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Steve, Harvey got a radio show. I was Had My head down. And it was. Thinking of what I wanted to say this morning but. It it can Kind of. I've lived for a long time. and. You know for a long time. You know had a lot of faith in people. You know it's strange too because. You know my mother was Sunday schoolteacher. So of course. Grew up around it knowing. Scriptures and things like that. Not Not a lot of them but you know to was retained but having her as a mother was. was a huge help and understand about faith but even with that. As I grew up. I began to put a lot of faith in people. And you know I figured you know just like everybody else you know man if I could just meet this person or if I could just sit down with that person a man if I could just get this person to hear my ideal. A man. If if this person could him my track or man if I could just get this in the hands of somebody in the no, I was like everybody else. I thought that way you know actually thought that if I could get in a certain situation with a certain person that if a certain person were to meet me. That you know it could change everything for me. Oh man own how wrong I was. Oh, how wrong I was how long did I spend feeling that way and how many of you out there possibly have felt that way before you know like even in relationship, this is the person for me and you know you just lay claim to that. You know not necessarily being a fact, but you just lay claim to it. This is. The person for me? This is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with you know sometimes, you know we just lay claim the stuff and it's not always what's in our best interests does not always a fact is just what we decided we wanted and I was guilty of that just like anybody else and I spent a lot of years in my life. Putting faith in people. Manufacture. Tell you anything this morning? is to stop putting your faith in people and put your faith in. God. Way Accounts the most. I mean, you can get something out it is see here's the deal about her relationship with God it. It's the same all the time he never changes. His word is one hundred percent absolute. His word doesn't have loopholes in it. None of that. It's this is what it is. He's very clear. Now you can deviate off your end at a bargain. But. It don't stop what he says from being true. But if he asked you to do something if God asks you to to be certain way to do a little something a certain way and you don't do it that way, then you know you could steal possibly get baffour while but don't you understand that his end of the deal stays the same and as long as you're not doing it the way you suppose to the results. Are Not going to be what she wanted to be and I did this for years and years and years and accounted on people and You know got myself in a lot of situations and I got one a dire situation that I'd been for a number of years. But he protected from years prior to that I didn't even know what was going on and then he made it away made me aware of the problem and then man Lord have mercy. I was in a dismal situation and ended the year I was free free from at all but it was a decision I had made that led up to that and in and in going through that process, I had to learn something man I learned a lot about people see if you WANNA learn about your friends if you WanNa learn about your people. People around you get yourself in some trouble. Get yourself in a situation. Oh Man, you start looking around man to feel good real clear when you're in trouble the feel clear out. When you in doubt when you all know what to do when you need help it get real clear on the playing field. Then donut when things is going right it's time for party. We throw in a celebration. We we go do one down here man plenty of people on the field, but but but get yourself in a situation you find out rather quickly that oh? No Oh no. Everybody a here, and that's when I started learning and I I'm telling you I had to start learning this for real until I finally got it to stop putting my faith in people and put automatic where it counts most now is that to say that there are people that you can't trust not it's not what I'm saying I say you can't trust but you dope your faith in him. I got it all riding on what he say. I got it all riding on what she say. Now now oh no I hear you saying. But I'M GONNA keep my own this situation because I hear you saying. But I'm GONNA, take faith mine and instead of putting it in people I'm GonNa put it in God where it counts the most. Because his word is absolute. What he say he going to do he do what? He say he's not going to tolerate he's not going tolerate now you can make it. You can make tolerable for yourself, but he's not going to tolerate it, and that's just to end the land, and so you know I'm I'm wondering how many people out there find themselves in a situation like me a maybe you've gotten yourself in a situation. 'cause you put your faith in some people and now you wound up in a different type of situation now, Mash wedding people at. The only. One that I found when I was in my deep trouble. When me and my wife were in our docker situation was God. Only, one. Was the only one who is just right there. Right there all the way through. Now. Let me explain some tea. Because you have this relationship with God it does not mean it does not mean now that it won't get it won't steal be a situation. You understand. What he will do is protect you during that period. He'll cover you during that period that it is a situation. He will give you the strength to overcome the situation when it turns into a situation. Then when when he cracks it open for you and the sun is bright and shining what he don't want you to do when he gets sunny again to forget about him who was there when it was dark for you see I used to do that to you know I was Oh man I did it I'm telling you right now I did it. But I'm telling you man when I learned a very serious lesson. And I watched some people I thought were friends of mine. Just sorta casually remove themselves from the situation. Then I said okay. Margie looked around we said, okay is just me you and God and we started conducting ourselves accordingly. So when it's sunny for us, we remember God we stay prayerful we keep talking to him. We thank him for the sunshine. We thank him for the dark days that he allowed us to do who allowed us to survive in turn it into sunny days, and we talked to him constantly to protect us a future enemies and that's what the deal is. So if I was everybody I was stopped putting your faith in people and put your trust in God where it really does count the most it really really does you're listening to party morning show. Remember when you didn't have to think about the president every single day, and instead there was someone in that office thought about you the pursued promise. America. This election is all about he'll bring that back Joe Biden knows us. Dignity and most importantly, we know Joe. He's got a plan to bring this country back again by investing in our communities. Josh about jobs good paying jobs, financial stability building wealth for families of color in passing it down to their kids good jobs, education healthcare, and voting rights. It's time we had a president again who respects remembers who he's there to serve the people. We. Don't settle. We aspire we succeed. Confident, we can do this. I'm Joe Biden candidates for president. I, approve this message. Painful. By Biden for president. Ladies and gentlemen. The Steve Harvey. Morning. Show. is about to begin. Ruling. Rolling. Rolling. Hills. Ladies and gentlemen surely strawberry. Morning St Brolin which you baby rolling. love to. Love it. Rolling Baby. Good morning top about that. Gold. Junior Keeled Julius page JIM on an on everybody. and. The King of Pranks, Netflix Tummy and we will carling. On vk. Everybody good day. Way Late, in the week in that. Bag yesterday. We work. I'm hurting out y'all see this team. Oh Care Man. Born. Again. The listen is the first day of September new. month. September what? Yes, To be on this month timber. I. Really. We know what we we lost John Thompson. Georgetown. Yes Home. We losing them. Man This year. Twenty. Twenty. Hearts our hearts I just still heavy. Twin, twenty eight is a piecemeal. If no joke if not for the thanked at heart. Was Crazy. And I kid you not somebody asked me. They said Mr Cabby worship. Of Sir is not even close. Just by twenty twenty. Oh No. Oh No. Oh. No. No. No. I mean I mean, this has been some unique stuff that has happened to quarantine. The virus to social distancing demand issue niks too but it ain't the worst. Happened to you personally oh. Oh absolutely. I had. I've had some dramas in my life mandate extended far beyond the warranty. Has some ugly years me and that's sad to say but it's also true but it's also a testament. To the Strip God can provide you as a person. That and because of it I could face this. challenging time of Kovic and racial injustice and people in the White House I could survive this because my track record just like yours of surviving rough times one hundred percent, and so I face this with a little bit more. Confidence than some people would who haven't had the same experience I guess. All right well said, we'll put coming up at thirty two minutes after the hour get ready for the C L O, the chief love officer, the Clo- right after this you're listening. To morning show. Time for ask the C L O and listen if you want advice from the C. L. O., the chief love officer all you have to submit your questions to Steve. Harvey. F. M. dot com this one is from trae in Tallahassee Steve Says I'm a thirty one year old male engaged to the love of my life. I recently got a great job as. Finance manager at a high end car dealership and my fiance came by the dealership a few weeks ago and she was greeted by several gorgeous black girls that work there and I could tell by her reaction that I was about to have some problems. She asked if the girls always worked in tight dresses in heavy makeup like fool I said, yes. Because sex sells. Now several times a week she asked several times a week. She asked me are we good I must admit that the Women Make My job more enjoyable but I'm committed to my fiance should I worry about her being insecure? Dog You did. Come Oh man, you bought this party on yourself. Why did you say that? Did they always just like dead? Set Golly, I paid him girls no attention I got work to do I'm a finance. Director. Do whatever you think. You do say you'll call. You gotTA give people in Flag Finance Work Right? So you know. Guess what what I angle sees. Yea Sex sale. Baby. They look good down. Thank your. Right. Who? That's make up. I. All right. So just pretend like he didn't even see them. That was the best way to handle that you're saying CEELO. All, right. This one's from coal in Chicago and Kohl's overheard my husband talking on the phone to a female in my house. He has a history of cheating on me but he promised to be faithful in marriage. We've been married for seven months and I was in our basement folding clothes when I decided to call my best friend my cell phone was upstairs. So I Use the home phone. I. Picked up the receiver and my husband was telling a female that he is a lovely wife and he is very happily married. I hung up and when he heard it, he came down to the basement. He said he had to call her to give her closure. Is this a quick and convenient lie or should I be worried about him cheating? Again Steve able to. Give closure right from the house phone. I. Don't closure. You know her numb. These. No. But See. He might of went into that speech when you picked up the phone. That's what I think. I think you're right about that. You know 'cause why's he calling her from the House phone? I'll get that man that'll make no serious live life seven months of marriage lying who she what does he call into Mcginn closure full what? Yes thought men didn't do closure. Okay. So now you know that what you think that would. A BIG FAT lie. Seven months in. But she said it though Steve, she said he has a history of cheating on me. But he promised to be faithful in marriage she said that. So that was a lie to. Everybody doing it. So. What should she do this woman she knew? What she should first of all, you got to trust your instincts for starters. What does it tell them but all it is I'm calling women for closure catch people on the phone all. It's too much. Either you see somebody you ain't what's it going to be? As possible, you could be talking to people just as friends, but you know. You Kate had a track record. Keep playing wreckage now, right. Did you blow your lips. To me. That was. taught. ME. All right now. Okay. So trust your instincts come from. Debt. Rodriguez in. Las Vegas says I'm twenty seven years old with a great girlfriend that loves me dearly she cooks and cleans and gives me money when I'm broke she's affectionate and gives me the best back rubs. She's down from me. No matter what I love her but I'm still not fully committed to our relationship I haven't cheated on her but I want to and fight the urge to I still want to have fun with other girls and I feel like I'm missing out on something I hate to waste my girls time and possibly hurt her I just need more time. My Dad says, the grass is always greener on the other side. ranked. Hail. Yes, you right. Grass ain't always green on the same. We'll see you don't you twenty seven it ain't altro system. You say you got a great girl cooks all back rubs all this here but hit apart don't give you money when you broke. Why she would show as. I. got a great girl but you described somebody you need backwards all the time you can't cook and you ask stay broke. And Clean. What does she end you sloppy? You can't cook you sloppy. She gives you backwards and you broke. Question for me is what does she see in? You Know You dad and told you right but you mess up and blow a good thing messing around but you ain't. Really. What you need to focus on getting yourself together you WanNa mess with some other girls go ahead. But what you are doing is exactly this, you are wasting his girls. And you are going to hurt her 'cause you not gonNa stop wanting what she won't, and until you go over there and scratch that each it's only cracking. Ready to sit down. All right. Thank you C.. L.. O.. Take heed guys all coming up. Next is the nephew in the building with run that prank back right. After this, you're listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show. Coming up at the top of the hour. Messina standing by with today's national news plus and other entertainment news. Some sad news from the College Sports World Legend, Terry Legendary Georgetown Coach George Thompson Junior passed away. Yeah. That was really sad He was seventy eight years old. We'll talk about that plus in celebrity wedding news see Nash has married again and she introduced her wife to the world will talk about all of these stories at the top of the hour. But right now, the nephew is here with run that prank back naff what you got for us. I need a reference. You know does how you do it when you when you WanNa, do it by somebody reference. A reference. So that's yeah. That's how we don't reference. Let's go. Come on. Hello. I'm trying to, I'm trying to re Scotty please. Yeah. Yeah. Without a Scotty, how you doing man I'm trying to actually get a a reference for for Monica Monica. Monica my ex wife. Yeah I'm trying to get a reference on her possible. Okay. So what's the apply for a job? He's trying to go to work now No. This reference is actually put like a relationship. A relationship. Hold on hold on wait a minute relationship you talk about the job relationship. No no no. No see what does. That I'm from actually started dating Monica on the regular and I'm calling you for reference Whoa Whoa Whoa. Wait who who did you say anything then how you get my? Money. Philip Man, my name's Phil I got your number Monica phone take this field. You don't need a call me with whatever you and Monica got going on. Yeah. I need to go to deal with that? No, no, no, no no no I know. Him Yeah, what I'm trying to say is is that I figured if I could get a reference and figure out what kind of person she is and get you know kind of get a background. So you can kind of tell me what kind of person a good point so bad qualities. The whole see you might say me sometime from being in a long relationship if I know what to look for what's good what's bad say home but but I know I know I'm not listening to this I was. Mad twilly ain't nobody give me no ready. So don't call me asking for no like that. If you got number for Monica U. N. Monica needed forget my okay Hola like I say man I'm just trying to figure out hold up I'm trying to figure out the good qualities and bad quite like you know she won't to cook you know Goud in the bedroom you know what I'm saying I'm trying to I'm trying to just know what to look for though that's man I ain't trying to come in May and. I just can't believe calling another. So I don't have no more only thing I have to deal with if my tab you know what I'm saying and you definitely don't need to be around. Say I got to go. Okay. Okay. Okay. Can you give me a good reference on it? That's all I'm trying to get. The referee is don't die number ever game and when I talked to Monica being hurt but hey, you ain't gonNa have to worry about a relationship with my you know what I'm saying okay. Okay. All up man. Let me going to break this to you fred about me and bobby could end date it but last year off and on we just finished against. Who hold up do the last year man this Guy Divorce a few months ago. Oh. So you. Who must have messed up my? I. y'All. have nothing to do with that. Also you. Say May why don't you sly the slick back onto that? That you sleep for one they got I can slide right? Don't back under the rock talking about but what I'm trying to ask you this, right? Yeah Man. Can you just give brotherston references man's? Look out for fans. For some, they'll give you is when you don't have enough money when she wants that two hundred dollars back don't call me for that. She needs more money for this. Oh, well, maybe I just gave you. What don't be putting a or you pull up your? Account Ain't no money. That's the reference you. Need to hear from them especially if you. was. What. We was married to married Pola referencing. I'm doing fine. I'M GONNA call Monica and I tracked down. Gives you a reference there? Yeah. Yeah. I. Get you referenced in face to face I know trying to handle the case in which you ban you must've been trying to have some. Okay Okay One more question man. I Like I say I, just wonder if you things and know some background on A. You you out of questions boy you outta questions. Okay. But I didn't need to know this because I want everything. I want everything to run smoothly and I wanted us to have a good understanding. Do you have a problem? Man Would Joe girl calling me daddy what? Did you just say you must be. Gone. Down don't. Comment. About. This is about. What? I Fan 'cause you're bad. You miss the bag you. Know but not only you gotTA. I'm just asking. Do you manage? She called me? That's how. They cannot come out to. You know what I'm saying say May. And I, I don't have time. I'm Bokhara. And I'm GonNa get you yeah I'm going to get you out of you. Let me back Scottie, Scottie God. I'm telling he's looking why. You. Not. Doing nothing to me home I wanNA, say Scott Scott listened to me. I want to say this. This is nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey morning show brother Brian got. Me Playing phone oh you. Mainly to Scott it's got it. This is Tami man nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show your brother Brian's got the prank phone call you say May. I'm about to go. Hey. Do I go ballistic over here man? Brian got one coming though. Man. Man. Yeah. Hey. Hey Hey Tommy Man Well. I'm glad you playing it man. About my little girl. No it's it's going to be on his world man don't. Gushing. Good. Hey Man one more day man. What is the bad is I mean the bad is radio show in the land. May and the Steve Harvey Morning. Come on. That I'm sorry just. Give it to me. To. Somebody Harry. Wouldn't that be good though in your relationships, you have a reference, you know what you ready to go into you can talk to them. About just what you should do that yourself. How much? I WANNA know I. WanNa know. Talking here by. All right coming. Thank you for you coming. Coming in the top of the hour entertainment and National News Right. After this, you're listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show, let's talk about brushing our teeth seventy, five percent of US use old worn out bristles that are any effective and even more people forget to floss daily good health starts with good habits. Quip makes it easy by delivering all the oral carry central's. You need to brush and floss better. 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H. s right now you'll get your first refill free that's your first refill free at get quip dot com slash S. H. M. S. spelled get Q. U. I. P. Dot Com slash as H. M. S. Quip Good Habits Company. And today's entertainment news and other legend has been called home. John Thompson junior the first black basketball head coach to win the NCW National Championship passed away on Sunday He was seventy eight years old his family said that Mister Thompson had been suffering from multiple health challenges. John Thompson was the first black head coach to win the NCWA championship the National Championship and he coached at Georgetown University for Twenty seven years he sucks bad boys to the program. Even in a ladder. To ask Alan Iverson Yeah Oh. He said some Bad Boys Two crows Alan Iran. tweety yesterday he saved my life nowhere. I believe that no man that he was a special coach. He took he said nobody else warning. Them. And turn them into something he and Alan Iverson's one hundred percent. Correct. Allison wondered whether them do man out. Alan Iverson the. What. What Practice I mean. We're talking about. Him He didn't need to go not Tom. Real brief you met him once Steve. Real. Good Guy. He Was Godfather coaching. Young. Black Coaches when you take them to the title that's why he saw so many like Dick Cheney owes him a debt of gratitude do to coach at Arkansas. All due to speak about. John. Thompson man. He. He put black coaching on the map when he won that NCWA. They man hours of Temple Cheney The razorback. What's his boy's name with the Mustache? Can't think of looking at him big thick Mush Dash Apo yes. Yeah. Coast off. That's when Todd Day was hoping back in it they. Understand who he made no. Not yet. Junior let me taste Selma Dick Cheney s was our. Back. Give Back Oh deed hassle far back. To say that to the playoffs. To make how to make them get back on defense is. BRACCO, de fisherhouse, Ofra black hair. S Okay that's Yeah. But let me tell you what they got. There is back on the. Urgency was there. Yeah I heard him do it. So I'm not making it up ain't a joke that's how he but Thompson was. The leader, his son took over in his footsteps to. But that boys Graham he puts a lot of boys Kennedy Smith pay tribute to were even know Kenny went to North Carolina. Our condolences going to the John Thompson family for sure. Great switching gears now and other celebrity wedding news our girl. We know her new Nash. Actress comedian most recently, we know are from Klaus got married again she introduced her wife to the world needs the announced the marriage and social media. A. Why Yes. I did. Okay. Marriage. Social media saying she's now Mrs Carol Denise Bet Sneezy filed for divorce from her husband J.. Tucker. Back in December. So we got to say congratulations congratulations pc Nash and her wife Singer Jessica abets their. Noble make you happy all right Steve Time now for San the gentleman say true. And everybody in? Yes. He we go. got a lot of news to tell you when someone just get a little bit deeper into authorities say that a man who was fatally shot in Portland Oregon the other night during clashes between anti-racists and pro-police supporters is identified as Aaron Jay Danielson Danielson. Reportedly, a member of the right wing grew patriots prayer though police are still looking into whether his. Death was directly linked to some earlier clashes between a caravan of trump's supporters, and some counter protests is White House spokesman Kelly mcenaney claims that trump supporters will quote good Americans who wanted to protest peacefully when asked if the president would condemn the murders in Kenosha Wisconsin of two anti-racist demonstrators allegedly by white team from Illinois after police. Shot a Jacob Blake in the back paralyzing mcenaney. said the president had declined to weigh in but it's changed he has weighed in. He's now saying that the white teenager who shot three men and total was defending himself president trump is scheduled to visit Kenosha Wisconsin later today even though the mayor there and the Governor Wisconsin do not think it's the best time for him to come there Vice President Biden meanwhile says it while trump may. Quote believe that mouthing the words law and order makes him strong his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an arm Alicia in this country shows how weak he is. That's a quote in Biden as is anybody think that's going to be less violence in America. If Donald trump is elected since racial violence, cove nineteen health and economic strife have all occurred under his watch. According to the latest tally by John Hopkins University more the six million Americans have now been infected with the corona. Aid One, hundred, eighty, three thousand US residents have died, one, hundred, eighty, three thousand, and if that's not a bad enough experts say that while six million of confirmed number of cases that may be an undercount epidemiologists estimate that tens of millions more are not recorded because for every one reported case they say they have been at least ten other infections. Hurricane Laura toppled controversial confederate monument that was situated in the heart of downtown Lake Charles. Only a few weeks after a jury voted to keep that particular Miami in place as you heard moments go legendary Georgetown University basketball coach John Thompson has died as a player John Thompson. One two NBA titles at the Boston Celtics at Georgetown. He coached the Hoyas for nearly three decades leading them to three final four appearances and in one thousand, nine, hundred, four, he became the first black head coach to win the NWC the NCW National Chant Championship Thompson coached and mentored such greatest Patrick Ewing Allen Allen Iverson as you heard, he was seventy eight years old and finally. Actress DC Nash Yes, she got married yesterday to singer Jessica Betts both women kept their relationship. Quiet NUCCI, was divorced from a guy named Jason Taylor in March I. Guess You could say this is her coming out as well. Now back to the Steve. Harvey, Morning Show you're listening to your Show. All right. What's going on in political news yesterday Joe Biden accused president trump of sowing chaos amid protests. Did you guys see trump's tweet when he call the Mayor of Portland? Full Really Really are as or yeah because he asked you not to come to the city because you just incite people and make it worse because you're the divider in chief also president trump will be headed to Kenosha Wisconsin today to meet with law enforcement despite the governor's opposition what Tommy but they don't want him over there. A comment. Yeah. So What if you? They don't want you. What is your going over there? Too So That's Never Essentially, what is you has to say if they don't want you over there. Meeting with law enforcement meeting with people that want to meet with him I. The president is going to Kenosha today to meet with law enforcement despite the governor's opposition and trump will not meet with the family of Jacob Blake. Also, the president refuses to condemn the white seventeen year old who killed two people and injured a third during the kenosha protests. Here we go with that again, I mean two systems of justice in the US. Because they let the seventeen year old walked down the street with his. It's really array with the president said about it to. You know I mean a lot of people are looking at this. You know he was afraid to lose his life. Look Man. First of all, you don't have the right to take a guard down the street and kill somebody just like police don't for when this president won't. Won't stand up and take a stand on that type of violence. You know exactly who were dealing with he's he's trying to win the election by scaring people. Now, what Joe Biden has done that has been brilliant. Is Joe Biden Says No, it won't be a worse America. If I'm president, it can't get any worse and stop saying what what happened. If I'm president all the buildings I I could deal police brutality but I, condemn rioting and looting and all this is happening on president. Trump's watch. He has created because instead of trying to heal people, he's constantly spewing out divisive rhetoric. Renting your all and he's not even old enough to carry. A weapon like that, right? He's a minor. Law Evening Walking around carrying. And you won't even condemn him for that. Let alone go because he's a trump supporter. His won't be voting issue promise hard vocal dot org to register. Please only sixty two days left until November third. Oh. Did you hear what you say both? Well Coming up in thirty four minutes after the hour we'll talk more about voting right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. All right we can't say it enough sixty two days until November third. We want you to go right now and get registered to vote at vote. Dot Org. T to get date. So you know when to vote early in. This. That's paramount. Okay we got. This is now. Stone this is not a drill. If black get to the old. I've been watching NBA players bag everybody. Baseball players big watching all the news commentators everybody listen to me. If, you want everybody to know that black lives matter. Then you have to make sure that black lives count. And you've got to count by Philly now CICIS and you've got to count by voting, you can stop being the faceless crowd if you want. To be considered as as we matter, we matter when we count. You've if you won't black last really matter back lies have to Count Day Count in the census they count in the voting polls. If you go to the polls in massive numbers to make the statement that you need to make in this election, you can change the face of this country goes for years to come, and you will send a message to the man in the White House that we are no longer accepting this type of behavior because if we won't racial, Justice UK. Have a person in the White House today trying to pass out known. No Damn since death, right we have to we can't keep screaming for racial injustice air police brutality when the president supports both. He's support police brutality every time you say black lives matter he say blue lives matter. Stop acting like this thing called justice is packed. Where we get a big piece, you get less. We just want the same thing we want to eat from the same pie everybody else eating fromm. Chances are we made the pie we cooked it. We got get to the polls. We have to do our parts. We only have one vote, but use it like Steve said, make account. Do we have one choice at the polls? We have Joe Biden Income Louis Harris listen to me. Wit. Stop saying, what is he do for us ask yourself this question to do doesn't that now? Not only what has he done for you? What has he done to you? See Ya trip man would all this what they do for us. Ain't nobody GonNa do nothing fun you per se point blink. Somebody's sure is doing something to you though. You know what blows me away to win. When as looting going on, they blame on black lives matter peaceful protesters. But? Not when there is a shooting in a school. You don't blame that on NRA y'all you don't you don't you don't do that. Hail now, you're not doing that and you know Tommy caused taken away. Is One of the largest lobbyists in the United States. Yes save. More money? GONES is Prophet. Man Who you think I don't know. God's prophet this Prophet in good. And they accomplish two things in who they keep crime high. They keep the prison population fool. And they killing off A. Portion of a wonderful generation that can be contributed and making contributions to this world and society we live in. See anybody trying to stop poverty. Caused poverty leads to crime crime leads to mow inmates day making money off it ns moment in. Labor. Come on we got to get. Systematic racism. Then, the police don't about us. They just killing US man in the middle of black lives matter more some momentous. Some more shootings 'cause they don't care for them to share on no consequences nothing happens to them so they continue to do it in here. If, we vote though yeah, that's true. We go. We go. We can change it. We certainly can. All right. We're going to move on here and switch gears with the nephew and his prank. Prank. Phone call almost said. COMB. FAV. Co.. Yeah. Daddy doing comb files. Coming up right after this you're listening to. Be Morning Show. Coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after it's my strawberry letter for today, the subject picked me. Or Your Momma Okay pick me or your Mama Mama Mama. Mama. We'll get to that. But right now the nephew is here for today's prank phone call. What do you have for us today NAFF? Love excetera. Oh. That's that that's that E. CETERA. I don't use etc. Lots of what I do I try to expound on it. except. E TCP I don't know how to spell it, but you know what? I'm talking to let's go. Hello Hello I'm trying to reach Kaelin Kaelin. now see now here, right now who speaking this is Dr elbrick listen I was given a car you able to leave a message for for me yes. Yeah. Okay. Would you let her know her sessions will be on Wednesdays at seven third sessions with with says about session well, actually she signed up for class an eight week class and it's every Wednesday night at seven thirty. Okay. What what classes are you talking about? What kind of class? This is love, etc. You heard of us now. Okay. Well, let me Kinda give you a little briefing here. Kaelin actually came in and filled out to take some classes and we're. Love etc. So we teach different things what is it like a seminar or something? Well, you we teach four play intimacy, sensual massages, and things like that and I I was actually here when she came and filled out the paperwork she said, she wanted to spruce up I love live with a husband and I are you are you her husband yeah? Yeah I'm I'm a husband. But when I'm saying is is like a like a joint thing I'm not supposed to be something no, no, no, no no this is actually heard wanting to actually I. I'm a I. If you don't know about it, I'm assuming she wants to surprise. You show you some different things when when she finishes our sessions. So when did winced wendy she come in like she came in with where you're located first of all. Okay. Well, she actually came in a couple of weeks ago and filled out the paperwork we in the downtown area she filled out she said, she was very excited. She wanted to do some different things where a husband we just asked us she gets here a little earlier probably fifteen minutes early. So she can shower and put a robe on and then we can. We can start class. Oh well, we'll. We'll shower shower roles with that was that for I mean you're. Not Not upset about this. All right now I mean how? Donald. Probably you know us we mean, we know I mean married couple you know what? I mean. So anything spice slice of the marriage but you know as far as me not being involved her going out there by so and you tell them about taking a bath robe and all other stuff man she don't need to be there for no for no mess like that man well, no, no. Sorry it's like I. Mean it's it's basically a class what people get in touch with their with their sensitive side and you get to actually you know you learn about four play what what you're. Talking about eight weeks though eight we. Serve. You must've. How? y'All even eight weeks not much. It's only one night a week. It's only on Wednesday so really only have eight sessions eight sess. Exactly. Okay. So why why does she have to have a role though I mean watching that why she did not showing up at work or whatever will you have to bring your roof? So everyone showers and then they put their row bond and we we actually coached them through. Here's how four goes. Here's the intimacy. Here's sensual massaging. No, no no fan you get. You get to ask you is you really not explaining yourself? When though like what are you do like? Classroom said if I'm in the class I'm taking a class is nobody touching me ain't no co coming off you know by taking groups our channel would you would you sound like? You're. Nothing nothing like that at all, but we do come in contact with our sensual side. Now see we'll have a partner in class. She'll deal with that one partner. It's not until the fourth session that we really get into some strong physical. Talking about what are you talking about your partner you're talking about another woman teammates on what you're talking about another do everyone has opposite sex partners. Yeah. You gotta be. So. Why even why are you even calling me with this? You just you have to understand I wasn't calling you. I was trying to reach Miss Kaylin I. don't care who you trying to reach man you call in my house talking about my wife from all important isn't it don't get physical to the four that's in a carrying link will be no physical at all. Basically, your wife is trying to surprise you good thing. Now hold on just hold. Down Real quick hold on wait wait. What are you? What are you doing I'm calling my why that's what I'm. Trying to is not good for you to call and she wants to surprise you. You. I WANNA handle you hold on just how. Good through you call me back when you message call me back at the House as soon as you get her. Yeah. She wants to surprise you well, we got surprised already. All right the first of all single becoming down the all little sessions I and when you say That again. Well, Love Etcetera in the downtown area. How much this thing? The cost? Anyway. Well, like I said, she signed up for eight sessions. It's it's one session per week. It's one hundred dollars each sexists he's already paid eight hundred dollars Sir. You what she's paying full to do all eight session man I know. Paid. Eight hundred dollars a y'all she's starting this coming. Wednesday while beat him until you that right now and I do you got any money you my money down there you better be coming back with it. I'm sorry. I'll tell y'all downtown I work downtown. So guess what I will be there tomorrow to get my money you love etcetera is non-refundable when people sign up for these class, you can't change your mind like that man that's paperwork. Don't know tell me about what's not refundable refundable was not refundable if I feel what I'm having my money back. Would make you what you feel a little bit more comfortable. If I was her partner during the sessions you married. So yes, I you. Okay. So then we have a session with your Wa do you with your wife my wife my wife works with other men in the sections fit. Not Get wiped a lot of good you know whatever and then we're GONNA see how They're. Going to go back and forth we. GonNa come down here. And I'm a Golfer with my when my business and then they'll call this house no more. Pick a name little legend whatever angle be no classes player you know we're non refundable I keep telling you that. You think you raising your voice it. I'm I'm talking to you. I keep telling you we're non refundable. The Old Sammy is not refundable. She goes. No see has. Every right. Right but we've already partnered her we have a partner for her. Partner Department use your wife. Crippling. Wife into. into. into. The problem is you maybe you're not doing what you need to be doing. Coming down their moral come you. Don't be. please. What am I supposed to tell I? Don't? You partner. Only partner see guy we parted her with nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Man y'all. y'All. y'All plays. Tom. Tom This is it doesn't have you timing to me. Man. Up Play time to man. WE'VE GOT A. Long Man. As you come out to talk to and what's the bad is radio show when? Steve Harvey morning so bad. Somebody. Goes blank you up man. You know more partly is. Coming down to Hey, I'll tell you what Mitch. What partner would show way about a year knock her body. See how you like that impression even had no male pod gave you. So. Wife to be depart. She's already who would. Get White. King was. Through. Eight hundred. Eight hundred I'll. Be. You best believe you give me mind. I, promise you that partner. Nephew yes. Somebody has to somebody has to call these people. Came up ranks. All right. Well, thank you nephew coming up next. It's my strawberry letter of the subject is take me. Are Your Mama. Okay. WE'RE GONNA get into it right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. 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Go right now to get registered to vote, go to vote dot org alright it takes a couple of minutes and you can also get your dates for when you can early vote in your state. Okay. Please do this. There's we're on a mission right here we're on a mission Well, we gotta get it done to let's not stop until it's finished. Okay. Time now for today's strawberry letter, if you need advice and relationships dating work sex parenting and more, please submit your strawberry letter to Steve Harvey FM Dot. COM and click submit strawberry letter we could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now. Boggle up and hold on tight. We got it for you. Here is the strawberry. Thank you. Nephew subjects, pick me or Yama. Shirley. I am a young woman in my early thirties and I've been dating a forty four year old man for ten years. We have had a great relationship until recently when his mother moved to the city we live in since then we've been fussing more and I'm really starting to dislike him his true colors are showing all because of his mother we cannot. Move on with our lives because his mother is stuck on her son not being with her whenever he is extra time in his schedule. She manipulates him into thinking. She's going to die alone one day because he doesn't see her daily. I have made him realize that she wasn't complaining as much when she didn't live this close to us he told his mother that. We're finally going to get married and she told him that if he marries me, she will not be around to watch it go down I do not know when things change between his mother and I because we've always been cordial and respectful to each other. It makes me wonder if my man is told her something about me, he says, he would never tell. Her anything negative about me because he knows how she is this man loves his Mama and he loves me. So I'm stuck in the middle always the one trying to smooth things over with his mom while she dotes on her son and overlooks me I'm not trying to come between a mom and a son. But come on we are grown people we aren't married. We aren't married. So I can leave him at any time and he knows I'm ready to call it quits and he begged me to give him one. Give him more time to talk to mom should I leave him alone now and move on with my life or should I go? Through with the wedding and just avoid his nasty acting Momma. After ten years I say it's time to blink or get off the pot anyway I mean, I. Just say, don't let this forty four year old Mama's boy because that's what it is. have any more of your time if he doesn't put you first now before he marries you, what do you think marriage is going to be like with him? Every time Mama calls. He's GonNa, leave you and run right over there to be with Mama. You say this man loves you will I gotTa say this love would put you I. Love with stand up to his mama on your behalf. Love would not let his mom manipulate him love would not have to have you stuck in the middle. You would be up front. You would be out front where you belong. And now I don't think you should go through with the wedding and just avoid his nasty acting Mama you deserve way better and it's time. Now for the boy, the son the Mama's boy to to let his mom know exactly how he feels about you and you know respectfully, of course, it's his mom but he's got to let her know that she. Can't do this. I. Mean Like you say she wasn't doing it when she didn't live in the same city now she is being very manipulative. It reminds me of Jefferson's TV show Georgia's mom and his mom, and we the that dynamic. So No don't let this go down if you feel like you need to get out of there because he's treating you. Not like the Queen, you are then you got to go Steve. Really ridiculous letter CANTU in way. Because it's so many things you forty four year old man Union early Thirties. been dating a man for ten years. What is going? got a great relationship until his Mama moved to the city we live in Oh hail came. Now y'all fussing. which I hail came to town. He. Came to town. Now here's A. His true colors a show on because of his mother here's what she says. We cannot move on with our lives because his mother stuck on her son not being with her whenever he has extra time in his. Why? Does his Mama No, his schedule. Let's start. there. So now. The moment he got, he got to give to her. And then she always told my die alone one day because he don't see her daily. Cool if you could see Mama daily, I wish I could see my. My mom was living. A every day. You know which had some more time with I'll admit tab every day. Know you. You know if you was twelve I saw my mom maybe Dallas twelve. I was at house. I. Saw every day Dow. Sixteenth right up until I was seventeen and mood up once I moved on never really could go back to my mom and Dad House. Now you Shirley's absolutely correct. You gotTA models on your hands. and. Seemed like a no way around it. Now. He told his mother that Y'all was finally getting married. She told him if he married me, she would not be around and watch it go what that means. She di-. She GonNa move back out of town she ain't coming to to win she go get sick. What do I mean? I don't even know what that means. I. Don't. Why yeah. She's became Mary you. The Boy Kate Mary. ARIGHT Steve Hang on. We'll have our two of response coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour today strawberry letter subject pick me or your Momma. We'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to leave party morning show. Steve Come on let's recap today strawberry letter subject pick me. Are Your Mama. Forty four year old man she been dating for ten years. That's tricky right there. Lean is true colors came out. When his mother moved into the city And she got demand thinking that you know. It because if you're not Spending, all your extra time with your Momma is a problem. Well it is a problem because nobody WANNA. Do that not every damn waking minute you know, and then all we got down to he told his mother that we was going to get married. She told him if she marries me that she will not be around and watch it go down data didn't understand You die are you going to lead town? Are you sick about it? You just saint coming into the wed.. Whatever? And then the lady came figure out when things changed between him in the mother 'cause they always been cordial and respectful. Did it makes me want if he to say some titter Mama he say he not. He does know highs mommy is. So now you stuck in the middle. Always trying to smooth things over with his mom while she dotes on her son and overlooks me. Okay, this is a typical Mama borey behavior I'm not trying to come between a mom and her son. that's not. The you should have to. If you relationship with a man you shouldn't WanNa come between. You shouldn't have to feel as though I'm saying that you coming between a man and his mother, you shouldn't be made to feel that way. Something's wrong. Come on. We grown people now she said we're not married so I can leave at any tan now. Okay. Where's the whole brains? All of a sudden. The truth came out. Hockey, leave him anytime. He knows unrated call in quiz and he is begging me to give him more time to talk to his mom. So you ready to roll out. Sounds like it damn. To ten years that ain't got I ain't mad at you about that. Damn. Ten years I don't need to put in ten moee just like. So Damn Ten Years Damn Love Damn the wedding vows to hear what his Mama. Roll out. How. Do. Who ruled out? Now. Should I leave him alone now and move on with my life was should I go through the win and just void his nasty economic? That's going to be impossible. Shirley's right. And I was talking to somebody today. Contractor at my house. And he said a counselor told him here went to counseling for his relationship. When a person shows you who they are. Believed though. That's what a guy into council I've heard that. A Counselor told him today what a person shows you who they really are believed though. Okay you should believe him he showed you. Who He really is who he really going to be loyal to and who is really going to he's going to place I. Surely say you should be i. Now he's shown you you laughing to be I. I need some time to talk to her conversation is this is real simple Mama Mama trip in now. You need to talk like that this my girl. You talk to crazy got a feeling some kind of way in that a right and if you keep doing that I am bringing around and I ain't coming round. Respect, who I am and what I WANNA do. That's that's a simple compensation. Now, Mama's boys is hard to have that conversation. 'cause they. Mama's boy you don't talk to me that. So stupid ass up. Going in there and sit down somewhere mama talking. May never done me like that. Because number one I ain't never talked back to mind could. was allowed but. It was my mother, but my mother never interfered. So I don't know what to tell you lady I would go about you seem like you surround the casual wear marriage so I can leave him at any time he no I'm ready to call it quits he debate me to give him. Oh time talk to his mum should I leave him alone now and move on with my life or should I go through the wind and just avoid his nasty Acura just go through with the way it. Right there. Should I just leave him now or should I just go through go through with the winning? That don't even sound right. Listen listen to me and on behalf of me. Tommy. Collins. Don't just sign up talking about you go through it away. Not. Best. To be doing. This way too many. UK just go through it moments in mayor. His advice I, gave to everybody we were talking about this off day. Three things you've got to have. You have to be in love with the person. You have to like a person. And you have to love the person in love is different from love. So you need to be in love. You need to be need like. Because all any given day, one of them can be missing. Take take. Any. One of them could just turn up missing I. Don't like his ass today. MASO Different. Shirley Ron. Live within. Post your comments. Thank you, Steve. Post your comments on today's Strawberry Letter Steve. Harvey FM on Instagram and facebook and please check out the strawberry letter podcast on-demand. Now, coming up at forty six minutes after the hour it sports dog with junior. You know right after this, you're listening to leave hearty morning show. Come on junior sports talk with junior. It's that time. You know you know. Is Pretty Cool though this is pretty cool. To file. Like soon. ABC You. got. Alabama head football coach Nick Sabin led the Alabama football team in social justice mark on campus yesterday the players wore black lab mattis shirts, coats statement said he's proud of the team and he's proud of our message. The criticized, we'll play cards football starting September twenty, six against Missouri. So I thought that was all wore black lives matter really good. You know because you've been wondering where the college coaches have been forced on the over their stance on Social Justice Nick Saves at team across campus. Is really good because you know look Alabama. makes. Millions tens. Hundreds of millions of dollars yes. Sir All these black football players. Yes football in Alabama is massive partner. Auburn and and and and and Alabama. You Ain't gonNA roll tide. V Roll. Tide. War Eagle is for real. Don't worry. Boy. Not. Going on if you want to. As might not make it back now I'm just all I'm saying. And in basketball man last night on TNT shack earnings, Kenny and Charles they all sport towels. As, a tribute to the late Georgetown coach John Thompson Man. Yeah. Coaches fangs was born that tile on his to the Games man or did seven years man I mean really man looking at players he put out Man Patrick Ewing. Alonzo. Jumped I. Forgot About Lonzo morning. Go another one can't be Mutombo dog he turned out Bee's he fled. To Georgia. You played for Thompson. He turned out beast man John. Yeah. You know if. John. You'll be his time. You Remember Sleepy Floyd. Yeah. No. Matter. What, maybe played over there. He played over there too. Sleepy was called. A Fella Harrington, you know they'll have to play. Him Know, David, wingate on his own. No. A wingate was smooth butt-black. Oh man but a black wingate. Get. nicknamed. From. Uncle. Call us. Thank you over here man. So man rest in peace coach we love me. Coming up more of Steve Harvey Morning Show at the top of the hour. Right after this you're listening to. Morning Show. What if you can learn from one hundred of the world's most inspiring women? Now, you can introducing Senecas one hundred women to hear a new podcast brought to you by Seneca women and iheartradio. I'm Kim a rally in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of American women getting the vote where bring you the voices of a hundred groundbreaking and history-making women listened to Seneca's one hundred women to here on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Forever you get your podcasts. All. Right. So Carla, what happened with the versus battle between Monica and Brandy last night everyone was talking about it Cha. What happened happened? You know who wanNA hurt. No bad with. With top it was. A lot of people were saying brandy one either I don't know Monica Monica. Paul was so fly some lives. Yeah. It's to check it out over at think one point two, million people viewed and just viewers checking out the BATTLE MONICA VERSUS BRANDY R&B powerhouses all the hits and a lot of celebrities checked into check this out missy Elliott jemaine debris Jar Rue Toni Braxton Legrand state loved John Tebas, Campbell Martin twice love the network et Nedeli. Tamblyn Swiss of course symbol in Swiss this thing. Kerry Washington Erica by do I'll forever first lady Michelle Obama Check And check this out. We're watching Monica and brandy battle and a video call hopped up Kamla Harris KLOPP. Dude. That's what I'm talking about. So the battle was we all we were all fans aren't be music and you know they took a break during the battle and they had a message telling people to register to vote. There was so many viewers they're sending out links they were doing work last night so. To my studio Tyler Perry. Studios Shafei few. They were right. Next door. Time. I'd. Monica was like let's do it again. So Paula Gum. He'll be an agitator. I'M A fan. I'm say it's a tie I'm. asking. To and Tommy. Chain I'm not the same almost social media page lips by Carla did a poll and s people before the battle. Who did they think when it was fifty fifty they who you got. So we'll see I'd do it again. Today and find divas. Right. And they on the scene YOU KNOW DOING R&B Music Whenever we young they were young. They were drama knowledge to trying to help young women and know in the music industry and talk about the business and you know press Woodham trying to turn out to vote. Doing business taking care of business some. People to the. Yeah. Cool cocoa you know what I could break this up like this. You, say that was Joe Studio, they was at but that ain't Yo studio as Tyler. Studio. You just work I did want. Any studio. You, our man. Is Dot. About to be another battle. Were little central down this ancient radio show but you own it. Off. With All right. Thank you. Carla. See. I've got a quick question for you. you know people are starting to have get togethers parties now not to mention this upcoming weekend day weekend. taught so much you bring. To. This is Steve's who showed is. So. The question is the question is, what is your exit strategy? When you go to a party you're unsure about whether you want to stay or not. And you don't go to a lot of parties now, just barbecues this week. I just. I take the baby home the baby. Go ahead and take him out to the car. Virginia. Coming up more of today's trending stories on the Steve Harvey Morning Show It's twenty minutes after the hour you're listening to. Morning Show. All right. So Steve this hasn't gotten much national attention I know why but more than three dozen children are now safe in Georgia after being rescued during a sex trafficking bust involving state and federal agents. Authorities said, these missing children were considered to be some of the most at risk and challenging recovery cases in the area based on indications of high risk factors such as victimization of Child Sex, trafficking, child exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and medical or mental health conditions Georgia. Attorney General Chris Carr praised the rescue effort which was conducted in. Atlanta and Macon saying I cannot say enough about up ration- not forgotten and the men and women behind it. Do catch any adults. Yeah. Yes. Some adults thank God. Let's get all. I was on I g this weekend and I think it was Mario I think it was his I g He did a post. Why isn't this the biggest story in America right now? People that are living in certain situations you just don't know the story behind every victim there's something. Different from everybody I guess let me get this out really quickly. There is a national network of community based Crisis Centers for Creek for sex crime victims please call this number eight, hundred, six, five, six, four, six, seven, three, that's eight, hundred, six, five, six, four, six, seven, three, eight, hundred, six, five, six. Hope we'll have more of the Steve, Harvey? Morning Show at thirty three minutes after the hour right after this you're listening to. To morning show. All right. What's going on and political news today? Joe. Biden accused president trump of sowing chaos amid protests. Did you guys see trump's tweet when he call the Mayor of Portland Foale? Really. Really are. or Yes because he asked you not to come to the city because you just incite people and make it worse because you're the divider chief also president trump will be headed to Kenosha Wisconsin today to meet with law enforcement despite the governor's opposition what Tommy, but they don't want him over there. Wasn't Mukundan. So. If you if they don't want you what is your going over there for? Just so we Can Go. That's never. Essential. To say if they don't want you over there. Meeting with law and he's meeting with people that want to meet with him. The president is going to Kenosha today to meet with law enforcement despite the governor's opposition and trump will not meet with the Family Jacob. Blake also, the president refuses to condemn the white seventeen year old who killed two people and injured a third during the kenosha protests. Here we go with that. Again, I mean two systems of justice in the US. The seventeen year old walked down the street with long. With the president said about it too. You know I mean, a lot of people are looking at this. You know he was afraid to lose his life. Look Man. First of all, you don't have the right to take a gun down the street and kill somebody just like police don't but when this president won't. Won't stand up and take a stand on that type of violence. You know exactly who we're dealing with he's he's trying to win the election by scaring people. Now, what Joe Biden has done, that has been brilliant is Joe Biden says, no, it won't be a worse America if I'm president, it can't get any worse and stop saying what what happened. If I'm president, all the buildings aren't I I could deal police brutality, but I am rioting and looting and all this is happening on President Trump's watch. This is America he has created because instead of trying to heal people, he's constantly spewing out divisive rhetoric. He's not old enough to carry. A weapon like that, right? He's a minor. Law By evening walking around carrying that and you won't even condemn him for that. Let alone no because he's a trump supporter, his ass won't be voting issue. Promise you hard to vocal. Dot Org to register please only sixty two days left until November third. Oh did you hear what you say both works? Old Coming up. It's our last break of the day. Last break. The day. Okay and some closing remarks from the one and only Steve Harvey at forty nine minutes after the hour. Normal, right Today you're listening to. Morning Show. was May Nineteenth Nineteen eighty-three in Springfield Oregon in the middle of an otherwise peaceful cool spring night a car arrived at McKenzie Willamette Hospital Diane downs and her three children had been shot. Cheryl seven was dead and Danny three in Christie eight had life threatening injuries a year later Diane herself was found guilty for the shootings. In the eighties, this was a shocking headline story a fatal attraction. Authorities believed Diane's infatuation with a married man. WHO said he had no interest in being a father to anyone's children was the possible motive behind her shooting her three kids one year. Later at her trial she was pregnant that child was becky babcock for years. Becky has tried to come to terms with who were mother is but one mystery has haunted her. Who is her biological father? She's what I call the Jackpot match. Did you find Becky's biological father join me as we search for the? And explore. Becky's and her mother's passed on this season of happy face presents to face listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. There are sixty, two days sixty, two days only sixty two days until the November election, we can't say this enough go right now to get registered to vote if you're not already registered, we've tried to make it as simple as possible for you by telling you to go to vote dot org that's vote. Dot Org takes a couple of minutes plus you can get your dates for when you can early vote in your state and remember early voting is the key early voting is the key. Yeah we we do and we have to do our parts we have to get this thing is serious man you all and we we? We can't say it enough and we can't say it enough times. How really serious this election is and I kid you not. I knew I know for a fact in our community that the election of Barack Obama was probably one of the greatest moments for African Americans in the history of politics in this country. I know for a fact. But now, let me tell you something this one right here this coming up in twenty twenty. If you just look at what twenty twenty has been. This has been a challenging year. You know earlier when somebody has said to me Steve. This has got to be to worse year. You're laughing I said no, it has. But for some people it has. But see us all. It's all. It's all relative in this all in perspective I'm not saying if you look at twenty twenty, two way idea you have a better year, you look at it the way I'd be no this has been a real real real real real real bad for some folks. It's some people a hundred and eighty thousand deaths in this corona advisors some people that really have lost. Some loved ones. Is is people whose whole family has got wiped out by Corona. This is the worst year of their life. I was just saying it wasn't the worst of mind because all things happened to me in my past. But I'll tell you one thing though. I am going to make a concerted effort. From this moment on in our morning show as we have been doing since the since we came. Sixty election started. For All of you that are people of faith. There's a Bible verse that we all have heard faith without works is dead. That simply means is it's beautiful to have faith. To Know God is everything. To know that, God will supply and take care of your needs. The whoever's in the White House is not my leader Anyway Ma Leaders. God. But the scripture says faith without works is dead. Now what is the works works is a verb. That's the way I think it is. Now you can call me with conjunctivitis adjectives steve now. Faith without works, what is the works the different works going on right now? So you can have faith, but if you ain't out here, protests. What we'd really talking about, you can have faith, but you ain't trying to change policy. What are we talking about? See if black lives really matter to you did you've got to make it matter and count If you're not a protest what argument You gotta be dropping bombs from the air like we do every day. If you're not a foot soldier. You've got to be in the back providing support in some kind of way for these young people out here you got to be giving advice you got to be doing something you got to be trying to change policy. You gotTA, keep talking to leaders about what it is that we need to see. Come about to bring about a change in this country. But the other part of faith without works is dead. You know the most important part is work because after we get them poetess protesting, which is necessary. If we get through. which is necessary to draw attention. Will we get through marching which is necessary to get attention? We've got to vote all of this culminates with the vote. The. Vote is the only way to make sure we're counted. We can tell them black lives matter all. We won't matter you see how they ignore us. We've got to make them feel us and the absolute best way for them to feel you in who you are is let them know that you'll black lives should be counted. We got to get to the polls and counted man. We can make a difference y'all if we get cal tip, make them know show life matters. By being the one that pulls that lever to bring about change we are not accepting this anymore we don't like leadership like this. We do not like divisiveness like this black people don't hate the police, but we of people who allowing the police to hate us. And no repercussions behind. That's what we sick. You will be sick of it if it was your kids die. If this were happening to white people you'd be appalled, and that's what we have. Now, we have white people who are appalled and outrage, and this is the time to take advantage of it by getting to the polls with our brothers and sisters from another mother and making a change at the polls we got to vote. We vote man. If you don't vote all his marching this for nothing, I'm telling you. You we mad about George Floyd. Aubrey. We mad about Brianna Taylor we mad about all of it. But if we don't vote mandate going to go back to business as usual, you cannot afford to have this man in the white. House again. Are you listening to what he's doing? And for all y'all at the time of what Joe Biden Nate let me tell you what he ain't. He Ain't a big. He's not a racist. He's not trying to divide the country. He's speaking up against violence and everything. He's knocking the police who are doing this and we got so many white White House in doing like that and we've got a few knucklehead black people talking about what he didn't. Because he got on a ride with your family I can about that. And because you freed some black people or you freeze the white people to. That probably shouldn't have been in long in the first day in place. Miss me with that. What have you really done nothing you divided in November we will get rid of this. We have to folk dot org. Dot Org. All Steve Harvey contest, no purchase necessary void where prohibited participants must be legal. US residents at least eighteen years old unless otherwise stated for complete contest rules visit Steve. Harvey FM DOT COM, you're listening you. Remember when you didn't have to think about the president every single day, and instead there was someone in that office thought about you. He'll bring that back Joe Biden. He knows US and most importantly we know Joe he's got a plan to bring this country back again good jobs education healthcare and voting rights. It's time we had a president again who respects in remembers who he's there to serve I'm Joe, wine candidates for president my dismisses paid for by Biden President. What if I told you that UFO's haunted houses and even inexplicable magic tricks are all caused by the same creature and what if I told you these powerful and ancient beings are meant to be feared the hidden Jin a new podcast from iheartradio and Aaron Bank is grim and mild explores the legends of these ancient and terrifying creatures. Join me rub each other as we step into the world of the Hidden Jin. Listened to the hinge in on Apple podcasts or whatever you get your podcasts.

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