'Bring Our Troops Home' - With Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin


And thank you for tuning into the Liberty Report with me today as Daniel macadons our co host Daniel. Welcome to our program. How are you this morning? Dr Paul good good to see you here today as usual but we have a special guest today. That will be a very special program so I'd liked to go ahead and introduce her. Lieutenant Governor Janice he mcgeown and Recently we've found an article here and I was so impress somebody at the state level grassroots level talking about foreign policy Great great article. Chance to welcome to our programs. Look Good Morning. Earning Honorable Ron. It's to be with you this morning. Well grace you know And I'm very serious about this. How exciting it is About grass roots effort and local efforts. Well how can we get to the state government technically involved even in legislation or making a statement. Well every citizen should should make a statement. That's the only way we finally ended a disaster in Vietnam. You know people spoke on enough is enough but in your case you've worked in the A A way to address this subject. in a in a legal fashion by offering along with some help in your legislature some legislation to said bring our our troops home. And because you have some responsibility you have the National Guard you have this. You Know State Guard to deal with so you have some direct responsibility. All Americans have responsibility and we wouldn't have this disaster that you talked about so so clearly in your article. I was doing these crazy things that. Why are we overseas? It's time to bring the troops home. So I want to congratulate you I I for having this position and second for speaking king out and working for the Veterans for bringing our troops home and I think this is where the answer is that has to be at the grassroots level because the one thing I knew in Washington is that they're they are completely divorced from the grass roots and they don't realize they get embedded. They think they're really running the show up there events eventually. Eventually people will realize that the real efforts has to be with what the people think and what they put up with and if they put up with nonsense that's what they're going to get. But what I see. See You with US speaking out. You're actually getting to the point of saying that people in the states ought to talk about foreign policy as well. So congratulations on your article and welcome talk programs. Thank you sir and as it should be and I'm not the only one that's across the country that is getting engaged on on this issue and as we speak I think there are ten or eleven states that are because of the fact that Congress is not doing their job. They're advocating their duty. We and we have to follow our constitution where our constitution says who whose job it is to declare war and it is congress that is their responsibility. uh-huh ability that if our troops are going to be played if our men and women are going to be placed in harm's way then it's Congress's responsibility to declare the war four have a defined mission. Have our troops go over do their job and then at -CCOMPLISH the mission and then come back home and that's not what's happening in our country and especially the war in Afghanistan the longest war going on longest war ever in our country tree and Still Congress's turning. They're turning a blind eye to what's happening over there in Afghanistan. I for one along with so many. The other IDAHOANS Gold Star moms were were tired of having to bring our men and women home in a body bag. It's time for this war and it's time for Congress to do their job and if they're going to continue to be derelict in their duty than states need to step up and this is what we see Happening across the nation. And we're seeing a real growing grassroots support for this effort right and I see what you're doing is breaking new ground in getting people activated at the state state level. But so far. Since you've been involved Lieutenant Governor for a year you may have had these views a lot longer but how what's the reception ZSA although there's not legislation passers legislation proposed. Are you getting a Lotta kickback. From people. How about Republicans and Democrats whereas how did they do? This are most people noar in your most people saying go go go. What's the reception been like? Well again it's being driven by the grass roots and I and being driven by many many of our veterans here. We have a lot of veterans here in Idaho and they're the ones that are driving. Yes there are the people that are pushing back but it's a bipartisan. Effort is a grassroots effort. And it's our job to help educate and it's time to have the debate Daniel. Well you know as as you may know Lieutenant Governor World About Building Coalitions broad coalitions Dr Paul when he was in Congress. It's been a lot of time working with progressives and doing his best to working with some conservative as well. But you know the key. I think to all of this this warren pieces. She was getting the broadest coalition. Listen and really attracting conservatives into the Anti War smooth enough traditionally we talked about people. Jimmy Duncan And the like Walter Jones. They would remind us that traditionally it's a conservative issue to be hesitant about war. which is the number one? Big State adventure But it has been tricky attracting Republicans contracting conservatives because of this sort of Wrong is year that you're somehow wimpy if you oppose war and we really Applaud your effort to get conservatives on board. This is something that you wrote in a recent article even if you have no moral issue issue with police in the world American taxpayers simply. Can't afford it. What other what other? This is a great. That's a that's a great point to make what other things are you hearing that re- that really resound around with conservatives to get them attracted to this issue of bringing the troops home it's all about returning back to the principles that are in our constitution that and that's why it's so appropriate that it does come from those of us who are Very more conservative and and a follow and respect our constitution rather than our friends on the other side of the aisle who sometimes try to politicize these things. It's not about Out Paul Politics. It's about following our constitution and our Constitution is very clear what it says in when when we when we're talking about putting our men and women in harm's way and so that's what that's what's driving. The movement on top of being grassroots movement from being led by our veterans turns. Is that we we. We've gone so far. We've strayed so far away from the underlying principles of our Constitution and it's time that we return back to to those guiding principles. You know too often. We assume that everybody is against us. And we don't have many people with us and yet I think Tulsi Gabbard has realized I had this same thing happened to me when I ran that the military personnel. And you also you do work with veterans. A Lot said. They're the ones have a say so they should. They should have a lot of credibility ability so we make these assumptions because we hear it on the television endlessly into politicians are sort of WIMPS and motivating probably in Washington by the military industrial complex. But I think you cite in your article a few foof a few polls down that shows even the grassroots level. There's a fair number or a people at the grass roots. That really already support us if we just get them excited and get the message to them absolutely. And as you said in your are in your book Congressman Paul it that the more that week carelessly enter into these these conflicts. It's is true that it does further. PUT US it makes us vulnerable at home. Because we know that we have limited resources and where we're spread so thin across the rest of the world it does put our the security and safety of our nation at risk right Daniel. Will you mentioned in the recent article article that caught our attention antiwar dot com featured it in so it caught a lot of attention but a couple of really important poll numbers. First of all fifty eight percent of vets say that the Afganistan War was not worth fighting. But here's a here's an incredible and I think he may have done a show about this talk to Paul. Political poll found that eighty one percent of trump voters support support withdrawal from Afghanistan. Why why do you without necessarily being critical of the president? Why do you think? He's incapable of such overwhelming support for his positions. Why has there been so little movement in that direction? I think it's just a matter of education and that's what this effort is all about. We're doing we're sitting eating out To help educate members of the legislature members of our community. Here in Idaho. The bill is set to be introduced some time this week and so it's just. It's our job to help. Educate the public in help. Educate policymakers and I also understand that this week senator to ramp all is going to be conduct starting to conduct here a news about some of the action that has come out in the Afghanistan papers. and Ah it's all about education when we learn as as a society citizens when we learn that Congress has carelessly appropriated appropriated money fifty two million dollars for a natural gas processing site in Afghanistan. And there's no natural gas over one hundred million dollars to build a high-rise hotel that the Taliban used to stand on the top floor and shoot into our. US Embassy. It's it's all about education and as these facts are coming out and more and more people are becoming aware of what is happening especially especially in Afghanistan. I think that's where the surge of support will come from the people. The people of Idaho the people from states all across the country in in West Virginia. I think it's very interesting. It's a delegate mcgeown so there's two Mcginn certainly he there's a pull out there three to one poll in in West Virginia. The of the people who support his efforts and the more we learn about what's happening in Afghanistan especially in Afghanistan. The the more I believe that the this will be driven by the grassroots by the people across America because we're not not welcome over there in Afghanistan the recent incident that happened over there over the weekend. It is just disgusting disgusting that our troops are over there trying to train. They're providing training and assistance to the Afghan military police and what happens is from that effort up elite. An Afghan police comes out while the men and women are standing in the field waiting to be picked up they he. The Afghan police officer comes out with a machine gun and just literally most them down it is. It's sickening it's disgusting gusting what is happening over there and it's time for it to end the people we should not be interfering in that level. Their governmental Memento over there and they view us as the antagonise and so as soon as more of this information starts to come out. I think the people of this country will rise up and demand. This is the way it should be. The congress needs to be doing their job and I I think that's absolutely right You know it's easy to draw the line and gets people's attention when we talk about Iran Iraq Syria where the troops are in. There are a lot of people are dying Ryan. But then there's the other side of the story about an interventionist foreign policy because even though there might not be hostilities. Going on we're still very much involved. All we get involved in elections were in one hundred and seventy countries we participate in coup of all things. So how far are you willing to say that we should just get out not only on these activities in Warren killing. Try to work away from this intervention and US being involved. We're we're in one hundred seventy countries now so I like to draw a little closer to home with you and I believe that we're spreading our resources too thin and our leaders those Sir in Congress they again. They need to do their job. If we are going to be in a combat send our are men and women into combat duty. They need to clearly define and they need to work with our military leaders to clear clearly define what at mission is go over accomplish the mission and then come home we have. We have plenty of challenges right here on our own soil that we need to contend again with an my hope. Is that through this. Our President has is very supportive of the idea bringing our troops home me. Just in his State of the Union address last week made several comments along that line saying that our troops are the best in the world and they they want them They want to fight to win or not fight at all. He was quoted as saying we are working to finally end America's longest war and bring our troops back home And he also said that war places a heavy burden on our nation's extraordinary military families so our president is committed to this but we need congress to act and so. I think that that's what we're trying to do is bring education to the members of our Congress. So that People this is Sergeant Webb who went and served in Afghanistan Ghanistan and Iraq. I Some I got to know so many he came home and unfortunately was one of those who suffered from. PTSD he committed suicide. There's so many others that I have gotten to know personally sergeant. Chris Workman who was killed in a helicopter accident over there in Afghanistan and just a few months ago former mayor of Ammon Idaho. The where I'm from a small small town Idaho. It's there's just these things are affecting us because these are people that we know these are people we love and no and and the veterans. I've met Sergeant Damage night and and Adams they have come back to Idaho Nair Nair leading the effort here. These people that I've met and got to know them personally and they've suffered greatly they have seen things that no oh person should be exposed to and it's frustrating that we are caught in this conflict where we can't we don't I know what the rules of engagement are and they and they get caught up in these cultural differences and they suffer greatly come home and he suffered greatly but I'm glad to see that the these individuals are able to to grow beyond some of the difficult things they've experienced and put that energy not to good use to help bring greater public awareness to this issue. Very Good Lieutenant Governor. You really took this fight to Washington yourself. You went and the charity hearing I believe on the legislation that has several states are now adopting. Tell us a little bit about your trip did you. Were you able to lobby a few members on the hill. Give us some the total of about your trip that recently absolutely it was a great trip it was too short. We are able to get a lot of good work done in a matter of one and a half-days we we had a briefing there at the press the press conference there in Washington. DC We were able to lobby all of our congressional congressional delegate. I visited with Congressman Filter Senator Risch who was very instrumental very key because he chairs the the Foreign Affairs Committee and then Senator Crepeau as well. I wasn't able to see Simpson on our trip but it was a great experience to meet many others. Others from across the country share the commitment and the the the Effort with fellow. Legislators laters and Veterans Ramal across just gain a lot of synergy. We met General Waldoch who's actually running for Senate in New Hampshire today. They're having their primary and he's a great he served. He's one of the longest serving generals in Afghanistan. These now running running for the Senate. He's perfect candidate for for this for this job in Sion the best of luck. Maybe we'll come over. Help helped him campaign ah we we. We'll we'll have to go but I have another comment. Well let you finish up. But you know. The concerned Veterans for America's a great group and you mentioned the the end McKnight and we have him on our program and that has been very useful. And I think what you're doing there and I understand. I read that little story about your your protection. You know your guards on your campaigning. You say no. They're just my friends and I thought that was pretty neat But they're very important. I think As a veteran they have credibility if they've been over there especially some of them change their minds entirely entirely and and the other point I want to make and I know you understand. This is that It isn't going over. And if you're lucky you get back and everything is okay. Okay so much. Endless suffering so much suffering of families divorces and you've already mentioned people coming back injured and then the epidemic of suicide suicide by veterans. This is it's tragic. I don't think they come close to ever measuring and defining how much suffering comes from wars. There's there's absolutely preventable. There's no need for this so I congratulate you on on this. I'm delighted you do work with these veterans. Well I love them they they do come home and they are still so committed to providing safety and security protecting our liberties and freedom in American and they are they protect us whether you're Democrat. Republican into independent Libertarian. Their job and they're committed to that to helping being protect us as Americans and so glad Colin. My friends very good and I wanna go ahead and close Do you have any particular way that viewers might get in contact with you. Do you have a special website or a special group that you'd like to recommend that our listeners Referred to well. If if you just Google Janice mcgann Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. We have a website. We also have a facebook page aged and we tried a very active on social media and welcome messages and Words from from people all across the country. And I'm I'm happy to help. Pass that that support to those who are leading helping to lead as far as the legislators and the veterans here in Idaho on this effort so please please do please. Contact doesn't reach out. We'd love to hear from you very very good. Yes I want to thank. He wants again for being on our programs and keep up the good work. Well thank you and you too. Okay I want to ask thank our viewers for tuning in today and please come back to the liberty reports soon.

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