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Stacy's asia. After years of enroll dope within an inch of my life. I'm free receipts of a mind of their own go, paperless and manager travel expenses online with my taxi business, make the smarter choice of my taxi dot com. AD radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump signs an emergency declaration to get the billions of dollars. He wants to build his wall along the border with Mexico. Saga megani has more president says he'll use executive powers to go around congress which approved just a sliver of the money. He's demanding for a border wall. It's very simple. We want to stop drugs from coming into our country. We want to stop criminals and gangs. He's looking to redirect money from federal military construction and other funds to pay for the wall. Many Republicans had urged him not to act unilaterally and Congress's top two. Democrats are already ripping the move saying they will do everything possible to oppose the emergency declaration saga megani? At the White House. The Democrats can file lawsuits enforce congressional votes to block Trump's money transfers Trump could also veto that legislation should pass a number of democratic state attorneys. General are also looking to take legal action against the president. At least two people are dead in the latest storm to hit California more than nine inches of rain reported in the San Bernardino mountains of southern California in south Salida, a mudslide crashed on a hillside taking away home the woman inside rescued with just cuts and bruises resident Chris park men. Most of air you feel faith when the big storms come that. Your faith factors is gone. And I don't think we've seen a storm like this. For decades evacuations were also ordered in areas hit by wildfires last summer for the fear of mudslides and flash flooding force people from their homes in Laguna beach. Investigators say man tossed a flammable liquid on a sheriff's deputy trying to arrest him and set him on fire causing severe burns suspect was arrested at the scene. The deputy is being treated for his burns at a hospital in Akron. This is AP radio news. Chicago police say two men I listed as persons of interest in an attack against empire actor Jesse Smolen. Now considered suspects in have been arrested on probable cause. They may have committed a crime AP entertainment, editor Oscar wells Gabriel. These were the men who were pictured in surveillance images captured tonight that the empire actor says he was beaten by two men near his apartment in Chicago Smolin has said in an interview on ABC news that he is convinced that the two men and the images are the ones who beat him while uttering racist and anti gay slurs. I'm Oscar wells Gabriel nine fraternity members at Louisiana state university. I've been arrested for hazing related crimes include ordering pledges to lie in piles of broken glass, kicking pledges with steel told boots and urinating on them New York Knicks and a franchise worst losing skid at eighteen beating the Atlanta Hawks on the road one. Oh, six ninety one. It's the Knicks. First win since January fourth. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news.

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