Breaking News: Franchon Crews-Dezurn vs Shadaisa GreenToo Soon Or Right Time


Intended for mature audiences, the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners, sponsors or affiliates enjoy. This is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready. For boxing voice. was. Once phase one name Deonte wild. Dot. com. No doubt in my mind. Was the. Every time. Almost. Were SPIEL NOBODY'S Be Welcome Back Ladies Gentlemen to another edition of. The box invoice radio listen. This might be a little bit of our core show at as it is a women's topic but. We will be discussing friends, Sean crews, discern unified WBZ WBZ OH hundred and sixty eight pound champ, and breaking news Barry Hunter her trainer. gave us here not too long ago. Tuesday morning revealing that. They have made an offer or that he got the coal that should deja green out of New Jersey is friends Shawn's next opponent. Now. According to data. That is not true. She wants one more fight, but we'll get all in two of them. Head on out to Dumi and Mario what up chip was. Was So. Ambi- be. Mega more than everybody knows Thursday always looking forward to the flagship show but lineup lineup this morning is looking. Looking. So. You know let's get ready. What's on the line up? What are you talking about? If I'M GONNA listen to the has no clue with this man continuously yelling champ is talking about what are you talking about? Well, I'm talking about the best part of my morning news. Is TV in your cap. Now, French desert emission Daesh Green is the topic of this morning I show. So we'll let you lead the boat skipper verse. So what do you mean by that buddy? I think that we have three shows lined up for this morning was that is that is that what we do now? Up, the middle. Cuts. Really now we'll be back for. A little bit of overtime on Patriot and we're GONNA BE Talking Devon. Haney in you'd Oak Gum Boa. It looks like Gamboa's manager saying the deal is almost finalized. Then we'll be back right here on Youtube to discuss heavyweight Frenchman Tony Yoka taking on his countrymen Frenchman Johan do his former deontay wilder victims. So we got a couple of show scheduled for for sure if you're a Patriot on family join US Patriot at ten forty five for some over Tom, and if not catches back over a little bit later at eleven thirty for some breaking news on Tony Yoka having his first fight back in a while in Paris. France. But Yeah, man, we're here this morning to discuss today's agree now. I do have to report bad news. Today's was scheduled to be on at nine thirty and something came up, but I was able to get friends, Sean but. Yeah I know that's at ten. They WANNA reschedule for next week but it's like these things are so difficult to do in. That was trying desperately to have them both on a show to give maximum exposure you know, but it is what it is. You know it's funny. I'm going to bring up this secondary topic because I were producer. You know we desperately want him back on the show he plays the shadow round So he doesn't have to deal with the debate of the show or the debate part of the show but. He was saying basically how women's boxing is booming in the UK. And I felt I. Felt he laughed at you know. Clarisa. Arguing or disgruntled with with Showtime Online. Basically, you know saying like, Oh, this is crazy. You know I should be fighting on the undercard of one of these champions and she mentioned the Charles de Ante Wilder you know she mentioned a few. So if you guys could pull that up just for straight up facts. Because she specifically mentioned champions. In how she wasn't fighting on an undercard of a non champion. So you know me taking a shot at my producer and it's like you how women's boxing booming when Katie tell us a two time Olympian unified champion, multiple weight division champion, and she's on the undercard of a do coming off a loss or excuse me a draw an do coming off a tune-up. So women's boxing is the same globally you know to try say this any bigger anywhere it's I don't believe. So until we start seeing a main event and being you know all women's cards and doing what the men do. Women's boxing struggling, and that's why we wanted to highlight this you know. Everyone was excited when we were going to do the Katie Tillerson soon film study Ah and it should be no different here because of the significance of the fight French Sean Croon is a wbz champion in the Super Middleweight Division and she is a wbo champion in the super middleweight the she is unified and again the significance of this fight. Okay. friend Sean crews I fight was versus. Should. Kouba. Shield. So you know I think that we need to be putting a little bit more respect on her name You know she's Doing, what she needs to be doing and she was in a very good good fight. Where her opponent tested positive and there was a Lotta controversy I think that also raised the popularity of her name raised her profile and. Women's boxing is in deep. So We can't sit around for while fury like when someone becomes a mandatory or is putting themselves positioning themselves in the mandatory position. I think it's only fair that you highlighted now obviously, I am bias because I know should Asia. Green. On the both personally. But I know should Deja more intimately because we trained in the same Jim but I don't think that that adds will takes away from the significance of the fight. I can't magically make this fight bigger than it is because I know her it's just big especially when you consider how thin the division is. Go and not for nothing, but it to me that's the those are the times where it makes it bigger for you. That's what I'm saying like is this is our job to bring. Attention to those that don't get attention. You know what I'm saying and so because you know them, it makes a bigger for you and that's the it makes it bigger for me to like I. Love being able to watch a fight with my brother, my cousin or my dad. Employing is a look. You know my boss trains her or whatever. You know what I'm saying, Hey, you know look nest trains with our sparred with her like that would be dope and I've done that in the past with other fighters that I you know. We've had a close connection with, but this is a big fight like this is a big moment. Today's agreeing who is only foreign. Oh, mistaken. Yeah foreign. Oh I mean you know this is a big step. Lost Her. Oh. Okay, boxer has four. No, but you know that is. Like the Wikipedia type of thing, actually I should get more love than that. Bucks works not like. wikipedia but yeah I. It's a big. Fight, in the last song that we saw fresh on, you know she put on a war she put on such a great fight in anybody else and I guess you could just say men if if it was the man, the men's side of it and I guess upper weight classes you know it would have been a big time thing everybody would be talking about it and so I think that they deserve their shop but I just haven't seen enough from should Asia Green to really pick her I guess or or you know much about her and. So I'm leaning she hasn't been really living no, she hasn't been on the big stage yet. This would be like you know her first time on a big stage. So her going straight into a fresh on cruise deserve fight I. think it's a little fast. Thank you know. Maybe another to fight would be would be good but you just never know you know some fighters feel like they're very they're very ready and that's the thing. Though do me when I spoke to when I spoke to today's she said, look off a been me to me all my peoples. I know me. I want. One more fight. Now I said, even if the offer's rockiness, she said, well, it all depends but she wants one more fight and honestly. That's why I have to soon or right? Tom Because. I don't want to rush French. Sean I. Got Her first fight is. Unit I mean so. Should days needs do? Really wet feet, you know put a toe in the water. And I don't know put a toe in the water because. I Like I said I've always wanted the mighty CLI CO fight. There's been counting pfeiffer. Common opponents, she don't got much power, but she's a good boxer. She's popular. She moves you know she's pretty social help the ticket sales and door popularity of the fight but. and. She's a dog honestly she just ain't got that power, but she brings the fight us she I seen a fight with French Sean crews and that's what I'm saying I would just like some some common opponents if we could get some, you know maybe I don't know a weight division territory Nelson Ism, but I I feel like she's decide. And I want to check a maybe let me see. But this, this is definitely some women there that. You know should days should get in there and mix it up with I believe. Let me see what's that big girl friend Sean not too long ago. WAS IT Tiffany war? Let me see. By tiffany will Kayla Williams none of these girls have. So. Sad. But not one that I know is seller. Dallas thought. Twice. Once, not twice twice she beat for the vacant for the again. And that's what I'm saying John Peter Again look she for her in her. Fifth Five. So I should Asia this ain't too soon. But if you try to be a matchmaker you try and you know. Now is your time to say I, gotTa look out for my investments. Then you do WanNa let her get some Rounds in which some decent fighters. I'm still trying to find I might have to Google story myself I thought she was in his division she might not be. Story. Let's see Tory ways what she's Fussy six. Forty three at this point, and this is what I'm saying. So difficult go with women's boxing. assume boxer at got fined by threat. Well like you said I mean that's the issue right now it's like she wants one fight I think she should get it. You know but at the same time but one, they're gonNA keep giving it's gotta be a real fight. You know what I mean marlins. Back to Mexico and knock somebody out in five seconds because for that the money ain't right for those fights and the development is in Deir so you know. You gain from exactly. So do you need another another five second knockout fight or do you just go straight into this fight? So, Tori Nelson has four as high as one, fifty, seven, fifty, eight. She fought tiffany war a common opponent with Frenchman crews deserve at one sixty. So she's been in that division and she swore she started at one sixty. So she she fought Tiffany Warwick, who is a common opponent With. One and and that's why actually want for for. Today's AC- I wouldn't go tiffany tiffany doesn't have that many when she got more losses than wins I like I said like Nelson but Nelson is dangerous Nelson's. But in their Wareham, she's been in there with shields she's in an Tasha. In Napoleon you know she's been in there with a lot of women. So this issue is she's forty-three at this point. She's already older. He's been in there with me a Saint John and Kali. Ri She's she is women's boxing. She is women's boxing and she's got a hundred and eighty seven rounds by so you just got understand that like. Is Today's going to knock around or is this exactly what we need for should Asia a ten round fight someone is GonNa give it a round. She needs because she angle unless unless she's the second coming events you know and yes, looks slightly like and we'll but unless she's the second coming to an wolf, she knocking alcl aversa she knocking Alfred Sean she knocking Alejandra. So we need to make sure you could get them rounds. And who who was it the that you were just mentioning because I was looking at tiffany while you were talking a common opponent tiffany she faced tiffany warwick name is Tori Nelson. Good. I've watched the fight Napoleon I've watched the fight. Fresh? On, cruise you know Hammer. We've seen those fights. I didn't see I was surprised to see that she also phase me a Saint John. Kelly reese because colleen racist common opponent where the girl Cecelia Boras about the fight Jessica remember I think calories be soc- Labor rackets stubhub center on the undercard economic can verses van is moderation so again, Nelson is that Nelson is derek she she's been active to well obviously. Just when twenty. Twenty. You could easily in A. But. This the thing should as doesn't have a promoter. She's got a good manager, but she doesn't have promoted right. So this earth. Exactly you can't get the Nelson fight unless you put on yourself and you ain't got no way to put it on. You can't do know little shows. It's cove it this guy to get picked up by matchroom by top rank, by Dmitry, Salita. Cover seal should be calling well damn. She can't because cross promotion because Shawn Golden but I was GONNA. Say she'll be calling all of them and call in to meet you too. Have all girls efficiencies matt this she's got to be on the card of a non. Championship fight. You know what I mean. So put them all together. Your real quick have pulled it up. Forgot about it Clarisa. This is exactly what she said. She said I've already let my team is showtime. Know that I would fight on the undercard of Earl Spencer deontay wilder pack. Yeah. Any of those big fighters the twin. Charles. But I'm not going to fight on the UNDERCARD OF NOBODY WHO's not a world champion especially on pay per view. Yeah. But she she put the picture of all the champion she would fight is right above all right Yup and put name knows champions off. It doesn't have. The faces Oh. There we go. Okay. My bad. Click on Earl Spencer deontay wilder Manny Pacquiao German Jamal. And that's the issue Daesh agree scheduled to fight. No she just fought not too long ago Saturday and Then then Barry Hunter broke this news barriers the one listen we try and get rock strike has. Has. I'M GONNA. Just hit Robert De is in skype light if he jumps on jumps on. My reading boxer. Kayla Williams girl she fought or is she the next opponent for who? I should Asia I'm looking at box making Sharma on the pro side and I see Kayla Williams. And Anna s you know. Yeah it says she's fighting Kayla. Williams on September eleventh. HOUSTON. That'll be what's up if Danny and got a bike you know what? I'm saying now if they on that it. Is consistently that and that is so cool because. was was it Tori Nelson or should they? I mean, it says, but this is what I'm saying, what do you get out of Kayla Williams? She's only five in one. One of these girls were just looking at fodder. So yeah, Song Cruise Water. Branch on crews. Yeah. But. I was wondering why her name seems so familiar. Yeah I just saw that. I see never one, she's a body bag. Got, to, build that confidence of. Saying. What's it worth? You get that opportunity you get that paycheck like what not even? Mario Women's boxing. I'm not meaning to cut you off. I'm going to give you is women's boxing. It's not even a paycheck Bro. You know what I'm saying you're getting, but he knows. Is probably the only thing you could say. What you against Kayla Bro come on. And then she got no wins issue going to give them rounds. That's a waste of time. Don't get me wrong. fluffed the record why I think it's a waste of time fluffed the record but but I don't think she. Deserves out of that or what what they expect like. Only thing you get in this common opponent on a resume finally, you gotta common opponent you didn't see. Verses France Sean. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah. Yeah funny. That way, and then you're also GonNa you know what I mean like. What do you taking from this fight that you're able to bring to that one if it's not a fight against somebody that's going to actually test you and actually build your skill and actually give you some insight into what you're going to be facing. When you face off against somebody in there who can hurt you can do things to you that you know have never been done like that's what you need that kind of experience. If you're just GONNA walk into Houston, you know lay somebody out and give them their six loss. No whiz you know what we need. Let's see this damage don't got no date on nine nine eleven nine. Eleven. Conspiracy, to me ears just hurt Doug. Know and then it's it's always this golden boy cod today offers it is a good God no, it's not. It's not it's. GotTa. Get I'm I'M GONNA. Go ahead and Adam on some on some very. Hell Mary. Ish. On on. A what I've never this embark Shrek where somebody's names highlighted in yellow the heck. You're looking at how slow 'cause? Yeah he's. By the California State Commission indefinitely for what are those who knows? He's fighting. To Man. Some hosts Wave Mer Morales Eleven and twelve, and he's suspended by the Athletic Commission and his name. You. Know it's. That's why black black took some name. Out You're still in people's. Sort of upset that message out handle? My name if I if somebody named the Golden. What's going on over here so why are you still in people's names for? Let's. Let's look at. Let's look at these These two in comparison a little closer right I. Mean we all know that it's always good to have a match up you know in between the important fire, right the guy that you're going to face right and that's what we're. We're saying right now that should Asia should take it in between somebody's GonNa to give them more rounds in all other stuff, right? Let's look at them fighters right and and and and her French pro record is six. In one. We know this data's fought four times pro. So it's only two more fights than than her. We know the French causes earn a hell of amateur you know. And we also noticed green was a Helluva amateur. You know and they know these these girls know each other in in the in the boxing circles. You know what? I'm saying they've been around for a while should they should just you know she never turn she didn't turn pro as fast as. France Sean. But. They don't have that much disparity in the fights that they've taken pro. You know man crazy sean is on another level. We that may be because she is a pro and she has fought under the lights listen. Today's is in struggling because. How. Do you pronounce that? Is it e Hazira Eurasia or Hosea Hernandez you Know what you looking at EDS Asiya. Z. I dunno brother where where are you looking House Zia? No, I'm putting a way. He Ross is. I don't even know you see third fight. That fight that girl is good and that girl for him is. There you go. See Four hundred s twice. Okay. She for him and has twice in day not get knocked out by him and his either time. Okay and who knows what Jimenez was on because there was no Ovada she also fought Gordon, Eho she also folk order now who mighty Cli so that's what I mean French Sean for destroying her I mean she days afford this Her third. So yes, she is on a fast track but again, at least this girl was doral nobody can knock this girl out his girls known to give you round the other girl is known again knocked out she. Oh, and Fosse never won like. I don't get it I. Don't get it. Don't get me wrong. You need those numbers. You know what you know terrific for fresh on cruise sue. The. Game Clan Kayla Williams Oh Kayla with them yeah we said that we said that so France. Be On about twenty minutes. We won't have SEDALIA which would make the show a fantastic but we'll just give fresh on on and talk to end. Then we can ask French Sean about Kayla because we're looking on backtracking and we're seeing Oh and five you know were dismissing a maybe Maybe, France Sean cells was like Nah I think today's needs that by before she get in there with me. Let's see how she do. Well 'cause that girl is tough because I think French Sean went how many rounds she tk odor. But in five right. He Kayode Her How am I gonNA have trouble reading this arithmetic that they have on by? Fox, like five last ten times to. Get she went. Now it says it says she's drowsy knocked her out in the fifth round of ten round fight with two minute rounds. That's okay. There you go. Professor Nece. So we have five fifth round knockout and a ten round contest two minute rounds. So she she took care business halfway through the fight. and you look at Kayla's record and. She has to Tko stoppages you know I don't know if that helps her not give an she only has five fights She lost all of them. You mean stoppages you got to be clear. She's been stopped two times. now's got to because that could you know someone could could could could mistake that thinking? and. Know they're going. To win by stoppage and you're right, they will clip it and make a video and say look how stupid he is. He said she's got. Out Wins. After. The death no, they won't. The desperation now is insane they they won't. Grabbing a buck mentality though let me tell you nine mean when you sit around to watch someone that you do not like. You don't like you don't like us, but you sit around and watch us to wait for us to make a mistake to clip it. Jesus, Bro, you have a ball. Back. That's how they be popping up. On that under your I knew where you're. Man That's crazy. No in world talked though. I think you gotTa give should Asia credit if even if she only takes the one fight and she goes into the French Sean you gotTa give her credit man you gotta credit because during to be great like she could stall out she could do the and maybe she can't afford to do that. But at the end of the day I duNno, she's GonNa shoot her shot. So it's definitely me a fight to watch I it's crazy how tall she is like. Seeing pictures and videos like I didn't think she'd be five eight who? Should Asia is Five eight, two, they're GONNA be. That's all she was going to be. I met her in person before. But you know I I've never met. Should Asia I wonder if CJ. With his supervisor I wanted to let us come in why is green not recorded on an iphone footage fam yo because we wasn't there remember her last for fight. I recorded the whole damn thing You know when especially women's fries they not Regulated like that but is Cova season man I wasn't going with them to Mexico. Hail now to the now now wonder if they'll give like I wonder if the lettuce in for the fights in Houston like like insecure little spot. I mean I hear they go through the slowly doing stuff for media to be honest with you all yeah. Yeah. I mean look none of these none of these pay per views that are happening are gonNA take place without media. It's just not going happen like the you know the bubble you had Steve Kim they're documenting and that's good like we needed people that you can't have these fights it I don't care if. What he was without yeah. He got his being the bubble. He got to document it I. Think it was the last one if I'm not mistaken, but maybe he was there for all of them who knows but I know he did an article on one of them really well written article and talked about his experience and stuff but we need media there for documentation like this is what this is why we have so much documentation of you know the you know Joe, Louis era and and man who is it before Joe sticking of? The Guy watched the documentary on PBS Joson Jack. Johnson. My man good commentary by great documentary. Guess what we don't have that without media documenting these things that go on you know what I'm saying like we need people there and So they're not going to let that happen they can't. They can't let that happen they can't let it be without media even if it's like ten into me like even if they really severely limited, we need people there we need people there to document what's happening and and let us know what they don't show us. The thing that happens this is happening in your state I know that's what I'm saying I go see should Asia don't mess? Film it if they let me. Uploaded on Youtube pay-per-view crazy because I I mean I'm. All right I'm assuming is a small. Oh, it has to well, there's like seven fights but know and he Got The you have the The fight card. Yeah, it's Let's see one, two, three, four, five, six. Only women fighting on that card what? Holy Crap? So there's a proof fights yet no no, they're not the only woman. There's another women's fight. In. Ono The never mind. So they have seven. No six fights approved. But there are still another two, four, six, eight fights waiting pending approval. Card. Yeah. So this is like Bro but. Man on any like I, feel like bad like damn. Should I know these people like? I got a couple of suggestions here shot out to Chapman. Let's chat I'm not even on. Some possible opponents and I said you know what? Let me let me take Lawrence's where for real quick and let me just look this person up and I looked up. Amoco's. Having Freddie Roach not today but. Probably, set him up for next week. Roach the new Dominican dream. Elvis. Elvis's Rodriguez. We're. GonNa. We're GONNA get the new Dominican nightmare Michelle. Rivera you know what? I mean. So which is gonNA. Keep Spreading. I love. You know what? I mean getting all these guys on. You're going to have to get on thirty cent those sound bite champ. If he wins the mill Fi, then we are on his bandwagon but right now, we just we just we just watching that we watching the story unfold. But if he jumped, he vp the dairies Mila. I'm I'm with them I'm whigham. The Darius is a very decent box aman You know I'll be. I'M GONNA be glued into that one I'm going to be glued to. It looks like he knows English to hit them up in Spanish but I've been checking his post. My man everything is in English I'm using translation hell what. So he would. Using the Google translate over here champion listen we had a hundred and fifteen, thousand, one, hundred and twenty seven. So we need about thirty three more grabbers so that we could get to our goal of the week of. One, hundred, fifteen, thousand, two, hundred. So let's go chance if you haven't done it already. Do so hit that subscribe and don't just come him freeload. That's what we call freeloaded. Not Subscribing not hitting notification bill not hitting thumbs up not sharing you're not appreciating. Your guys. Chats. Hold on hold on hold on I. Still got some announcements to make apology. Head and supports a favorite podcasts. You could join Patriot I mean, if that doesn't get you to do it, you don't just want to support us because you a little jerk off fine join. So you can exponential cruiser question. We just put the posts out and if you want something specific, you can do so just make sure you stay within the parameters of A. Decent Person. To Maybe I should just say this affair now just tell you right now people said that you should go back to putting the date they're going to be on in the post I have I guess you haven't been no I have been actually especially really absolutely especially, Alina, what it was an old message to. Those especially this week. But I think what people are are they gave you those messages probably Because of the Chris, Congo was buried because it was all yesterday because it was weeks ago. But. He he you flaked on us. So I wasn't gonNA put out a new post. Just keep it there and you know so so ness, right you know some suggestions of names came out right for sure Deja Green. I wanted to look at Mario to see if maybe you guys feel like this is like something that that's good right? the name first one that I was given was Emma. M. A. and then Cozinne K. O. Z. I n.. Boxer just cleaned well I. I didn't receive the box expect link but Amoco's right. She's a nineteen in old fighter to. From freaking Slovene Focus that guy. I have. got. Rocky for. Nineteen in Oh she's only twenty. One is her name. Is A name pronounce I. Mean Spell Cousins No Cao's. because. It just sounds like a bad guys. Right. Him right away. It looks like WHOA southpaw twenty, one, year old, nineteen, hundred, Oh, ten knockouts. says. Yo she's out there in Slovenia like. Cigars the boss people to get to her first of all she's got five schedule. And it's CVA. And she's a chance we're telling telling you that. Doesn't want to fight this champ without one more champ. For a championship? Oh. She holds it. Bro She's a chance look. All Yeah Yeah. Yeah. You're right. You're. Okay, she's A. She's a unified chimp you guys are. Crazy? Because I see her fighter already I forgot about this girl she's we've seen this girl before don't remember. which I want a bunch of names that I know. Yeah. We've seen this girl before she's tough. I Salute I. Have, seen any of these guys look at this Germany. The next. Whatever's Banya arm and get out at least winging Never heard of this guy. This Oh. Look at this other one Ludwig Zberg man kid audie here Bro. I never seen this girl fi, but there's probably somebody in. Slovenia doing the foxy voice like this girl fighting in Houston owning knowing. You me listen to me this. I'm not discrediting this girl. First of all I told you. She's a champion and she's far too experienced. You've got twenty five. Jonah Cuma girl. Right right way right. Let's leave the last ball of the board alone. Man Leslie Shanks on the loan. Yeah. She she's. She's up the right not but this next girl. All right. You GotTa bear with me because he's names are kind of crazy spare spell but the first name is spelled f. e.. M. K. E. FEM. Key I think that's that's how you pronounce listen to me. We find under these grow who the hell out his girls well, girl this look better US opponent than the. Latisha Robinson. I know you want the links and that's why you WANNA run over this like this but Latisha Robinson's in Americans. You said why Efi what? F. E.. M.. k. e. that's her first name Fem key, and then her last name is hermit but that and boxer and then she pops write us 'cause he's the only person in the world the funky. and. I left walk Larussa though. I left the last one for you know because she she's American and she I guess you could probably make a fight within the states a lot easier with her and her name's Latisha. But let's go. Let's look if you totally out the picture because he's in Belgium? What's going on? I never heard of. This is I think I have heard. Hermens Utah Yes. Yes she did and then she then we've seen her again to losing a to sort of reuss. Oh. Yes. Right. I mean I mean. Actually like this girl, she had a really good interview. She's Nice soft, spoken? but remember she also beat at least you know Polian. Right. WHO On? No No. No. Set along the set of rules. No set of rules be. Espinosa. Yeah. Yeah she changed her name she got married. So as us. Yes Napoleon Espinosa now. right All, right. So this looks okay to Professor Ness. Let's go out to the last option that I was present ear her name's Leeann Teasha am I pronouncing that right Matt Latisha Yeah that looks right or Latisha Robinson and Girl baby girl. Baby. Girl looked like she can fight and she sixteen and one. Jesus thirty nine. Thirty, nine years old they. Could, we could work with that but she's been active she fought in February. I don't even mean that like. She's a scrub I'm she's got the experience. Amazon? has only box eighty, three rounds well, sixteen no Senator Women Fox way less rounds in. That's true. Yeah. You're right. That's actually decent to decent decent number. Young thing is she has gone the distance quite a few times. So I don't know if we should throw our girl in there quite she hasn't Tko's too. So maybe girls bad. She got she got a lot of Cao's in Cao's. And yeah. That's that's the other opponent that could be there I mean look you got Kayla. Williams already on deck. So I it's. It's a matter of where the we feel like she needs another one before she gets to a big fight like with French crews. But Get. was. Tripping all him back to the Kayla Williams at the offer four and I thought she was on for so I'm looking I'm like the hell they give her another loss. That we've been doing this. Let me get super chat if you guys read the first. I as green, not recorded on I fono footage fan I. Think Yeah. We did read that one and next one's coming from TJ also, we say we didn't know they'll phen- Pearson either just saying that's true. That's true. I had no idea who delfi was. She came erection ship. Butt but Butte to be real though and I know this is not a popular opinion. I know nobody really feels this way but I really think Katie is GonNa take care of her out easy because it'll be a tough fight. No matter what. But she just played into Pearson's game so much like I felt like she fought her fight the whole almost the whole time can be honest bro. I saw a hungrier. grittier tougher fight that night indefinitely. You're not and and if that same woman shows up. I got delvina Bro. I got fiend Mommy I. Know the machine is behind Katie and Katie's an awesome fighter Matt Awesome but she's going to have to show a different type of monster in there with Delfin because Duffy's come in the same way. I mean. Normally when you go on rematches, you do better than the first five because you make those necessary adjustments you know Street -ment to a straightness. But the champion still the champion I know and revision feels like she can taker now and recent it doesn't seem that way but you know aj was able to do it Charlie was able to do it. You know you come back into rematch you find the answer that you overlook the first time because Delfin got popular for doing for being an overachiever. Cheer I mean what's expected to win or lose? Right, then she's an overachiever. Oh you know. He you know that video of franchise plan right now What if that's what we were to like the fights like what if we war like misers that covered us like that would be y'all did you not see the link? US put in a pre-poll yesterday Danny was at the gym watching truck to Lorenzo Simpson, spar Dennis Mama's boy. Doug Lynn. Everyone had the the the mass with the glass. You know some people did have regular just face. But I've seen a lot of the plastic ones Bro. Is Wet. But that'd be dope. If like I'm I, think that would be easier to will probably not now that I think about it. I JUST WANNA go, back? To fights. I don't care if they make us where a has met suit. And Look I. I. I I mean you took your tests. So at least you got the clearance, you probably can go you know, Oh, you're to see my negative snap you do you. Yet saw rose. So you'RE GONNA. Shit you can. He? Do like telling my wife if he cries a, he's the only one that's ever cried I'm like bitches sticking to my ear ducks, my tear ducts like, what are you talking about everybody? Sticking that thing up your nose like you're tripping. Had Mario tearing up Shen Bro all is like it was only one I was like my right I was crying in my left eye was straight not but I think that you would have to probably get another test again the. You're not you're. Not, GONNA get cleared off of there. I would do it again to go to fight I will do it again to cover fight I would do it again to get into a fight that I paid a ticket for like. I would do it for that. You know it's like different like you want me to go watch like the Spurs, game. Nam. Straight, like it's not worth it to be. You know what I? Know so off topic. For, my Boorda was people, right. So I'm out here and I'm like trying to get his get bored awards and wildest Jim Because you know like Middle America's not shutdown down and all that stuff. So. Much. So I'm trying to get border wars in wildest Jim but my girl sends me a link of a Alabama. I mean a a Phoenix Arizona. Retired army dude got PTSD. He's legal marijuana card holder in Phoenix man he. Like a Moron and fortunately because I, don't understand why these people keep getting arrested and then Atkins Oh, I got a medical marijuana license and I'm just a moron on a planet doesn't no it doesn't work state to state. Everyone who? Everyone knows. Everyone knows his state to state, but I felt so bad for the dude you know what I mean like my men even received the Purple Heart. Pets Bri received the purple. Heart. He's legitimately diagnosed with P. D.. He's legitimately diagnosed by Dr that he can't make his own decisions form. He needs his wife. There's affidavits. There's paperwork that his wife is to make the decisions for him. He's not even driving his car. He's pulled over in a gas station they get gas he's outside of the car playing his guitar. And I all obviously. In so you know per the the writer and the. Police report right. So we don't know if it's loud music but who help plays hip hop in a guitar, right so how loud the music and okay. That doesn't make sense. Why would it just be hip hop could be Lau he's got a he planned Lau country music, but the point is this cop. Writes his report that. This this black man is outside of his car playing guitar with loud music and laughing at him so they arrested. They arrest them for noise pollution after like telling him. To, turn it down. They smell weed obviously homeboy doesn't let his wife talking yeah we got we didn't car I got my man who medical marijuana card. But he's he got locked up everything. Listen guy locked everything makes bell goes back. I can't remember this last detail, which is a very important until Google But for whatever reason the judge in Alabama provoked this Bell Arizona Arizona not no now. Kirke brother he's from Arizona. Okay. So he drove Alabama to family again I'm going all I'm saying this because I want to go to well. But Barat I'm. Not Trying to get. You know hemmed up because I smoke man and that's all like my man did was like he smelled like a little bit of but now he's got five years in prison. He had. He had nothing but you know these are those states the they can do what they want. There's no. It's not like New Jersey where we got to see law and you got to follow the guidelines Br. I don't think. Five decriminalized in Texas though who aren't we straight everybody just get tickets go on their merry way he got like five years and his wife is trying to get an appeal because it's like, yeah, we got rover years He got mad because he. Smoke like wise in Willie, Nelson like on death row. Shot because. I've been on a highway so much I'm going to see wilder for like. The last four or five years in his. You know I've had some luck on that. We're highway unlike poor. Purple Heart Guy and it's just like damn not even with a purple heart like not even with Ptsd not even with doctors telling you that this man can't make decisions because this the thing they put them in the room and it made them cop out and his wife is like a according to the article is screaming like Yo. He's not allowed to make decisions without me I got paperwork and whatever he's beating that. Well, he ain't beat it yet Brennan. I hope he like I'm glad. I liked it. Our Hound the freaking marijuana in his car I. If he had a joint or anything like that. Same even if you had a pound if it wasn't packed to sell get the hello again, then f. off like if mice does not pack, so you could tell that I'm not you know. Shining the government not passed. OFF Point they hit him with that like with distribution is like. Probably. Dude if it was in one bag itself, it doesn't matter if it was I mean it matters obviously but like the amount is what matters like they found that much if they found them with that much but I'm GonNa look at that because you look up man is I was like Super Sad because yeah, man it looks like. All right now going to be taking those drives on your own now I was. I was GONNA come back no Batman and Robin but. Fifteen hour drive through dare now listen. But that's why you leave at night. You know what? I mean calmer at night you leave I'll leave like let's say a seven Mile Tom PM. Let's not give out the blueprint. True. True. PD. Like. That's crazy. But what are you're GONNA do man hey, wasn't a champ in some bullshit to Yeah. He got pulled over for some like for someone else over joint someone else's leftover joined us this car and left that did our that was probably me I'd fell out. Told you. I, told you clean up the? Call, fun. He never let me use escalate stop it. Changed but a few more minutes for we get. Cruz Deserve A. French Sean. Crews. design. I'm sane heavy header been through adversity to men. And Was taking care of guests right they did the right thing they ended up doing the right thing. After the pressure. Pressure pressure was put I. So all right. So it's safe to say guys that FEM key is out of the picture. Fisher Deja Ama- definitely. And Latisha nest anymore look at that. He was like man. It's already set up with Kelly Williams. So We'll leave that alone. Miss French Sean should become a non very soon. Got Ness right in the back working working. Mareo Sqi. To ask her what she wants. French. Aren't. Ya I mean, obviously, she don't want nobody wants a mandatory. That's just something that comes attached to your belt like she wants a bigger fight. Who is that bigger fight? Isn't this girl not now. Now now for Meek but said, reuss because now she beef meek and Napoleon you know and her biggest win isn't a pulling. That's the last one. That wasn't too long ago. She did it on show box and she looked real good doing it. You know what I mean. I don't know why the scores was that tight. I don't remember ninety, five, ninety, four type of fight while right. What the Hell, Ninety four, ninety, four, one, ninety, four, ninety, five, and and she not down Napoleon twice like what the Hell Berman boxing. Boxing be wild and. I said. I don't maybe I don't remember it clearly they man. Start watching more tape on the women men they are coming back. Tracing. trae said don't smoke in a trait. I smoked in the corner test. Drive. Video on Patriots Bagging Day, went I, I bought a me in the parking lot smoke in that. You can't mean my car got Christian like La La Linea. Pinta Santamaria the dog longtime ago. State should matic man this sucks though when you win the highway, it's like hard to smoke like. Harvard John Fox Shit hard for Ya because look I hear you there's there is fear there is fear there is fear in. and. Then you know how that is going to happen right like jazz you can get you could get a robo cop or you could get a good car like I love to give the story me and do me hat in Florida it. Was Me do me a Mac? Bud just finished leaving Keith Thurman and we chain smoking. Ring around a rosy on a highway light rain you around the road. L.. passed. Do My left Side The Mo, the Jamaican music was on everything off. Old Boy with them like I said a chance don't pull over yet. GET AROUND US get around his eighteen will give us. Bond maneuver witness. Get around eighteen because we you know highway was a Tampa highway was only two lanes. Doom is on the left lane truck on the right cop just jumped out. The right hand side of grass in getting the role getting behind his turns the lights on. But we got a nice amount of couple couple of hundred feet. No. No need to break and allow the truck on the right to pass you. You didn't get in front of him because we were literally smoking get in front of this have the windows down Everett out a bit indefinitely pluck these. To his. In like two seconds and sorry. But this. Two three second. But this is the beauty of you know dealing with someone that remains calm in an saying something like I'm telling me with the do he's doing it. I'm telling I said. Stuff that last one in your sock because we drive in with nothing once we once we get this ticket or don't get this ticket you me. Matt stuff that last one in his art through the other one out the window I said, it's Tana pullover he pulled over and Bro. Our way out of no warning no ticket and I told the story on untitled. The craziest thing, and that's what I'm saying like you just not all the time. So you're going to get away with not all the time. So you're going to get a cop that is going to be able to You're going to be able to talk to. Barbara I would pay before. Because it was a sponsor vehicle, anybody remembers we used to be sponsored by different car companies anytime I went out of state and. That was a Mitsubishi so they gave me the wrong Mitsubishi Breath I had a trump. Paperwork paperwork match the truck and he believed everything he was so understood he understood that we were sponsor. He understood that the the Dila Coulda made a mistake. He even bought that we smoked in front of kief Thurmond's and our clothes smell like weed not that we were smoking in the car like he was just a cop they wanted to go home. He was in beat to have uh on the side of the road and we were chilling. He he looked at it. He actually like boxing to do me. Did he do that kind of Guy Now? Me? I'm not social. Do Me Start Talking and yeah we're famous Boskin podcast look showing them the I G indicate. The guy was like really you you were over there with Thurman and then what is I? Take out your phones. He got your phone type in the box of ways now squad. Once. We go. Now. We was just coming from. Oh yeah was with Thurman, and once I heard like a dog. Is. I'll. Talk May really cool. Let me get up in this conversation and we talked our way out br he pulled off. We pulled off I said Matt pop that Shit Stop. Light up like to jump again. At the end of the day, you you have some people you have people that are police, officers brought that just know how to read you man and like he saw us. Up to no good trying to hurt nobody, we're not out there doing bad stuff and all our stuff really matched up SF`er people were sleep but our stories matched up man and the guy was on the cool. But those are those are positive experiences you know what I'm saying. So you shut out to that to that guy, I don't even remember his name he should have been part of the store. We shot it out though we shot amount I remember. Most definitely. Yeah Florida man when you're on that, we've driven to so many camps, men so many cans we put those miles in Roadman in the in the very beginning to went on the relationships were being built. Me was out there grinding and then re K. to cash mash man it for them. On. Real. Quick. Be Joining US I center link Dope Dope Super Chephren der Leaking Love One two Stories Aka. Plus Fire Modi's use that code name Oh he's saying he's saying use fire instead of Instead of saying tarrant bug. Crawford with the Cool Guy Glasses Emoji. Chain. That was Derek. Lincoln who sent in Super Chat Momentus. Bobby Smith is right. That has happened where cop does level which he you think he's down to earth and is about to be all good and he's still lock show like book I'm Dan. You like Yo. Man Look my listeners. My license is expired. Oh I'm glad you told me Bookham Dano. Wrong Why did he book him because he might have spilt this coffee on his lap right before he got to. Yeah man you got some. At the end of the day, all these cops beings both as to set the same feelings. That's why you gotta be you know. GotTa be on point which man 'cause you might get the guy who spilled his coffee or Caught, his wife tea or whatever. You know what I'm saying bad day period and you can catch. That's non seven three. That's from no, he's a visiting from. No I just heard him say the other day all the salmon thing is measured in Orlando pulled over. Seven, three, the nine, two, zero one. You. Literally like don't get another call and they'll look at you like. Get the hell addy. They. No. In Texas, especially where I'm from, we have those like. Little Shady counties like we got this little spot called Driscoll on your way to I guess the rally like going towards Ma-. Yeah. It's Yeah, it's it's but it's a spot you'll like if you're there. And they pull you over like they're trying to take your car like this whole setup like the whole city scrub like everybody knows that they got in trouble like we. Had this whole the FBI came to an investigation like it was all over our news. They were pulling people over right and it will make up some excuse for them not to have their car that we get it towed, and then they would the whole city would make them pay for it. So they were getting immigrants you know that. Heavenly definitely overhead but differently I don't know if you guys had those traffic cameras members, traffic can't. Yeah, those are banned in our city. I don't know if they did that you know us wide or or you know stay to stay. But in our state, those guys band Bro Because I, you ever got hit with one. Oh. No listen out your story is your own I'm just tell you my story right I call my lawyer I'm thinking man no way. You know what I'm saying, I got a criminal lawyer Yob in Dillon with this. Do for years. He's a beast to you know he's the definition of that line I got hungry lawyer that eat the. Man He hit me back like you can't fight no traffic camp tickets. Those are non. Moving violations tickets because of traffic cam. So as no points, but it's the final define is the fine but. After millions and millions of people were getting these tickets mean. They took them all down. Now they're just they're on our street lights not working. Yeah. That's all part of the. Okay. Go conspiracy here. That was all part of the plant Chan as big brother just put in there is out but Yeah. Yeah they still got them satellites up. Listening right now. It's Welcome to the surveillance. The Mars landing. I'm waiting for Mario's. Face. Open like them cameras are there now and it's just you can access all those cameras still. Says Do. Is this survey. Says to me that they still work. Well just when you think you've got the answers, you open the door and there's like ten more doors to go through. This is how they work. and. What what's what's it's a Create the problem I'll I'll I'll I'll say when I when it comes back but there's a saying They create the problem, but they have the answer, the solution already, and then they make you go crazy and then ask you for what they already have you know. But. But we'll get into that on untitled. You don't conspiracy status call you conspiracy. Now. Yeah. So she got two accounts Brown I don't even know. Oh you there. There she. Count it was like she got two accounts I don't know which one it is. Yeah trying. Hold on. I'm not the best with this. I'm sorry. So good. You just pulled back a little bit and you'll be in frame. Perfectly. Yeah Harry home. So I can get with the guys. We know. We appreciate it appreciate that very much. So. How are you? Good Morning. I am great. I'm alive I've just been ripping and run into making some changes in my life and so. That's good changes though. Let me just say you're I. Wear is to the Gods always guess. He's listen I need to get like an endorsement on each. Thank you. Style robes. Yoga we're here with France Sean crews discern who is not fresh off, but I guess fresh two, thousand, twenty, six we haven't been having fights off the Alejandro Hernandez fight which everybody knows was just an incredible `bout you digit thing unfortunately, you know we got news afterwards that Kinda soured it but but it didn't soured in the sense of what you achieved in that fight. And what you achieved the respect of so many fight fans who knew how tough you were and who had never heard of you before, and now they're both sharing the idea that just an amazing talent and we also have you back for the first time since the news came back that the decision it was in your favor and so congratulations for that. Thank you. Thank you. That's what you support to just advocate and four boxing women's boxing, and just you know getting right story out. Definitely. It was in just what took place and we were glad that boxing finally got it right with sure situation where they know. Dome for those listening for the first time What we're talking about is the last opponent that French faced off of against was as who ended up popping for two substances not mistaken to two separate times within that time span and the WBZ sat on their hands for a while and you know failed to pull the trigger, but eventually did the right thing. So we do have to give them a little bit of credit for that would have been nice if it came a little sooner but you know we won't. We won't hey right now. So love. That's right. Be is on a be I just do what? I do I saw that matters you the champ. So diva before we get into boxing anything outside of the sport you working on book. Movies runway because you always doing modeling I. See you gotTa Clothe in Lima something. At, the AK design. That's my. My box and apparel but on getting into like traditional fashion I'm actually in the process of moving so my life has been headed trying to get that together school cannot Ambassador Training could actually stay in in your area or you move into a new state. Of Maryland just you know level enough and just making more, you know plans for the future just trying to do right by everything But yeah, I'm just getting ready to get back into the swing of things finishing up my documentary talking about the situation that happened in January my last fight, and just revamp and everything my the line on Quarantines Ben. just do a lot of self-afflicted and just refocus because it was detrimental because he didn't know if they it will fighting again or not, and you know. So this was the time for the strong WHO's going to survive because of union try to stay focused or try to keep your stuff together you definitely GonNa fall off. Do you have like an official synopsis for your documentary that is going to be going on NBC or you know whatever short snippet? Give. It's going to be released. Its rows of dark black CENEX. Joe. I got. On that when you said Oh for real all life. Wise. This assault self-produced sell funded by me and my of Iraq came out with me chassis course said so yes, I. Do try to get you know women black women just women period. You know who may not get opportunities to work in big on stages so This nifty I think I'm a drop it again on my page to reintroduce to a Lotta people and I'll have that lead into. My next fight. And fresh on. I know you're in that dmv area being as though the tour fighter you went to the Olympics and all that stuff. Is there any Nazeem Richardson story being as though he passed away I had the opportunity to him and just being able to soak in a lot of his knowledge from interview standpoint but have you been able to talk them? Did you ever work with them and anything you can let us know any good great moments that you may have the to remember you know teacher but. Yeah. Well, first of all peace and love to his family on his journey and just you know I know what it's like to lose somebody even in a boxing world we lose some is like we're all losing person I'm old school. So I definitely ran into him and got to talk to him deal with him through the amateur program he had Sun Bear Richardson and also other sons. In Rock. Alan. Africa though the Sun but adult with them in an Amtrak program, he was a big. is another one day Min Damian. Them you. Know. Or money armone no no no no his son he had Richardson and Rock, and Shoot. He. They came before they were like an Andre War era. So I, remember him from twenty, four seven. And then he where he used to like work with car Dargin like when it went national tournaments, they're so. I've been around all these guys and just. Me, I had a big mouth 'cause I was a singer bit personality and I always do right hand over hand. Right? So you know being a winner, you know he showed luck on the east coast for like different region they were philly used to link up to so he was always positive would get his. You know his critique about me and my style but always show love and just you know to keep pushing four and Also, you know dealing with Hopkins, he gets to told me his stories about. His Experience Ham, it was just like Dang like they're gonNA trenches trenches and just to get that kind of perception from someone else who's well respected in spore. Shows the impact that he loved. Definitely definitely. So I want to axe. I guess about what do you think should be next for you now because I'm sure you should have a voluntary. Jimenez was your mandatory. So do you have a voluntary situation where you can decide what you WANNA do or you already being told what needs to be done? You know it's always. I don't know what this is about me like the rest of my career is going to be about me without want to do because I've been a bullet for. People. Bitten for myself like First Avenue. It was when I stepped into my first fight and you know even my last couple fights promotional company I had to you know. Do what I had to do. So now my next fight. Most. Likely is a voluntary defense or maybe a tune-up whatever I'm just at a point especially going through what I went through I don't give a fuck like it is what it is. So who have stepped in my waiting on, get run over like period now now let me ask you in this isn't to create any animosity or anything like that because you know I feel like you're a friend of the show and I feel like we all. Want you know just the best for you moving forward and I'm glad you have that mentality that this is now your time because you have bit the bullet and they have asked you to bend over backwards and and so I guess the thing that I'm curious about is that do you think moving forward golden boy can achieve that for you or do you think that at some point you're going to have to take matters into your own hands Loud then. I've been taken matters like at the end of the. Academic said no to the fight you know but I knew that. I worked hard for my titles and I know that I'm not gonNA. Let anybody. Shit for me. It was gonNA come around like already knew what it was. You know what I'm saying. And I had a point to prove. but now I think I've proven my point of the have to what are the ones You know how you could see the situation with like Marin Garcia in. Teams. you don't have to I'm not complaining about I'm out there doing my job. So I WANNA complain about money of WanNa complain about Sir I think I'm. My right to do so. And, it shows that I'm a good investment. I'm not a liability, but I think things are going to be really you know positive even more positive before good. Good good and here's the other part though you know. You you can take that ball in your court. Please believe on this show you have allies that will you know stand up for Situations if they occur, you know what I'm saying like you get what I'm saying you know what? I'm saying that's got you. Miss Dessert, what year were you in Olympia was just one source were you in? Multiple? Alison Atlantic. Alternate Larussa. Won the Olympic Emma world medalist though so I'm a two-time world medalists it my weight classes any Olympic because only three. Olympic medals but I was alternate. But what what What timeframe two, thousand, and two, thousand, twelve, which would years Were you the alternate? I'm just trying to act. Two thousand twelve in two thousand and what was the next one to exceed. On a national team USA from. Old Five. Zero Five, two, eight I'm. I'm just trying to take you down this road I'm a little bit messy I'm the Howard Stern show some a little messy was trying to take down his row hopefully. I. Was I. Have My fingers crossed. Hoping that you were around the Olympia NHS in two thousand, they went Gary, Russell? Yeah Oh. 'cause you see. Now. It's a lot of stuff going on right now and I'm like, wait a minute wasn't she? So I'm just saying this is Kind of. Lying. Telling. Is. Telling the truth he. Because he was about the as long Gary or Garry telling the truth he punched Bud and budgets held his face like who's telling the truth because they both my guys like I do shows all the time for Gary 'cause he calls everyone out I just want someone to find him. Now I feel so okay. So meet him. Dang that's open to got. It was a lot of us like I've been around a whole whole squats in comes in go. And? Yet tariffs was right about like Gary. Was that guy like let's Gary. Russell Jimmy was a feet NAM There was a punch tall. It was a lot of stuff going on. The fact remain he did get punched Tara Gary Did Tax Crawford. Now. When it comes to people jumped in on. On. Don't take my word for, but he did get punched in his mouth garrison. So away while you saying, don't take it were for if people jumped in, you're you're talking about like when bud says people were holding him back and Gary Asean no one held you back. Like. Yeah. Our okay. I'm trying to remember if I was in that can I gotta look at Pitches I'm correct. I think that was two thousand seven. I look my pitches in real life because it was canceled win. That is seen a lot of stuff like I'm no Mark Davis I know I haven't seen a lot of stuff and I really have to get my days together 'cause y'all publish this whole. Nine. Listen we don't want to. We don't want you to say anything you don't know but I now I guess we can talk about. What Barry told us we had barry on two days ago. Yes. We have barry on. On Tuesday because we were just blown away with his performance with Isaac Dog Bay, he looks like a brand new fighter. And we wanted to talk to him obviously because of that, and then he just said boom you know should days fighting French crews and I'm like, what because? I. Know Like Trains in the gym like weight that's breaking news to us but I think it's too soon. So box right does have rescheduled to face some girl that you faced already named Kayla. What's the last name Williams Williams we just know the number eleven could you tell us anything about Kayla on box we're looking at Kayla's and five and I'm like Okay, well, as she wants one fight at least before friend Sean. But what does she gain from Owen five fighter but maybe you can say, no, don't go off a boxer that girl is tough. I've been in there with her and we just want to know more INFO. Now yet Cana I. Respect I feel like you know you have those fighters who? Always. Get crappy the stick. Even as the dangers record I think her last by not the one that she just had with the last night with the Mexican woman. Eat Ice. He's Hernandez the tough tough go yes. Yes. The one that the one. Is like her because high. Eva Eat ice eat i-it's. You have fights member she got a draw with him in as okay. That's Weiss. She powder her twice not just stop. She's got a draw. So when you tell me draws like that and you know she's a little, she's thirty five plus. Ts. She short and stout but she tough when she went overseas a four four title, she got a drop. So you tell me every time she draws. And because he's not off fancy and stuff that's defied you on look out for whether she has a losing record and I saw the fight was with the Worcester. Nancy data. East. I saw the fight, it wasn't easy now while I was there wasn't I was there. Sent. Listen I was cruised designed. I was on a outside like let's. Go because I'm from her Jim. So I'm like. You gotta let go bought. She's and that's what I'm saying I don't want to see you fight is too soon in my opinion many me probably Let me probably up you know indulging what Barry was saying he's probably said he we're not fighting that. From. Understand I haven't said. Yes. Hasn't presented me. That's not a fight I'm interested in because like you said, I believe the person needs more time What does she want like a you posted that she wanted wbz eliminator. So she's definitely making her way up the ranks to see me But you know I'm all lucky my into the street I focus ahead and I got people keep their into the street and. KAYLA's not a pushover, but she was my golden boy debut and I had a I had to cut a lot of weight 'cause I signed a contract and had to fight the next week. So I had to cut way it was rough but she was tongue. Step in she would have been fighting whole night so. So that's exactly what we were saying. We didn't know, but I was like I can't wait to get onto acts because maybe this growth it gives the the rounds that she needs. You know because she went round where Hernandez the same girl that you're talking about but it's like you said since then I, would love to see her fight someone again like Hernandez if not Hernandez again and do way better. Let your hands go more and be a little more dominant because she was laying on the road she was looking for. The thing is. The old fighters you talk about the eight that's the click I came out of old five eight and all the way up into the pros I've had get get it the hard way like everything I've been through. BOOBS mark confidence even more, and now like you say being dominant I'm GonNa try to you I'm GONNA be regardless like you have to kill me before it's over and a Lotta people in boxing football things at U. N. just to get famous and get you instead that's that's not the right reason. But if you get with me, you have to bring a lunch because it's GonNa be a long night. You said you gotTA. Breeze lunch. Hidden. So so so let me ask you. Where where you want to go next and and you can answer in terms of next fight if you can't. But I, mean, like where's that next like you know dot on the time line you know that one where you're looking back your career. You know that was a big moment where where's that goal right now? I definitely want to get a fight light. Honestly I haven't had a chance to. Be In. The best shape. Except once like honestly people saying like my last fight, you tie this first of all I got hit with a good shot and if I wasn't in some kind of shake I wouldn't call it a second one I wouldn't be. But. Now, getting to a point, my career where I have resources I have the time and I can do what I need to do. What I would love to do is have a fight reintroduce myself back into the ring and then my next fight you know less, let's go for the unification. Let's go for some big names like I. See a lot of people trying to create. You know you gotTa Christina Hammer. She wants to get the belts bag and you have a lot of women that's out there. is like whatever like I'm not twenty one years old I'm not old but I'm going to palm in I mean. Act without been through in my career so far. Looking to nothing. Think, you think a hammer fight is is makeable 'cause it seems like she just been like modeling on G. since. The fight less. I- Kristina Hamm. Still account her bags like I will tell you. She, she definitely got the outside of. The outside formula together and I think women boxes we have to find different ways the income, and we have to stay poppin like she's not fighting anybody for real. She's not making noise in boxing so she has to stay relevant and what matters is the fan base that people see her looking great joining stains. When she does announce a fight is gonNA still resonate in boxing I'm descend names because everybody wants to name off a me so. Avenue. So what what is the biggest name for you? Like if golden boy came to you and said, we WANNA give you whatever you think is your super fight who is that? I mean, it's not it's no. Out of the biggest name and the only person that could be bigger than me as a covert. Because whoever else that's in with me, they're trying to prove a point, get a name off a meeting it is what it is but. From the lowest to the top I look at everybody is a name because I don't sleep on anybody. Definitely. Any you know and I love to like you said the the the you know. Working on the outside to create something bigger for the inside. I think that's what you're doing as well. I wouldn't say you're doing it the way that Christina is, but I think that ultimately like you're creating this brand, you know what I mean, and that's what that's what I think. Boxing needs altogether you know what I mean like everybody. Antic I'm actually absolutely. So around the time like in a net, what is that third quarter because we're heading into the third quarter twenty twenty I have a lot of things coming. Now I have a song that I'm going to release and I heard you know all my fans are GonNa love it is the title can you give us a title or May? I'm sorry. Say again that thoughts bad. Armalite that. R&B. Yeah. My music I'm like a pop trap some of my. My your voice they said I'd like pop trap and I liked that I liked. Up. But I just do whatever I feel. I don't like to be in a botts and you know we only get one life to list on definitely just I'm like. What are we get like a half a ball acapella. A God let me think of a whole. Or, a little bit of explores long. The mice me? Oh Shawna Tat. Right now. The make. It up in there that's. and. We look at your G and we see you styling you know and I'm curious. Did you actually partake in the actual like a like creative process of the pieces that you wear are you are you like hands on or or or do you have someone that you work with? So I have a fairly glam mother when I shot the the cover of the Baltimore. Style magazine. My Grandmother Chat while Boutique owned by Tony You know she just picks stock. She's been in the industry for twenty years as she has like that old. Gee, and she has that Nusa her idea fresh But yeah, I have I don't like it. I won't wear it. When I wear my custom pieces, it is what it is like. I trust the couple of people and I'm trying to expand my face but I think it's time to just like you know this come out my shell. A. Let's go to these questions from the people before we let you go me refreshing. I got I. got him up champion if you want me to start them up jumping. A right fixed I was coming in from Connecticut Mr Big Mac? And and he said what's up champ greetings from Connecticut. Your last five made me an instant fan, the grid, the war, and the hair. Loved it all. Glad. You got your belt back. You deserve the W. Thank you thank you I. You know what? The encouraging messages from everybody my husband's like you should offended them like. Well, you know what you deal with it don't worry about what I'm doing but thank you. So that was just a shout out to you champ. Next coming in from the ruined, the five zero four. And I believe the fiber four is new. Orleans right. Should be US Bruin, a five and four says, what input the golden boy provide while you were trying to get reinstated as WBZ Chan. While I had a couple of conversations with like Erik. Goldman leaves adorable. He's he's a you knock always talked to him, which is a a good. And you know they we my lawyer spoke with their lawyer nee sent a letter. But I just have to shout out my mind believes squad and people around me because they really went harden Mahathir like insight from people who were experienced than PD's and it gave me a lot of insight soldiers shot out to them to. Dope. next is coming in from TJ I. Believe says, Champ. Super. Glad they rightfully gave you your belts back because I wrote. The WBZ about ped- menas my. My question is in your next post fight interview. Can you sing a little some some fleas me and the wife you love your projects you be working on. God. Thank you. I feel so bad because I don't you know right off the top I can't get nervous you know what it is to. Sight to. The blood pumping and and how do you control yourself Tyson fury the aren't be. At the. And, listen I. Have to step my game because you know that was a big move for me to even though I had a huge fight, I had a lot of creative power like zone at golden boy gave me. To come up with something very special fans in San Antonio and fans around the world. So I did post on my page my last walking. Designed all the outfits for my dances and drummer so. yeah. PEOP- that I like the drummer's and that was good. Very. He's just like singing and I you know I got to step my game up 'cause I'm real singer so Just stay tuned. Stay tuned. You heard. the next one's coming in from Dallas Fort Worth. This is George from Dallas Fort Worth he says, salute chant today she green has sparred with Sean Porter in the past what former or current mate male champions have you. Do, I, have to. Late around me Daniel Jacobs, just you know plan but as far with Lamont Peterson. Gary Russell Everybody from the Oh five crew mel hairy. So, mid L. Spence who else like What Earl okay. Body shy he's super famous now not all member but the whole team says remember it was cooled. Oh, we check acute. Rob To body saw. So while he didn't even hold bag that's crazy. Now now we will we will accent we were just you know he we will work in and I relaxed and he's strongest health and I would like and I like fell on it. He just shot at O. J. 'cause you a Colorado you can't breathe anyway. So when you hit me on this side while That's the. So that's a crazy story Dan. So yeah, the champs been in there with a whole bunch of them just. So you know the next one's coming in for Mr, our door he says, you combine a great personality with a savvy business mind what will you do to grow the women's brand within boxing? I do it I can You know I had opportunity last year when Cannella afford in Vegas I was one of the commentators. So I was on air that whole week. So you know I'm going to reach out for more opportunities in that arena just to show that women we you know we have a beautiful score out of women. Now, that's like Christina, a Cynthia like a lot of women doing their thing and so you know if I could joining those ranks and be taken seriously doubt be a great opportunity as well on as far as the As far as like the box inside I work with my husband in helping him his career as well. So I just WANNA be well rounded and I a being who I am representing women's boxing will show that a women we can do it all. Absolutely, the next one's coming in from greatness says, salute chat. Thank you for joining us again. Much appreciated. I'll start by saying now that you're returning I have more boxing bars to represent you the chance. As. We we have a show now on Saturday mornings. It's called the boxing bars and you know callers TBB supporters alike, anybody that wants to tune in and participate you go in. We have battles one minute battles and you know you say your piece I, say, my we rankings and the cool thing about this. French Sean is that we we've done it where you have to wrap within the sport of boxing. What do I mean by that? Your bars your versus have to include boxing references it's not like your regular battlefield. Let's. Let's go. In the MVP that's kind of like the cell. But I still put my thing now like when gay? Mall. owned. The. Going rate Gary's neck so. Do. Are judged. She said she might be able to come and visit us some but. I'll tell you West Bend A. Little Bit last night lease. My thing I've been obsessed with the our wise like money to start a channel. Because since moving and I'm just like you gotta be resourceful, I like things with characters so often like the outlined. I. Think I'm invite you guys can come up with fluids like what's the first? Wide. So, at a rea- posted my couch. Oh. Wow. Oma Yeah it's OK bring break or leather. Fabric Oakland. The for my first attempt on you go to my g story is a Glenn, broke a mirror like crack the mirror and I didn't want to throw it away. So I took the mirror put on my table. I got a real nice. Would like Bar table to our revamp that it's my stories but I'm I'm about to go and like I, need construction like that Shit Like stuff like that saying so. Way You reconstructed the mirror to make like a shadow box for pictures like a frame box I had taped by Rebollo. See You. See It on the next one. Okay. Yeah Oh, you know what you use as Filler in between the cracks. Resident. That looks. You gotta tuning and you gotTa tune in there yet. So. Get into real estate. So I can't wait like when I get in a position like revamp flip houses in by fix them up and stuff. That's awesome. Robert Brent and his wife Tiffany brand do something similar to that you know they have a few they bought a few houses in Texas and have been. You know the I. And turning them into rental incomes, we got only two more I believe. Well greatness greatness was that was his first statement he had a question I don't know if that goes along with everything. He says, my question is now that your belts are back in there. Is there any pressure getting back in the ring considering everything leading up to this fight salute to you and your upcoming opponent health is I in closing snatch her soul like franchise crews wig I'm rooting for you. Know what Tom I'm want I mean twenty twenty has been a pool. Have kicked everybody snatched. Everybody's wig you hear what I'm saying. I'm not GonNa take anything for granted. Trust me. I still have a statement to make I still WanNa, be undisputed. Anything, anybody my way they just got to. Eat dealt with is the girl undisputed set of rules. Yeah. Okay. She did. That would be to make right now due to the. the. Epidemic stuff. I'm pretty sure. That would be a another fight to to make happen. At least an apology again, a ring I mean Damn. Like he needs somebody maybe as it can fight her. Oh. Oh I thought you was awfully holy. Her she's a world you know writer for Mobile She's not you don't consider former world. Champ. Wasn't that WB super or she's. What I'm saying she's a world classified like what former world champion he doesn't have any belts, but she still had that status that cloud. Next was coming in from Carlito's from the UK and he says, Hey, freshness fever fighter. Yeah Yeah. Yeah Hey Off Firstly, can I say you look immaculate this morning. Have you A. Golden boy and signing for Mattru. Caters terribles throughout the U K. They God they won't come over here come fight I. Love they have the best fashion over there too, and I would definitely go there I'm just GonNa. Win, I'm doing my thing, but you know when the time is right I just WanNa make the right decisions but. Met Right now for freshman. Let me slide this in. Do you think? If, you went to golden boy said offer Savannah Marshall the shot. That's a big fight I'm looking at it from stealing that win from cholera like she's the only girl to be Clarisa amateurs. If you somehow get that first pro win you know then we got to see the two Ya someday or you've achieved you beat the guy, the girl gives me the her. I think the clarify we've talked I talked to her manager is that something? That is definitely doable like in the future that. A mentor say Savannah Marshall from the UK because she beat Clarisa. So I. Use and still image the thunder but savannah that's the fight acade-. She's amount weight class and she has a pedigree. She's about to fight all world title that's not necking definitely. I think it will make a good amount of money as well too because you have the UK fans. The you know because she did have a win over Clarisa like I think that will make a lot of money in a good a good. Interlude or good transition into a fight with resume maybe to. On. That two more on that so. Do you think it would be enticing for their team because obviously they haven't faced anyone on your level yet and they're moving up to seventy five for I. Think I bill tight I'm not sure maybe not maybe real title, but they're moving seventy five. But do you think that it would be tottenham them? Not only because of the bells will also, it would be a common opponent. Clarisa. which is eventually what in their minds they want a bill to right? I feel like they're moving savannah in a way to bill her legacy, the bill, her status. So the proper an easy way for her to go fight for this I think wbz title, Wnba title, and become world champion. Then they could come on his side or come to me and say Hey France Sean you know let's make this happen. A lot of people like the low risk low the hype will. Think I'm slow. Loris high reward. Do you think now. And yet all of that they want to take risks but they want the fruits of the Labor. Risk. Reward lower they want. They, want that do you think it is a bad thing 'cause she's moving up again she was sixty four while now she's going to seventy five. So eventually she'll have to because there's no names of this. Well, she'll have to come back down eventually for the big fights to fight you or or even hammer does that affect come moving up and down or you think she? Can Handle that no, it's just that's just landed making a lemon she go eat sound before she steps on a skit the scale she'll be considered light heavyweight I'm anxious afforded light-heavyweight to world medals at light heavyweight. So if I wanted to go to have really obvious solid light heavyweight but savannah's like six foot tall she definitely carried away she s she's a solid punches so I don't think it's too much for her. have. You sparred or face to like in the past. Four Oh. Wow. What happened This was the introduction to we did a testament in London before the London gangs and they have me down by two points I was going into the round. When I mean I don't WanNa scream politics because I was winning the fight but we fought before and She has a lot of respect for me. And I have respect for her but I'm very well respected. Put it that way. Definitely. Definitely. Guys. You know I was just going to finish off that part from Carlito's he said I think you and Eddie would get on well and I want to see you fight in the UK. Champ much love punched love Emoji. Eddie he's a hot mess like. Mess I, like them up. On. The next with coming from King of Essex and we're not talking about the UK we're talking about Newark new, Jersey. City stand up says a piece champ without giving away any of your signature dripped. What's your favorite designer brand that we should be up on? Sixty twenty, which is the female won a couple pieces at a Wayans i. I just like whatever's hot is hot but a sixty twenty. Ford emroe is very nice. They've just Cardi B. they've done a lot of high end fashion magazines, but they gotta cat what will not to have a whole lot of everything and he's like you know huge name like a Marc Jacobs something. These are people that you can touch film speak to. That's doing those types of with him yet like I said address car to dress when you will address these personalities and you could still have access to. The King I mean you go next one's coming from Steve says, thank you for coming on the show. Can you can you be open and honest with us and tell us how you feel about? Golden. Boy. What am I not be open an honest about. I think people want you to be more upset like they want. They want you to exactly what it is. They want you to be upset the golden boy was in in front of the WBZ. With pitchforks they're mad enchantment. And I think that that's true to a certain extent I. DO think that they could have done more I think they could have been more open I think they could have been more critical that said I mean you know people want a little more than I think you know this is like this. Boxing, is business the best business? It's a little shady but my mother always told me nobody's GonNa go harder for you. Then you're gonNA go for yourself. So if I were sitting around a way for somebody to save me ask the left locked in fucking tower. Real real stuff. You know what I'm saying I'm just grateful for people do advocates of me like you guys and the fans and you know people who have had conversations while on phone did their part and I just know that nobody's GonNa go harder for me I'll go for myself. Let's go chant. was. One. Let's go to. Get over the flow. No. Surprise visit. We've got a clip that part Barrosa. Noble spent that again before you go because we kind of talked over into that I know no, I didn't know it was more than one boss that I punchline like bug up wants them. And then you. Scene, where were you? Remember at home. I said I live in DMV s kind of considered the south. When I drop them hands, it's like Gary Punching tenants in the mall. But trust and believe I'm GonNa get my respect. Just like Thomas said to gary out break your neck. loon. Off. That's the box in Boston now. Is Over. The last is coming in from one of our most. Knowledgeable paycheck as we we have so many stone boxing says piece Queen. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Colorado Springs and right by your side was your husband. How long have you guys been together and I just want to say thank you for being a great example of black. Nov. thank you. Thank you. She. Almost, we've been together eight going on nine years. Oh, we just figured it out, but he was my friend full awhile longtime before that. So we just figuring it out. We don't know like we don't know it just it's not easy, but we just make it happen. That's my. Those are the best relationships start as France I at least in my experience. He's he's a strong part of you know. where I am and you know he's been through a lot and I'm just excited that we both get to do something we love. Well that was the last Petri on question fanshawe we want to debut sewing. Just. I. Mean. Wow. Amazing interview like always but every time you just you just great us rate. I think this might be the best one the. Everything. Down like. Bowling pins talks. The ball whoever love love. You'RE GONNA. Have to bring that. Packing, but thank you, guys. Thank you. Do Definitely, give out your social media anybody crazy enough now to be following. Let them start today. You can follow me on instagram and twitter at the eight eight, Viva T. H. E. H., H., Diabe A., and fresh on cruise designed on facebook. Thank you so much. Can you pronounce your first name again you said that almost like creole of French, they've shown but. Now I'm going to start saying that. I. It sounds so. Franchesca well, all my like my Hispanic friends they called me Francesca like when That he called me Francisco I'm like, cool. That's. Already. You have a good day. Well, they have a ladies and gentlemen. Super Middleweight champion in females division fresher. She's a star for real fresh. We gotta go. We got untitled. But Man I will great interview I'm going to get out to these calls. We're definitely going to drive by and today's green is not happy. She. said in the beginning showed that. Williams's in a good fight and she said I'm not even fighting Williams box. Wrong. So I told her like we thought it was a bad for in the beginning because how box rick reads but at least I was you know mature enough to say look zero and five. Let's wait to find out what French fries Sean says because. The and what the French Sean say she said look this girl is tough to stop. The rest. Stop there she would have been on night if the reverend stop it. So yeah. Now it's a little bit more worth it to seek as she get those rounds but Yeah. Hope she don't take that person. This is the this is the the the the issue with this with this business, we're going out to the sponsors real quick and we're gonNA. Wind up these phones we all overtime I. Mean we on drive because we're trying to do overtime at your Back is always difficult with the interview when interview goes longer or the it doesn't fall on the actual scheduled time. But look, what can we do show business remember to writers stars on itunes subscribe to youtubecom. Boxing voice the latest and greatest interviews with your favourite fighters. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation, visit us at El Camino. Electrical Services, DOT COM. Alright Alright Alright Alright sees, Vegas, what it do one of these job, but it is drive by chance short. Sweet. Make It nice and precise keep it right. Mortgage Because they're all Good Morning So I was looking at the the videos from Carrington. And Gay Russell now, honestly, in my personal opinion, I think terrence, the story is a little bit more believable. You know what I mean 'cause. Russell's been trying to struggle in struggling to find a fight for. Almost his whole career Amin. So I mean. Talking crazy about. Talking Crazy about a unified undisputed champ you know obviously, he's GonNa get some a little bit of cloud off of that. So I mean I don't doubt the deduce trying to retention on his name, but that's just my thoughts on that gray show grin interview love French Sean crews. She's a great character and definitely a talented person. So Cupido Fellas for life. Lessons, brother blessings, man. Yeah Man You just never know right. You just never know when somebody's just kind of clout cloud chasing the stuff. But Yeah. We'll be going to the next caller in two seconds. Nestle becoming back on he's a wrestling the little bulldog right now. You ought to crazy thing is we had this whole schedule plan. We're we're definitely fifteen minutes behind now. So that's going to ruin everything we have planned. What? We'll so. Much more than just A. A. Good credentials, bigshots, Ladies Open you know to get the recognition they deserve on general war. It's going to be Begi- for them and twenty, twenty one. Hopefully they get the money and the same. Absolutely. All right. Yeah I tried to hear rob ideas but know he's west coast. He's not up man I wanted to get and let me hit a Bro your me. Time. Were you want greatness. I. Lived in. A. House blessed they shut US everybody on I see that you already said Yeah fifteen minutes behind so we don't. Withdraw Bosch Solution Fan Sean, I WANNA. Thank lots of coming on another exciting interview Obama Cio. trae. Bay. Trey in the bay. Always come to me with my background by the well I'm. GonNa Give My. If we do a boomerang I'm gonNA give it to stone bowl but sent out this. Girl could sing she dropped a couple of boys on this. French. Should Lizard does today's is listening izzy. What up y'all is he said we gotta go to Oklahoma man you you got. You got the ring in in the bond over de because I was saying it looks like is he got a gray set about how host us what you'd thing. Boorda. Wars, episode. Talking. Hear this I hear you now. Okay Yeah you talk. One might my daddy met him at Ford Awards I think I think. The capacities? Incapacitated. We got pretty. You just have to talk to talk to him I. For. Good. Apart it took. On the Little Jim Rome city took it apart. Even, and and they stole a damn thing. So I'm not talking about the. Dan. That's crazy. So He. was competing Martial arts. Am Yeah was having some Cobra Kai issues. You Got A new Bluetooth Donncha. Now he has. My. Holiday. From altogether junky old wounds, my bag is obviously. Is You got the flip phone. Is he took it back to back to the future I'm like Yo why sounds so crackly as like now's a boxer rice krispies phone listen. Yes. So Dan, they sold your father's ring. That's the expensive part though that's the issue that's like a minimum I think four thousand dollars I mean unless you rent one right? Well, you can rent one. Yeah. Yeah. But you gotta see the person I know I could rent from. He's in New Jersey Julian Rodriguez a hammer he APP, but but but I know I. Know I know there's places we could rant because I would say like ninety five percent of indy wrestling promotions will rent out their ring be now because they're just not you know they're not able to perform. So I mean any one of them will take it to you. They'll set it up they'll take it down. How much are they going gonNA charge the question. Keen. Florida's. I mean. You'll be yeah. Yeah now, and then much man is good interview Matt. Franchise She always gives great into movements. Mushy. Got Like the best personality she always in a good mood funding spitting bars today. All she she just doesn't always a great interview, big Fan of hers but. Yeah, that's really Hitler. So Mideast Salcombe, the ring, which is true but it will cost too much to should. Once he welds all corners and the ring. Shutout on. The corner. No. No. Again, if you're making the the the quotas owner scratch you. A welder. You. y'All he's now several south. Border Wars chat. You'll see South Dakota Song. Yeah. He's got that new spar sparring buddy. Bro, that looks to all allies and France Sean can make an a like. What do you call those construction collaboration? Listen I wasn't saying that Sal couldn't build a ring I was saying I didn't think I was going to take it from the bones. He's GonNa Start Welding like Yo. That's crazy. I mean look Midi said that tongue-in-cheek and I'm just answering tongue-in-cheek it'll be toy expensive not the material once he's done. And it's like, all right I'm done pick it up ship it. It's impossible. Always got. Pieces? Yes I just. Just, driving. Underneath is like a Nike Abed let's hypothetically assume where you've got the bars going across the frame. That individually. Because steel so it's too heavy. We got stone bone book sale on King I. Mean Sorry Still Monkeying I mean policies. I think he's working stone bone Kambauk sale. What a what an opinion? We. Hear you. Okay. Yeah I'm in traffic. Great interview. Great. See like listen I. am saying he don't and person to Licey. Funny like are. Like I was like I do was right there. What was right there looking like I don't be stand too close too long but I see like at invited personality she funny. She probably she probably out rap path you. Better Watch out like like when I was around. She warned their life plan around like joking singing and I was thinking like she she reminded me of Jamie Fox you reminded me of the person that was always placing and you never knew that they could really sing and the and one day like I heard a really seeing him like that and. I thought she was just joking around but. Multi talented I hate how she got seated and We always say that the flag, we always talk a lot about black man and order black boxer about usually talking about the do. So imagine how hard it is for her being a black woman without and boy it's like does barely get promoted someone how hard it is, and we've heard some of the things and we've seen the emails and some of the sexism racism that went on with those emails at golden boy so. I I wish she was with somebody else that. But Really, don't care about women's boxing at all. So leaked. Her best. Bet. Is leader because she's got should Deja an Hamusana but then she's stuck on just showtime and showtime ain't doing that. Good but that is everybody. I gave you extra time obviously because of trae and obey we're GONNA go ahead and cut out catch us on overtime right now or like literally right now for an episode of overtime, we're going to be discussing. Gamboa's Endeavour Haney. Almost finalized. So yeah, and then we'll be right back here. To talk some heavyweights, Tony Yoka and the Johan do. Happy. Slama. Wow the victim but right now overtime with Haney on Patriot dot com forward slash is the boxing voice nasty Geo instagram twitter cuts us on the next one. And I'M ALEX UNDERSCORED DOOMSDAY UNDERSCORING I g same handle on tiktok twitter's Alex on TB hit that notification bell and the box right next to it is to subscribe. But and if it doesn't have if you haven't been welcome to the family hit that subscribe button and you'll get. That we're going live in like two seconds. So we right back. At Morgan twitter at Morgan instagram. Preuss.

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