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Hey what's going on everybody? I'm only Karen rose. You're listening to the first. Take podcast in wishing you guys all well at home. Hope everyone is healthy in safe. Obviously there's enough uncertainty to go around right now in net sweet reduces it by giving you visibility and control with so many critical decisions to make. You need the right numbers in. You need them now. Netflix BY ORACLE. The world's number one crowd business system with nets. Wait we give financial cash flow payroll inventory and more all in one place so you have clear visibility in total control of Your Business. Netflix customers have the flexibility to work from anywhere with immediate clarity on critical information right at their fingertips knowing or guessing. No more waiting. Make smarter decisions with confidence. Because you've got a crystal clear visibility into your numbers join over twenty thousand companies. Who Trust next week to stay in control. Receive Your Free Guide managing business uncertainty and schedule your free product to a right now at ness wheat dot com slash. Molly don't wait. Get Your Free Guide and schedule your free product tour at net sweet dot com slash M. O. L. L. Y. next week dot com slash. Molly stay safe. Good morning everybody. Welcome into I take as you can see the first two episodes of the last dance aired last night. Can't wait to break it all down Stephen a Smith Max Kellerman. Mike Greenberg here with greeny. Thank you for sticking around after. Get up obviously bringing a unique perspective. You're in Chicago covering the Bulls. Just a young buck so gentlemen. We will get into all angles. But I WANNA START WITH SCOTTIE PIPPEN. So obviously he is widely considered the best number to ever and he was significantly underpaid as we saw in the dock he was making two point eight million that season to put that into perspective. He was the one hundred and twenty second highest paid player in the NBA and only the sixth highest player on that Bulls squad as you saw the controversial GM. Jerry Krause didn't want to sign him to a new deal as the Bulls attempted. That six. Ring Stephen Do you feel bad for Scotty? A. My immediate answer would be yes and the reason it would be. Yes because Scotty pippin one could have easily argued at the time was one of the top five players in the world He was a champion. He was five time champion. At the time going into that last season we know what he would have been. We have Michael Jordan on the record on numerous occasions anytime you mentioned him. And his championships. You've got to mention Scottie Pippen. Because he couldn't without him and I think that. What resume is Jerry Krause and Jerry REINSDORF JERRY? Krause who got Russell Was in a hall of fame. Gm he deserved those out. Glade but it's a male. He allowed his ego. Gpa involved alienate people the way that he did he needed to see quaint. Needed to receive but not too. I'm GonNa let Iran stove off the hook. Yeah we were having some technical difficulties with Steven A. I think Stevens fine right now. So if you want to finish your thoughts Steven A. And then we can. We can get to Mac unless you're already you've done us. None and I was saying that. Jerry Reinsdorf I'm not GonNa let him off the hook and the reason why I'm not GonNa let Jerry off the hook is that he's the boss. It was him that worked out the one year. Six million dollar deal for Phil Jackson for that last season. Or what have you? He was Jerry Krause's boss. You know what there are exceptions. We understand Scottie. Pippen signed the contract. He was under contract. You could have found a way to take Care Scotty. Pippin better than that. In other words we negotiate the deal and after that I don't WanNa hear it and the B so dog so hardcore their options to every rule and if ever there was an except was Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen initials. It was just unfortunate. They're both Jerry. Reinsdorf AND JERRY. Krause had to be so dogging air approach to things way that Scottie didn't help that last year. Because Michael was right he was selfish. There is no question about that and that sort of takes the shine off of the people in this particular situation for ride stoff. Did you ever crowds were the culprits. All of this because they did not have to spend it the way that they did and they chose to anyway just because of their principles in terms of how they do things it was it was really sad to see that Max Molly to answer your question. Yes I feel. Sorry for Scotty Pippin. He was obviously when Jordan retired for those two years. The second best player in the game. He was clearly the second best player in the game. So when Jordan comes back he's what the third best player your top three player. Even people who wrongly argue. He's only top five or something like that. You put your paid outside the top one hundred. Yes the team. Got a great deal on him. He signed that deal as the documentary. Which by the way is I mean? You know it's the old Eddie Murphy Line. If you store starving guy a crack my God this is the Ritz. But what if you throw a starving Guy Filet Mignon? Because that's what we've done here like I know. Look this is an ESPN production and here we are on ESPN. But Oh my God just as a basketball fan. I was going nuts last night. Especially you have like L. L. and rock is the backdrop the soundtrack over Jordan. It was insane but anyway as the documentary made clear Scotty grew up in real poverty so real poverty even by people whose standards are well. I understand this. You know this is. This was real poverty and hardship Scottie. Pippen grew up in so when he signs a seventeen million dollar long-term deal. Okay we get it. He's trading some upside for financial security given his background. You understand why he did. It and the team is like okay. We got a team friendly deal. Tough luck how ever there are extenuating circumstances when a guy proves he's an almost not almost an MVP caliber player but he's played can paid like an also ran and by the way his contract is coming up. You know like it's it's not like they needed for salary. Cap Relief the Bulls were in attracting any major free agents. There was just Jordan Pippen and CUCO and by that time coach Robin. They had to pay. But those guys were a soft you can escalate their contracts under the CAP because they're already on the team so the fact that they didn't pay pippen was to play him cheap. I feel bad for them. It should have never left when the star is cursing out to GM on the team bus and the team is doing anything about it because pippen has leverage. You don't WanNa break that up especially that year. Then there's something wrong something has to be done to remedy it and instead of looking to trade him or otherwise having chafe under the bad contract just just extend it for a couple years. Tear up the deal and give him a new one. Jordan was GONNA get thirty million the next year and Pippen's on two points something come on sort of the way. The timing worked out with guys I was there and I can tell you a couple of things about Jerry. Reinsdorf said to Scotty Pippin when he was signing the deal. Don't sign this. This is not a good contract for you. You don't want to do this. But Scottie. Pippen had a significant. He didn't just have a back story. He also had a back injury and he was very concerned that it would limit him and they would actually wind up. Having a very short career people forget that he had a serious back injury and there was significant concern that he would wind up. Not being able play anymore and Jerry. Reinsdorf said if we signed this deal if you get hurt I still have to pay you all this money which was eighteen million dollars if you outperform a do not come back to me. Do not come back and tell me I need more money. This isn't a reasonable contract so I think the rules. The rules of the game were on the table when it got signed. I'm not suggesting that it was the right thing to do. But it was all out there laid out for him before he decided to do what Steven A. And he made the decision to do it. Anyway take the security because there was serious question. You'll remember serious concern that his back trouble might actually wind up limiting his career. Well and I'm glad you said that you're not suggesting the right thing. It was the right thing to do. Because that's what I am addressing here. What I'm saying about Jerry Reinsdorf this certainly you set up the and you put it all out the you laid it out there in front four him. But what even Jerry Reinsdorf could not have predicted was the way that the NBA would balloon and its popularity to a point where with the television contracts and beyond they were making more money that they had ever imagined. If you're making that kind of money more money than you ever imagined certainly your with your right legally and otherwise you did put it out the all out there in front of him but he did overcome to back injuries. He had repeatedly assisted in winning championships. If hollinshead and robbed them against the New York Knicks they might have won the championship the year nine hundred ninety four without Michael Jordan because they were still very very good and I thought better than most teams and I thought they could potentially beat. Houston you take all of those things into consideration. Greeny and your ride stop. You didn't know you didn't foresee do being able to make the Kinda money that you mate so once you made it damn year you're right but damn just say one other point you know who else has contract. Didn't Redo during that time. Michael Jordan Jordan Michael Jordan was the fourth or fifth highest paid player on his own team for the majority of that run and it was not until vet that he started doing the thirty million dollars a year. One year deals that was consistent. Fantasy like it or not. But that's the thing. He was getting thirty. One other guys were getting four and five three and four eventually. Jordan made it up. I agree with you greeny and Stephen on the facts. Greenie even saying. Hey don't sign this and outperforming etcetera in years one or two but as you approach the end of the deal the way business works. Is You usually dead? It extended if you're an all star in the NBA were MVP caliber player. They'll extend you a year or two now pippen. They may have viewed on the downside. Hey we don't want to do this to ourselves. We want to rebuild. How does the REBUILDING PROCESS GOING CHICAGO? Wouldn't they have been smarter in like in the moment the right thing to do okay extended deal? Here's the money a couple of years and you get balloon payments. And in retrospect might they have kept that together an extra year without all the unnecessary stripe and had seven championships? What would that have been worth to the organization? It was the wrong move at the time. It was the wrong move. In retrospect I co presents left brain versus right brain. I've decided it's a sensible decision to switch to GEICO. Okay actually we could save ourselves hundreds of dollars a year on car. Insurance airbrush Pegasus on the side of our hatchback. No we will not ever Sh- I saw on the side of our hatchback. We will reinvest that savings in a high yield investment like a mutual fund riding a Jetski. Playing Guitar cannot believe we share the same GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more over the weekend. There was more noise about the browns China Shop Odell Beckham junior after the giants already traded. Oh bj away keep in mind. He's arguably one of the best receivers in the leagues. Are Adam Schefter. Shut down the notion that the browns want him out but by several measures. Odell coming off the worst season of his career his first year with the browns. He set career lows in catches receiving yards and touchdowns excluding his injury. Shorten twenty-seven tease with the giants. Marcus Spears is with us now. Good to see you marcus. Hope you had a nice weekend. Stephen I'll start with you here. Do you think Odell should be worried about his place in the NFL? At this point I think it should. I think he should from a reputation standpoint. I don't believe it's his fault but I believe that he was railroaded by the New York. Giants mainly Dave Gettleman Their willingness to move him after signing him to a ninety five million dollar deal talking about him the way that they did making noise about him the way that they did for him to leave to depart from the New York giants and they ended up in Cleveland and Cleveland to have some of the issues that they had again. I don't think it was his fault. But nevertheless he's caught in the middle of it. We know what of an electrifying talent talent? Odell Beckham Junior is on. Fortunately people wait for now just as much as a row. Ix is his temperament. What kind of temper Tantrum is he going to put forth? What have you and that that emanates directly from his time with the New York giants you got saquon Barkley. They're just imagine right now. Dan You Jones was your quarterback and he wasn't fumbling the damn football but if he were your quarterback along with Saquon Barkley running the football Odell Beckham Junior. As one of your wideouts I think one could look at the New York giants and say. Excuse me they'd be considerably better off. But that's not the kind of discussion that we're having because he's going and he's gone not because of his ability at all it was because he didn't do things the way and. I think that we all we're all we've all been smart enough to point that out about the New York giants and how foolhardy they wore in electing to let him go but nevertheless particularly with younger players that a temperamental and especially when they're black these kind of things never ever ever escape them they it gives as attached to them like velcro and unfortunately with Odell Beckham Julia. That's what people talk about so it's not just about about you know his ability. It's about where he plays. What kind of leadership is in place? And how comfortable are they? Are they going to be with having him? The unfortunately. That's what you have to think about because of how his name was sullied by Dave gettleman in the New York giants. Well I'm worried about Dell's place in the NFL but not because exclusively or even maybe mostly of gentleman in the giants look. I've been worrying about his place in history because I think he's the most talented guy ever period ever bent clues everybody at the position. So why shouldn't he be the best ever because he's not right so that's one thing? I'm worried about his place in history. But we're beyond that. Now right yeah. He's got a lot of catching up to do. He's not twenty two twenty three and setting records anymore. I'm worried about his place in the NFL. Because even that position on the top three with like who are the top three receivers and football at changes year to year back in the day. It was Andre Johnson forever and then also know. It's Calvin Johnson's like veteran that it changes. Who's the best of the top three Dez Bryant and Antonio Brown and and Julio Jones whose left standing from that only Julio Jones Antonio Brown's out of League Dez Bryant is looking for a job Odell Beckham instead of Dez Bryant and where's Odell top-three? Usually the people mentioned him as Michael Thomas. And it's and it's De'andre Hopkins and People say Oh Dell's name right now so you want to look at the giants that's fine. They did him no favours. He had an old quarterback no offensive. Line NO RUNNING GAME. And he didn't look good but then it happened again with the browns. And whatever else you want to say. What's the saying twice as coincidence? Three times as pattern. He's on his way to pattern. He went from a guy. Odell who was about one hundred receptions a year for fourteen hundred yards in like a dozen touchdowns. That's what you'd expect. From Odell Beckham. Last couple of years is two consecutive years. Two different teams to different situations. Thousand yards seventy five receptions half a dozen touchdowns does that sound like the sound like you know the white out so yes I am worried about. Oh Dell's place in the NFL. He has no time waste and I can't just pin this on the giants because that's twice now where he is underperforming consecutive years. He needs to have a bounceback season word about his place in the NFL because his talent is still there and he's screwed in this league that his talent is elite. What you just mentioned maks about what happened. Interest by the New York with ally obviously aging bad off. Its of land and trying to figure out the direction that program. What did he end up in last year with the Cleveland? Browns was that not the same thing was in that the Cleveland Browns. They hired a coach. That probably shouldn't have been the head coach. Was it not the Cleveland Browns? They thought they had a star of budding. Star quarterback digressed in his second year wasn't the Cleveland. Browns decided. They needed to featured Neko more than they need to. Throw the ball downfield. All of these things transpire. We saw glimpses and flashes of Odell Beckham by no means. Am I saying that? He doesn't play a part in his perc- fall off in the NFL. But I guarantee you this if Odell Beckham and the Cleveland. Browns end up having a large amount of success. I mean if the Cleveland browns ended up having a large amount of success it'll be because Odell Beckham Jr. Oh you're performed as one of the top three wide receivers in the league this year. That's not going to go so I don't want to Bash Odell Beckham Junior based on the things that we talk about with the New York giants and the Cleveland Browns because neither one of those organizations and Assad drew had the ability to put any player in a position to be successful and the one player that was successful and kind of head. A lot of the glare weaknesses for the New York judge when they were still a bad football team. What's Odell Beckham Joan? You are not denying that. That's clear that that's the if someone had to guess yes. What's the main contributing factor? To the fact he's fallen off. I would agree with you guys. But let's not pretend he hasn't fallen off like that's the case so when we're talking about his position in the NFL. Part of that is branding. The way you think about a guy. And it's like an actor right a star actor in Hollywood. Open a movie big now. They're on top because because because the box office is big. You know why that is normally. It's not because that actor is so great. It's because they chose the right project the right director the macro question and then they do that a couple of times hold on. They do that a couple of times and you start to think. Oh every time that dude's in something that ladies I wanna go see that right. They pick a bad script or two. That's over old. Dell has worked with the wrong directors and the wrong script for two years in a row assay being present. I don't talk to hold on. Hold US first of all. Don't be telling people to hold on. Hold on to listen to your point when we show you talking about movie scripts. That's number one number two. What has been a drop off with. Odell Beckham Junior. What are you talking about? What drop-off Max. When when did you see that when you see that? Okay Odell was quiet. The last two years Stephen. Ames fourteen hundred yards a dozen touchdowns a thousand yards five touchdowns four touchdowns. You'RE GONNA wake up the same bloated question question question that you said. Two years ago. Last year was his first year with Cleveland. Right isn't that correct where he got traded from New York to Cleveland? You were raving about his electrifying talent. You have believed he li- many all right and Bob mcadoo those boys for what he was lacking and talked about that now he was what. Baker Mayfield how it was going to be all world. So how is it all of a sudden? Now you turn around and you're saying over the last two years there's been a drop off when just last shift you said there. What's no drop off because it was dead? How about it? Let's let me be clear. Once once is happenstance that could be bad. Look twice could be coincidence. Three times is pattern. So let me flip that around and ask you thought sitting here going. Oh I'm not sitting here going. Oh Dallas done all Dell's not all world I'm saying am I concerned about his place in the NFL. Yes I am and I'll tell you why let's say. He gets his wish as reported and gets traded and has another off season. That's three times now. Stephen and you will be sitting on. I take going look. This ain't everybody else's fault so Odell is a bomb. I'm saying I'M CONCERNED. I'm saying to you that if I took into account. Eli many he was playing with. What year and then it was Baker. Mayfield this past season. Excuse me that would depend next. November drew brees be right Ben. Rothlisberger that we'll be different our QB continuing series today stop in Carolina. Cam is out. Teddy is in bridgewater winks. Ninth and completion percentage among NFL QUARTERBACKS. With a thousand passes twenty seven bridgewater is twenty two and twelve as a starter in his career. He went five with the saints in Two Thousand. Nineteen joining us now. One of the all time great panthers. Nfl Network analysts. Steve Smith senior. No one caught more passes in his career than from Cam than Steph's. Thank you so much for being with us this morning and still get right into it. Since there's a lot of Steve Smith's on the show today it might get very confusing. So Max I don't I start with you here. Are you coming from you confident. Stevie stevie cease to it is. It is Max Or are you confident. Teddy is a franchise quarterback yes. I am confident. He's a franchise quarterback. I'm not saying a leader or anything like that. But Franchise Miller is more than just a starter. Let's remember Teddy Bridgewater. He don't do anything fancy. He has certain things in common though with Tom. Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. Quick reads gets rid of the ball quick and I know it's like Qbr and all that stuff puts him as kind of middle of the pack guy which as we know again the weight you're perceived if you spent your whole career with one team you hadn't gotten injured and stuff. The brand can be very different. He was a first round. Pick if you just stayed put and hadn't gotten hurt we think of whom differently but let's actually look at what he's done and evaluate them that way it's twenty two and twelve as a starter lifetime. Twenty two and twelve quarterback records could be deceiving. No hold on now. Teddy Bridgewater howdy due for a bad team. He was drafted by bad team. Five and eleven. I think I think they won. Five Games six games the year before he was drafted five games. I want to say then. They're seven to nine but what was. He is a rookie six and six. So he's taking over a team that loses twice as much as they win but when he quarterbacks team they win just as much as they lose as a rookie. What happens after that? Well if he's twenty two and twelve and he's six and six as a rookie for a bad team. Figure that one out. Sixteen and six cents. Then yeah well. The saints were good. They weren't undefeated good but they were undefeated when Teddy Bridgewater quarterback team. So why is this happening for a bad team? They double their performance under bridgewater for an excellent team. They do better under bridgewater at a certain point. When you look at the body of work you have to say. This is just a good quarterback and I expect bridgewater to have success. Doesn't mean it's going to win the Super Bowl doesn't mean he's going to be a top five guy or a guy. You'RE GONNA take a daily fantasy. But I am. I confident. He's a franchise quarterback. Yes I am. I'm not a good. I think that he's talented. But when you say franchise quarterback I'm sorry not just about being good. It's not just about being above average. Just about being the face of a franchise. That's my definition of a franchise quarterback if we want to disagree on what our definition of a franchise quarterback is so be it. But that's where I'm coming from. Certainly he's starting quarterback in the national football league because I don't think thirty individuals are qualified to be franchised quarterbacks. Just because you're a star doesn't mean that you're a franchise quarterback my definition of a franchise quarterback that somebody who's not pedestrian. That somebody WHO's not a game manager it somebody. That's the face of your franchise as your quarterback for the foreseeable future. We give him the ball and we're confident that he could it done? Not just with US regular season games but he could potentially make some noise in the postseason and that has yet to be proven with Teddy Bridgewater. Yes he's completed. Sixty five percent of his passes. Yes he's sixteen and since his rookie season. Us's twenty to twelve overall as a starting quarterback in the national football league. Demand has been in the League for about five or six years albeit due to injury. We get all of that. He's thrown about seven thousand yards in that span. The God doesn't knock your socks off. I like them. I respect them. I think he has an upside. I hope that he ultimately evolves and elevates himself to a franchise caliber quarterback but when I think franchise I'm thinking here's the football it's yours. Take us there. Steve Smith is not a quarterback. He was wide receiver but when he was in Carolina. Okay he was your franchise guy they said. Here's the damn football. We want him to have it. Take us there. That is what franchise is to me. I'll give them a franchise. Linebacker is a franchise. Lyman is a franchise secondary player. Cornerback quarterback tyrod. I don't give a damn when you say franchise that's what you're talking about. Daddy no damn Teddy Bridgewater yet. Wow I guess as I'm getting older in being on the media side of this business I actually agree with Max and Stephen A little bit of both of what you guys said is is really intriguing. A franchise quarterback franchise whatever position. The question is can you win or without that Guy? Right now to Carolina. Panthers are in place that really requires. They have to analyze every single position. And they're starting with the quarterback I I don't necessarily agree with them. Releasing Cam Newton. But they did that every franchise. We'll do that weather's. Both parties agreed mutual separation. Or just comes about it. The way does however each team evaluates in one of the new team when a new organization has a new owner and then eventually gets a new head. Coach transitions happen and each coach and owner. They want their guys whether people like it or not. That's just the way business. Goes you feel more comfortable. And you take the winds and unfortunately lumps of losses a little bit better when you have guys that you feel more comfortable with. That's not wrong. Right on differ. That's just the way it is when you're talking about millions and billions of dollars in other men's Egos and perspective and I don't I as a player I didn't necessarily agree with it and I didn't see it that way but now obviously as I've gotten older and seen a lot of how things have transpired through the back through the channels of what's way business is done in football and being a businessman or attempting to be a businessman like myself. I can respect not always agree. Respect the way things are done and understand that. Sometimes when money's involved egos things are going to get. Messy is teddy bridgewater a franchise quarterback. They picked him up and free agency and free agency as a quick fix stuff k. That's what free agency is. The draft is about getting long-term Acquisitions you do your homework. You do you you you check their social you get their social security number. You get all of their information. That's what the draft is free agency is. It is really as you're just far on someone for that amount of time. And then you get the guy that you want to draft or maybe to free agency or trade for young player. That's how you free agency and Teddy Bridgewater Matt Role in Carolina Panthers. That's their guy for right now but don't be mistaken at some point. They will draft a quarterback for the future. The same way when Jake alone was Was Released Carolina. They drafted Jimmy costs. That didn't work. They drafted Tony. Pike didn't work then. They drafted a guy named Cam Newton and it worked now cam. Newton has become like every other franchise quarterback is done is is his time has come up and whether we like it or not. That's just part of all right. Steve Thank you still with us this morning. Remember I'm sorry. Go ahead molly. We can respond or not because if we have time. You know you respond. Do you have time Gulf War? I I appreciate the points. Steve Smith the football players. Stephen A. is making here. When you say franchise quarterback the way you're defining it means elite quarterback okay in that case by definition. How many are there five or six guys? Not Teddy. Bridgewater is not five top? Five or six Steve Smith the receiver. I agree with you. He will be perceived as a stopgap measure right. So does that seem franchise no not exactly but there were others and you can say there were more talented rich. Gannon or at a certain point in his career. Kurt Warner who were considered maybe stopgap measures or maybe turns out. They were excellent against the case for a period of time and Kurt Warner's case toward the end of his career. Teddy Bridgewater is not gonNA. Wow you with his arm. You're right. They will likely draft others but what he is very likely to do is win a lot of games by the way for his because he's still relatively young for the foreseeable future. He's not Cam Newton but Stephen you talk about a guy who's representing your franchise Teddy Bridgewater out front and center. It's a pretty good choice while so if you want. If you want to sit up there bring up the fact that you're talking to Steve Smith the football player as opposed to Steven A. Why the hell are you doing all the talking watch you let him speak by simply asking this question? Steve Smith what is your definition of a franchise player. Give me your definition of a fantastic deal as a football player. What the definition as I can't as a football player because it has changed locker rooms have changed over the years whether we like it or not. Let's be honest as a analysts. I would say a franchise quarterback is a Guy One. You gotTa have a system and understand. Does that player play well in my system. Because you can't just have any old God plane any old system because that always work and there's thirty two examples good or bad that shows us when honestly is Matt Rule has a system in which they believe me and they believe in working out the kinks at the half at at the expense of Teddy Bridgewater and hoping that it works out. So my thing. My Franchise quarterback any franchise position. Can we win without him? I mean can we win with him and if he's Gone? Do we miss him? And how much do we do? And how much equity does require to replace him. That is a franchise quarterback and that's why we're talking so much about. Tom Brady drew brees and some of the very few other guys that are up innate order back our NFL droplets series continues with the reigning NFC. East champions of Philadelphia. Eagles certainly need help at receiver position. Mel Kiper has been taken Alabama wide receiver Henry Henry Rugs that third and latest mock the eagles T- losses are Nelson. Jason Peters in Malcolm Jenkins Eagles when the NFC east with a nine seven record and lost to the sea hawks in wildcard round Max. I'll start with you here do things. Eagles alw- it to Carson Wentz to get him some help at the receiver position always Carson Wentz. They gave him one of the biggest contracts and football so that he could help. Carry that offense. The great quarterbacks like Donovan mcnabb even years where they don't have stuff can get you to the playoffs and usually advanced it's not what Carson Wentz did last year helped get them to the playoffs in the weakest division maybe in the history of football by the way and everyone he beat down the stretch when everyone was lauding how great. He was down the stretch every team. He beat another. Nfc East quarterback looked better in that in right around then against that same team and these were rookies like Daniel Jones who were looking better than Carson Wentz against those same team's terrible teams by the way Carson Wentz has a has the ability to be an MVP. He's shown in flashes but was way too inconsistent last year. Should they draft? Why shouldn't be a good idea? Even though injury was really the problem last year. If Sean Jackson you know can play obviously. He's you know very motivated for twenty. Twenty Alshon Jeffery. He'll be traded. Maybe not maybe they'll draft the receiver. Steve probably is a good idea. Why not but this is a team that is healthy kind of loaded and paid the quarterback a whole lot of money to get it done on Carson Wentz to get it done. The team doesn't oh him a wide out. I completely disagree with you. First of all pay attention to the sport that we're talking about here. It's not like basketball even though you still need a team no matter what sport. You're playing in a team sport. You can take the ball and say to hell out the way. Give it to me. I'll take you to quarterback can't do that. You gotTA throw a ball. Somebody's got to run the routes and catch the ball and it has to be your receiver. Or you're tied in when you bring up Donovan. Mcnabb reminded in two thousand four when they wanted to the super bowl. Who WAS RECEIVER? That would happen to be Tara Lowest. He wasn't available for the playoffs because he got injured near the end of the regular season but he was playing lights out during that regular season what ultimately propelled them to the Super Bowl. They had guys that were relative. No names like todd. Pinkston of the World Freddie Mitchell's the eljay Smith's of the World Chad Lewis of the world. I get all of that but then brothers had been playing with Donovan mcnabb. There was a cohesiveness cohesion. Togetherness that they had they were familiar with one another so they were able to overcome. It also helped along by an elite defense led by Jimmy Johnson defensive coordinator who was blitz and all day every day and just wreaking havoc throughout the national for the National Football Conference in the end however it still came down. When you looked at the Philadelphia Eagles were really really propelled them because of the regular season that they had was the acquisition of terrel. Owens we can't ignore that if you're if you're a carson wentz right now does Shawn. Jackson was hurt last year. You gotta get him healthy obviously Nelson AG. The law is gone. You're looking at them. They desperately need a receiver. I definitely think they needed to buff their defense but they did that in a second every which was ranked nineteenth against the past by acquiring Daria slate more so than the kill Roby Coleman. I'm thinking about Darius laying what he can bring to the table and I think that's going to be an upgrade compared to what they had last year but ultimately now it's about cost and went to have a receivers. They dropped passes. Dan Alaska was on the show with us. Max last season and he highlighted at least three to four games that the eagles lost because of dropped passes key pivotal moments. We can't ignore that. We gotta pay attention to that Carson. Wentz could do a lot of things like a lot of NFL. Quarterbacks can do what you cannot do is throw a football to yourself and catch your own passes. Somebody's gotTa do that for and the Eagles got to help them out. In that regard they have a hall of fame tight end. They have to tight ends. That are really really good. And they have some receivers but as you said. They were hurt last year and they have an offensive line. But some guys were hurt. I'm not saying that Carson Wentz doesn't have high upside I. He should be a top five quarterback. He's not he's not so so what I'm looking at primarily is him now as I said it'd be a good idea to deep receiver class. Why not get a young guy? You don't really have to pay yet. Who can go out and make plays for your short. But they do not all that to him. And yes you can single out the season where you had t o but there were seasons one in particular. We're mcnabb really didn't have much and he's still overcame it now okay. That's a very high comparison like that's a very high standard to compare someone to Donovan. Mcnabb has become an incredibly underrated historical quarterback. I've always said that he's he's running back away in the critical time like John elway of being thought of John Elway and he'd been on a little better team and won two superbowl John. Elway all of a sudden so I understand it's a high standard but Carson Wentz has that kind of talent and even though we made some spectacular plays. He made a lot of bad place to couldn't hold onto both interceptions. Got Too bad sex late in games and then manage to overcome it and sometimes because he got a little lucky so yes it would be a good idea to get a wide out Steven A. No they don't owe it to Carson Wentz in fact if anyone knows anything he owes the team got over one hundred million as okay but we don't have to leave it up. We're going to leave it on that note but I do. WanNa leave Max with their best weapon. The end of the season was Greg Ward Junior four perspective. You might not have heard of him as a receiver because he played quarterback in Houston and played quarterback in the AF before that league was shut down so that was the best guy he was working with the last few months.

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