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Hello Hello everyone and welcome back to American build radio. Today is Saturday December twenty eighth and we've had quite a bit transpire in the billiard world old since the last show has usual team. USA are once again. The MOSCONI Cup champions I could talk on and on about about their win and what it meant and how it came together really anyone who didn't watch it and even if you did. I highly recommend the story. That's in billiards digest. This month you can also read it on their website at billiards digest dot com. My Panova wrote A great story that I think sums up the event much better than I could besides that we have a returning and a brand new world nine double champion Kelly Fischer is your women's world nine ball champion. That's the second world nine championships. She has in her career along with many other world championships and fate or Gorst is your men's world nine ball champion. This week's show is an interview with Kelly Fisher. We talk about her recovery from open. Heart Surgery Problems she found in her stroke and how she worked on getting past that and her recovery and and we also talked about sponsors a little bit as she has some great sponsors out of China. I did get to sit down and have a short interview with fate or about Out His win but honestly the quality of the interview was really not that good and I don't think it was something that would have made it to the show very well. Well so I won't keep the listeners. Any longer I give you. Women's World Nine Ball champion Kelly Fisher very proud out now to be joined by our say women's world nine ball champion but you were already the women's world nine ball champion. I was as I was Many moons ago sure Kelly Fisher the he twenty twelve twenty twelve world. Nine ball champion correct. Yes Yes yes and twenty eleven world. Ten Ball champion. That's right Yep and most important twenty nine thousand nine women's world nine all champion. Tell me about that. That's the most important one as of right now anyway. Yeah No. I'm absolutely thrilled NYC Wasn't you know I always always knew I had in me but really didn't know the old our gain if it was going to happen again or not so just really chuffed and really really over the moon to have managed to polly off for for the fans who who aren't aware who haven't been following your career you you and I talked a couple of years ago you had open heart surgery. That's right a hole in your heart. Correct yes that found Elvis from birth at grew and grew but was never never never found as you know it just grew into uh what was to very large and on repairable any other way other than to actually have open heart surgery so when we talked about it back in two thousand fourteen. You had mentioned that. You suffered from heart palpitations. Ya not necessarily just when you were in a pressure situation but you had said that you had them at different times. Assume that's all gone. That's all behind you. Oh Yeah thank God yes yes Basically the populations would definitely from back from way two thousand nine live in the OP and austen. What kind of got more and more as time went on you know and I noticed and I notice the feeling of it was changed in so I kinda already gun for checks checks. Nothing was found and then eventually eventually the looked into it. Further and years later what notre sound found the whole. So that's all gone away now. sank Philippe and yet. I've my hot check still do have it periodically checked and everything is perfect. Better students have been so very thankful. They're lucky now when we had talked you had you had sounded real hopeful that after three or four months you get past the recovery and then you'd be right back where you were winning tournaments and you were player of the year there for a time. A that didn't happen though. What what what? What was your viewpoint on? What was happening while I mean you know I was doing alright but the some kind of glitch in my stroke that somehow appear to feel like after after the surgery which sounds sounds crazy but it was something not the same and I struggled to get my game back to where it once squalls relate to get really struggled at? It's only been this last year and a half. Maybe two years felt that such by coming back back And then I would say last year the I so I've been working very very hard on it and say this last year the assignment foul. I'm back if you like. I just totally within my stroke. You know you'll have to. You'll have to forgive. Maybe because as somebody who can't make a ball I can go to any instructor and they can say look. You're strokes a mess. Here's how you fix it. But we're world champion. Go to find out that they're strokes a little off. Well first of all I could feel it within myself You know that was first and foremost I could feel it within myself and I kind of knew what was what what was wrong but how to fix it was a whole new thing. Thanks and I went off. We save up. My coach. Lionel pain is actually been my coach since day. One even though is a professional snooka coach first and foremost and that's where we started twenty seven years ago ahead towards point twenty eight years ago He's been you know he knows my stroke he knows my game inside the now and Mentally mechanically as always out. And even when I transitioned to so I went to him of course straightaway and a woman working like and I don't mean what he was saying was wasn't working. I couldn't get it fixed. Basically my strokes always been quiet short stroke but it got to a point where I really struggling to touch the pull back. It was like You've heard of Q itis or you. You know and with often they pull back and at the polls at the back they count like go to go forward mine was the opposite from the polls initially when you stop at the cue. You Ball. Couldn't pull back before I wanted to go forward too quickly and it was just No my try different strategies. Try I together when it come under pressure. It was still too quick but it was impossible. Quick you know it was like crazy as a So that told me a long time realtor to feel that we just kept working on working on it. I also spent a few days way Johan the American Mosconi Cup coach. I got him over for a few days. And just twelve is is in an e work together with my coach just to to try and put it together to come up with the new and basically after that we just kept I just worked with my coach Lionel and it was basically putting a long time and and just putting the law of hours into try and fix fix that. I can pull the ball you now and I can get position. I know I'm doing but the problem was when you've got this problem. Stroke is the pressure you just lose that control. Whether it's you miss pops that you shouldn't miss all you lose a Cuba and they just weren't good enough so it's taught me a lot hard work miano both a lot hot work to really to to get it back and I'm just really pleased that I've managed to do that. You you mentioned the you could feel the problem with your stroke. Is it the sort of thing where you call or or you visit with your coach and you say look. I know I've got this problem. I just don't know how to fix it. Well I'd send I mean when I lived in America all I could do a seven videos but now I'm back in the the UK. I actually come up to me a few times. I've been down to see him and in between all vibe. Numerous phone calls and multiple video sent talk. You know so basically a lot of just chattan just together point heads together trying to working away to actually fix the problem And I don't know what in the end to be honest we don't know exactly what did fix it All whether it would just point practicing trying different strategies and eventually just feeling and finding the again still room for improvement Mike. I do know that within Maestro. Yes absolutely there's still room for improvement. Breasts you know. I do know that it's back to. It's good old sells more or less ninety percent. I'm Oh you I'm fascinated with the idea of having a coach for twenty seven years is that is that sort of thing common with the top level. Let's say top level ladies and well I won't say for that long. No because most of them are playing right now on top level of not even twenty seven. So Oh you know you Chen Su men in your new. I think they are only around. Twenty six twenty seven Max anyway but no minds mainly because of the slipped eh from SNOOKA. I was very fortunate. My parents got me a coach more or less from day. One and Renault only just Coach agent student relationship with Very close friends like family anyway so Even in America we still were on the phone. And what together. Some very lucky to have him. So you figure out that you've got this problem with your stroke and you work with your coach coach. You work with Johan and you think you've got it figured out you know like you said you were having some good finishes you had a second place here through bliss take you and you one occasionally but it didn't seem like you could get over the Hump and win the Big One. But then you had a breakthrough last month. Got It yeah I did a Do we PBA event. And I knew even less she had. I mean I got to a final of China planned and and I got to a fine live the UN event And in both of them you know I'm I could feel the difference. It is a different you can go into tournament of a great result and felt that you play terrible. All you played eight percent of Yogi more. You know you can feel that all you can lose for you know. Second round in the semis or quarters and feel like you know that you playing really well And I would say even lashes will championships lost in the quarters to the eventual winner. Nine eight but I knew I will play him. While under my game will back anew Mastro box so fell to awesome improving over the last two years if not the last year for sure and the results on new would come and I and that's one thing the line will kept saying to mass keep pointing the time. Keep what can improve stroke and the results will come So it's just really about that. Good old Madonna was so go back to the drawing board. You know an go back to what you have to do when you fight in the gym so basically sin L.. Come eventually Ramesh Table You. You mentioned seeming and Han you and really only for the last couple of years probably not coincidentally during the time when you were recovering and you had this this small glitch in your stroke stroke those who players kind of were the top of the top of the field. You know they were. They were winning everything. How do you come back and stay ahead of players like that? Well I mean you know that the standard of play now is in especially over in Asia as as gone to a next level to be on this view this thirteen euros fifteen fifteen-year-olds a break in and running fun and you know the standard as increased immensely so and it's always going to keep increasing seles. That's good the game evolving but to stay there. That's another thing as you get older of course I suppose in a good way knowing that my game went down two percent on nowhere near when I did the glitch and didn't feel good to buy everything there. Were still running still running alongside them. I went went like I knew that I will lose into them but I would also beat them them in some tournaments too so I knew I was still abound about that. That gave me personally the confidence that if I did fix this and did put the hours in in and did get my game back up to that next level what it was before that would still be still be that with that. So that will remain focused really I never were in doubt up. Plenty of rephrase. I was giving delighted never in doubt but Once you start feeling a game combat coma stroke coming back and seeing that feeling the difference than I did. I believe in myself to be able to win any tournament but in nine ball. You know you're GONNA nowadays really get somebody domineering so much Tennessee. Men Set Somme House done that the last two three years. And that Sir that you know a a a great feat in itself I mean. It's tough now with so so many great players now but a totally different level than ten years ago for example. It's tough it's tough and you mentioned the level of play in Asia you Maybe more so than any other player that I think the American fans Are that familiar with you. Spend a lot of time over in Asia competing tournaments. How often do you think you go over there? Awhile I must. I mean I've worked out. It must be about three months. A year Spending over may be ten tournaments. Let's say if not more sometimes But yes I do. Spend a lot of time over that simply because Matt sponsors Chinese table Q.. New Bowl sponsors of the slave originally from China So I do. Exhibitions do promotions for them and obviously the tournament style play. And that's to be honest with you. Mike in the last hour of many few years most of the events but without for women have all been over there. Jerry had made a comment a couple years ago when he and I have been talking that the future of at least the future of the women's game was was in China. Does it feel that way. I mean is that where the top players are going to be coming from for the foreseeable future. Well I hope not and what I mean by that is I want to see the Western world issue like produce in that level and you're ages and inspired our use nice to to certainly get get you know. Get their kids involved. The keep the spot grow in. We need dot in any spoil. I think thanks so but certainly for exam for example a few years ago some say the future in China and it has been that I do feel now that we've got a lot more Europeans coming through into the last of Last week we had I think sixteen twenty Europeans Pin splaine in it and I could see the improvement standard as improved for the European players. So I'm hoping that We're GONNA see more events in Europe in America I do know the Doobie. PBA A certainly growing and emotive mode to be PBA events which is fantastic. The the new ball that we have really long time. And and we're GONNA have a lot more events. is already increased just from previous years and next year. The calendars looking good. So I'd like to see tournaments all over the world like Rather than old just being in China or just being in America. I think it's good to all over the world for the spot to grow and that will also grow the the standard of play not just in them countries says you know then. We'll see a standard growth across the world. You mentioned the the up and coming players. The the Christina to Koch's watches of the world the the European ladies that are are moving up the ladder but surprisingly it. Was You and Jasmine in the finals of the world. Nine Paul All. You've got to be familiar with her game. Absolutely I mean I play. Jasmine in the shut likes are in the tournament before in Where we do events in Wisconsin yet and You know Jasmine's game suddenly she I would. I met you know these last few years. She hasn't done as well as she'd hoped. However we all know that a game? She's got such a fighter and she's got a high level of cost a very high level of play but she just didn't produce the results that she'd been. I'm looking for either the tone in America. She did really while the previous tournament. IMMI UN should really well off. And so I think she finding form again as well But this event she played old way through the event she had some tough matches and on some close matches but she managed to dig in that impulsive through them and then she will play great toward the end. Death Same for me. I played great great throughout the tournament didn't have so much close matches Until the final really. We're both of his. I mean we're we're so copy that we had to to Europeans in the final The last time knock and I wrote on My facebook Rustam was the year two thousand when Julie Kellyanne alien current call was in the final Angela. Kelly one Let alone to say the last time we had a European. The final women's world championships was when I went in two two thousand twelve that not been final within a European since then so be on Jasmine and it was you know every an older European capital. You know all very happy about that. So Jasmine's a fighter anew if I didn't play while the Justice Sir I to play as good as anybody of course And we both want today with so much heart and so much passion that death unfortunately. Fortunately Standard of the the final wasn't the best but I think you pure pure Hatton we just both wanted it too much butler dustin playing great throughout the week. You mentioned you mentioned that part of the reason that you're in China so much achieve your sponsors you want to give a quick shout out to those sponsors yeah that would be great. Thank you my first. Sponsor is sh inge way tables bulls on basically they have They do a wide range of snooka Chinese pool. An American pool tables At Beijing China and that growing she as well. aspires the company size and across the world. So they become. I'm very fortunate to have them. And they soundly made a great table and You know I'm hoping to continue a future with them. They're very happy. Happy with my results. Very very than next I've got fury cues and everybody knows that from one hour in America with a long long time since toot since I have come to sure America Ashley Two Thousand and Full I've been with fuel recuse. I was They should confess sponsor with them that distributors in the the franchise in America and then I ended up getting taken on by the the main boss. If you're like in China and they stood with me through thick and thin through my surgeries Nelson Everson south. I'm very happy to be that team and make great cycles and pull rick a few recused so I saw all I can really say about that and I hope to continue a long term relationship continue our long term relationships You know with them. And then my said sponsors Syklla Poo bowls of Musket few years now and as as we know them well in America to you've got a bowl sponsor for many tournaments across the world and they grew rapidly over the last few years and Yeah very happy and thankful to all three of them because without without the sponsors this is nearly impossible. Oh absolutely I mean. It's nice to have those sponsors long-term I know some of the even top females. Well men struggle for any kind of sponsorship. Yeah that's right I mean again. We lost things being in China on me being in to being China A lot just is to be able to get sponsors and and obviously keep them happy Bouncing always I will do my best for my sponsons insist on you know afraid to the best for me. We can work together for a long long time. And I've been very lucky to have to have met such great sponsors and I keep that relationship going. It's tough out there to get sponsors is very tough to get good sponsors Some I'm very lucky and thankful so you mention the time that you spend in Asia and the time that you spend keeping those sponsors happy there has sometimes sometimes been a feeling mostly with the male players that the the schedule forgetting sponsorship is he. Is You convinced the company to sponsor you you put their patch on your shirt and then you're done and really all you have to do is just keep winning tournaments and then they lose those sponsors and wonder why but you have you have kept these sponsors through all these years what what can a top player due for a sponsor besides making balls with their patch on. Yeah I mean you know unfortunately away just a logo On streamed matches TV matches. Erna is not going to do enough for you. Sponsors wants us you know I think now of course being a different era we've got the social media you've really got to do a quite a bit on social media free responses houses including myself to a mall I actually do is something to I'm now starting to involve mall way. You know you promoting you a sponsor's Whether it's basically just talking about equipment all whether you're actually during some kind of videos using equipment and You know just pushing them that way. But over the years after the law of exhibition matches where for example sample. I'll do challenges and they can win Russell's Russell tickets for Q. Aw Aw I sell the products at the the shows that I do and you know again just create the interest of of them particular brands. I also in China do law of promotional things by traveling around to that de las port nominee exhibition. Or we're just mutant that dealers and going for dinner This things like for example During some photographing autographing photos made up. And instead of just being your photo may show you responses on that and that logos goes and it's just a multitude of of of waste to involve them in your career as opposed to just using them you know is it's involving them being than being part of you would say so any promotion you do for yourself in any way is making sure your sponsors of that With you throughout throughout all that any kind of media things like what we're doing right now down to a newspaper down to a interview for TV or just Stephen a magazine interview. You know. You've got a mention them in. You've got to really push push them in every way you can like I said as much as you promote yourself you Komo melt them with you okay. You're you're taking a break right now. You're you're back home for the holidays. How long will you get to you? Relax without having to think about pool tournaments well right now. I'm not the next tournament I know of is going to be a much so I've got quite a bit of time but however Journa- not three months if you like I also teach and and I teach in Hong Kong Trained in Hong Kong national team So I plan to be going out there two of the January February spending a few weeks with the national team. They're training their their elite retain which actually at the moment and I think his current world champion is the Junie will. Champion is one of the kids. That and the other one's certainly the runner up So they've got a great team of players great standard an I go out there and train them for a couple of weeks and see if I can give them some of my old wisdom. If you're like well I'm glad you're getting a chance chance to relax a little bit and enjoy your Third World Championship night. You've you've one snooker World Championships Avenue. Yes managed to win six of them and I also won them the three times two or three times. I One d leads. The English English billiards World Championships. Can Yeah slow. Well Kelly. I appreciate you taking a little bit of time from your your holidays to to talk to his big congratulations on the win. I can't think of well. I'm sure there's other players who can but I can't think of a more deserving the world champion for right now while I really appreciate that my like Assam shift a bit and Really thrilled to manage to pull that off. And so thank you so much and I appreciate all the funds out there and appreciate all the support. Everybody gives us an You it doesn't go missed and I wish everybody a happy holiday. Merry Christmas and look forward to twenty twenty and we can keep on improving moving on on two thousand nineteen results. Will you said you were at ninety. Percents you've got you've got ten percent to go yet and I'm going to go for that I really am. I going to get back on the practice table after the new year and hopefully by March can be gearing up. That's going to be the Chinese. He's eight bull world championships. So fingers crossed that seth while not not one. I'm a big mess. My goal to win that one. I'll be gearing up for the bat sell. That will be lovely all right. Well you have a great holiday and if we don't talk to you before then. Good luck at the Chinese eight ball world championship chip. Thank you very much and everybody else have a great holiday you to Mike. Thanks Kelly thank you okay. That was your women's world time champion. Kelly Fisher I appreciate her taking some time to to sit down and talk with us. Hopefully we will have another a show within the next week or so. I'm I'm not sure who that guest will be but I will work on getting that put together. I WANNA thank everybody for listening ope. Everybody has a great new year's holiday holiday and Dave we are always thinking about you aw.

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