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Catching Up on Manafort


Hello and welcome to Trump cast. I'm Virginia Heffernan today's show is about the never not scintillating topic of everybody's favorite rat. Paul Manafort Manafort as the world of Trump cast listeners well knows flipped on President Trump, his former boss and agreed to tell Robert Muller's investigation everything he knows. But what does Manafort? No, that's what Rachel Wigner a terrific reporter at the Washington Post who's been covering the Manafort trial is going to talk about today. But this is one of our slate plus episodes, so if you want to know everything about what Paul Manafort is telling Robert Mueller. Okay. We can't tell you exactly that. But Rachel's got big insights, you gotta get it together and go to slate dot com slash Trump cast plus to hear the whole show no ads and all of Trump cast without ads. You'll also get tons of perks and privileges and you can exercise. Well, we think of asleep plus privilege. Has he walked down the street 'cause you know, you support wicked good journalism, so sleep dot com slash Trump cast plus to hear about creepy. Paul Manafort and much much more. Rachel welcome to Trump cast high. So, you know, have the eleven o'clock news starts with scary bleeding stuff. And then goes at the end to like surplus daisy crops and twins who are reunited after twenty years. Well on Trump cast when bad news is happening. Elsewhere, we tend to focus on the Manafort flip goodness. So the good news is your total Manafort, and now, I know we all love to open about Manafort, and and unfortunately, you're at the Washington Post. So you don't get that. Rare. Pleasure. You have to keep it a little button on the other hand, you have something that the rest of us don't which is a seat in the courtroom. I for the the original trial. And and now, and then I assume you'll be there for the sentencing all Manafort in Alexandria, February eighth. So as the drum roll is set for February eighth. We're all wondering how much time he's gonna get. How much will meet maybe knocked off for his good cooperation with Robert Muller. Can you tell us what you saw in New York? How Manafort is doing in his wheelchair. What just paint a picture of Paul Manafort Agan ST's twenty eighteen sure? So those are all good questions. I'm not sure how many of them I can answer. I mean, he didn't look great in his wheelchair. I guess I can say that he was wearing one shoe. He had a sock over one foot. The sheriff insists that they are treating him. Well, and I think it was a little surprised when his lawyer said something in his jail conditions led to him being in a wheelchair. They're not allowed to talk about his personal health conditions that would be a serious legal violation. But why is that oh hip? It's a health privacy law that got it. You can't. But I mean, they will say everyone gets medical. In jail, and they're not they have not been torturing pulmonary it. So good to know it. It's also it was weird to see him for Manafort watchers to see the wheelchair and the s- the one socked foot because the last we heard of Manafort and has self resignation in court. He was asking to be able to wear his signature tailored, suits. So that he not be seeing as a jailbird, let seems like straw, took come across strong and professional and put together. But when he was told he had to wear his prison garb, he then opted to look weak and broken. Well, you can maybe he knew he would be in a wheelchair. And he thought the suit would. Lend it some gravitas. I don't really know. I mean, I know he. Yeah. He definitely didn't look his hair's gone completely gray and a little bit white. It's not died anymore. He didn't. Who's wearing you know, sort of on the one foot just kind of said looking sneaker. I mean. No one really knows what what he was thinking. Obviously, the president generally likes people who look strong, and that kind of goes against that. But maybe he also is looking for pity from the judge who has had a tendency to maybe feel a little bit sorry for him. So what about okay tad Devine? And you know, not all of us is as interested in in. Bernie Sanders is campaign manager, maybe as I am. But he, you know, was a colleague or a he was in the orbit of Yanukovych manafort's client in Ukraine and did some of the same sketchy work. What was his testimony about? It was pretty basic. It was it was just to say that they did this work in Ukraine that Paul Manafort was very good at it. And then that they got paid for it. Although he made a kind of noxious comment about, you know, I think. One of the prosecutors asked you got paid well, and he said, well, it depends who you ask and they were making millions of dollars. But he would have maybe had a bigger role. There definitely would have been more about foreign government lobbying, which is really CD bipartisan gross business if Manafort had gone to trial in DC, we're arched with violating foreign lobbying act. What about into stuff that did not come up in Virginia with Tony Podesta and his work? Also in that field. And really, I mean, it's funny tied Devine said, basically, it's nice that or I think the defense attorney asked him, and he agreed that it's nice that you can go overseas, and you might fight here. But over there, you can work together and Devine said, yeah, that's great. As if it's like, oh, you know, we can put aside our differences to do something. Good. But what they were actually doing was with luck. Ding, a murderous. Strong man for money. So if you find that a heartwarming story, I don't know. And I guess that brings us to the Ukraine part of the part of the trial or part of the the Fara charges against Paul Manafort, those are a little harder murkier. Can you say something about about those? So those never came up because the way the trials broke out. It was all supposed to be in DC then exonerated it only because he refused to. Let them bring the tax and Bank charges in DC this wonky. But basically he lives in Virginia. They had to bring them in Virginia. Most people will say short combine them for reasons, we still don't understand. He said, no I want to trials we think his strategy was in Virginia. He had a better chance than DC of maybe having a Republican on the jury who would hang it. And that he would not be connected. And that would put him in a better negotiating position. And maybe also helped him in his effort to get a pardon. That's the best understanding we have. But obviously didn't work. He's not angling for a pardon anymore. That's not entirely clear. Okay. Tell me so just earlier this week Rudy Giuliani gave an interview Reuters where he said, all right? Hold up. This is that moment like when you're reading a Washington Post article it ten. Realizing Lee begins the article, and then stop you have to subscribe to read the rest that was a teaser of today's episode of Trump cast we've made about every fourth episode of Trump cast exclusive to slate. Plus members said listen to this show and every show in full without ads. Sign up for slate. Plus at slate dot com slash Trump cast, plus it's just the right thing to do slate dot com slash Trump cast, plus.

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