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Allow you to accept credit or debit with everyday. Low fees no additional hardware or software needed. Use the app to generate your unique. Qr code customer scan your code with their pay pal app to pay you learn more at paypal dot com slash. Us slash get qr code. Hello and welcome favor. Production of iheartradio. I'm and i'm laurin vogel bomb and today or cardamom cardamom. Is that how you pronounce it cardamom. Yeah oh yeah you're right. I was pretty good an extra cardamom. It's there's a card mum is. There's there's three distinct syllables in there. I think i'm just kinda shortening it. Okay okay. Because i as might be clear i really know nothing about cardamom but many of you have written about about it and specifically the tea cardamom t sure yeah It is a frequent ingredient in In spiced teas. I love khartum. Often used it as a baking space. And i might order like kind of a lot of indian and bangladeshi delivery food so Like one of my favorite things is finding a whole cardamom pod in my rice and it just it just makes me feel like somebody cares about me like they were nice enough to put this whole cardamom pod in my rice while they were cooking it and it just it shows that they love me. I get that i get that. Sometimes you get delivery in your like whoever made this dish really put a lot of effort and care right makes her feel so so warm. Yes cared for well. I guess we should get to our question. Sure cardamom what is it well Cardamom is a bright flavored spice. That tastes kind of warm and cool at the same time. Combining this this range of flavors from lemony to minty to floral spicy hot with a little bit of sweetness. Offsetting all of those flavors. It can go kind of better Sometimes called the queen of spices. Kind of jellyfish musha. You're you're making i. I'm not sure why that was the motion. I liked it though. Thank you and i feel like recently. We've talked about the king of spices and we've talked about like king. I like people have to give these royal. Detonators to foods is what i'm trying to say. Yeah yeah not sure i. I saw multiple places. So i figured i would report on it but i didn't find any cool back stories. About why like a lot of the time they'll be like like well. It's because of this legend. I didn't read anything like that But yeah so cardamom plants are This group of tropical plants in the ginger family that's zinjibar. Aca to love saying yes. So so they grow rise homes underground off of which Some big leafy stems spring. Up in those stems will flower with these pretty colorful clusters of flowers and when pollinated usually by bees they then produce at bunches of small fibrous pods containing many seeds And not like many many like several to many ish like fifteen to twenty. okay. I like okay. Not many many many many issues. Now we've got it. Those seeds carry the most flavor and are like the operative part of the plant used for cooking though like ginger. The whole plant contains some of the compounds gave the seeds there. Intense flavors There are three main genus. That wind up getting called cardamom. Latorre cardamom is green. Cardamom sometimes called true cardamom. There's a couple of species within am-among or ammonium that are called black cardamoms and Several species within africa are called african cardamoms. Green cardamom is the kind most likely to be found outside of the areas. It's grown the pods are like a little smaller than a kidney. Bean or like a shelled almond ish size maybe with green Kinda kinda wrinkled shaped like a slightly deflated. Three sided football. Yeah and the pods do contain fifteen. To twenty small black seeds white cardamom just green cardamom that been bleached for one reason or another usually. Because i'm it's a slightly lower quality pod that came out kindness blotchy rather than like a nice even green. This type of cardamom is used in sweet dishes and drinks. In north africa the middle east and south asia plus in south and southeast asian massalas in curries and not european winter holiday. Cookies and sweet breads yes. I like how you're pointing at me. As though i am child. Who is perhaps the best attention i'm listening. I just trying to envision these taste. I feel like i've definitely had to have had it. I can't pinpoint it. It's it's just a it's a little bit hard to describe because it is. I got this warming like almost gingery kind of heat. But then also this cooling and a menthol like like bitterness at the same time and then a little bit of like citrus and floral in there so Select going on there is there is there is a lot going on at It's sorta smells like a. I mean me. It smells like a delightful perfumes. My favorite perfumes do contain cardamom And yeah. I don't know i'm not married. No you are helping. I think it. I think it really does just have a lot going on so hard for me to pinpoint. I feel certain. If i have it. When i have it and i know what it is. I'll be like. Oh yeah. I'll see if i have like spare tub of khartoum kicking around my house and the next time that we do in exchange of goods just like throw cardamom you barter. A barter system. That's what ire on india's resulted in this guy have some cats. you have some kind of koala bears. It's so well known anyway. Okay sorry. Thank you lovely listeners. Were sending us things. Goodness absolutely back to khartoum So yeah so. All of that has been green cardamom In contrast black cardamom pods are a little bit larger like up to the size of like a small walnut or so and they'll be red to brown to black in color a slightly larger darker seeds inside and this is more likely to be found in savory dishes and pickles in northern india and Through parts of china. And vietnam i understand. It's a little spicier and smokier than the green varieties and african varieties in. There are lots of by the way Grow in west and central africa and are used mostly savory dishes in cuisines around there as well i understand. It's pretty similar to black cardamom but like like if you're going to try to substitute for it that's the closest that you're gonna get But i didn't see any really specific descriptions of what makes it different so get it so if anyone knows yes oh yes affects. One of my favorite things is when like when you describe it taste. I love when people right in very detailed descriptions of taste so please These pods tend to be harvested by hand a couple times a year just before they're ripe otherwise the the pods will crack open very much looking like the mouths of the of the demo gorgan in stranger things but don't worry it just contains delicious seeds so yeah they don't. They don't want that to happen. So so yeah you pick them before they're ripe and you will get the best flavor from khartoum's when you buy them whole and grind yourself If you if you choose to grind them but they can be used whole as well and this. This whole lot of flavor going on lends itself to all kinds of both sweet and savory dishes they're good. Yes whole or ground as part of a spice blend in sauces or stews order to give zing to jams or syrups or glazes or salad dressings Ground is part of a spice rub for proteins or or vegetables Ground and added to baked goods in tea blends or coffee drinks or mold wine or ciders steeped into creamy desserts and porridges or yeah just a whole pods steamed with rice to infuse some of that flavor into their folks even to hold pods as breath freshener. I saw that. Yeah that that is quite bracing. I will say have you done it. Yeah it's a lot i mean. It's not not fun. But like i'm just like that is a flavor you found one Okay well speaking. What about the nutrition. You're mostly not consuming enough cardamom for it to really impact. You does have a huge flavor bang for its caloric buck and cardamom has been used in traditional medicines in cultures that have grown it for pretty much ever. Some research is being done into its possible scientifically proven health benefits because a bunch of the same compounds that give cardamom flavors also like do in our bodies some are antioxidants others anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxers even preliminary research indicates that cardamom derived supplements may help control things like insulin function which is good and or the ways that our bodies handle fats which is not necessarily good but like can be allowed. The research is still taking place an animal studies. So we've got a ways to go and as always before ingesting medicinal dose of anything you should check with a healthcare provider. Who is not uh is because bodies are complicated and more information is necessary saver slogan. I mixed it up that time now as a little bit of of trying to throw a curve. Busy boo yeah. I never trying to throw a curveball. Y'all that's an anytime i do. It's just at myself. I'm like oh why did i do that accidental curve. I feel like i remember when he did that. Brain stuff video and it was like kristen was in a band and you all had names of like heist named you could be accidental curveball. Yeah that that occurred belay. You can't you can't even predict that a thicker curveball. That would be my job on a heist team. Yeah i would be. That would be the accidental curveball. Lord i'd be like sorry all but nanna appeal because you'd be the snack from earlier and you don't realize that it drafts out if your pocket and it ships up somebody who's chasing you accidental curve ball. Seniors ideas love it. Right right into the to the cartoon series. Yeah absolutely. we'll do okay but we do have some numbers for you these days. Guatemala is the largest producer of cardamom around twenty five thousand tonnes is produced primarily for export there and guatemala overtook the previous largest producer india in two thousand or potentially nineteen eighty or miss seeming may be it kind of bounce back and forth. I think that's what happened. Yeah but yeah yeah. I saw those two floated around Saudi arabia consumes about thirty six percent of the world's cardamom exports. Most of which i understand goes into coffee. Galway i'm not sure. If i'm saying that correctly i did look it up Yes like a like like what we might call turkish coffee here in the states rights And as twenty ten an estimated seventy eight percent of that of the card moments. Saudi arabia was sourced through guatemala. One of the reasons for this has been price at an indian cardamom auction house. In two thousand fourteen kilogram was going for thirteen dollars and fifty cents while the price for the same amount in guatemala. Was going for six dollars and sixty nine cents. Yeah according to silver green. Cardamom is the world's third most expensive spice by weight behind saffron and vanilla. Yes that is what. I have seen in multiple places as well yes past episodes on both of those. Oh yes that to that. I like kind of look of panic. Yes we talk about those things but we now are dogging about guardmen and it's time to get into the history but i it's time to get into a quick break for word from our sponsor Sweet potatoes sweet potato casserole. Sweet potato fries. The north carolina. Sweet potato commission agrees. They're delicious but there's a lot of reasons to love sweet potatoes like that. One medium sweet potato contains four times. Your daily recommended dose of vitamin a thirty five percent of vitamin c and four percent of iron plus calcium fighter vitamin e. They're proven to help control blood sugar levels and are excellent for refueling pre and post workout. 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Trade of cardamom goes way back to possibly all the way to the third millennium bc e merchants transporting it along trade routes Eventually into the mediterranean and asia and like many spices was highly prized. These spices were symbols of luxury. Wealth and often key elements at significant events. the ancient egyptians may have used it. In embalming the ancient greeks and romans certainly were familiar with cardamom and philosophers like ds karate's and hippocrates espoused the health benefits of it. There was even a greek verb derived from khartoum. That meant to become strong in one hundred. Seventy six sixty e alexander. The great even listed cardamom as a necessity for performing his. I'm assuming his soldiers as well but it's unclear her definitely for performing his duties on the job he needed garden. Oh sure yeah. Make a list of what i need your boss. I don't have a steady supply of gardening. coming in. yeah mine are like coffee and like decent internet access and maybe like a cat. That sounds great. yeah. I'm definitely the coffee in the. I have a stuffed. I really like. Yeah yeah it's similar. It's a similar vibe. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Different than what alexander. The great was going for ya. I would imagine so. I haven't checked in with him ever ever. that's correct. yes. Although i wouldn't say no to. Khartoum was what i was trying to get to. Oh yes absolutely then. S became a hugely important for trading including spices during medieval times. We talked about that a lot before it was the largest and most critical importer of cardamom for the west during this time. A dutch merchant described two types of cardamom from south india around around this period and german her biologist and a physicist described khartoum as an essential oil in the fifteen hundreds amongst westerners who could afford it. Cardamom was highly sought after. Oh yeah yeah. As we discussed in various episodes and cinnamon is the one that comes to mind for me arab. Merchants kept these secrets. They had all the secrets of their spice trade and they kept that close to their heart to control the price and the supply so people didn't know it was coming from. Yeah yeah they didn't even know what kind of plant it was from. Or like how lance worked or whether or not a regarded by dragons somewhere. I was his whole intricate layer of like of like mythology and just straight up like like. Nah i'm not telling you about that was in order to keep this very valuable resource to themselves right irene. If someone told me i had to go face a dragon in a dark cavernous place. I am okay. All right you just bring it to me. I'll pay whatever you want cool. Yeah but i do want however. The portuguese interfered with this strategy when they mapped out their own route to india's west coast and began exporting cardamom to europe themselves china was likely involved in the trade of cardamom. At this time to unfortunately learn. I did have trouble finding a lot of historical sources for for this. I did see one that said since like the nineteen hundreds china had been involved in the straight. But i didn't see it anywhere else. Oh grain of salt back earlier than that. In medieval times kind of era the spicier black cardamom was a slightly more frequent export and would remain popular in europe until the trade of black pepper really picked up I wou i don't have the number in front of me. But i believe it's around like the sixteen or possibly seventeen hundreds us and we've done an episode on black pepper as well. Yes yes and yeah. They're records are fairly lacking. But i feel like it's safe to assume people were using cardamom not just medicinally but in rice dishes. Drinks teas and coffees and baked goods at this time is medieval time period in had been for a while in india. People were probably using it as a flavoring as far back his second century bc including teas. And this is where. I stumbled on a whole masala chai rabbit hole in the history of that and that is a future episode. Oh absolutely yeah yes but cardamom being an ingredient often in masala chai so they were probably using it pretty far back. Yeah yeah And some research has shown that khartoum has antifungal and some anti microbial effects in food products. Which may be a practical reason why people have been blending it into dry teas and spice mixtures for so long other than just you know like it's tasty right right. I'm wondering how many times that sort of happenstance where you yeah. It does tales. I think i think it becomes such a classic flavor because the food that they put it in doesn't go bad and they're like oh cool eat that instead of this food has gone bad. Something different in that does not have these properties so convenient. According to some sources the vikings are the reason karma became such a popular spice in scandinavia during the times of the roman empire spices from india pass through constantinople which is a symbol This was also one of the final stops for the vikings before they made their journey to europe and they developed a fondness for the spice cardamom. So much so that. They brought it back to scandinavia where they incorporated it primarily in two baked goods again hard to verify. But yeah a lot of places yeah. I saw. Vikings mentioned pretty much everywhere. That was talking about the history of cardamom. But i'll like basically every source also said we can't confirm this race like well. Okay at least it's an oft repeated myth. If it's certainly got scandinavia's somehow it did in his popular there. Yes yes and as as many other of these expensive spices became it became known for these a fall and winter holiday kind of celebrations. Where you were like really going all out to be fancy. Yes oh speaking of a thirteenth century european recipe for what was probably a highly expensive sauce called cinnamon sauce or lord sauce featured cardamom other european recipes called for in spiced wines are breads around this same time. Some british soldiers working with the british east india company wrote about south indian cardamom cultivation. But it wasn't until the nineteenth century that european colonists really seemed to care about cultivating it. British colonists established cardamom as a crop. Possibly as a secondary crop to coffee in india during this century. Yeah and this was the first time that khartoum was grown on plantations like coffee. It doesn't really lend itself to plantation conditions at once like a tropical forest type environment with plenty of rain and also plenty of dappled sunshine. So i can see where if you're already growing coffee. It might be a good. Yeah good secondary crop because those those coffee shrubs or trees going to provide about that condition so speaking of a colonial transport of cardamom in the eighteen nineties german colonizers introduced some green cardamom to hans. Aena german coffee grower oscar. My use clo- for planted cardamom in guatemala in the nineteen twenties or perhaps earlier the date varied a lot on that one too and production grew by quite a bit in that country after world war. Two as the production there has steadily risen so have problems around labeling price gouging and fair treatment and pay of carbon farmers. Yeah one of the primary cardamom growing areas in guatemala. ex-con has also been an area of deep political unrest Especially in the eighties and nineties. But nearly half of the local population there is involved in khartoum agriculture rights and Cardinals popularity in parts of europe and north america has been growing in recent years. Primary reasons. cited is the growth in popularity of asian cuisines in those places right right An in the united states certainly The spread of what we call chai a by which we mean like an indian inspired spiced tea blend of some kind or another of the word chai really just means t in a lot of native languages but yeah It definitely has contributed to this in the carbon market And yes yes besides whole different episode. It's going to be difficult in delicious. I making a lot of swimming related gesture. And i'm not sure why we were talking about swimming pools right before we got into this episode. And maybe i'm just. Maybe i'm just like on a tropical holiday in my mind. I hope so. You can't go and personally you can go in your mind. Oh oh having to bring it down. No you're right you can go in your mind. And that's a lovely thing take it. I'll take yes well. I think that's what we have on cardamom for now it is. We do have some listener mail for you though we do but i we have one more quick break for word from our sponsor north carolina sweet potato commission presents. Did you know sweet potato is spelled as one word not two did you know that. Just one medium. Sweet potato contains four times. The daily recommended vitamin a. Did you know you could win a kitchen aid mixer if you enter to win today register online at eat sweet. Nc dot com. That's eight sweet. Nc dot com exclusive recipe available the podcast listeners provided by the north carolina. Sweet potato commission. Now you know word springtime coming. You should eat sweet potatoes. Did you know that sweet potatoes helped control blood sugar levels and are great for refueling your body before and after a workout. The north carolina sweet potato commission knows this and wants to help. You live a healthier lifestyle if you go to eat sweet. Nc dot com. You'll get an exclusive recipe available to podcast listeners. Plus online at each suite. Ansi dot com and enter to win a kitchen aid mixer. Sign up today at eat sweet. Nc dot com and rebecca. Thank you sponsor. Yes thank you. We're back with sluice new a lot going on perforated. Your gestures kind. Yeah i was like. Are we swimming again. Okay i was just trying to take you to your happy place. Whatever episode. yeah So we have more morrell mushroom email share which is great. Yes hannah wrote. I was going to write to you last week. In order to show you one of the drawings. My high school best friend used to do of winged hag is performing various activities nesting flying perching in trees etc. I know but unfortunately despite tearing my desk apart. I was unable to locate any examples. They must all be back home in michigan. Which brings me to. i'm writing. today. I spent my entire childhood in northern michigan attending the mushroom fest in boyne city every year and i was excited to hear you mentioned my home area and to hear that it holds the morrell record of course according to me mushroom hunting with my family was always a blast even if we only a couple running after every slight bump in the leaf cover hoping to be the first to uncover a hidden treasure made for an excellent day out can be crazy in areas where they grow especially. If you work in restaurants. I did as a teenager. And you can watch chef handing over fifty dollars. A pound or more to any forager. Who walks through the door. Everyone wants to be able to get that seasonal mushroom dish on the menu. Beware though if you're the one who has to prep the little delicacies those hollow stems can have all sorts hiding inside more than one slugging half. I have never been a big mushroom lover. But morales were always an exception possibly partially out of local bride but largely because their holiday stems and guild caps. Me never have to bite through thick chunk of school. She mushroom excellent use of school. She They are the perfect place to start if you are mushroom. Reluctant especially sauteed with butter garlic and herbs but lover mushrooms are not. What kid doesn't love a good carnival. And while i didn't pay much attention to the actual mushroom goings on. I have great memories of the boyne city festival on a mushroom related note. I believe it was lauren. You mentioned she belongs to a paramedic mushroom facebook group it was heck the idea fungus as i must commend the book mexican gothic by silvia moreno garcia i read at the beginning of last fall and it was the perfect gothic story to send some shivers down my spine and get me in the mood for halloween season. I won't give away anything about the mushrooms but rest assured it will be right up your alley nervous right away. Melissa also suggested this folks. So i definitely want to check it out but i'm afraid that these mushrooms aren't going to be good. Oh i i suspect you may be right about that anne. Thank you for Thank you for the recommendation. We we definitely as y'all probably noticed are fans of horror and related genres around here and sylvia marino. Garcia is a terrific writer. I love her work. So cool Adding it adding it to my mental list of stuff to download onto my phone and just merged with my couch and read like a mushroom like mushroom. Oh dear karen wrote. I was to your moral mushroom episode today. And i can answer your questions. Yes he butchered me sick. It's pronounced with a long e and the blessing of gps both the mushroom festival and the blessing happened on mother's day weekend each year except last year when covid messed everything up. The area around me sick has lots of trails and seasonal roads that some people like to ride their jeeps and other swamp buggies on of the blessing hopes for long rides with no breakdowns that weekend. Very small town is crammed with gps off road vehicles. In addition to the festival goers one interesting fact. I didn't hear in the podcast when you go mushroom hunting. You should use a mesh bag so the spores can fall from the mushrooms onto the ground to recede mushrooms. There are much fewer mushrooms in the area than there used to be due to people using paper and plastic bags. That don't let the spores out. Good tip could tippin. This probably explains why are mushroom. Forager friend was using a basket to a wicker basket control of his mushroom. Wears loved that. We've got mushroom. Forager friend and i really does delight me how many people have written in about this small town in this festival. Pride in these good experiences. I really do adore it wonderful. Yes yes oh thank you. I s first-hand firsthand experience. I mean like we can do all of the reading in the world but but hearing about things firsthand from people who've experienced them is so cool every single time fit is it absolutely is a thanks so much to both of them for rating. If you'd like to write to his you can. Our email is hello at saver. Pod dot com. We are also in social media. You can find us on twitter. Instagram and facebook at saver pod. And we do hope to hear from you. Savor is production of iheartradio for more podcasts. Iheartradio you can visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Thanks as always tore super producers dylan fagin and andrew howard. Thanks for listening and we hope that lots more good things are coming your way finally spraying and i'm saying goodbye snow. Hello adventure and during the honda dream garage spring event. You can get epic deals on your favorite honda model ready to get rugged and take the off road in an all wheel drive honda. Suv like the hr v. pilot aspect or redesigned rich. I wanna to take a spring rotor. The checkout fuel-efficient turbocharged civic or koi sake you to winter and hello to new honda. Don't miss huge savings during the honda dream garage springy bed now at your local honda dealer. So what does running back do after his playing days are over. Hey this is former. nfl star. Mongering for me. I started podcast each episode. I bring the world of competitive gaming and eastwards to life with my podcast. A mongering gamers loud. I'll bring my experience. From being a collegiate eastwards head coach along with interviews with the top video gamers gamers from hollywood phil shem media an pro sports listen and follow amman. Greens damas lounge on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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