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455: Focus on Factors You Can Control - Nate Branscome


you're listening to the daily sales tips. Podcast I'm your host Scott Ingram. Today's tip comes from Nate brand scum. Nate is a strategic account executive at Chilly Piper and was the star of episode sixty of the sales success stories podcast. Here's nate talking about what he's doing right now. It's gone so my tip is super simple. It's only focus on factors that you can control right now. There's a lot of things going on in a lot of things that are out of our control more so than usual so I think this is especially important. Lots of things are impacting. Our personal professional lives that we can really do nothing about deals get pushed meetings and get cancelled. Companies might go out of business or delay offs and usually a lot of these things. We do have control over so no-show a meeting maybe we didn't provide enough value upfront deal pushes or you lose a deal. Maybe you could have done a better job. You know managing the stakeholders but today. There's a lot more external factors effectiveness than normal. So you can't do anything about a company cutting its budget that was previously secured for your product. We can't do anything about a meeting getting no show because your contact now has a completely new list of priorities. He didn't have a week ago. So these are completely out of our control in. Obviously you know it's important to be aware of what's going on but if you know you don't have any influence on it. Then it's important to keep your focus on things you do have influence over so some things you can't control are things like prospecting making sure you have a full pipeline and you're bringing in new opportunities consistently to help cover any gaps in business checking in with existing customers prospects just asking them how their businesses being affected by where things stand putting more effort into your eyes EP rather than a more broader market strategy. Getting a more targeted personalized approach to your efforts helping to build your brand by creating content potentially take an initiative to really invest in yourself if things are slow because obviously that's GonNa you'll returns when things are backup so these are things that you control today that will directly contribute your success rather than getting wrapped up in all the things you simply have over for more about nate and chilly piper. Just click over to daily sales dot tips forward slash four fifty five will also have a link to are much more comprehensive sales success stories interview for you there as well once. You've done that. Be Sure to come back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening.

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