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Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions. Then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the air the alleged plot to shoot up a hotel you guessed and coworkers the reported targets the suspect in court just moments ago the image justin and new details tonight. I'll be arsenal discovered. We are watching a major line of storms moving into the northeast tonight. What's behind it rob marciano standing by for new york city today. The young man crushed to death in an elevator authorities say to others just gotten off three people still in the elevator witnessing. It all engulfed in flames. How did the passengers get out alive just seconds before those first flames turned into a fireball arrested after accidentally leaving her five month old baby in her hot car dr. She said she was distracted getting her son of the car and by her sister they were all going shopping. The passengers outrage tonight their flight from new york to los angeles delayed for eighteen hours. The mountain wind mulligan eight year old boy who was playing outside his home. This is the third attack the growing concern tonight your money tonight the major bus the arrests the email scams romance scams targeting seniors and businesses to allegedly they were out to steal millions and america strong tonight the boy the letter at the major leaguer who admits he got choked up but what happened next this is a._b._c. news tonight with david muir good good evening. It's great to have you with us here at a busy thursday night and we begin tonight with that developing story the alleged plot to shoot up that hotel targeting workers and guests and the suspect was charged in in court just moments ago tonight new details coming in about the alleged plot. The hotel cook arrested. The arsenal. Season is home hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a._r. Fifteen fifteen among the weapons and this comes amid two more cases today to young people arrested for alleged threats to open fire at school with the school year just under way but we begin again with that hotel plot and california a._b._c.'s will car leads us off tonight. Demand accused by authorities applauding america's next massacre appeared in court for for the first time thirty-seven-year-old rodolfo toya behind that glass divider now charged with four felonies police say they found a stash of weapons inside rodolfo montoya's home including hundreds of rounds of ammunition tactical gear and an automatic rifle and high capacity magazines both are illegal in california authorities say on monday montoya a hotel cooked told a co worker about his plan to attack. He was gonna shoot up fellow employees and people coming into the hotel that co worker told hotel management who then called police montoya was arrested at his home or authorities allegedly found at arsenal of weapons tonight. Employs is at the marriott were the suspect worked or grateful that hotel management called police after learning about the alleged plot so blessed on i'm alive and that and plying on everybody's here is fine because that's horrible since two tragedies in dayton in el paso there have been more than a dozen arrests for alleged threats amash shootings across austin country colluding in ohio. This man who police say wanted to shoot up a jewish community center was arrested after posting this disturbing video online in florida a mother pleads with police after a teenage son is arrested little he's correct and today also in florida at least two students separate schools arrested for alleged threats at the start of the school year and we'll car car with us live again tonight and a case of that california hotel cook. I know police now investigating how he allegedly obtained. Some of those weapons will that dr david. We know that that a._r. Are fifteen. He allegedly had was illegal. Here in california authorities now want to know exactly where he got it from and we've heard across the country that saying if you see something say something tonight. Authorities are strengthening their language saying if you see here or even read something suspicious you should report it david. We'll car leading soft. We'll thank you we are also tracking flash flash flood watches and strong storms moving into the northeast tonight all the way from oklahoma the system already unleashing heavy rains over the last twenty four hours downing trees near ellendale north carolina <hes> flash flooding leaving cars underwater in saint louis and meteorologist rob marciano is tracking this again tonight for us. Hey rob hi. David severe storms are popping in this hot and in cuban air mass ahead of that cold front that will finally bring some relief to this oppressive heat on the radar. You see it in north carolina virginia already trees down with severe storms there another batch coming through that area maryland eastern pennsylvania's well the wave on this front way back over the mississippi. It's what brought the flash flood into kansas that kind of drifts to the he will have enough dynamics to drag front south of d._c. During the day tomorrow but not even into the mid south so it is august more storms along that front and south of it tomorrow but you're in the northeast thankfully it will be quieter and cooler sir david rob thank you. We're gonna turn now to the horror in new york city today. A young man crushed to death in an elevator to others had just gotten off. Three people were standing behind him still in that elevator witnessing at all. Here's a._b._c.'s linsey davis an investigation tonight into how a simple elevator ride turned into a deadly tragedy eighty elevator drafts person possibly investigators say six people were on board an elevator inside this twenty two story manhattan apartment building when something went and terribly wrong two people got off at the lobby and when thirty year old samuel ways bryn tried to exit the elevator malfunctioned and suddenly dropped crushing him to death tonight the victims heartbroken father is speaking out with our family and you know that we all firefighters also rescued three more people trapped inside the elevator who witnessed the har- super scary. They always jump between game floors. It's like that halloween horror nights thing when you're in that scary elevator that hops up down it's really bad the building had been fine nearly thirteen hundred dollars in may. Hey for unsafe elevator conditions just last year. The cables of an elevator snapped in chicago sending six people including a pregnant woman plunging eighty four stories. No one was hurt so let's get to lindsey. She's live in new york tonight and lindsey. You have new information on the repair work that was set to take place on that elevator. That's right david just last month. A work permit had been issued to fix the wiring on both elevators. However investigators say that the elevator that the victim was riding. It was not the elevator that recently been fine david davis. We're thinking about the family of that young man tonight just awful. Thank you to other news tonight. A major crackdown crackdown this evening federal authorities busting what they say was a global internet scam one of the largest cases of its kind they say in u._s. History prosecutors charging eighty people with money laundering during fraud and identity theft they were accused of stealing ten million dollars through various email scams these scams as we've reported before often target the most vulnerable seniors and and small businesses and mack up in l._a. Tonight where the case broke wide open map. This was a massive bus david now f._b._i. Source telling me this wasn't incredibly sophisticated. Indicated ring authorities say targeted big corporations and then posed as personnel were vendors then they requested payment and because they looked so real company sent them millions there were also romance gave some victims believing they were corresponding with military service members overseas the defendants in this case are charged with and money laundering and fraud and if convicted they could face dozens of years behind bars and authorities tonight. Tell us the victims in this case are unlikely to recoup do any of their money david malcolm and reporting in from l. A. thank you that next tonight to new images of the fiery jet crash in northern california and that rush to escape the flames james this video now showing the plain erupting into a fireball as you know everyone on board getting off even with the plane already on fire seconds before it erupted into that fireball so why did the pilot abort take-off. Here's a._b._c.'s adrian banker tonight. We're learning more about those heart. Stopping moments passengers escaping that crash plane gene after an aborted takeoff the engine still warring everybody out then the fireball lineman justin vaughan was nearby in oroville california and heard the roar from that cessna citation jet on the runway and knew something was wrong. We saw the plane through the opening shoot through the field and was bouncing along see that actually the fuselage was broken in half half of the plane kind of sat forward and the tail sat back just a little bit vine and a group of linemen and training randy find all ten people on board walking out of that that plane are they were pretty shook up at that point to to the pilot. Forget everybody off the plane those onboard two pilots and the c._e._o. And team members of a fortune five hundred company all all now safe at home. I'm amazed that somebody got out of the live. It was fully engulfed in flames and just pure black smoke so the big question is why did the pilot let aboard his takeoff the n._t._s._b. Crews are working behind us right now. Flying drones over the crash site investigating why made that split second decision david adrian rian banker reporting and again tonight. Thank you now to a concern. We have reported on here every summer and this one has been a particularly bad one. The dangers of children in hot cars at least thirty five five children have died so far this year tonight police in arizona now releasing this video of a mother arrested after accidentally leaving her five-month-old daughter in a hot car while she and her young son and her sister when shopping here's gio benitez tonight newly released video shows the terrifying moment after a mother returned to her hot what car to discover she had left her baby inside first responders taking the child to the hospital. I don't know honestly don't don't body cams rolling as thirty seven year old. Stacie hawley tells rescuers that she accidentally left her five month old in the backseat. The mother says she was distracted. Talking to her sister and took her six year old out of the car but left the baby in the back while all three when shopping surveillance video released by police shows them entering the store and leaving nearly fifty minutes later the high that june day okay over a hundred degrees a hundred thirty degrees inside that car the baby was okay holly later telling police. She never thought she'd make that mistake. I think with these people who who you see on t._v. I'm gonna have to leave your kids in the car and then it happened and david that mother was charged with child abuse and child elden dangerous. She has pleaded not guilty david. Jill thank you at arrest tonight. In the deadly stabbing at cal state fullerton former administrator killed in a parking lot police arresting arresting a suspect accusing him of killing co-worker authorities say he was seen on surveillance right here running from the scene police also recovering a backpack from under the victim's car containing an incendiary device a knife zip ties and winks in the caribbean tonight. The american father charged with manslaughter accused of killing a hotel worker in anguilla. Scott hapgood was escorted by police insecurity after a pretrial hearing today. He says he was there on vacation. He was protecting his family in that he would do it again. A._b._c.'s victor kendo is on the scene scott expect to happen today. The connecticut father fighting a manslaughter charge after a vacation in guelleh back on the island today for a preliminary mary hearing we all want the same thing justice for me. That means proving my innocence scott hop good insisting he was acting in self-defense. When handyman kenny mitchell came. I'm to the families hotel room in uniform unannounced saying he needed to fix a sink before pulling a knife and trying to rob him. The two men fund hapgood says he was stabbed and bitten when when it was over mitchell was dead. The coroner says from fixation and blunt force trauma hotel bellman jesse clark tells us he was called to the room as hapgood pin mitchell down waiting for police i keep insisting over and over he needs to ease up off of him and he wouldn't an unconfirmed toxicology report appears justice show mitchell head high levels of alcohol and cocaine in his system but mitchell's family and friends say he was not a violent man. I can put my neck on the chopping block that kenny michelle and aww he has a family he had a good job he was not someone was desperate for money. This case which has galvanized the small island of anguilla is just getting started scott. How good is due back in court on september ninth david victor. Thank you now to your money jobs in the u._s. Economy tonight the labor department revising its numbers downward reporting there were five hundred one thousand fewer jobs created over the last year than previously thought we've seen these revisions before but this is the largest revision in a decade so let's get right to a._b._c.'s chief white white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight and john. I know you're in the oval office today. You ask the president about these revisions and let's listen mister brazil. You concerned about the jobs numbers revision five hundred hundred thousand fewer jobs over the job. Numbers have been really good. We have unemployment level that it hasn't been ad for many many years <hes> fantastic numbers the economy has been really fantastic giancarlo with the president today the president sounding upbeat john but he and his campaign team are watching the numbers of course they're aware of these warnings about a possible awesome recession and as you know john this could be the issue in two thousand twenty no question david and while the economy continues to grow there are a number of warning signs. It's another one this week projected. Federal budget deficits are projected to be more than a trillion dollars a year or something top government economists said is simply not sustainable in the president this week has gone back and forth about whether or not he wants to see some kind of a boost temporary boost to the economy like a payroll tax cut but the president's it's economic team continues to believe that the economy remains strong but i've gotta tell you david they are watching those numbers closer than anybody because they are fully aware that an economic downturn would severely hurt the president's chances at reelection all right giancarl who was in the oval office today john thank you <hes> new crackdown tonight on those annoying robocalls we all received twelve major phone companies now teaming up with every state agreeing to offer smartphone customers free call blocking tools companies are also being asked asked to deploy a new system identifying real customer phone numbers from fake numbers used by scammers. We all know what that's about. Americans receiving about five billion robo calls every month and late today the pentagon identifying to american green berets killed in afghanistan master sergeant jose gonzales la quinta california and master sergeant louis de leon figura gora chicopee massachusetts. They were killed during a combat operation. Fourteen american troops have died in combat related incidents in the country this year. There is still much more ahead on world news tonight this thursday the murder case that made national headlines a first look tonight at texas student accused of killing his ole miss classmate young woman from missouri as he appears in court today what his defense attorneys asked the judge today also tonight travel nightmare and be outraged the videos coming in showing passengers upset and understandably their flight from new york to los angeles was delayed for eighteen hours about lying falling eight year old boy who was simply playing in his own backyard. 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Capterra software selection simplified. We're gonna turn next tonight to those images. Coming in passengers outrage deflate from new york to los angeles delayed. That's nothing new but for eighteen hours. A._b._c.'s david corley covers aviation those groaning ronin complaints from nearly two hundred passengers heading from new york to l._a. There three thirty afternoon flight yesterday had already been out to the tarmac and back three times. This was to twenty in the morning when they heard this at you but then the agent delivered more news the flight was cancelled so the airline align would not be offering hotel vouchers whom you taxi passengers were offered pillows and blankets for what turned into an eighteen hour delay delta did have weather travel waivers in effect which would have allowed passengers to make a one time flight change age without charge delta tells us they've offered passengers travel vouchers miles or gift cards as a show of goodwill on top of the airline's apology collagen david david kerley thank you to the index of other news tonight in new developments in a murder case making national headlines brennan these filled the texas twenty two year old accused of killing ole miss this classmate allie coastal in court today the defense asking that he undergo a psychological evaluation setting new information the case his attorney has said before that he will. I plead not guilty in colorado. An eight year old was mauled by mountain lion. The child was playing with this brother in the backyard. This was outside denver or the boy was bitten in the head is father scaring tearing away the animal. He is in stable condition. The boy wildlife officials setting traps now. This is the third mountain line attack this year in colorado and alarming bison stampeded the yellowstone national park listen to this. Yes we bleeped out just a tiny bit there the herd crossing a road filled with tourists in their cars. When one bison rams vehicle shattering a window the family's okay but on the you can hear them joking. They should have gotten insurance for the rental car. Better luck next time and the first undersea expedition to the titanic and fourteen years the underwater images tonight shot by dive team showing doom ship more than twelve hundred feet at at the bottom of the atlantic scientists say salt current and bacteria have caused the whole start to collapse within fifteen hundred people died after the panic struck an iceberg finally tonight here america america strong the boy that letter and the baseball player moved dongyue ruled henry fresca at bat in boston. A die hard red sox fan. He also has a big heart. I love these faults. It's my life. No you're not here because the red sox so you're here because of the oriels right because when henry saw orioles first baseman chris davis struggling through a record setting slump over fifty four wrote a letter here mr davis hendra frasca nine nine year old kid and die hard red sox fan. There are two things i want you to know purs- the way you play baseball has absolutely nothing to do with how good a person you are. Also you are incredible. You've done it for a long time and everyone goes through slum. Don't don't give up at the date day. Chris davis got that letter wind up davis gotta get one slump was proven by davis adds all of our baby and chris with with beat. The boy wrote to him. It meant enough to me for me to carry it around the rest of the day and it was pretty cool. I mean i'd be lying. If i instead of a little choked up together in the locker room on the field and in the dugout reporter gary thorne she want to say too chris thank in my life. We'll do it again. We need more henry's and you are incredible henry. We loved it. Thank you for watching. I'm david in your hope to see you tomorrow good night. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates. It's using an online dashboard. Get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight.

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