Voice in Canada - Buy 1 Amazon Echo, Get 1 Free


Got skills. Hey there so today. I have a quick flash briefing for you. That is all about some of the latest deals on amazon. If you missed some of the most recent sales on echo devices you'll be happy to know that they are on sale at the time of this recording thing and i'll go through the sales in particular. I want to tell you about one of them. That's a pretty good deal right now. The echo show five is on sale for seventy nine nine thousand nine instead of one hundred bucks. The the echo spot is on sale for one twenty nine ninety nine instead of one seventy. The echo show is on sale for two forty nine ninety nine instead of three hundred the echo plus is on sale for one fifty nine ninety nine instead of two hundred and here's the really good deal particularly if you want to buy more than one device the echo second generation an which is sort of the standard echo device the tall cylinder one that one is normally one hundred and thirty bucks and it's on sale for eighty so already you save fifty bucks fox now. Here's the thing if you buy two you get an extra thirty dollars off so you basically end up paying one twenty nine ninety nine for two two of the devices which is the regular price. You're basically doing buy one get one free and by the way if you are interested in purchasing one of these devices. I am an affiliate for amazon. If there's a way that you have been wondering about how you can show support for the show for the flash briefing for the alias saying candy brand one of the very easy ways that you can do is to simply use my affiliate link. You just go to a. L. e. x. a in canada dot c._a. Slash amazon and it takes you to the amazon website. There is absolutely no additional additional cost to you whatsoever but i do smoke commission so if you choose to do so then <hes> thank you very much and another thing if you go to the website and you enter your email address in the middle the website <hes> you will notice that you have access to a free guide that will help you to determine which echo device is the best for you so if you need that little bit of extra help check it out all right not delaitre brief cast dot f._m.

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