Ep. 3,025: UFC 247 recap


Title Roll Baby on May Junkie Radio with with gorgeous Georgia. And this is what we do in why we do it baby. We're covering MMA from all all over the world this is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs MMA junkie radio from the Mandalay Bay resort and Casino in the fight capital of the world. Las Vegas Nevada. The lights are on at the Mike. Sir Hot it's tied to get your. Ma Fixed Junkies take it away. Big John Gorgeous George goes. Are you ready Junkie on the bike capital of the world inside the beautiful Mandalay racing sports book you listen to another episode of Radio show the only show that matters. I'm your hose gorgeous George and with a devious Dashti goes or he's Co host goes we gotta do it. Early man can't wait till Monday morning we got to produce the Sunday night episode to recap UC to forty seven. There's definitely a lot to talk about so I'm ready to go there. Sure is we're going to basically hover around the big names. The big fights because all of them produced great results results Records were broken and title. Defenses are getting racked up. Of course there was some beautiful finishes as well and again little tidbits here and there that will touch on at the very end but I think it'll all center around The main card for sure so here. We go folks books or an early edition of enemy junkie. Radio does a gonNA give a shout out to our. UK audience are overseas audience. Where it's already on Monday? And they're chomping at the bit. So here we go in two thousand eight. A former dean football star pulled off a robbery so daring in so strange that it went viral worldwide. It was a perfect crime story. There's just one problem. It wasn't the real story of what happened. The sneak is a new serialized. True crime podcast from four the wind and USA USA Today Sports. You can subscribe now on Apple podcasts or get it anywhere you get podcast on Tuesday January fourteenth all right. Let's start at the top get into a man's John. Jones versus Dominic is is John. Jones defeated Dominic Reyes via a unanimous decision of forty eight forty seven forty eight forty seven and forty nine forty six now now when I heard forty eight forty seven I thought yeah kind of what I had except I had. It's however you and I were doing a I. Alternate commentary broadcast on Sports Caster and we left the opening of it could be to one going into the championship rounds. Which John Jones I think we can all agree took and therefore it could also be to to going into the fifth round not decided fight? You know we're John. Jones was drawing indebted to John Three rounds to go Hell think we even mentioned ten eight could give John Jones the draw thereby he walks away with the bell. You know we. We're that kind of covering all of our bases but forty nine forty six Jones. That's ridiculous forty eight forty seven. John I can take it but I did scored forty eight forty seven for raise. You know I don't know forty. I Dunno giving John Jones. Four rounds is absolutely ridiculous. I think it's the wrong call. It's giving them all the benefit to the doubt though right it is a little bit But really like the only rounds that you can really clearly say belong to someone or around and one belongs at Dominic Reyes. Anybody that says it's John. Jones round is an idiot right at that point and I think four and five are the same way but going towards John Jones MHM So really two and three I had him for Dominic Reyes but I'm sure there are certain people that look at things a certain way. Hey that could score for John Jones. Right that's what I'm saying. You'd have to give them the benefit of the doubt because in those two rounds if you use these significant strike statistics raise one both of them. Brown three was closer than round two but he did win that category and basically goes they kick boxed for about twenty three of the twenty five minutes when they didn't they were I mean they were upright on their standing horse I should say so. They were kickboxing and when they weren't they were up against the cage now. John Jones discourse take downs. But he didn't really do much with them so again you'd be paying him the benefit of the doubt that whatever take down down he had whatever little ground and pound or anything that he did nullify the advantage that Don Dominic Reyes had strike out striking in those first two round and so that's why I feel like man four. Come on. That's a lot you know. I think four is a stretch but I don't think it's absolutely ludicrous. I thought I was come. Fight night when you start looking at all your peers and scorecards that they're turning in. I mean there was a lot of back and forth. You see the term robbery get thrown around and I don't think it it was a robbery. Maybe a stick up but But I that's what makes the sport fun. I mean it sucks because I I really do think Dominic Reyes won that fight. Yeah so let's go over the judges scorecards for one when you look at. MA DECISIONS DOT com. I see about fifteen scores from riders riders that cover MMA at major outlets scoring it. Forty eight forty seven radius and then I see see what looks to be about seven so I I think I said Fifteen fifteen on the ray aside about and seven for sure on the Jones side again forty forty seven. No one turned in a forty nine forty six so two to one. The scores came in on race but the only ones that matter are are the judges I think if they all you know what man. It's the weirdest thing I don't know what to say. I think if they all just gave forty eight forty seven. Yep You know. Maybe there'd be a slight level down of an uproar but still you know there's still a lot of support for raise. Here's how the judges scored it however and then we're going to get into one of the names here that just really goes. I mean I this guy man he the enemy community. Why does never want to see hear or C.? This person's name attached to mixed martial arts again so he here were the judges scorecards in round. One christly Marco's for solace and Joe Sali's gay raise ten nine all good right. We all agree with that. Yeah in round two Christly. You gave raise ten nine. But markle's were solace and Joselito saw ten nine for Jones. So it's one one going into round three now. We had said something along the lines. It could be one one but I think what we felt was more than likely one judge might have seen that but a morning to twitter and what most people we were watching it looked more like raise but still that that's just the way it was unfolding. That's the side that you have to present. That's our job so we have to do is tell the listener. Even though we feel like that's Dominic Reyes round. It doesn't mean that the fighter should fight that way because it was a close round around the number one criteria by the way is striking Effective striking and that to me seems something something that raise was producing sure. There was a lot of John Jones aggression by I think that was more later in the fight. I mean he would still come forward. You know but that that doesn't outweigh the effective striking. I think everyone's being clear on the criteria there. That's why I'm still a little confused. He had a pretty good striking advantage in rounds. One two to win three three. I remember was being twenty three. Nineteen I thought. Wow that's pretty close. I mean you know it could be that the judges were just more impressed by the nineteen blows John delivered versus the twenty three the dominic delivered but regardless it's close for a basketball game and you and you said that was the final score or whatever you would say I was a close game right so now we get into round three. I'm Chris Lee ten nine for Jones. markle's were solace flips. That he goes ten nine for raise. Joe Sali's he's ten nine for Jones so that was yet another round. Where if you tell me? What do you think happened? What do you think the judges did Tom? Tom I think all three gave it to raise or maybe to Gave with the raise and there might be a Jones. Call out there because of the intangibles you know John said Hey I got a couple of take. Downs raise countered. Hey I got right back up. Jones said Hey I pressed forward you know but like I say I think the most glaring status significant strikes and at that point it seems like res has them but five minutes stuff's happening. The judges probably have ninety percent of a field of vision. No matter where you're placed there could be a panel. What do they call it? Yeah panel panel. There's no corners in the octagon. But yet aref an angle that you just mean may not catch two or three shots or whatever you might not see the significance of them but regardless we go into the third round like this. Chris Lee has Two rounds the one raise Russell is has to two rounds to one raise and Sali's has it to around the one Jones so it all kind on a evened out a little bit hex up no one had it three nothing raise and we were feeling that that could definitely be what was happening But to the talk to the judges were scoring at for is at that point so we get into the champions around and it's easy here. It's ten nine ten nine ten nine on all three judges scorecards cards round four and round five ten nine ten nine ten nine. So you walk away with Chris. Lee giving the final three rounds of John Jones Marcos were solace. Let's gave John Jones to four and five Joselito gave him two through five. He only gave one to raise. And that's why you had a unanimous score. You're not a split and And that's how you got to forty eight forty seven which I think most people can stomach. It's that forty nine forty six year like like dude. Let's you and I sit down and watch we watch this fight. That's what I would tell if I was the head of the Texas Commission I'd say. Hey Look we're still gonNA pay you but we're going to go in another room here in Utah you're family. You're not coming home for another forty five minutes because we're going to watch this fight. You gotTa tell me how this how you came to the score. Yeah I mean there. There is a whole process. I know that they do certain things like that. But I think you gotta sit everybody out a room I don't know that you necessarily sit down and watch the fight at that moment because so much has happened that we've been in that situation George where we've had the call fights and and even after doing our show sometimes back when it was two hours your brain it just kind of Friday. It's like the only gonNA describe it being like is like when you take a test in college or high school. Your brain needs a little bit of time off so I would say go back in a room. Let me just kind of press. Everybody like what did you see why score this is what you do and then and then I think the next day when you get together you guys watch it again. Maybe you go over some of the scorecards overturned in by the media. Hey these people are saying this is why are we so far off with with what's going on here and that's the one thing I wouldn't want to judge to do is go home and him watch a two three times. Make a few phone calls. See what the media saying and then start to slant a little bit of what. That's why you talk that way organically. Well Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's what I'm saying. You just WanNa talk you WanNa Watch the next day right. You WanNa rewind all in one night and see. I think it's too much I I think that people's brings or Friday just while they wanna do it with the League's Russell Wilson Lee. Hey enjoy Houston your paycheck. I only want to know what the guy that had forty-nine forty-six how'd you come up with that you know what I mean 'cause I got imagine the commission although Rogan said otherwise I think the first they said one of the judges wasn't watching Fight somebody on their phone Bloomberg said Oh. That's the commission official. Then somebody said no no that might be the judge and they never really clarified now. That's at goes and I were doing a the broadcast on sportscasters. I can't see we heard one hundred percent of what Rogan crews an antic were saying but Still the fact that they brought it up. You know anyway my point was. I'm sure the commission officials seeing it. There were loud Al Booze. The President of the U of C was very very vocal. Right away you see how twitter is blowing up. I feel like that guy needs to you. Know just explain himself look anyway in. Nothing's going to change It's done and John Jones get by by the skin of his teeth. I saw it a comparison to joy saint-pierre and Johny Hendricks and it looked pretty apropos. But it seems like John has actually been able to pull this off. A few times comes with a Alexander Gustafsen. Although I agreed with the decision and the Aga Santos which again was another close one. And what did we say on fight. We John Jones is good. We didn't say oh. His Jab always kicks always wrestling. We actually I think you said it. He's just good at winning. Fights is good at figuring out he's good at deemed deep and just walking walking out of there with this belt and what it is goes that guy fights to the bitter end and I think you know plus think about it. He's six four four imposing that long reach I think even when he misses it looks nice. you know what I mean. I just think there's something out there. Where if even though you're ray is and you got your footwork and you notice raise with throw some stuff and then duck under and move and John is just stocking and I gotta believe some some? Some wraps are judges are just thinking. They're not thinking about okay. Twenty three twenty nine okay. Twenty Six hundred sixteen twenty seven twenty. You know they might be making little pen marks or something something. But they're not seeing that they're just watching the body of the fight and I think some of them may get lulled into John and his pressure his. I don't know I don't know but but this guy figures out a way to win when it comes to John I mean I think the thing with him is I really feel like you only have one shot with with him He's very good at making adjustments especially going into a rematch Even though the Gust of some fight took place you know years after it just looked nowhere near the first fight and I don't feel like he took raise lightly. I just feel like it's a combination of fighters are getting better her and John's getting a little older and declining down and as the others are going up. He's still better. Yeah yeah I I honestly think I think it's a little bit of a lack of aggression on his part you could tell at the start of round four a different John showed up and I don't know if that's him worried about gas out or what. His deal is why he can pull the trigger in the in the early rounds. But I I don't know that if they did a rematch right away. I would still feel confident. I think John Jones is that type of guy that figures things out and that was kind of Raise is a shot right but he did get his wrestling showdown He did yeah. And that's another thing that we noted I think on the sports caster broadcasts. We made we alluded to something Dan towns brought up. And that's the a lot of the wrestlers. Get away from it. And Dominic raises a wrestler as well but the get away with it as they age and raises is a couple of years two or three years younger than John Jones but I mean he was able to not only stop a few take downs. From happening he was able to get up nullify any advancements from from Jones when he I remember he got one hook on in along the cage Dom did a great job. I think my only concern was was he gonNA gas out and I didn't see him. Huffing and puffing Alastair over in style I did see him slowing down and again and here's another thing John's real good at goes when you punch them you rarely we see his skinny legs. Like you know wobble you know what I mean. I mean all we're doing is kind of looking at his face. It seems like his hands drop and his in his back me a little bit but usually he gets his hands up and he's able to recover but you don't see any chicken leg action you know what I mean. Nothing like that like like Kevin Lee style or anything And I honestly believe that. That's why that's why judges still feel compelled to think that wasn't as impactful full of strike because the man is still right there and he's still walking forward whereas John who doesn't have really want punch power when he's hitting you you know you're blocking it but he looks so oh great in his techniques that I think you're just You know you're you might be scoring more in your head when you're a judge just thinking he's he's doing more he may he may have thrown a few less strikes but his was was more impactful. The only thing I can compare it to goes as you can have like Aaron Aaron Rodgers or drew brees playing another quarterback and then the other quarterback has nicer stats. But because they're drew brees Aaron Rodgers and they throw pretty spirals and they have have so much respect. You still feel like they outplayed them even though you might be able to say look at the QB rating or or whatever you know what I mean. There's just an art of the some of these great fighters Yemen. I feel it's unfortunate because Dominic Reyes. You can't say in the last couple of rounds. He did just a little bit more tired. I wouldn't say completely gasped but he slowed down could have been more. Should he have crawled at the finish line. See that's the thing is I feel like dishonored four and five were like Oh my God. How could you score for anyone? Anyone Bud John Jones. Remember like with a minute left or two minutes left we'd go hey Jones's leading he'll get the two nine if the round ends here but needs a flurry and he could steal. I think he just had had enough gas to make it to the end but the reason he was like that was because he poured so much into the first three now. If the sport were affair you would feel like you would feel comfortable in this situation. You would feel you won those first three. That's what he thought in his head and that's what a lot of people thought here. You just can't do that because the this isn't the first time we've ever had this conversation after a card that judge scores. Maybe just didn't go the right way. So you you. It's very easy to say that he shoulda gave more. You should have done that. Don't leave it in the hands of the judges. It's so tough man to go out there and do those type of things put that type of effort in there. I think he got to a certain point where he knew. I'm just I'm not as quick as I was. I'm not reacting as fast if I'm if I if I'm too aggressive does do can knock doc me out and I already have a lead. He played it a little safe but I thought rightfully so in that situation. Well Man I disagree I I don't think he can just assume assume he was up three nothing because they weren't all like round one round. WanNa think you can go go. I got that right. I mean I think everyone in the article. Yeah dog you're up to nine. The other ones are starting to close starting to close a little bit more. I don't think you can assume going into four and five I'm up I just need to survive. I man I I I just thought that was a little bit more. Maybe do again. John Jones has one kick power one like if that Shin lands on the dome. Yeah you can go out. But it's striking is never proved to to me like Unless it's a flurry of punches and you get caught in that in that mass in that swarm then yet curtains but otherwise raise still had footwork. He was still moving. He didn't even attempt attempt to dictate. Down goes the uncle. Santos got him down though. You've done just writing timing. If he would have uh-huh John got him down right if he didn't have the strength because John clearly add more endurance and he put raise down. We'd all be going. What are you doing? You pick dummy. Why did you just give him that situation? Asian policy couldn't take you down. You just invited him almost like mecer. Tehran rowzee where you go. Why did you do that? I think he's probably timing when you do that at the same. Sometimes when you do that you also put it in the other guy's head he can't just come forward to Antioch off because he may get taken down and if Dominic would have done it even for even if he just got takedown in stole around because of the take down I I don't know I mean just to diversify your attack a little bit. You know. You're asking him to do something that we I mean when these guys is of taken down John Jones but they haven't kept him down right. I haven't won round on top of them. John goes down for a second but he pops back up so I mean it seems like a giant. We're joined title to. I mean he even said it. You know the striking was pretty even but those take downs. They'll take our garbage. I mean he barely got him. But if that's what what someone like. Joe Salinas was convinced makes a difference who knows. That's the problem is Joseph so at the end of the day these fighters should be able to trust in those judges. Yes and here's why but here's why because when you will. I'm going to go back to Ulan Martinez when they fought and Sali's turned in thirty twenty seven for you'll that's crazy crazy goes. That was crazy. Joe Rogan even noted that in the broadcast all right. But let's just say you said George. I didn't even watch that fight. It was earlier or whatever he I also thought James Krause didn't win around one James Krause. That was crazy. Had Turban Giles's back for four the first five minutes how he didn't win round one he did on the other judges scorecards but how he didn't win. That one is beyond me and so at that point are going to make a couple points for one. Texas Commissioner should've said say what you know I mean after the you'll fight. I may have told them. We're going to sit you out for the rest of the night but or at worst all right. I'm GONNA give you one more chance with that scores. Pretty glaring hiring you know what I mean. So then when he turns into Krause I think again the Texas Commission I I can't have you judge the main event. I'm going to do that though. I think once you assign them that. That's just it right or is that what have we got. What if he got green? Something someone cancel if there's that kind of situation but at that point why would you because these were announced to the referees are who the judges are going to be like well. But I mean if you're if you're not in the middle in the middle of the game or sorry in the middle and you have other one sitting sitting there and have the ability to run. I think you've got to do that. I could've sworn about a year ago. Somebody somebody got something something like that happened in the AFC in Camber if Dana White had rattener till the commission or complained or something Linden I coulda sworn someone got pulled and it was about a year ago and I thought it was even here in Las Vegas I wouldn't want to use to influence it like that. But I'm I'm telling you man. This guy was just not competent and he proved to times along the way before he even got to the main event. It was so bad But you see at that point. You'd be you'd be asking a fighter to fight recklessly because of that and I don't think that you can do that. I mean you trained your your whole training camp a certain way. I don't know that on the fly. You could just go eight-man the judges are crazy tonight. Just go out there and get a knockout like I duNno. I heard Rogan and crews. Say it I heard noted oddsmaker. Joey Odessa say that when he's betting he'll pay attention early on to see what kind of scores are coming in. And he may just just the way he bet. I heard that gets sworn I heard crews and Rogan also saying That del observe how these judges are judging and you know make a note of it at least and so what I'm doing if I'm in raises corner. I would've told him one of the judges that has been turning in horrible horrible. Scores is out there for your fight. Let's overwhelmingly win these rounds But why wouldn't you do that already. Ready like you should have that mentality right. You should already Melissa. Who's the guy say? When Roy when Reyes was interviewed at the end of the fight he he was so composed? I've seen other fighters like exhausted. I feel like if he had a gas tank. You know. I think most of us have pretty current cars his and tells you how many miles you have left before you have to refill. If he was a car I feel like he'd have five hundred miles in. When you feel Dominic Reyes up? He can go five hundred miles. I feel like his his gas tank would say about one hundred still Jones actually was breathing a little bit hard. He was breathing a little bit harder. He could barely even whimper and say his grandmother's name or whatever ever I felt like he put it all out there and I felt like raise between that move. I mean how do you have that kind of footwork and move around. If you're exhausted. He wasn't exhausted he was he was definitely tired. He definitely wasn't as fresh as round one or two by still think he had a little bit more and then when he confronted by saying I thought I won the first three rounds. Well you made a big mistake AAC POW and those people in the corner should have been yelling. Something like peyton manning all Maha Omaha one minute left give it. Give me everything you got. This is a chance at the world title title. If you don't win don't forget Tiago Santos has been promised a rematch. After he comes back and that was last July getting healthy. Presume don't forget I'm not saying in this. But this is something you've rehearsed already. Blow the whole itchy and Corey Anderson fight this week in in New Mexico. If I'm not mistaken both of those guys are streaking as well And then you've got the Johnny Walker Alexander Rackets of the world who are going to obviously dust themselves off and come back after. They're after their stoppages. The recent stoppages and so a setback back. I mean it took Gusto and five years. You know nothing's promised I I don't know but what what leads you to believe that. He didn't give his all just because lives on the floor. Mom running I saw him running and not engaging He was nowhere near as active as he wasn't the first round you would agree. We got tired. You mean you would degrees to win that fight tired. He was more degree that he wants to win. The fight right does. He's not doing it to be funny right if he's doing. It is for reasons. First three rounds. You can't okay. You can tell you that. Earning dill fight judges are turning and Kirby cars but judges are turning for one. Don't leave it in the judges hands to on this particular tonight. Judges are being questioned loud and clear throughout the prelims and three one of them is actually the the one. That's being chastised is the worst is actually one of the ones in your corner in my mind. I'm I'm laying it all out there manage scraping me off not a video game and you can't just push a button and go i. Why are we go? I felt like you don't get in a fight that you're probably winning. I trying to win the team but look now you're dominic Reyes. You're not world world champion Jon Jones. That sucks but I mean. I don't know that it's so easy to say. Hey man you should have push yourself a little bit more. I mean fucking once the wind. It's not automatic. That if he does go forward can get aggressive. He is getting knocked out. Tell me the last time John Jones knock somebody out it was DC with the Shin Right. Yeah but his hands which he was throwing mostly hands towards the end like I say all this should have already been talked about planned throughout the fight. I I don't know in a perfect world. I get what you're saying that the world is not perfect. I I see a the guy that wanted to win really bad I think he had it in him to four and five. He actually fought to win the fight to win those rounds. I think he gave what he had. Maybe I mean everybody has a little bit more but think about the risks that you do you go out there and you do that man. Then you're dead dig deep. I thought I saw. I've seen John Jones that king digging deep Man I I don't know I thought Henry who out Doug Dimitrius you know in his fight when he had a chance look he fought great. I thought it was a great fight. Dominic Reyes had a great Showing of himself is just about my. I'm crushed for the guy because it was right there for the for the taking and heating get part of it have to do with some some of these scores. I don't agree with some of these scores But I think part of it had to do because I think Jones just gave a little. You know what I compare it to goes in a sprint. John John Jones leaned at the tape and Dominic Reyes just kind of ran it through you know like well. Two of US qualify for the Olympics. As long as I'm first or second I feel like John Jones is like I ain't taking no chance that out of the corner my I didn't see third guy out. Lean me you know. So I'M GONNA run through that tape I'm GONNA lean in. It just seems like that figures out a way and goes another thing man I he He now has eleven title defences to match. Dmitri's Chris Johnson not in a row but he does have eleven title defenses Over two runs and he has the most appearances in title fights. So what does that mean. It means he obviously had to fight. For an interim title one's he had to fight the first time when he beat Shogun. That's not a title defense with him in a title. He has the record now all to himself. I mean it's impressive I have a little bit of an issue with that. And it's just that he had a little bit of a break as well. Dmitri's Johnson was nonstop. The after another one after another after another John Jones went away for a while he lose another tamp four while it just feels different to me the second the second record that we're talking about most appearances in a title fight. Yeah Yeah you're right because you could also be title fight because he lost the title which he kind of did not by getting defeated but by I Getting suspended and things like that but either way the guys in the record books And who fights next. I don't know but I got a feeling early. Next week's fight might have something to do with it. Although Ray is definitely will get a rematch at some point. And I think Santos as well we'll get a rematch at some point and again goes I feel like Jones now. Hit the mountain top and he's actually been kind of heading downwards. It's just that John Jones Even no longer at the peak of his career in his prime is still better than those that are rising up. Could Be Valentine SHANECO. GotTa win in over Caitlyn. Chew Kagan Third round stoppage. I mean you know what she did goes little by little she you went from. I believe in the first round with not much time left like a minute. She got the takedown but stating guard to Kagan had a high guard closed guard a body triangle from on the bottom just nullified except for that. Remember that cutter up second round again. The striking SHANECO winning But taken in in the midst but again take now now in do half guard and remember she was maybe looking to secure a head and arm choke but she couldn't really pass and all right. Now you get into the third round get she gets to take down side control and right away. She got into crucifix. Exit looks so smooth the way she did it and boom that was it. I love the way. See Surgically picked her apart and made adjustments In what's what's really her secondary strength because she comes from You know moisture in kickboxing so beautiful performance by the champ. Yeah I mean that fight went everywhere Valentine I wanted it to go and it. It sucks because at the moment you feel like Caitlyn chicane was the right person the correct person to Abi across by age from her. It's Valentine is that far ahead I think of everyone else and you know some of the names that she called out at the end of the fight you look at them and you go. Yeah yeah those. Those are good fighters but I don't think we need a good fighter to defeat Valentina. Shinko we need a great fighter She said Maiyo mortar fairy in Calderwood. Right I looked in it. Looks like Calderwood is just on the best run right now. I think she'll get it. She's one three or four in Roxy One two three and Maya has won two of three. The only problem is Maya Las to Roxie and miles has also not made weight twice. Silent Calderwood stands as the the next opponent for a champion. Who wants to be active and says says I don't have to be on pay per views? You can put me on a fight night which he did versus lose Karma when they went international defied in Montevideo Uruguay so expect Calderwood and Mountin. Shinko sometime. This spring right. Yeah I I'd have to look at the timeline of how things played out but earlier. That night Lauren Murphy called out and Mata ferry row. She did respond. So that sounds great to me. I don't know if that was during the card because if it was I'm sure at the end which aired Valentina call her name much went ooh that would have been nicer to say. Hey I'm about that fight but but realistic when you look at the stats and all that thing called party makes the most sense called. It wouldn't make sense. We know she's healthy. Because we've been in the Seneca Jim in Las Vegas and we've seen training and then how about the fact that Calderwood and Roxana pretty close. I mean they've been teammates for a couple of years now so I. I'm pretty pretty sure both of them know the situation. You know what I mean. Three of four is definitely more impressive than two of three and I think even Roxie he is nicest she is would would say. Yeah I called her. What is a little bit? She's one step ahead of me right now. But with his activist Valentina Schenk owes get is being being roxy can if she can get a win over Murphy then maybe she can be next for the winner of Calderwood would versus Shivshankar. What we're getting ahead of ourselves but back the Lauren Murphy? That was a lot of underdogs hit She beat Andrea Lee. There was a few the people who were surprised at how. How did you score that? Do you remember that one thousand to give it to Lee personally. But I wasn't upset. It was close Murphy. Yeah I heard Tim you know people were throwing away. Throw around the word robbery again and I didn't feel like that was really a robbery. If I had to pick one it would be Andreoli but it was a close fight and I I had no problem going out of the way. Yeah Yeah Women's flyweight division interesting. You know there's a big spotlight on because the champot and she's active so Lots to cover their. But Anyway I guess let me give you a little bit I I know we're kind of we're spending a lotta a lot of time here. Especially on the main event. There was so much controversy though I felt like we have to cover it. So let me tell you what. The bonuses were Trevor Giles and James Krause for fight on the night Kaelin Williams in Morrow Batista for performance of the night they get the fifty thousand each the gate three point five million and some change in in Houston very very impressive. Seventeen thousand four hundred and one in attendance. The rest of the main card win as follows. Justin Tafa defeated one atoms TKO punches. I thought maybe an early stoppage but not by much trust me. You don't WanNa hit with get hit with another haymaker. You don't have to but I did see one Adams clearly grabbing having a single which showed me he was in I think the referee kind of came into break it up and then realize oh and then he backed off a few more strikes landed. I don't know he. I saw the impact of it because all these bodies were moving so quickly But in the end Wonka Adams didn't complain and you and I covered on the sports caster broadcasts the the inevitable was that was probably gonNA get him but we've seen greater comebacks and that single allows you to kind of like you know Kinda ducked under you know. Somebody's body and that body that person can't get full leverage when they're trying to find your head maybe he buys you ten seconds maybe clear the COBWEBS. That's the part that we don't know but regardless list. I don't think too many people were upset. I just wanted to make the note of of how that went down Dan Ebay over Massad Beck. Nick Split decision there Great eight great fight. I loved it and then Derek Lewis started things off. He's the Houston native by defeating. Latifi was getting scary there though because the TV was getting some take downs and and Lewis had win round three. You know he basically was a slow starter wasn't as active as you've seen them another fights but when he turned it on and around three freeman he made it really really exciting And in the any got his. Henry's but go ahead Your thoughts on Tofte Louis or anything else you can make an argument birth weights whether or not that fight was stopped short or not right. I think it came down to the way things look visually. I thought the referee stepped in at the right moment He just didn't break them apart at the right. You had problems separating them and so had topic just walked away the second he came in. I think think we would've all said that was a pretty bean shot and the riot was pretty bad. He collapsed uppercut. Yeah but because he wasn't able to move him away a gave Adams a little bit of time. I am the kind of reach for a leg and it changed our perspective of maybe where one could have been right but like you said the inevitable was that will probably be more follow up and that will you. I ended up saving. I'm at the end of the day. I think it was just kind of the visual of it but I thought it was a decent call and then with Ebay and brick beck nick I mean the featherweight division just always delivered and with Bechtel. Like if you're a beck fan which I think you and I are. We definitely know Danny Gay a lot better but with Beck we've always always felt like this is a guy that can be a champ one day but he's you know he's got clipped well guess what he fought all the way to the end against a tough guy was hitting really really hard and when he she was imploring his wrestling you know he he was a savage man. I mean He. That was a tough one. That was a tough one for the judges of score. They got it right. And I don't think becky stock dropped and he answered to the question about the Chin but you gotta give all the Credit Danielle. WHO's now five and one in? UFC and and looking better and better goes. I think the judge has got it right but I think thank you was very razor thin. It was very close. Close fight I'd love to see them do it again at some point but Danny Gay. That's a huge win for him. Massad Becca UH is a very tough customer and I think that's going to be a huge jump for Danny Gay. Hopefully that next opponent is one more step. Now you're looking at one of them guys outside looking in agreed. And then what do you think about the big black beast Can he put it together. He says he still wants to get better. But but at the same time I mean he's got a lot of people Usually pretty active save for the nine months that he had the recover from the ACL. Can this guy be a world champion. Goes he can because with with heavyweights pick each other off so quickly and one thing that Derek Lewis is shown. He's that guy that right time right place. He's down so he could be one of those guys that fills on four weeks noticing. You never know but what what he probably can't do is be champ and B. Champ for a while as is where some of these guys that you look at you like Franson gone who is steep amyotrophic. Those guys seem like when they get the title they could hold onto it for for quite a bit. I don't know that. Derek Lewis is. This showed us a complete game that makes us think he's unstoppable. He's just a very tough out. Yeah I agree so let me just say. I think I already alluded to Trevor Giles When I noted that talking about Selena's card he did defeat jeans krause? They got the fifty K.. As well for the fight of the night lauren. Murphy got the win over. Andrew League close split decision Taylor and Williams over Alex Ron big ups at their For the bookies having Marana was a big three to one favorite Mile Batista defeated miles. John's and then in the early premiums which are on the UCLA pass and ESPN plus journey newson over Domingo Ponte Andrei you'll versus Jonathan Martinez and use of all over Austin Lingo. So overall goes a card that on paper we went to title-fights Great. I can't wait for. He gave Beck Dick. Big Black Beasts is back watch offer top on someone's going to sleep and maybe Murphy Andrea Lee. You and I both knowing you know that it it's GonNa be a tough fi in the story of krause the rest. I mean there was like five matches where you're like. I can skip those but we both wind up giving bring it. I think a nine and an eight and a half at the end because just storylines were produced. We add an epic main event shawshank shined. It was fun way. I I was a little scared at the end of the night. Because there's a little underlining issue going on right now that right. It wasn't entertaining night. I I gave it about an eight out of ten but what what happened here in the last two cards is you have a very top heavy card. where the main event? If that were to fall off I don't know that you would pay to see the rest of the card and that reminds me a lot of boxing and so right. Now you get you get to back to back cards like that that I feel like a probably going to do pretty good at the box office. I think people probably paid for these cards and I don't want the UFC to get get that idea of making cards like that more often. You know you Coming here in Las Vegas. That card looks a little bit better. If you compare some of the other cards the main cards look a lot better than we got last night and I just I don't WanNa go down that boxing route where we're paying for that one big fight and hoping everything else falls falls into place. We've gotten a little lucky and it actually kind of has but I really hope that's not Some going forward while what you don't want is a lot of pay per view is being sold and ESPN ESPN themselves. said it was one million views for Conor McGregor five hundred thousand additional subscribers to their ESPN plus Platform and so. It's a big home run for them. And then you remember what Dana White said it was a huge gate at the staples arena. And then this one was seventeen thousand one three three and a half million gate in Houston which I think broke their Houston record. So if you hear that the pay per view sold the UC's That's right and it wasn't a stacked because we've been given given to you which means better for the fight nights but we want now we've worked two used to having pay per views with fights I'll the beauty of mixed martial arts. John do the rankings report. Tomorrow there's not going to be that much to talk about that right. There look at how many ranked fighters there are on a fight card. That'll usually tell you if it stacked or wasn't forty two forty seven wasn't stacked wasn't a fun night. Yeah I gave it a nine looking ahead to two forty eight. We got izzy. And you'll Romero we leasing versus J.. Check back then you got jared cannon near who supposedly is going to be the back for us on your Romero however he doesn't have an opponent so he might be the guy that trained makes wait in case Romero or God forbid a bit of Sun Yeah is is not ready to go Hell I want till in that. Spot versus cannon near Canada can slip in if the other fight gets something happens to it and until can just get a paycheck and go home Brunson versus a basin. I'm down so the middle is GONNA big spotlight on it. Geely Ligi laying Orissa's Neil Magny by Neil Car Close Max Griffin. Alex Oliveira. I think this one's better on paper than I think so too. That are pretty fun. Yeah but but but still We've noticed a little bit of a drop off anyway. All right. Final thoughts on any controversies or the fight card of UC to forty seven before we exit. And how how. The whole night was just filled with controversy. I didn't know how to feel at the end of the night because there are so many people going one way. And then once I kind of looked at social media and some of our colleagues wasn't as one sided as it felt as I was going to bed and then just thinking like you know doing win this for as long as we've done it were very protective of the sport and I even got it even got into my head a little bit like is what Dominick Cruz. Losing and Joe Rogan. What they're doing at the end of the card? Is that even good for the sport like to do that. Live on the air. And what does that make us. Look like in the the eyes of everybody else because like it or not we're on a big stage now. ESPN and there's a lot and you fans tuning in and we've kind of looked like a train wreck a little bit like we don't really know what we're we're doing where we're blaming judges there you know I bet you there's a lot of common fans that just think. UFC's probably don't understand the same judges wire boxing guys doing. Yeah may it kind of gets crazy in in a I think it kind of it kind of puts me in a weird spot so I respect that. They're doing that and I like take that they're they're putting pressure on these commissions but at the same time I don't know live on. The air is is the right way to go about it because then it kind of makes everything look like a circus little you you there. Even fanning the flames of a little bit fix and all that Shit remember now boy and I don't think they've just been Gregor. He worked coming off that way. Maybe it's they're loaded on beer just like to see stuff if I'm if I'm Dana White. I'm listening to that. I'm probably saying shut up man like bring that up afterwards. We'll talk about that afterwards awards and figure out a plan to fix that but but don't make it look like that live on the air. I mean I respect the fact that they're doing it but and I don't think that they're doing that on purpose. They want to do a bunch of other stuff they WANNA do open scarring. They WanNa buy think dean. Thomas tweeted bring in seven judges. Some somebody said pull three of them and put them in a closed circuit room. Those aren't the answer right. The answer to me is just pull sle lease off of his mistakes that he made earlier. Just someone in there that can I don't care again in both of you and I said forty eight forty seven we disagree but will accept that forty nine forty six and we don't. We're not feeling I think. Just fix that and I think we would have been okay at least in Texas but yeah I mean look at Daniel Kwami he. He said Hey. I had three rounds a to a he had it for res- right he's not a lunatic right but but he it's very close and it could have gone either could have gone either way. Yeah exactly so I mean you can't let's just say one of those suggestions was have fighters do well there you go. There's one fighter that had a one way. Hey there were a bunch of fighters ahead of going the other way I mean even. They can't agree so that that can't be the answer and it can't be the answer no They're going to make mistakes as well. Anyway all right folks wanted to get in here early because there was a lot to talk about trust me. We're chomping at the bit all day all day on Sunday Pricier than this may be a few hours ago but You know as long week by week and then we had our sportscaster broadcasts and Just kind of wanted to relax a little bit. Gather our thoughts but it's an early edition of UFC. Two forty serve in the episode is dropping early. So hopefully you enjoy it. CHECK US out on spinning back. Click off guard and my rankings report. The video franchises Junkie. Look if you want to know exactly what I'm saying. They appear on the front page throughout the week. But you can always go to YouTube dot com slash Emory junkie. And you'll see. He allowed the video work that the whole staff does Follow us on twitter and instagram. I'm adamantly Junkie George goes out goes and the radio show is at automate junkie radio. Let me spell out the goes to. The Geo Z.. Trust me I need to do that. Because goes has gotten his name butchered in many so way a last week he was frank last week and that was a distant relative. That said it. Anyhow folks Hopefully you enjoy your weekend and we will see you all on another episode of MMA Junkie Radio. Thanks again for your support. Go out and be a champion

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