"The only way to solve racism in America once and for all is reparations."


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BE, please remember to rate review ascribe. I'll tell you what this times where you have got milestones, we hit. Certain peaks. Over show here today is definitely one of those peaks of milestones because I have before me today on the line, and we're so happy to have him here to podcast. He is exports Ellis. Commentator commentator for Fox sports one. He's the Co. host of the National Radio show that are couple with Rob Parker. He is also the president and founder of the King Movement. Which is knowledge inspiration and nurture through God and he's a hall of Famer. He's a hall of Famer from the Holy. Name School your holiday I didn't know that Tara. crispy saw a hall of Famer to on top of that, but it's Chris. Broussard, thank you so much for joining. Appreciate your time. It's my pleasure man. Happy to be here, thank you, Matthew showed. I appreciate it so. Let's start here I. I was doing some reading here from your novelist. On you and research and also things quite fascinating well first of all you travel a lot as a kid you were in terms of a lot of. Moving to and from your father was insurance. So how was that growing up? As a kid becoming Chris Bussard, traveling and living different places. Do you think that had anything in terms of what you're doing now? how you grew up in your upbringing. ABS- Boyd Van Rouge, Louisiana and as a baby before I was even the euro moved Cincinnati Ohio live there till I was seven? And then moved to Indianapolis Indiana for about four and a half years then moved to Syracuse New York for a year and a half ass. In to avoid Iowa a two and a half years, and in Cleveland Ohio where I was at for almost a year and a half before going to college in Ohio so yeah, I moved around a lot and it did it did. Impact me a great deal. Eight number one. Made my family closer. Because initially when you move, that's all you have. No people and make friends. All you have is your family. So I had a younger brother inches. My parents I think that made us closer as a family secondly taught me that you could really be happy anywhere. You know there were places I liked more than. Of, there were some places. Some places you know. I didn't like as much as others, but I was genuinely happy. May, you know good friends wherever I W- it. So. That was a lesson. It also taught me how to get along with different people. Types of people. Do it to adjust to. Different races. socioeconomic classes different groups of people in general. I never sat back and said. I don't. You know I didn't like moving around. But. I know my kids I live in New Jersey. And my daughters are now twenty two years old. But we're in a place where they really like it, they have Fran. Stay like your school and in all that stuff and inside aides. I really didn't WANNA move in once. They were settled in once. They were where they were at. It was a strong feeling within me not to move them out of so and I'm sure that some way that was related to all the move, and I did as a kid, so if impacted media were pros and cons, but overall. It worked out with the PHILLIES IF. I guess you had to get you alive travelling yourself because you being a sports reporter on the beat What have you get you had to go? Out Your and keep them more stationary sources you instead of moving around a lot. You move around in terms of your job. Do a lot of traveling. While they said Hoagies to keep that sense of normalcy for them, because that's what they I have three daughters myself and that kind of stuff that me and my wife talked about. To where we want to be stationed to Elsa funny thing, the reason why Chris even had this. How disease even happening because you do have twin daughters, and I have three and twin, so I have a twelve year old. A nine year old well, she'll be nine in seven-year-old south accident. I was like man. Give me some pointers on the on these kids. These girls coming up man because it is different. Especially my twelve year old she gone on thirteen, and it's funny when they're when they used to be a baby. Let me. Ask You this question sometime. Maybe for me. I've I've talked to my wife about it. Maybe I don't really get a good answer. Did you deal with this too as well? On your kids get to a certain age probably twelve thirteen years old, especially daughters. Do they get that kind of sense of? You're just like they don't want us to do what you? Like, no matter. What did you have that situation going? What's your daughter's name? Not Want anything to do with you just Kinda, they kinda. Give you the side. Hug. Look at you like you're crazy. Delaware right now with my twelve year old daughter. Like Hey, you can get some love or some odd I. I'm like you know in in these things Myself Chris. Well I know. What's the phase? Obviously, but this is something I can do this. You kinda encountered grown up. You know what your daughters as they were coming up. That's something that you went through as well. Yeah, I think it's natural is normal. And it happens the different degrees but some of that is good, too, because you. You're trying to raise the children to become independent adults. If they're always up under you. As they get older than that may show. They're not really ready to leave the nest. Eventually and become narrow, so I wouldn't worry about. It is somewhat natural. One thing I did with my daughter's. You know we had a very very close relationship. But I never show as they got older. I always wanted to keep those lines of communication of yes. Rack them about anything. About sex and drugs and you know just all types of things and I always wanted to keep those lines open so when I spoke with them. I never showed him my shock. Okay just say it. I mean unless was really agree just. Got To that. When we as I was just relating with them. If. They says something that inside I'm like what's? To have what's it know? On the outside, because I always wanted in the feel like you come and speak with me and talk to me about anything, and for the most part I think that's the case but it's a challenge man raising kids in today's world. So in in even more so. You look at the Times where yes. raise an African American. Children in I've in weather's boys or girls. There's challenges and so I, think you have to be very cognizant of those as a parent in general, and then as a black bear in this country and call. You know it's funny that you that's interesting that you say that because. Duly everything that's been going on now with the climate of our country and having daughters in black daughters as well but them not really knowing what's going on because they haven't experienced it. But. I'm seeing it because you know. My daughters have to take time. You know all that stuff that they haven't. You have people that do all kinds of different stories and narratives on those platforms, but the child discuss things with them in this tyler age. It's very very very difficult because they come to you and say Hey Daddy. What's going on with this in in? It's like well. Do you. Even having do do you engage him in that? They haven't had much experience in it, so you don't Wanna put everything on by. This is why we've been going through what we've been going through. And the one thing that they have a burn on them, but I do feel like in Chris. Really what? I'm getting work for my oldest one because he's really excellent questions when it comes to being. More aware, what's going on? Hey, Daddy, what? Happened with George Floyd what what? What's the situation? Then her seeing the video it's it spans all over social media on the in even trying to that it in his own selfish. To me, it's. Out of control, so it's almost trying to. Teach her one way, but then social media teaching her another way. For. How do you feel as if the best way to? Wake up! We find girls, boys, or girls a wister best way. Even though you know you got out there, you got other messages. That's GonNa teach your kids or at least gonNA. Explode your kids to certain things. What is the best way that we can go about doing the where there still hearing what they need to hear from us? Yeah I think there's a few things one. With your black children today I think it's very important for the parents to make sure they know how much they are love. How valuable they are outbreak, they are how they. Created, in the image of God like all of that is incredibly important, because they may not get that outside of the house in the world. And so you have to make sure that your house you know. Weather's with our our house. We have a lot of black art. Lot of African American art coca books. which had children from a young age? We were reading. African American oriented books to them. We celebrate clowns and did up a cultural thing, so we very much you know expose them. The Black Holzer firm near blackness. And we did that with I think that's important. I think it's also important if you're in. If your children are white environment. overwhelmingly white school or area unique. Them in contact with a lot of with other African American kids. That they can N even. All types of African American kids, but if you're if you're doing well. You're a fluent they need to. Be In contact with other African American kids of your socioeconomic levels. Well, because otherwise they can get a notion because they're gonNA see. On television in other things last struggle yet. We're living in poverty, and so if they are exposed to African Americans who are doing well like themselves? Perhaps they can get the impression that dirty only once or their unusual that issue as well. All other blacks are struggling like this so I think those are some things and it because it the constant struggle that you have on a fine line. You have to walk as an African American parent. Is You want your children to understand. Their history. And? Also, understand the world in America that things they may have to deal with. A woman, slights and things like that. Yet. You don't want them to grow up with a victim in talent. no-one feeling sorry for themselves. Feeling the whole world's against me, woe is me, and because if they feel like that, they may not be able to achieve as well as they can't. They may affect their academic progress to things like that, so that's the fine line you have to walk in. I think one way to counter the narrative desk all where a going to have to deal with slights, racism and things like that is to let him know for them in their blackness, especially with daughters. Because we did that with our dog, we our daughter Tell You We have black dolls. We re like I said. Stories are everything. Yet? They still came a point where they white dolls. My wife in our hearts. You. They were we talked to him about it now. They're adults twenty two years old. And they were just saying how as much as we did. They know we did just about everything you could. The images you're seeing on television. And everything are just constantly army white. Beauty and white women. You know. And I told them this I said. Look at may be. That's probably a big difference in growing up. As a black girl versus a black boy. Obviously is unique challenges that we as like midst face it. Black women may not. But. I told them in my growing up. I've never ever. Like I always felt proud to be black like honestly, it was the best thing in the world same he. was very pro black, but also just I just love in a big part of that. I believe was because I was a boy into sports. Was Essentially. My Life is you know lesser degrees, music and entertainment, and all that, but we blacks down the necsports. Dominate football basketball so for me, being a black male and being able to see a doctor J.. The Magic Johnson, and you know all these tremendous lack. Nothing that feels some is black. And then you throw in hip hop. Music, and all that, but as a girl and I told this to my, they say you know. We. Didn't you had that as a black boy, but we didn't have that any because black women aren't dominating, allow other areas that are reporting to my. They weren't into sports like that so. That's a challenge that I think as black prayers. We need to be aware of. And That's why I think is very important of black media. To promote black the beauty of black women. And I would even argue round skin black. Yes, he cut leaving in culture. We have elements of white supremacy in our own culture, because we were burst out of Chattel slavery and so. We need to at an our own wet forms. We need to promote. Black Beauty! not that you can't promote life skin blacks, of course to, but we need to promote black women who were Ralston Dr Skin look typically black. More more than any other form of black. You know because a lot of times. We promote black women look Indian. Spanich or some or white. And that's firm. We should promote that as well, but for the most part because of the racism in the white supremacy that we're all exposed to. We need to promote. Black women who look. Lack typically black and the beauty of being a black woman with Brown skin and black features and things like that. We need to promote that within our cultures will. Never on a never. realize that you're so right. Grow as a black man, even though the issue that we have we do have so many. Examples of why we will be proud to be a black man could dominate sports dominating entertainment, whatever the case may be in black women or girls growing up. They can't say the same thing. I mean the WNBA. You have some areas where you have black athletes, but they're not promoted as much as the black male athlete. The superstar blackmail athlete now. Do you feel like the media? Do you think they do not need to do more of you. See it at all when they promote black women do it. Do they do some type of job to promote black women? You're not seeing that at all within black media. Within media. From black men or may ops mainstream media yet media for mainstream media. Yes, Women! Where where you mostly black women's dominance in mainstream culture would be in. A Sports Vacuum Walton. Innate. Don't dominate it quite like black men, but they are very dominant. But you know. Women Athletes Female even in you gotTa Serena Williams who very much you know in the mainstream, another cocoa golf now another female tip. Back athletes so so you do see black women being dominant in sports to a slightly lesser degree as black men, but here's the thing. Email sports in America are not what male sports are not going to become for the most part, a cultural icon as female athlete regardless of your rights. Now a serene is somewhat have been icon, but that's a rare. You know. They're the. Male sports is the biggest staying in America. And that's what we celebrate our more than females words. He generates for much more money. The athletes make more money because they generate more and so that's the difference. You, obviously ass, female actresses and singers and things like that but I I just think. White supremacy is embedded in all of our institutions man Selena. Well I mean. The country was built or white supremacy yet. It wasn't built on freedom. As is Amiss, it wasn't built on Christianity as is missed. It was bill or white supremacy big, and you know that because if you think of it as a pair mid, Christianity? As you know and freedom which allowed people think? America was founded on. They were both submissive to white supremacists. So if people that consider themselves Christians in America, not in the early parts of America. Their Christianity stopped. When it came to whiteness. Okay, so they didn't treat black people like Christians to treat the. Or like Christian should be treated. because. They were black and not white, so the dominates. Mentality of America or culture of America was white supremacy when it came to freedom. Freedom was only for white people, yes. So the thing that dominated everything was white supremacy in anything else came under. That had to fit into that S. so that's why weather's. It's our educational system. The history that we're taught. How much African history are we taught in our Americans food when you I remember learning, not granted I'm older, but you learn some world history. About Asians, some of the dynasties Angus Con. For the most part even when you study world history. It was European his. And enact why as a tangent is very important for black families to try? Is Difficult because your children are usually on the study what they're learning in school? And then you know they got social lives in France and and all these other things. It is challenging to do this with your kids. But I think you need to make the effort to teach our children. Black history before slavery. Because, otherwise, you just starting at the Bacher. And any little bit. A progress seems okay. A you also look at it like well. We always been at the bottom. Latch. Adults because most of the dots we don't know any after news, not we need to understand what Africans were before slave. Back, there were great civilizations in Egypt Ethiopia. Eight Zimbabwe the western coast of Africa where most African Americans came from Mali, Ghana Songhai places like that, and so you understand that. You recognize that the read the weirdness situation is not because we're black and we're inherently uperior is because of the racism of America. That's why we're in. This situation is not because we inherently fear so I think it's very and what the way we did it was. When we celebrated crimes a lot of times we taught like blacks in the Bible and Black Biblical history, which was obviously before America's slavery, and so girls could grow up knowing that black people. Were royalty and black people have been kings and Queens, and had their own civilizations in, and obviously in the word of God there's spoken of favourably, so did these are things we do need to stress to our children. Because again they're. They're combat it with white dating face, white supremacy everywhere, so is the school system. It's we obviously see it. In the judicial system in the way lacks treated versus the way whites retreated. The world's drugs. Survey survey prove that blackstone do or sell anymore drugs, the white suit or any other rights, if act when it comes to hard drugs, last children actually do them far less. Yes. Yes. Does. It are arrested convicted in central prison or drug use is far more us. Than whites far more even we're not doing any more drugs than them. And, so because the world drugs drugs are going on all over the place. You're going on a Wall Street Corporate America, our great universities in this country, and in new okay in the suburbs and all that. The have a war on drugs. You Got Okesene. Some one place. In. Idea if you're GONNA. Beg Your Real. You go everywhere, but I'm saying. Focused it's not been a world now. It's been a war or minorities. Authorities using drugs as an excuse to arrest us in lock us up. Because, they're not going to carve now. Ohio State. In Michigan where drugs in a rabid audience college campus, going there and doing drug raids, and not going to Wall Street, and he's break corporations, no, and be whatever doing drugs or selling drugs. They're going specifically to the poor black and Hispanic neighborhoods, and trying to find the drugs in lacking people up as another example of the systemic we, we could go on and all stimuli, but. What do you feel about I've been dealing with? We're not dealing with I've been talking a lot of different people and people were talking about this concept to separate, but equal in terms of. You stating in zone. You participated in that I was participating that you were the future speaker where you are amazing. really really bothered del You were talking about how James Growl and Mohammed Ali cream do Jabbar it had some things to put together some social economic stuff for blacks to push forward Do you feel that is something? Could this be happy were telling me man? We're tired of this system. How about we do separate but equal you guys have. Are you guys have your stuff? We have our things and just do it like that. You were saying as well our education. There's things that we can do within ourselves. And do you feel like we should do more separate, but equal even though I know that we're all one, but do you get so tired of a way of system? It doesn't conform to you like W E B The. Boss said it best. How can we fell on? The system wasn't meant to protect us, so system wasn't meant to protect. Its own thing can set it up over here. How do you feel about that? Well it is very interesting. Discussion in study of whether or not African Americans would be better off like let's say at never had integration. And we had some black communities. I think we romanticize what it was like back into the you know we we are. We had our black businesses. We had the Negro League. We Romania. Bit Wasn't quite work. Right running things like that, but we did. Have you know lack Wall Street Tulsa rose with? You know you had lack communities at worth riding a so. It's an interesting discussion. I think if if we had never integrated. I think it many individual. African Americans. integration has tremendously benefited individual African Americans including my stuff, you know many of us who are in the mainstream in thriving individually and a President I. I can't imagine we'd have a black president. Had We remain segregated? But. It's a strong argument to be made that as a whole. That, we could be worse off now that the masses of black people because so many have been left behind. Yes, you know, and so I'm not making a definitive statement where the other, but I think it isn't. It will be an interesting case. And I think there are some. That have looked those things. But. As far as nowadays. Yeah I look? I believe in I have been typically call produce in the past because I felt it was unrealistic. But now actually feel like more than ever. The climate in America was support this. Where we're getting very close to forty, you saw many Democratic candidates or president were ringing up reparation this for the first time in decades it was. It was a mainstream conversations. And I believe so I believe in in the climate with the is never marches, and all that, and and how many wide street the involved in those. The only way the only way. To solve the racial problem in America. Is Reparations and I'm not for stimulus checks to black. America's now if that's a part of it. Fine. But I'm more for because institutional racism. Is is oppressing us is not about individual. Does this white person, light me or not a comedy. Institutions Yeah So I am for reparations that would address the institutions that have oppressed African Americans. And so, but that's a whole different discussion specific. Take credit I believe that's the only way. That you will solve this race or problem because we've been putting bandaids Horta one. Chris we will start right now. 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Along with President and founder of the King Movement and we're going to talk about the king movie to as well a creepy four-year-old about here man, but you were talking some good gems about reparations, so let's go back to reputation in terms of will black people should get in touch with the democratic candidates what they're talking about. Well I just feel like the only way to really solve the racial problem once and for all American. Is, reparations. it because we've what we've done is put bandaids on our racial prop Bandai's have helped some we. We can't deny that there has been progress mate. But because we haven't dealt with the root cause of the problem. We always come back to a situation like this like floor. In the sixties, we had the riots and marches in civil rights movement in the late eighties early nineties. Types of stuff rodney king the million. Man March over and now in this generation every generation it comes along, and so it's going to continue to be that way unless we go to the root of the problem, which is slavery. At while it was race based. It was done for economic reasons N. Evens after slavery. Whether, it was the GI bill in a way it was racial racially enforced. The Social Security Act the federal housing lows of the Mid Twentieth. Century that created white suburbs ran line. Yes, you know the homestead act of eighteen sixty two gave whites the land west of the Mississippi for a dollar. Things like that economically, that's why blacks are so far behind whites economically in education and things like that, so we age, and until we go to the root and address it, there is always going to be. This tension is racial tension in our country, and you know it as a black person, yes. As whether you're patriotic. Unless. You just got your head in the same year. which some blacks do do I'll let you are totally averse to be in critical of white Americans or White America. Most black people there's this constant tension between you and your country. As much as you may like America. We fight for America. We believe in America and so on so forth. We participate in its in America. There's always this tension where why in my country do I have to warn my children about how to deal with police this? Why am I drink while the currently? Talk about how the system is against Yes al You gotTa Act, a certain way in Talker cert- way, and maybe don't let your hair that way your dress a certain way. Of Peas whites this. Always this tension, all of our for the most part, our bosses, our teachers are. People who are Bubbas. Ministers are right. There's always Incheon. Being Black and being in America, and that should not exist if this is our country. and. So until we address the root cause of the problem with reparations, that's engines always going to be there. What else is always going to be? There is white guilt. Even white guilt. Or fear? Why we know what that is, I'll say white fears. In. Many whites fear. One reason they may not want to give us equality and things like that is because they fear. What we would do. If we got things were equal or. They fear that we want revenge which we go, we do not. Get Revenge Noli. Any quality and live in peace. They because perhaps if this was done to them, they will want revenge. They may feel like we're GONNA try to take this. So the fact is white guilt. A white fear will always be present and black apprehension. About America will always be present. Unless we deal with the root cause, which is the reparation? Get to the core of it because I've always said you know the whole Connor Catholic issue and you're seeing now. How the NFL's colored biking turnaround? Saying that sorry, they were wrong. Actions are bigger than words. You know in terms of that situation, but if you look at this country. If you are a black person, you should know that this country was never built or never made with us in mind the from the constitution from the. The Star spangled banner whatever the case may be. This country was never built with else in mind being equal. So how how are we supposed to succeed in a country where there whole? Jefferson Jefferson. The four founding fathers they were slave owners, I mean this stuff is actual you know. Put Em in record it. How in the world, where we supposed to be striving in a country, where it's not for us to thrive in, and if you are some by this, this head your head in the dirt and don't understand that I don't know, how do we? How do we get from there? And that's the issue to get those people to understand it all. When it comes this whole holding of race what you feel when they say really and I heard Shannon Sharpe saying this the other day is how can we? Deal with a problem that we never created in the first place in terms of race of racism that we never we didn't. We weren't racist. We weren't racist against ourselves so how? To fix the problem in ourselves. Do you think this is something that we can really fix? In terms of the core or a has to be white people of influence, influence, power and money to say you know what this can't happen, no more this can't stand to. To be white people. NARA wireless five percent white. When a country that the economy, the educational system and the judicial system is controlled by life I. don't care that there's a black mayor. Is Illegal was a black president? Let's not get it twisted in act like this. Each police stealing were happened under Obama you. Down Yeah. This is not just donald trump yeah. So they control ninety plus percent of the wealth in America is controlled by whites. There is not been a black movement. In America that change things on a practical whether it was the abolitionist movement or to civil rights movement that did not. Involve white people. Abraham Lincoln had to decree the emancipation proclamation. White abolitionists this fall for that in the civil rights movement. Marching with you know blacks, and then you had. Lyndon Johnson and other politicians who changed that certain law. Voting Rights Act and things like that, so you've asked other movies like Marcus are. United Negro Improvement Association or the Nation of Islam by Elijah. Muhammad Malcolm X.. The benefit of those movements. With really psychological. They they they stressed black pride. A if you. If you paid attention studied, embrace certain of the things they were teaching. You felt proud to be black in a society that had always made us ashamed to be black. Malcolm X. in Marcus Garvey moved with that. Increase your pride in being black guess and make you feel good about being black, but that was internal. That was to the black community. As far as those those movements didn't do anything practically. In charge of changing laws and Only inside. Herve Akzo, so movement like that. which is what we're looking for now we need both. Yes, who looking for now need we need why? And White Allies in power national. I think the NFL players. who demanded an apology from the NFL Roger Goodell satelite lives matter and all that that was great, but he didn't go far. No, you need to demand action, yes. Jerry Jones is buddies with Donald Trump is arbor. IS CLOSE WITH DONALD TRUMP? Is He? Is He? Our money talks in America. Yes, but he thought it is. It's not. The politicians are doing what the people with money Taliban. Jess, and so if you can get these why owners of the NFL and other sports franchises to use their wealth, power and influence to get lost chains to get police reform done Pat that what you need to demand result just demand an apology because you say actions speak louder. May they used their power to hit changes, mate. And demand if they're really apologetic for squelching, the peaceful protests of their players, being Colin Kaepernick should be offered a job immediately. WHETHER HE TURNS IT DOWN! He should be offered a job period. As. We know he is not that he's not good enough. He could play Wii. Was He led this move, he started. What are you What are your thoughts in terms of you, said something about preach reform. You know that's what they were talking about big this country right now and I saw the clip and. Unfortunately my last school. At how about this before you know this about pre I wanNA. Talk About King Mohammed. Let's get the king movie. Let's talk about the movement and the movement that you're doing with King Movement. Tell me about that and what's going on with that? In terms of you've been the president of the founder. I saw on instagram. You guys were protests any other day. In New Jersey of you have certain chapters all over the country by looking into it, even something to myself. Get involved with if possible, so talk about King Movement, and what what the purpose of King Movement. became. Moment is a national Christian is movement. In as you said acronyms, knowledgeable nurture guy in our desire is to strengthen men in our daily walks with Christ's. Can Be Christ light Monday through Saturday. Yes, or maybe I should say Sunday afternoon through. This. Role. In our marriages in our relationships with our children in the workplace in fraternities wherever we're at Chrysler King is four men of all raced and that's important is because. Let's just keep it real, okay. Store in America, if white men who claimed plane. To believe in Jesus Christ and follow Jesus Christ if they really acted out. Yes, and give out Christ light user we wouldn't be. Had No problem. Would be able. I don't WanNa hear a white person, even a BLACKFORD KNACK say? Jesus is the ants. Come on if that one sentence is. In. Yes, but so many people claiming the allergies. Are there part of the prog into yes. We talked so. The answer is discipleship. Living Out your faith, and if White Christians Midway about that fake, this racism problem will. Win Even we were the needed a Martin Luther. King Frederick Douglass a Harry. It's up in all that, and so, and then of course was black as well living out our face. That's what King we do week. We try to help. Brothers live out their faith daily through encouragement, support, accountability, teaching, and brotherhood men need male bond. Yes, and typically the way we get is outside of crisis it on our sports teams. We get it in gangs. We get it in fraternities. We get it in lodges and those are fun. But we also need that male bonding within cracks. With other my man who are encouraging you N., even being examples for you of living for the lower Monday through like I said every day at. We can do that. That will strengthen our families that will strengthen our communities illustrated in our children. It'll strengthen our nation. And because we have work to do within ourselves, as do all human being juice. And, so that is what a king. Movement is about as you said. We're about. In, let me say this, too. Because you mentioned. We're marching and we have. Margaret Marshall Savage in your city called. Let my people breathe this. It was all races in male female. All ages marching. For Black Lives, making sure black lives matter. But we believe. In the full what I'll call the Full Gospel? Yes, which is personal salvation? And the morals the morality that comes with that. Right. And you know the family values. Gumby faithful to my wife and not committed adultery because of my without vacations, yes, for the. Yet we and we also believe in social justice because the Bible promotes both yes, typically you have Christians that focus on personal style vacation, and the individual morality and holiness, or you have Christians who only focus on social justice and don't call you as an individual to live in morality and holiness, we focus or both. Because they both offer of. Living Yes, and so I think that's where the marching comes from. We recognize that God is a god of this, and you can't read the Bible properly. Without seeing that as so that's where are marching for justice are speaking out for justice comes from. and then of course individually we try to walk out biblical principles in Biblical morality, and that is the combination. That's the full gospel objects to. As all believers, we'd love to spark a revival in this country. You know and. What was going to take, do so we believe. Man Chris NBA. July thirty first. That's cool right. No problem with that no problem with them starting up real quick no problem. By you know I'm so I mean. Does seem so. Department is ugly without NBA I'm cool. I'm glad they're coming back to let me say. Go. If, you're interested in learning more about Kanye and I know. You have my email, but you hit a king at King, movement DOT COM king at King. Movement Dot Com we do have chapter out the country this and which? Give men of feeling you belong knowing that you belong to something bigger than yourself or even your local church as we. We obviously are supportive. Come alongside and work with local churches, but men need to know you're not out there. Fighting the good fight by yourself, you have wrath, the country that are five net fight with you half audie and overcome, and so that's what the King Movement is about to go to keep emails at King at King Dot Com. If you're interested, be in touch with me. Brother I gotta run on. Less Glitzy, Chris Man Thank you. Talk just I've talked so right. There his the man crisp, Rusada appreciate his time so much his time, definitely his talent, he's A. Brother that is mainstream, but he understands are what it means for people and most support. He understands what it means for the Kingdom to make sure they were all continuing to press forward. Will we all? Are Together were one and were one body will one heartbeat could end of the day. Man Black White. You know Chinese Latino whatever the case may be were all under one planet. We'll all under one God so preachy crispy saw appreciate your time, brother. This is correct, mistaken podcast I'm your boy Wes Cherry on appreciate you guys listening I, appreciate, you guys support. For you not be no me man so I. Thank you guys so so much. Until then or till next time, love, everybody hate no-one this correctly mistaken podcast and I'm your host Wes Cherry. Be Blessed Ace.

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