase. But that's exactly what they're doing mailing it in Fraser Fraser phase because it changed in in mid sentence. It could be a phrase it could be a phase. It's both, you know. You really been a phrase right now, you really pivoted exceptionally there. You just merged a amid all your jimmer gibberish. You merged phase phrase been no inventory of what it is that you'd said before confusing yourself and then thinking to yourself. I must have said phrase let me follow this now mail it in. Zor any chance that that was done on purpose leaving the coffee Cup there. It has to be it has to be mentioned because of how meticulous. These productions are even though as Billy mentioned, they did an episode in pitch black darkness. And then the cinematographer just blamed us, even though we've never really had that issue collectively as Americans. Hey, we can't see anything. No, actually, America. It's your fault. You don't know how to take your TV's was the response. But is there a chance that they just put this coffee mug in there this Starbucks like coffee Cup and the screen because it's in the middle of the shot it it's really hard to not notice it. It's kind of amazing that no one thought that. No one said an insane. Hey, mother of dragons move that. They're move move. Your cappuccino game of thrones is the Steph curry of TV shows, whatever they do. Oh, they might have. They must have done this on purpose. They they know so much better than we do. They don't make mistakes this game of thrones. Do they reference coffee in game of thrones? Like is that? Is it known to be drinking? I don't think I don't think coffee even existed in whatever this alternate phrase. What is this the introduction of time travel into the show? Oh, wow. Wow. Forget bling actually shooting it because you could see maybe, hey, oh, we didn't notice that. There was a coffee Cup in front of us. But in the post production, considering all all the elements of this show, and how like all the dailies I have to send HBO nobody pointed out that there was a coffee. How late in the episode did this happen because if this is like an hour and six minutes in and I'm the guy watch them like we're good. We're good Martin. We got is. Oh, another great episode job guy. Why are you staking your claim as I hate game of thrones it's era, then I'm going to be the guy who rips game of thrones. Like, you are ripping game of thrones. What have I done this ripped game of thrones? What what have I said that's not a factor for the last episode was it dark for people to see. Lease. It was episode. Was there a coffee Cup that was either in their by action or? Did you mean the to call when you're calling game of thrones? The Steph curry of television. Did you mean that as a compliment or an insult? I was just correlating it to become here. Four to the question. I mean, it's a Steph curry, what do you mean? Is it good or bad? I don't understand. The question is a tricky question, then you are backing away from your position. You're scared now you were close to the position of I'm going to take the stance of being anti game of thrones. And now you got scared of it, and you're whimpering and running back. You saw it. Right. You you saw he doesn't want. He doesn't want that smoked. He's running away. Now. I just don't have six hours of my life to give every Sunday to watch shows about dragons, and whatever else is involved in that I think it's just an hour and twenty two long it feels like six hours trusting sometimes it does. And it's a lot longer because it's the six hours at it's on TV. And it's the thirty seven hours of people talking about it after it's like, just leave me alone. When does this end soon? Right, three episodes. I don't blame. Billy for his apathy. I really don't the fans helping the cause has there ever been a Cup of coffee coffee in any other episode any other episode game. If there's any Cup of call. I don't think coffee's the thing. Back then. Wind and water. That's pretty much. That's right. Roy. That's that is your wheelhouse right there. What are they thinking on game of thrones? I think you've got it. I haven't seen even any milk. Have you seen any milk? I haven't seen cows. How about juices they make juice? No, they're not ju. Yeah. Who go fresh is there on one of the table? No. They don't make any juice. Why not they don't have fruits and vegetables, you could make lead have a blender you have soared through the sword? Really fast. What are their fun drinks when they're letting loose ale ale? One drink juice. What they're not in the mood for outgo hall, though. I think that's what Chris was asking. Right water like Shirley temple. I think I might have to retract my previous statement that there was no juice, if they're able to make lemon pies, they're probably gonna make juices is able to make wine even make juice. Excellent. Once again, we prove ourselves to be the poorest. Discover at discusses of game of thrones anywhere in America. 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California's as suspected shoplifter dragging entire six pack of beer inside a target dressing room. Officers say that the woman took her card and a six pack of Stella or to guts man, that I just go stella's, ROY. What did I say Gideon Stellan that nice little Stella glass? That's what I said. What did I say before he read that? If he gets the name, right. Stella Artois, most people just say, Stella me. Me a tortoise. You asked me for Stella Artois with a punch in the face. Okay. Very good Artois. All right. Stella VC's donlevatar show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Some people are sending us that. This is not the first time that a stray coffee Cup has made its way onto game of thrones. There's a picture here of king slayer back when he had his right hand holding in his right hand to coffee Cup. I don't know if I've been fooled by the internet on that one Mike because that's possible. But last night the discussion around game of thrones, this epic hundred million dollar an episode thing. They made a mistake with a coffee Cup that people are talking about nitpicking today because it's funny and Billy didn't make a mistake. Then they don't make mistakes. You made a mistake that coffee Cup wasn't there. You saw that fix your TV? It's been on a rampage throughout the break. Because we were wondering we're like Billy. Why are you just why are you afraid? Of game of thrones fans. And he's and then he got started. And he went after game of thrones fans. He went after breaking bad fans. He went after Walking Dead fan. It was like the holy trinity of ripping popular show. Yeah. Just wanting to do it on air. I mean, that's what happened. I I look it's not the shows that bother me because I haven't seen the shows. But if everybody's walking around saying, you should do this. You should do that. I don't buy into this mob mentality. Okay. I don't need to waste my time. Watching this show because everybody tells me any watch this show, if I'll see a show that I wanna see I watch it. If not I won't and leave me the hell alone. Don't tell me that I should see something because you like it. I don't wanna watch things that you like, I'm not you leave me alone. I don't need to see this show. So that I can come in and talk about it on the radio because everybody's talking about it. I don't care if we talk about game of thrones. Or not I want the show to end. So that people stop talking about game of thrones. So it can go away already. It was the same thing with bringing back. Oh my God. Breaking bad one of the best shows ever. You know, what I didn't watch it. Because of that. I don't need people to tell me how great something somethings. Great. I'll get to it. And if I don't I don't leave me alone. Why can't I just watch? What I wanna watch. And you watch what you wanna watch. Why do we all have to watch the same thing all the time and zombie show? That's another one. Oh, there's obvious shows the greatest show ever over please get outta here. What's why can't we watch real shows? Like what storage wars? Jersey shore something that actual people. Do you know the economy's better now, but it wasn't at the time when the show started so people go and they buy things from storage lockers, that's real life. Not these dragons and the zombies running around and the apocalypse and all that stuff. Put it on the poll at lebatardshow. Do you want a game of thrones to end just so that fans of game of thrones stop talking about game of thrones fans of this particular show art, knowing are they not I mean, I mean aren't fans of anything that they hit you with this is the greatest thing you've ever seen. And when you haven't seen it you feel left out. It's not so much. The you know, it's the greatest thing I've ever seen. It's just the way they act on social media the way they act have you have you seen the fans of our show. Do you think they're not annoying just like game of thrones? Do you do you think that they are not annoying when anyone dares to criticise our show the your army your army? You are the night king. You have the dead walking behind you just attacking people slowly. But in mass, very slowly, very inefficiently. But there's so many of you that nobody can do anything about it. But you guys actually feel left out if you don't watch this like you actually feel oh my God. I need to watch. So I'm going to Philly. Good show. You will like the show only have to invest eight seasons worth of hour and a half shows forever. Like it's going to take me ten years to catch up on the show. And you know, what I'd rather just not be part of the conversation. Because quite frankly, I don't like the people that are having the conversation. So why would I waste all of my time to have conversations with people? I wouldn't typically have conversations with I don't want to talk to people that are talking about dragons. Okay. That's just not what I wanna do. All right. Put it on the poll do game of thrones fans have to leave Billy alone. Newsstand? You weren't fooled by the internet that photo of Jamie, Lancaster, holding a coffee Cup in his hand Israel photo. However, it is a real photo from rehearsal footage that, sir. How so while the photo and self Israel that shot didn't actually make the show. What do you mean? Guillermo, leave me alone. You have people showing up with like a bejeweled goblet at your door. Trying to talk to you about game of everywhere you go at the supermarket. You know, wherever it is the gas station everywhere, you go the shoeshine place. Everywhere you go the Florida. Oh, did you see game of thrones this week? Did you see game of thrones? Like, no, I'm trying to get an oil change. I don't want to talk about game of thrones right now. Shoeshine play. Talking. I'm not even joking. When I tell you this the other day I had an ear infection. The other day. I went to one of those minute clinic things because I tried to make a doctor's appointment, and they said they can see me in two weeks. Guess what guy by the time? I see you in two weeks. I'm either going to have lost my ear or I'm going to be cured. I don't have two weeks to see you for an ear infection. All right. So I went to one of those mini clinics. And I swear to God the first thing that the lady says to me when I get there. The doctor says to me what you game of thrones tonight. It's like, no, I'm not watching game of thrones. What I'm getting my ear, Jake. They have an ear infection. What you want to talk about just look at my year. And tell me if I'm sick or not watching give oh, you're the second person. I asked stop asking when Jessie what's wrong with them. Instead of where you want to give it throws tonight's going to be the most epic battle of all time. Yeah. Well spoiler alert. You didn't get to see it because it was dark. No one can see anything that was going on so excited to tell me about how this oh, you really should watch. I'm not gonna watch tonight. I'm not going to know what the hell's going on. I don't know any of these people. I don't know who to root for root against I've been super confused. If at the end, some kid comes out and kill someone is that what happened one or two episodes ago is. Is the time has passed on that one minute clinics are delightful. Right. I mean in and out see you later sometimes on the poll, Guillermo or mimic clinics delightful? You know, how they get you? If you go to the minute clinic in one of these, you know pharmacies you start sitting there to be waiting to be seen. And they start looking at the shelf like I could use this. I can't use that. We're doctors offices. Don't have that doctor's offices just have like the happy, you know, pictures of things, and they're trying to sell you some sort of drugs here. I was there waiting at the Minic lake. I found something I've been looking for for a really long time. And haven't been able to find him person. You know, what it is? It's a coin jar that you put the coin in and accounts the money as you're going in, and it's not one of those two hundred dollar ones because I don't need that. I'm not an accountant, I'm not gonna I need you to roll, Mike one. Just tell me how much was eight ninety nine made by discovery kids. It's intended for children, but it works for adults too. You just put in the quarter. I don't know how it works. You slide in the quarter? It says plus twenty five cents you slide on a dime, plus ten cents, and it knows what quarter dined, you're putting in no matter. What it's the strangest thing, I don't know how it works and online. It was like sixteen bucks. I saved like eight bucks. I was determined not to fall into the trap to buy on Amazon because I knew I had seen it here. But they didn't have it at WalMart. They didn't have it at target. It was listed there. I saw online it's in this aisle. I go to the I'll not there, and I talked to someone they said, no, no, no. We don't have any backside which is a lie. They don't put stuff out directly. There's back stock in every store. I know. That's the case. I used to work in retail. There's always back. They just don't want to go look because imagine what the back stock at target or WalMart would look like it would be like a museum of things. And there's no chance they're going to find it. So you just tell the person listen, I'm not going to make this eight dollars sale. We don't have it. It is. You know, it's just as hot they tried to tell me this this hot commodity that as soon as it comes in people buy it immediately with it's not the case because how many people can be going to buy these coins. As a consequence it's impossible to believe. So I didn't want to go to Amazon to do it. So I was sitting there waiting to get my ear check. What do I find lo and behold top-shelf the coin drive in looking for for weeks there? It is boom. All right. Right. Oh, you go ahead and walk into the ocean. That did not deserve any kind of boom. And also put it on the poll at lebatardshow is there. Anything surprising at all about Billy going to check out his ear infection and excitedly getting a piggy Bank. Wow. That was a dad segment. It was unbelievable minute. He is a Yemeni thing knob. Things are great telling you there. No three words in the world. I fear more than his by the way. He's going to take this show this someplace none of us on it to go a quick minute clinic life back there's a long, wait. And you don't wanna wait you go to the Desi telling me got a little pinch. All right. That minute clinic wouldn't have been big enough for the length of that story. Three minutes. Three bleeping minutes. Donlevatar? You're just allowed to give me one word on what you think. I tell you American flag. You give me one word on what you think. Go ahead. Chris. You're only allowed one word freedom. That's what I was going to go with stugatz here MO bald eagles. What through words? Well, I mean, God two dollars. I mean to define. Realize that wish as? Used to be that bad. With two words man apple pie for you. BCC donlevatar show with two gods on ESPN radio. So Stu gods during the break. Lest you think that we only discuss game of thrones poorly way to get a load of how we discussed nuggets blazer. Because the conversation that Mike can stugatz were having during the break. Stugatz uttered. I wouldn't know joke each if he was sitting in my passenger seat. I wouldn't know who he is. If he was sitting in my passenger seat to which Mike replied wire is arms, always bleeding. He looks like he does look like a loaf of bread. I'm telling you that there's very little in the history of the league more confusing than that guy. Because that guy has always the guy who looks like that throughout the history of basketball has rarely been any good. He is amazing the conversation where I said, I would no joke if he was sitting in my car, Mike said, I would I disagree. And I said, listen, there's a big white guy sitting in my car eventually, you know, five or six guesses in. I'd land on joke each I'd go both centers, then Greg Oester tag. And then joke edge. So eventually, I would get it. But I wouldn't know it like, I just I would hey joke. It you sitting in my car. I would I would have to I would have to guess. You'd get there through process of elimination. Exactly. Right. This could only be one of seven ten. Okay. Let's do this for a second. Let's let's think about this for a second. Okay. All I tell you is that there is a pasty seven footer squeezed into your passenger seat arms bleeding. Is it? So I'm going Yokich. I guess he's got long sleeves on are they white sleeves. No. He's going to be bleeding through them. So are always bleeding. I want you to imagine this. You're in a miata. You're in one of the tiny JAMES BOND BMW, they still making those cards those the things house our miatas doing miatas. I don't know how they're doing. But I know what a miata is. And the mental picture of Yokich being stuffed into me it there's no way fits, okay? But let's just put him in the passenger seat now. And let's say nothing more than this is a person who plays basketball because look at the size of him. Who are you guessing before you're guessing that it's Jokic? What's the what's the list of players is it Luc Longley? I mean for me, I think the I guess I make is Greg Oester TEK. That's just me. All right. And then I probably from there once the per once someone's house, we, hey, it's not Stor tag. I probably go to all the bowl centers that played with Jordan except for Cartwright. Oh, marketing deafness rip dental of shrimp. Wait a minute. That's it. No dental shrimp was skinny and didn't look like a like Radcliffe. Yeah. You don't. Lead live. It was like Drago. I mean, I feel like okay now again, though, someone is it fair to say that someone who looks like this and plays like this has never dominated basketball. Like this. Because because he doesn't look like, and I'm not doing it because he's white. He doesn't look at let it he looks doughy. And he's owning everybody. Nobody's got any chance against him. You want to hear some sound from over the weekend. An important question was asked because he played sixty plus minutes in that overtime game knows that was kind of saying he's been a quick turnaround. But this last day felt so long 'til you could get back on the court and went what does this last twenty four hours been like for you, mentally? For me. I he'd good. I watched TV show. Good again. Sleep. And I to be honest. I didn't even think about it at the game the whole day. So all right. He's a bear. Just described the life of a bear the minus the pooping. Watches tv. The television the going to sit down in front of the television, watch some TV. It is a little computing this series because it's like their names are looking at each other on a mirror because there's a Nikola Yokich and a Yussef Nurik. So it's a little bizarre through process of elimination. How many before you get to Norwich? Ooh, probably ten before. I get to Nurkic narc. It's not playing in this series, though. It's Dina's cantor. From among that group is joke at your first choice, of course, because he's the best one all star. Household name. I am telling you that whoever drafted him is the Braves human being in the world. You can't see that go through drills and say that kinda terminate the league, you you cannot no one's got that vision. They took him in the second round, though, still still, of course, everyone missed on him. That's why everyone missed on him. But yes, still brave because God no one who looks like that and moves like that has been any good at basketball at the professional level ever every team. Agreed. What took them in the league is moving to the three. And this comes across your doorstep. And it looks like a loaf of bread. What am I going to dominate the league with and get the two seat with a loaf of bread is my center. And he hit threes. Everything. Fan. I am not questioning this man's dominant. I'm questioning how the hell he's dominant. Stugatz. Once a new boat time for some more ads. He has to be the greatest value in the history of the NBA. Here we go there, Dan, the flooding gentleman. Ladies. Is Stu gods is in a prison of the moment. No one likes prison, but it's crazy. A moment far as we need some imaging of jail cell. Of of bars clanging, and there it is. Find anyone in NBA history who's been selected forty first or later. I mean, this is a better player. I have done. I'm going to find like three spells certain. You are I mean, I can't we already. I mean, I don't know. I guess we can't say Manu Ginobili better than this. If it continues, right? Sure, you can now if this continues if joke each does this for ten years in his at triple double come on come on. Let's let's relaxed. It's monitored nobly we're talking about again with your American myopia, even though the skies in again BP one eight hundred flowers seriously. You know, I was doing the ad seriously. You haven't ordered flowers from for mother's day yet. Well, which is it is it because you stink as a husband or your terrible, son. Fix either of those things jerk Fifty-seven overall for mountain Ginobili. Yeah joke. It's just better. Sports debate. The late was quite Leonard drafted. He was a first rounder. He was in that George hill deal. Donlevatar fake Marty. Smith, you're on ESPN radio. Stugatz. Hey with Mari. With Mari party or you got. Right. Find man and. Hustlers down here. I'm with Nick. Ps. That's great live with our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Here. Mo put it on the poll, please at lebatardshow does debt lift shrimp looked like Drago because I don't know what's guts is doing there. But I don't think that deadly shrimp looks like Drago. There was a burst of enthusiasm in the back room here because twelve thirty twelve thirty eastern Stu got, you know, this show has an obsession with Chewbacca, you know, that last week Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca seven three giant of a man passed away and today at twelve thirty. We have the new Chewbacca. Wow, new vodka. Got the new Chewbacca is going to be a guest in less than two. Our new vodka. And while they were celebrating this. This is exactly how it happened. I'm not making it up there in the back room, celebrating that the new Bach is gonna be on with us new Baca, and Stu gods is blurting at me over on this side of the glass, Dan, I have the definitive list of best second round picks ever. Where did you get? What is the source on the definitive list of best second round picks ever? It's the second round dot com. All right, one of my favorite side. Right. So what is what are we doing this nineteen eighty? But for me nineteen eighty until present day is all time is forever. Okay. And how many are on this list? How many top ten was them in? I ROY do you have the sound that would celebrate our list radio around here. Because no one does list radio as poorly as we do the tenth best second round pick of all time. According to these second round dot com is Richard Lewis. Number nine de'andre, Jordan. A Dennis Rodman. Worm number seven Marc price. Number six Gilbert arenas. Draft agent zero number five number five is Paul Millsap. Mark price. Now those up. Yeah. I think he is not okay. Very good. Well now that you've decided at number four Draymond green. Number three is AM Thomas. The small one, right? The smaller was smaller one. Yes. On number two minute nobly. And the number one second round is a joke. It's the number one second round pick of all time is Marcus oil. He is he's better than all of them. He he is kind of better than all of them. Guys might have been right while he was being in prison by the moment. Yes. I think if I tell you go head you can have any of them who do you want? They're going to stay healthy. Right. Because the only thing that derails joke, which is that he is if he doesn't stay healthy. Right. If if what happens sometimes to seven footers happens to him. But if you look man the way the Andre Jordan jumps and looks. Versus the way that Jokic jumps. And looks the Andre Jordan Charles Barkley is famously said that if you place him in a warehouse allnight with just a basketball and no defenders and return and don't allow him to dunk and return in the morning. He will have twelve points. That's a funny visual of like that being recorded. It is such a great way to describe. No one. He's faking. He's got no post move. And then he puts out a little baby going, so. Well point. Work. I'm sorry. That are now of this is so bad. But I ask you again, America. Jokic. What the hell man? The guy is just watching television eating healthy meals waiting for his next triple double or is going to own the playoffs. And no one's going to know that. He's averaging twenty seven points a game, thirteen rebounds. And tennis says now I'm curious what TV shows he's watching. How many how many how many minutes did he play in the quadruple overtime game? They just leave. It was it sixty five five minutes. Yeah. Sixty five thirty three eighteen and fourteen. He's a machine, but a machine that isn't any in any way. It's confusing. Totally confounding machine. It's just all plasma. Is it not hard to understand? Or we the only ones that are sitting here. Just flummoxed by the fact that this guy plays like a star. But none of us know he is.

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