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That Lana Lashley Wedding Actually Happened - Thursday NOTSAM Thursday


Introducing your host from from New York here is rumors we made it. Look that who would have the thought. We made it all the way to twenty twenty. No Uh y two K problem no Y two J problem. We didn't know what was it called when the world was supposed to end around five May of twenty eleven the world didn't end it is the point the world is here and so are we. It's what the world is watching. Welcome to Thursday. Not Sam Thursday. The first not sam wrestling podcast for the year of of our Lord. Twenty twenty and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the fact that we are in this year. I'm with you and I'll tell you my plan. My plan going into this thing was to kind of go over. Who is going to own twenty twenty? Who who the year of twenty twenty is probably going to belong to? But I think that might have to wait 'til Mondays podcast. I don't think that anybody was expecting affecting raw to be as eventful as it was this week Of course remains to be seen how eventful smackdown will be. But if Roy's any indication I would say that smackdown probably not taking the week off either the wwe decided last week is a holiday week. But as of December number thirtieth I guess Monday was. We're back to work and boy. Were they for better or worse whether you liked it or you didn't like it. You have to admit mid that Monday's show was eventful. Let's talk about a couple of things by the way we will get to a little bit of feedback on any decade in review. Show that I did with Wade Keller. That came out on Monday. If you haven't heard that to make sure you sit down and listen to myself Wade Keller from the pro wrestling torch on Monday. Show kind kind of go over everything. That was the twenty ten in the wwe and what that decade meant we will Go over a little bit of feedback on that because even in an almost goes to our conversation there things get missed some. I don't WANNA say deservedly. So but some less deservedly so than others so we will get get into that and a lot more a lot more to talk about Of course we're already and this is how you know that Roy was not considered a holiday show. Even though nobody was for the most part people weren't back to work on Monday some people had poor. Souls had to go back to work on Monday but most people. Aw were not getting Christmas off having to go back to work on Monday and then getting New Year's Eve off again you know what I mean. It was just such. Most people are back to work around today tomorrow. And then everybody's he's back by Monday but and when that happens even though there's not a holiday going on people lose their schedules. We were talking about it with Wade. Keller that's A. That's a huge huge reason to me. Why Ratings go down during the holidays? Not just because people have plans and people are seeing family. That's a big part of it but also because people schedules get all a Lotta whack. They forget it's Monday they forget it's Friday. Forget it's Wednesday. Whatever it is so I think that all has to be considered but the ratings were very good for raw this week and in raw not only did it have a lot of storyline but it had storyline that move forward? We got to start to find out what the royal rumble is GonNa. You look like you've got Well I guess on smackdown at started. Friday's smackdown we found out. That it is GONNA GONNA be Daniel Bryan and themed one on one at the royal rumble which you know I think is going to be the the fiends best opponent and you have to ask yourself. Would you rather see and we didn't get into this Monday. Show would you rather see. Do you want to to see the fiend win that match because I think theoretically go. Yeah you know as much as he loved Daniel Bryan. Nobody's going to be disappointed to see. Daniel Bryan have another Championship being chipper on. It would be as I universal title run because those titles switched but I think generally speaking people wanna see the fiend keep the title. I I think that we WANNA see the fiend go undefeated for as long as possible. The Helena Cell doesn't count not only does not count because technically he wasn't defeated in that Maj but it doesn't count because that is the night night that we shan't be talking about when we talk about the fiend. We will never utter the phrase Helena cell because it was well. It was a horrendous. MISSTEP that but we won't talk about it anymore is the point. We don't talk about Helena. Sal when we talk about the fiend will we do talk about. Is Everything before and everything after and how good everything before and everything after his Ben. And that's why I want to see the universal championship left on the fiend for as long long as humanly possible. burri realistically speaking. What is the future of the fiend if he beats it's Daniel Bryan at the royal rumble? The future of the fiend you have to believe is going to be Roman reigns at Wrestlemainia if the fiend universal champion at Wrestlemainia. You would have to believe that. Roman reigns is going to be his opponent right if he's if he tore Through thin Baylor and seth rollins on raw he torn through them is if he tears through. Daniel Bryan you know who else is left on smackdown realistically speaking to take on the fien for the universal title in a Wrestlemainia level match you have to believe that Roman reigns is being looked at as that opponent. He's on smackdown he hasn't gotten a world world title or Universal Title Match Sense Sends Coming Back to wwe. You have to believe that's being saved for something and at this point it wouldn't make sense to save it for anything but Wrestlemainia what is the Wrestlemainia match that you WanNa see more. Do you want to see Roman reigns conquer the fiend. Or do you WanNa see a Roman reigns Daniel Bryan wrestlemainia match. Either way. If you're a betting person the odds are that Roman reigns is going to win right. I personally would rather see if I'm GonNa Watch. Roman reigns win the Universal Championship at Wrestlemainia. Theoretically ethically I would personally rather see him face Daniel Bryan than the fiend. And I'll tell you why. I think that the match would be better. I think that as far as just matches go. I think the story would be better because the story you can now hearken back on years and years of Daniel Bryan being the guy that people want and Roman reigns being the company guy. Roman reigns has garnered enough respect with the audience. At at this point I believe I may be wrong but I think so where he could go out there and have this match and not be booed out of the building. I think I think think you could tell an aggressive story between Roman reigns and Daniel Bryan not dissimilar leave from the the store you told between John Cena and the rock the DIRAC was this Hollywood guy who decided to come back and expected the world to be handed to him and John Johnson is the one that's been holding down the fort since the rock decided to split and John would like some credit Daniel Bryan in this instance is the working. Man and Roman reigns is the Silver Platter Guy Now. I don't think the rock was damaged by being the silver platter guy that everybody's still just as happy to see the rocket. No point point. Did he drift into heal them but it was still an interesting story and I think that that story could be told without Roman reigns and not only do I think he can be told without Roman reigns losing any sort of good guy credibility. I think he could do it gaining some you know I think thank you could have a good guy versus good guy. Daniel Bryan versus Roman reigns match at Wrestlemania. And they're even easier to have those matches now because you have so many matches Wrestlemainia and you've got multiple major championships. You could have a restaurant. We now know the raw women's championship the smackdown women's championship the Universal Championship and the wwe championship all of those titles could main event Wrestlemania. You also have a mega match. The could main event Wrestlemainia if brock listeners. Not Competing thing for title but he's in a match with say the undertaker. Maybe that goes on last. You know John Cena versus the rock when on last even when it wasn't for the title Shawn Michaels versus the undertaker went on last. Even though there was no title on the line like there are matches the break that title rule but even when they don't they're still four titles that are just as likely as any other title to main event that show so even the people that would say well good guy versus good Guy Wrestlemanias main event wrestlemainia main events never work. That's okay I mean Hogan said main event at wrestlemania eight. That's okay because you don't have to put on Daniel Bryan Roman reigns last. I think that you could. I think that a Roman reigns Daniel Bryan match could tell the best story and could be most beneficial to both guys. I think if it's the fiend in Roman reigns go into Wrestlemainia. You run this risk of people being so in love with that fiend character and so worried that it's going to be damaged and this feeling that. Oh so this whole time that we've been investing in this female character. It was really just a serve up to Roman reigns. I don't WanNa see that blowback come onto Roman because the fiend is not a traditional bad guy. We've talked about it on the show before the fiend is a bad guy the way Jason Voorhees is a bad guy in Friday the thirteenth. You don't actually want to see him lose. He's not actually. Actually the bad guy. Tony Montana is not the bad guy and scarface. He's say hello to the bad guy but he's not actually the bad guy you don't WanNa see him get taken out at the end of that movie when you're watching Goodfellas you don't WanNa see Henry Hill. have to go into witness protection you. You WanNa see the middle of the movie last the whole time. If you're watching the movie blow with Johnny Depp in it you don't WanNa see George Young go to jail at the end of it you want to see him in peewee. Herman selling drugs on the beach for their entire lives. That's who the fiend is. So in Roman reigns is being served up as you know the person to stop this monster. There's a good chance that a lot of people are not gonNa want that monster to be stopped. So maybe maybe be you get somebody Daniel Bryan. Who has just built up more goodwill than anybody that I've ever seen in my life in the wwe have him? Take the title away from the fiend and have the fiend move onto somebody else. Give Him a specialty match at Wrestlemania. Find a way to work with brock. Listener may be. He may be in that universal title. Seen I have other visions for brock listener wrestlemainia. But that's interesting. You know. Find find something else for the fiend. There's plenty of people for the fiend. Maybe you maybe you do a fiend versus Baron Corbin match where you really just lean into the fact that there's nobody selling more merchandise and there's nobody keeping people more interested in than than the fiend put bad guy next to him. Let people hear him. You don't maybe do something in cross brand where Seth rollins finally wants to get revenge on the fee. Now that he's a bad guy. And you have seth rollins versus the fiend. I Dunno there's many many interesting opponents for the fien but I think there is a huge upside to having Daniel Bryan beat the fiend for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble and having Roman reigns taken Dan Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for that title. And there's a lot of upside to. It soars brock listener. I've told you before. I think I mentioned it last week. I think Kofi Kingston should win the royal rumble out of nowhere. Not even hint towards the fact that he wants a rematch. Keep going as you were going. And Out of nowhere have Kofi if he kingston win that match and challenged brock listener for the unit for the WWe championship at Wrestlemainia. You're telling me going in. And you have a covy. Kingston Brock lessner match. Daniel Bryan Roman reigns match. I I look it would at least be unexpected. I'd be happy with it but so we've got that match for the Royal Rumble and Anwar. We find out that Charlotte has entered her name into the women's royal rumble. All and you have to believe. I don't think the announcement has been made official. But after what happened at survivor series and as successful as survivor series was not only as a pay per view but also for the entire brand that really needed a boost and survivor series gave it to him. You have to believe that annex t it will probably comprise a third of that royal rumble match of both the men's and women's. I think that would be fair. You know I think there's a high likelihood that you've got ten in raw ten smackdown ten annex t in both the royal rumble women's rumble men's matches which is going to certainly diminish the surprises because past couple years every annex t entrant has actually been a surprise entrant so certainly gonna limit the surprises rises. Maybe you're going to give nine entrance per brand and then have three surprise entrance. I don't know but it's also not not only does that limit surprises but it also limits the amount of people per brand. They're going to be in that match so all of a sudden when Charlotte says I'm going to be in the match that's a that's a big spot to take now with the women. It's a little bit easier because there's nothing that many women so rest assured most of the women who aren't wrestling in a title match we'll be in the women's royal rumble match but when it comes to the men if Seth rollins comes out next week and says I'm in the royal rumble in the authors of pain. Now we've only had seven more spots for Rau- theoretically in that match so it's GonNa be a much bigger deal. I think this year when people start announcing that they're going to be in that match We've also got becky Lynch versus Oscar. That was a big announcement on raw. I'm thrilled with. I think that it is so great that they spent in a year of not allowing becky Lynch to ever Pin Oscar tag team matches at no point has becky lynch ever beaten Oscar. You know and there was criticism after last year's royal rumble for months because Becky got all this credit and really for the first half of last year. Oscar didn't do much and there was no reference to the fact that she actually beat Becky Lynch. I thought that it was pretty clear why that was happening. I thought the reason they weren't mentioning that Oscar. Beat becky Lynch is because they're trying to maintain becky lynch as the number one person on the roster and the last thing they need is to bring up the fact that somebody nobody else beat her. You know we're trying to push becky Lynch to the moon. Let's address the Oscar thing later because if we're talking about Oscar the entire time then that's that's the match people want to see if we're not going to deliver that match right now. Let's talk about it right now. Let's save it and they did. The rematch is happening at this year's Royal Rumble ASCA cabals one. Half of the women's tag team champions is taking on Becky Lynch and I called her Oscar to bells because she's got the opportunity for the raw women's Championship mpn. Ship Awesome story awesome matched to have awesome spot to put Oscar in. I you know and great fantastic for Becky Lynch because it's something different. It's something different for Becky Lynch and it actually gives Charlotte story going into the royal rumble. That look Charlotte was in the main event event of Wrestlemainia this year or in two thousand nineteen but in all honesty the people remembered for the main event of that match our Ronda Rousey and Becky okay. Lynch Charlotte was an afterthought and she hasn't done ton sense wrestlemanias. So Oh she's got the story of having something to prove in the royal rumble. She needs to win the royal rumble. This year she should win the royal rumble. She got all this hype around her. She needs to win that match each so. I think all parties involve Oscar. Becky and Charlotte are looking very good headed into the royal rumble. Let's talk about the the angles first evolve. We also didn't talk about this on Monday. Show because we were talking about the decade but I was site that I decided to go strictly as a fan to the holiday house show at Madison Square Garden this year every year right after Christmas. WWe comes to Madison Square Garden. This year no different December. Twenty six. They do a a big house show. It was amazing by the way I'm into a lot of house shows. This is one of the best how shows I've ever been to. It was three and a half hours long and it was just about all good matches. You know you got your drew McIntyre versus no way Jose moment but for the most part it's a it was a triple threat cage match between Oscar Charlotte Becky main event. no-holds-barred Kevin Owens versus Seth rollins with a surprise. Run in from Samoa. Joe At the end of it you had a cute twenty four seven title Switcheroo happened. Way is switch that title over and over again and you had Ramos Stereo Versus Andrey. US tight along the Line Ramos. Says I'm not really prepared to defend the title but I'll do it. I'll defend that title and guess what happens and dry day. They actually wins. I was there at the show and dry wins the United States championship at a live event from mysterious. It was really funny. 'cause I got like a tweet on Monday those I don't you think the wwe should change. Titles how shows wouldn't it be wouldn't it create interest in these live events and I'm like. Yeah Yeah they just did pay attention. Watch the product you know but I thought it was. I thought it was exactly the type of thing that you should be doing. It's one thing to change the twenty four seven title over and over again. It's another thing to have the United States championship taken off. Ray Ministerial put onto the ANDROID. That's a big move and I mean you know you're always going to have people that are dissatisfied. I read a lot of people saying what would have liked to have seen. It would have been nice that they had showed it to me. Look you see lots of title changes. Lots of 'em it's just as big a deal went and dry shows up on. You're not taking anything away from Indrawati by having him win that title at a live event. Because you're making a big deal out of it when he comes out on raw with the United States title. Now you're just creating some interest and saying look doc crazy stuff happens these live events. You should go next time. WWE is in town. That's it and they got the footage they don't record these things so you know anybody can be negative about it. I feel like it's just being negative for the sake of being negative because it's all good man. It's saw good man Dan so you had and dry. You know announced as the United States champion on Monday night. Raw good spot there with ricochet and all that But I think the two key while number two and number three we all know what the number one key moment of this week was and we'll talk about it but the two key moments were of course Samoa Joe returning to being a wrestler leaving the commentary booth. And you know I've got to tell you. I don't think there's anybody anybody that doesn't like Kevin Owens in Samoa. Joe Is a good guy tag team Samoa. Joe Being a commentator helped him more more than anybody realized it would help him. I don't think that was one of those things that was done intentionally because Al people are gonNA. Hey Samoa Joe is going on backstage. Let's try them on commentary while he's injured and he just happened to be really good. I think when you've got a guy like Samoa Joe who the whole world loves anyway. And he gets on commentary Terry and he's really good at that. I think you end up and I talked about this on a week ago on the year in review you end up with a guy who has in the word again is goodwill who's got all this goodwill from the people who were now like I knew Samoa Joe as bad as I didn't realize he was good at like everything everything has worked out. Everything's coming up Samoa right now. Everything's coming up Samoa Joe so I think that that's great. I think it works good for it is a bad guy you know. I thought it was good. I thought the Randy Orton Edgy. Style segment was good. You know it was just what you want from one of those fake fake you out injury segments where some people are saying he is some people are saying he isn't so they did and again. It's good for how show show business. It's good for live shows that they showed that at a live show not the December twenty six live show. I don't think but at a different live show radio in quote unquote got injured. Heard the access thrown up by the referee got helped out of the ring. Now I guess there was some dirt sheets that were like. Oh He's not really injured just so you know like okay. That's fine but let us let this thing play out for for a second so he comes on raw with crutches. People go well you know again. I mean if we're going to be a fake injury you wouldn't do it live event. You do it on television right. Well now there's even more reason to go to live events because storylines angles continue at these live events so we see the footage of him getting something bad happening to his leg. He comes out on crutches being assisted by tomorrow. uh-huh getting into the ring and he hits him with that Arcadia out of nowhere. And I have to tell you I couldn't guarantee you that I was excited about a rainy ordinary. Jay Styles story rivalry whatever you WANNA call it. And that's not because ran. Your marriage vows aren't two of the greatest of all time but it's because unless you're telling a great story you run a risk of. I've seen that before and guess what I'm interested in the story. I don't feel like I've seen this before I feel I'm I'm really watching something play out. I believe in Randy. Orton is a good guy. I believe in. Aj Styles is a bad guy really goes to show their strengths because radio show good is a bad a guy in ages thousands so good is a good guy but I can't wait to see this thing unfold and I thought that I thought the orchestration of the whole thing on aw was terrific the whole rainy or nature styles thing it just worked and. I don't think that there would be anybody. I don't think that that's a highly debatable. Opinion to have it and that worked. Now let's talk about the end of Monday night. Raw Far and away the most talked about segment on the show. The wedding of Lana and Lashley the Hash tag line Lashley wedding which is ironic because theoretically Likley if she married Lashley her name would be Lana Lashley so we have this wedding set up a whole bunch of chairs out there. Nobody sitting in them. I hope that that was not just an oversight. I hope that that was actually a detail because if they did expect to have a whole bunch of guests and then just nobody showed up because they don't like Lana on and Lashley that's hilarious. It's great I actually. I think it added that there was nobody sitting in chairs. But I'm afraid for my opinions because is a highly highly controversial hotly debated segment. Okay I said one tweet about it one tweet and I am still days later getting hate spewed at me for it so we do the wedding. Bobby Lashley comes out to his theme. Music guns blazing no sleeves. No undershirt biceps. triceps packs sleeveless tux jacket looking like a million bucks. Lana comes out to actual wedding music. Go to commercial come back. This is the is the a wedding officiant who thank God that Lana understood a little bit more about timing than the wedding officiant but again again. I'm not trying to get into my opinions because he was long winded. That's all I'm saying. Long Winded Bid Bill Belichick looking wedding officiant and I will bet any amount of money that somebody but he saw that guy they got a kick out of the fact that you look like bill belichick and that's why he got the job. I would also bet money that at some point in the day there was a discussion about having that that guy performed that wedding ceremony with a Hoodie with the sleeves. Cut Off because he look that much like Bill Belichick I I guarantee that was at least a conversation at some point during the day. Ed probably best that that did not happen because it would have been the weirdest thing ever but as bizarre is the segment was might have been okay. So they're reading their vows Linas. Alana's telling the crowd Shut up don't chant Rousseff Day. This isn't about Roussev. There is a conspicuous giant wrestler. Sized cake cake right next to Lana. And lastly I think if Lana and Lashley could go back in time they would probably say to themselves. Let's not get a cake the size of a wrestler and just stand it in in the ring for our wedding. The doesn't have any guests anyway. Nobody's GonNa eat that much cake. There's nobody here there's three of us but regardless that's hindsight sight easy for me to say so. They got their big wrestler size cake. Llamas yelling at the crowd. They're reading their vows. Lana says don't bring up kids. I don't want him one one of those ugly little monsters crawling out of me beautiful because who likes a woman who's getting married and thinks kids are terrible nobody. It's an unlikable trait so anybody of any objections. A man comes out looks to be local talent. Apparently at one point joint Lana was married to a local talent. He comes out in his talks. He goes to suit not attacks and he goes. Lana left the son of a bitch rousseff and then left that son of a bitch for this son of a bitch Lashley Lashley got all fired up. First of all the idea that it's line is third marriage. It's not exactly a high crime. You know what I mean. People get married they get divorced they get married again they get divorced again. They get married again. There are people five or Salo. Larry King's been married two hundred ninety three times granted. He's a thousand fifteen years old. So you do what you gotta do but to get married and get divorced not exactly a crime. This guy had a case of sour grapes. He needs to move on with his life. But he call Ashley Son of a bitch. Lashley gave him a nice quick Expi- muster and threw his ass out of the ring. Good I was happy to see that. Okay any other objections. Wow now we got another person coming coming out. She says that she is bobby. Lashley his first wife and Lana sick of it. She's a woman gets up on the Ring Apron again. He's you're not married today. Get over yourself honey. Lana slaps in the face. Stephanie McMahon Brie Bella style knocks are right off the ring. Edmon tootle loo. Go back to where you came from. Move on let Bobby move on seriously any other objections actions. Wait wait wait here comes live. Morgan live Morgan comes out. We've been watching these vignettes about finding the real live. Live Morgan live. Morgan comes out. She goes how can you do this. How can you do this? We were in love. I wouldn't have been able to survive last year without you. This is ridiculous bobby. Lashley says I don't even talk to this lady live. Morgan says not you her. WHOA it's Lana? There was some kind of love affair going on between. Lana Lana Morgan. The we didn't even know about a fight ensues live. Morgan gets thrown out of the ring. Seriously can we just get married. Okay let's go ahead and let's pronounce you husband and Oh wait I forgot. There's a wrestler size cake there. It's Rousseff Day. Here comes rousseff. Busting out of the cake takes out. Lashley Lashley live Morgan's back in the ring takes out. Lana and Roussev and live Morgan friends. Because they were both scorn by Lana Anna near both sick of Bobby Lashley and his beautiful amazing gluts. And that's how the show ends. I don't think that if you paid anyone any amount on of money. They could have called what we saw on Monday night raw. Now there is something about. Lana Lashley rousseff segments storylines. I've been very critical of them on this podcast. Everybody's been critical of them on twitter. It is the in thing to tear them apart. There is something soon as you hear that that rumbling Doodoo. I don't even know if that's right right of Bobby Lashley coming out. You go boo. This is GonNa suck and I'm not even booing because he's a bad guy on boone. 'cause I don't WanNa see this segment but I'll watch it and there was a lot of that coming off. This wedding is the dumbest thing ever w going backwards. Not Forwards and stupid. It doesn't help anybody. Poor live Morgan. For God's sake she got all these vignettes and then she comes out on this segment and this is what they do. Port Live Morgan. She had so much more to offer. They're offering their condolences to the career of live. Morgan come on. I don't like Lana and I don't like Bobby. Lashley poor roots have said. He's got so much more to offer come on. I sat there and I go and then you know you've got people tweeting. What the Hell is going on raw right now for hours? It was the number one trend on twitter and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning nine hours after upload. The wedding had one point one million views on youtube now. It's got many more million views on youtube. Because people can't believe disgusted. I gotTa Click on this again and watch it. I'm going to be honest with you. I was not watching Monday night. Raw live this week it was a holiday is doing something else I Set My DVR for Monday night. Raw and I said okay. I'll watch raw. You know I'm not going to work in the morning so maybe tomorrow afternoon when the kids kidnapping I'll kind of go through raw and I'll watch it then. I looked at my twitter account and I turned raw on live because there were so many people talking about Lana and Lashley and I am sure that I am not unique in that case. If you look at the ratings very good ratings for raw this week comparible to where they've been and there's usually usually a pretty big drop off in the third hour of raw people go to bed. People already watched two two and a half hours of wrestling enough is enough. I'll set at the DVR. I'll watch the rest later. I've been there. I wake up at four thirty every morning. You think I'm up at eleven o'clock watching everywhere sending the DVR. I'm watching it later. But the ratings were pretty consistent going into that third hour and the fact that you had a high high number of is even the overrun after eleven pm. Means that they were watching for that segment. People were turning their. TV's on for that segment. People were talking about that segment and the people that missed that segment. We're going to youtube to watch that segment so go okay. All right so it worked in terms of is it worked in terms of gaining interest in getting people to talk okay. That's something but that's not everything that's something and I thought to myself and I tweeted about this after it ended I wanted to go back on my dvr and watch the whole segment again again. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I don't know if I wanted to watch it as a train wreck I dunno if I wanted to watch it and take notes on how to get people talking. I don't know what I I wanted to see. I just I had to see just. The most bizarre thing had happened and I needed to see it again and I know I'm not the only one that watched it more than once so I'm going. Okay that's also a mark of success. Then I start thinking about crowd reactions. I read some people on twitter going. Well you know when when when when live Morgan came out. They just wanted like a trash TV Jerry Springer type reaction but they didn't get that well if you watched the show literally in two thousand nineteen the audience chanting Jerry Jerry. Jerry when live Morgan says Lana. It's you not Bobby Lashley. The crowd goes ooh people on twitter. Like Blah Blah Blah. But like. I was watching that segment. And I'm like okay. Lashley's getting booed more than ever Lon is getting booed more than ever but no point watched that segment again and no point is Lana breaking character and no point is Lana appear lost out there. Lana and Lashley whatever heat quote unquote this whole story. Line has WANNA and Lashley are taking all of it because this storyline is making fans hate Lana and Lashley. It's making them boo. Lana and Lashley. Who are the bad guys? I'm GonNa tell you something about rousseff before. This storyline the Rousseff Day. Chance were done rousseff day and the interest in Russillo Day had died out at Wrestlemainia. Thirty four I WANNA say the one in New Orleans the year before last the stadium. People were chanting rousseff day during the kickoff. Show just because this year wrestlemainia no not the case and sense wrestlemainia. Absolutely not the case. But you know what's been happening since people and they'll tell you it's because they feel bad for rousseff because he's stuck in the storyline rousseff seven getting cheered as much as ever and the Russa day chance are back permeating through these arenas live. Morgan is all of a sudden one of the most popular members of the female roster. I mean people live Morgan but she was not sitting around going well. There's there's Becky there Charlotte and there's live mortgage again. That's not what people were saying. Now they're going like. How could you waste live Morgan on a story line like this? She deserves the stars. The moon all the gold in trinkets in the world which great there are a lot of people that feel that way. Incredible but guess what. It's not making it so that when live Morgan comes out. You're like care about this. Live Morgan comes is out and you're cheering harder than you've ever cheered for live. Morgan there is more live Morgan support amongst wrestling fans now than there has ever ever ever been. I was talking to a friend about even before the wedding about the Lana and Roussev story. And he he said you know what the weirdest thing is as bad as these segments are it kind of works because all the guys guys are getting booed and all the good guys are getting cheered and the bad guys are getting booed worse than ever and the good guys are getting cheered more than ever these segments themselves are not not getting booed out of the building 'cause when rousseff jumps out of a cake. He's not getting booed. He's getting cheered and when live Morgan. Attacks Ax Lana this. It's not getting pooh-poohed out of the building lives getting cheered. Lawn is getting booed and people are talking. You could say it's for the wrong reasons but I don't see how it's for the wrong reasons I. I didn't see this story working somehow. This story is working now. There is the question of live Morgan playing. LGBT character and Lana being involved in in an LGBT storyline. And whether or not that's going to be handled properly by the wwe but until it is not handled properly by the wwe. There's no reason to say with this is just this is just this is cheap. Is You know this is this is trivializing everything because it's not yet it might but it's not now there is a road you could go down where it would be eh but we're not. We're not on that road. As far as we know it depends what happens next week on raw and the week after you know if we we just sit there and say will lana and live. Morgan had a romantic relationship. And we don't make a big production out of it and we don't don't make we don't have all these hang-ups about it and we just keep it moving and say yeah. This is a normal thing that happens with adults. That's not harmful positive so even that part of it you could see where if they go in a different direction with this it could be a negative thing but then pull the trigger on that yet so you can't even blame them for that you can sit there and say this thing got off to a really weird start because there were some weird infidelity cuckolding stuff going on. But now we're at this position where Rousseff is not in love with Lana anymore. And they're divorced. Ladas moved on to this other guy. They're jerks but we're not with soap opera. It's soap opera and it's okay if you don't like wrestling soap opera but every to me wrestling needs some soap opera and have have you can have a show where. Aj Styles and Randy. Orton are telling an amazing story or at least a good story. And Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens or teaming up is good guys. And it's working and Seth Rollins is finally a bad guy and it's working in the authors of pain. Have this great spot. And it's working and all this stuff is happening right and you're excited about the women's main event at royal rumble between Becky Lynch and Oscar. And you're excited about Charlotte being in the women's Romo all this stuff is happening. and Oh yeah. There's is this insane ridiculous soap opera going on over here but as a fan. I'm boiling the bad guys and cheering the good guys and I'm talking about it. I can't for the life of me logically as I sit. Here is a wrestling Vulcan as I'm trying to live long and prosper I'm just using logic. I'm not using emotion logically. You cannot explain to me how this wasn't a successful angle on raw you. Can you tell me like it. And that's cool. Maybe you don't like Caribbean because it's so over the top soap opera. I mean you don't like the soap opera stuff that's cool. You don't have to like it but I felt like. WWe was going for something and they got the result that they wanted and they've made it so that now I'll watch live Morgan versus. Lana all watch bobby. Lashley vs rousseff one. More time. I'll watch a mixed tag rousseff and live Morgan versus Bobby Lashley in Lana but to also say that live. Morgan is being misused. When she's being brought back to be a part of arguably the most is high profile storyline on Monday night raw the storyline? That certainly has the most is. She's not just being brought back in the middle of a show with some on. Gimmick she's being presented to you as a serious person in the main event of raw in a position where we know. The only reason this wedding is happening is because we look at the Youtube is we know that millions of people are going to watch this. We know millions aliens are going to watch this. So what are we gonNa do to ensure that those millions of people have something to talk about. Let's bring being live Morgan back for it. That's a tremendous amount of faith in live Morgan as a performer. Because clearly clearly this segment teeters that line between getting the desired result and being pooh-poohed out of the building is a very risky ski segment for that reason. Rate of success is low but go back watch this is Your Life Bailey and watch a segment completely unravel. NBA thrown out of a building by fans. Who Know that this is bad and it's not not working watch that segment and then watch the Lashley? Lana wedding segment. Nothing about the Lashley. Lana segment didn't work. It was effective. Man I don't know what to tell you unless that's just not your thing and that's totally cool. I will absolutely hear somebody saying I didn't like that was stupid. Okay that's cool but to be like as bad for the business or damaging for anybody involved or it didn't work or it was a dud or anything like that I would I would go out on a limb and say you might not know what you're talking about unless you can prove me wrong and if you can hit me up an email not sam wrestling leave a comment on Youtube. You can tell me you can tell me but I see it as a very successful segment on Monday night raw. I also thought that it was super cool the WWE W we had representation at the on. The New Year's Eve show on Fox of course hosted by Maria Menounos who's a great fan of the WWE and Steve Harvey not not only. Did they have a match between Roman reigns and Dolph Ziegler that was pre taped. I believe it smackdown four that show which was just cool in and of itself that this Fox deal as is such a big deal that wwe ends up with you know seven seven minutes or however long it was of time on Fox's new year show like that's Primo real estate as far as the networks go Dick Clark. Rock and New Year's Eve is I guess number one but Fox's right there number two. I mean realistically people watching CNN. Dick Clark Rock and New Year's Eve and Fox New Year's Eve so it's a pretty big deal to not only have happened then to have the twenty four seven title stick to have Maria throw referee shirt. I heard on our truth and Mojo in Elias. All there I thought it was amazing representation for wwe at that show Alright we should check checkout what was sent to us in the emails because I know there was a lot a lot to talk about this week. If you WANNA email in Then do so not sam wrestling at or email not sam wrestling at g mail DOT COM. Oh by the way real quick before we get to the emails let's talk about the the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic tournament. The brackets have been announced Of course I would discuss. What the What's it called with the next year end awards in what I thought of those but you should know what I thought of those because I talked about him? I hope you guys were watching. If you didn't watch annexed annexed Thi this week make sure you go on the wwe network and watch myself Pat McAfee Kathy. Kelly panning out some annex t year end awards for the Dusty Rhodes tag classic so you've got imperium versus the forgotten sons. You Got Matt Riddle Impeach done versus Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. You got the grizzled young that's Versus Kushida and a mystery partner. And then you got Gallus which is Mark Kofi and Wolfgang versus the undisputed era. I I would imagine the you're looking. I could see mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster getting the upset against repeat gun and Matt Riddle. I think imperium. Actually I think imperium beats the forgotten sons so think you're looking at imperium versus Matt Riddle. Impeach compete done and then you're looking at undisputed era maybe undisputed era versus probably Kushida in the mystery partner. And then I think well. Here's the thing you've already got. Undisputed era versus imperium period four on four at war of the worlds. Or whatever you know when worlds collide right. So maybe they won't do. Undisputed era versus imperium yields. Don't have Walter on that imperium team. It's Barthel in Eichner so maybe end up with. I mean I guess it also depends on who she does mystery partner is. I don't know it's GonNa get interesting. We'll talk more about it as the weeks progress. Let's talk about what these email said. Brian sent us an email. Mister Roberts he writes a little over a year ago ring of honor. New Japan seemed like all the rage and the main alternative to the wwe but then ro h helped the the bucks and cody run all in which ended up being the sparked a w now with most of the top independent talent going to aid w or the WWE scooping them out. It seems like h a new Japan. Zero buzz is the end of our. Oh coming before we know it. How do you? How much do you think they regret allowing cody in the bucks to do all in you know? I don't think all in was ring of honor's mistake and I talked about this. I believe a little bit when it was happening. I think that ring of honor's mistake stake was positioning the entire company around the being the League guys ring of honor positioned the entire when WCW basically position their entire company around the N. W. O. When the N. W. O. Got Stale or when guys started to Aleve or whatever it was you had nothing left. Ring of honor focused their entire company around the bullet club the bullet club and the elite elite. That was the draw for ring of honor a little bit for new Japan to it. I don't think new Japan has no buzz. I think people are still excited about wrestle kingdom. This weekend I think you've still got a core group of guys in New Japan. I don't think new Japan's in the kind of trouble that ring of honor's in but the reason ring of honor is in. That kind of trouble is because what I thought would happen happened happened. They put everything behind the bullet club guys because the ball club was the hottest thing in wrestling but the bully club was not a ring of honor. Creation Book clubs created in New Japan and ultimately it got so big that it went outside of new Japan and and the bullet club became its own independent entity. The bullet club became the elite became a e. W I mean I anybody could see that regardless if they did all in or not. If cody and the box and Kenya Mega United Together. They had control whether ring of honor succeeded or not and they decided not. It was up to ring of honor in that time. I'm to create new stars around the buzz of the bullet club guys but bringing modern and really do that and do it. Well so I think that's the problem with ring of honor. And maybe they would say oh we rob. We probably shouldn't have let them and help them do all in but that really wasn't the issue the issue was positioning the entire company around the bullet club and giving the bullet club. All the power in the world We have some criticism the system coming in from pierce in the discord room. Of course if you're a not Sam Shilowa Patriot dot com slash. Not Sam wrestling. You get full access to our discord room where you got people chatting in there every day all day all day or day and peers in the discord room. He writes I. I just finished the decade in review whilst it was a great show at a nice reminder of the end of my first decade is wrestling fan. I have a bone to pick how the hell is punk an afterthought in the last last five minutes I completely agree that. He's not in con in contention for wrestler of the decade. I I'd have to put Brian over rains. I can which is fair to say that that he wasn't influential or didn't do much seems insane to me. The next was great and the pipe bomb slash breakout slash title. Run game changing for the time and I'd argue pave the way a for Brian But for bringing in not only for Brian but for bringing in more indie guys he was the access point for the shield and was a huge factor in wrestling after leaving. No it wasn't his decade But it was his first half into ignore that almost entirely. Explain Yourself Sir. And then he writes Well okay so he writes a little more after that. But that's you got to just you know in hindsight. I think we probably should have spent a little a bit more time on. CNN punk and the pipe bomb in particular the pipe bomb was a hugely influential moment. In the two thousand ten's ends for sure it got the world talking it was enormously important but you might be giving it more credit. First of all the new nexus was not. Oh great not great at all you know. The next wasn't great 'cause as soon as the punk collected all that buzz from the pipe bomb promo they were just forgotten about so the next this was certainly not great. The nexus was a storyline that had massive amounts of potential from the time the nexus debuted food until Summer Slam. When they all got beat they were amazing? The the debut of the nexus was incredible when they tore up the ring and everything incredible credible segment but it went nowhere so the next this was not great the pipe bomb was incredible was great and was impactful. And we probably should've mentioned that more with Wade. Keller I think if I could I could do add anything to that. It would be more of a conversation about the women and more of a conversation about the pipe bomb however however seen punks title run was not at all what it should have been. The pipe bomb was incredible. The match with John John Cena was incredible. I'm maybe my favorite one of my favorite matches. The decade was John Cena versus punk money in the bank. I think two thousand eleven I think is one of the the same money in the bank. The Daniel Bryan won the briefcase for the first time. One of my favorite paper views of all time at the end of the day but Siyabonga ended up leaving with the title and this is not any fault of just what happened see and punk ended up leaving with the title title. That was amazing. He came back a month later so it was too early. He got in some wonky rivalry with triple H and Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash ended up getting injured and none of it ever made any sense whatsoever. His WRESTLEMAINIA NIA match Chris. Jericho is a decent match. But it wasn't anywhere close to the main event. And that's not the match you remember from that Wrestlemainia it was John Cena versus the Rock and then when he eventually even annoyed very long title rain he eventually lost the title to the Rock so he could take it on to the next year's Wrestlemainia so you know there wasn't that much remarkable other than the length about punks title run. What was remarkable is what started the title? Run you're right that he was the access point. Wait for the shield. The Shield came in to protect Siham punk but that also was dropped very very quickly and in the history of the shield Siyabonga happened to be the guy that they came in to protect in my opinion. When you look at the shield? That's not people. Don't go 'cause 'cause they weren't even with CNN punk for very long. They ended up being the hands ends of Justice and kind of saving people in a very nondescript fashion so I can't even give you credit on that one I think he did open up the world to indy talent. But I honestly think that Daniel Bryan had more to do with that then see 'em punk did and then he ended up leaving. I what was it after Royal Rumble. Fourteen thirteen fourteen eighteen obviously is two thousand eleven. I think he was there for two thousand twelve in two thousand thirteen. So you know it's last Wrestlemanias Wrestlemainia twenty nine. It was a good match with the undertaker. But you know that's what it was so you know I still. I think that more should have attention. Should have been paid to the pipe bomb but I think ultimately committee Sam punks legacy in the two thousand. Ten's is just the pipe bomb an amazing legacy an important legacy. But that's to you what it is and I'm the biggest fan in the world. You kidding me. I every T shirt I've every action figure I go back and look at the interviews. I did see him punk biggest. What's the impact fan? You could find so glad that he's back can't wait for him to wrestle again which I'm sure he will. But we're just talking about the decade and what it was all all right guys if you want to send in your emails. Not Sam Wrestling Edgy. Mail DOT COM is the email the Senate into we will be back first thing Monday morning. Thank you all for always being here. Don't forget to check us out on Patriot. Patriot dot com slash not sam wrestling and subscribe to the new Youtube Channel YouTube dot com mm slash. nightstand wrestling lots of great visuals. We'll see on Monday goodbye. Thanks for listening. Follow at not say. I'm on twitter. Instagram facebook and you review and subscribe. This has been nine.

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