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All right inappropriate earl is back to episodes this week. Thank you for the reviews that I've been asking for for. Four years takes thirty seconds to do this and this next guest is the reason why I want you to leave reviews. This man took the this is one of the top hockey reporters not in Los Angeles because that would be about two people not in America but in the world but it's true though you hear him already he's frothing at the mouth to talk about Alex Aia follows to your deal Janus Oak. Yes six hours before anybody else. That's how special this man is to me six thirty in the morning. I got the break that story come on Dennis Bernstein. Welcome back inappropriate. Earl podcast doesn't get any better than this well I. I know I've arrived. When Jim Fox has so miss out for you with Jimmy Mr Fox? If you're less than what she might be nowhere he is right now. He's with Dave Taylor. Celebrating the Stanley Cup in Lubec or somewhere in Ontario just tweeted something picture Dale. I'm Dave Taylor in Westwood and I was so so this is when he was still playing. This is when people will go to west to see movies I I mean I feel so old saying that but there was no beverly center there was no third street promenade Westside pavilion just Kinda hit the scene and I was so scared I had my friends. Hey will you go ask Dave Taylor for his autograph. They went up to them and they say our friends around the corner. He's too scared to talk to you and he said bring him over and so I love David Great Guy I was and I was on the ice when they won the cup. I didn't and get to talk to him but it was great to see him. Lift the cotton. I mean look. He still has a legacy airline L._A.. Co Petar Right Brown quick those guys still might say he is partially responsible for the two cups totally totally I mean D- May great trades back in the day the bringing Carter and Gabric and obviously drew doughty was a no-brainer at number two but absolutely the core the championship teens totally you know Dave Taylor but you never his name associated associated with the two cups them over like a wrestler guys. GotTa come to put over other guys day put over Dean. Lombardi Dean was a really good G._M.. Never put never got over then made the right moves got drew found owl sutter made some great trades wind up winning championships so sometimes that happens sometimes. You're the gatekeeper. Let's other guys go through the gate listen. This is probably the first time this guy's name has been mentioned on a podcast but I hi and complete seriousness was a Sam McMaster Fan. Okay given the environment he had to work faster which was the final days of Bruce McDonnell's financial demise demise fraud fraud. There's probably ten adjectives to so. Can you imagine being a G._M.. I know my friends said who zeal insider I've ever ever had with the kings to hey they want to sign pat verbeek swimming's afraid and <hes> they couldn't because they weren't getting their sticks gloves delivered because they had no money so that's how he was kind of operate operate right with no with no re- renew beyond no budget. I don't think I've ever heard that before no she n._H._l.. Teams get their gloves and sticks deliver the N._H._l.. Is Now maybe not Ottawa Ottawa all right well. Let's get yeah first of all checkout Dennis articles on fourth period dot com correct yet before three dot com always on Sirius X._m.. As a matter of fact I'm going up to Toronto next week. We have a celebrity golf tournament. We're about fifteen twenty eight year. Old players actually going to host from eleven to one eleven A._M.. To One P._M.. Eastern on Sirius X._M.. What my Buddy Nagai Burger from the from the side of the Golf Tournament in Toronto so so you can check us out Sirius X._M.? But yeah for right now since we're in the offseason and might write one more article. I'm not really sure what all the archive stuff for the seasons on the fourth period dot com because this is a maybe the dead zone kind of for hockey right now. I mean you've got the arbitration cases come in or they're already here yeah but there's not a ton to talk about so we're going to hit rewind for hot minute. Go to the draft sure the king's King Fan Yep I R. I root for them to win every game <hes> I want them to win the Stanley Cup every year but I think I'm King Fan who's realistic in their views. They got EFT on the draft lottery. Yes they did face lottery. They got because they wanted they wanted to. They want to Jackie's. I mean they when they were having internal discussions last season about like we really need a guy like Jack too because earl they have really solid B._C.. Prospects but they don't have that elite crown jewel of the crown. They don't have that Kako. They don't add that Jackie's and Al Qaed- may be an excellent player when we come to the end of the road I there's really two hundred foot player. He played in the developmental team. That was an amazing team so he's not he's not about but they needed that one it factor and that's what they don't have with this team and that's why that even though it's a really good draft and Earl I'll tell you wrote it when we look back on this and a couple of years in fact maybe the best draft they ever had because of the quality the top and I love they took a risk that cal kid thirty three. They never take risks finally took a rich would a kid who maybe has some dubious character issues but can fill the PUCK DOC Philip network pox so I really think we look back on it. It could be the best draft ever but if you're a kings fan I know you're one. You're going to have to have patients well. Here's my biggest personal I wanted the kid is Kelly Allie ev you Kellyanne. I want him twenty two okay great I agree and he was the first round. He's a first round talent. That scares me though that I mean other than Coal Caufield who listen when you're gonNA kill me for this now you will cause looking back. I'm glad you would have picked them. At Five. I absolutely would have but I I'm very happy with Turcott. <hes> I call one is fifteen. He didn't go six seven eight. He went fifteen because it and I get it and the seventy two are amazing but their detractors and I was at the draft cook at I'm five six and a half five seven on a on a good day he worked bobby. He's shorter than me so I know he's strong and sturdy and also he's got abundant skill but there's a reason why you get the fifteen because for every guy like Craig Button who said he's the fifth best player there was somebody to say news fifteen or fourteen or sixteen so I couldn't have picked and plus no that URL daily. We'll have to see right now so the pig Alex Turcott over call only Israel is really a necessity at this point. I'm <hes> I think they had the best draft of any team overall yeah they better. They needed one. Why make sure you wanted Huzar Sir Kako and that that was the bummer about moving back to number five that was tough? It was tough because even Turcott is the real deal and he's a seventy eighty point player right. He's not gonNA help you for two seasons. He's in Wisconsin next season and maybe going to give them a half. A season of seasoning the foul season and Ontario he made the team a year from now right so the immediacy that they needed of a Kako or use or playing the free agent market the immediacy of having that elite town just isn't there and it makes it a tough sell when now you're talking about a rebuild like what are you selling you sell them Rosina's Copari who might or might might make the team. I mean there's nobody to celebrate here so that's part of the problem with the with the team and there's a federal like this I get this is this is the first ever rebuild their two seasons of the regime but this team has not won a playoff series since the Stanley Cup that's five years and now he's saying it's two more years that seven seasons of mediocrity or less than mediocrity. They've won one playoff game since they won the Stanley Cup to me if you're it's not acceptable of your fan because now the expectations are much art. This isn't the forty seven your walks through the wilderness. This is like we should be contending and half the teams make the playoffs. So why can't we well now. It's even tougher with the with the Clippers did oh yeah I mean this a hockey episode but I mean Leonard and Paul Paul George and and you almost forget what the Lakers sound like they were inactive green. The dodgers were in first place in the rams into and I wrote the Arkham People WanNa think it was a bleak outlook but it was just reality and Jamal gender who writes for the press enterprise put out a list yesterday. I think an Reykdal the team's not even franchise professional teams had fifteen teams including <hes> U._C._l._A.. U._S._C. Hey the kings rank thirteen with the spectre prominence in melons. He had a behind the ducks and the Fox and I'm not you know if you like the W._f._A._N.. Thirteenth in this market behind the ducks. That's just it's just it's his his the issue and here's a question. Here's what I wrote right. You Know Steve Bomb once this team to win. One hundred percent wants the team to win. He's there courtside every night yelling and screaming. He had Blake Griffin he had he had Chris Paul. He had the Andreu Jordan that didn't work all right with scrapping going onto the next point and now it's it's the claw its Paul George so we're going to try this. What guess what in two years of a dozen work again like he's going to do it again so he's a very vocal very visible owner the kings an A._g.? Just the opposite and I'm not criticizing them right but you never see Philan- shoots <music> Dan Beckerman who's The C._E._o.. Isn't really vocal. It's it's Luke Robitussin Rob Blake right so here's my question now. The teen isn't going to be good and Rob Blake said there's going to be difficult times ahead so when there's thirteen thousand seats filled filled as opposed to eighteen thousand and it's two years removed and you're not selling seats is financial it's going to say hey when it's time to add to this team and let's say let's be positive here. Let's say this young talents coming forward is going to develop into the excellent players are very good players and you need to pull the trigger on a big time free agent the put this team over. I'm not sure they're going to commit to it because the team would have been drawing. I mean we're going back to two thousand seven two thousand eight. I think at this point in time and again what are you still against other teams and I wrote. How are they going to sell call Sundstrom scoring a goal in a four one loss to San Jose in November on the on the local news it? They're looking for they're going to get they gotta get crushed in the media here because they're not relevant anymore and I think it's it's probably the worst city in the world to rebuild because all we care about our on. You've lived here for a long time. We care about winters. We don't WanNa hear about rebuilt. The dodgers might go to the world series and might eventually win a world series carries. The Rams were not super bowl. The charge might go to the Super Bowl like we don't do. We want stars. We want the ticket and that's the thing are back in the day. When this place was assault when when celebrities were showing up when when the gear and the merchandise was the it the kings were the thing that's gone and it takes a long time to get back and you need to sell something? It's just like it's the most difficult sell in the world when you're not gonNA commit and play in the free agency and you don't want to bring into breaks you don't want to trade for a big star the sell it against the other entertainment entertainment and sports opportunities there in the city or you have to win in the city or else. There's just too much to do <hes> entertainment wise you know obviously the the rams are super bowl contenders. The chargers others like Thomas feels the chargers are like a ghost team like but they're good like so the the kings are probably behind those teams Lakers and clippers definitely behind those two dodgers so even just right there six assist sixteen in interest level and then. I don't know if the galaxy can L. A._F._C.. People go nuts every brand new stadium. Those fans are not an amazing. I'm not sure it's it draw away from the king's ability to draw John Sell tickets but that's something that you have to question in this is is are you going to get commitment the end of the rainbow from ownership to go out and spend the money because they're saying we don't want to spend the money or cap situation which look you traded quick in Carter. That's eleven million dollars right right there so don't tell me you could have chased Sharon. You could have well. That's the thing like <hes> and this goes to myself. Being a reasonable fan I have I'm blown away that we could not and I don't even like saint unloading because what they did for this franchise but we've now had a trade deadline Anna draft pass and nobody wanted Carter quick. Well we reported that there was discussion with Arizona for owner defense and probably go scout ski yeah and then Quick Look. Here's the thing I at some point in time earl you got to cut your losses and move the players like and I know that people talk about quick and being injured. Maybe bounces back the two goalies that shared the other forty games that he didn't play last year. There's safer sentences were nine twenty s and I think John's was an eighty eight percent like at some point in time the emotional attachment to these players and they're all and they're part of the legacy than championship legacy. GotTa let it go like if I was if I was plague. I'd be call up Columbus to say look you got these two young guys ned quick. We'll take back out to him. Berg who has done anything who's a Tortorella Guy who scored twenty points and he has about the same salary right take a risk on an an another change the the change the deck chairs at some point with respect to Carter. Look you gotTa Treat Carter where he's GonNa WanNa play. He's going to quit. I really honestly believe that he denied it but I know at least one instance where I've heard where they possibly had a deal and it got scuttled because he didn't WanNa play in the market and he would retard because even though his cabinet earl is five point two million but an extra years he's only earned on seven million dollars and only in quote but he could walk away so you gotta try to gotTa WanNa play but I grew and I know you want value for these players at some point in time the Clintons I'll take the best offer wave Wave Jeff Carter. Do you need to like what will be the downside. He's GonNa go play in Ontario. You'll never play on -Tario like somebody's GonNa take a risk on Jeff Carter because even though his cap it's five million his cash is only seven million for three years. Somebody would take Hristo. You can't find a trade partner for it. You want to hold onto a get that now the flip side of that to be positive of his remember two years ago when everybody says Joe Sakic shouldn't be G._M.. Anymore it took one so here's the thing with Rob Blake and robot. It takes one really good deal to flip the script so that's why when I when I wrote the article I was not critical of them are saying this is like a what if like if the team isn't good if they don't draw is the commitment to ownership there. I'm still not going to even though it's two seasons in and they haven't been in the playoffs in five years. I'm stopping short of criticizing the current regime but they got. Adam make a turn this season. I like to be more don't dynamic. You're talking about my buddy. John Hoven he goes Mr. Be More aggressive guy yeah. I want to be more aggressive because let's check the team that won the Stanley Cup Earl as we all no no they were last place in the League on January first and they finished four points behind the king's last season so what happened look. I know that the coach was a disaster and had a lot to do with it but something has to change the dynamic has to change and if you think you're going to draw fans Qatar and drew doughty I get it. I understand but they've been here ten years. There's nothing new to sell this team on so that's part of the challenge so there are ports here. It's just put it to you earl and this is this is actually today. No I'm close with the players I had somebody asked me like one of the players text me. We're talking about offseason moves like you tell me today WHO's the kings third best defenseman it while as a fan but a relatively knowledgeable van you know I I would say obviously doughty <hes> and then I I would say Martinez Right. <hes> you know I mean <hes> for as much <hes> and I know you have sponsor. I saw clean up the language. It's okay yeah but I respect for as much you know. What has this guy gets? I mean right now. I would say forward okay so on a championship team. What's their forward a six defencemen? I mean on on that scary Reto Perl like that. That's your and we talk about and there's been articles written about. There's too many four this the Stanley Cup champions one thirty goal score right. What did they went on? They were more or physical than everybody else. They had a goaltender who got hot and he found him in the middle of the season never really good defense like who's GonNa play defense for this team next season and look there guys come in. I know people like Sean Walker and that Roy and those things aren't scared anybody they they what they need to do. Earl like for for a long time they need to find a partner for Judy and when we go back to the draft overdraft that's why would have been tended to move up to four and the Byron Kit because he would have the next do daddy do daddy wouldn't plays the rest of long term contract with by they would have been settled here so while Turcotte might be really good again. I would have been more aggressive. One got removed one up. If it cost me of second round pick I would have done it because that's another need that they have so. It's just D- holes that are there. There's just too much doubt so I ask you who's the third best defensive and then I'll ask you this behind that. WHO's the second line center next year? Well I mean I guess us right now. Kim scored twelve Adrian. Mario could be Mike lamantia right. I'm not a fan of his. I'm not a hater second line center. They got some problems that I just gave you. I do see took questions who the third best defenceman and WHO's our second line center now. Those questions might be answered in two years from now but next season we step into this like that's the challenge that's an issue now again to be positive and the other side of the coin because we want to be fair and balanced like Fox News O- or watch out and by the way I must say everyone that I don't know anyone on this show. I don't know I I don't know the the loudest voice the first for two episodes believable the great thing about that show is if you love Fox News or you hate them. You will enjoy fantastic. You don't know how slanted it is. I maybe lookout unbelievable how they got Russell Crowe look like Roger Ailes so much it should win an award in makeup but so so if we're going to be balanced here right so the flip side of that is that could develop into these players. These plays could develop right. It's just that that when you look at the knees like a contending team coming into a season knows who their third defensemen knows who their second line centers right and there's question marks here like Michael Mario ones about Jake camping your second line center like teams not GonNa make the playoffs and that's the other challenge because because the one thing is the one absolute positively great move they made is Todd Klein. I know he hasn't won. I know he was on the other side of the verse sweep in when it kings one and two thousand fourteen but right he's going to command respect in the room from day one what they didn't have it wasn't present. I mean you. I was in that press conference and Rob Blake. If I was Robin I walked out of prison. I'd be so depressed like guys didn't give a shit about practicing or the study habits dust dust around talking about culture. I mean they were never questions about culture. Here like Guidon care about project that will lead to move was such a bad move right. I mean let me ask you this because I know for those of you listen. I don't plan questions. We just hit record and go so I apologize if you don't like the all over the map <hes> way I do things how I do your pocket. I go see a game <hes> staple center. It was against the Winnipeg jets. I said I've never her seen Kovalchuk. I haven't seen play very much. Live and Jardine played them six minutes now by all accounts coble chuck is a great team guys plays players love and Monroe he's because he works out still he's on the bike after games. He doesn't need to do that stuff. What was the disconnect between him and Jardine because I still don't understand one knows? No one knows I know one to this day and I've asked but no one knows it just a personnel. I know you didn't like him. For whatever reason he'd rather play Brendan Leipzig on the second power play right who's not only do. They didn't even qualify do an offer. I don't know because he's not a big. The problem with cul chuck is and it's not it's not an attitude thing. It's not a personality. I think it's he's a very very unorthodox player so you don't know where he is on the ice all the time so it was difficult for Carter and for and for Copay Tara the play with him because he'd be alone in the ice because he freelances a lot. He's more of a rover over and over but you know a better coat. I assume that he's not going to change his style and I assume todd mcleans going to be smart enough to figure out how to deploy this guy. That's part of the issue now so I know that look this team is ability better. It's nothing but for the coach being there some guys like Tyler Toffoli who's in a contract year was really playing for his money got to step up. I think just by better structure smarter coach better coach. It's going to get their attention to going to practice just better. There's GonNa be no nonsense in the locker room. This team's going to be better now. Here's the challenge will the one thing you can get on a treadmill. Angel is being mediocre so it kindred seventy one points last year. Let's say Todd ads at five five wins and Kobe Tar and dowdy better season as another four wins gets into eighty nine points the worst fucking thing in the world it'd be in the League is eighty nine points. I'm scared to play because you know what then you're drafting tenth and eleventh and twelfth every year right it's he so there's this faction of fans that I agree with that to some extent you should suck this year again and get another top five pick but here's the problem earl when you suck and you're the second worst team in the league and the Ping Pong balls. Don't drop your wake you draft fifth and the fifth best player in next year's jet is not going to put them over. So what do you do that. That's part of the dilemma here. It's like do you really just because it was me I would trade quick and Carter. They would've traded already led to fully played twenty games. Maybe starts trade him off because earl the guys in the contract here. He's eligible for an extension. They're not talking to over an extension. So what does that tell you well. Maybe the hoping and that's the Best I think the best scenario here is not going to trade those three players. The first twenty games they started off pretty good from us individual standpoint and they could raise their trade value goes that part of the problem robbed two hands were tied to some extent because the team was so bad the value of the three players. They cratered so you couldn't move them. I understand that at some point in time you have to clear the path you have to clear the money and you have to do it now. I get it Carter last year four years of the five point to CAP head and if you're a scout in the stands are you going to recommend a trade for Jeff Carter not probably not but now this three three three seasons left and if you're twenty games in two and a half seasons so you got to move these players APP because we have all the surplus they want you to do all these young kids now this one train of thought allows talking with one to play or stay about what they could do because because you talk about coupon he took about Pro Horgan your talk about grunge Tom you talk about all these young players Jet Jared Anderson Dolan the one thing they can do what the ducks do they. How's everybody in San Diego? They played in the minor leagues. We plan out there for the first sixty she games and then last twenty games bring up less than one hoping for Kings Fan. Is that all this youth here because there's too many players up front and it's not not defenseman on the Blue Line if you put all those young players in Ontario and the Ol Gel UNDERSTA others than possibly by game sixty you can bring up two or three Mike deduct with Sam Steele a Max Jones and COMTOIS. You saw that last year so hopefully maybe that's the strategy to get to the point in time where you have a group of players the next generation because right now so there's just way too many forwards on this team and you say you can't trade your veterans. I mean what are you GonNa do. You can't wave them so I think that will happen. Is I think the guys who they should have traded already going to be on the team next season. The younger players are going to be still in the minors. We're GONNA get seasoning and then eventually hopefully by game by American thanksgiving. The guy that you need to trade to get off the team will be gone and you can start the real transition into the the next generation of kings. I mean my biggest fear is if everyone is a bounceback season you gotta figure Copay Tarbey a little better. Yes you gotta figure Levin Way Better Shapes. I know that for a fact right you gotta figure Carter will bounced back to some degree. I mean it's a debate that one but why I mean he can't be any worse or maybe he could but I I have a feeling he'll bounce back. I don't know I mean you know you're guessing in on July July eleventh you gotta figure totally we'll have a big year. Dowdy will be worse than last year and Daddy made excuses in a press conference at the end of the season like I was a minus thirty but a lot audits or at the goals. I'm like opening calls. I'm like okay. I watched through dotty play last year. He never made a difference in games. I mean I think he got A. He's a winner like you know you want some cups you you you get used to it. I just just thinking I won't say he gave up. I don't think he did but I will say it was discouraged in. I can't blame them. No sees last year and then having district but they didn't. They needed that coach your guys telling me he's an age L. coach. He's not even angel coach coach. Pete peewee drills were out there. There was such disrespect and now like and I get it like Tom Macon's an excellent guide covering San Jose. He's smart he's demanding. He's going to get people's attention. This is the third coach rob drinks higher. He got to get at this right. He's not he's gotTA. Start getting things right here. I mean I mean what's the biggest movies made it so that you came in here. Let's say the Muslim tread the Mush injury okay. I you know I think Blake <hes> and I just finishing the last thing I think you know well. He was in I._C._U.. Saying if all these guys start playing good next season and they're in the playoffs spot you're going to be in that dead spot of your eighth twenty five games and now what do you do. Do you trade the players you keep them right right. Oh wait we can make the playoffs now and so the fans expectation get rise so then what he did because I'd be honest I mean I look at Saint Louis and yes. They have obviously but they're very good team. You Win The Cup your team but like they don't blow me away with the talent on their roster. Oh I'm not the most skilled team. They're not the fastest team I mean you you had guys like O'Reilly come back from the dead body traded for the CONN Smythe winner so so do it. I'm not saying I think the Kings are going to win the Cup but like I don't see them like if all if Kovalchuk has a better year and I don't think he had a bad year fourth on the team in goals sixteenth and playing time look McClellan says right. Yes I agree. I think I can solve a lot of problems with this team. He comes have a relationship with Tyler Toffoli from from team Canada so great because Tauzin a contract year he had a bad season last year. You call themselves unlucky but I mean come come on drew said it wasn't his fault thousands and lucky you had a bad season own it just own it and now the coaches again from from day one their their ten points better because the time mccown oh absolutely and I don't I don't blame him. <hes> I think a lot of people are turned off on his Edmonton tenure but it's like Edmonton. <hes> you know we get it and it's got doing their laps either drafting forwards and and you draft some good ones mcdavid looks like age fifteen years playing there. He doesn't even have acne anymore. Stress is curing his acne but I mean so I give him a pass on his edmunds and experience. Do I todd <music>. I've covered a ton. I like him. I respect him. He's the best move that they've made. Is Tom mccollum because he's going to solve a lot of the issues that with with this championship with a lot of guys would still rings in their own should be present so I don't know why am I know what happened because like disrespected to coach but he's got everybody's attention. I'm sure by now. Even I'm sure he's had conversations with players and I just love that mov- I really really liked that. Oh I think he was the best choice out there and <hes> I wanNA see grindstone for full season season. I see him being our home. Yeah agreed at it's not a disaster right. It's just that it's just I want everything went south last year. It's like they came from such a deep hole. They had a twenty eight point drop. The teams will have twenty eight point drops N._H._l.. There's too much parody so again I can't. I can't fathom like this team the performances that we show last year like as a group. I can't see that all being that bad next seas I mean which is the skit. It's I think you and the mayor both said you know you don't want to be in that dead spot of light. That's the worst you either want to read bill. You'll never get off but I don't know what you do. If you're the in the king's case I I it just say half of these guys we mentioned have better years years and the goaltending is not a problem no way no youngsters either Pearson's twenty-five Jack's twenty-seven like if you committing to youth then trade the guy and then move on from these guys guys what at whatever price who cares at this point that if you're getting yourself rid of eleven million dollars cap space. I don't keep you the third or fourth round pick from it doesn't matter you have the you have the players you WanNa plug in go with them like you've established that you've made it. You've been very very clear and transparent. A why franchise is going to be the next two seasons move these guys out. Let the youngsters come in and let's see what happens right now. This is maybe a little bit of fantasy hockey. You know let's go well. I mean it didn't happen so but you know I know that with Pinera and it was very important for him to play in a city with a strong Russian community and about two miles from where I live on Fairfax and Santa Monica <hes>. Uh You can't get a better Russian community in the country like almost I earl I agree and you could sell that and could sell it today kick tires on him at all but that I know of picked up the phone but they say that they don't have the space to do it or whatever I mean. I I get understand it. I it's not what I would have done the money because earl he's the thing he didn't take the most money the islanders and Florida they offered the more more money he took less money to play a massive square garden. He wanted to play in a big city. This is a big city with a great arena and a team that he signed on when the team hasn't won a Stanley Cup and twenty five years. Make the phone call like what's IT GONNA take. Larry Brooks got him an interview. I mean that's the point is that that team is not close to contention. They don't have they don't even have a once. He's about agenda really good season for one season like he signed on for not the most money on T._v.. Ads in the same state basically the canes are not pick up the phone and not try for that player when you wanted to use or can when I get it they come in on entry level contractor younger players this guy's only twenty seven years old. He's a difference maker. He makes better place around and and you know what it was me. I'd go out and talk to Mitchell honors people right I go out and talk about what it would take and I wouldn't care about the future look because he's the thing and this is not king specific. Mitchell mortar right you went from toluene. Does four round perks for four first first. Round picks can't do it well. It miserable comes on your team. He's going to make everybody else on that line and that team better right so your first round picks up probably going to be fifteen to twenty to twenty five. None of those players are going to be better than Mitchell mourner right so can you leverage the future yeah and guess what look what Steve Ballmer did he traded five first round picks and swap two first round picks to get one player to sign another so tell me can't be done like you don't WanNa do it and this is not on Blake Aerobic title or the organization. This is on the N._H._l.. Who are still thinking like it's nineteen seventy five right and they complain about the the hard salary cap like really a million dollars difference and you can't make a trade then you shouldn't be running the team and so there's no creativity I mean that's why I say Kudos to mock burs ran for doing that offer she even do it didn't get match because he was creative like we never see and I get it the N._B._A.'s different you need two or three players to make a team? This is twelve men on the Russian. I'm not twenty three. Can we get a three way deal like one one time every season like we had it with Duchenne trade when he went to when he went to to Ottawa but he never happens. I'd like this such blatant blatant lack of creativity the hard cap B._S.. I don't I don't WanNa hear about the hard. Cap You pin guys in the middle middle nine guys four million dollars a year and you demand the CAP right. That's on you. That's just such lack of creativity such let all these G._M.'s as a group are risk averse. They don't WanNa take risks right so as so rob if he wanted to take a risk and try to trade Carter and Paik or player. Nobody's biting. It's like nobody's taking risks in this league and that's the one thing Joe when France talk about it and you hear. These people say oh well the N._B._A.. got a soft cap and that's why any major league baseball doesn't have a salary cap and we should go towards that goes agents say that and some media say that I said it on the last couple a couple of days ago on Sirius X._M.. The N._B._a. with all the stuff that's going on at eleven teams have won thirty. Eleven teams have won championships in the last five years. It's the same bullshit. It's no different baseball when baseball starts this eighteen hundred win the world series every year so don't tell me about it and the N._H._l.. What do we have all four seeds got a limited in the first round by wildcard teams so tell me that this needs to happen? That's what is activity. There's reason there's no activity city and G._M.. Sandra because they don't want to be creative they don't want to take risk. That's the problem with this league with respect to the lack of that when we always get disappointed with the spectre free agent frenzy or the trade deadline is that there's no creativity. Nobody wants to take a risk because they're afraid for their jobs well. I think the N._H._L.'s biggest problem is like I was watching the Tampa Columbus series. There's gotta be a way and maybe it's not sustainable but to Tampa the intensity and the regular season because you could tell Tampa coat. I don't want to say coasted but you know they just weren't used to. The intensity of the play offs <hes> in my opinion Kucherov was not you. Oh there's checking in the playoffs. Oh guys are slashing and I think that's why we see so many upsets in hockey is it's such a and I think I said this. Maybe the last time you were regular season. Hockey's like kiss doing an acoustic concert answered and then you get to that first round or really any round it's like kiss with the full makeup and lasers and bombs and it's completely different and that's why you see some of the better teams lose early because they're just not. I don't know what they could do. Well look gamy. You're right game. Eighty three is very different the game eighty two but the other thing that you mentioned and what I wrote and I've said on the air none of those teams all number one seats adversity versity could handle it. They can't handle adversity because of what you mentioned earl when you go through a season with one hundred fifteen points and you leading scores got one hundred twenty seven points. What does it matter right? It's like because St Louis and I talked to Brayden Schenn in about the type of team. That's needed to win because we always talk about Oh speed skill and youth. That's what this team is. That's what this league is. Training to really you see Vancouver did it during for J._T.. Miller inside Michael Furlan I wanted the kings kings ago. They ain't getting younger and faster they ain't getting I mean that's not skill. That's that's more an aspiration like all this stuff about moving towards speed and skill he goes you know what you need. Both you need a fiscal aspect to your game. Do you need skill a yet to some extent. Do you need four thirty scores on the team to win now. There's one on Saint Louis I mean David Perron scored twenty seven goals for that team. They're not blinding speed. They want blinding skill but earl they knew what to take to once a team like Calgary. Who I thought was suspect from day one not because they're goaltending is because when I looked at that roster like this team tough enough to win the playoffs they weren't? They were absolutely not because there's Matica trucks talk. He's a pump buddies tough but johnny cajal Sean ahead really good players not not disrespecting them. They're really talented but early Senate like every inch of ice is bound for and you're GONNA lose games and you're not going to dominate because everybody is about the same and you have to understand that so if that that goes to coaching right I mean we talk about how great a coach drunk Kupwara's for them to get swept and not handle adversity. That's on the coach because he's got a drill into their heads and whatever bags skate whatever you should be pounding that team the last twenty games not taking not taking the foot of the because guess what guys it's going to be very different once we hit Columbus Game One and it was they had adversely that got hit with it and he didn't respond and all these teams didn't respond because they didn't know what it takes. Yeah I mean I just think Columbus purpose wouldn't think anyone enjoys playing for Tortorella but he has first few years in every city. He's been seemed to unite around his ornery. He's an acquired taste bunker mentality Italian. It's US against them. I'm sure that John Tortorella the two days before the series started like a guy's. Nobody fucking expects us to win. Everybody said we're GONNA get swept you look at. I don't know what it was. I think fifty sixty media experts picked him. I think fifty nine picked Tampa he goes. Nobody expects us to win so let's go out and punch him in the face and that's what happened. That's why I wrote a couple. A couple of calms ago like everybody has a plan until they get punched in face. Oh Yeah right like Mike Tyson right. They got punched in the face and they didn't get up and that happens to a lot of the elite teams who just coast not kosher the season but you know when by comfortable margins and then you go up against that A._C._t.. And they're hungry and <hes> game changes are also very very different game come April but is there anything you can do to. Maybe make regular season hockey more or <hes>. Not I mean I know you can't play like game eighty three in game thirty eight against Carolina way you could do all day. How do you make the regular season more important you? Would you reduce them more games but you can't do because revenue we wanna a hockey has got to go up. The way you do that is to make the games more like because if you had seventy game season like you'd have probably east division each confidence fifteen. You might have twelve teams battling. It was seventy eight seventy games but you can't do that. 'cause I don't think you can do to make it more relevant. I mean we're going to we're going to hear about load management next year where they actually might sit players but we just proved that you can't sit players because he can't turn it on and off like a light switch because guess what table wasn't planning game that mattered to them in January. They were playing for four months with nothing at stake. It's not the way to do it. So maybe you rest players more. Maybe maybe you don't go out. I mean you got to win every game but you know maybe put your third and fourth liners in there. Maybe you're bringing up your youngsters like that. I don't know how you stay general but it's up to the coaches say look. Here's the thing the last twenty games of the season we gotta play differently right and the G._M.'s got to do that to the G._M.'s got realized that they need a guy like you know <unk> Oscar Sundquist who hammered you've got suspended in the final cozy Hammett a guy against the boards they want the dirtiest team Saint Louis guess what they hit everybody every fucking game and they were physical and they hit and they pounded people and they pounded and pounded him. I saw at some point in time. They can get away and guess what Boston wasn't a fast team either. They were quicker but they weren't really blinding speed fast and what happened with Boston. What a Boston get to the cup final because they'd be really good trades? You know people make fun of them when he traded for Joanne's engined Charlie coyle those guys didn't even get cut final so here's the thing is that we talk about trends in the League and Copycat League. We could sit here today like we don't know because coming into the Stanley Cup final. We thought that it was Tampa Bay anointed they're going to win and look at all the skill and speed points on the third line look at how can it be stopped and a grinding team. You know that came in what at that hadn't known high home-ice advantage to play. It's like with a center. They traded for in the off season from Buffalo. Jack didn't want the CONN Smythe winner in Buffalo Right. You don't know what wins in this league but you gotTa know that guess what what do they win with goaltending defense you still need that there's still components and it goes back to the Kings at twenty fourteen eighteen. If you don't have that url you still winning Posey's Oh absolutely and it goes back to trades. I mean Lombardi I think unfairly for him gets remembered for the the Lucci monstrous mess <hes> which character trait discourage a play twelve games but you know what I would call will chuck signing. I would've signed. I thought Kovalchuk was exactly what we needed for that team ninety eight point team that needed scoring at that time correct of course we can a year later go add. Maybe didn't work out but girl you don't you don't put him on the team and then firemen to thirteen gains and put a guy who shouldn't be coaching in his place well if you look at what we lost four one goal Games Vegas in the in the playoffs <hes> you know he was the only really goal score available via free agency. I love the tree and I sat down and look Luca. Danni I last year at the franchise I what's the expectation for him twenty five to thirty goals which I think he could have gotten if chardon <hes> playing them six. I Love Kyle Clifford. I love him to you. Know My love of tough guys but it's a great man. He's a great man. I hope he retires the king agreed whether it hurts the team or not they need that they need some culture. They need that toughness. They need him to mentor the place but you shouldn't be on a second line. He should not be playing more than Goebel Chuck. It was a horrible selection and here's look Deroga- jammed up because rob went into the market saying I'm only going to take who's ever GonNa take the jobs. GotTa take an interim so you get the guys who are willing to gamble to get back in the league and Jordan had been in the league but if they'd taken the time to talk to three people in Vancouver he never would have hired right well. Who else was I mean all assume that you know they still had to pay ciders and then Stevens so all as soon as well we need someone to coach the team <hes> and if if they lose hey not not the worst assistance or I would've elevated stutters but maybe he didn't want to step into a situation like that but thirteen games in earl I mean so that so rob on some of that because he had the wrong coach for that player you mentioned time on ice? You can't do that right you can't did you needed that so he's going to own end you know what rob did own and the great thing about he's owned his mistakes. He sat there press conference manned up and said look. I did a lot of things wrong here. Right wasn't a good season for me and now he's got to flip the bike. Guess what he's got to start getting things right. It's own the mistakes that you made but three seasons in you gotta start guessing right but I think king fans are too harsh on Blake because okay I think Blake with how he left the team as a player some defense. It's still harbor that correct but you know what let's has a performer myself. You go where the money is that you go oh to still America. I think who gets back to you first and apparently the kings I understand you would know more than I would drag their feet a little bit and getting back to Blake. He's like hey they're offering me twice go cop and they went to Bind San Jose but that's where he built a relationship but Tom McLaughlin so the end of the day. It's probably a positive things that we sit here in two thousand nineteen but yeah there's a faction of fans that rob at think that he'd left the team twice so we are and and not for nothing you know. He didn't really go through the pay he he's not he's not a guy like Mike food. WHO's been a manager for a long time and as you know gets on planes and scouts people and and other things you know he was just sitting alongside of a Dean Lombardi learned his license well obviously this relationship and friendship between him and and Logan? They came in as a management team so we'll see but again now we're at the third season by the end of this season. You have to see some trends in a positive direction. You can't even if they don't make the playoffs absence of eight. You've got to see some development here right because it can't it can't continue in perpetuity like that and you just as general manager in any sport. You don't have seven years to get back here and that's the issue. That's a challenge at this point well. Hopefully it happens. I it has for the Rangers or one summer. They've got paren- Cocco and some other kids that you know no one's talked Jacob Trueba yeah you don't even talk about true but <hes> so I think you can rights accelerated as New York yeah they were saying we wrote the letter the letter and now going to rebuild. Well guess what the rebuilding expectations are much much higher than they were just two months ago well. That's what I would have kept phenomena. Enough to be completely on you know all you here's he sucks he's too slow. He can't play in this league but less personally on the fan of his but be that as it may <hes> if he does suck he's going to help you get a lower pick or higher. Pick X so like I'd never understood like get rid of this guy <hes> <hes> well. I know when he signed them right but like if he's that bad which I don't believe he was as the game pass them by it probably has in in terms of the quickness but <hes> but he was really look for all the stuff that was said about him early in his career in Toronto and it really basically in Toronto he was professionally. He always had time for the media. Eh from one incident. He mentored the kids well. They learned from him so he was a class act. So it's something around but again the finances I get the buyout I understand it. They wanted to younger different direction so if he blocked the Matt Roy from playing next season. You can't have that happen at this point morning time because by the time you're good again. He's going to be thirty six years old so I get it. I understand it so I I understand I zero problem with that. I think it was the right thing to do. Their personally I would have bought out Jeff Carter but that's the story from the time but I have no problem with that because they had to move on and they had the death of defense. Even though it's not quality you have to get these other kids who are twenty three twenty four years old a shot but to me run <hes> Dur- Z. and Walker <hes> McDermott lesser degree although I I don't see him being now not like if they can't directly who they they pretty damn look out in front of the fans at the state of the Union last year. I never got never saw the light of day so there's it's tough you know look. There's an old saying like prospects are cool but you know Pareja Cooler and championships a cooler so it's great that and I know that there are some fans are excited about the process that they have which there are some coming absolutely that the system is not bear here we could be having an entire different conversation twenty four months from now right just that next season is that real it could be a really really tough season again and may from my from my vision I would want to add one one star player here not go hog wild and bring in three. I mean you can't do that right but I I would have liked to see them going the market now and bring in a star but I mean look why not bring Joe Pavelski right against division rival Joe and suiting up in Kingston uniform. You Kidding me seven million dollars a year thirty eight goals he would he would adult up the rivalry. He certainly would have been motivated. Every time they step down guys at San Jose. He wasn't going to Dallas so that that's sort of my challenges that I mean if I'm a dramatic. I'll be more aggressive because I don't have the luxury of time well I would have. You know I'm all about experimenting I would assigned Furland and not SINAIA follow. He just doesn't and do it for me. Okay now. I'm comic. So what the hell do I look. Here's the thing the thing about I follow is improved his goalscoring last year but again. It's all all this tinted by the fact that the Jardin was a coach so it's really hard to tell so let's see how he functions under todd McCowan I follow it would be a great third line left wing absolutely yeah no but he was on the first one and guess what he agreed chemistry Copay Tarin and and and and Brown and they love playing with him because he cleared a path he was aggressive. He created time and spatial them so I get understand again. If you're on a top line you got to be a twenty five thirty goal guy. He was a nine goal guy. I yeah it's just it's just not good enough. I mean and again on a really really good team. Third Line left wing absolutely solid like he can't be in your top six unless he finds scoring touch that I don't think you'll ever find it. He's not eight again and these prospects a lot. We talk about did not eighteen nineteen years old to twenty twenty two twenty three years old so there at the end of the development art and at the beginning so that's why they're looking at a kid like Copari who's what eighteen nineteen years old they gotta look at these younger plus because the guys that they have in the system right. They are all the grunge from twenty one twenty two years old. He's not GonNa he's not going to be twice as good in two or three years. He's probably the level is going to be and you you mentioned whole shop and I agree with you. That's comparable so again if he's on a third line or second line gets twenty goals then yeah you got something so yeah. It's it's not doom and gloom for me. It's just that it's just the just the aggressive they're not aggressive enough to get an another elite player in here. That's my one. That's my one disagreement with with a rebuilt because of what I mentioned not only that there isn't one in the organization but you really need a selling tool the sell this this is rebuilt because if you because what happens are on we talked about this you know what goes on with these other teams in the system like you know it's like what are you selling here. I mean every other team has star players these have to and I consider co Petar undoubted star players the booth the franchise for ten years like what's the cell right now. What's the sizzle? There's no there's no sizzle is know what that it does is the marginal fan right that might go to a game if he has one hundred dollars of spending a game. He's not coming to a kings game. The hardcore fan that's going to be here like you is going to buy tickets going to be there. Every day. You can't change those people away and that might be told thirteen thousand but twelve or thirteen thousand that means the six thousand empty seats and that's a challenge. That's an issue and again it goes back to well. There'd be a commitment if there's multiple seasons like that and they had that sellout streak in quotes they kept going in. They finally waved the flag the season on that. That's the problem. Is that when you when you when you sell a rebuild without a star player at the top that's going to take this team to the next generation like the Marshall Fan is not going to be not in this town and not going to be interested well unfortunate coach. I agree with everything. You just said. I mean it's there's very few name star players who you could bring here. I mean you're not gonNA get ovechkin. He in the in the fantasy hockey world he would be go. Get Him <hes> Oh you know because he is a name marginal hockey fans probably know Malkin pot you know he's got the personality of Dolph Lundgren and universal soldier. I don't know what you could ovechkin. You could put in the commercial out here SCIENC- a <hes> <hes> but that's what happens P._N._B.. Linda Cohn every night yeah be great. That's not happening <hes> if it was if it was jack us it's it's doable acceptable. Oh a Jew. I didn't even know he was Jewish. No I'm not like I'm Jewish so Bernstein definitely definitely one hundred thirteen percent Greek there but if you didn't have sponsors I carry this but like yeah a huge would have been great that could've sold because L._A.. Has a Jewish community kid he's gotTa go personnel even Cocco Cocco. It'd be great offense that don't say three words but scored fifty goals but that would have been so that would have been settled to me like after maybe the kid it's two years away like what are you doing between now and then to draw people in join the media in Western excitement honesty because down the hall every October November like Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James and Anthony Davis or suit up for you to make such a such a difficult sell I mean and there's really no way to get a star. <hes> you'd have to mortgage chapter team. Let's just say the penguins call us and say what do you want for Malkin. I mean you don't give up probably Turcott and he's thirty. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. I mean that's the problem but the parents twenty seven years old and Patrick Lana. He's the thing in Winnipeg APEC Patrick Lana Connor thirty goal scorers. They both need to get paid. It both probably want nine ten million dollars. Guess what one big doesn't want to do that. Make a phone call. What's IT GONNA take Patrick on or maybe you'd have to offer shoot him? What's IT GONNA take three first picks? I do it. I would for him I do it. He's twenty one years old it. A bad season scored thirty goals. We haven't seen a player like that. When you tell me Your Kingston when are we seeing a play like Patrick Lana in the city in a King King uniform? I mean my my instantly went to Bernie Nicholls Seventy glossies. I know that was an aberration go. It's been like that's what we that's what that's what this organization needs. They need to go out and and mortgage the future because you could tell me all these other B._N._C.. Prospects are really really good. Then the three first round picks for next year might take to get Patrick glomming WanNa do it. I would do it for line. Absolutely I M co tournament paying the money and then trade carbon quick and there's your money to pay Lonnie this waste do it but again. That's my challenge. That's my issues that that I've nothing wrong with rebuilding a team. It's just the celebrate is like really tough because it's been five seasons without a round victory and that's probably going to be seven so and I'm not the fair but the famous wants to pay one hundred twenty five bucks and by the way full transparency. I'm a season ticket holder right so I have some skin in the game right and guess what we sat in the fifteen throw last year and all of a sudden because the team at seventy one points in the fourth round those those seats would never be available in two thousand fourteen. Oh yeah that's and and so when I talk about that it's not just guessing its first hand. Knowledge is that were on the in the fourth row where the king shoot twice on the Blue Line so if you guys want to throw shit at me next season you know where I'm starting westbound right so I see that happening. I know these seats are amazing. Why even available Oh guess what Willie does your thirty one points? That's why the available so that that's the tough thing and I know it's going to be struggling and look if kings fans are patient that's great and it takes two years to get back to championship and look as a a fan. You're still paying taxes on the two banners hanging from the ceiling and you WANNA trade off in that because guess what in twenty eleven had I come to you and say hey earl. Here's the deal to Stanley Cup championships five years after that you're not going to do shit. Would you sell obsolete. Ah in the second so again. The organizations don't think so. I'm not criticizing A._G.. And shoots or anybody else because they they stopped the wandering in the desert I get it but now there's certain organizations that don't fall far after winning championships. This has been one one and there have been mistakes made in the last couple seasons that probably shouldn't have been made but now and this is why it's so why the game while it may not be reverend to watch this team next season. It's such a crucial time for this organization because one or two things going to happen those kids argument about Tottenham about on the right track. You'RE GONNA see a path back towards contention or it's going to be another bad season and then what do you do. I said that's why to me from a media standpoint. It's going to be to me. It's going to be really really compelling because everything possibly that could have gone last season went wrong and that is opportunity and again with todd leading the charge with somebody's kids that could emerge. It's not hopeless situation than when I wrote that article I didn't look at us. Hopeless is this some huge question marks and have to be answered in the third year of this regime why remember when we did <hes> the kings of the roundtable and when did we do that August in August of last season <hes> and I don't want to say I was the only one but I was like I didn't talk a lot. I get shy Kyw when for some reason well you know there's I'm probably the least <hes> technical knowledgeable hockey man in that room so I I don't mind listening more than talking but I think <hes>. What were you thinking well? I was like you know everyone. One in this room is giving vulgarity a big like you know yeah. He's our second line center or he's GonNa Start Out as third line center and probably move up to second line center and I remember saying what's it GonNa be like the first time he takes a cross check from Sodano Chara right. I said that I'm saying I don't I don't remember if it was your sleigh. Goal the Great Brian Slagle Metal Blade Records said well. He's not going to be planning char. What's going to be like when he takes a crosscheck from Kevin be axa or or someone like that comb Perenco right or enough to take? You shouldn't be in the league anymore right enough dinosaur well his crosschecks hurt has good as anyone's and we didn't even get to see what it would be like if he ever found a way to get his back better he would be the guy that's nice fortunate what turns what's The because the kings have been very skull and bones on his what is his muscular and and structural so there's issues with with his with his back from a muscular and from a joint standpoint that they can't figure out but the don't and it could be a pain wintrust halting it could be a situation where I'll give an example Rick Nash Rick Nash had a bad back is his career after games ice pack on his back bad back missed games but he played you played through it. I'm not sure so how much damage to that back but there isn't a lot of damage that it's a mental thing in Kansas could get on the ice and play with the pain and fight through the pain and play because he would be the guy and it's unfortunate. That's that's something that you couldn't afford cast it and we didn't see happening and that would have been the guy right so to add him to Turcott and the rest of them that would have been something but you can't count on that now so that's what it all of. They knew they would tell us if you were certain players physically okay. Why would you hide the fans and the media? I don't know because I think it's it's. There's an issue with his back but I think also it's the player ability to play with pain because this looks like it's going to be a condition. It's not going to go away. This is something he's going to have to play with and I think they've intimated that is such so not everybody can do that url because of the man's of this you know he's what nineteen twenty year old player like. It's tough your back heart you try to the ice you get hit by parade on the first period for shift like Oh nope Shit my best killing me. He has to find a way to manage that pain and earl. He's not the only player in the in the League I think ninety nine percent of the players manage pain right. Nobody's totally healthy so I think that's the issues that does not skulduggery. It's the fact that there's a there's a issue that's keeping him off the ice. That's both structural and muscular and that's why we haven't seen gave already which is a shame because that's wow that would be like you said that's a guaranteed thirty goal scorer. He entered our common yep and I think I mean it can happen or at least the kids still remember. The kids are not thirty five year old executives here trying to trying to lead a corporation their kids twenty years old. Maybe he has maybe as the right physical therapist. Maybe we finally Ed Procedure that that helps them and stuff like that but again. It's a maybe and there's just too many maybes organizations say hey I gotta go in with full conferencing okay to season from now. No problems could be one hundred point. Team can't say that at this point well. Oh you know my fear is <hes>. I'm a big Pittsburgh steeler fan. I know that yes and I remember nineteen eighty three. We had the chance to draft an Marino but they didn't want her. Bradshaw's feelings makes it goes back to what you said. If I come to you in two thousand eleven right did you do the <hes> and I just feel like two quick especially not so much more than Carter just as quick as an O._G.. King Right <hes>. <hes> that there's they don't want to hurt either his or the fans feelings of like hey thanks for the two cups brother but like if you look at the long term ramifications of what happened to the steelers basically you for ten years after the fact they went through Mark Malone Right Bubby brister cried start with a K.. Tom Zach <hes> and that's my fear is that you mentioned holding onto some of the players who got them the cops. I mean you want to hold onto quick. Oh no I listen. I love him but being a steeler fan and seeing what happened to loyalty. That's like hey thanks man. I'm fine with Peterson because I want because I know you gotta go. Oh you're busy man. <hes> I want to try and set up the roster for the fans <hes> I'm fine with Cam Campbell and Peterson one to well the way it starts next season. It's not going to be like that. It's going to be quick and and and Campbell Justin can go back to the minors at twenty five years old. I don't know what it does. Maybe he's just a man of waiting until they move quick. I be my help 'cause. I just don't think he's got anything more to learn Ontario. No no he's twenty five years old earl. He's is not twenty one from another organization same thing with Jack Campbell you gotTa Start Planning Because Jack was great and Peterson was up. He was had the same crappy team they had. They put up nine twenty percents isn't John didn't John Allows a year and he knows is it and I mean and that's the dilemma it's like if I'm scouting and I see the numbers these two kids put up his numbers like wait a minute so the team stuff but they were good and he was bad so CPAC. That's the issue again it goes to maybe the maybe you might see a ton Una junk quake in the first twenty games here in an effort to get a move because I don't everybody's going to the Qods all the G._M.'s now. They're on vacation. It's what the eleventh of July nobody's making a trade so all these players that you see based on in some one and look conversation could change things but use this is the team you're going to have come in training camp so cars going to be the default is going to be. It's going to be there and again. I just think at this point in time you gotta play quick got. The team is better in front of them. You you gotta hope that you gotTa see an injury from another team's goaltender farming from a contender or somebody starts off poorly and then robs got burn up the phone lines get quick move and then put Peterson and his well. I would think quick would be an amazing consolidation Dacian prize consolation what what I just said for the Bobrovsky losers. You know maybe Columbus even though they got the two kids prospects in that <hes> you know if I'm the islanders. The Island has made a mistake why they traded for Varlamov one side of I don't. I don't know what they're thinking. I don't know I mean Lou didn't have a good July first. He did bring back onto his late. I don't get that that I would have had jonquet and John Clicks from the area. Yeah sounds from Connecticut and the only at look it was. Let's say he doesn't get any better right in two seasons from now you gotta expansion draft so any of these guys you're talking about trading. It's not a four year commitment. It's a two year commitment because don't tell me that in two years Seattle don't have an interest in Jonathan quick as a guy who's won two Stanley Cups. Not It's not a great comparison but look at Marc Andre Fleury won. Two Cups went to Vegas Expansion. I mean you you see how it's got to sell tickets. They gotta have name brand players. That would be a great name Brian Player so if I'm tracy for Jon Quick I'm saying okay it's two years. That doesn't work out. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA put him and he's going to Kandahar and Philly Brian Elliott. was I mean he was really he was not yeah. I mean championship. goaltender knows how to win big games that should have been the trade issue to make the all these teams that sun other players like Calgary I would've traded for. I won't sign Cam Talbot. We've got John Quicken there because he knows how to win gained seven. It's not just about the performance performance are all it's about mentoring plays. WanNa takes the wind be prepared mentally for big games and Jon quick still do that so maybe not in cow but I think there's going to be some team here at some point in time that might might want to have that entity mean. I would always say Ottawa but they ain't GonNa win anything anytime soon. So what do you need a championship golden going there but yeah I agree but I just think that first twenty games you're GonNa see junk quicken the net a lot because the kings would want to prove to other teams that this guy is healthy that he's not as bad as it was last season season a lot of it was just a function of having poor team in front of him so let's guy we'll start with the goal so it's quick and Campbell Right Peterson and Ontario. Let's hit that six the six defense right so doughty body number one Martinez Flobert now gets good. I guess you'll Keam Ryan who they summoned from San. Jose's GonNa be you know. Not You know that's like a hand seuss Bridge I get it. I'm Walker and in Roy and dirty. Possibly I don't think he I think he's going anywhere. It's going to H. O.. But there's your six that's scary six defensive honestly. It's that that's that's why you pay. That's why you Sean taught on for five years and you get a commitment for five years yeah after two. It's not quality. It's GONNA be tough. It's GonNa be a tough road defensively right so now let's go to the forest. All assume first line is <hes> Brown Kobe Tara follow yes so you know he's not the worst first line in the world. Go back to seasons Brown was sixty point player and copy was what a point a game player I second line is <hes> Compay Carter until two Foley Yeah you know I think I have a great year because he wants that money. He wants that money. I mean it usually happens. He's GonNa try a little harder in the corners I I would I would trade him to buffalo crystalline. Oh absolutely but but just but yeah but yeah look Yes town hall scored thirty goals in this league right he had to what's the season before he was hurt. He had a crack kneecap hurt last season. I don't know but again coach but yeah potentially could eat each one of those look potentially Carter's twenty five to twenty five can't be. I'm not a fan fifteen grey Rishaad. I know every seventh game. That's the problem so but yet but that yeah but that's that's yes. Could that be productive second line. Yeah is used question marks on that so keep going all right so third lions where it gets fun yeah and I kind of liked this third line. If it's grunts Trim Yup my boy Ilya Okay and the Real Wild card is I've been staring at his name for five minutes because I I I WANNA be a knowledgeable hockey fan pro horgan yeah this well yes I I mean but I get concerned that he's already been pencilled in and it's Kinda like well. What about Indian Dolan? I'd rather see I would assume Tom Carvel. Chuck would like his countryman there and you don't bring a twenty seven year old player said on the bench but there's no guarantee because elegant the ship chef in Vegas but yet but that that's reasonable reasonable <hes> well what ship achieve up to maybe the when he's back in Russia so forth line you know I guess it really almost doesn't matter but I will say Clifford Lewis and then maybe Mario Campaigh Matia Amani. Oh would that's rough fourth line. I love Amodio like it's nothing personal but like when you look at Vegas fourth line and I know that that element is gone now but like you know reeves is a very effective guy and Saint Louis role. We'll have role players. These guys aren't enrolled. Let me look CLIFFE's. A role player loses a role player but earl below the the the bottom nine Ford's. A lot of question marks there a lot underneath the three defensemen. It's been a lot of question marks there. There's a lot of babies. There's not a lane who knows what Pro Hawkins going to do. He could be great could be yeah. I know the guy the guy who who came over from K. Jail. He's not masking <unk> square garden next season making ten million dollars. He came up a pretty good but once what's the benchmark he's appointed game player in a cage upper organ so vs half a point six tenths of a point. That's what a forty fifty point player. I love this team to have if you're a fifty point player earl sticking leaning screwing this team last season so you would take fifty point player on this team. I'm not sure it is because again it's chemistry. It's like you throw all these players together that really I mean connor and defoliant play together right but everybody else that you mentioned below the top line hasn't played again like how do you get you know. It's just it's a lot of work. It's a lot of heavy lifting for for Tom Com next well in my fantasy world and full disclosure. I thought when we got Lucia this is going to be the best line in the league. You've got deluged power game. You've got CO PETAR SHIFTING US and GAB REX speed and hands and that line was a disaster <hes> uh on paper CH- it should have been amazing but you know you know Lucci was just too slow look. He was a fifty five point player though he and I know for fact Kobe like playing with them enjoyed playing with him and he was stupid he was fifty. He gets six million dollar contract because he had a good season in L._A.. Now he's I don't know I mean that's the one thing that one thing that we wrote the article is that they were looking at Ayar vacated from Edmonton as a possibility I know that Dave tippet loves metlife a loved them and Seattle if if tip and had more patients that stay in Seattle I would bet that left would have been there their expansion pick from L._A.. He loves them. You want got up. The Amazon made inquiry again and again. They said well look we'll take we'll talk about Harvey. You gotTA take contract. I just don't think you can do it can't do it again you can't do it can't do it so that that's and that's what but anyhow and smart like I would do that too. Oh you want the former four third or fourth overall pick great. We'll give them to you. He's not going to be not gonNA work here. I but you gotta take loser contract. I get it. I understand it so get Kudos to Kenny how trying to make that broker that deal but but that's that's the issue that's the challenge is like there's a lot of like you got to put a lot of moving parts and earl. Let's try to be positive here. Maybe by game sixty all these players do melt together and he find combinations that work you can't expect it game one like the and so when you come into the season with the hope wrote that the players that we talked about elevator gain so the trade value is up to you move them but did you look at the lineup say how is this team going to win games here with the lack of debt that the lack adept a lack of of uncertainty around these players playing together but it goes back to Saint Louis and once again. I'm not even coming close to saying I think the Kings are going to win the Stanley Cup this year but like I don't see Saint Louis that mind blowing a team they played well together Robert Bore two-zone who's own car gunnison on the Blue Line. Yes so a lot of journeymen and Shin wasn't exactly in great stirred team now which was really yes Schwartz. I think they traded for shed. What's really good but he found like suncoast found a semi blade gin? We'll get into physical player like people thought that like this is just about skating and skill and speed. It's not it's not watch the Games again like maybe get you into the postseason again. You'RE GONNA flop. If you don't have a physical aspect of your game. You'RE NOT GONNA win a playoff games. It's as simple as that. I think that's what G._M.'s have to wrestle with at this point which is why I wanted the kings and maybe they did. I don't know I didn't hear them in Furlan match and in the same but like he's to me the the perfect winger each scores forty points knuckles goals points yeah. He's very physical. I mean at some point you're going to need in. Maybe grunts terms that this person that Brown's is bodies got such a breakdown at some though he had some issues challenge shoulder and stuff like that but he's he's not breaking down yet. He really good seasonal. Oh absolutely he still he still gonNA hit people. He's going into slot risks lots of really good. It's really kind of <hes> people Kinda underplays Ra- shot he could school goals still. I mean Kobe tarpon plane great together but yeah but you look you mentioned like what are the Kings do. Did they talk about Furlan. Let's remember who they did son Martin Frick Kim Ryan Mary Kemba. What's Martin fricks do because I don't think a lot of King fans myself included no a tremendous amount about about him? He's he's a skilled European Ford who couldn't didn't really make Detroit I he's I think the the two way deal I assume he I I don't he might make the team as an extra forward. I think he's probably GonNa Start in Ontario Tara. I'd management mutations and I don't see him. Being a factor. Next season and Ryan is <hes> riot note Ryan played really well with Brent Burns in San Jose Burns and no birdseye personally shows up at our gifting suite and Vegas all the time they liked line. I'm surprised he got away from them so he could be a good four five player but again manager expectations I mean you know like I said your third best defensive right. Now is forward who I agree with you. I'll never forget the one last thing here forward that one game we think it was in Dallas where has ears hanging off. Oh Yeah I'll never I mean the guy is just he's a limited type of Claire and I always go back to the fact that they treated up traded for the draft format and the next pick was Vladimir Tarasenko Towers. I can go back as my reference point so that was even this regime but but I'm not it's just that on a really good contending team Derek forward to repair defenseman and he was your third Pennsylvania fifteen minutes. A night got a really solid team when he graduates up to twenty one twenty two minutes of night he does have offensive skill and he's it's just that he's not that stopper. You need defense and that's IT products. You need your number. Three defensemen should be really solid. If you think you're a playoff team and look he started start. He'll play games. He won't hurt you but he doesn't help you win. Championships and that's the beauty of the draft is every team has made dozens of mistakes. You can't yummy please. I mean I remember when I wanted us to trade up to get Anthony Stuart. No I like. I thought Anthony Stuart Kingston pontiacs was going to be the next grade power forward in this league. He added all didn't have out. I'll go back to the fact that when they drafted drew doughty could address Eric Carlson and they drafted Colton Tuber in was the second guy was gonNA. I'm telling you I thought Colton Tuber. It was going to be our Scott. Stevens is as crazy as that sounds now back then he had it all and then you go back that far. I'M GONNA turn a kid. They gave up on second round pick. He's playing second pair for Tampa Bay lightning now but I mean my point yeah I mean we could sit this could be this could be a podcast in context they've won two cups right and they that that March that forty or more to the desert ended right so it's not terrible I mean there's imagine being Vancouver Fan or a Toronto Eh 167 right in those markets right so so it's I get it. There's a salary cap era the hills and valleys. It's just this team really shouldn't be in the predicament there. If you're paying two players over ten million dollars a year you should be able. Surrounded with talent at Rob's gotta and he started it with with the Muslim trade like a trade and you got the first round pick and so you got another defense you got to defensemen and winger but again the that that one that need I'm going to hop upon it again and one thing I'm GonNa hop on probably until three seasons from now that one elite talent is what they lack here and that's what they should be more aggressive and try to get it in any avenue if it's an if it's a big time trade if you WANNA mortgage your future right look if I'm a G._M.. And I'm three years in and I know two more years of team is going to be good. I'm not mortgaging my future because guess what gear six. I'm not going to be the G._M.. So that that's why I like to see what the spectrum aggressive is well. I mean you just take this draft. I mean <hes> absolutely he's either going to be the next John Leclair fifty goals every year or he's GonNa score seven goals disease. I don't see any middle ground. I agree with you. It's all or nothing but the beauty of that Addis. He's the thirty third pit so you could take that risk at that point like four years ago. They never make that pick this with dean. Never in a million years which I didn't WanNA character guys like the grind should soldiers good soldiers like and they got and not for nothing and I don't want to criticize unity earth because he he finds gold at the bottom of the like he's seventh round picks making the but the seven mile pickets a reason so they might be a good three see or foresee like nick shore Nick Dowd Right. I mean anybody who's the planet. Alabama Huntsville is not going to be thirty goal score right so they did a really good job underneath to get that debt but these players there when they get them. The development curve isn't that high like Nick Nick sure was never developed into a thirty goal score or second line center. Nick Dad wasn't like you go back and look at the draft history and granted the addressing inbound Bottomley draft but even ten a Pearson now. I mean you look back at their drafts. It hasn't been good that they were operating at at a lower level in some other teams but they you tell me other than Judy. WHO's The star player in ten years? They haven't developed a true star player. That's the crux of women they had. I mean you could argue tall follicles. You scored thirty goals. I got him a second round but you go back after drew doughty and tell me to start playing and they've Jackson developed. They haven't done it dean with all his genius his Genus was he leveraged the Greg drafting that and funding town the Day Taylor regiments adopted but his genius was trading Carter when he was out of favour trading for Gabric when he was out of favor and put together and broadened veterans like Justin Williams and Robin regeer and and the other stories we never bring up stolen grieve Vishnevsky. There's no way they would have championship with those guys those glue guys they bought and so he made so many great trades but because if he didn't earl he never wanted one championships because he wasn't the greatest drafter in the World Jonathan Bernie I mean you know Dhamma. Saiki Heke was a big swing and a mess although he serviceable a back from now this I don't know he would help but that was that was the one thing I was robbed. Lakewood learn from from Dean Lombardi. I'll take out of his tool. Kit was the ability to make the gamble I make those big traits because Dean did it and wasn't perfect but was close Daniel perfect and without the ability to make those train had the vision for plays that would fit they never would championships Egypt's that was gene teens genus and what happens at the end the rainbow when you stick with it too long and you don't think that some some aspect of speed and skill needs to be put on this team and you stick with coach who the players really detests who never took his foot off the pedal and just ground the team that around when you stick with the two long not be like look to championships in in three years earl you should be G._M.. For Life it should it should be fifteen years before you're you're asked to leave. It was two seasons and they were tired of. I mean that's the whole thing. I'll let the one thing that's kind of stunning is that with all the great things he did after two seasons. He's not the gym anymore. He bought him virtually no currency so that's the one thing I wish Robert go into his toolbox and oil oil called Dean up and say like a how D- savvy traits and at you could say that the Muslim trade was a pretty savvy trade but it's to be determined but take more risk for for proven talent. We'll see the thing is he's trading proven talent for for for prospects. Make one one deal if it's a trade or free agent signing or an obviously for another proven player and I think the fans will be more satiated it had more promise instead of warning about if this player that player or this prospects develop because we just no and you ran down the roster. There's so many question marks ending one proven talent to the question once they understand. I think would say she defense a lot more probably make it they'll. It's going to be difficult for them ahead. It'd be a little bit more palatable for fans. Well I mean I think thank you know the kings of stoldas and get hurt and Voinov. I think God hurt they had a relatively good chance of winning that Middle Cup <hes> of course that's just guessing and but they were they were contenders they you were in that I think <hes> and then you know speaking of point of like I think that situation is is still to a degree. <hes> has left a a black mark on the Kings in terms of you know you had to trade for Aguirre gear yeah. You know it's been longtime though oh no I know but this is this is not like this not Ju Daddy Junior and anybody uses that as a crush bonus really screwed us. They go out and find one and trade for one one or sign one but I'm just saying I think that you know I don't think if we had him now. It's five years out of the League. Now we've four <hes> but like it did hamper but it's not a quantity or that is is impossible to replace like we like if that happened to drew daddy that would be a big hit right but it happened to Voinov and you should with a replace for enough by now and Earl. Guess what we went down a lot. They still haven't why no but it still but you know maybe the security doesn't get made if you know so stuff like that and then maybe we have those picks that we traded for secure. You know it so you know it's like dominoes. It's absolutely one affects the other. If you don't make the Lucci straight you had those pick in there anything Miller <hes> in whatever we gave up for secure I think it was the first round pick and <hes> another another player. I think mckean so you know that love the but but again yeah it's a lot of different things but again that that entity of you know we have a replace Vaughn ever well. I mean he's a second pair defenseman. You can find second pay defense minutes league probably three different ways so that's just an excuse for not being able to execute so Dennis. I go on all day we could. I mean we we could and hopefully we will. I mean there's so many players that you know <hes> final grade on King straps. I thought they had the best draft of An- of anyone because arguably they got the second best center in the draft Chicago. Fans would argue that <hes> doc I think they talking to doc. I think they a they were hoping fallen and but great them with the fact that there's no Kako or us as a as I mean find out down the road oh sure but I think that even a guy just signed today a job at that absolutely at this point in time and hopefully develops three years from now. We're still saying this yeah. I mean I think the second best defenceman in the draft arguably and then it's going to have to have patience because the one thing when you fall out at a to spot one and two spot the one thing you don't get immediate help such a kill players would have been immediate how I mean this is Chicago from twelve to three. That was the proverbial kick in the balls because you are saw this king team every game last year I I saw them as well as you talk about a team that really need a Kako or he of course every team needs there but I I mean the kings really yeah. They don't have a high end that we talked about the last hour but yeah and that's the one thing is the one differentiator is that it may come to pass that kings may have a better draft than the Rangers and the devils but we won't find out for a couple of years. They need help they. They really needed to sell this better to make the optics better just isn't there. We don't know yeah I mean you need starts in ally and there are so few in the N._H._l.. That are marketable to the casual fan Dan here exactly I mean you're not getting crosby. I mean you'd have to severely overpay to get Malkan. <hes> and I don't know if he's that marketable in L._A.. Ovechkin probably the only guy that would be like that would be at the top of the news. Oh my God but you're not getting him so getting it but there's no and there's no frustration youngster either as you can sell as well I mean that's a really good kid very well-spoken. It's going to go to Wisconsin that we'd caulfield. I'm show development the player that doesn't help this team next season. It doesn't help the optics on the team. I mean unfortunately in ally. There's just too much to do exactly and I wrote that it's like this is not natural calgary where a are the only team in town or there's limited entertainment and sports options. We just rent as fifteen different danger by ticket to and especially considering what both L._A.. Teams in the basketball league the N._B._A.. Dead like wow you. I don't even know if getting ovechkin would make the top of the news right now but you know if the Lakers lose start losing or continue losing the broncos growing again. He's at forty games. That is a big growing depauw. I'll tell you that much janice. Where can people find you? Yes it's first and foremost the fourth dot Com leave my my last final spot like ad coms called the the good things come to those who wait is on the front page and you could definitely get me on twitter Dennis F. B. S. of questions. I actually answered D._M.'s as well and some people like the but I'm certainly always there even in the the baron days of July and August on shows offensive some questions so I'm happy always engaging with the specter as long as respectful as legitimate questions. I'm inhabited. Come back and have a discussion with you. SELL FOUR SPIRIT DOT COM dynasty F. B. Morse on instagram. That's just let's take your dog dogs exactly sniper bomber so yeah but force DOT COM Tennessee. If that's where you can find me in unhappy engage in don't give up hope kings fans may take a little longer than you expected but hopefully at the end of the Rainbow Year a couple of seasons will have a contending team well. Unfortunately you know <hes> you lose by winning in this league. I mean you went to Cups and three years top to get there. Yeah I mean look at Detroit. They won for twenty five straight years. They've been bad for a bit now. They're starting to turn it around. Tampa was in a dark space for a while. <hes> you know never got gotten over either earl. We'll get l._A._X.. At the other end of the rainbow all the expectations and Tampa all those great players know championship the One last question it just popped into my head because I became a <hes> McCain Fan through and through I will support them. I supported supported them when they traded Larry Murphy Ken Houston <hes> Rest in Peace Mr Houston what is Columbus. They lost their whole roster. I mean do they make the playoffs. No no no. They're lottery team they. They might be top five team. I mean they signed Gus Nyquist. I think they should bring back Ryan Zinke. I think he's a really useful player but that's going to be a team and they've got some parts. They're still I mean set Jones a really good player <music> but <hes> Dubois he blossomed and that look at imagine if Columbus had picked Yari over to walk and so people dead boy would they be in a tough spot but in a really tough spot but again I credit line for taking a risk and holding aalto displays in adding because that's one franchise that needed to win a playoff round earl it never wanna play around so the pain now there's going to be consequences for make going all in and not having come back and Bob didn't WanNa play there either because in this Ohio and place to live but I credit him for going for that franchise need to do that for the fans sake and so when we're talking I was on the radio I mean I call on Sirius X._M.. All year as you can't do that the defense you all the fans the debt to go in there and try to plan for on and people loved it. They GONNA take the lumps down next couple of seasons but I credit them but they are not a playoff team next season. They might be far away from the plaza. I think that's why I became a side Fan of there because I respected their decision to go talk about going all and yeah we're gonNA chase it and you can do that to the fan. You just couldn't give up. They were right there on the customer but they went up winning a playoff round and the memories of being Tampa Bay is GonNa Laugh at those friends with those fans forever and if you traded those players away you would rob them of that so you can always sell that and you can run replays lat next year of all the victories of Tampa Bay sell Kudos again a G._M.. Who took a risk who when people saying maybe itself he bought he bought in hard but then it's consequences for it but that's the way professional sports is king stick kicking tires on single? He's twenty six to all these twenty seven years old I would he's but that's that's a B or c player. That's not delete got any Gulf. So what's the point. I'd rather see the kids develop and take the time at the Plato's the kids then go up and play a single. I get it if they were if I knew that they were ninety five point team coming in to add Ryan single to that mix absolutely I don't know this is an eighty point team because because when you look at the rostrum you just analyze roster so there's no way I would do it so I like him. He was very productive Columbus a useful blake whose flexible and could play old basically all three or four spots but now for this team night at this point and no no reason to bring Dan marlow right. He's San Jose now no no but they had like maybe there was like maybe McClellan Colin Marlow GonNa WanNa matter the kids. It's not it's not the foam shouted broaden broaden the captain the team. Maybe a captain shocks playing games next year. That would have been something well. I think there's a reason I'm a stand up. Comic not a jam full disclosure oil so loved any Godia when he was here for a year oh boy what he was told blocked shots and take penalties Dennis. You're the best so you are all the time. I appreciate it guys. It's not many people could do an hour and a half conversation about hockey on July eleventh. You just listened to one <hes> inappropriate apple podcast soundcloud leave a review. Will maybe be lucky review plays it. Ain't that effing hard. Maybe Dennis will be nice enough to come back in October September. I'm always coming back whenever you ask them. I'm on a longtime player for the appropriate podcast well. I'm a longtime fan of yours. I like I said that Article <hes> you your most recent article good things come to those who wait on fourth period dot com really was amazing using <hes> and also shut out to the Mayor John Hoven Oh yeah who between you two <hes>. It's amazing the knowledge that you give L._A.. Hockey fans that you give us our fix until we can go to El Segundo.

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