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has a paid program on 630 wlap is Tom Jeffries show on used radio 630 wlap and wlap. Welcome to the I guess you all know why my name is Tommy Chong. If you want to you've got to play them all and pulling your ear plugs put on your a shade, you know, what need to put the clock back. You understand me. Now. Sometimes I'll feel a little man, but don't you know that no one off when things go wrong? Welcome to the Tom Dupree show joining us this week as US Representative for Kentucky's can dress 6th congressional district to mouth bulletin of Andy home and and Page them. So since 2013 and now we're going to toss it over to our host Tom Dupree Banks Elizabeth. Let's start with the the psalm that I like to read. This one is Psalm 91, whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord. Here's my refuge and my Fortress my God in whom I trust surely he will save you from the Fowler's snare and the deadly pestilence he will cover you with his feathers and unpack his wings. You will find Refuge. His faithfulness will be your shield and Rampart. You will not fear the terror of night nor the arrow that flies by day nor the pestilence. Stocks in the darkness or the plague that destroys at midday thousand may fall at your side ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you you will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you say the Lord is my refuge and you make the most high your dwelling no harm will overtake, you know, disaster will come near your tent where he will command his angels concerning a guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread on the line the Cobra and you will trample on the Great Line in the serpentine because he loves me says the Lord I will rescue him. I will protect him for he acknowledges my name he will call on me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him with long life will I satisfy and show him my salvation that is Psalm 91 new international version and a bar. You're doing a good job, brother. I think about you all the time pray for you. And thank you Tom. You're just out there and and getting it done and you got things you want to talk about in this show. So I'm just going to let you set the course and talk about what you want to talk about. I'm not going to jump in too much. Well, thanks so so much Tom and Elizabeth great to be with you all just got back from Washington. We were in DC this week and I think the most important important development this week was dead House Republicans on the steps of the US Capitol Building earlier this week. We we issued a commitment to America that if the American people give us the majority of jobs and if we are given the opportunity to lead again in the US House of Representatives, we are committed to the American people we're going to restore our way of life. We're going to rebuild the greatest wage economy. This country has seen and we are going to remove the American dream and this is in stark contrast to What speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat majority of giving us these last two years and agenda of the funding dismantling and destroying they support their funding our police are border patrol and our military they want to dismantle Our country they've voted to impeach the president and undo an election. They support dismantling our institutions by packing the Supreme Court and abolishing the filibuster and they support North Koreans in new taxes on families and local businesses, which would destroy our economy and feed further ground to China. Our commitment to America is the exact opposite of what I have been doing in the majority over the last two years. We we are committed to defeating the virus and keeping America healthy. We are supporting this President and operation warp-speed to Triple rapid Covetous thing and developing a vaccine that is safe effective and available this year. We are investing and Therapeutics and cures. We are working and we worked to to propose bipartisan legislation to slash drug prices bipartisan legislation. By the way, that speaker Pelosi refused to bring to the floor. We also are committed to ensuring the Safety and Security of our communities. We are opposing all efforts to define the police and increase funding. In fact, not just not just Tom not just opposing efforts to defund the police dangerous radical call to defund the police, but we believe in actually increasing funding by 1.75 billion dollars for better police training for community policing and Equipment including five hundred thousand more body cameras for local law enforcement all across this country so that we have we have not only safety in our communities, but we have better policing we're dead. We will continue to rebuild our military support our troops secure our border and enforce our immigration laws and we are committed to preserving our freedoms under the Constitution protecting religious liberty defending The Unborn and safeguarding the Second Amendment and with respect to rebuilding the greatest economy. You want to get America working again. We've already brought back half of the jobs that were lost as a result of the shutdown the lockdowns of our economy back in March and April, but we want to do more we want to add ten million new good-paying jobs and we can do it by supporting local businesses through two hundred billion dollars in already appropriated funds through the paycheck Protection Program. We want to make the tax cuts permanent that means extending the $2,000 child tax credit and making permanent opportunity zones that are generating ten billion dollars each year in poor communities. We're going to continue these proven programs tax policies that in Chrome. Take-home pay and encourage Innovation. We also are committed to ending our dependence on China and enhancing our Economic Security. I am honored to be serving and appointed to the China task force and we're going to be issuing a major set of recommendations on October 1st, including recommendations that I proposed in the competitiveness subgroup and in the economic and energy sub-group to prepare the United States for the coming strategic competition with with the, the Chinese Communist party that this is a task force that is not only responding to the origins of the covid-19 pandemic including the role of the Chinese Communist Party of the World Health Organization that facilitates just spread of this disease, but also just preparing for the competition the military diplomatic and economic competition with the People's Republic of China and the coming decades and so dead. We are going to implement the task force recommendations to move our supply chain for medicine protective medical equipment and Technology out of China to increase us manufacturing and to reach mortgage free and fair trade deals and counter Chinese economic predatory practices unfair Trade Practices theft of intellectual property force transfer of Technology. It's attempt to dominate college education through Huawei and 5G artificial intelligence semiconductors. We want to counter Chinese academic Espionage us universities and I have a specific building do that to work with the FBI so that the FBI can get in and help our universities identify spies that are stealing our research and in fact targeting our covid-19 vaccine research. We want to upgrade and modernize America's infrastructure. We we've got proposals to bring high-speed internet to every household in the United States and launched a multi-year plan to Pig. Roads Bridges and airports and cut permitting processes and half and then to renew the American dream. We want to make sure every child in every neighborhood regardless of their zip code in age and and excellent School in this time of covid-19. Demand jobs out there that will make America more competitive against China and other adversaries by making sure that kids know that they can make over $100,000 a year wage in good jobs that make America competitive like in welding like in the construction trades like in cyber security and nursing and Allied Health profession and data security wage. These are in demand jobs that don't necessarily require, you know, $100,000 in student loan debt. It don't they don't require a four-year bachelor's or bust approach em. So we're going to we're going to reorient our education system and then we're going to continue to honor our veterans Service to America. I'm very proud to serve on the Veterans Affairs committee. And I I think we're poised to pass a bipartisan bicameral off to address the tragedy veteran suicide in the next month and we're going to fully fund the V8 Choice healthcare program that allows veterans to choose their own doctor and we're going to expand them. I bill an education benefits. So every veteran who wants a job can find one and I'm proud that my bill to provide a stem scholarship for science technology engineering and math for our veterans office is now lost. And the last thing is we're going to support our citizens success now in the future, you know, it's not just Career and Technical education. It's it's Workforce Development that gives people an opportunity for lifelong learning. We think that Americans can earn a promotion or pursue a meaningful career even in this current difficult economic situation. And so we want to we want to promote lifelong learning. This is the Republican commitment to America and this is what we spent a good bit of this week talking about if the American people gives us the opportunity to govern we will no longer be lurching towards Socialism or the green New Deal or an anti-worker agenda that is built on government. Dependency. We are going to be dead. Promoting an agenda that is pro-worker pro-family pro-freedom that will promote the Dignity of work self-sufficiency and upward Mobility. And he talked a little bit about the China task force that you've been on and get into did you I know you covered some of it but once you tell us a little more on it. Sure, I did. This is the most consequential work and I say that unambiguously. This is the most consequential important work that I've been a part of in my eight years in Congress. And the reason why I say that is because it took us on everything it touches on the the pandemic we need to hold China accountable for the origins and their cover-up and their lives and deception and misinformation campaign that led to the spread of this pandemic it touches on our economy because we need to stop China and the Chinese Communists from stealing our intellectual property and our technology from a ripping us off with bad and unfair trade deals for subsidizing state-owned Enterprises to the detriment of American manufacturers forcing us into bad joint Partnerships in order to access the Chinese market and other Asian markets. So and then it's obviously about China's a military buildup and their Ambitions of To become the world's Global superpower both in in military terms and economic terms and diplomatic terms. So in everything that China is doing right now it is to pack their Socialist Communist world view their ideology. They're techno autocratic society and their rules that are violation of humor. Norms. They're doing everything to promote their Global worldview in in in what they're doing militarily diplomatically and economically and we need to prepare the United States for a multi-decade generational struggle and competition with the People's Republic of China are our our issue is not with the Chinese people. We believe that the Chinese people are victims of a brutal, uh, totalitarian technological Talent totalitarian regime in Beijing GM ping and his wage, Chinese Communist Party oppress their own people and so our issue in our competition is with the CCP and we believe that there needs to be a whole series of policy changes in Washington to prepare our country for the coming struggle in the coming Challenge and you know, we start obviously with the pandemic because Monday we we we investigated and we've had you know, we've worked with the intelligence community on this we will be reporting on the origins of covid-19 in Wuhan and we want to we wash the vehicle and exposed the role of the Chinese Communist party and the World Health Organization which collaborated with the CCP to to lie and cover-up about the about the pandemic we know from our investigation that that the top leaders in the CCP including General Secretary Jinping new a pandemic was on going from as early as mid-november to Thursday. The 19 before it was disclosed to the rest of the world at the CCP could have reduced the number of cases in China. And if they had actually been forthcoming and lived up to international law disclosed the outbreak we could have reduced the spread by 95% but it violated international law it covered up. It's censored whistleblowers wage. You know, what the story of dr. Weil in Lang live. We live in Lynn Lang who who was actually he actually died of covet But he sounded the alarm he was arrested a dead horse to recant and then the CCP deliberately lied. They they concealed human-to-human transmission. They they denied human-to-human transmission up to an including the middle of January and then they weaponized worst of all, they weaponized the global supply chain of medical supplies and critical Pharmaceuticals and wage. You know in the in you know, just to put a point on that there is an open-source reporting that a top CCP official said that as as as China was vacuuming of hoarding all of the personal protective equipment in Pharmaceuticals, they they were their top officials were saying that they were going to throw Americans into a sea of coronavirus and this is the latest in the the line activities of the CCP, but we're going to focus on more than just the pandemic. We're also we also have a a focus on China's military build-up and they're aggressive actions in the South China Sea. They're built up out there blue water Navy, which is very alarming. They're incredible investment in the people's Liberation Army and not they're they're built up up their nuclear Arsenal. We want to counter that we want to deter that we want to reorient our our national security posture to the Pacific and deter and work with allies like South Korea, Japan Australia and New and New Zealand and India who who is the target of Chinese aggression. We we met with yesterday with the Ambassador from Australia and New Zealand that they want our help Pages visited in invested with the Japanese leadership in Tokyo back in February. They want our help. They need a multilateral a lion stew counter Chinese aggression. They have they have Ambitions in space as well that they want to beat us to the not only back to the moon but to Mars and we and there's National Security implications with that the cyber cyber warfare. China is embarking on a massive effort to steal our intellectual property or technology through cyber theft and veritas. Yes, every day. Our major financial institutions are our major of Fortune five hundred companies and government agencies and they're constantly attacking us in cyberspace technology right now. We are losing the battle for 5G and Huawei and ZTE and some of China's top telecom companies have major influence in the third world and that has a significant implications for intelligence gathering and that is a real and present danger and threat to the United States. We need to work with our allies are Partners, especially in Europe who have telecommunications capabilities to counter Huawei and give lesser-developed countries Alternatives in 5G, the sub pillar of the subgroup that I'm co-chairing is the economic energy subcommittee. We are over dependent on China for critical minerals and two hundred pounds of critical minerals go into the B-2 bomber and the fa fa dead. F-35 we need to produce our own critical minerals. We need to we need to reduce our dependence on China for National Security. And so I've got a big job that would streamline permitting for mining of critical minerals Rare Earth elements that go into our national security Weapons Systems right here in the United States and we are able to do that. We just have too much bureaucracy that gets in the way and and jeopardizes our national security on we also want to create an economic intelligence discipline under the office Director of National Intelligence. We want that Fusion Center to provide that economic intelligence too critical agencies the state department the wage limit Finance Corporation the export-import bank and the usaid so that we can counter the one belt one road initiative the belt and Road initiative that the Chinese Communist party is using How to get trapped diplomacy to get influence in the third world in sub-Saharan Africa and South America and South Asia in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. We need to counter offer a Chinese malign influence in all kinds of and all parts of the world. And the way we do that is reorienting these these agencies to do that and there's there's other things that we're doing as well and I can go into that, uh after the break if you want that is perfect Sandy, you're listening to the Tom Dupree show off with congressman and the bar. This is our bottom of the hour break. We will be back in just a few minutes stay tuned Tom Dupree Power by Dupree Financial Group. Let Me Be Misunderstood happening over there peace in the Middle East happening right here to find the police and a microwave you must vote no matter where it happens your world happened showed exactly what is average yearly wage and learn Newsradio 630 wlap we live in uncertain times is not uncommon for investors to be fearful about the equity markets and what they may or may not do at Dupree Financial Group. 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We put our investment expertise to work for you the participant for a free analysis of your retirement investment accounts call Dupree Financial Group at 859-233-0400. Also. Be sure to listen to the Tom du preez show Saturdays from 7 to 9 a.m. At Newsradio 630 wlap or wlap, That's Dupree Financial. At 859-233-0400 630 wlap. Song Welcome Back to the time to finish up for the second half the hour with congressman and the bar on the phone. This is coming to you from the debris Financial Group Studios on Main Street in now over to you Tom. So a day you wanted to finish up a little more about some of the stuff with the China task force. Yeah real quick in the economics of energy pillar. We we really believe that we can push back on China's unfair Trade Practices. They've been ripping us off for years and forcing many companies to ship jobs to China that's happened right in my own district and we are fighting that tooth and nail in this task force. We want to give the administration to power to fight back against not only Chinese China's illegal subsidies of their own domestic Industries. They're mercantilist posture against the United States the rest of the world, but we want to equip the administration to fight back so that we bring back us manufacturing and US jobs. We also think the way to put pressure on China is to offer support free trade agreements with China's adversaries and allies in the in the indo-pacific region. So if we do bilateral trade agreements with Australia and with New Zealand if we do a job Bilateral trade agreement with India for example and and really punctuated by doing a free trade agreement with Taiwan a we can really encircle China from a trade point of view of China is clearly a behemoth when it comes to the global Marketplace, but we think through a bilateral and multilateral approach we can encircle China and and took a great pressure on China to actually reform itself and and and and and hold them accountable for what it's done to American jobs and American workers wage. And this is this is really important. The other thing we're doing is we're looking at a capital flow. So, you know Chinese Industries and competitor companies. They have an advantage because they have unlimited access to a Chinese subsidies. And so they can undercut Us in the global Marketplace. But what we think we ought to do is to to counter that is to cut off. Capital flows from the West to China. So what what we see so often is that Chinese companies access US capital markets on us exchanges with impurity and with a firm Level Playing Field that hurts investors in it deprives investors the protections that they normally get under the Securities laws of the United States. So we think that took a Chinese company a list on u.s. Stock Exchange, but does not subject its Auditors to the public Company accounting oversight board, which is what every American auditor and Company is required to do that. They should be delisted that they cannot miss on US Stock Exchange. I want mandatory disclosures. I want the SEC to require any company any public company listing on a exchange to mandatorily disclose ties to the Communists the Chinese Communist party and whether or not any CCP officials are serving as directors or officers on their birth. Ferdinand in their in their c-suite so investors deserve that information and we need to cut off access to US capital markets. We think that is a good way of pushing back and finally we've got to get at this academic Espionage. We know that we benefit from foreign talent coming into the United States it helps you as competitiveness if we don't want to cut that off, but we also know that there is a whole lot of academic Espionage from Chinese Nationals and others coming into our research institutions and universities. There's Confucius institutes and and there's the Thousand talents program aware of the Chinese government is recruiting us academics and researchers to actually assist in their military civil fusion and bringing back not only trying to spy and get our intellectual property on covet the search but but artificial intelligence and dual-use Technologies and trying to use federally funded research dollars dead. To steal that and go back and and help the people's Liberation Army in the Chinese military. We've got to stop that. And so this whole thing is a very comprehensive effort. We're going to totally reorient our pastas China. You're going to hold them accountable for This Global pandemic. We are going to prepare the United States for the coming competition and stop China and its tracks in terms of its Ambitions to become the world's Global superpower. It's it's what they call their hundred-year marathon and it's time to stop it. So let me ask you this. You know, we got an election coming up. How do you think the Republicans chances look in the house and the Senate and for the presidency? Well, I think that the chances are much better than what the media would would tell you. I think the American people are alarmed at the the Lurch towards socialism within the Democratic party to the National Democratic party is not a party of Democrats that I represent in the 6th congressional district of Kentucky the vast majority of Democrats that I represent in the congressional district of Kentucky, and I'm I'm blessed to enjoy the the support of many Democrats in my district because they don't share the same radical extreme values that Nancy Pelosi and off Alexandria ocasio-cortez or Bernie Sanders that they have and you know, unfortunately my opponent would enable that radical agenda he can talk like he's from Kentucky all he wants to support these radical positions of repealing middle-class tax cuts and supporting the green New Deal. He's he's he's just enabling the Socialist agenda. So I think I think we have an excellent chance wage. Um to to to take back the house because I think the American people are are frightened by the defund police movement. I think they're frightened by this off position of the the national Democratic party to to abolish ice and to open up our borders. I think they want border security and I think about the lawlessness is going on in our communities is scaring people. I think they want that they certainly want Racial equality, but they want better police training. They don't want to defund the police officer and they they they want us to rebuild our military to confront and counter in Tudor China. So we've got an excellent chance of taking back that the house because I am not only do we have a positive agenda for this country, but the the alerts towards socialism by the national Democrats. I think it's scaring a lot of Americans and dead. It is, you know, not in the interests of the American people. Look most Americans who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. They believe in work they believe in the Dignity of work off. They believe in safe and secure communities. They believe in a strong military, they believe in respect for our flag and the national anthem. They are not like the coastal Elites who can afford to pay taxes. They are not liked the radical environmentalists who believe in destroying jobs through the green New Deal that they are not like the radical elements of the far left. That would be fun the police. So, you know, the American people the Forgotten men and women of this country I think are with us. We just need to communicate that message and I think the president because of that has an excellent chance of being re-elected and especially if the president is re-elected. I think you will see a a big win by House Republicans with a dog The opportunity to take back the majority. We need to 17 seats to do that. That's all that's pretty neat. 17 seats and and if you think about think about there's there's over thirty incumbent Democrats in the Congress who who are in in congressional districts that President Trump one month in 2016 and Republicans have one every single special election during this two-year cycle when Nancy Pelosi has been back in charge as Speaker of the House. I think the law says a lot and of course the media doesn't want to report that back but the most recent special election victory for Republican Congressional candidate was in a California seat that off that Hillary Clinton won by six points. There are 43 congressional districts that are held by democrats that are more favorable for Republicans than that one. Right. So those are the ones you want to go for and try to pick off. Absolutely. Any any other areas you're interested in talking about this is your show we got about 12 minutes. What time are very excited about the the American worker task force? We're going to be unveiling next week at the the recommendations for policy recommendations of the task force. I have had the honor of being the chairman of that task force in this form of Congress and we are focusing in that task force of unveiling recommendations for when we take the majority back. You know, we may be in the minority right now and we can't get a vote on these good policy ideas because Nancy Pelosi refuses to bring these to the to the house floor dead, but we're not we're not sitting around doing nothing. We're preparing for our opportunity to govern again and we believe that this is really about restoring and renewing the American dream. As I said before it early in the show. We orienting our education system to focus on skills based education apprenticeship, uh looking at in demand jobs those jobs that are in demand in the bath. For market and matching skills and training and education to the the jobs that are in demand. This is this was important before the pandemic. It's especially important now to give workers job opportunities to achieve their god-given potential and give them not just jobs that pay well but careers that pay well and so we focus on three things in in our policy recommendations. We want to fax number one. We want to refine our education system to better equip the American worker number two. We want to refocus labor policy to unleash the American worker and 3 we want to reimagine welfare-to-work power individuals and families. And we think that you know, they're been Decades of ill-conceived government policies that have restricted the opportunity of American workers often as a result too many have been held back by a broken education system. They've been sent into the job market unprepared. They've been punished by over-regulation and they've been abandoned by the wage. State and and we think unlike the the national Democratic party. We think that work is a blessing work is not a punishment work is gives meaning and purpose to people's lives and we are we are the party the Republican party of today is the party of workers and self-sufficiency. We are the party of the Dignity of work wage. We don't believe in dis incentivizing work. We don't believe in paying people to not work. That's what the Democrats are four at the national level the Democratic party and become the party of paying people to not work them from the party of of of discouraging work. They have become the party of socialism and government dependency and and soul-crushing Welfare what thoughts believe is liberating workers to achieve their god-given potential. It's a it's a way in which people earn self-esteem. It's a way which people can pursue happiness. It's a way in which they can realize dead. That they have value to give back to the world. And that is what is so exciting about this American worker task force and we've got over a hundred proposals to empower the workers of town tomorrow so that they're no longer just living paycheck-to-paycheck, but they're able to provide a real higher standard of living for themselves and their families and it couldn't come at a dead more important time as we recover from this pandemic and I'll give you one one inspiring story for my district that shows how with the right policies we can get every American on the on the upward ladder of success in Fleming County Kentucky. They recognized there was a group of people who recognized that you know, a a bachelor's degree or bust mentality is not always the best solution and it can result sometimes in a mountain of debt with a very little return on investment in terms of a good paying job at the end table. Those four years and so what they saw was it was a huge demand for welders in the marketplace. And so they started the Kentucky welding institute Adam Henson and his family started the Control building Institute and they've graduated several graduating classes so far and and they have a wall of fame. You can go to Flemingsburg and you can see this as a wall of fame. Are they put the welding helmet of every graduate of the Kentucky welding institute. It's a twelve thousand to five thousand $15,000 program is the is the tuition you can go to a bank and get a loan for that. You don't have to go to the federal government and get you know, $50,000 in student loans and you go to school for six months. And in your first year anyone who has over a hundred thousand dollars or more in their first year after their six months certification, they get their welding helmet put in the wall of fame and there there's over a dozen of those helmets. Yep. Ready in the Wall of Fame at the Kentucky Welding it's too because these young men and women are getting great jobs and they're getting paid over $100,000 a year so they can not pay back the twelve to fifteen thousand dollars in tuition a year. Once they making more money than they ever dreamed and they're telling me that that now in in the third or fourth year of the institution. They have a student who said heck I can make more than 100,000. I'm going to make $200,000 in my first year out. That's what we're talking about in the American workers task force. We're going to make that dream a reality for millions of American workers and they I saw a Facebook ad that you ran it's very but this week sometime about pre-existing conditions off and just in the social media world people were piling on you about that. You were contradicting your position with pre-existing conditions and dead. I know once again, the media has misrepresented something somewhere. Yeah, it's really unfortunate. I mean, you know, it's it's so sad that that some people have been misled by The Narrative mostly perpetuated by national Democrats and the liberal media that Republicans voted to take away health care or take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, simply because we wanted to stop the Obamacare loss in Ewing to hurt our people with skyrocketing premiums and the fact that it forced people to lose their health plan that they like at force people to lose the doctor that they like in fact of all the group of people that Obamacare Hurts the Most it was people with pre-existing conditions because for example many constituents of mine who had kids or had loved ones with pre-existing conditions, they lost their special effects. They had health care. They had a health plan. They lost that Health Plan and they were forced into the government exchange, which was a narrow Network that didn't have their choice of doctor and what good job Is Obamacare if it doesn't even give you access to the kind of doctor or the specialist doctor that you need to treat your pre-existing conditions so far from helping people from people with pre-existing conditions Obamacare hurt people with pre-existing conditions, and we tried to fix that and the bill that I and I voted multiple times to protect people with pre-existing condition regularly voted multiple times to guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. And in the legislation that I voted for the American the American Health Care Act was included in there a guaranteed-issue provision, and it it it's simply it mandated that if you had a pre-existing condition, you cannot be denied access to coverage that is a fact and whenever my opponent or any anybody in the media or any troll on social media says, otherwise, they're just they're either lying or they have a name. A sled and they don't know what the actual facts are. The facts are that I have voted repeatedly to protect people with pre-existing conditions. And I know personally how darn important it is with my sister has struggled with a pre-existing condition her whole life with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It is personal to me. I would never vote for anything that would hurt people with pre-existing conditions. And of course with my wife as I as I say in my in my advertisement, she had a pre-existing condition called mitral valve prolapse. I know I know more than most people how important it is to protect people with pristine condition. So it is offensive to me offensive that anyone would suggest or imply that not only do I not understand how important it is, but that I voted in some way to hurt people with pre-existing conditions. It's totally false. It is totally false. And and I'm very very proud that I voted for the American Health Care Act, which would protect people with pre-existing. Yep. Is far better because not only would it guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing conditions? It would do so without increasing premiums or increase in cost. It was a very smart approach using box and invisible reinsurance to keep premiums down while at the same time protecting people with pre-existing conditions. It does so in ways that the Affordable Care Act doesn't and that's why it's a far better policy options for people with pre-existing conditions. And as I say in my TV ad I will never ever under any circumstances support my opponents plan which would put bureaucrats and politicians in charge of our Healthcare but bureaucrats in between people with pre-existing conditions and their doctors that is government-run health care, and that is a disaster for people with pre-existing conditions. The last thing anyone wants including my family is a politician to overrule a doctor who is trying to treat a patient with a pre-existing condition. We have seen that dead. And it is a disaster and I will I am proud of standing up for patients and families, especially patients with pre-existing conditions because they don't need bureaucrats to charge. They need their doctors and they're nurses and their hospitals in charge. Well and Andy, we're we're proud of so much of what you're doing and so much of what you have accomplished and we really hope that we love you buddy. We hope that the the voters will appreciate the same way and we'll get to the polls or get their ballots in and vote voting has never been more important than it is right now. You're exactly right and and it's so important that people not be fooled. Don't be fooled by by you know, anybody who says that that we are not supporting that we being waged publicans are not supporting people with pre-existing conditions. We've done we've done more for for folks in the health-care area and the response to the pandemic than any socialist could ever and buy American-made products look on the back of boxes and and let's do away with China and do our part on that front to hey Andy. Thanks for joining us so much. We always loved having you and you're welcome. Anytime great to be with you all you're listening to the Tom Dupree show Power by to prove Financial Group will be back in just a few minutes with Team Dupree to talk about what's happened in the financial markets this week. Stay tuned. It's happening over there. Yep. In the Middle East happening right here on the police, and then I believe you must vote no matter where it happens. Your world happened showed exactly what happened to your listen and learn news radio 630 wlap. Hi, this is Tom Dupree with Dupree Financial Group many people have 401k and 403b plans for their retirement investment accounts off in certain cases are firm can help participants in these plans manage their Investments. This can be helpful because those retirement plans often offer numerous different mutual funds investment options, and unless the participant is an investment expert. It can be quite confusing. In this case. We put our investment expertise to work for you the participant off for free analysis of your retirement investment accounts call Dupree Financial Group at 859-233-0400. Also, be sure to listen to the Tom depreciate. Saturdays from 7 to 9 a.m. At Newsradio 630 wlap or wlap, That's Dupree Financial Group at 859-233-0500.

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