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Her Girls Need Love Song before it was released but he didn't know who the artist was singing the song. Wow and after her recent picks he can really forget it. You know who it is moving on. I love summer walkers. Is this just comedy summer? I love you with all my heart and I really fooling version of fun girl. The jokes has got off and finally Brandy said in a recent interview. That Monica's team refused her request for an I G versus battle yes. Monica team responded with the following. Welcome to the what. It's because we didn't said it once we gonNA say it again. Who in the hell wants to merced? Hey Fran how you doing the fact that as has wind in to hear better that makes no sense whereas why? Why don't we do that? We'll be here waiting for the rest of Click Click POW. Wow that's what you heard. Okay should also the ludicrous and get back. Get back but you know. I just wasn't moving quick enough at the time. Jump into this week's episode. You guys have any announcements you'd like to share Not An announcement but just a shot out to Danielle Young. I was a part of her real quick interview series arrives. Eli Thank you love nail and this week. She's doing a salute to black man. It's called the we love black man week. I'm really good company. She Kendrick from Insecure Sunday is we shawn. Stockman is coming up So lots of lots of good company over there but fuck all that she has this great interview series called Real Quick. And you guys to check it out because she interviews so many dope people and it's almost like a daily thing that's become like themed weekly as we move forward so Just something to keep you guys busy during quarantine S.'s. So shot up to Danielle shots. Danielle a science anything nano announcements over. Here you film and you must be some memos over there because I am working on some stuff but I'm just you know reading energy that's all that's hello. That's me working on my face so I'm going to read this week's black business so all right Dan. Well does well and mean. Yon Hemsley. I Two I really wish there were cameras. I could see how you're in see are two black plant. Moms hailing out of DC that have created a plant subscription service called grounded. Isn't that awesome? Does edit interview with DC hissed DOT COM mignon said. We're here helping people in our communities realized that this is a cheap kind of therapy. Just watering my plants in checking them is helping me stay sane. They launch this service Earth Day. Which is super cute It was the founders way of connecting their passion for gardening with improved mental health. Asante you've been putting in a laugh for five minutes because he thinks that's Erica. Dixon Mama. They might listen. I ask you was was the blackest business but that would make it the blackest. Tell you right now I love it. 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If you need some plants maybe you want to subscribe your your plant Mama Friend. Hello hidden though. That's the business of the week. Are you guys? Ready for the recap. I Love I had to let you get through. It sounded like we delivery services that have been street if I described and received sitting over here dying. I was like I was like I've got now never mind signed for your pay. Who last week's episode titled End of the Road? It was the Dustin Ross takeover. He used the real housewives of Atlanta reunion special as the backdrop to a conversation about friends expectations and the shame of friend breakups. Anything you WanNa add to answer Dustin. Ross I'm just grateful that I had your Gift of interpretation to write that bio because baby us right now. We wrote last week's episode. That's exactly where we were talking about. Thank you try my best and as always those of you listening at a lot to say to say Saturday. Who stood out to you? Want to give a shout out to you on the emails. Don't forget to eat militias are due at the French speakers network DOT com. This one comes from Sam no subject. Sam Says I've been listening to your podcasts for years now and I love it the last episode especially interesting regarding approaches to calling someone friend or not while. I'm careful to sacrifice time that it's important to me for casual friends. I generally consider anyone in my circle that I get along with a friend unless I have a reason not to so it's interesting to see others more conservative with the term. I also think this is an ironically interesting time for thinking about friendships as we were all separated and can't do things normally in public Like places excuse me. We can't do normal things in public places or bump into people but I know a lot of us are drained by texting or zoom calls in it Cetera. I think the topic of friendship could be dubbed into more especially how people are viewing their friendships during quarantine. Thanks again for your podcast. Shutouts Sam I think especially during quarantine. A lot of people are reflecting on their friendship. So that's one of the reasons that this conversation even came up. You know. Dustin brought it. He brought up really good points with housewives but it did start opening grand conversation that I've been seeing for a while. I'm sure we've all been saying it about how we've been doing all of our relationships in general during quarantine so thanks for the email and again thanks to test for that top past week because it's always funny when you can pull these from pop culture that we all kind of like are so familiar with and we just ended the AMAS ESA TV. You know so. It's like more than just a damn show right shutouts you. Sam Fran what did you find how you been struggling in them? Soundcloud streets even swooping in swerve. Now I have but I must say I was a fascinated by the amount of people who were triggered again. I feel like that's the theme with this show who were traffic triggered by a lot of our opinions about friendships. There are people who felt like it was confusing. Or you know They found not not us in particular. But just you know the perspectives. We shared. I guess you'd say some people said like that's what confuses them about trying to make new friends as adult. Like where someone could be nice to you and you could assume like Oh we had a fun day like maybe we could become friends and then the person like never talks to you again or doesn't even offer their number and they just felt that it was confusing. A lot of people were like this is why friendships are trash. Just a range of emotions. One thing I did Wanna add is because someone did message me saying that they were surprised. at my perspective on friends being that. I was saying that I tend to I am nice and cool and chill with everyone but I don't easily gravitate everyone as quote unquote friend and I felt that it was a lot of entitlement that kind of came through in people's understanding of that where it's like just because someone's nice to you does not mean they have to be Fred and that's just the reality of life. It's no different than dating if I am nice to. Does that mean that I have to give you my number now and we have to go on a date because I had a good day with. You is really no different. I think people view friendships differently than dating and to me is all energy and if it was a connection the I personally felt like oh I wanNA explore this. There's something there that's like making me. Think about that person or something they were saying now is interesting trust and believe I will explore it. I just don't force stat and is vice versa. Also it could be someone that I found interesting. They didn't find me interesting. Adelaide have no interest on taking it further. We all have to respect how people take your energy and I know that that's uncomfortable. I know that makes people feel sensitive. It triggers a lot of abandonment issues. Or whatever issues. We might have from childhood. But that's that comes the brakes and we go through it. I've been through it. I shared my stories about the executive. My own friend like we all go through it. It's Psychos a cyclical and I think that the more comfortable you get with knowing that just because you were nice doesn't mean that you're entitled someone's time or space or energy the sooner you get that through the easier you will navigate spaces with other human beings. Does the Rossy of hand up safe first of all okay? First of all. You're supposed to be a nice person anyway off the Strip. Yeah you when you have an interaction with the person there is no reason for anyone to have a takeaway and I'm not. I'm speaking about general first meeting with a person. There's no reason for you to have anything but a pleasant experience you know. We don't have any reason to to to not meet each other in the middle with the MB peaceable each so that but that doesn't always mean that there's a connection that just means we were being decent human beings as we were in each other space. I'll give you an example though of a different time when you first meet somebody the very first time I met you friend. We were at that March Square. I knew I was just and I don't know what your experience was. I knew that day I was like I'm connected to this game. Something about like you were so cute. Y'All join the immediate all the jokes. She wasn't necessarily cracking them but she was laughing and I was like my guy. She's in her space and she still gets it like it was just. I knew that day but there were other people who were with us they to. I didn't make that kind of connection with I'm saying I say I just want to say outside looking in it's always so like amazing like and I'm just like human connection anyway like thinking about y'all in that moment it was so amazing like the what we were doing effort. Y'All to just connect in like hit it that way was so dope and every time. I can remember the so. It was so high not happy like it was so like deeply embedded in perfect there. When it happened every time you bring it up I can clearly remember ten percent of what shop I remember had on that day everything I swear to God. I remember everything about that day. I had never seen you before as as as large of a you have remember. I was new to the whole Internet back in the day. And so I had never seen you before and it was just like literally you you just drop down into the day. God Damn this is crazy. And we whistles you. Yeah and another example. I'll take the time to us. Is how Claude and I have been friends since we were little. I brought him around the two of you crystal fury jade. Xy You name it and now if you listen to jade and x t he does some of the The sound clip transitions there. We go that takes them from segments a segment. You know. He's working with different people and and that had nothing to do with me. My only job is that I brought you guys around to see what the energy was. And you guys have friendships. That are even outside of your travel text each other. Y'All have projects together. And so that's what I mean like yes. Uncomfortable and confusing and Kim feel similar dating where it's like. Oh Man I thought there was something there and then the other person didn't or maybe they did. And it's like you just gotTa let it be what it's going to be and I think that that's something that I noticed in the conversations where people did feel triggered message. They said it's like I just want you to understand that we have all been on all sides of it and it's always going to be tricky and hard to navigate and honesty. The older you get. I think it's tricky. Because yes shakier because you already kind of like have your way and the things that you do friends that you have and then you're trying to figure out like how New People fit in and what role they play at this convoy. Ha's house like she knows the friends that are fun friends who she calls and she needs to go out somewhere and then you have your friend that you know when you need to like process something that you went through. You know that friend that you call you know if you have a new project you know the one that you call 'cause that's like creative friend that you know like we all have our friends in different compartments. Some friends are all of that. Some friends only pieces of that. And I think it's OK to sorta start figuring out how that all fits in your life completely is completely okay and it's not something for people to take offense to no no. I get it to. That's part of maturity is is understanding the different outcomes in different scenarios that you're in and is not always a strike against you didn't work out like that in personally. I wouldn't want anything other than natural authentic genuine connections with people that I call my friends. Hey I don't want anything forced like you know and it's a very band it's a romance. Say Go ahead. No I was just GonNa say I think it's so important that you brought up all that coming up because all that coming up because it's such a crazy time for us all like like I said my email to like we're all like reviewing how we view things when you look at friends. It's everybody's a person and I guess. People wanted us to talk more about like the science or helping them figure out. Francis people always want to know like. How do you make the circle? How'd you get here? But there's no clear answer onto how you can hold onto people or who supposed to play what position your life. How long that's supposed to be important. I feel like we are because it is energy. And it's like you know these are relationships. Yeah you have to kind of not take people with a grain of salt but you take every person for each experienced you can have with him and it just kind of go from there like right now everybody. I want everybody to go back to. I'm sorry I'm GonNa let you finish because I was WANNA get back so episode because this ties into so well but I just want everybody to get back to themselves like. Don't ask yourself why isn't such colony. You fix your damn self or do what you feel like you need to do to yourself so you can be fixed up to call whoever you want to call and reconnect. Not Call them to berate them. Just call them and be like you know missed you but I feel better now and I feel like I can come to you wholeheartedly and we can talk not act like a brand new but like something you know. We have our time to where we can start down and reset so as one more people take advantage of their. I'm sorry going to know please. I'm I'm glad you're saying that because it saw this is why I wanted to kind of put a pause in just reading the comments because I WANNA make sure that we also cater to the different emotions. That are coming up when we have these kinds of conversations where it's not like you're triggered. Oh well but it's like it's like yeah. It's through these triggers that we know what the next steps are or start the process of figuring out what the next steps are at you know. And that's what the show's about just sharing however navigating those spaces so I just wanted to pause and and make sure to put that out there. 'cause I did notice that a Lotta people were feeling away and like I said not away about us but just about friendships as a whole because like Asante said people Arcana trying to figure out. What's what right now that they're spending a lot of time with themselves and you know what's crazy once again got pissed off. I don't even know why leg is crossed. Got pissed off. I don't know why it was some about the responding in you kept talking. I think does this. I'm mad. I'm mad now. I gotta attitude that Shit up just sent me off like I think that it just feels a little bit change in happens it happens but I wanted to say the mystic zone strikes again. If you don't know what that is. It's an inside joke that we say because every time we bring something up something happens that could firms it affirms it proves services evidence so two things the first one being the friend that I mentioned last week that we have not spoken so obviously this is not like great news but she actually had a parent that passed recently and the message got back to me and of course ego and pass and all that shit goes straight out the window when you know that someone you love is hurting and so. I reached out immediately. I didn't even bring up none of the old shit because it didn't even matter in that you know at that moment and I extended my heart and was like I'm here for you regardless you know all bullshit aside like it's it's you whatever you need. This parent was someone that I loved as well and it was so interesting because we jumped right back into the conversation as if nothing had happened and we didn't even bring up the old stuff it was just like where it wasn't about that it was just like where are you at now you know. And how can we reconnect in? That felt so good but also the timing because I never mentioned are before the show. And it's just something that I hadn't even really been exploited on a personal level so interesting how that works. It's like I put it out there. I mentioned on the show how much I loved her and almost like in a strange kind of heavy way. I got the opportunity to revisit that so life works in mysterious ways and the second thing that the mystic zone strikes again so NASA scientists released an article saying that they detect evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backward. And you can find more on that. You're like it does. I'll tell you I'll tell you fuck is going on anymore. I like pause. Now the world's rewind you don't know what's going on this is your life is crazy but when I saw that I was thinking. Are you kidding me? A parallel universe where time runs backwards. Missiel early been tried to tell us. Community Flame Brench on your year. I wish we can name the episode. That how Fuzzy. Right that among friends thin yeah so back to recap segment that we started forty five minutes ago. The comment that I picked on soundcloud is by Brittany Wilson. Who Says I'm about this topic but I agree with the girl from Alabama shakes? No but I just in Brittany Howard. Oh Damn this is Charlie Wilson Niece. Oh I like both of them long. So she says Seems like no new friends energy. I feel like we could possibly be missing out on some dope relationships. I'm guilty too. So is it boundaries or not wanting new friends. I think we kind of covered that in the conversation that is never. I'm personally I wanNA make it clear. I'm never part of the no new friends collective. I'm open to the people that need to be in my life when they need to be in my life but I'm also not a heavy handed person. I'm open minded person and like I said it's energy so I let the energy do it do? That's where I'm at hundred percent saying I was gonna say I know the to. Y'All is nothing else. I'm the same way friend heavy-handed heavy genitals and I'll just like I'm decided. I heard something. My headphones must be on backwards in the university m year. What'd you to the streets so I WANNA give out to? Cbs News is not just for old people. They have a video from this restaurant in Maryland that intense to use this is what the tweet is says restaurant in Maryland intense to use bumper tables rule and they got these niggles walking around in walkers with inner tubes around him literally looking like grown babies in walkers okay everybody in there looking like culture where Walker offers around him. I never seen those like just in my life. You can literally drink at home. You know. That's not. It's not even fun to be out at that point dusted was you read. Tweeden it riding Ella Mayo. In all caps and like seventy five laughing crying I can feel lost it when I seen this shit. I said now I didn't see a lot of shit in my life and I know grown folks like the play but this you got to give me you. GotTa meet me. Halfway okay. So then the second in last for the second time I omit others. But there's a tweet from at Nino Boogie. Twenty one in I N. O. Underscore Boogie B. O. G. I. E. TO ONE. Who tweeted laughing my ass off. I didn't know motherfuckers recording me. Then motherfucker pick me and my back. I needed my lick bag and accompanied with a video of him at like one of them drive through safari or whatever and it was a big as as a black guy. Whatever young black guy standing outside his car and a big ass? Ostrich-like walked up in video. He's now you can tell. He doesn't realize he's recording with the Astros. Walks up behind him as the guy's head it's turned and pecks him in the shoulder. It's the guy turns around and smack the shit out right. You saw ostrich took off. I make the tweet. Eighty two flooding know motherfuckers. Record me get my man. Doesn't that he pops to sit out there. When I say he hit that ashes way you know how many months Clark through their the puck sisters who he popped that astor's just as I said like he is is like a Leah. Herself came down. Laugh any FI. Oh and that's it up on how anyway straighten up his face. Ben and Jerry's three new non dairy frozen desserts are a new twist on VEGAN EUPHORIA. So many non dairy flavors so little time. Ben and Jerry's has three new dairy frozen desserts that are made with sunflower butter. Yes that is a team. The Ben and Jerry's flavor gurus have taken a big leap this time and their new non dairy flavors are the perfect sweet treats. Vegans Vegetarians and everyone in between there is a spectrum. Could see a brother like me. I do my best no. I'm not no Vegan. No I'm not no vegetarian. Okay but I make my choices where I can. And I'm so thankful for Ben and Jerry's with this new four ray of flavor that his allow me to make a choice. Even here in the ice creams yeah. So shout out to Ben and Jerry's Check out the been jerry sunflower butter lineup. And the whole none dairy family at Ben Jerry Dot Com. That's B. E. N. J. E. R. R. Y. DOT COM. So this week. It's the Assad Taste Smith take over so Asante Smith go ahead and tell us what we're discussing today. Oh for real really here on our hair well as I was saying earlier You know we just keep talking about this thing that we've been experiencing this theme of friendships. Do the show secure. A lot of a lot of things have been going on. It's been making me feel some types of ways but one thing that I'm seeing a lot of just to kind of elaborate this theme of China stay connected During the pandemic I wanNA talk a little bit about dating during covy. Ooh dating kill. You know I've been seeing a lot of reports in like for Awhile now. Not just over the past week these have literally been gone for like a month or two like everyone. Just basically trying to figure out what the landscape is going to be like Like during covert. I know a lot of people are talking now about what they WANNA do. Post and where they WANNA go. And I don't WanNa put a damper on any of that because you know we gotta keep peace of mind. Whatever piece that is but in the event that we're just doing this for however long doing this. I WANNA just of go over some things with you guys. Maybe we can provide some tips. Some comedy some A. I can't believe that right now. That's just put on a mask Gal Tila guard and and honestly like we might be in this age where we do want to go outside. You have to wear masks so if you want to date you know. Would there be a section of the dating whereas mask off raw. Damn I didn't even think of that going on a date mask on. It's crazy because a lot of the things that I've seen that come up are about how people are turning to online dating. I mean clearly obvious. That would be an obvious one but online dating spin up. You know anywhere between ten to twenty twenty to thirty percents really depending on whatever APP. It was tender bumble so people are definitely logging on and I was asking people on twitter last night. If they're online dating in a lot of the people were saying that they be logging on and they realize it's a chore and they've Logged Right back so we'll get to a point to where I know people that you know dating because I know a lot of people were just like. Oh I'm fine dating but some of those people are going to be like. I need someone to talk to. You know someone hold me. Love me is that you can boot. Sarsour who the JAM. So it's funny now because we're talking about like friendships and you know what what is a friendship etc so at this point to where you can kind of hit people up and you video chat with them. You can talk to them as long as you want before even thinking about or you actually don't even have to think about me up with them because there is what there is outside. And that's assuming everybody's opinions and Everybody's activities is in alignment in what they WANNA do. New York still fucking. I'm just gonNa tell you right now. In New York City been fucking grocery store runs and I know it. It looked like everybody. I've seen ain't been on their way to and from an essential now. That is an essential item. So I get it but everybody been on back and forth to the grocery store that I've seen on easier streets. I didn't seem looks. I've seen whole bags. I've seen all of that in transit. People walk in get what they need in New York so I just want you to know. I know what they say. We ain't supposed to be doing but I know what it looked like when I see it and I seen some people on the way and on the way back. I didn't seem them and that's really go friend. Let's hear from you know I was GonNa say 'cause know the I've been working on my terrorist furniture. Now I have like a little bistro set and so that means I sit out there and people watch because you know what does that do on the terrorists and I do see the people coming in and out of my building that do not live there with their bonnets. Going into the Uber at seven in the morning. Act which I find really funny that you're GONNA walk out as seventy and would a bondage on and jumping people trying to do what they do it. Yeah people doing what they doing. So I'll start here by US in both the. Oh what do you think of dating during the pandemic not? It doesn't have to be for yourself personally but just in general like do you see anything wrong with it. Do you think there's an opportunity for people to actually meet the love of their life during the pandemic? What are your thoughts? How do you feel hell? Naw Not unless you already knew. It Ain't time me. Nobody knew right now. Should I know you man and I don't know where to what you've been exposed to honor of. You've been quarantined. I Dunno what would day of one of fourteen you own so like. It's not a good time to meet people but it is a good time to fall in love if you already have been dating someone because people have been spending exaggerated amounts of time together and that can go either really good or really bad But it is A great way to foster actual relationship with someone because you have nothing but time to spend together you have an opportunity to encourage each other to stay on track and stay focused during the day and opportunity to come up with creative fun things for you guys to do as date experiences and kind of keep the romance alive. So it's just you know this ain't for the weak at heart okay. This is a time where you really have to apply yourself and put action to the feelings that you're expressing to a significant other if you happen to have one if not. I'm sure there's masturbation and or you know hookups. Maybe a recurring hookup with the same person. I can see that going on to you. Know what I'm saying but fires I just walking on the street. You know what I'm saying like I would normally do. Just meet somebody or whatever no hell Know no but you well. I myself me personally and not doing any of that. I've been chilling kind of lying a little bit about that. But I'll get back to that because I was my point so I I have to watch how this should panning out for all the different configurations in my life I have friends that have been in relationships that are long distance already and they what strengthened their relationship was being able to travel to see each other every month or every couple of weeks. I mean that's what kept it going so now they can't even do that. Is made it really challenging. But I think it's super cute like a Maya who is shared this publicly so solid. I'm sharing personal business. But she shared our IGGY. Tv. How her and her fiance are. They did have date night every week where they actually get dressed and she does her make up he puts like a nice outfit and she puts an outfit. She does her hair and then they like have dinner together like that they cooked together virtually so like they make the same thing and then they sit and have dinner together and then watch a movie. You because you know what Netflix you have come on. Is Not the cutest. Why can't you like we're GonNa make this together and eat it together? And then they watch like movies so cute because she said they have to like try to start at the same time. But there's always that little bit a delay because you can never get it at the right time so just cute stuff like that and just seeing who has found the work around to this pandemic. Where's actually strengthening their creativity. Their interest like how they feel about each other. But I've also seen the opposite where it's it's it's made people realize like I actually don't like you all that mud like you're actually not as interesting you remorse so convenient based on the circumstance or the couple of times that. I did get to see you but now that we have so much time. There's like not much there and so I've seen that where relationships have collapsed. I've seen people finally take that leap from someone. They had been interested. Maybe you know appear or on instagram or something and finally be like fuck it yellow. I mean you know. We don't know whether we're going to be at the end of the year. A reach out to them and start back next to every. Is that that connection. And you know people add no people personally. That are moving because someone they got super close to moving to go out and said it's very like like moving our like hell. No my roommate man posted a mind fucking hit me. Hell no sucking moving. Because they found someone that they've really fucked with my heart body in like I'm moving to be closer T so we can figure out if this thing so that's what I'm saying. I have seen so much now. The danger zone. Which is the fire that I am currently dabbling in is when there was someone who had kind of been on your heels and you're too busy to pay them attention before and now. I'm so thin you see that was amazing. Have Y'all experienced that with somebody where you're now having more conversations because that's the thing too because you can't see each other there's more talking. Well I mean I should speak for myself. I can't do everybody off. I can't say so what it is Justin as killing me right now. I'm still point. I'm still at the point. That right there. He was the way he the look for. Because if I started dating somebody like right out but the time line is going to be off so I don't know how much I share share. Go ahead nothing. Just quarantine is a great time to get to know people and I'm GonNa I feel like it's better to play safe so like you know. This is the time win. It just naturally it. You're naturally inclined to focus on one person. If you're concerned with that you know and so it get you. Caught up girl edsall. S When I'm at I'm telling you I've been paying too much attention to someone and before I knew it I was like do I like this person. I'm like Oh no what did I do? I gotta get busy again. So do I knew I knew with a grab that. That's off line anyway. Yeah so I wanNA differentiate something just like me and my personal when it comes to like dating if it's going to be the whole zoom thing and trying to figure out steps forward. I'M FOR THAT. But if you're one of those people you rely on like the physical. I'm not saying that you gotta get. I don't WanNA put up there. You know you need to keep getting whatever you need to get if you have like just have some sort of awareness and like precaution on your heart because it's a pandemic and I don't want to be realistic like I don't WanNa say I want to sit here and be like don't Hook up because people don't hook up so what I want to say is if you're going to hook up like we just WanNa put out like good. Never mind put it out. What are you putting out dated? Never forget they need to put everybody to be on the court so like do so if you do show for hookup. Both y'all guy mask on and they point you to the scene. Well that'd be good practices set up in place for people still going out during the pandemic because these absolutely you get on them some of them they know they usages up. So you know you'll get on them. They'll try to sell you their mask. They'll try to tell you about therapy that they're paying attention to the pandemic and they're trying to do their due diligence by making sure that people using the APPs are doing so as well so can. I'm sorry go here there to your point. Speaking of paying attention dating and masks. It's a great time to take your chance baby. Can't nobody happy he'll face. This is the time if you have insecurities of their view a person who laughed like this the hand over your mouth. Listen your time puts you outfit on and maybe you need to be one of them offer because I was talking about who is seen walking up down the street because you never know who else be walking on the street but this is a time. Put your mask on if you're if Yo- if your top thirty seven percent of your faces working favor and you can maybe add bang to cover to add depth in texture. Why not you know what I'm saying is the park. Fellas played a head on with the mask. The symmetry workers your favorite. You may fuckers may be cuter with the mask on and it's time to get it on out there and get it on in there if you know what I'm saying and to the other point that if you don't want to trust mask face that's why I gotta take it back to the way to call somebody masks. They've gotta here mask thing would but if you don't want to deal with mass base that's one offer zoom crew like sit on zoom. Really get to know people see somebody that you want to rock way after pandemic because it's easier to practice for those people that are out there wondering like how to find friends or relationships. Whatever you whatever connection you China Sea zoom in the online way. It's the easiest way to weed out what you do or don't want and that's you actually put the effort in trying. You could be talking to somebody online. Realize their complete idiot. And you WANNA fuck with more. You Ain't got them no more. They don't know what you mean. He did exactly they ought to have is your IP address. Okay but you know it's interesting. I've seen people tweeting about having first dates on zoom and. I'm like. Wow did you imagine that's so interesting like so? Yeah I don't know show that awe and then y'all just press this link and appear on each other screens and then just like start talking like maybe I'm old but I'm like. Wow that gives me exactly at Kit. Imagine let me tell you something else. It's a big difference between and above and head to toe so a marker can look like your Dream Girl in make you happy. He from above in the end. You know they show up and it's a nightmare on elm you know but you like aside Asante portent to me like how you smell even though energy even interview for it he told me so. What's your preferred body? Wash News since live like imagine it virtually like this is. I'm out of my scope on this. I have to admit I'm very ozone I'm still on the like bump into you on the street and we look at each other and somebody says Event or in a store or maybe I can even do mutual friends. Like Hey Fran you know I'm someone so spread and interested in you. I've had that happen. So that's like my comfort zone with dating. I have not been at the point yet where I can just somebody. Just kinda shoot me. Izumi link and be like. Let's give it a try. I'm not there. I'm old bro with the. That's the thing so people. Because people have been used ask pre pandemic certain people have practice but if it makes you feel any better people still bad at it let people have been on it for so long and they still suck like when. I was reading people last night telling me how they got back on the options to realize it was a headache all over and get right back off like just like dating in person where you can meet your Weirdos is just the same online and sometimes you meet cooler people in line because people don't like to leave the house but that's a whole nother but there was a dating service for college students. Okay Zimmer and it came about I WANNA say in March two years students They saw singles were being sent back to their hometowns. Were dating pools their limited. So this allowed you know. People are students to connect that you know. Don't want to connect with the folks. They live with earlier around. And then there's a facebook group called Corona crush like a lot of miscellaneous. Can we please name the episode? I read I. May I was a little bit like hit nothing on this nine clicking the like on news? I leave him comment. I don't even WanNa see the hours on this like I don't know about that but people are trying to find and when I say people I just mean anybody not like a lot of people a little bit of people everybody just anybody people that are trying to connect and all I want people to do is just. I feel like plenty. People could benefit from reflecting before connecting. And that's why for the people that want to do the whole online. Because I like that. Listen you know when you're like based based on a day is sometimes? It's hard to pull out that next door to put away like you're crazy or whatever so if you online and doing like a damn honesty box back and forth with Nichols before doing the video or whatever. It's a great way to kind of just figure out what you like what you don't like and I just think it's a great way to get the toothpaste spots off the Mir you take you don't then connect shoot Choo Choo Ademir cleaned Amirah. U-b-e-r ME to a point that I did not think to make but this is a really good point like people that just not for people that don't feel like doing shit but they always go above and beyond when they like date. This is a good opportunity. I was reading somewhere where these people were doing day in. The Guy Actually ordered food to the girl's house so they got food at the same time you're talking about the so Nigga still bought her me. You know what I'm saying issue. She got enjoy from the comfort and they got me. My heart just swelled was kind of cute. You know you open the door to again pair but at least the food is you know so there are people that want to dress up and feel nice and do it and then they don't WanNa put a out on the Internet ceased to Lou zoom date. And hopefully they not snapping away and save them but I just feel like now is the time that if people wanNA connect you can still do it from the comfort of your home. You just need to be intentional in doing so I it. I mean I find honestly I love this conversation because it is something like. I said that I've just have not found myself able to navigate like if we were quarantined. Let's say I mean. Obviously I don't think it's going to be that way but if we were just quarantine forever where it's like. The people you know is just who the fuck you know like the odds of meeting New People. I very slim now. I'm going to have one hell of a time trying to date because it it already have the words I use this would be challenging for because I and I have friends that have said like you'll try the APPS in. It's not that I have anything against them. It's just the I know what works for me and I. I do not see myself reading. A list of a person. Just listing off things and may be like Ou. He's six whatever feet and a hundred or whatever pounds and he read this book. Let me give tries like is is. It's obviously not like it's off. You know it's funny. You say that too because there's so many. Apps Asi that this is going to be like an ongoing conversation for a while it has been already but it's just GonNa continue to be Did YOU WATCH UPLOAD AMAZON? Ya I did. I started 'cause you yeah I'd interesting. Are you in the first or second episode ABC past that? I think I'm on like the maybe fourth and fifth episode. Have you watched our destiny? You'RE GONNA Watch. I don't watch those about anal own way. Not going to do not engage so upload is funny that they're using this APP called and basically nightly as hookup APP and it's supposed to be science-based in it always hooks them up with people that they're supposed to like just fit right with and I just thought it was funny that it was in the future. They still talking about these dates and shot today now by the way because we talked about Upload I love her left on that show Leifer in general but I just think that it's really really funny to that. People that have all the experience on APPs are still bad at it because there are people that have been asked forever and apps like some of their profiles are other what they're interested in what they like but there's some of them they've been for so long it's just a list of what they don't want to what they don't like and then depending on what you're on or who's using it you don't know if people are looking for dates or if they just trying to get to know someone quick enough to with or you don't know if you want to put yourself out there because of what you do. So it's Kinda hard to navigate these waters but I feel like the conversation is going to continue to grow because as more people turn to the APPS even for short long-term I just want everybody to kind of be respectful when they're online. I feel like because we started before we even thought about dating online. We started kind of just abusing the Internet. If you will like people were so used to being anonymous trolling. I that when it comes to certain things that they don't know how to kind of like not necessarily switch gears but put a different set of intention into what they want in those in those spaces and we really talked about hourly talk about dating or absolutely hear such kind of wanted to like get into that a little bit. Because I can't believe that I've been seeing these reports for literally over a month about like dating and like I've seen full on youtubers. I don't know if this the theme of the Youtube Community Right now or has been like youtubers talking about like online dating tips. Or how off my my Corona Bay? And I'm just like this is crazy but I know people me Michael wrote no but you know. Do you know Jasmine from net flicks? She thinks she goes by Jasmin. Be Joing twitter so she put out a tweet a couple of months ago. I believe maybe even a couple of weeks ago where she was like basically being transparent about the fact as a black woman she is not had luck on the dating apps point blank period but she also understood that her experience is not a monolith. Obviously there's a range of with these APPs like you said Corona Bays people getting married people moving out of states to you know move closer to their base. That's our our experiences so she asked on twitter. If you had a good expanse like tell me about it what happened. Which APP. How did you meet? How has it been and it turned into the most beautiful black love found in the APPS ASS? Thread that for two point. Five seconds made me rethink my entire position because it was so beautiful. You saw weddings. You saw you know the the like this is the first day we met and then like this is us now and it just was so beautiful. They have pictures of their kids pictures in their houses but their dogs. And and not you know like obviously as with anything there's going to be the good and the bad but I only know of the bad so it was kind of Nice to see a threat of only the good so that you can see in real time and firsthand that this should does work for people that would prove it was beautiful. It was endless. Swear had like thousands of responses or any Listeners is proved to please share the tail. Good that's a good call. I've just always been interested in people connecting and I always think back to my own personal experiences like even when it comes to friends. I met a lot of my friends online like I was living in Atlanta doing videos and just talking to people in New York. La like all these different places. So it's weird that for the longest time. I didn't think that I was equipped with being in a long distance relationship. And I still don't really know if I have all of the tulips to do so. I have always been able to be like yeah. Friendships like easy. So now that we are in this day and age where it's like relationships could be bred from it. I'm glad that we had a season of catfish before we got here. So people could at least have that kind of like ring in their head because when you zoom like it's kind of you worry less because you get to video people but it sucks because technology is still so advanced then people could still be on that bullshit. So fuck around ahead Steve Harvey doing big time and day. I'M GONNA WHY. Imagine someone's deep faking your zoom. I can't I can't and that's why exist. Why not my thing right there because it's too inauthentic and I'm a person who and this is by no means taken away from that because I actually think he's really dope anytime. People can find a way to connect with APPs. If you using that two points actually number one. I like the physical interaction. I like the way that they're literally feels almost like I like all that. Yeah I'm a person who I and. I think that the two of you have absolutely see me an action before tatum games. I'll go for it very inspiring but second of all I think it is dope though right now for people who do use the APPS and all that shit because there has quite often been stigma attached to that has made it like something people like to keep a secret or I saw you on after right after he don't right now people kind of have to be on the absolutely say the APPS for those who are listening. We're talking about dating popular dating APPs like a bumble tinder grinder. Jack Shit like that and so quite often like I said. There's a negative stigma. That's attached to those absent being on there. Which is why a lot of people were catfish on those apps? Hopefully now that. It's almost the only way that you can have that sort of engagement with people. Maybe that will. Stigma will be removed a little bit. These APPS can thrive like Chappie out. Chappie I did work with them. One time to so so for my call to action if you are on the APP since we're starting this communication on it go. Redo your profile and it something fun. Positive Informative okay is not like when you go to a profile. And they say niggers. Ain't Shit I'm so tired of Xyz and got a bunch of videos doing Tik toks Ghada. Here what is this saying? Who fucker you listening? Everything they don't like like or come if you way this much don't come of. This is your complexion. Don't come. It's just like Whoa. What is Margarine? They look like Gargle male and La's then they put this really burns me. They put and they even do this shit on. There's a cycling class that I went to. You had to pick the the instructors shit and they put the album art for different types of music that they play or whatever and those classes now that made sense right but what is this on these dating profile. People have pictures of the albums. They like. I listen to this music to listen. I'll listen listen to to that. Don't mean nothing that's not. I don't I don't know what I'm saying. I don't care about this and movies. That's it'd be number says love like we both like Arianna Guerande thank you. This is just so stupid to me but for those who are works for. I think it's beautiful thing because like I said I'm all about connection period shaming here by any means. Yes let's by. How do we just mentioned the same at this? What was that that would be out cold on? I need a moment hold on. You only want to do. That was weird Bugs Avenue. I was going to say this Sham Buti who first of all congratulations our sham. Budi Margot we love and was so excited for you but she has a show on Qube and it's a it's a show where obviously she's giving her clinical sex advice in sex expert advice and she actually had an episode about your dating profiles teaching you ways to zoos it up a bit you know. She had like a round table which was really cool where she asked people like. What did they find most challenging about creating the profile? Why are they so good at it? Why were they so bad at it? And people share their thoughts on what has worked. Hasn't what they personally avoid when they're looking at people's profiles like you know what makes them? Swipe left or right and it was just good because even though. I'm not someone that's on the APPS I still find it really fascinating to see how people navigate those profiles like you know. She was even making fun of their pictures. Like why would you put a picture with ten other people in it? When you're supposed to be the focus first of all Shannon Budi is about to make me download the Qubiya. Because that's a show that I will watch it so good. I was this close. Because of their short form content senior to me. And she's in really good company over there for so shuttled to her. She deserves that definitely working so hard for so long and you know. That's what happens when people try to hate on. Shit one minute next to you now. Here's a new show on baby to Shambhu for for this good season of her good man. Tried and acquitted has free trials. They have free trials so you can't even get it out so you can attest to. That may be wondering if you want to join qube but checked out that. I don't even speak English where I love Shampoos family. Thank God that episode. Yeah I love this shit and I want to be in line with that. That's kind of why I wanted to talk about APPS. I wanted to provide a little transparency. I've had my share of times on APPs but y'all have known me on twitter for Social Media and I've always been kinda like off and on social media as a whole any fucking away so apps have never been like the best difference but I have had successful APPs in the past and by this I have successfully lane make it. Why do is say yes? The event at one point all I was doing with seeing. Yes okay so awesome. Oh my God could not before Ru. I've been successful at procuring. Whatever I was looking for at the time of usage like shell the episode about the real out the real. I love this. I used to watch every. What does she look like? That always change. Sorry about your dating back. They need to be stopped. But I wasn't trying to get out of this. No I'm right there with you talk because West Bank. You thank you so yes. I've been successful using the said dating apps for whatever I was using them for at the time and I was surprised at the quality of personnel was meeting and it was kind of cool because they were surprised at said when it was meeting me as well I just like just because you know sometimes you need people just in general in person like you know you out at a party or whatever you just. Kinda like But then sometimes you see people that you would like. Maybe you would talk to. But you're intimidated or you don't think that it's right or whatever and then to meet that person circumstance and then you. Kinda just hit off for the moment I wanna say hit it off and you think that you found your next husband whatever but you ended up in that moment and you thinking like Oh this is like a cool person that acted like actually like get to know. I think that it's cool. That you can have those experiences but I also think that now is the time where you have to be really clear on. Actually maybe not be clear by the ashes. They usually clear to yourself before you even worry about being clear someone else would be clear yourself about what it is that you don't want when you're looking for somebody online because if you're just looking for a momentary connection find someone else's looking for a momentary connection for one person that might mean just someone to talk to a highlight in the morning on zoom before they get to the other business they don't gotta deal with their sales to start today or some shit versatile perpet- a puppy. But some people might be looking for that damn hookup to you know that quarantine relief and lonely just lonely need someone because loneliness is going to differ for for other prefer different people so some people might be physical but for some people. It still might just be that emotional for some people. They might want that longtime for some people they just want that momentary like or just that piece because for me a lot of meeting people on absent one point was just peace of mind of knowing that like. I like meet someone hit it off and maybe way to be throwing them away as much as you know when this is gonNA sound real tired terrible but you know when someone's in a relationship and they get in trouble for somebody else and they're like I just wanted to know I still got it so it's good to know that like you can go out with someone and like make them laugh and have a really good as time and then be done with that so because some people just want like a good time for the night like just that escape from whether it's in the future this I was always meeting people. Luckily that were like they were busy. Like creatives or business people so they want it sometimes. They didn't want like sex but they just want it like that momentary companionship. Just to know that people were decent and I thought that that was so cool because I'd work in restaurants offer so and my wife would just use a meeting. People turn and burn and tables and they were all shit. I'm like people are shit like people putting so to me like a complete stranger after a few days maybe your moments texting and then be on. Oh that's cool. I can meet someone. They they know how to treat the person working in the service like this dope and then be like play our really one another person to call no more or like stuff like that like. I feel like it's niche. Yeah exactly so. During the pandemic people are going to be looking to get they itches. Scratch so I just want us all to want us to remove shame from APPS. I want us to remove shame from feeling. I want to remove shame. You know what I'm saying. So you know when I say removed from feeling like it's okay to know that you're in quarantine but still feel like you WanNa leave and I'm not saying that you should leave or you have to leave because when you take inventory a Lotta time when I feel like I wanNA leave. I take him until Tony and I'll be like I don't really want so for those. Sounds where you think that you do take inventory. If you feel like you still do. I just want you to be in good practice of how you can be protecting yourself whether it be your mental your physical and how you can survive in other spaces now yelling here. My heartaches yes hot tape. Now's the perfect time to cheat. I okay never mind okay. Never mind tape. If you're in a relationship now is the perfect time to break up with though never mind I mean Molina who see these are case by case I see to where they broke up and now they're in the house stuck in. That sounds like a nightmare during times like this And don't get them pregnancy. You have another reason be stuck. Oh Jesus heartache. Now is the perfect time to have an open relationship. I was talking to somebody. About how perfect time that if you in something to really like work and just be in it. And they were like no. It's the perfect time for me to take my ass on or try to figure out how to digitally open up my options and then turn the insane digital digital get down. It was terrible. I don't know about right now. Being the best time for to open up know like I just feel like now is the perfect time to not piss anybody else off and I think for the highest take like This kinda ties me back to what I was feeling when I watched insecure and even the conversation about like friends and stuff everybody that is like feeling some type of way about something and you don't know what to do with it because I had to have a conversation about some things have conversation with myself about a few things and that's realized and I'm going to do this today. 'cause she gonNA listen to this to me now. I need to call my mom back after watching the world closed in on her. She seemed to call her mom. And I don't know where everybody's relationship with family but now's the time to just getting close with your family are wondering where they friends are at like sometimes friends. We're all still people. And because we all have those like deep rooted childhood traumas or curses. Were trying to break. I think if we all spend just a lot of time with our family right now it'll help us kind of figure out where we WANNA be in life. Even with the she going on outside. It'll help us take a look at whether we need to look at our business stuff and what we wanna work on whether we actually want to take somebody that we missed in feel like. We might own apology to bring up. Oh Shit like now just the time to really get back to your roots so call. Your Mama Call You Daddy. Just talk to family like just kind of go back to your roots and figure out what it is. That makes you happy. Keep that happy. Oh that's all close enough in. You know closing thoughts for me use. You reminding me of the friends that I've made because of the Internet. Kinda made me realize like damn. I have made some awesome friends because of the Internet like I had my set of awesome friends already from schooling and traveling and you know neighborhood and family friends and stuff. But I've I have a whole set of Internet friends. That are fucking epic legendary amazing people that changing the landscape of the world as we know it. Iago seem you pop up with him one day but I you know it made me think like wh why is it? That with friendships have had such ease. And then when it comes to dating I have. Do you know like a wall up. When at the end of the day both have to do with energy? It's not like I just said in the when we were discussing during the recap have to feel at. I just kind of find it interesting how I have made room for that with friends. But not for men and dating so something for me to think about as a final thought. is Dustin puff. Puff PUFF PUFF DOT over here. Let me tell you something. Stay at home. Make it work with the one. Love the one you with. That's what you need to do right now is love the one you with. And if you ain't got one love your damn self so that once outside opens back up you can get you one the real way. Okay in the meantime if you need to satisfy your need for human engagement on social media APPS or virtually nothing wrong with that ain't nothing wrong. Just make sure you're ready to get it on soon as outside open back up so I have to say Justin can we get like arena wrong going like I would love if we were like ones with like a bunch of people in just hurry people are doing? I know it'd be through computer but after watching this is gonNa to parlay into something else and I'm so sorry but after watching housewives be so entertaining and I was like this actually could hold me off you know. Entertain me for about some visit. Stay there I got something to tell you later. Go all right man yes. That's it for this week's hot button. I would love. Thank you guys for. Trust me with this. I know. Sometimes I'd be a little too high so I took one puff today and I was GonNa wait. I'm GONNA treat myself. Hey I appreciate Yaw. So that was it again. I want you all that are out there listening to share with us. Some of your experiences. If you've had really good experiences dating share those with us and had really bad experiences share those as well but what you learn from those bad experiences because sometimes we just WanNa know that it's going to be okay on the other side of things even if you don't know if it's cameras out of the screen s it is a fitness wherever that provides personalized insights on the performance of. Your sleep. How you recovered. How your body is doing. How much stress and exertion you put on your body throughout the day and night every day when you get up you get a recovery score based on your HR V. Resting Heart rate and sleep performance. That can be used as an indicator to how to approach day and the APP even has built in features like the strain coach which gives you target exertion goals to work out optimally for the level of intensity that your body is signaling can handle keyword signal you gotta pay attention read the room read the body signaling that okay based on how strenuous your day is. The APP also has a built in sleep coach. Which leads you know how much sleep you should be getting based on your own performance. Goals tell you something. Sleep is important to me See Look at my eyes. See how bags you see that the telling there so I have to go to sleep. Okay and now that we've been on quarantine. I really wanted to get more in tune with my sleeps like what's going on while I'm sleeping. Make sure that even though we have all this time of the data to to fill up I wanted to make sure that I was sleeping as efficiently as I could. Which I didn't even know was the thing but I knew it was something I wanted to do. And thank God for whoop and their famous wearable. Because guess what if I didn't know now I know is offering fifteen percent off with the coat fringe zone at checkout go to whoop W. H. O. P. Dot Com and enter friends on checkout to save fifteen percent sleep. Better recover faster and train smarter optimize your performance with whoop today today today. Now I would love to bring in the wintertime so we can hear some health wellness from you. Yeah so this week myron. This segment is simply this follow. Jason Derulo on tiktok sparked this up right now. The man jumping pits making damn cakes. He's to tell us they. He is not a wealth of like come on. Every time does suing the day every time that video pops up on my time line. I lose it. I find him hysterical. What did you tweet eat? It's freeing with us some with the hands like house cracking up frank way. I want to trigger the people that are listening. I have to pull up that video every time. The he comes on hold on is this. It got to have like a season. Ask you guys. He's brilliant and in amazes me. How people are so annoyed by. Why are people so annoyed by him? He's just having fun right because he's Corny. People can't take that but he's also successful and guess what else. Jason Derulo is whether you like them or not talented as hill as he can dance world toys like I was amazed at his home production crew. The back first of all his pool is a mood. That whole his whole and the dog and production crew like. He's out here doing it but I personally find him so funny. I love it. Seems like he genuinely does not care that people find him to be such a cheese ball. He's having the time of his life making his cakes and doing his little tick. Tock dances in his sparkly. Bundy t shirts. That are bedazzled. Love it I love it. I find him to be a joy I think he is medicinal. That's medicinal agree friend and for most of you which when I posted that video the comments you will see that. He is healing for a lot of you and a lot of other ways. 'cause y'all feeling some things with his little gyration too so that's literally that is literally my wellness segment this week. If you need a good lap we have to do some recorded videos of we have to. We have to do it but if you if you WANNA laugh if you need to to just have a good time odds Zach follow Jason Derulo and and get you sound. So that's it for this week's wellness segment Asante. We're back to you with the music man am. I'm not mad. I love talking about mirrors. And because we're talking about mercy I gotTa say that I'm the music man and do I can. Mesa Chapman enlisted man. Pull up whatever listening to let me up. I wanted to give guys like a play by play of the versus because I thought it was going to be one. Watch the SPECIES ALL COMING TRUST IN. Say No no. No no clue watch saw can do it right now is that I got I got to is and did a hustle friend. That's looking for this video to do the days rolling as we speak THUMB THUMB. Moving here we go. Is that a Tiktok Song. Now is the song and of course I found it because I was like. Who Sings this shit? Most tiktok songs are actual songs but a lot of them do break on. His name is L. P. Pootie and the song is called addressing. Got Out the most and fight own toss. Actually I love how you said no response. Today it go. I just didn't really listen to it. Because Jason Derulo listen to now because you're going to picture him Jerry record but as a going here. Breast Bugs Bunny a shirt he got on. He was doing the dance. I said damned they buzzed. It hasn't really been DVD. That's all folks. The bugs bunny died. I should like a airbrush rest in. Peace t shirt with the sleeves cut off. I tell us and I was going to send him that share. He say he's GonNa do the Jason Derulo Hans. He opened the by Senate taxis and might as well. Don't get me started on. Go ahead so not. Thank you for a little type. Tom This weekend in verses. Nellie went up against ludicrous snap your Charlotte Billboard. They have a very well. Put together article. That gives you the play by play which I refer to at times because sitting in the instagram lives are fun when I could be when someone apple. Tv Up until someone has wifi issues but these are very real things. I'm not I'm no longer. I should say upset that these WIFI issues happening understand. Now that everybody's home that there are these issues. I've cursed out my Internet provider several times over the same thing so to get started. Brown one started with are actually no. It was ludicrous. Anneli Lewis started with welcome to Atlanta. And now we went onto jazzy phase. Nana Nana clear winner. Here was ludicrous but Did you watch any of the the battle before? I do a lot of this or do some of this because I'm not going to do the whole thing anywhere. No not really you watching bit. I watched a couple of minutes of it. I was running out. I had chicken on so I was reading the room. I had to check in and turn this chicken on. But well see this is back and forth okay so so before even thinking about the actual versus. Who would you have thought or? Who would you want to win or thought to win? I would say ludicrous but less now front like like Natalie don't have hit after hit after it. Yeah I just personally I if I talk about what I was listening to that time. I was definitely listening to more than I was much more. I keep wanting to say lenny. I'm like my tongue is have time saying Nelly I was listening more Luda than Nelly. I agree with you. One hundred thousand present like as a to win I was I listened to more Lou just naturally but I did have to lie. Sit back can be like Because nearly did have so many hits I hear so many hits and songs that like like broke like just random ass records like the fucking drew video being played later. And I don't uncut all the fucking time like okay. I just what about you Essen? Did you have a clear winner in your head? Or going to ludicrous. I was more into ludicrous. Ho Ho use a whole. I love that kind of ludicrous so I thought it was so funny. Because Ludicrous. He dressed up for the occasion. He brought the ludicrous throwback. He had on the Basketball Jersey and Shit but in times when they got to like serious points of conversation it was so funny to me to watch him darts like charter to have to take him seriously with the Afro in the chain and Shit on it was so funny I love the music. Nellie got some good music too. He had a song on his first album when he would be like You can find me. And saying little way where they're gonNA play talk or day nine something Guy John and some others the smoke date. That was the jam. So I'm saying that for my Saint Louis people shout out to my Nigga and enjoy it. Yeah so it was good but I'm ready to move on. You know have decided who's GonNa be next one twelve verse jagged edge right you line or autopsy. Here we go again. You only believe me for it to catch a beautician. Is it really? Yes I'm telling you? They said that they. Swiss beets and timber. When we're talking about how they wanted one twelve versus jagged is and I would be. I would tune in hell. Yeah that's my shit right there. That's good I would like to see Mary. J. Blige versus Jay Z. I think that'd be a great versus battle arranged a hit and you know what I'm saying. A bunch of New York moment are also think mariah versus drake would be hot hit for hit both Hughes Catalogue. I have a you know what I'm talking about. You're doing right there because I liked catalogs. You know what I'm saying. I like the whole strike story in the style of the artists. Have Anyway Soda here like these very artists that kind of not necessarily similar lands but similar. 'cause Mariah definitely like nearly Mary J. Like definitely like these are people that have these really like polarizing deep like amazing hits and I would love to hear them talk to each other like Marian J that that would you be down the highway another one. I told her I wanNA see some old people. Dionne Warwick and Patty. I'm saying I said I think some somebody who don't give a fuck what they will come out their mouth. You know what I mean. I think that'd be really good so because Eric Ngo was nice and for the culture and we were fortified in so many different ways by that battle. But I WANNA laugh too. So let's get somebody on there. Who is a loose cannon the loosest cannons if you will? Brian PUMPER versus Mr Market. Would they be showing versus how I met a method? This is happening. One thing that was also pointed out from Arkansas. It is kick Jack so okay you guys back. Wow all I was GONNA say is be put up this article and they said Sierra is the real winner of Nellie lose versus battle and I think that that was definitely a great mentioned because I continuously saw the the Ho the Oh that verse go up and Luda and everybody remembering just how hard it and put like. All these people shutouts a low-key like his life depended on and talk about a pocket. Jesus like I love that verse. Linda Krizet ludicrous already. Been like bucking up features since Sierra like before Sierra came so I thought it was so fly like at the moment when he butted up all over again because I still I still like go back to like the missy Elliott one minute man but even before that I still go by the fatty girl like he just has these. Like the disclosure style of rapping. That was so hot and Nelly. Just really put his whole sexual on the map you feel so it was so hard for me to wonder like who actually would win this and Lewan but anyone Luda one on billboard. They show here that they have like bonus rounds suffer wider catalog. They gave big. That's Tonelli wider. He says he does have a wider Cadillac. Yeah so for Wider Cadillac. They gave that. What E. R? No but Yes yes. Yes but now shit. They said they Nellie. He was so playful in his song selection Becau- and like putting unexpected pop deviations Surprising remix choices on nearly was doing that night. It wasn't just Internet drinking and smoking. What's his smoking now? That was me radio. He's just was playing. I can tell me saying what was interesting trick daddy and Trina guiding the studio together and did the battle the other night it wasn't a part of the versus series but it was that same energy and trick daddy couldn't get his energy his Internet connection together or whatever so he ended up pulling up to the studio where Trina was in time. It took from him to get to the home where he was to the studio. Or Trina was Trina her home. Girls are cousin Bobby Lights. They are guys so high on camera and they were drinking eighteen forty to nineteen forty two or whatever and they were is treated was playing her song. Her hits back to back to back nonstop. Ansi went on a nineteen minute tirade about haters in the industry. Let's look it up on Youtube. It was some great great great. I G. TV mock contribution to the music man said. Oh you contribute beautifully every week and I appreciate both of you for doing so paint better. Trina I was showing somebody a random ass video the other night that I just spoke with this little moreau song overtime featuring Trina and it just brings me back to what I've always said about. Trina and even well before she did. That Zomba Trina and and I hate the fact that she that she is pushed to do this. Because it's not like she's doing this. All Willy Nilly like. She doesn't do this. She has pushed to do such. I hate the fact that China is literally the embarrassment said probably over said she is the girl that goes above and beyond and works with everybody like she doesn't hate she. Don't stop nobody. She literally shows up like overdose. What the fuck she needs to do in like pushes others and inspiring to see and I hate the fact that Trina hasn't been given and not to say that she needs to be given but Trina deserves so she should have been given a platform a long time ago whether it be like a big label deal and not give her money to to run a label. But like I want to see her put these artists on and put her records out. I WANNA see. Trina Trina doing greater things than what she's been doing. And I blame the industry. I don't blame her well. I agree that Trina deserves more based on what she's given to the rap music industry because Trina has given a lot and she can undoubtedly be credited with a Miami female rap. Sound a static affect or that shit when you hear trainers voice. No one ever sounded like that. No one ever sounded like that rapping about some of the things she was rapping about and no one ever married that with Glamour. In the way they see the it other girls came before her but Trina was very original in what she presented and I think that she's done impeccable job of keeping her ball rolling. Trina is consistently on the road touring. She has maintained a dedicated fan base. That goes across all different Demographics okay it. Ain't just black girls. They just black gays and ages white gays and ages gays like people fuck with. Trina and another thing that I think she deserves. Recognition for is the fact that she has great industry relationships and so much. So that when you have seen her the rare occasions going the fuck off the first question you ask is what they do. Yup because she don't do nothing but go out of her way to so love to everybody especially the younger. Rabbi Girls. That came underneath her so literally. So's love so. I think industry professionals. You know that work in proximity of entertainment period. I think it's a great model to follow when it comes to the way you receive your peers you get so much more done together my Nigga. Didn't you know that crabs in a barrel shit down? Well we've talked some really good talks for music now. I WANNA get to the part that hopefully you all been waiting for and this is the listens lately friend. Lucky I know what you're listening to but I would like to hear hopefully what else you've been listening to lately. Outside of Jason Derulo his low cake making Bacon and all that now like scrolling. 'cause I've actually been listening to a lot which I wanNA pick so or few you know a Princess Nokia. Yes yes. Listen Sir yes you got a new song right. She has a new project. Oh Shit Yeah and so. The song that I like is a song called. I like him. Have you heard it is really cool? This is how it goes. Q walking psych diesel. How I do it lot. I'll take the play a little boys. I do not the need long queue right. I of friends what you she said I can like him to. He's now but you know she actually dropped two projects. Everything sucks and everything beautiful. I Love Right. Answer has right heard girl so this one is off of the everything sucks side. And it's called like him and I. It's just a vibe. It sounds mad. Cool especially when you play it out loud And then let me see what else. Oh you know what I gotTa Shout Out Low of J Davey Fame. Who We know him for his production but you know he actually dropped a record of his own really. Yes which I think is is called a one our hope. I'm pronouncing it right and is under the low on spotify and Mrs how it goes Right dope to hear him step out as an artist because that's long-awaited and it was nice to hear some like J. David vibe production. I don't want say Jay because it's him obviously but it just to hear his sound again. I should say 'cause it's been a minute with a what the name of their song year. Oh One zero one. Oh so he going by just a low okay. I see just John Again songs. Download right and that's it. That's it for me for now. Okay Dustin Ross. Which you've been playing over there. I think we all can agree Y'All know what came out last week. Y'All know who I love. You already know boy already know and I got evil good. He say he said well guess what else he said this timeframe he said he said she make temperatures cause permanent pain. Get the turn the tattoo gun on. That's all because if you want some future quote what I'm talking about for those who haven't picked up where we putting down yet. Future released a new fooling studio album high off life. Oh boy know March madness coating crazy my savages. These Never stopped. These are songs by future. That throwaway when he said gone for the get it over with sex ED lug on on the late night mean that much to you. My Love don't mean that much to Oh my God. He's like these song so damn price attached to their feelings okay. Free would have feeling but futures. New Album came while several songs. I love I've decided not to play any samples because I feel like they won't do this. Music Justice But check out accepting my flaws checkout to comfortable where he says. Bitch. Don't get too comfortable. Check out Tycoon these are songs that I love so futures new album high off life. That's all I have to say. Yes check it out. I might play him in my house just for you. I'm telling you see how see how my walls react for Toji. He's told you make decisions a plan to walk off to the terrorists and close the door. Okay well you may behind him because he's been plans to get to walking out thin bro. Audrey to book shop Lahore's in Emma. Let's go for it if they walk in. I don't be that one seymour okay. Who are also in music I'm not gonNA play these songs going to shout out a couple of songs play one or two but I want to start with Khloe highly. Cute as they do in the Music Bank so the music banks. I like the record to show that chloe and Halle bangers on last project that still bang but this right here do it do it. I have been playing this song and watching the video over and over and over again I love these young ladies these women. They deserve the world. I love that. Parkwood is really you know really doing what needs to be done. Because they have been talent like a four speed been recognized since youtube like just to talented young ladies doing everything they damn selves like making these arrangements harmonies doing everything so. I just love the fact that they're out here looking amazing and being amazing they've done great work on Greenwich they're doing great work in the music industry power to these young women. Just keep shouting amount. Keep going can't wait for the next single can for the whole project. They always give great visuals and great sounds too so shots clothing a highly. I also I guess what a play a little bit of this artist this artist's name diamond white. I've talked about her in the past. She thought the T T Jackson now. This is a very berry. Pretty satiety anyway she has. She's put out a couple of singles over what she's putting. You've been putting out music for me but I talked about her a while back on here. She had a song called Cleopatra. She's put out single sense and I watched this video for one of her songs. Called love songs for and it was such a beautiful song and then at the remember that Oakley Open Patrol Hugh it hit me I it was it was. That's why I talked about it. I loved the song. She hired a little bit which I was like why she had a very beautiful voice and it was just beautiful. Young Black women like walking around the desert looking bombs are we. You know black women doing pop. I'm always going to talk about black people doing great things. I've always admired shoutout to all the greats but I just wanted to play song called love song four and if you go and watch the video it looks really cute and she also plays the end of the single. She put out this year. Call Pretty Brown skin. Which I play a little snippet of to. She's just a really beautiful voice and she's doing pop to so why not vote? Whereas love songs for Didn't Selena took Tajik knows this diamond white love songs for It was like a really cute age appropriate video of her boy at a carnival songs. Fun Yeah she she got in. She was she was taking it. Easy on that So now I'm GonNa play you a snippet pretty browns skin. Which is literally. I don't know if you can see this. But it's just a nice little photo of like her chest area when women can be women and and this is a Q. Saw here we go. Go if you're not going to full but Jonah making it easy the battle by a that's Donald why she's twenty years old twenty one years old. I believe he's from Detroit as well. I don't know what it is about. These young women from Detroit spoke with them heavy. I love him so Tucson from diamonds. That was the first one I pay was low songs for and the one that I just play was pretty brown skin. stream diamond. Oh go hey dustin I have a I have an addendum to the music man segment. This week no no no also got to add. That's really important to me. So are you finished with diamond white? Because her voice was beautiful by the way yeah just streamed. I'm white and if you really want to get the experience watch our videos. She's on Youtube and it's spelled as is diamond. Wipe no wiser anything crazy so go. Hey Dustin so. It took me a minute to get into colonies. Album hadn't had time. I shouldn't say I hadn't had time. I've just been occupying my time with other stuff and I hadn't just wasn't a priority but I finally when I was cleaning my bathroom the other day. Listen to these album and I almost slipped cleaning my tub winning car. Bad news came on. Oh y'all know what kind of Shit? I like the and now if you know that. Song Fred ain't that since like I. I love our new album so we just going to play a little bit of bad news by Kahlani offer her. It was good into the was it album Lsu Time to and all the little phase ebb you you can count the ways stayed down. Candle Buddy tell me to take alert town. Slow to time down. Is You fucked? You don't WanNa be no way. You WanNa be right here so win. I'm GonNa make you WanNa make you WanNa make you honest name. That sounds fine. Thank you thank you. WanNa this move on. Move on just it. Just not my fucking socks off. The lyrics vocals the Strip that this desk. Yano kind of should I like? That's total dustin. Sound like oh I felt it. You felt her vocals and that's one area where Kalani wins. You can say what you want about her if you don't like her music whatever but when she gets her vocal bag and she connects to the lyrics in a song you she has that magic ability to make IMO. That only certain aren be singers. Have and God bless Because it came out on that track so go here so tell Shit. Listen I hate the fact? I hate when people fall out like when it's I love. I love combining command because they were like west coast. Girls I don't know what happened is none of my business but I just loved. They had whatever they had and I hope whatever happened between them ends at some point so they can get back to that because I love both of them like come has been making me party music forever and missing harass off. Well you know Kalani she she got the murders now so I really wanted to be a situation where we can like. Come together rag now because I told you I felt like I was fake from the West Coast. So that's why like when Kisha calling her together like they had like good magic on the record so to watch this story breakdown on Hollywood unlocked and then her say what happened on breakfast club and stuff. It's like it's sucks. That has to be that way so I just want them to resolve. Get some resolve so we can get back there magic or more music whichever but that's it for me on this week's music man segment. There's a lot of other music that she listened to things that I couldn't shout out. I'll just give you some homework. I've been this is veto via. Do He has a project out. Call for you. That's what I'll be listening to and I'll be talking about that next week. So that's it no move onto the TV land segment dust. Ross tell us. What have you been watching because we would like to see? I've been watching it for life on. Abc Which is the fifty CENT PRODUCE STORY OF ISAAC. Right who is just a good show watch for life on ABC Been of course watching Lanta on Bravo. Yeah Sunday's episode was part two of the reunion. It was amazing Lots and lots of witty retorts between the ladies on their cash. So more of what we want. And we're looking forward to par-three this Sunday I've been thoroughly enjoying candy. Berries Youtube Channel Content Tes Madison's do you want to smoke. Also let me stop the motherfucking. Press right here. I told her two ago that I loved that singing singing competition show. Tsa Madison has channel. When my best friends drew shade friend of the show drew safe from Broadway black? He caught in and auditioned on the show saying he did it. Change IS GONNA come toward this shit. Oh my God why so soda? His cash can take the last episode last week. Do you want to smoke from last Thursday? Drew is on. He did a great job so drew. I'm watching that as soon as we finish. I know he traditional an essay for TV. Really should else on you know nothing's coming on TV. Everything's out of projects in right now. Just you know. Thank God for you to thank God for you to. That's what you want to know you to talk about guys. Wanted to be sure he don't WanNa let you go. Dustin he's like come on. Tell us more but okay. Let's go loose Mary Lou Smith Show it to everybody. That knows that song that's asked and if you know that song then you really know some about music so I guess that's it for this week's episode as always we love you so much. Thank you so much for listening and we will catch you guys next week. 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