College Football Bangers + Drum and Fife Strife


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I will be a little bit more detailed about that. The next time I record, which will either be later this week or early next week I promise that you only get solo tie for a very short amount of time, but my whirlwind claw office creation tour continues. That's what I will say so. It's very kind of you to say that and I'm actually I. I am excited for this show. Not because it's my final show in this specific cloth is on the west coast, but because I feel like, even though a cough is a reality for me I, feel like this show specifically means that we get to enter into yet. Another new reality as we discuss a topic for this coming fall, and beyond season did ever play the sims tie and played. Yeah, are you kidding me? You did thus sims. You dated like a tie, Avatar. Oh, I did yeah. And did you get to explore sides of you? That weren't necessarily based in reality where you like. An axe wielding guitar. Yeah, yeah, I, mean I. Think Folks could gather from listening to. My Standard Fare of commentary here on the show that. May, be the the dark side is not necessarily what it is. Yeah. I explored as youth so. In playing video game. Sure we went there. You are you're throwing game at virtual ladies I was yeah, that's what I'm hearing. Okay? Yeah, so I, think we get to explore that side of you specifically on today's show and I'm quite excited to do so because I came up with at least part of the title and concept for this. You did a lot of the Legwork, so thank you but I. AM proud to say that it was for my brain from which Bob Bangers only erupted, so I apologize and or take credit. Let's get into news though before we go any further. And we explained what. We have raw. WHOSE SAD breaking news! Yeah, I have to play it. I hate to play it but I have to play Dan. The Patriot League has announced. Its decision to suspend. It's fall season. Actually cancel its fall season. They have no plans at least as of yet to turn that into a spring season. They said that they will quote. Consider it. It is just the latest domino to fall in this whacky wild world of college football that we currently find ourselves. In of course, it was the Ivy League I making the announcement than we saw subsequent announcements from the Big Ten and PAC twelve to play a conference only season. As it stands now. It seems that they're going to try to do that in the fall. We'll see if that's something. They're able to achieve or not. Still Awaiting Word from the ACC the SEC and the big twelve at sounds, if they they feel like they have more time to make that decision, so we're obviously waiting with baited breath to find out where they come down on things, but the Patriot league at least as for now is not gonNA play in the fall may consider doing something in the spring, Dan. Would you go as far as Sang Dunn's Oh. Yeah this was. This was a specific bummer to us. Obviously, because we celebrate and cherish all things Patriot League I was going to start trying to remember rivers and lakes from the mighty lobby blot. To the percolating blabbity Blah but I'm just GONNA say it. It does genuinely bum me out because one of the things that we like to celebrate on the show, it's not even just specifically the Patriot league, but it's all college football. It's sort of finding you know. Perhaps some nuggets from smaller team smaller leagues that are exciting that it's just not power five. You know obviously there are a number of teams to get through, but the Patriot league felt like it was hours and. You know if they're still a power, five centric and of Pseudo G. Five power five league. That's that's our season, not league. That's great. That's that's something to celebrate, but not having FCS programs. FCS programs like colgate from the last two years ago, that made a nice run into the playoffs and represented their league really well. It's a bummer that those stories are not going to pop up especially in December so. Were Sad I'll? I'll speak for you I think and saying that we're sad. There's no Patriot legal out of Patriot League fans Chard are pretty bummed. There's no Lehigh Lafayette for the first time in one hundred and fifty, some odd years fifty five for easy. And I don't know if you saw black. Smoke emerged from the as Bethlehem P.. A. Based the the League office. Yeah, Oh, yeah, now it's. It's in Center Valley Pennsylvania to be I. Don't know if there was. A. Sadness that you could feel a cloud of sadness over the area, but I'm bummed out it. It sucks. Elsewhere in college football. We have news that JT Daniels. He Sung waiver to play immediately. At Georgia, that waiver has been granted. You may recall J. Daniels. Burst onto the scene as Starting quarterback, he left after a knee injury, and now by virtue of this being. Accepted by the NC Double A. He has three years of eligibility left. It does come with a pretty big caveat, though knowing where we're at in college football, what exactly does immediate eligibility mean to you? Incomes I think a more operative question will clearly see where the SEC decided to go with its season, but. The notably if we just keep it within the college football world here. He is expected to contend for that starting role with one Jamie Newman who comes over as a Grad transfer from wake? Forest's so much I. think remains to be seen on this front where Daniels fits into the equation, not just in twenty twenty or twenty twenty one, but certainly beyond it some it. It's another able bodied quarterback, a very good one at that that Kirby Smart Canal at into his arsenal. What what is your general impression about? Who are you more impressed by who'd you rather have? Your. Not taking a chance on, but sort of going in pseudo blind with considering their new transfer players, JT, Daniels or Jamie Newman just from what you have seen of each of them at wake, forest and USC, which I'm sure is limited in the case of both because of injury and games. You've seen because they haven't been necessarily consequential, but who strikes you as the higher ceiling guy given the surrounding talent in Athens. Well I'll answer this two ways everything I've read tells me that I should be more excited about Jamie Newman that he is maybe a big kid. He adds a dimension to that offense. That perhaps wasn't there before I. Think just by sheer number of snaps. The answer is probably Jamie Newman, but I am excited to see more of JT. Daniela's just because unfortunately, his his first season was cut pretty short. I have no idea what to think I watched a couple of full Jamie Newman Games, and saw some really good, some kind of bad some kind of ugly and I. Don't know how much of that is system. I mean Dave Clawson. The offense is pretty efficient. Late at in wake forest wake forest. The JT Daniels thing has certain point I love that phrase so much love that preamble. The injury concerns are I, think legitimate. Some guys just get roughed up and just have bad injury. Luck throughout their careers. We've seen it time and time again. The Jamie Newman thing. It almost feels like people considering how long the college football offseason is, and my goodness could be this time around. It gives people time to talk themselves into situations, and that's something else that I worry about what Jamie Newman where he might just be. Fine, but because people are saying well, new offensive coordinators may differ. I'll look at the receiving talent. That's retirement. I'll look at the field position. They'll be put in because the Defense Jamie Newman is just. He's the best quarterback in the SEC I'm calling it now and people just in successive weeks. Talk themselves into situations over talent, and so I'm not sure what to think. I suppose. The arm talent rests with JT Daniels but. If availability is the best ability a yeah. I'M GONNA go Jamie Newman I think. Okay, what else do we got well funny? You would ask. ALWA- state's athletic director. Is Detailing significant financial ramifications of there being no college football season. I'm going to read this verbatim. This one comes from a Yahoo sports article. In a letter to the Iowa state community, athletic director Jamie Pollard detailed the realities that athletic departments around the country are facing amid the corona virus pandemic. In expressing why it is vital to attempt to play college football in the fall, Pollard revealed the financial hit Iowa. State both the Athletic Department and university itself will take if there are no false sports. Twenty Twenty Wrath department quote would incur approximately forty million dollars. In unfunded expenses in the next six months and quote. While universities revenue loss for the Educational Fund for the Twenty Twenty one fiscal year. Quote is more than forty one million dollars in quote. Pollard said on top of that Pollard said the total revenue losses in costs at Iowa state quote since the start of the COVID, nineteen pandemic through August, twenty, third twenty, twenty are estimated to be. An additional seventy, three million and quote so. Long Story Short here This isn't any thing that we didn't expect. We knew that there will be a lot of institutions taking a hit, but I think when you see the numbers imprinted obviously resonates on on a different level I know I speak for you when I say that we. Obviously would love there to be football, but we would for there to be healthy football conducted in a manner that's responsible that cares for the safety of the players. This is the other side of it, though and if you follow college football. If you follow our show, you know we do our best to follow the money. If you're wondering. Why is there such a groundswell of support still for playing a college football season in the fall, despite the fact that it feels like it may not be the best decision. Yeah here, numbers like seventy three million dollars in that could have something to do with it. Forty million dollars, whatever it is a lot of Zeros Dan, and it is going to hit a lot of these institutions on the Chin isn't. Oh for sure is I feel bad probably first and foremost for I suppose. You know seventeen eighteen year olds who are going to school specifically to play a sport and so much of playing that sport is tied into their identity and their friendships, and their their time. Really I, also you know you feel for you, know the local businesses that are going to be hit pretty hard you. You're talking about all the potential and auxiliary situations. restaurants, bars parking lots. You know everything that relies on a pretty big crowd for six or seven Saturdays every fall on the flip side. There is a certain amount of magnifying glass on how much football pays for everything and everything relies on football i. don't know if you ever see that. Sometimes are random explosions in New York City that just happened underground or happened in the middle of a building, and then you find out that like Oh. There was an illegal gas hookup. Seventeen different units were all hooked up to the same gas main fully illegally and. There's no actual correct way to respond to a story like this beyond. Diversifying can be good, and if we are as a college football universe reliant so heavily on this one thing happening and not necessarily prepared for a pandemic, because nobody can be prepared in any sort of you know rightful way for a pandemic, but. If you are putting all of your eggs into a single basket for so many people in any situation. You're risking a pretty big backdraft and so. I feel for them. I feel for Iowa state. I feel school. I feel for FCS. Schools that are going to be taking hits without getting those payout games at fun so much. But at the same time. I. College football may have gotten too big. It may have gotten too big, and this is what happens sometimes, we you know if we're going to get real big picture. We saw it in two thousand, eight with banks and his college football too big to fail. Are we going to figure out? We're going to see schools dipping into rainy day funds to figure out how to bail college football. I don't know I don't know but at this point. That's the sort of language were hearing from people as relates to how college football is responsible for rising all boats, the tide of college football is now responsible for rising so much more than even we could have fathomed it's. It's interesting. It's not the only industry that is facing a reckoning about how to organize and how to figure out finances, but. It's I think the business of college football in. Two years three years, four years might look very very different. I have recently learned what the term force. Majeure means. NBA, college football. Yeah, yeah, as it relates to being unable due to unforeseen circumstances to fulfil contract. Language like that and some of these non conference matchups that. Yeah. You see bubbling up in the news so again. Something to keep our eyes on, you know we will two other quick ones. Here Texas is going to keep the eyes of Texas as it's almo Mater, but will rename the field after former heisman trophy winners Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell, those changes are in response to a request by several athletes a few weeks back after the death of George Floyd We're going to link up that article out. Encourage everyone to go out there and read the statement verbatim. They are going to make some changes. Tom Herman came out and said he was very proud of his student. Athletes for moving things forward. I mean anytime you align your program more with Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell feels like a win, although you should go out and read about who Joe Jamal, I guess was the crazy successful attorney and I guess he could be interpreted as both crazy and successful. From Houston I believe who was a billionaire who donated a ton of money to Texas, but yeah I Campbell Williams Williams. Campbell failed. It just has views rights ring to it if you. Will Tidbit here I've got. Shadow standards you know that name? I do now. I didn't before sixteen hours ago. I don't know if you can see in our shared google. DOC here that I phonetically spelled out. Because I did not want to go global tomato on this kids first name. Sanders. He is the son of Dion Sanders. He has officially committed to. Florida Atlantic Dan The owl woo. Yeah Boca! He is the highest profile commit for new coach, Willie Taggart. He is six two. He is two hundred pounds. He is the number eight pro style pocket passer. In the class and the forty first overall prospect so good signing for coach Taggers I if he truly is and I have no reason to believe. He isn't a blue chip quarterback and a top ten. What you say pocket passer. I don't think he's GonNa end up at FAU. Opinion that's all I got for news Dan anything else for you. I'm seeing class of twenty twenty one Cedar Hill. Texas Texas area. Looking at his offers I don't know if they were compatible offers but. Seeing Alabama hard to believe. He shows fau over Alabama. Asu Baylor claims twenty-five five offers. One of his top five offers is cornell okay. Shout out to the big red. yeah, I. I have no reason we won't FAU but. Hope. Hope it all works out for him. All right as for the content of this show. Yes, we're. We're steered into the whole conference. Only scheduling bit because. I think if you follow college football, follow the show. You clearly know that. This is something that that's going to happen like the writing is on the walls. If your favorite conference didn't announce it yet, chances are just by the precedent set by the big ten by the precedent set and then followed up upon I. The PAC twelve. We can see where this is going. All the conferences before long are probably going to announce. Conference only slates, so we started thinking. Strength Schedule Right strength schedule is kind of like a big deal in our world, we talked about it frequently on pretty much every show during the fall. Certainly as we get into things like who is going to qualify for the play-off, how to teams rank against one? Another strength is a very big talking point in the world of college football that will seemingly take on new meaning Dan as we enter into this conference only world. I don't know if I had in mind. I came up with the number five because the potential of having five games in the fall, perhaps starting in October, and ever team taking the week between games so by week separating. Each week to give teams time to figure out health issues that that could bubble up and then five more late winter early spring. Almost like what breaking bad sopranos. I. Think Battle Star Galactica. Yeah, a lot of shows have done when they say okay well. I know are normally are seasons are ten episodes, but it's the final season and we wanted do fourteen. Let's do seven starting in the fall and seven starting late spring, something like that and the Hank on the toilet on breaking bad of came to mind for me when thinking about how because it always does tie. It always you watched breaking bad right. Of course hank on the toilet. Okay, sure hang on. The toilet, broke up the first and second part of the final season of breaking bad so. That's how I'm sort of thinking of things. As a possibility because if you listen to conference commissioners, if you listen to reporters speaking to a lot of people, I mean our friend. Nicole our back. rostelecom spoken to a number of administrators Pete family has been very active in this space that the thing that the common refrain is, it's all on the table. Murray it's we've got a contingency for everything. It's all on the table and also if you hear if you were able to listen to the audio of all these conference commissioners and high ranking people. Everything they said probably started with. Just that sound that's. What probably started out every single answer given to a reporter about where things stand now so. Because, everything is on the table. WE'RE GONNA go ahead and assume it contains are bangers only plan which is? We think we looked at power five schools, not that we hold anything against G. Five schools, but you know the G.. Five situation is more up in the air right now given that we don't know what's happening with power five scheduling across different conferences and non conferences, so we'll see there are certainly bangers only teams on the G. Five level, but for this exercise I don't think we've highlighted how bonkers it would be if we had an all gas, no break season. Where in this hypothetical world? What is the team is? What does that mean? All Gas, no breaks. What does that mean? There's no weeks off. There's no we have a down out Maryland this week, oh. We have an Arkansas team. That's clearly quit Oh. We have this non conference game that are starters won't be in past the middle of the second quarter that there is no chance to bill depth. There is no chance to exhale where I'm just going to take a team at random here. Okay, you ready Yup. Let's go just turned up Penn state if Penn state season were exclusively exclusively. At Michigan, Iowa Ohio State at Nebraska and Michigan State say. You don't have a chance to breathe. If you're a penn state fan, it's it's. It's enough already in a regular college football season to have panic about this linebacker now working out or these injuries on the offensive line or this coach doesn't know how to call a game on third down the fact that there is no chance to say all right. Let's get into a rhythm. We'd have a down week or whatever. How bonkers? That would be especially if we were alternating Saturdays where you know Penn, state's only playing once every two weeks, and we have nothing but time to panic about everything. You know I mean saying Penn State Fan say in this case are. Minnesota fans are Oklahoma. State fans where it's just Oklahoma state would be bedlam on the road at Baylor Texas Kansas State on the road and Iowa state, and that's just going to define an entire year of Oklahoma state. Football's bangers only man bangers only matters crazy entertainment. I am interested in Lsu I'm interested in how they follow things up. After having such incredibly successful year seems I'm interested in Lsu. Do they have a five part. Bangers only schedule where I can say who are the best or most intriguing five games that lay in front of the Tigers and how does that compare to me being interested in the main team and the five best most intriguing teams on their schedule? So you know you could say you. South Carolina having Florida on the Road Texas A, and M. Georgia Lsu on the road in Tennessee. Those are that's kind of if we if those were the five South Carolina Games that. We got to see this fall. That's pretty interesting. except I don't care that much right now. In terms of intrigue, as relates to other teams in their conference about South, Carolina, okay, both sides of things, so you need an interesting team with a bang. Sleep 'cause because good games go both ways right? Sure so okay what we've done what we did is we went through quite literally every power five team and pulled out their top five games. We also pulled out some of the conference game conference. Excuse me, yeah! We also pulled out some of the games that they are missing. So you mentioned Lsu Lsu's interesting, and maybe we can start with them as as an exercise here. At Florida home, against, Bama at Auburn An, and then that fifth game. I, you know maybe Mississippi State. Maybe there isn't quite a high profile fifth game that rises to the level of those other four. I would love to see. Mississippi state LSU K J Castillo throwing into a pretty dangerous lsu secondary. Getting Sec Arid Dallas I. Mean it's at Lsu right. We're getting SEC arid in in Tiger Stadium I. think that's that. That has banger potential. I think in normal circumstances again if we had the whole slate of games here, the fifth game or maybe like the third game I don't know would be Texas. That game that they were slated to play early on in the year. That's not a in this exercise anyway, not going to happen so of those five games Lsu I. Think's a pretty strong contender for Banger of the SEC west. The caveat is that all of the teams in the SEC west I think also fall into that category, so let's take that saw games fall under the banner umbrella I'm just saying when he Arkansas Games. All Right? Let me offer a caveat. LS So bam also. We gotta get lsu Ole Miss. I think the pseudo rivalry. Bama. Auburn and am are the four teams that I would say are very similar in the in this respect. Yeah and Lsu is definitely interesting. Let me, let me posit another. Possibility here. Okay I'm interested in Auburn. Not Completely Auburn goes on the road at Georgia. They've got am and Lsu at home. They go on the road at Bama for the. Iron Bowl. And then they're on the road against the team. Mike Mississippi State. That's a that's a hell. Of! An Se schedule right. They're going on the road against Georgia. They're also missing out on a UNC game, which I think in normal circumstances would have been a lot of fun. See Sam. How now yeah? But I'm just I'm always interested in Auburn. Because Auburn always feels to me like they've. They've got enough talent to go either way and we see every other year is gus. Malzahn getting fired? We don't know he never does so looking at a state like this a five-game slate if auburn could go like four and one through that slate that will be held and accomplish I don't think that happens, but as five game slates go especially in the SEC west where they're all pretty tough. That one's very interesting to me. What gets you drip in about Auburn though? The Bow Knicks thing. The Ball Nixon what's in what sense that you think he's going to explode. In that I thought he was better than he was all of last year. And now all I've read about this off season is how can bonex take his game to the next level? And I think I'm just a sucker for the big name. Freshman quarterback, especially in the case of Bo Knicks where he's like a legacy, and he comes in with a lot of fanfare. Through the early part of his season last year it. He had some of those moments that I like to latch onto. So I'm holding out. Hope that he's better than we saw as a true freshman. Chad Morris and You know with some of these big games on the schedule it's it's particularly appealing. We know that they've always got a lot of talent on the lines. And we've seen crazy things from Gus Malzahn Auburn team. You Have Mississippi state here as a as a Banger team which I understand, but you don't have ole miss. I don't know if you have them anywhere in terms of what you consider to be banger or, worthy. Is there. A reason ole miss. Lane Kiffin. A DJ Durkan co- coordinated defense Some returning talent on Defense Jerry, neely, on offense to sports star playing baseball. Janis Plumlee, promising with the legs lane, kiffin familiar with the SEC west goes way back with coach o! Obviously Alabama I think they're ceiling this year and I think Mississippi state should have a good offense, but they're ceiling in terms of narrative and intrigue. Might be a little bit higher for me while so here's what we're looking at with Ole Miss. We've got an auburn game. LSU, game on the road. And an Alabama game at home back to back to back. Right Auburn At lsu home against Obama. And for their top fiber at vaught hemingway I'm seeing Bama, Florida and the egg bowl all hypothetically bangers only guess no breaks. We've got, Florida. We've gotta game at A. M.. And then, of course, we've got the egg bowl so. I would put. Up for over an That is a pre meaty slate right there. I gotta say. I. Don't think you can have any Banger Rolodex without the biggest rivalry game of that specific team so I'm GonNa go with you I'll go ole. Miss There in the SEC I'm just saying Ole miss even just as a banger opponent. Yeah, but they're interesting, aren't they? They've got a lot of inch there and as you compare them to some teams in the SEC east. A highlighted South Carolina because the schedule is a murderer's row, but is South Carolina interesting? That's that's the operative question. That was something that you said at the top at Florida home against am and Georgia on the road against Lsu and then a home game against Texas. They miss out on that Clemson game again. If. We're thinking of in terms of this thought exercise. That's a tough schedule. Are they more interesting though than a team like? Georgia or Florida Georgia's sodomy Georgia to me is the the Banger only all gas, no break schedule here because I, at least I have the narrative of Georgia trying to go to Columbia and get revenge for a loss from last season losing to South Carolina the way that they did and how sloppy they played. Florida with you know Florida's on the road in Knoxville Florida South Carolina as interesting to me. Florida Ole Miss There's something there I guess. You, know Florida George obviously neutral site, but Yeah, I think it's Georgia. I think just in terms of a slate of bangers. Anywhere else. I'm intrigued by Tennessee for sure, but finding you know maybe a fourth and fifth banger is not exactly a an easy task. I think it's got to be Georgia and I liked the storyline too because. You know we've been talking a lot. About what do they do a quarterback and there's some turnover there new offense. What's that GONNA look like? How will Jamie Newman or JT DANIELS FIT in? There are going to be new faces on Georgia's start for sure and they're interesting because they are trying to take that that next step in their progression, I'm running back up. So at Bama Home Against Auburn and Florida at South, Carolina home against. Tennessee. I'm Florida's neutral saying Jacksonville neutral site. Sorry. Miss out on the Georgia, tech and UVA Games as well, which would have been really. AC so that. Yeah that it sucks to lose out on a rivalry game for clean old fashioned hate there but nonetheless. I think that's a good way to look at bangers. Only I mean if you had to rank are their secret intrigue teams for you. We talked about the Mississippi schools I'm just GONNA give you a couple pairings, okay? What not forget the the five bangers, the four bangers. Whatever Missouri Kentucky. Just individually. Missouri. Season are you more interested in. I think I am probably a little bit more interested in Mizzou. To. Yeah. New Coach New quarterback. Coach and quarterback. Now I think, does it? But I must say I have come around on Kentucky. Around Kentucky and Want slight. The Kentucky Fan base once was enough for me. Let's move to the big ten. Okay, okay as you look at your slate of what? Fourteen teams here twelve I guess. Get confused. How many how many bangers only are we looking at here? I'm not seeing a ton. I'm not seeing a ton just because. I don't know how interested I am in Indiana. As a full drop, everything gotTa Watch the hoosiers. They're good. They're fine they. They could certainly win eight wins this year. when games I think. I will go. Man I wish, I cared about Nebraska more because that the the slate of bangers is interesting. especially I think it's the bath half back half of their schedule, right? That's why it's interesting. Okay, that's why it's interesting now. Look again. We're living in in a in a post Cova world, their approve a present Cova world whatever you want to describe it as a pandemic, and you know that I was on the record, saying Nebraska could start seven hundred and finish seven at five. Here's what they're looking at back after schedule. Yeah, at Ohio. State Penn State at home at Iowa home against Wisconsin home against Minnesota, that's a hell of asleep to draw both Ohio state and Penn state from the East is really bad luck, really bad luck. Nebraska's interesting because they've got a dynamic quarterback. At least we're told the dynamic quarterback when he plays, he's healthy and Adrian Martinez Lot of fun. I think Moody's downgraded the word dynamic to something a little bit less after. After last year hurts, but yeah, I, when you start looking back two years anytime I see the phrase if he regain his form from not last year, but a year before that that's when I start worrying. There's a Scott Frost element to this coming back home, trying to rebuild his Alma Mater. You know like there's a lot of intrigue their that Nebraska I-. I- latch onto so I think for me. They're the team here if you combine the the plotline with the schedule. They're the one that I've got highlighted at least in the big ten west. Spoken like somebody who does not remember the experience of watching Nebraska football last year. Spoken like a man who has experienced forty three months of life since Nebraska last played football like we all have I guess my answer is if I had to select team that combines both the intrigue about them and a slate of bangers. My answer is probably Minnesota. All right just because of the offense because they're on the road against Wisconsin for the acts there on the road against Michigan, so it's it's an interesting Another other one against Michigan State Michigan Michigan State on the other side Iowa. They get at home in trying to. Get revenge against the hawkeyes sell I think Minnesota comes as close just because of the combination of quarterback and road slate to me. That's interesting, but. It's a the. Not at not big B. One g list of Bangers for me. I will isn't interesting to me. But they do get Minnesota. Ohio state and Penn State on the road, which is really yeah. No, they're one of the road. Dogs of this for sure and interestingly enough with the cancellation of the non conference slate. They can't play Iowa state. which many of pointed out on twitter, the ultimate marketplace of ideas. Not, always good ones but that why is it not safe for them to like travel across the state to play? O Stay I! Don't have an answer for it, but now it's a logistics thing. Yeah, that's. Vague as I can be yeah, in the East I think the answer. It's gotta be Michigan. You know I'm I'm always interested in Ohio state and Penn State and you know I've got a sauce spot for Indiana. Michigan. State's got a new coach. Right, but man games on the road. Michigan's got a lot of turnover. They've got that just constant turnabout where things headed under Jim Harbaugh They've got a road game against Ohio state. which we know is going to be headliner. Home game against past eight. They also play Wisconsin. They're on the road at Minnesota. And frankly for your fifth Banger, you could pick either Indiana a road tilt against Michigan State or maybe throw purdue in there. I don't know Oh go the rivalry game tie. Come on Michigan, state. Going a little brother of course I don't know who the little brother is, but yeah I'm I'm ready for it at Ohio State Penn State. Wisconsin at Minnesota at Michigan State so three. Interesting Road Games there. They do miss out on the road till week. One against Washington that we talked about a couple of times Lou Spin Road Dog, yeah yeah we, we talk about that one a little bit, but that game not going to be happening as both now have officially canceled their non-conference slates Tell me I'm wrong I think. Michigan's got a lot of intrigue and I think the schedule definitely makes it. Makes it trial by fire for them. That is not an easy slate of five games. Man. I duNno in year thirty seven of the Jim Harbaugh Baya. I think we have to limit our annual summer Michigan Intrigue. Getting the Lada new faces same season with Michigan and I pencil on a loss in Columbus. Probably either Minnesota Wisconsin coming after last year and the way they sort of look listless against the badgers whereas just. Ham Michigan's nine and three ten to see I. Refer to this as season six of twenty four. Okay, you know. I was into that series. Right? Twenty couldn't tell you which what happens season six. And ads listen. I watched one year. That's part of the point because who were really into twenty four. Hung with it through about season six, but it was at that point where you started to realize hey! This is all kind of the same, isn't it? Jack, Bauer a yeah everything they tried to do started to feel the same and so season six for me was was an ultimate point where it it started to run together. Feel the same in every. Every season thereafter lost a little bit of the lustre. So was Jim, Harbaugh, torturing college football fans just to get information out of the terrorists. Is that I. Don't try to figure out the connection. What was the name of the C. T.? Way I was trying to pull back Jack Bauer for one last. He's the only guy one last job I don't know Jim Harbaugh. Is the only guy we've gotten to that point? Where we have to start wondering I am I. Am Not Ready to I'm not maybe I'm in season five, but not six. Okay. Yeah I can I tell you the secret intrigue in the East my secret intrigue in the East is Rutgers. Okay, go on! Not because I feel like they're going to do anything crazy exciting, but I feel like they could have a wrench season. Where they're just, they're losing a lot of games twenty eight to thirteen, but it's fourteen thirteen at the half like ooh. Laurentian a five game all gas. No break season here perhaps. With the number of transfers with what I believe to be a better coaching staff with the weirdness. That's whatever happens this next college football season whenever it happens. I feel like rutgers can be a wrench you position. A wrench position. Dirty Okay I. Forget the name of the character from dodgeball. Dodge a dodge wrens. You can draw dodgeball. Yeah, there's. Yeah. Yeah, about piscataway. ruckers that I'm not feeling the magic I'm not thinking Pixie. Dust from the from the scarlet knights, seeing wrench fest, two, twenty, twenty or twenty, twenty one has seen pandemonium. Before in piscataway. Right you're saying. Okay. I had trouble with the big twelve. Because Hula hand by the way, Oh right, thank you, make you. Heaven Forbid. We forget that. I had trouble with the with the big twelve because. It's they all play each other. Fewer options, fewer options and I felt like we really had to wait pretty heavily. Which of these teams we were most interested in in. It's one hundred twenty season and less so with the schedule. Because again it's it's all sort of the same. Anyone, jump out to you I. I always veer towards Texas and I. Don't like the way I feel about that, but. Right Texas to me is where I always go naturally here just in terms of intrigue in terms of. Is Your Tom. Herman can build them up or they're gonNA. Plug some of their gaps like. I. Don't know where. How do you come down on on the big twelve year? Oklahoma Baylor K. state I'm GonNa tell you why those three teams traveled to Ames Iowa. And I just. That's that's Banger. Capital city tie We've got Oklahoma on the road against TCU, whatever Fort Worth is fine, but Iowa state as host Oklahoma and that just it seems to be spicy every season tie so you sign me up for Iowa state. Oh you wherever it is we have. What I said, Kay State Yeah K. State is a road dog, and that includes aims trip, so that's Baylor on the Road Oklahoma on the Road Iowa stayed on the road for Kansas State team that some changes on defense, but some continuity on offense with skill in quarterback. It's a new look, offensive line, but. Can I don't know what an advanced wrench would be, but Kansas state. Has that potential even as a road dog out of them? That I would agree with that. Baylor with a new coach. On the road in Norman on the road in Austin and on the road in aims at tough. It's weird, but returned quarterback interesting hires on both sides of the ball coordinator. Wise I think Baylor is is all gas. No breaks and they don't have to play. What is it in carnage war current? No, so there is there. Is that degree of Baylor starting off on the same foot after so many years and I know this is an older narrative, but at so many years of just ignoring Baylor in September, there a big beneficiary of just into it as everybody else gets into it, so they're Baylor Banger I'm there? I'm either Texas or Baylor. And I'd like to retract Baylor Bangers. Officially retract that in all seriousness I have officially retracted IT A. Either on the tech side of the coin here for all the usual reasons. Interested in Texas Outta, here or Baylor or Baylor you know the new coach. Ash What happens without Matt Rule? how does Dave Randall as a coach? For a while to see what Dave Aranda could do as as the CEO of his own program. To the coach of Baylor. Really excited for kids. Really over play. He's Lego Batman. It's a really good crash like what I'm seeing out there. Decker one time God. That's to recruit. Locker Room That might be the reason. Baylor eccentric because of his Voice Co.. I really I'm GonNa Miss David Voice that only recently discovered if we don't have a season this fall. Be Ready I had no idea that was the thing. Oh Yeah. Man I'm going to have a lot of friends that aren't we? Yeah? Let's go to the PAC twelve if we could okay. Washington for me, is the. Is The answer and here's why road dogs baby. Yeah, all road games all the time. Yeah, new coach! Got Some. That not playing at Michigan game. Great. On the Road Oregon at Utah at CAL AT USC and As bangers, only schedules go. That was the only one that I could find. There may be others. The only one that I could find were maybe the best five games on the schedule are all on the road. I think for Washington we have to say Vegas Vegas bubble. They might get the treat of a Vegas bubble if they don't get to play a home game all fall along. We have to say a neutral site Washington and that that feels like the right place. They get to play their games. At Sam Boyd Stadium or as I called it Gorman Bishop hill for t tough field Organs got to go to Vegas SC to vegas direct flights from from L., A. Definitely not from Spokane area Utah Cal Yeah you can get to Vegas, you Washington players get better accommodations. They all get condos at the whatever resort and that's the concession I think for for the road. Dogs that are Washington Yeah. Let me ask you a question about Oregon could very quickly. Yeah do do you have a little less disdain for the corona virus? Because it also means the cancellation of that North Dakota State Game I'd let him relieved. That Oregon doesn't play trae Lance and the Bison of North Dakota state correct. Yeah I mean it's it's lose. Lose you beat up on North. DAKOTA STATE! You're like well. There are good FCS, team, but yeah, obviously Oregon, going to beat them and if you lose to them. You just you laughed at. Why did they schedule them right right so? It would've. It would've been nice as a football fan to see what exactly North Dakota state could do. Against a top ten team in the country that would have been really nice I'm disappointed because I've seen a good amount of attention on trae lance. Why don't even think threw an interception as a freshman last year for the Bison to see what he could do in a again? We're talking alternate universes here, a rock and autzen stadium. That's a bummer to me the fact that it was. A crazy look ahead game with Ohio state coming into to odds and the following week. Kind of a relief. Yeah I say you know of of all the conferences that I saw there. There are some high profile games here. We'll talk about some of the Games that teams in the ACC are missing out on, but you know, and certainly no disrespect teams like Wisconsin who. Had Notre Dame had APP. State no disrespect to a team like a South Carolina, that might not get a chance to play its in state, rival and Clemson. which you know falls into that Iowa state category, but. The PAC twelve is if you have if you have five games of a team to watch. Do you want to enter the cone zone? Is that somewhere? You really want to be quarantine this fall. Cone Zone be honest. I don't know I to me. No, no I don't really okay. I I was just where I'm going with. This is the PAC twelve is really missing out on some non. Conference Games Oh yeah! S. US's not going to play or Notre Dame Washington. We already mentioned Michigan. Or again as a college football fan, yeah, I'm interested in North Dakota, state and. Ohio state game as well so a lot of artillery. There you, Byu. The Holy War might not happen so. Yeah a lot of intrigue there. I'm just not happening tie, yeah! I'm searching for a team that I think rises to that Washington level and I don't really find it here. I guess maybe USC because they've gotTa say USC Nice Yeah They. They're Utah on the Road Oregon on the road. Either Stanford or a home game against cal? That's you know. Interesting but for me, it still Washington. Let me, offer you this Arizona. State is at USC at Wazoo cal at home at Oregon in Utah. I'm intrigued by J. Daniels. The way as who finished their season last year, even though I was somewhat inconsistent, he rose to the occasion against Oregon. and to see him against some teams going through some defensive changes, while Sue's certainly struggled last year now starts over again on defense hopefully I think they hired Wyoming's defensive coordinator. Oregon's can have a better defense this year than they did last year. And hopefully they don't get torched by Asu wide receivers here in Oregon Fan you tie. A lot of good back and forth history there. I think Asu for sure has bangers. Old is cat. We're just cal rank on the on the Banger Sky Have Cal here to Utah Oregon. Washington all at home. And then traveling to SC traveling to asu yeah. CASTLEFORD Arbor's yeah. I'm always goo. Goo Garbage you that we do lose the cheese at bowl rematch against sh I now I know we're sitting here. Bemoaning all of these supposedly bigger rivalry games, but she's about to off the table. Move over the A C final congress here then I'll mention Notre Dame quick because we have to contractually. I am. So You know the the Clemson storyline is interesting to me. It's interesting on a number of levels. I I don't know what's going to happen with this season I. Don't know which direction things go none of us do angers excluded? Sorry, continue but. Trevor, Lawrence and what he does this season. Me As something that could be a very interesting. Talking Point will will there be upside for several. Ernst even put himself out there. I think he is in that. In that rare stratosphere. And the Twenty Twenty College football season. It's him just in fields could be guys like Tuba. Hubbard he guys who seem like they are surefire top round draft picks. Who May Soul? Yeah, yeah may consider. What this means to them in their careers moving forward. CLEMSON's still has some interesting games on the schedule. There's Louisville game. There's road tilt against. Notre Dame road tilt against Florida state. Is a Syracuse game which has given them trouble in the past, and then there's wake forest game, which just threw in there because I needed a fifth but. Talk yourself into more than one and a half bangers on clemson schedule. Louisville gets a half notre, Dame's Banger on the retard I mean the Florida. The Florida state game is traditionally very interesting, but. It's not lost on me that they're essentially starting over with Mike Norville. Yeah Clemson's Banger free since eighty three to me. That's how I'm reading. The Games here that I have highlighted are at Clemson. Home Against North Carolina Home Against Miami Home Against Louisville at Virginia Tech. They. Miss out on a Georgia game, but I'm talking about Uva Dan in the coastal. That's a pretty good slate of bangers. As it goes in the ACC and it was the best slate. Of teams that I could find. Louisville is also in that equation. Luvell I am interested in them, because of Mikhail Cunningham Louisville I, think has the best case just because of what we hope Louisville to grow into as a hopefully sooner rather than later challenger to Clemson even though talent wise. They're pretty far off. When you have a quarterback when you have a coach that seems to be building things the correct way that there is hope with level. At clemson home against both Florida State and Virginia Tech on the road at Uva on the road at that's pretty good slate. A miss out on. Yeah, tied rivalry. Know States TVD, but a lot of these teams are teams. Louisville should be done should beat with some comforts if they are indeed taking that next step. That's intrigued. That's Banger. Virginia Tech. Missing out on Penn State's kind of a bomber. Florida state in particular misses out on non cons against West Virginia Boise and Florida good for Florida state though. Off. Yeah, she's good for them and Miami misses out on a road trip to East Lansing. How would you settle things? How would I settle things? Yeah, how would you settle things if you have a bunch of five and four and one's maybe a scrappy three and two who had to crazy tough. Road Games very tight loss perhaps. It's without the data of twelve games where we're seeing how in team a team improves over three four months were seeing games with a week separating each game week off separating each game. Do, you say well Ohio stages the national champ. They look the best and you just awarding it. Are you fielding a neutral site? Low Key national championship somewhere? I think it's Barry Alvarez on twitch twenty four seven. Let's go out. Let's stay former ad former standing coach. With only five games. Do you take three weeks off and do a sweet sixteen tournament and some sort of Bubble Ahmen? Can this be our next show. Sure so how did decide a five game season using either games or not games to decide things? This is the show we're doing next Wednesday. Where's the bubble how forces we're. Doing, next. This is a great idea. I'M GONNA. Put It on our sheet right now. This is what we're doing. What separates foreign teams? What criteria five zero teams? Are you automatically out if you lose twice? Ramon universes what we're doing, so it's what it is. It's double elimination. I think so I think it has to be double elimination. are, we saying flex bracket could be an eleven team. Bracket was some weird by week action. I'm down at the flex baby alright. Mention bangers on I'll just mentioned. Notre Dame here very quickly. there is potential. That, they could pick up some free agent bangers. Because they are missing out on Wisconsin and Stanford and USC again. This is assuming the ACC will. Though that's available while I'm just wondering like, would they? Would they pick up a team like a Miami or UNC? L. E. HI Lee. Yeah, I mean. Everything's her things on the table they do play Clemson and Louisville at home. They got a road game against pit, which could be tricky but I'm curious if there would be a move. Try and pick up. Some action there if there are ACC teams that are left wanting additional football games. I also WANNA make mention to Byu and Byu. Fans that listen. They're in a real chartered spot here and. They've got game against Utah. which we mentioned Michigan State Arizona State and Minnesota, all of which are are seemingly canceled in this scenario so hopefully they're able to. if things proceed. Find some way to craft their own bangers only scheduled, but things looking a little rough for the kooks. Maybe why you puts on a secret mountain west hat and it's like baby baby baby baby I'm sorry I'm sorry. Hey, sh! All right how this is a weird show. Can I ask you one final question one final question? All right just because we're talking about you know a record setting or not record-setting, but a a one of a light once in a lifetime. said a five. And bangers only just of brings to mind some sort of radio hour in Tulsa. I don't know. Michael Jackson had five number. One hits on the album bad. Only one artists since then has had five number one hits. On a single album. Who has it got to be Lady Gaga. Katy Perry. Girl. Two thousand eight teenage dream. I've number one hits. I think it's teenage dream, et. firework California girls and I'm missing one right now. Is it hot and cold, or was that the previous album amiss missing one from that album, but she was the record tying. That on that album on teenage dream. BANGERS only. Man Okay that's I can't believe you got that. Right wheelhouse topic for me Katy Perry I actually I. Just didn't have enough time I did download the eight bit version of firework. Sites? Teenage dream. Ran The most successful number one single album. Of the of the modern era tie and you, you whiffed. Leave it there then okay should leave it. To my everlasting shame Friday night. Oh, thank you, okay, I am tie. He is Dan. Thank you so much for listening. Don't forget to subscribe to. The show got another one coming on Friday morning. Conversation with a good friend of the verbal yeah. Also, don't forget to give us five star review. If you like the show going out and follow us on grammar on facebook on twitter, and if you WANNA, keep the conversation raging where I'm sure many other ballers be talking about their favorite bangers, going out to solid verbal DOT READY DOT com. I have nothing to add I have. Sort of destroyed my voice doing Dave Aranda. Sign off here for that guy over there. For. Myself ty Hildebrand y'All. Take Carol talking a few days in the meantime. Stay solid.

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