Trump tries to outrun coronavirus with Florida rally and ambitious schedule


Good Morning, I'm James Holman from the Washington Post and this is the daily two Oh two for Tuesday October thirteenth. Today's. Acrimonious Supreme Court confirmation hearing gets underway. A covid nineteen reinfection in Nevada adds to questions about immunity. and John McCain's mom passes away at a hundred eight. She was a real spitfire. I. The big idea. Over few masks were inside on Monday, as president trump returned to the campaign trail and once again downplayed the coronavirus the president criticised public health guidance saying the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. If you WANNA get out there, he said get out there. Trump dubiously claimed that he is now immune. None of his doctors have said that and he added quote this is a real quote. I. Feel. So powerful, I'll walk into that audience I'll walk in there. All Kiss everyone in that audience I'll kissed the guys in the beautiful women everybody I'll just give you a fat kiss. Trump's return to the campaign trail with back back to back rallies for the rest of the week is being entirely driven by trump himself his schedule so far reflects the frenetic energy of a man trying to not just outrun a deadly illness but outrun looming electoral defeat. After rallies the first half of this week in Florida Pennsylvania and Iowa his first trip there of general election trump is expected to return to Florida on Thursday and Friday as well as hold more rallies over the weekend probably in Ohio and Wisconsin. The president is also looking to schedule The rally soon in North Carolina. Joe Biden campaigned on Monday. In Ohio, a state trump won easily for years ago but Obama and Biden carried twice in two, thousand, eight and two thousand twelve binds going today to Florida. which polls show is neck and Neck Biden said in Toledo that trump's reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis has been unconscionable. The former vice president tested negative yesterday for the coronavirus, his seventh negative test since the day trump and his diagnosis meanwhile White House Physician Shun Conley said yesterday that the president recently tested negative on quote consecutive days although he did not specify which days Eric trump the president's son last night canceled a campaign event that was scheduled for this afternoon at a Michigan gun shop. After, one of its former employees was linked to the domestic terror plot against Governor Gretchen whitmer one of thirteen men arrested week and charged with planning to kidnap the governor and overthrow the government worked earlier this year on the shooting range at Huron valley guns in new Hudson Michigan where the president's son was going to headline what was billed as make America. Great. Again rally. The store posted on facebook last night that the suspect was fired after three weeks on the job because they found him quote a little odd and he would show up for work in a lot of tactical gear. The gun store said An, it's facebook post that changing the venue to another gun store was the right call because quote the governor would have had a field day against the trump campaign they would accuse the administration of sending his son to a facility were terrorists work and train. and quote. Meanwhile voting continues in America voters waited for as long as ten hours yesterday across Atlanta and surrounding suburbs to cast their ballots on the first day of early voting in Georgia, leading some to give up and reason questions about whether election officials are prepared for what's shaping up to be historic early voting season. The scenes in Georgia were reminiscent of the problem plagued primary that they already had in June when limited polling locations and Iraqi. Roll Out of new machines caused devoting backups across the state. Some allege that this voter suppression and other form. But on Monday, a huge turnout appeared to be a major force driving the long lines along with scattered reports of technical problems were the lines were longest was the state's heavily democratic strongholds around Atlanta Augusta Savannah Macon hours long waits were also reported in smaller more conservative counties, including Landis and Floyd. By last night, the state said at least one hundred and twenty thousand voters had cast their ballots on the first day. And that's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar. Number One supreme court nominee amy, Coney Barrett presented herself to the nation yesterday as a humble apolitical judge opening a pandemic altered Senate confirmation hearing the Democrats tried to make as much about healthcare Cova and trump is about Barrett's qualifications. It was the start of what will be a nasty four days as Republicans embark just weeks before the election on historic move to cement. A six to three conservative majority on a High Court. Democrats acknowledged that there is nothing they can really do to stop Barrett's confirmation the nominee who spoke at the of the day for just twelve minutes wore a black mask for the entire hearing. Several members of the committee participated remotely one because he has tested positive for the coronavirus because they're concerned about getting it. Barrett along with her husband Jesse in six of her seven children behind her was largely bystander on the opening day. Instead Republicans and Democrats. Each gave opening statements and talked at each other for about five hours. Questioning will begin today. Number to. A Nevada man has become the first published in confirmed cases of Covid reinfection inside the United States, adding to a number of examples, worldwide signaling that patients who recovered from the disease may still be at risk of getting it again in a paper out this morning in the Medical Journal Lancet a group of authors including researchers at the University of Nevada explain in detail the case of a twenty, five year old who suffered to bouts one confirmed through testing in mid April, and the second early June symptoms of the second case started in late May a month after the patient reported his initial symptoms from the first case as having been fully resolved. The two strains of virus detected by the tests were genetically distinct meaning that it is very unlikely that the man simply remained unknowingly infected with the virus. In one long case, the Wall Street Journal notes that this second case of Covid was far more severe than the first requiring supplemental oxygen and admission to a hospital after he suffered from shortness of breath. This Nevada case comes after similar reinfection case reports have been bubbling up from locations like Hong Kong, the Netherlands Belgium Ecuador the growing number of examples in the literature bolsters evidence that immunity might in at least some cases only last for a limited period similar frankly to the Koran viruses that cause the common cold. Back here in the United States the seven day rolling average of new infections. Again, hit record highs in seventeen different states on Monday and six other states additionally set records for coronavirus related hospitalizations, and the second wave over in Europe is leading to new restrictions but no national lockdowns yet England has seen its new corona virus cases quadruple in the past three. Weeks, they now have more covert patients hospitalized than at any time since before the government imposed, it's lockdown in March but like much of Europe Britain's pursuing targeted local restrictions like mandating that all pubs and Liverpool close we'll doing everything it can to avoid a national lockdown and closing schools British. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he's trying to take a balanced approach. Other countries are doing the same France into it. It's about to impose further targeted restrictions after a leap in cases and hospitalizations on Saturday authorities in Paris reported twenty, seven thousand new cases and just the previous twenty, four hours a record all year in Spain socials Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez invoked emergency powers to prevent travel in and out of Madrid overruling the local conservative. Government, which favoured neighborhood level lockdown. In Belgium, the number of diagnosed cases. Last week was eighty nine percent higher than the previous week. Germany on Monday added Munich to a growing list of coronavirus red zones, which triggers a series of new restrictions. Munich's bars and restaurants will be required to stop serving alcohol after ten PM and mask-wearing will now be mandatory enforced for all pedestrians. and My daily quest for a silver lining was turned, south, America When Peru closed much up chew back on March fifteenth a Japanese boxing instructor named Jesse Takayama was on the brink of achieving his lifelong dream the twenty six year old had flown all the way from Asaka to visit the ancient ruins arriving at base camp of Aguas. Kellyanne. Taste the night before the site was shut down seven months later he's been stuck there. His patients has paid off over the weekend. The Peruvian government reopened Macho Peach you. But just for Jesse giving him a one of a kind opportunity to tour the INCA citadel with no one else around. Number three. Roberta McCain, an independent minded oil heiress who is married one of the Navy's highest ranking officers and who displayed cursed terrific pluck one. She took to the presidential campaign trail at age ninety, six on behalf of her son John McCain died yesterday at her home here in Washington. She was one hundred and eight years old her daughter-in-law Cindy McCain announced the death on twitter. Mrs McCain was the Gregarious and stylish center of gravity for her family, which was at the center of American, military and political power for more than half a century, her father-in-law. John McCain. A four star Navy admiral commanded forces in the Pacific during world. War Two. Her husband John McCain Jr. another four star. Navy Admiral. Led the US invasion of the Dominican Republic in nineteen, sixty five and commanded US forces in the Pacific during the Vietnam War. Emma Brown notes in an obituary that in nineteen, sixty, seven she and her husband were in London preparing for a dinner party at the home of the Iranian ambassador when they learned that their son John, third a navy pilot in Vietnam had been shot down over. Hanoi. The McCain's went on with that dinner. Sharing the news with no one. John McCain the third endured isolation and torture for the next five and a half years as a POW. Mrs, McCain who could only wonder about her son's mental and physical condition remained stoic. In two thousand and eight. When I first met her, she was the most fun member of the McCain campaign to be around the to the dismay of some of her sons handlers. I should say many of her sons handlers, she was the straightest talking member of McCain straight talk express she appeared rallies drawing crowds with her snow white hair to and shields and brassy reputation whenever John McCain's critics questioned whether he was too old to serve as president he was seventy two on election day two, thousand, eight, he just them to Roberta. After forty eight years of marriage. Roberta's had a heart attack on a transatlantic flight home to Washington and died in Nineteen eighty-one. Afterwards she and her twin sister who died in twenty eleven spent months each year traveling the world when they couldn't find a car rental agency willing to rent a pair of women in their late eighties a car. They bought one a Mercedes. Benz, they drove it around from Munich to catch extent who's Becca, Stan and other places. She kept the car in Europe until two, thousand six and then she shifted home to Washington. She then took the baby bends. In. Drove it solo across the country to deliver the car to a great nephew who lived in San Francisco. Along the way she picked up a speeding ticket for driving a hundred and twelve miles per hour in northern Arizona. Inter nineties. Mrs McCain would spend three hours every Tuesday morning at the National Gallery of art or the freer gallery of our here whose collection of Chinese porcelain she particularly admired. Through it all she never lost her spunk. Asked by vogue a few years back to explain her longevity good health and general fearlessness. She shrugged and told the magazine quote. I don't do anything I'm supposed to do I don't exercise and today I've already half a box of caramel popcorn honey. I've had a dream life and it was all luck. and. That's the daily two Oh two for Tuesday. October thirteenth. Thanks for listening and James Helen I'll talk to you tomorrow. The Daily Two oh two is brought to you by Cleveland Clinic and the new podcast caring for tomorrow. I'm Joan London the host of the series. Please join us as we explore the challenges and solutions that are defining the future of healthcare look for us wherever you get your podcasts.

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