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Welcome to the he ride home for Monday September, Twenty Eighth Two, thousand, twenty I'm Jackson buried. In undergrad has proving that paradox free time travel is indeed possible. If you thought email newsletters were ubiquitous. Now let me introduce you to the world of Nineteen Thirties mimeograph newsletters. The emerging field of biomedical Tattoos and the Satanic Tea Company here to bust stereotypes. Here are some of the cool things from the news today. An undergraduate at the University of Queensland has apparently proven that time travel without paradoxes is possible. This is from a new paper published last week in the journal classical and quantum gravity by the student Germane to bar and his professor Fabio Kosta quoting popular mechanics. The math itself is complex, but it boils down to something fairly simple time travel discussion focuses on closed time like curves or CTC's something Albert Einstein I posited until Barton cost say that as long as. Just two pieces of an entire scenario within a C. T. C. or still in causal order when you leave the rest is subject to local free will I results show that C. T. C.'s are not only compatible with determinism and with the local free choice of operations but also with a rich and diverse range of scenarios in dynamical processes, their paper concludes end quote. In other words stepping on a butterfly during a dinosaur hunting expedition would not entirely change the present world returned to and the way Mardi MC fly prevented his parents from meeting or accidentally left behind a sports ALMANAC for biff defined would not drastically change his present reality either. Instead, the mathematical research shows that time travel would be more akin to vendors endgame something that matches the findings from Los, Alamos Laboratory earlier this summer. Side No. Los. Alamos is also one of the few labs messing around with plutonium. So All I'm saying is if you see a delorean cruising around New Mexico, maybe watch out. But essentially, the findings say that you can go back to the past and mess with things a little bit but it will basically smooth over and eventually lead to the same results preventing things like the grandfather paradox in which you go back in time, kill your own grandfather, and then prevent yourself the time traveller from ever existing. To Warren constant used relevant example from our present time to put their complex math into plain language quoting a press statement by the researchers say you traveled in time in an attempt to stop covid nineteen patient zero from being exposed to the virus? However, if you stopped that individual from becoming infected that would eliminate the motivation for you to go back and stop the pandemic in the first place this is a paradox been inconsistency that often leads people to think that time travel cannot occur in our universe. Logically, it's hard to accept because that would affect our freedom to make any arbitrary action. It would mean you can time travel. You cannot do anything that would cause a paradox to occur. In the coronavirus patient zero example, you might try and stop patient zero from becoming infected, but in doing so you would catch the virus and would become patient zero or someone else would no matter what you did. The salient events would just recalibrate around you try. As you might to create a paradox, the events will always adjust themselves to avoid any inconsistency end quotes. So our timelines are a bit more self-correcting than we thought and trying to adjust the time line. We're currently living in to go back to one where perhaps a different person won an election and the berinstain bears are still the Bernstein bears probably isn't going to happen. As NPR quoted from Stephen, King's time travel novel eleven twenty to sixty three about trying to prevent the Kennedy assassination quotes. The past is obdurate. It doesn't want to be changed. Remember when everyone knew was starting a podcast. Well I guess that's actually still happening bit. But in some ways, it's been eclipsed by everyone starting a newsletter almost every writer journalist General Internet Creator Personality I know of has a tiny letter or sub stack these days gene cocky and I talked about this phenomena a little bit on the weekend bonus episode of this show on September nineteenth would you should absolutely go listen to if you haven't yet we? discussed how email newsletters are perhaps the closest current analog of personal expression to what blogs once were in fact, and Freedman Author Co host of the podcast call your girlfriend and writer of the an Friedman weekly newsletter told Vanity Fair last year that around two thousand thirteen when personal newsletters really started taking off again, the starting one was quote fully recognized as what you do because you don't blog anymore and quotes. And it certainly solves the issue of how do I read your blog that Jason, mentioned he's heard from Newark potential readers who skipped over the blogging. Feed days just send your blog street to people's INBOXES. Now so many people have their own email newsletters that vanity fair and others declared were at peak newsletter even the Rusty Foster, the creator of one of my personal favorite. Now, defunct newsletters today in tabs has said quote peak newsletter has been happening continuously since like nineteen, eighty, six and quotes. And wired says, peak newsletter goes even further back and their lead for the story on that is yearly accurate to our times quotes. By the time Claude cut burn resigned from his post as foreign correspondent for the Times of London. He'd grown sick of the newspapers conservative streak but even as a freelancer, he continued to struggle with what he saw as the media's complacency toward the rise of ultra nationalist movements around the world. So he tried a new approach he'd start a newsletter and make himself a brand cock burns. I issue went out to subscribers in March nineteen, thirty, three end quote. Wired points to two key reasons that hordes of journalists fall in copper footsteps in the decades to come and went to independent sources of publication, both of which are relevant to today's newsletter trend as well. Accessibility of new technology and a lack of confidence in the news media. As for technology, the mimeograph which had been around since the late eighteen hundreds was finally being mass produced for consumers and praised at about the modern equivalent of five, hundred thousand dollars, and it wasn't just popular for independent journalists. It led to a boom in chapter books especially among Allen Ginsberg and his Coterie fanzines in. The LGBTQ, plus publications like the Internet and social media for us. Now, the mainstream accessibility of this technology enabled Nisha and minority populations to communicate with one another and share their stories when no major media streams would dare to do so. And it was that homogeneous entity of the major news publications that also led many journalists to part ways with their employers and start up shop as independent journalists quoting wired at the time public trust in mainstream media was wavering newspapers were making good money, but they were also increasingly turning into a monopoly from nineteen twenty three to nineteen, forty, three, the number of US towns with at least two daily newspapers dropped from five hundred to two hundred, thirty, seven according to media historian. Victor Cards Book. America's battle for media democracy at the time the popular perception was that newspapers were a bastion of conservative not liberal politics driven by the interests of big business. By the end of the nineteen thirties, many papers were fiercely opposed to the new deal and labor organizing stances that would alienate large numbers of readers as card shows the growing market consolidation paired with these ideological concerns led thousands of Americans in the nineteen forties to pack panels with titles like is the American press, really free and quotes. and. The newsletters of the thirties through the fifties really took off Claude Cock Burns newsletter was popular enough to be read by the likes of Charlie Chaplin and King Edward The seventh and was the original outlet to break the news of the threat of Francisco Franco just before the coup that would lead to his rise to power journalist George cells published what was probably the most popular newsletter of the day reaching over a hundred seventy, six thousand people at its peak including Eleanor Roosevelt Harry Truman and a large number of sitting senators newsletters were sold. In like minded bookstores and newsstands, as well as via subscription with Union subscriptions being one of the particularly powerful moods of proliferation and profit for left leaning publications and Conservative raiders eventually got in on the game too. But those modes of distribution eventually dried up and as they are want to do traditional publishers and corporations got in on the game making it much harder for independent journalists to make a living on newsletters anymore by the sixties and seventies, newsletters had to rely almost exclusively on direct mailing and one third of all independent newsletters failed each year. The. Good news in a way at the time was that the newspaper industry was actually booming while many journalists chose to go independent for ideological or passion reasons they could easily find a well paying job with the newspaper. Again, if need be whereas today, journalists are having a harder time than ever finding full-time work many have turned to newsletters. Side hustles to try to pay the bills. Meanwhile, corporations are already flooding the email newsletter market in picking off talented newsletter raiders for their own perhaps signaling the impending end of this iteration of the newsletter boom just as the past is apparently unchangeable in any consequential ways so too does it repeat itself with broad strokes in perpetuity? Tend to have become increasingly common over the last few decades and accordingly, the stigma surrounding them has worn off quite a bit as well. It's still there of course, especially in older generations in certain cultures. But what if you could defend your tattoo by saying it's for medical purposes. Tattoos that can indicate biochemical changes in your body as warning signs for larger conditions have been in development by various teams of scientists over the last several years. Carson bruns a chemist artist and assistant professor at the University of Colorado. Boulder has been working on tattoos that detect UV lights and also served as the first human test subject for them. But before I dive more into bronzes specific work, here's a quick summary of recent developments quoting the conversation in two thousand seventeen researchers tattooed pigskin, which had been removed from the pig with molecular bio sensors that use color to indicate sodium glucose or. Ph levels in the skins fluids in two thousand, nineteen team of researchers expanded on that study to include protein sensing and developed smartphone readouts for the tattoos. This year they also showed that electrolyte levels could be detected with fluorescent tattoo sensors in two thousand eighteen biologist developed a tattoo made of engineered skin cells that darken when they sent an imbalance of calcium caused by certain cancers they demonstrated the cancer detecting tattoo in living mice and quotes. While all of those projects detect biomedical changes within a person Brinson, his team are working on the detection of external changes mostly UV exposure as a warning sign for skin cancer quoting bruns. In the conversation, we developed an invisible tattoo ink that turns blue only in UV light alerting you when your skin needs protection. The tattooing contains a UV activated die inside of Plastic Nanno capsule less than Micron in diameter or thousandth of a millimeter about the same size as an ordinary to pigments. The Nano capsule is needed to make the color changing tattoo particles large enough if tattoo pigments are too small, the immune system rapidly clears them from the skin and the tattoo disappears. They're implanted using tattoo machines in the same way as regular tattoos but they last for only several months before they start to degrees from UV exposure and other natural processes and fade requiring a booster tattoo end quote. The team is also developing UV protective tattoos that would essentially act as long lasting sunscreen by absorbing the UV light that penetrates the skin. While that may sound like a lot of pain to endure for how much surface area that would have to cover to be effective bruhns also notes that scientists have been working on needle free tattooing methods using microscopic ink droplets fired into the skin. And Tattoo Tech is going in even more directions. There's epidermal electronics or wearable electronic tattoos that would do things like quote sense electro physiological signals like heart rate and brain activity or monitor hydration and glucose levels from sweat and quotes. But there's also non-medical uses like quote controlling mobile devices, for example, Shuffling Music playlist at the touch of a tattoo or for luminescent body art that lights up the skin and quotes. Bruhns, notes that color changing tattoos that can be programmed with electromagnetic signals will change the game on tattoos. You could have a tattoo that's visible when you're out with friends but turn it off for work. All of this is not completely without risk however, even ordinary tattoo pigments currently in use are unregulated by the FDA hopefully as new tech is being developed in labs, there will be some level of caution in oversight being exercised, but the long term effects of micro and Nano implants is yet to be studied. If, you ever get a craving for a cup of tea but just felt it wasn't hardcore enough for your personal brand pitch. Black North is here to help Dominic Alvarez's delightfully sinister loose leaf tea company was founded on Satanic Values and is here to provide a cup of brown joy to people who might not typically be interested in t due to its fairly stuffy fancy. Maybe Cat lady type of stereotyping pitch black north sustainably sourced loose-leaf blends include Satan's slumber throat of Lucifer cradle of filth in official collaboration with the band Banshee brew and the Nila Earl Grey. For the fall season, they've also released in anti Christ pumpkin spice. And as for their satanic values, their sight says quote satanic values have been a part of our core beliefs in our personal lives. In through this company, we are not here to inform but challenge you to look from a different perspective and additionally they include a quote from Anton Levay, the founder of the Church of Satan which reads quote. Satan. Represents. Indulgence Satan represents undefined wisdom end quotes. And a quick reminder that the Church of Satan does not actually worship Satan. It's more of a philosophical community using purposefully provocative imagery to challenge beliefs on well beliefs. But getting back to pitch black north, the tea company they're instagram is filled with photos of scantily clad models in corpse paint faces having tea parties in a field. They do have a really strong brand I'll give that to them. So if you were into goth or metal and want to t company that matches your static pitch black north. Is the company for you but there are also plenty of other options on the market especially if you're looking for less music inspired and more generally spooky for the Halloween season. Brutalities cells loose leaf tea blends based on horror movies and metal bands. They have options like Chai put a spell on you back in blackberry and a chalk work on. And if coffee is more your vibe, I would like to recommend the number one most frequently targeted Ed for me bones coffee company. Admittedly, I still haven't tried them but they are a small batch roaster with really great art design and their roasts include Jack do Lantern Franken bones and a rest in peace DECAF. So. If you're looking to get spooky with your caffeine this season, there are few recommendations for tea or coffee that are as dark as your soul. That's it. For today as always, the cocky ride home was produced by ride home media and Cocky Org. I am Jetson bird and I'm going to go hop in my delorean and accelerate to eight miles per hour because apparently if I end up in the past there is nothing I can do to make twenty twenty even worse. I. Hope You all had a great weekend talk to you again tomorrow.

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