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Cody Rhodes & Dark Side of the Ring


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars go to siriusxm com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. This is the busted. Open podcast you can listen to the full show. Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open. Podcast this is Dave league-record today's episode. Wwe Hall of Famer the Greatest Tag team wrestler of all time. Bully Ray and I talk to cody. Rhodes that's right. Cody Rhodes of e W dynamite on Wednesdays at eight PM Eastern on TNT. We talked to cody about the big special that we're going to have on busted open. And we also get into the debuts of Matt Hardy and Brodie Lee and Lance Archer and he has some interesting things to say about the Star Wars Franchise and about be- parts only. So you definitely want to hear this interview. Also bullying I get into dark side of the ring about brawl for all we get into Vince. Russo and Jim. Cornet we get into a lot of it all right now on the busted. Open podcast we got a really really good episode of impact wrestling. You know very interesting. Main event with L. Gone Given Elkin bomb to Tessa Blanchard a nice win for Rhino and Tommy Dreamer so a really good impact wrestling last night we can get into that with the busted open nation as always used the Hashtag ask busted open plus a really interesting dark side of the ring and on tomorrow's show. We're going to talk to to Vince Russo. And we're GONNA talk to Vince Russo. Why because he was the mind behind raw for all which was the episode about That was on dark side of the ring last night. And it's you know you look at you. Know what happened with episode one with the Ben Wa tragedy in the Ben Watt murders and. That was a really really tough to our debut of dark side of the ring for season. Two very very tough to get through last week was tough with new Jack. I mean you know there are times watching that you had to turn away and then this week it was more of that concept which was an ill-fated concept over twenty years ago on WWF. Monday night raw and most people myself included thinks. It was maybe the worst idea in the history of pro wrestling. I remember at the time watching it and just shaking my head and I actually thought it was just going to be a work. I didn't think it was actually going to be the tournament that there were setting up and then you watched it and it was awful all around like it was one thing that they really didn't get into a lot last night on dark side of the ring is how the fans reaction was to offer. All everyone hated it. Like right off right off the bat people were booing it People are chanting wrestle. This is not wrestling there. It was it was brutal to the audience and obviously watching dark side of the ring. Last night you found out that it was brutal beyond brutal for the people. Oh actually competed in it. I mean careers were ended because that thraw for all and there was really no reason for it for pro. Wrestling is just that pro wrestling. They don't WanNa see boxing. I don't think fans especially back then really cared about who was the toughest guy in the locker room and you could tell. When Vince Russo was talking about it. The whole reason the entire reason why he set up the whole thing and why he came up with the idea is because Jbl you know was being boisterous voice in the locker room say now he was the toughest guy and he could beat. Everyone's ass and why Vince Russo was like all right. Let me come up with this concept. With the whole reason of seeing jbl get knocked out which ultimately he did bar gun and Bart Gunn winning the tournament when he was a guy that really not a lot of people put a little lot of stock in. He was for for lack of a better term. He was a mid card talent and also and I knew this at the time. Because that's why I thought that it was a work is that was all set up for Steve Dr Death Williams to win the tournament and ultimately face stone. Cold Steve Austin and let me tell you something when they said last night that that ruined his. Wwf career there. That is the hundred percent truth. Let me tell you. Something about Steve. Dr Death Williams. He was one of the grades. If you don't know go back and watch some old school mid South and some old school. Nwea how great. Steve Dr Death Williams wasn't what a presence he was now. This was towards the end of his career. He has over a decade into pro wrestling at this point now he wasn't at the end of his career but it was well into his career but I was just drew. I couldn't wait for a feud between Steve Dr Death Williams and stone. Cold Steve Austin. Because that's where this was going to go and obviously everything went awry and then there's the whole backstage politics about it that that they tried to punish bar gun and they put him in the you know they put him in the ring at Wrestlemainia. You know with a professional boxer when you know he wasn't even an amateur boxer just it was rejected. The whole concept was ridiculous and then the underlying theme of Jim Cornell Ed and Vince Russo. Just makes things for me. I know highly entertaining because Jim coordinate seriously wants to do bodily harm to Vince Russo. Because and I think. Jr stated it last night on dark side arranges brilliantly. You know Vince. Russo was all about the sizzle when it came to pro wrestling and Jim. Cornet was all about the Steak Jim. Cornets whole life is pro wrestling. The Guy Eats sleeps and breathes pro wrestling and knowing that something like that ended careers did injury to people ruined people's pushes you know. Cut The legs under talent that was you know going to be big things in the WWF offer an ill-fated concept based on ego and everything you could see why Jim Cornet was as upset as he was in Vince. Russo's just like man. This is pro wrestling who cares. It's pro wrestling. Why are you getting so upset? Pro Wrestling Brow. And I do mean Bro. Because Vince Russo. And you'll hear it on tomorrow. Show Vince the the over under on the BRO. From Vince Russo is thirty five. So we'll see if we get over thirty five rows. I'M GONNA as Daryl and Robert Tomorrow as our engineers to kind of clock debris rose from Vince Russo. But seriously like that's the difference. Is that especially at that time? And they go into everything that went into hiring of Vince. Russo Vince. Russo was a writer for the WWF. Magazine McMahon loved his work. He wanted the direction that he did in the magazine to be. Actually on screen Vince. Russo looked at the TV product at the time. Like the Jerry Springer show and obviously the attitude Eric kind of morphed into a lot of what? You're seeing on those reality shows at the time in the nineties. We're Jim cornets the old school mentality so listen. I don't WanNa pick sides because obviously we've had issues with Jim Cornet and Vince. Russo's somebody I actually do like as a person but man when you look at the concept between that man like I understand. We're JIM cornets coming from. That was his life. It's your life is pro wrestling so when your life is pro wrestling in all your friends life says pro wrestling and your family is based around pro wrestling and then somebody comes in. It's Kinda got the attitude like whatever. Its pro wrestling man. Whatever I can understand you being upset now to the extent that he wants to kill him his family. That may be a little bit overboard. That may be just a little bit overboard but I understand the underlying meaning of it all because I know what it's like. You know being an employee at Sirius. Xm Not a lot of people take this show seriously. Even though it's the number one rated show in sports on Siriusxm. I'm still kind of like the the guilty pleasure so to speak. It's pro wrestling. It's not as legitimate as you know the world of the NFL or the NBA but numbers are numbers. Listenership is listenership. And when you have something that's a success you get behind it and when it comes to something like pro wrestling. It's you're always kind of like the underdog you don't quite get the respect that you deserve and then when somebody comes into work within your company that doesn't give pro wrestling respect that it deserves within the concept of what you're doing. I can understand why that's frustrating as it is so it was a really really interesting episode of Dark Side Ring. I agree with a lot that was that was probably the worst concept in the history of pro wrestling. Go and watch it. The legitimate tough Guy Tournament boxing tournament that they had on. Wwf. Monday night. Raw I'm sure that's going to be a topic throughout today bullies. GonNa WanNa talk about it. We're going to have Vince Russo. On the air tomorrow to talk all about some really interested in that and I think that's going to be a fun interview Events Russo. Being think about it the last time we had Vince Russo. On busted open was to talk about the honeymooners against Andy. Griffith wasn't about WCW. It wasn't about his time with the WWF in the attitude era. The last time we had Vince Russo on was to talk about the war. And that is the big argument. What was better TV? Show Andy Griffith or the honeymooners. Jeff Jarrett siding with Andy Griffith and Vince. Russo siding with the honeymooners. So I mean I think this will be more wrestling centric this time around when you have Vince Russo. On the show tomorrow today. We have cody. Rhodes I'm really looking forward to. Having cody Rhodes just as a programming note tomorrow at nine. Am before we have the new edition of busted open at ten am at Nine A. We're going to have our best of cody special. And that's like the best interviews a moments that we've had with cody on busted open. I think it's GonNa be a really good follow up. With having cody Rhodes on today and you know this is a big day. Wednesday nights is always like you know our night you know. I think the die hard wrestling fan. They're probably two favorite. Shows are a w and annex t the Wednesday night war. I'm really interested to see what annexed and AWA gives us. Because they're going to be too big shows here we are. We're off the heels of Wrestlemainia wrestlemanias in the rear view mirror. A lot of questions about like you know what we're GONNA see over the next few months while we're dealing with the corona virus you know these tapes shows how many shows are in the CAN. How long can they go on with tape material? One could be the next time that we actually see live pro wrestling again when when you know there have been hints over the last couple of days of some positive news when it comes to. This is going to be a long journey. I think we're far far away from the end of this and I hope everyone safe. I hope everyone is. You know with their family and friends during this very very tough time again. Please thank all the the you know the small business owners in the restaurants that are staying open the have take out all the frontline workers the doctors and the nurses and the delivery people and the people working at the grocery stores so you can get your supplies to be quarantined. Definitely take the time out that. Thank those people but the one thing we do have is tonight is that we have eighty. W in annex t and BIG SHOWS BECAUSE ON T. You're going to get the final Champa Gargano match the last time. This is the match that we were supposed to get last Saturday at an xt takeover before it was cancelled so very interested in that match on an xt tonight and then with a e. W You have a really big show with a e w because they have the TNT championship tournament. And that's something that cody. I'm sure is going to want to talk a lot about to today when he joins us at the top of the hour at eleven am eastern time but we. That's the beauty of like pro wrestling. It's still rolls on. And I know a lot of people are kind of like I tape. Now look at what we're getting tonight. And he w got that. Tnt Championship tournament crown that TNT champion and then on annexed you're gonNA get Gargano and Champa one last time I mean that's awesome. I mean we really blessed having both those show some really looking forward to watch eighty w really looking forward to watch an annex t again some triple h comments that. I want to get into as well triple eight spoke to Justin Brosseau of sports illustrated and he talked about the ratings war between aws and since this Wednesday night war started in October. It's pretty much been a landslide. I mean I think it's been now eighteen weeks that W has beat an xt and ratings and triple h said that you know this is a marathon. We're not looking at just this month next month or even this year. We're looking far beyond that. He brought up the Monday night. Wars as an example you know. Wcw KICK WWF's ask for eighty three weeks but there's no more WCW so his whole thing is like man this is the w. w. and listen the wwe's got the legs. It's got the pedigree it's got the history and it's got the money behind it to last this war and let's not forget is just one of the brands that the WWe delivers you know they're heavy hitters. Are On Monday night and Friday night but when you look at the too pure pro wrestling shows which is an eighty w. a. w. definitely has the upper hand and I think he had the upper hand since everything has changed over the last month since the corona virus like. I think you know Bali would come on each and every Thursday and say that he would always give the advantage to eighty w over annexed because of the crowd you know the best pure wrestling show but a e w had the edge because of the crowd participation the fifteen thousand screaming fans every Wednesday night. But I think even now that w annex have been performing in front of zero fans. I still think that to me. Aws been the better show with no fans. Now that's not taking anything away from stay. Because if eighty W is one then annexed is one be. That's how close these shows are and they're a little bit different and probably for the wall to wall wrestling they get. I would probably give the advantage to annex t but I think eighty w's done a tremendous job through a tremendous job of building their characters building their personalities. And I think right now they have the better show but with AAA said the sports illustrated's and interesting comment. This is this is not a sprint. This is a marathon and we're just a few months into this. This just started in October. Two Thousand Nineteen and with everything. That's gone on six. Months is data long period of time. The Gauges and I'm glad that we have these two shows going head to head with one another because I really do think it steps up their game you know. I'm sure they're looking at aws looking at what annex t is doing an annex t is looking at what aws doing. Allah. What happened during the Monday night. Wars you know you hear all the stories that WWF wrestler watching WCW and vice versa. They were competing against each other segment by segment competitions. Just GonNa make you better bigger and stronger. There's no there's no off weeks you can't take a week off during Wednesday night's you can't sit back and just be like all right we're gonNA take this week off. You see what could happen. Annexed took that one week where they build just programming and promos around the Gargano Champa and they got about almost half the rating of what a e. W got can't can't do it when you're in a and I hate to the word war because it's not awards it's just a it's a battle on TV. I mean let's let's see let's take it for what it is but when you look at. Aws like bullying. I always talk about. You can't take the week off. It's all about competition. And when you look at e w an annex t tonight a w with that. Tnt Championship tournament annex t with Gargano Champa. This should be one hell of a Wednesday night. This is Luke Thomas from Sirius. Xm Fire Combat Sports in the entire sporting landscape have been impacted as we all face a time of uncertainty in the world. We have concerns about our family. Friends and neighbors have taken time out to focus on the important things in our lives and be safe. One thing that we can be sure of is that will push through this difficult time together. Whatever happens in the world of combat sports and beyond will be here for you on Sirius. Xm fire nation. In the meantime you can join us for live. Sports talk on mad dog. Sports Radio Channel Eighty two and Sirius. Xm NFL radio channel. Eighty eight eighty. W has a huge show tonight. That's right the start of the TNT championship. Tournament begins tonight on eighty w dynamite. And how about this bully? I don't know if you knew about this but tomorrow at nine. Am Eastern time. We are going to have. Our Cody Rhodes special. That's right now. Our dedicated to the best of cody. Every time he's called in to our show and has been a guest. So who better to talk about that and talk about what's going on with a e. W But cody Rhodes cody. How are you this morning? I'm really great. I'm I'm this is news to me about this special that you're putting together on me and band. I I hope you pick some of the best stuff because we've had some wonderful conversations over the years now At this point so really big day. I'm glad to hear that already morning. Cody do you have any idea? How poor here we go. Like how giddy Dave league-record gets when he talks about you. I I understand the effect to some degree that I have one day record I and I. It's flattering it is it is it is very. It's very flattering. Because I do not have that same effect on on many people but the Greco is Rider die he's trying To the cause and I I do like that. Hey Gopal see. Bullied thinks everything in that naked of tone the positive then. I love pro. Wrestling Code is a huge part of what's going on in the landscape of pro wrestling in two thousand and twenty bully a e w dynamite is an of that each and every Wednesday night. And Cody understands. That cody is difficult for you to walk through life every single day with David Greco Wacko show opponents at. I cody cody's above answer and that kind of course I. I am not above ads during it. I bully I love that. People like will record in my life. Does it become a bit tax thing become a bit difficult? But but you gotta take the good with the bad but you know this bully you know you fly into a city wherever the show is and if there's fans at the airport there at six or if you're getting ready to catch the red either there at night and they've got a sheet full of trading cards off and all of the wrestlers we know will sign everything and move on about it and you'll feel somewhat not annoyed but you'll you know you'll it's the strange feeling of. Oh they're here at the airport but then you know as well when you do that and there's no one at the airport that's like the well that's that's a much worse. Feeling so having McGregor is like having that ebay collector at the airport. It's thanks good indication on this show but if it's not not they're bad so I need their Dave. I'm GonNa have fun with that one when we're done Let's talk about this tournament. Let's talk about this tournament. Yes because the TNT championship tournament. Starts Tonight. Some big matchups in this first round two as well so you look at the bracket you know you and you know. You're good friends. Shawn Spears I mean Lance Archer and Co Caban Sammy Guevarra and Darby Allen. KIP Sabin and industrial rose. It's one hell of a way to kick off this. Tnt Championship tournament. Yeah I think I'm I'm really just the thing about the TNC championship tournament. That excites me. Perhaps the most is that something that came really in a joint effort from eight W and TNC. This is something that has been really. Great Warner media has been really great about Inside on the show and all the research show What they're seeing. They've been a wonderful wonderful partner. This was something they were interested in doing. And it went in line with what we were interested in doing. having a new Premium Championship on the show and for us to be able to share in their likeness and to to slap The TNC logo on something of a pride and signifying the partnership. We have Over the next several years is it's really Really wonderful to have that synergy between Warner media. Tnt and a W and I know because all the guys tournament that the All our tournament guys got a brief little glimpse that the the belt itself and that it's it's a special looking Championship Bout. So this is this is really. I've always wanted to be titled Type Tournament like this and to be in one now so you know a wrestler Dream Cody. How do you think? Eighty W and yourself in particular have been dealing with. This whole situation is very real life situation of the corona virus. How do you think? Aws handled it. How do you think Tony has handled it with keeping the company moving? And what have you been doing on a day-to-day basis to make sure that he w is presenting a a superior product every Wednesday night. One of the Beautiful but w since day one is. We don't have a central office. The core management is all over the place. We've got folks In La Folks in Canada myself in Tony Jacksonville. So the quarantine element of what going on to state by state and you know complying with those regulations Is is easy when you can work from home and then coordinate from home Four year weekly show and then bill to one of your four pay per views as far as the the the content we have. And what we've been able to do in Jacksonville Most recently I was really. I mean it was step up city in terms of Those those shows and really impressed. I'm so glad when we first started brandy was adamant that we have A medical team and I rarely swing by the trainer's room. But we also you gotTa Physio team all the you know. All the perks of a high end wrestling company of a major league wrestling company to have those things for your athletes. So she picks out Doc Samson who you know Doc Samson I believe you know. Doc and Dr Samson is is famous for being the guy who saved Jerry. Lawler's life in Montreal after his heart. Attack and Doc Samson just put it frankly does not take shit from anybody He's not a doctor in terms of if you want things to go on and they're unable to so he said in a really rigorous amount of guidelines and everyone was able to follow them and and that was something. I was Very proud about I will never forget You know having your corn teamed in a hotel so that we can keep the numbers under ten At the actual arena. And then you're you're sanitizing a car steering wheel driving over and you're in your own room and then the the ropes themselves are being sanitized. You're getting your temperature. Check your getting quarantine questions A page along all of those things that were put in place though where the where the right thing to do? And then you know you. You had to limit the people who perhaps were You know older older individuals are people with immune illnesses or some Some kind you'd have to limit them from being there can actually be president because we don't want to put them in any rest. So you're getting a lot of interviews you know remotely and things of that nature it's been an extreme challenge You know not be a long winded with it. It's been an extreme challenge. But I I wanted you know to be able to answer. All challenges in this case was certain people really stepped up. Tony Kahn more than anybody. in a. W I don't know if you guys have got the opportunity as Tony come on busted open yet. He actually has once yes. Yeah he's he's just just a you know you bubble know what I mean but man. He's the wrestler in terms of. Just these really you know. Really strong mindsets Ms Different type of leader Than than Vince was just remotely different types of leaders and somebody who's really You can tell he's in it for the long run with a w and that's it really promising with the first episode that Awa dynamite had without the audience. You know this struck so hard so fast. It went from zero to one hundred so quickly that I think. A lot of people were kind of scurrying to adapt to the situation. The one thing I love that you did was that you addressed it right off the bat that first episode in the middle of the ring you know. What was that like for you? Kind of being the the name behind the company in the face of the company What was that first? Five minutes of that. Show like for you It's it's funny. I'm I'm in the ring and there is no one in the audience at Daly's place so I'm looking out in this amphitheater bowl and production had to be under ten people as well. So there's only two actual cameramen in front of me and I can hear over the PA and getting the time cues you know it's seven fifty five so we're five minutes away from air and then. I just heard ten nine eight seven next thing you know the heart. Cam Red Light came on and there is no audience. There's no sound there's no music and it was just me talking directly to you know what I hoped was people at home. It really felt like kind of this golden age of radio moment. I'll never it's it's one of the most surreal Eerie in a way but also True moments for me as a wrestler. I felt that this is a weird way to look at it. But this is how I really feel is I felt like a lot of what we're seeing on the news and I. I understand the viruses. Very real very contagious. My mother works in the medical field. I I I get And it's a it's a nasty nasty thing and we have to do our best to combat it but I feel like so much of. The news is heavily sensationalized and heavily politicized and I didn't think I wanted to make sure I particularly told people now. Living in fear is no way to live weaving smartly and and getting the right information is is you know the way to live. But I felt like I hadn't seen anywhere on TV at whether it be CNN with these. Komo press conferences every day or whether it'd be Fox News where it's completely the other way. It just seems so politicized and honestly I just wanted to platforms to say. I don't know why it needs to be on a wrestling show but it will be on a wrestling show. 'cause I'm wrestler but I did that. We're all in this together and that we're going to get through this and please enjoy the two hours of hopefully escaping distraction We have for you tonight. I I don't know it. It's the most political thing I've ever done as far as a wrestler but it was really important to me to do that. And just the surreal moments. It'd be counted into a live show and and just read bike off. And you're you're on the air in front of hundreds of thousands of people. There's no noise at. This is a very unique time for a wrestler cody in the past month or so. We've seen Brodie Lee make his debut in eight. W We've seen Lance Archer along with Jake Roberts and we've seen Matt Hardy. Obviously I know why these guys are an asset to e. W but I'd like to hear from you. I'd like to hear a quick hit on each one of these guys. The number one reason why you as one of the One of the VP's would have given a thumbs up on Brody Archer and hardy give me something unique about all three of them that they bring to the table from this company. I would start would with Matt. Hardy Matt Hardy is that perhaps the number one word to describe Matt is a pioneer everything the including a big piece of history. You're involved with obviously that that you know more than anyone. But Matt's pioneer Are a risk taker Somebody you know right now. Hot Popping and wrestling cinematic matches Matahari is one of the very first people even touch that space and touch it confidently and you need pioneers. You need forward thinkers. You also need veteran leaders In a locker room. That's so important. They maintains morale maintain discipline. And there's more firm out hardy off or you know. Not Unlike Dustin Rhodes or Chris Jericho. He just has so much less to offer that. The thumbs up across the board Lance Archer accompanied by Jake Roberts. Of course who will consistently remind you How GRADY IS I? I don't have gleaming things to say about Lance Archer physically one of the most impressive wrestlers in any company hands down because of his size Because it's you know it's before noon here and we don't have to get all spicy with blance and search shooting it up cowboy style one thing. I'll say positive about last is his debut against Marcos stunt is one of the most insane debuts I've ever seen and it came during sane time in the business and I I mean you really did. Turn your head not the colloquial cliche of. He turned some heads. He literally turn people at the site and just thunder of what he's capable of doing and Jacobs away of putting that all in reverie when he discusses them and they're a unique Can And they're on the other side of the bracket of this TNT championship tournament and Brodie Lee altered one and the leader of the dark order which is taken a much more different term. You know gone a different direction. Perhaps in dark order initially a brody is just the hybrid wrestler of Two Thousand Twenty in terms of is quickness and being being able to have light heavyweight offense but the an absolute true blue The heavyweight to could end it quicker ever every time brody's untapped and if you got to you know rub shoulders with the man himself and Wwe I think you did Bully as as I did. He's untapped his one. Time Reign as intercontinental champion is is just you know. The tip of the iceberg for the back guy is in the total package and I only see this from you know obviously in the management side of Awa real excited about Avi someone like Brodie Lee but as a wrestler you're also a little bit You know weary of of of what happens when you get into the ring with him but I I can say just from watching as the management side of things to hear him talk and speak to people how he communicates and to see what he does and the ring. He is just now entering his prime. I would expect huge things from Brodie Lee In in a w There's no doubt that brody is great in the ring all around. He's a he's a workers worker and you probably could not find anybody who worked with him in. Wwe that anything negative to say about him if you were if you were working night after night after night you would wanna guy like Brodie Lee in there to be able to dance with. I WANNA go back to a comment that you made about brody though and that you made about the dark order you said that the dark order has gone a different direction and I found myself scratching my head after finding out that Brodie Lee was the the Exalted One. I liked that he was the exalted. One I thought it was a great reveal. I thought it was a great payoff. To some of the most interesting Vignettes and storyline. I had been seeing. I look forward to seeing Darkwa vignettes every week on the show because I thought you guys did a great job now I get Brodie Lee but I'm getting a Brodie Lee. Who is now the two times that I've seen him taking some shots at Vince? I don't know another way to put it. But in the most honest way is is the leader is the is the Exalted One and the leader of the dark water. Was the original plan for this to be a spoof on the old man so I can never I could never tell you the original plan And I don't even know if they're every was original plan and I will say very unlikely on a w you'll ever hear the name of thence McMahon said and if you do hear me say it and interviews and in general I always speak fairly Very highly Of then because well a he's been smacked and the I was a wwe guy to start. I didn't come from me. Or they came up through their feeder system. And they were. The house built may so when it comes to some of the parallels. You don't WanNa be vague or Koi with your question when it comes to some of the parallels between Brody's dial of leadership there are a lot of unique parallels but I don't think it's particularly a spoof on dancing man and maybe it's because we'll see how it develops and then in the next Few weeks I think brody just has a very Power boss the very animal kingdom kind of Social Darwinism Type approach to the dark order and I think that that's all the mind with perhaps evinces quirks but it is not an outright spoof on the legendary Mr McMahon not outright Last in because we'RE GETTING SHORT ON TIME. Thank you so much for always giving us time and we're going to have some of the best moments that cody has been on our show tomorrow at nine. Am Eastern time right here on busted open. I do want to get back to the TNT championship tournament and those quarterfinal matchups. You and Shawn Spears. Kip Sabin and Dustin Rhodes Lance Archer and coca ban and a match up that. I think a lot of people really love. Is Sammy Guevara? Darby out to two wrestlers that people probably did not know prior to a w but now two of your top stars. How proud are you of Sammy? Guevarra Darby Allen. I mean with RBM. I'm I'm so proud because he's like everything As far as you want in terms of his it's right in front of your face his improvement he improves every time. He's in in the ring in front of you on television as Mr Extra credit when it comes to doing all the work. A lot of the Cinematic stuff and the vignette stuff. That Darby does He has his own production Crew in Atlanta guy named Max Yoder Who will put that together for them? You'll get a tax some Darby. Hey can I play this before my interview and you never even need to look at it because you know it's it's gold. Darby is a fulltime wakes up thinking about wrestling goes to sleep thinking about wrestling. He's now on a whole new way. You know Weight Training Plan as getting bigger by the day. The fastest rising star in any company. So I could go on and on about Darby. And the fact that he's a favorite in the tournament along with me is beautiful but also somewhat get under my skin a little bit and he shares the same side of the bracket with me. And Sammy. Guevarra. I I would say a lot of Nice things about same give our but just that Sammy. He'll say nice things about himself. He's he's Sammy. Guevarra can do every flip in the wrestling book. He's one of the few wrestlers can but don't let any of the flips confuse you. He's a mean taxes kid Who popped both Kinney and Hangman's eardrums and just is benefited. The most from being around Chris feerick. Who and Chris Talk? Sammy listens. He may not listen to anybody else. But he listens. And those two being cars of the future and presence of a w being on the left side of the bracket is. Is You know arduous from me being there with them and you mentioned Chris Jericho talking. You can hear Chris. Jericho on commentary tonight for a e w dynamite and again the TNT championship tournament tonight on a e w dynamite eight pm eastern time on TNT. It's something I'm sure we're going to be talking a lot tomorrow. Bully here on our Thursday edition of busted open absolutely every Wednesday night we We definitely talk about. How a e w grabs our attention Cody one last thing. Before I do I gotTa take a task on this So I'm going to put the gun to your head. You know down deep in your heart as a star wars fan that rogue one is the Best Star Wars movie. No Oh no yeah. Yeah Yeah we might have to fight one day about this. I'm just letting you know broke. One is way too far down on your list. I loved every star. Wars movie idea I genuinely do. I'm there's not one I haven't seen you can quote the San Line. From attack of the clones. None of it. I love every Star Wars I do. Here's here's just kind of something to think about the when rogue one was made and rogue one had very public re-shoots in issues behind the scenes that I feel like might have skewed my take on it. It's real it's ridiculously clear. What those re-shoots were it's the mustafar scenes with chronic coming to the nut. Chronic yet is right. The director coming to the palace coming vader's ballots and it's the final scene that we all talk about when he's chasing Laya but the absolute violence city ensues without those two scenes. I know they're in there so this isn't a question that even matters without those two scenes is the movie really that high up on a star wars list for me it is because the depth of the storytelling the seriousness of the characters. If it's not for that movie nothing in none of the whole Star Wars story gets put into motion. It's the very first domino before the actual first domino and I just think that the the characters in that movie take everything so much more seriously than any of the other characters and if you take the lead the lead male and the lead female in rogue one and you compare them to Luke and Leia. They come off a lot more serious and a lot more bad. Ask Them Luke and lay. It could have been portrayed early on in the trilogy Make sure they were hard and they were hard individuals and I believe Kassian is is. There's GonNa be a Disney plus series. Is that correct? I mean I think they're picking up a piece of Rogue one cannon. I could be wrong. I exactly I have. I have a very Open mind I will pick back up on rogue one and watch it and and tell you How I feel about it. One thing that concerns me. You're probably you're probably right about rogue one and how good it is and where it why it should be as low as it is on my list jarding that I mean that's why it was so low on your list. There's no George. Hey thanks and rogue why I am concerned. I'm just GONNA tune it out for a second. I'm I am concerned that the most reason film should be farther down on my list than it is and I didn't realize that when I watched it at the time and that that may upset me a little bit and another thing McGregor. Georgia brings is scapegoat way of Non Star Wars Fan coming in on Star Wars. That's the that's like hitting the old bingo halls line when you describe any wrestling. It's a scapegoat. It's a bullshit thing if jar jar binks is not remotely near as bad as you think. An episode one. If and the other thing is he's a huge part of what happened in episode three. He's that it's like when people were getting mad about Matt Hardy Magic the other day that thirty seconds on the show you can't you cannot describe the entire show. You can't describe the entire star wars series and just a jar jar binks Job Force. That poor gung in has suffered enough. Georgia has talked alligator hook into the theater jar jar. Binks all all watch rogue one rogue one again Because bully is often very right and that That's a real thing so I will watch rogue one again. There was a lot about it. Those really good My wife is one of the only ones she enjoyed Rogue one so now you've got me cited to watch rogue one so I'm probably we should we should do. We should meet you in the Greco should have to watch rogue one together and do it like mystery science theater three thousand or whatever that was and just constantly comment on it look record will WanNa hang himself because like while you were talking. He was like so not into the conversation. Because he's a star Trek. Why Not a Star Wars Guy? And that's what I don't understand Look Look Greco is is i. I am a big time trekkie. I talked about first. Contact Day the other day. I have a group chat with Tony Shabani and another important Tony in the Awa world about Star Trek Star Trek is a is a huge part of my life. I just I just listen. I just talked about the card finale. where I would like things to go. We talked about our favorite series. But there don't be one of these that you gotta be on one side of the Aisle. You don't have to be on one side of the island any form of entertainment. You can like Star Wars and you can like star Trek and this display. You have for star. Wars is one of the few things that indicates to me that. You're not an intelligent person. I I WANNA believe the senior face. A senior social media. I have these wonderful parks with you. I WanNa believe that you aren't intelligent person. But if you haven't seen star wars in this day and age of ask can you even have a conversation with somebody last ten minutes? I haven't talked so I haven't had a conversation about it because you haven't been included in your conversation. Just don't like you including the conversation about from car. But I digress and by the way the last interview here busted open found a way to keep them out of the venue. You finally found a way to keep the League record heads out. How did I find a way? The corona endemic to keep out. How is there any? I did not keep the look. Eds are more than welcome because you watch that one man to Laurie. Did you watch any more after that? It's you know it's all I got a lot of wrestling to watch you. Yeah you and I I understand you. Have you have heavy tasks but but man like it? I'll tell you the truth okay. There's a guy works works for me and I specifically say he works for me. 'cause he is one of my team members and he is directly Not He works alongside me directly and he's my responsibility and he told me he had not seen star wars. I made him watch every star wars before we had another conversation that took over five days and is somebody who works with me directly because I told them flat out that just means you're uncultured back in the day you could say oh. I didn't star wars and that was like back in the nineties eighties. Jocks and preppy were very kind of archetypes in our society. Modern Day nerd culture runs through the world. You really gotta get on board McGregor. You really got on on board. It will only better your life. I Saw Star Wars sixteen times when it came out. Don't forget I'm forty eight years old. I Saw Star Wars Sixteen Times the summer that it came out so I know all about Star Wars. I Love Star Wars. I Love Empire. Strikes back. Return to Jeddah was okay. It's it's the movies that foul. It was not a big Fan. Jed I was it was okay. I can't even believe coney still on the line and honestly it's that right. There is the most class thing you've ever ever said. Return of the Jedi is the full coming of age of Luke as a Jetta in the scene when he is captured by the storm. Troopers and Darth. Vader is standing behind him and ignites that Green Sabre and has he could have ended him in that moment but the father son bond and the fact that Anikin was under there is one of the best scenes in all of cinema. And for you to say that is. I don't want to curse I've been told in MS New executive role I gotTA cursing But man it just through. That's a pool. That's very cody. I'll play your fine. I will pay the fine for you. I will shell out the money to Tony Kahn. Not that he needs it curse Berry Greco. Please do it. It's just it's it's just really it's just simple here. Look if you're if you're if you're gonNA come across and say that return of the jet I what did she say who said it was okay. I said it was good. Yeah and star. I don't think it was as good as the first movies. Those okay that means that means that you are just a grade a sweat hog piece of shit us you can you you cannot. You cannot not enjoy return. Jet Is that's just so important to the fabric of where we are in Senator Trainers and the story of father and son. It goes all the way back to King Arthur and EXCALIBUR and the coming of age of a jet. I I mean just that I actually as a as a fan of back. Kotter I take that. As a compliment your the horseshoe of the wrestling business was an. I'll go back and watch robots go back and watch Bachelor Party with Tom. Hanks I I have no problem when you throw these things out and made these challenges. I'll go you tell me when to complete it by and I'll and I'll complete it by you go back and watch rogue one and I would love. The idea in this day have added contents. You know right now. A lot of people are are bored and Sitting at home we should probably also talk with Our various people about this mystery science theater situation. Because I do that with. I definitely do that. We could definitely definitely done that. Your home for all things come as sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Stir your day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on. Busted open sped these men and women that bill the business. Then the Aachen Barranco keeps you up to date on all things boxing. Boxing is the fear of young. Expect and Thomas. Has you covered for mixed martial arts? Joe Rogan is the most important inland. Serve you all fighting broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six one helvin interview. Bully with cody. Rhodes yes it. Was YOU SWEAT HOG? Swag was even the worst of it all. But it was my. You're now sweat hog. I might just call you a whore shack for the for the for the rest of it. Only that I'm on this show but just in general you are now horseback. Ooh What's the counter? Mr The bully. Ray Who Mr Cody. Blue Mr Cody. Will you please like me? Mr Cody Mr Cody. I WANNA be your best friend Mr Cody. And then he goes on to Berry Berry three times in the interview which was awesome because to see the look on your face as he sleighs just throwing dirt on you know it was fine to the Star Wars. Come on I mean I like Star Wars as as the next guy but Jeez Louise you know. Find a hobby. Wow Look at you bury. Why didn't you say that when he was on the Air I think I did? I mean the fact that kept throwing out jar jar big knowing that gets under his skin yet. You telling cody to find a hobby like you would never have the cuts hoti that to him when he was on. I can just picture the Lord Right now after your that. They are going to be tweeting. Cody Cody did you hear what league-record said about you he told you to find a hobby cody's clear is gonNA wind up blowing up later because the nation's going to be ratting you out and they should they know what's going to happen is. I'M GONNA get a bunch of tweets. About how a w mark because we actually had cody on this show and I was talking about the championship tour. You know how social media is when I talk good about the wwe. I'm a WWE homer. That's always the quote homer and then when I talk a e W I'm an eighty w mark proud of it. I love them both so I can't wait for that rogue one watch a long. Oh my God. How many jar jar binks digs? I can make during the course of that movie. He might teach you up. No social distancing. My friend not going to happen anytime soon. He he can reach. I'm sure you can reach that weight belt. Hate juicy dark side of the ring last night yes I did. I actually started the show talking about dark side of the ring. It was tough for me to watch. Obviously not in the same way as week one was or even week two of dark signing but Broth for all was something. I absolutely despised When it took place so it was. I wasn't looking forward to watching the show last night because of how many bad memories I have of that tournament but watching it. It was a really really good episode. And I'm really looking forward to talking to Vince. Russo tomorrow about it as well because when you look at that feud between core net and Vince Russo. I've always been on the side of that. You Know Cornet takes a little bit too far but I kinda was cheering on. Jim Cornet watching that episode. Last night I gotta be honest with you. You know it seems like every time Rousseau's name comes up people. Want to Bash Vince or have something negative to say. We've had vince on the show. A couple of times and it's always very positive conversation and fans actually take the social media and they say wow. I really enjoyed Vince on busted open. I liked the conversation. Vince has had a lot of good ideas. He had a couple of ideas. That weren't so good but I wanted to ask you about how the perception of venture so was last night when that show was over. Were you thinking highly adventure? Show you thinking poorly of him. And what are the words that? Come to the top of your mind after watching Vince on that show last night. Just that he wasn't he's not passionate and he doesn't have a love for pro wrestling. That's how that's how he came across like he's started that whole brawl for all to as like a slap in the face to jbl like he's using his power and his TV. I guess kind of like you know for just to get a point across to somebody like and that's never something that's positive thing to do. But imagine bully. We had a producer on this show. That said like when you and I are having a passionate conversation or we wanted to an a-list guests for the show or are we are Twenty four seven when it comes to the show imagine if we had a producer guys easy take. This is this is pro wrestling. Show why you guys making such a big deal about everything. It's just a pro wrestling show like we would want to slap that guy in the face. We would probably want to knock that person out because this show is important to us. It's important to the people who watch it and it's not only a passion but it's something that's very very important in our daily lives. And that's how Vince Russo. Came across like him. Say Come on Bro. It's it's pro wrestling like almost like we. We're used to hearing that from the outsiders not from somebody who's actually on the inside working in pro wrestling that makes into here. Russo coronet left that voicemail and then Rousseau turns around just like you said and go come on Bro. It's just pro wrestling. None of the brawl for all was pro wrestling. None of that had to do with pro wrestling. That wasn't entertainment and it wasn't even really sport. It was done to satiate one guy's vendetta against JBL and it wound up ruining a lot of dies careers in one way shape or form. Nothing positive came out of the borough for all and as Jr. Nobody dot over. And I was looking for some kind of remorse from venture show and at the end at the very end when I thought I was going to get it. I got the remorse in the form of. Oh well if I would've known then what I know now about Ct. I would've never let this gone on and I was just like holy crap. Does this guy not realize how many performers athletes wrestlers lives were affected by this idea that was born out of your hatred because jpl was a Dick Backstage? So why didn't you handle it backstage with? Jbl Why did you have to put everybody else in this predicament? And you know what Rousseau is GonNa do Rousseau's GonNa blame Vince McMahon and he's GonNa say well Vince. Could've the idea down anytime you wanted to. And that's a very easy excuse to fall back on so I'm really interested in talking to Rousseau tomorrow. I've been friends adventure so for a long time. This conversation is not gonna be that friendly. Let's put it that way. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. One fifty six busted open podcast.

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