#1451 - Q&A: Working through anxiety and 2020 fatigue.


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It's something people are legitimately going through. A listener is drained discouraged and disheartened with the continued struggle of twenty twenty. They wanna know how other people have managed to overcome this. Now i know for myself. I can speak from my experience. I had a few rough weeks there for a while. When the pandemic started. I was trying to figure out how to reframe it. I did pretty well for a few months but then as it went on it was kind of like found myself discouraged and disheartened a little bit drained and of course my life overall is not that different during the pandemic. I'm not worried about losing my job. I'm healthy and very fortunate. So i'm aware of all that but still feeling pretty discouraged right because that's just how it is so also a quick word overcome. We'll talk about this morning moment. But i'm a big believer that trying to overcome our fears or anything else that we perceive as negative is not always ever the right objective right. It's not so much about like overcoming as it is working through or accepting and acknowledging and not worrying about what we can't control but for the things that we can still. I know it's tough out there. I know that. So as i said. I've been hearing variations of this question a lot working through anxiety and twenty two thousand fatigue. Let's hear from his listener and talk about it. After this quick message from our sponsor you finally decided to learn how to ice skate. So order the essentials. Every ice skater needs a pair of blades. A new helmet hand a good set of kneepads. And you use your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping rewards that you put towards the cost of an essential piece of post skating recovery. Heating pat visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation. Hey chris this is ben from denver and i've been follow your projects for also really appreciate your perspective on life and like so many others you know worn out from this year between the protests the pandemic the stress surrounding the election and everything else. I've been struggling with low grade. Anxiety and twenty twenty fatigue. I mean i'm just going through the motions at work. Don't tell my boss and having a hard time getting motivated for anything beyond the basics just wondering why you and others have been able to figure out. I mean i know you don't have all the answers but any hip would be helpful so yeah thanks and looking forward to hear from you then thank you so much for this very on message. I appreciate it. I know you're actually speaking a lot of people so for anybody out there in the situation. Identifies with been an also address goes. You don't like if you're going really well we'll just hold on. Come back to you to but for everybody else for all of us. you know. First and foremost let's take a deep breath like in a lot of ways. This year has just been hard. And i don't think anyone has a magical answer. I don't think there are magical answers. something that i noticed kind of in the beginning of all this was that lots of people including myself where we're trying to do lots more live streaming and conversations with listeners. Readers viewers etcetera. I liked that. I want to do more of that. But i think in the beginning there is such a russia people doing it and everyone looking to the so-called experts for answers and the so-called experts again perhaps including myself. We don't have the answers like nobody does. This is all something that continues to unfold uniquely. Human history for everybody okay. So that's the first thing. I think it's really important just for everybody to understand into acknowledged because when you struggle like you're not the only one who's struggling so one thing i am doing as the year comes to a close because i've had some ups and downs here as well. I'm just beginning to look forward into the next year and just trying to be as creative as possible. Be as open minded and ask myself what can i do differently like. I know how to have my routine. I know how to fight against something that i can't control and that doesn't usually work out so well. So how can i use whatever is here and just try to find a way to grow through that again. It's not easy. But i think that is the right perspective to start from so try some different stuff i'm doing is like as i journal. I'm like what am i gonna do differently. What am i going to change. What am i some projects. I've always wanted to start. But i haven't or something. I started a long time ago but didn't finish or maybe something totally different. So that's just a couple of tips but mostly hanging in there because everybody is fighting hard battle. And if anybody who's not fighting hard battle like as i said i'll come back to you if you're like actually this year has been amazing for me. Well that's great. I have no resentment of that. I would just say if that is your situation channel energy towards helping someone else to care for somebody. Look after them or help them in some practical way. I think that's also a good thing to do. When you're feeling discouraged so a good thing to do at all times thanks again. Appreciate that hanging there. Everybody and i'll be around. Thank you so much listening. We are a community. You are awesome wherever you are in the world. Whatever you're up to. I hope you'll continue to listen. My is christel about this. Is site us at school from the onward project.

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