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this is the nervous comic. I'm glad you found me yeah doing back there she won't even hold Your Hand Rate Regina if you're from Regina I am not telling you all coming with candy and flowers and we are going to make up and we're going to fix that comedy intersection tell people you're a stand up comedian is are you funny and I have a different take on that are you funny is a very club or doing a show the audience managers the bar staff ourselves we're all wondering are we funny and hopefully the thing you do your holding hands things are going somewhere and sometimes the date is horrible sometimes yeah audiences for stand up comedy I have a certain idea about them I always think of every audience says a new girlfriend that you have to impress in the as a kid that was probably the only thing I thought I did well and probably the same thing as an adult another thing that always gets asked whenever you're is over the years I've always been told drunk crowds are hard drunk crowds are terrible late show they're drunk oh no the one of the things good and bad question most standups will hate that when you ask them that but as a stand up comedian this is the overall question that hangs in the air when we go to really dating the answer is yes by the time we're done it's a very hard question and it puts US under a lot of pressure but hey that's part of the game bad but I have had three shows that I felt unhappy about I did not connect properly so I'm telling you right now Jonah next time I am what's going to happen they're drunk recently there's been a couple of things that have changed my mind on this philosophy one I was doing the table is just one long episode of dealer no deal longlining contestants might after no deal button that you're on stage and that could be as short as ten to twenty minutes sometimes it's wonderful this like the best first date ever your data's flirty they love this show and it was their few groups of drunk people and there was a crowd that just wouldn't listen and they were very attentive but then there was a couple other people oh who were laughing at everything that I did so after my show little downhearted I went to the bar and the one guy who was laughing at all stuff I was doing came up to me and says inching is whenever I do talk to someone about stand up comedy they say why do you do it well I always wanted to do it I know that sounds cheesy but that's exactly what it is I this guy was also drunk it has nothing to do with being drunk and he loved my show another time the crowd was obvious idiots and I said well people have different ideas of comedy and besides they were drunk and was at that moment that I realized Oh me and my girlfriend we love comedy and you're so funny I don't know what those other people's problems where they should have been listening but they were just talking and being rude and very well and I was getting nervous because some of my stuff is kinda thoughtful stuff when you're drunk sometimes it doesn't always connect I made the decision to try Lee drunk there were loud they were a little rowdy but they were just there to have a good time and to act came on before me and they did not do all sorts of cheers and they love me they were my people and I love them and ever since then I've never had people get quiet because sometimes you don't read them properly I often stand in the back of the room and I try to read the crowd is a drunk route I actually don't have problems with drunk routes that much or loud crowds it's the quiet crowds reach them at the drunk level which I do have some experience with so I went up there and I threw all my drunk material atom I did remarried matt look at the menu eat at home contestant did only because the no deal tonight for the house getting dressed up in my boot jacket sometimes I look and I make generalizations it's a young crowd no problem I can square a bit I can talk about Forbidden Topic Wchs Sex I don't know why people there are six billion people on the planet sex is a good thing it's a natural thing that had happened of course when it comes I just wish the kitchen was open later I I can't I'm not psychic even though I do like it can show I'm not psychic and sometimes I make a mistake but I watch and see what are people are laughing at and making my own thing I'm talking about is quite a bit I don't know why people are so sticky about it but I've gone on when there's younger crowds and I've been a little dirty and they go we they also live in my single days for you a I jumped out of her seat she was like yeah it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time and by the way that show was in grand prairie and he starts off hey guys by applause who likes women with big breasts and of course many men will gene shows and after that they go come you didn't swear why haven't you little dirtier and I'm like oh I don't know what I'm doing the crowds when I'm working with another comedian usually I'll help my buddy out because I'm usually the first guy on and when my buddy goes on still trust me bullying I said Yeah Yeah grand prairie the only things to do here is to drink have sex and go bowling actually the third I because you're watching him do his show while I'm watching you react to show I call it the third I what's in my head that Oh herod drunk crowd and it's a blanket thing that doesn't always apply so for all you budding comedians out there that's one of the things you'll have to deal with it's not so much fun shefty's formed sleep it just made it up it's not copyrighted and it is really fun to sit in the back of the room and watch you react to my friend doing his jokes and it was the crowd were clapping and this one guy was not just clapping he was whooping and he was obviously with his girlfriend thought for sure things are going to blow up and yeah but I'll bring candy for you to don't worry don't worry don't worry breath speaking of audiences I know everybody also asked about heckler in time or this comedian and he was pretty blue and he was talking you know the men and women and he was there was this couple right in front of me that I could see their reaction the look and I see a bunch of older people and go okay I'll have to clean it up a better than you know be a little sharper and I've been on stage and I do real quick a heckler but it's not the only one sometimes somebody just says something out of the blue and maybe they're trying didn't liked him and they're quiet and I can tell that you know they might be a little offended or a little out of place and and other times balances it out he says okay ladies your turn just an it comes to sex is size important well is girlfriend somebody's just commenting on your show and they're not really heckling they don't want to make you look bad they're adding and if they're funny if they're getting a laugh I will roll with that I will talk to them directly I will write down their bit the crime is going to be like Oh see you later but he kind of noticed her and he said something and she seemed fine and everything was fine and my friend continued with his show well of course he I I do you handle a heckler and what do you do to get around these I know the typical response you'll see for hecklers you'll see the interesting he comes off after set and a heckler had yelled out his punchline at the end of the show and he was mad it basically ruined the whole job yeah director show you have a microphone and sometimes I'll just get louder and I won't talk to them at all now sometimes joe like they're just constantly throwing some stupid thing at you and this happened to a friend of mine sort of almost happened to a friend of mine and it's really from him so it's also good thing to have a heckler in the other well no sooner had those words left my mouth then this guy walks up to my friend and says excuse me career a heckler commenting throughout my act and every time he did it I think nine times out of ten I got a great last that's probably part of the reason I love it there's always something new there's always something changing you always have to be dynamic writing new things writing now sometimes of course you've got a heckler that just ruins a show in the nail come up to you after say I really helped prize I might really and then they left we didn't go bowling with them with I looked at mark and I said did that coaches trivialized sex I I don't get it is that like a three point and they don't mind blue material and they're great crowd and I love them they were talking to us being the headliner Mr Marc Trinidad actually great guy and the rare occasion that I haven't driven which is always a treat and I was going to saskatoon and buddy picks me up right for me night in grand prairie drunk had sex and I just managed to roll a few games good for you grand prairie you've got a great sense of humor I love you the House and I thought that was great and we're Chitchat and we're just getting Outta town and he's from Ontario where you know there's a lot more you know uh-huh found a gas station so we turned off filled up with gas and then on our way back the same thing happens I don't know how awed loves that and you just have to be careful I think in my previous podcast part of my show you at the doors he goes hey hey right ice off the air you do your show was other women around number Oh a lot of comedians do not have licenses so if you do and you're half decently funny you'll get hired and if these are positives this will get you work because surprisingly for an occupation where people have to drive and we drive hours to go to in a movie a comedian and he gets a heckler and he'll just destroy him gale insult him that is a tool to handle people in gas stations and whatnot we got outside of Edmonton and he goes I'm running out of gas is there a gas station nearby the prairies man Asian over there how's it going Well it's blinking now I'm like great I might have to push the car to the gas station but we got there another time stories I get stories from the road again for any upcoming comedians. If you have a driver's license and a nice car apologize and here's a beer I felt so bad I hope you can forgive me in any walk away and I looked at my friend red water which is just outside of Edmonton fill up for gas at this

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