The Mike Tomlin Post-Game Press Conference Recap: Steelers Bengals


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Of course the hall of fame Pass rushing specialist. Kevin greene passed away at the age of fifty eight Earlier on monday Coach tomlin would move onto the match up after giving his condolences to the green family. And he said this was an uphill battle from the gecko but he thought his team did have a good The bengals rather had a good plan. Going up against the steelers. He thought they were successful in what they were able to do and what they wanted to do. Throughout the duration of the game coach. Tom tomlin also made a very blunt statement. He said we are not football team right now and of course you look the steelers. The past three weeks really the last four weeks. They have been terrible I talked about this during the game. But if the steelers had started the twenty twenty season like how. They're playing right now. They would be in contention trevor lawrence. That's how bad they have been as of late Coach tomlin ended his his opening thoughts. with his injury breakdown starting off. A derek watt. Who's a concussion. Eric ebron left game the back injury and marcus allen. Who had a stinger marcus allen. Of course being the only player that could return to the game The timeline on derek. Watt and eric. Ebron is still yet to be known getting into question periods. Right off the top coach. Tomlin was asked about the bengals ability to run the ball. And why they were so successful Coach told me really highlighted. The quarterback design runs Really just pointing out to that and how they were so successful and good for them Being able to kind of hide the ball and move move the chains consistently by running those type place coach. Tom was asked bluntly whether or not he liked. His team's preparedness. Mike tomlin basically just said he likes his team preparedness for this week. I don't think mike tomlin will ever tell you. He's unhappy with how his team prepared for any individual game Combs and asked about ben rothlisberger into really can simplify his answer. He said my ben. Roethlisberger wasn't good enough Continuing on with the press conference he would get back into ben rothlisberger a little bit later on but continuing with this press conference mike tomlin was asked about whether or not he hit his sense of his team's confidence Competence level right now and. He said his team better. Not be confident. Right now because of the performances. They've put out the last number of weeks however His team needs to develop a be mentally tougher as the weeks. Go forward as they need to get prepared for. The play offs coach tomlin was asked another very simple broad question Simply can this team be fixed and coach tomlin's one word answer yes Coach tomlin was kind of just ask more broad general questions about the game Coach someone really did emphasis emphasize the fact that the steelers turn the ball over and the bengals did not and that is something team cannot do be successful in any given week. Coach was then asked about the halftime adjustments of this team and why the saw a little bit more success. Starting the second half coach tomlin didn't say it was about place at all but it was about his guys not playing well enough in the first half which to me sounds concerning because that's one of the things that's a steeler fans have been complaining about in recent weeks. His at this team is in Adjusting at all when they come out of the break for the second half. If you're gonna listen to coach tomlin on that one. Sounds like the team didn't make any judgments again. They just had their guys played a little better in the second. Half which is a little bit concerning coach. Phone was asked about. Benny snell success and whether or not he was able to use him. More coach tomlin said yes he. They do wish they were able to benny snell a little bit more as he was having a fairly successful down the ground. But when you fall behind in the nfl you cannot rely on your running game. It's a coach dolman also mentioned in his answer. Here that's one of the reasons why the bengals were so successful at rushing the passer because of that big hole and knowing the steelers had to throw the football coach tomlin was then asked about his thoughts on the playoffs in a house. Team can be focused on that coach salmon once again. Staying true to form just said. His team only focuses on the next tax task at hand which is of course. Six days time the steelers will be taking on the indianapolis colts at home. Of course a loss makes the week seventeen showdown with the cleveland. Browns a match up for the afc. North title in cleveland It is growing increasingly possible by the week that the steelers browns will have to play each other in two consecutive weeks. The steelers need to right the ship fast and they have to be thenia annapolis colts at home. Which is not going to be an easy task with the struggling offense and one of the best defensive. Nfl coming to town. After the steelers have had four dud games interro the final question of question period Coach tomlin was asked about ben rothlisberger and whether or not he thinks it is weaker at this point in the season than it was at the beginning of the season coach. Tomlin says not from my perspective. There's a lot to really kind of dive in on that. Answer i think at some point coach tomlin kinda just vouching for sky but man. Oh man was that set. Possibly the worst game of ben rothlisberger career Out there in. Cincinnati tonight That wraps it up for mike. Tomlin's press conference breakdown. The steelers were awful years going to be a lot of Blowback after this game. It's going to be an interesting Final two weeks of the season. The steelers fall to eleven three after starting the year. Eleven annot Right now i hesitate to call them. Eleven three they look like an o n three football team to be completely honest. So the pittsburgh steelers right now are battling for their their lives. Of course they already clinched a playoff spot It could be very short season after such a promising start. So that wraps things up for me for the mike tomlin press conference breakdown. Four week fifteen. We will catch you in the next one. Make sure you're tuned into behind steel curtain clicking over the website you're gonna get some great insight and analysis on this past game and some great previews for the indianapolis colts game moving forward. Also make sure to check out the entire behind the steel curtain family of podcasts. As we're gonna have great content for you each and every day all steelers all the time your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers behind the steel curtain dot com. Thank you for tuning in my name. Is michael beck and we will catch you in the next one.

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