From CBS news. This is the takeout with major Garrett. That's me, welcome back with Tenley bar and grill for your Tuesday, take out take speciale continue our conversation with genitalia Tahoe. Former secretary the department of homeland security, currently, the president of the university of California system, that means us for university of California Berkeley, UCLA, my hometown of San Diego has a UC school. An excellent scientific college university of California, San Diego, lots and lots of other universities. That's a massive massive job. I wanna ask you, two questions about that job. What is your interpretation of the college admissions scandal? Number one. Number two. There have been recent reports state, Penn State many, many years ago, UCSE of prominent individuals in those institutions sexually abusing students, help bigger those two issues. And when you are university, president of the system is biggest university of California. How much of that those issues take up your day-to-day brain space? So the cheating scandal, actually, we had a now former soccer coach at UCLA who took a bribe and student was admitted pursuant to that, that's in your backyard. So that's right, there UCLA's, one of our schools. And so we're doing our own internal. Audit of admissions. We'd hundreds of thousands of applications every year. We don't do donor related emissions. We don't do legacy admissions, but we do have a category special admissions for athletes performance artists, and the like, we wanna make sure our campuses have appropriate checks and balances to make sure that those special admits are indeed qualified and it looks to me from the outside. If someone looked at that thought of something kind of clever and thought of something that you didn't, or those broadly overseeing this didn't and game the system. Well, look, you know, there was criminal activity, and as far as we can tell at the UC, it's an outlier and, but we want the public to be confident that we turned very square corners on admissions. So we're doing our own internal work to make sure that. If we need to because people have got to believe that system is on the up. That's right. And, and I believe, fundamentally it is, but I think there are probably some areas that can be tightened up a little bit. So we can do that. When you look at the Ohio State, USC Penn State situations institutional problems of sexual exploitation. Yeah. So, you know, you've got to have systems in place where Michigan state also as part of that. Oh, yeah. Michigan state for sure. So you have to have systems in place in a culture. That's that says, when someone is a survivor of a sexual assault. They know how to report it they'll be supported as they reported, they'll get counseling. They'll get advice that. The there will be escalation to the right levels of the university, so that the respond we call the respondent beat a faculty member or another student or what have you. So that appropriate action is taken fairly, but swiftly in those instances, so and the university system writ large behind the times on them. You know, you know, I actually think the Orissa California is a bit ahead of its time, but we had to play a lot of catch up and we're still not perfect. We're still improving in the law keeps changing as we go. So sitting volving landscape that we're operating against right. Very good. So this is the fun game. So there's a little heavy but I there does big issues relevant to your current job. And I don't wanna make sure people know that you're doing heavyweight work now as well as work, you did it to harm of homeland security. So this is the fun games part where we lighten up a little bit and. One of the ways that I do that. And one of the ways that my audience gets a real sense of who sitting across from me at the table is our three threshold questions. Every every guest gets them and the answers are great because they tell a lot about a person, so in no particular order, the most influential book in your life, your favorite movie, or one of your all time favorite movies. And if you're on a long flight or a long drive, what kind of music genre or artist. Are you most likely to listen to? Most influential book. I would. I would say, simple Justice, which is history of Brown v board of education, you know, it also encompasses of the early years of the civil rights movement, and for my audience Brown versus board of education, the landmark supreme court decision that, that disallowed segregated in public separate, but. Yeah, oh overturned Plessey versus. And it's it's a book I read in in law school. It's why I stayed in law school. And. Good book. Yeah. It's, it's a great read. So simple. Simple, Justice favorite movie of. One of the ways I help people with, that is if you're at home, and you're flipping through and you see it, you stop CASA Blanca. We had a lot. Yeah. I bet you do you know. Donna chalet lake identified that favorite movie on this program as well. Gosh, I came to CASA Blanca with the waters cost Lanka's in the desert, I was informed. Give us a dramatic rendering. Well, Janet Napolitano, okay? Book movie what was the third one using oh music fighter long drive? What are you listen to flight long drive? You know what I love opera? Do you hear that occasionally? Yeah. I really do. And. A long drive a little call them in. In my residence, we call it Joe green, which is just. Sepe. Verdy. So we'll, we'll just put a little Joe green. I was not expected that when you when you went to opera is not expecting Joe green, but I see how you got there. Operas sensually as opposed to more popularized operatic versions of plays and things like that. Yeah. Yeah. Classical op. So I when I talked to people about opera I tried a couple of times in my life to get into it. I'm sort of still working at it. I don't find it captivating. What is it about opera that moves you? Oh, it's such a great art form. You know, it's, it's, it's music, it's, it's drama comedy. It's orchestral its voice. Beautiful. Staging. It's, it's all the things that go into a wonderful performance when I've been transported in. It's been very rarely it is a place where you can, if you are of the proper frame of mind, and maybe it's just me. You can't get lost in it in a very pleasing way. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But for me, it's very hard to get in that frame of mind. I'm maybe I'm to just eighty or something I don't know. Yeah. Tickets slow and. You know, if you if you're beginning oppor-, there's there are some that are. Yeah. Suggests are approachable I would say, LA Boheme or Madam. Butterfly both by seeing. Form live at the Kennedy Center it was amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Cozy find to Tabei Mozart might be another one Toscano. Of course. So those are very good. See, that's what we do here, the takeout especia- we have fun games. And we layer it with more information. So now I'm gonna go back and I'm going to jot down some of my notes on opera and try yet again, it'll be the third or fourth time I've tried to penetrate, the what seems to me, emotionally, impenetrable world of opera, but people who love opera say, it's exactly the opposite. It's the most emotionally welcoming place in, in the field of music. Yeah. Yes. And you know I started getting into opera in, in high school. Guests, I guess earlier than most. Yeah. And but I also love classic rock to so I'm not a total nerd. Just just let the record show, but I didn't wasn't able to attend live opera until I was out of college. So I was a little older. There you go. That's Janet Napolitano or special guests this weekend. It's been a pleasure. Thanks so much. Thank you. Made your pickup next week. 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