Weekly Wrap: Supreme Court, Homecoming, & Gender Fire


This message comes from NPR sponsor, national cooperative Bank. Choose a Bank that shares your values, national cooperative Bank offers online checking and savings accounts that positively impacts communities more at NC dot coop, slash banking member FDIC. Hey, y'all. This is Don daddy this week on the show NPR business cards founded Alina Seljuk and the premium coin cards bonded for bus feet news, Chris guy. All right. Let's. Hey, y'all from NPR. I'm Sam Sanders. It's been a minute here with two guests today. Chris guide Nur legal editor, BuzzFeed news. How busy has your week been? It's been a league we've, but we we've had a lot of those recently. So that is true. That is true. Also here with Alina sell your business correspondent for NPR. Guessing you're week was pretty busy as well. Frady busy. Well, I'm so glad you both made the time to talk with me to wrap up the week of news, and I'm so glad to be playing the song with them playing three, both right now. It is a new well old, but new print song. It's called seventeen days. Yes day you. Home feel like I'm already ready for the weekend, just listening, right. Problem one, no turn the voice now. Wanna call you. So this is from an album of old Princeton that was released late last month, the albums called piano and a microphone nineteen Eighty-three and his. He's nine unreleased prince demos from way back then. And so the thing about this is that like these aren't the like finished versions of these songs. Caesar, the Dimos scratch tracks just prince at the piano playing the songs to show his band and his team, how he wanted to do the songs with the full band later. And there's really interesting moments in the song you can hear where prince starts to beat box to basically show the drummer how he wants to Trump's this out. How. It's just amazing. And so, but what's so weird about this? Is that like because he's demos, there are big questions as to whether or not prince wanted this released. Also famously fought during services like YouTube and Spotify. So the fact that you can hear these songs on those platforms. It's weird. I feel guilty here in this stuff, but I also love it. Yeah, I mean, I think that that's one of those those things. It's sort of like your journalist instinct is like, yes, we wanna see this people must know, but what he wanted people to know exactly. Break. Rake. Uh-huh. Anyway, Alina and Chris or here with me to look back on the week of news and culture and everything else. All right. First, we're going to start by having each of my guests and me to describe our week of news and only three words, Chris, you have been covering the opening of the supreme court's term this week. You've seen the current justices back on the bench you go, I yeah. I mean, we were in this strange position again of starting out of supreme court term with only eight justices. And the thing was that within the court, like it was a very different world from what we're seeing outside, and the three words were compromise for. Now you've got this truly for four court. There is no swing vote right now. You've got these four conservatives, these four more liberal justices and what it was is. That you saw different sorts of questions you use sauce? Sort of like one of the cases was about the death penalty, which in the past, his lead sort of Justice, Alito injustice, soda my or two to face off, rather rather strongly against each other. And yet during this case, it was sort of like, well, I disagree with your position and would like to understand how it is that you think this it was it was not nice. Yeah, it was. It almost felt like chief Justice Roberts was like, sat them down before the term began and was like, guys. We're in a tough spot right now. We all know it. Let's be at all. It's Lassie. Yeah. So what cases are on the docket for this new term? What are the big ones? It's sort of an understated docket. We don't have huge cases that everybody is going to be paying attention to at first and it really. Will depend on where the justices come down with their decision. One of the cases that that's gotten a lot of attention is this question over dual sovereignty, whether or not you can can face criminal charges both under federal charges and state charges. And this case has been focused on by a lot of people as like that if they get rid of dual sovereignty that that Trump will be able to part in people because there won't be able to be state charges against his associates. But the fact is that a lot of states already have rules that if you've been charged under federal, you can't face state charges, including New York. So then what I hear you saying is that right now, because the court is deadlocked four, two, four. It is a lot less political than it might be. Although what the US public is seen as as far as supreme court goes right now is just Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh which is. Very political. Yeah, it makes the position. I really think that last Thursday was a really bad day for the court that that was not a person who I can see on the supreme court. Like I, it was brazen out and out intentionally acrimonious partisanship. If you remember when when Justice Ginsburg like made those comments about Trump during the campaign, she actually did pull back and. Imagine that that was the result of a conversation with the chief Justice, Selena, what's your take on all of this? Is someone watching it, but not typically covering it? It's hard to say the memory of new cycle is extremely short these days. So I hesitate to say that if Brett Kavanagh becomes a new supreme court Justice that you know twenty years later, this moment in history won't be perceived much differently than you know, the Anita hill hearings. You know, fast as the thing that we kind of just shrug off now, right? So I hesitate to say that it will have some kind of transformative moment, but I also don't discount the possibility that it will be transformative moment. I just think we have to see how exactly that I'm a nation plays out. One big difference that I think is part of the change times is I mean, remember when Justice Thomas took the bench, there was. Only one other woman on the cord, and it was a woman appointed by a Republican president, Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor. I mean, after last week, right? If Brett Cavanaugh joins the court, he's going to be joining court with with three justices who I mean, I'm sure Justice Sotomayor has to say to have has some thoughts. Yeah, we should say here. We're taping this Friday morning, so you might hear this after we know for sure whether bread cabin has been confirmed for a seat on the supreme court. All right. I'm gonna go next. My three words are California versus Trump. And I say that because the issue that I geek out the most about his Indonesia Sakano talking about net neutrality Alina I love this stuff. The silence he hears me leaving the room, tired of talking about it as a tech reporter, but I'm gonna make talk about it just for a little bit. I'm bringing it up and talking about California because the Trump Justice department this week sued the state of California to block. California's new net neutrality law. The backstory is a few months ago. The Trump administration rolled back existing net neutrality rules and California. In response said, we'll make our own. I think before we go anywhere else with this, I'm going to let the tech reporter tell us in a nutshell what net neutrality is. So I think the line that I sent to you guys as someone said to me on Twitter, I think this week last week, I don't know. It's all weeks together these days is that new net neutrality for the tech reporters and the tech lobbyists world is like the internet version of hotel, California, because the issue has been going on for ten plus years. But anyways, the long story short is net neutrality rules when off the books in the summer and the net neutrality rules previously established internet service providers were not allowed to make your website load slower. They were not allowed to charge a little extra for slightly faster speeds, loading speeds. They weren't allowed to strike deals with like Netflix to get your Netflix slightly faster than your Hulu. Similarly, in California's case, what California brought back are all of those rules, pleasant addition, one other rule that prohibited like ver- Reisen from giving you access to Hulu that wouldn't count toward your data restrictions. So basically California. Saying these ISP's these service providers can't play favorites, which is the basic kind of in a nutshell what neutrality means. I like to describe it as how much power should your internet service provider have over your internet experience. So then so California puts these rules in place on the state level. The Trump DOJ sues. But the bigger point for me is that this is yet another example of California showing a type of resistance to Trump that may not be the first thing that we think about when we say the word resistance. Like we say that word, we think of people on the ground protesting, but there is a resistance. So the Trump White House coming from state houses, Chris, what does this kind of legal resistance? How effective is it? I mean, a lot of it is from the it's from California AG Sarah, it's from New York AG, Barbara. Underwood. Also there have been. In some some counties, Santa Clara county in California, San Francisco county. You basically have always had this. I mean, if you remember all of Texas lawsuits against oppa Dhaka under the Obama administration, this has been the the way for the ages of the other party of the president to sort of try and say, we're back to our dual sovereignty. It states trying to say, we want to do our thing and we should be allowed to do. So is that more effective than protesters? Just on the ground saying, stop Donald Trump. I mean, they think they're two totally different things. They think that the reality of what Trump has done has led to a lot of lawsuits that probably regardless of the the environment on the ground, democratic Agee's would've fought back against. But the fact is that in a liberal state, you cannot go wrong right now by Donald Trump. Putting your name. Yeah. By getting a lawsuit, that is your name v Trump so more to come for. Sure. Alina. Do you have three words? Do my three words are up to fifteen and then it was about, okay, that's about Amazon money. Yeah. Dollars. So Amazon made huge waves this week announcing that the company will raise the minimum wage for its lowest paid workers up to fifteen dollars. So this is mainly for warehouse workers. And this is big because I don't know if you knew this, but Amazon is now the second largest private employer in the United States really who's the first WalMart. So one Amazon's number two. And this change will affect by Amazon's estimates, three hundred and fifty thousand workers this year. A lot about a third of them are are expected seasonal hires. And did you know what the federal minimum wage is? It's seven dollars and twenty five cents like, okay, so this is much higher than that. It's like w. It's remarkable to me. I mean, thinking how how long it's been since I had my first job and it hasn't changed that much change. And actually I remember it was five something when I was just starting. Yeah, bumped to seven while I was still like an adolescent, but it's been there for a long. Yeah. So my question though, Elena is like, is it fair unfair that I saw this news from Amazon and said, oh, well, it's also a PR ploy. You know, they've had some critique of their business practices how they treat employees. They've had some critique over the fact that Jeff Bezos is so rich while their employees are making some eleven dollars an hour. Is this a thing that Amazon had to do for some good PR as well? I think the PR is it convenience element to this to give you an example Senator Bernie Sanders has spent many years battling for higher wages for minimum wage workers and has and fighting Amazon, like he's been coming Amazon. Out for a while now introduced a Bill that's called stop bazo act that specific. Yeah. And on Tuesday, when Amazon came out with this announcement, I talked to Senator Sanders and his line was gotta give credit where Credit's due in Amazon and Jeff Bezos made the right call. It's a good decision. So it's yes, Biard is definitely part of it. And another really huge element to all of this is that the Konami is presenting an extremely tight labor market. There are more job openings than workers. Amazon is heading into the season. Holidays are coming up. They're going to be fighting for these workers the they need, but also WalMart needs and best buy needs and all these other retailers need. And you know, having a fifteen dollars minimum wage in this, this bump in coverage of that, I'm sure can't hurt some attract workers. Well, I could talk about Amazon all day issue. No Alina. Let's do it. This is. All right. It's time for a break. When we come back, I'm going to talk with two high school students in Texas and their friends nominated them to be on the homecoming court, but they're both young women in this adopt a bit of a firestorm. You're listening to. It's been a minute from NPR. We'll be right back. Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from dot com. 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Sometimes life is exactly like movies, thirty second base at d. minus. Planet money podcast about the economy in sometimes about rocket ships. We are back. You're listening to. It's been a minute from NPR the show where we catch up on the week. That was here with two guests this week, Chris guidance, legal editor at BuzzFeed news and Alina Seljuk business correspondent for NPR. I have a question for you. Both be honest. Do either of you remember your homecoming from high school? I've only been to one because I was an exchange student, so I remember it extremely vividly, but it was also confusing because I had never known that such an event existed. It was very strange. Uh-huh. Chris, I think I went. I was I was a closeted gay boy in Youngstown, Ohio. So I went with girl and I, I know I went like homecoming and prom, but they were not the notable life moments that they are for some others. I remember going to prom. Junior and senior year, but I remember the homecoming dance. I was in marching band, so we finished, you know, the March man stuff for the game. I walked in the homecoming dance. It was like into like main hallway of the high school. And then I was like, I don't want to do this and I went right home. I literally three months anyways. I'm bringing up homecoming because it's the subject this week of our long distance call. Listeners, you know, long distance as a segment where we call up someone somewhere in the world and talk with them about the news. So this week I talked with two students from Austin high school in my home state of Texas, their names Celia McBride in story Dorn Saif. I asked them about their homecoming story, though. Your average teenagers in the high school band Cecilia plays marimba stories in the color guard. So where are you both? Now we're both hiding in a corner near Art Van hall. So fun fact, I also was in marching band when I was in high school, I am from Texas just about an hour south that you guys, where did you go? I went to jets in highschool for two years into Clemens high school in shirts for two. No, I was a saxophone player. I was a drum major, so I am having fond Fanfani thoughts of my days hiding in the corner. Just play Jetson at a competition on Saturday. Really small world small world. Yeah, it's Soviet in story. There are a couple and their friends nominated them to be on the homecoming court. We honestly just wanted the opportunity to win together from. We didn't have to win together. But I mean, we didn't even have the chance or at least originally we did Sicilia wanted to run on the homecoming court as a king, but the school administration told her that only boys can be Keen's in only girls can be queens. Cecilia story said that this made it impossible for gay couple to actually win together. They pushed back in the school actually changed the rules that same day they decided to have no ginger titles in the homecoming contest, no canes, no queens. Everyone on homecoming court would just be known as quote royals, but that didn't make Celia in story happy. It's definitely step forward, but it's another way of owning knowledge ING. Same sex couples story. How do you feel about this? They were overcompensating rather than just including and that while it shouldn't have been, if Jim, they should have just made it. So you voting for two people regardless of their gender that I got chose, whether or not they were denounced the king or Queen or anything in between and it was up to them. It wasn't up to the school to say, we're going to take out couples. We're going to take out genders one couple months to run together, a spokesperson for the school told us, quote, we can say that we believe the resolution is an appropriate. One Austin independent school district is committed to creating a safe supportive environment for all students and staff, including those who identify as LGBT two plus since the chain. Cecillia in story have been dealing with the fallout this student support them, but don't like the outcome there pretty much saying plate as we are when they say that they don't think that the school did what they should have done. They. Don't like the new policy. It isn't what homecoming is supposed to be about outside Austin, people that are hearing about the common online. They're not very positive was been the worst kind of comments. Then mostly basically saying that were that were. Networks snowflakes in the rescue special treatment and that this is exactly what they would've expected out of electing a same sex couple is that they would ruin homecoming for everybody else. People really think this is gonna ruin homecoming movie. And did up taking away the whole homecoming tradition. Gotcha. Is there going to be other stuff that you all go through throughout this year, your senior year, right? Yeah, that will have to. I mean, like there's probably going to be other gendered roles for other senior year traditions as well. Like, is there going to be a situation when it comes to prom? Kane and Quyen. What happens next? Yes. Actually, one of the teachers that has been talking to us throughout this whole issue mentioned offhandedly edgy joke. She was like, I can't wait for what we get two prong them like were running Don King and Queen how to ensure now. Oh my goodness. So there may be more drama ahead before the years done. Plea. So these two young women still in story, they've been dealing with this fall out some students support than others don't like the outcome. The votes actually aren't done yet. That's going to happen next week. But this story really made me think like Austin, Texas is a pretty progressive city, not just for Texas but for the country. And so you have the school administration that is trying to in some way an allied to these young women. But even they can't figure out what the right language is, what the right terms should be. I think we're in this period where defining and letting gender roles be more fluid can be confusing for some people. I just celebrated my forty first birthday, and one of the things that I've learned is like that means that I'm getting older and I'm not going to necessarily understand how a younger group of people is looking at. Things. And I mean, we could have been having this same conversation twenty years ago and somebody saying like they're trying to be supportive. Why aren't they okay with just being known as friends? Why? Why? Why do we need to talk about the fact that they're a gay couple and that they're together like that's like talking about their sex lives. There has have always been these issues about how we use language and what it means. And the fact is that older people have often been confused about how younger people want to use that link and what is satisfactory to them and what is offensive to them. It's yeah, it's hard to. Yeah, it's hard to know that if you're not in that circle, speaking of offensive, how offensive or ineffective was your homecoming dress Alina as an exchange student? I'm trying to remember what I wore. I do remember the prom and I wore a fedora and I regret that. I very much regret that. I don't remember what I've worked for homecoming. I do remember the homecoming game because it was my first ever American football game and so confusing. None of it. But I wore the colors and I. So I do remember my red t-shirt and red and black were our colors that went to Lincoln, Nebraska. Oh, I wanna see pictures of the fedora victors. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Listeners we would love to call you for our long distance segment. If you got a story that you want to talk about with us, Shuman Email at Sam. Sanders NPR dot org, Sam Sanders at NPR, dot org. All right time for a break. When we come back my favorite game who said that this week, it involves fire b.. Support for this podcast and the following message come from National Geographic and the new film resoleli from the directors of maroon, hailed by critics as one of the most arresting documentaries of the year and a stunning real world thriller free solo is the breathtaking portrait of climber Alexander as he prepares to which he his lifelong dream, climbing face of the world's most famous rock. The thirty two hundred foot l. capi tan and you're semi national park without a rope. Free solo is in theaters starting September twenty. Eight support also comes from legacy recordings presenting Paul Simon's new album in the blue light, fresh perspectives on ten of his favorite songs, including darling, Lorraine, Renee in Georgia Magritte's and one man's ceiling available at Amazon. Now. On bowls. I talk with people who make amazing work. Greta, gerwig arrow Loris ace app for the conversations are real and funny. Take you somewhere. Unexpected. Find bullseye with Jesse. Thorn on NPR one for wherever you get your podcasts. You're listening to. It's been a minute from NPR the show where we catch up on the week. That was, I'm Sam Sanders here with two guests. Lena Seljuk business correspondent for NPR and Chris guidance legal editor at BuzzFeed news. It is time for my favorite game who said that. So Alina you're an old pro at this game. Basically, I will share three quotes from the week. You can guess who said it or what story I'm talking about or a key word. I'm not a stickler and the winner of this game gets absolutely nothing. Oh, good. It's going to be great. It's gonna be great. Ready for the first one. Okay. No. Well, here we go. Here we go. We'll try it. I quote, I cannot deny that women made a great achievement. Over the past century, there is significant progress recorded by people who study women's status throughout history. Is it something Nobel prize early? No, not at all. Did either of you see any headlines about a really weird article in an inflight magazine, this guy? Yes. This was the drew Barrymore article. Yes, Joe, you got it. Got it. So in Egypt, airs inflight magazine this month, there was an interview with drew Barrymore, but it turns out the entire interview seems to be fake. I'm sorry what she never spoke to them and they just made it. So when reached for comment drew Barrymore's PR team said that she never did the interview. Egypt Air is not backing down from this interview. They say it was. Conducted by the former president of the Hollywood Press Association. But the thing is, when you read the interview, the English is very bad and it just does not at all. Seem like a kind of conversation that drew Barrymore would give I have to. I have two questions. Question one is, did they just interview someone else that they confused with drew Barrymore and if if they actually made up the whole thing that why did they make up an interview with drew Barrymore, there were pictures and everything pictures. It was very. So like they talk about drew Barrymore before they get into the quotes from her. The fake quotes from her in the articles opens up this way. Literally quote, despite the several unsuccessful marriages. And despite the busy life of stardom that dominated her life for several years, the beautiful American Hollywood actress drew Barrymore has recently decided to temporary, take an unlimited vacation to play her most crucial role as mother. Did they just look up? Some other drew Barrymore and convinced themselves than this was this was legit. There's a version of this article that also appeared in another airbag publication, which raises the possibility that those quotes had been translated from English to era bec- than backed and English, but that just makes it even crater. This is a crazy story I've seen in the last few months, like make your own adventure make your own interview. So Chris, you're up one zip who would have thought for thing. So proud of you second quote is just tell me what it's about what what the story keywords are. The quote is sometimes your child's gender identity is actually fire and like star in the lion Kane, Honey, you'd better be prepared. I'm sorry, what? What story this week involved, fire and babies and child's gender identity? Oh, it's the guy who said the we're doing was doing gender. Veal party and set the whole force on. Good job Alina that's all I have about that story executives. It is. He was a border patrol agent. Is that what it? He's a border patrol agent. He was off duty. His name is Dennis Dickey. He's from Arizona, and he says it was all a mistake. What he wanted to do was shoot at this target that contained Tanna, right, which is explosive. So that when he shot the Tanner, it would explode. And you would see this explosion of blue or this explosion of pink and that would reveal the child's gender. The explosion was too explosive is started a fire that got so big fire got so big gotta name the sawmill fire nearly eight hundred firefighters had to fight this fire consumed more than forty five thousand acres of land and cannot. I definitely did see that story. Knowing that I just passed, I had no idea that there was a whole quote in the story about the gender, Yang fire well, so that actually was from a humor writer, Eric Thomas, he wrote kind of a parody article about this story l. magazine and he kind of made us all chuckle about how absurd these gender reveal parties can be. Yeah. I mean, it started with cakes and then it'd progress into like balloon releases out of boxes, flags flying in the sky, and there was one where this father had an alligator for the gender reveal party, and he had a watermelon that he put in the alligator's mouth in the watermelon was filled with either blue or pink die. So when the alligator bid down on the watermelon, the pink or blue color would lose out of the watermelon to reveal the gender is not a word I want to hear about Theriault part. I don't get it at all. And like I want to understand and I try to undermine. Stand. I don't understand. It's a party. You know, it's it's a reason to celebrate a get it again alligator a department, but the right of it is. I mean, a lot of people go overboard planning parties, so fair that, okay. We're tied up tied one to one. Okay. This last one is for all the marbles. You ready? Okay. The last quote is every night. The cue for donuts is unbelievable lights, noses, pollution and horns. All streets blocked and all cars honking at once all night every night. What's that about? Who said that? Where is it? What about you? Said, donuts donuts, I said, donuts. What kind of donuts? What's which brand done? Dunkin Donut, not Dunkin crispy cream, yes. Yes. Are there any other donor. Any other designers that's, but those are like the only do like chain, wait, what's the creams? Go k. crispy creams doughnuts made news across the pond, a town in Ireland called Blanchardstown, a suburb of Dublin. They got a new crispy cream with the twenty four hour drive through and the twenty four hour drive through it. They crispy cream was so rowdy. They had to shut it down. So that quote was from a resident from this place. Blanchardstown talking about how the noise from the drive thru line for these crispy cream donuts has been too much hundreds of indoor donuts. No, here's the thing. People would be in line for the donuts, but they would keep honking their horns. I think that's tape. Good, good, good call there. Another resident said since the grand opening, they haven't had proper sleep at night. Are we talking about like at like at bar closed, like Taco Bell, but like they were going for crispy cream at like three in the morning, I think so. I mean, if I could go get crispy cream, donuts, twenty four hours a day. I'd probably be there were some weird hours too, but I've never in my life honk once when I met a woman who sat in front of a crispy cream for, I think close to three days to be the first one in. So she could get a lifetime supply of crispy cream donuts for herself and her family. They are good donuts doughnut for a lifetime supply. I get that get behind that. Like random Friday night needing to Hong my horn before I get it. You know what this means. You wish you one. Mike grand prize of nothing. Not even a crispy cream. That might be arranged earrings. All right now it's time to end the show as we do every week, we ask our listeners to share with us the best thing that happened to them all week. We encourage folks to brag Brent, hit the tape. Hey, Sam. This is chef from Charlottesville, Virginia, and the best part of my week was getting to spend a beautiful week in Maui, you can hear the waves now. Thanks, Sam, loved the show. Hi, Sam. This is Ellen calling from Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I'm about to harvest my very first, butternut squash from my backyard garden. And that's the best thing that's happened to me this week. The best thing that happened to me this week is that I defended my dissertation this morning in officially Dr. Part of my week was taking my daughter out maker faire in walk. He was scancen. I got to turn in my resignation and a job. I've been trying to leave for the last three and a half years. I lost my voice cheering for my girlfriend's football team. I became an aunt. I got offered a job. I really wanted. I'm currently on my way to the airport to Italy to go to my brother's wedding. He said this Yuki from the San Francisco Bay area. The best thing to happen to me this week was celebrating five years together with my partner capping. This ER's. Zeros enjoy new shudders company and the outdoors. He Sam, this is Alex from Kentucky. The best part of my week was finally finishing my master's degree and get strana me from Boston University. I started this degree in twenty thirteen, but had to take a two year leave of absence when my dad passed away. And now I'm finally able to come back and visit with my dad and the cemetery to tell him that I finished and that I did it. And I know that he'd be very happy. Big Sam. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for keeping me company on the many long hours of planting and weeding and multi. So hope you have a great week. Bye. Bye. Many. Thanks to all the voices you heard there. Isha Ellen, Amanda, John, Lisa, John number two, Stacey Rosa, and Yuki and Alex, Alex. I know your dad is so so proud of you to the other voices in there. I need photos of the butternut squash of the Maui vacation of girlfriends football team of the wedding. I want pictures of all this stuff. I love seeing that in the show box. All right. We listened to all these come in. Thank you all for sharing them. You can send me the best part of your week at any point throughout any week. Just Email me the sound of your voice to Sam. Sanders at NPR dot ORG, Sam Sanders at NPR dot org. We're going to go out with prints and more from his recently released album of secret demos from nineteen eighty three. Thanks so much to my guest, Chris guidance who covers the supreme court for BuzzFeed news NPR's Alina Seljuk business correspondent for NPR. I know. Yeah, we're busy. Thank you for your time. They spend your entire weekend playing that prince album. It's so good, we will. Yeah. Now now we have no choice and honking eating crispy, creams, playing prints. The show this week was produced by Brent Bachman unreleased Sassari Kumari Dave erosion. Kumara it has been so awesome. Having you as part of the team for the last few months, her last day working with us as the taping of the show. I know you're gonna go to bigger brighter and more. Awesome. Thanks. Steve Nelson is our director of programming. Our editor is the fearless Ordina Hopman and my big boss NPR's VP of programming is on your Brandon listeners refresh your feeds Tuesday morning for episode all about the history and present and future of coming out. You've heard me plug on this show for a while. We talk with a lot of you for this episode. I'm very excited to share it with you all check your feeds, Tuesday. All right, till next time. Thank you so much for listening. I'm Sam Sanders talk soon. Support for this podcast and the following message come from internet essentials from Comcast, connecting more than six million low income people to low cost, high speed internet at home. 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