Trevor Interviews Jennifer Garner About Her Save with Stories Initiative


You're listening to comedy central. What's going on everybody terminal? Welcome to another episode of the daily social distancing show. We're starting week four of staying at home to try and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. As you may have noticed yes. I've decided to move to a different spot. In my apartment's you see me and that other part of my apartment had a big fight so I'm trying to make jealous. Yeah I'm in a new spot now as she treats me right anyway. Here's your quarantine tip of the day if you're running out of jail. There's an easy way to smell nice. It's you take something called a shower. I don't know what those are anyway on. Tonight's episode. We're going to learn how to make mosque at home. Some people say Jesus can protect you from Corona virus and Donald Trump finally admits. He's not a doctor. So let's get into it. Welcome to the daily social distancing show from Trevor's couch in New York City. Your couch somewhere in the world. This is the daily social distancing show with Trevor Noah. Here's a let's kick it off with the big news here. In the United States the country is bracing for a week that the surgeon General Jerome Adams said is going to be our Pohamba moment and nine eleven moments adding that this is going to be the hardest and saddest week of most Americans lives. That's a really really dire warning. But despite these warnings there are still people who are not taking social distancing seriously for some cities good weather was all it took to drought the crowds people gathering in San Francisco flooding Washington. Dc's payments seafood. Warf Saturday and strolling. New York's Central Park in Los Angeles officers breaking up a celebration for a one year old little girl calling and reinforcement. After the crowd became across the country religious leaders are holding services and risking their parishioners and their communities health driving out of this Ohio. Parking lot is a woman who just attended a church service with dozens of other people including children. Can I ask you about your decision to go to church to be inside that building? I wouldn't be anywhere else. Aren't you concerned you could infect other people if you get sick inside now people little connor? I'm covering Jesus blood. I'm covered. Jesus blood people just because Jesus is on. Your side doesn't mean you can't get sick. Don't forget Jesus was on Jesus's side and he died. Okay yeah he came back but that was like a one time thing. I think it's like Mario Brothers lives. Maybe he's got two left and you know it's funny. How a lot of these same people who say Jesus will protect them from Corona. Virus are the same people stocking up on guns? Get it won't the blood of Jesus protect you from an intruder? Nah I'm going with Buckshot for this one he needs. Jesus more than me and look whether you want to believe in corona virus or not it Israel and today the United States Pasta. Ten Thousand Corona virus deaths and experts are saying that that number is probably under counting things because apparently many deaths in the US have been labelled as pneumonia or influenza when they will likely corona virus now as America reaches the hottest week yet. This epidemic states around the country have been begging the federal government to help them find ventilators for they overcrowded hospitals but because the federal government took so long to react to this crisis. President trump just doesn't have enough ventilators to go around what he can give people. Though is some unsolicited medical advice. President trump says he thinks doctors should use the drug eye doctor Corcoran to treat patients who've tested positive that's hydroxy chloroquine and and again you have to go through a medical people get the approval but I've seen things that I sort of like. So what do I know? I'm not a doctor. I'm not a doctor. Okay here's what I don't get. Trump is acknowledging. He's not a doctor. While legitimate doctors who could onto these questions are standing right there next to him. Why are we getting his opinion at all? Imagine if you went in for a checkup and there was just some random dude behind your doctor. Giving HIS OPINION. Like if you ask me it looks like you've got some of that age cancer but what do I know? I'm just a guy who hangs out here. And you have to give some credit trump though for at least giving a disclaimer. That he's not a doctor. I mean he doesn't normally do that. In fact he should end all of his. Co. Virus Press Conferences. Like a pharmaceutical ad. He's just come up like Donald trump is not a doctor and he's advice should not be taken seriously if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours please let Donald Trump no because that's pretty cool now before you get depressed by the fact that America is being led someone who knows less about medicine than Dr Pepper. There is still a lot of good news out there. Don't lose hope for instance in Europe. Although Spain and Italy are slim reporting more than ten thousand new infections each day. They're corona numbers of finally slowing down. Which could be a sign that the worst has passed and South Korea the superstars they reported only forty seven new cases yesterday and with fewer than two hundred deaths out of a population of fifty one million people. South Korea has basically emerged as maybe the only nation to have handled the pandemic with near complete success. And I mean let's be south. Korea was always going to be corona because from what I can tell everyone in. That country has a basement inside their basement. So I mean if you're the virus could finding a South Korean person but maybe the best news of all is that there were rumors that net flicks might be dropping a new episode of Tiger King People. That's right Jeff. Low told a fan online that he had been filmed for a new episode scheduled to drop this week. Yeah and when Jeff ever lied. I mean if you can't trust the sixty five year old man who dresses like a rebellious teenager. Who can you trust? And I guess this is how low the bar has gotten four councillors. Good News Right. Now we find out. There's more episodes about deranged murderers and people being cruel to animals. And we're like yes. Oh some good news. Thank you and I'm GonNa be honest guys. I am terrified of this news because every episode of Tiger King has been crazier than the previous episode. So what's going to happen in this new episode are we gonNA find out Carol Baskin and her husband faked his death to get the insurance money and he's been secretly living inside one of those tigers all along but let's move on over the weekend. We got a major update from the CDC. After months of telling us that only sick people should be wearing mosques the CDC now says everyone should cover their faces with mosques made from cloth like shirts or Bandanas or scarves because apparently even people who don't have symptoms of Corona virus can unknowingly spread the corona virus. We'll all corona virus. Sounds like an inspirational message. Even if you don't feel corona corona can feel you so basically any time we go outside for essentials. All of us should have abandoned with something on our face the CDC is going to have everybody looking like broke mortal. Kombat CHARACTERS DOODOO. Farris another close. Just get over there but still folks. That's a major shift from the CDC and it's already having a big impact for instance. Joe Biden said that from now on. He will wear a mosque in public. Because it's important to follow the science. Meanwhile president trump has said that these guidelines are voluntary and he will probably not wear. Musk which let's be honest doesn't surprise anyone. Trump is all about appearance not going to be wearing. A mosque. Doesn't care about safety. In fact the only way they can get him to where mosque is if he's aids trick him going to trick him like he's a child. No Mr President. It's not a mask it's a border wall for your face so viruses are like the Mexicans who've germs. I got it now if you not the president and you want to help and try and stop the spread of Corona virus. You can make your own mosque at home. Yeah all you have to do is put pieces together and you can so you own mosque if you want to and I know it sounds difficult but actually watch some youtube videos and it's actually pretty easy. Hey guys so. I'm sure you how to make your own face mosque at home. All you need is a piece of fabric like a t shirt and then something to cook with you. WanNa get the fabric to the place we so that's basically how you make a face mosque. Pretty simple but you know just to see how other people do it. I'M GONNA check in with some of the correspondence and see if they've had any success. Because I I know. There are pretty crafty group of individuals. So let me just skyping withdraw Buki. Buki what's going on? Do you trevor. Lewis up I just got back from a walk outside. Have you been down? The street is beautiful this time of year. That's actually the reason I'm calling you. I can't I can't go outside right now. 'cause I make a mosque I tried and it turns out I bleed a lot. Can you help me figure out how to make it? Looks like you've got a cool one. Yes yes well I you know I'm prepared but I know how to make a mask from scratch. I told you to get those t shirts right. Those t shirts that you were on the office got all my work. T-shirts here yeah. I've got them perfect. I have instructions right here. I'm going to read them up so with the I T shirt you're going to want to cut it in half like yeah in half. Yes exactly like that. Yes yes okay like like sort of like like right across you could just yet. Oh great okay okay. All right right. He's he's probably going to be like. Is this like the front of the mosque type thing? Yes exactly yeah got it fine. It's good about that. All right perfect you got that one. So take the next. And then you're gonNA WANNA cut that one up the middle that up the middle okay. Cool yeah alright so just take it like that and then wow all right the hand but I didn't. I didn't know that your hand could bleed so much from a finger. It's like a weird thing so I can just like down even right so that's just like one big piece. Yes yes okay. So then for the last one and this one super important. That's the white one right yet. One YOU'RE GONNA WANNA cut it. Diagonal like that okay. Diagonal likes through the sleeves. Yes yes yes yes yes all right I got it got it got it. Yep Yep Yep wow man this is. This is really hard. I see where people are struggling. Okay cool got through the sleeve right there. Oh yes you got it okay. So now do this is so much fun. Okay what do what do I do now? So take three those and put them in a garbage bag and throw them away. I never liked those shirts trevor. They don't look good on you. `Jabuka these one of my favorite shirts and that was the problem. You gotta be looking Chris. Trevor you can't be out here lacking I'm sorry I called. You know you're outside with Gooky. That'd be really cute cropped up Asshole I let me see if I can get do. Say on it though. Say you're a site for so is how are you just sitting here just cooking and crafts? Jiang and just really plotting takeover of the world. What I knew I should have called. You wait what anyway I knew. I should have called you first because I need someone who can cross. I'm trying to make a mosque for myself to stop corona virus. But I. I don't know how to do it. Yeah there's a thing that happened anyway can you? Can you help me out? I'd facemasks go outside because I just wear. Your t shirt says at already. Heh Why would you do that? The KERAMA Karachi national. It'll be like The carnivores can't read. How do you know that virus? We don't go to work not to say you need to get a mosque when you're outside. Please please. Don't please. Don't use the shirt to say that yet. Even that's better I gotta go. I already thought you'd help me. This has let me see if I can get someone. Y'All Michael Kosta Trevor. What's going on dude? How you doing what have you do? That's why I'm calling you man. I can't making these mosques hotter than people say like Donald trump handoff sewing needles. You don't need to do that man. I got it trevor. What do you mean? I took a pillowcase. I cut some holes is this. Is it no sewing loops? I just came up with. Check this out. This works it. Protects your Oh I think I made a clan heard. I think he made a client owed shh. I'm on my. This is not thought we we. We should just stay indoors. That's fine Jimmy. We can we. Just get yeah. I don't even I. This never happened. I don't even have an easy way to make a face mask after the break. I want to be chatting to Jennifer Ghana. So don't go anywhere we'll be right back. The daily show is brought to you. In part by quickey we all love escaping reality and right now we all need it more than ever good thing. There's a revolutionary new way to do that and be entertained quickey qube is a new premium streaming service designed for your phone with movie quality shows episodes in ten minutes or less quit. He's got new episodes of fresh original shows. Releasing every single day shows include most dangerous game where Christoph Waltz Terrorizes Liam Hemsworth in a game of manhunt. I promised a story about the first incredible year of Lebron James's Akron Ohio school plus daily essential news for your day from BBC. Nbc ESPN and more quitting. Has It all from the comfort of your phone? 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Better HELP DOT com slash years comeback social distancing show earlier. Today I spoke with actress Jennifer Garner about her initiative to help kids continue learning while they're stuck at home during the corona virus outbreak. And we'll talk about how we can help. Kids get the nutrition that they need while their schools are closed. So check it out Jennifer Garner. Welcome to the daily social distancing. Should've thank you? It's nice to not be with you. Is this the longest time you've been at home like ever basically I mean sometimes when you're shooting something you don't leave town but yeah? This is the longest time for sure. I feel for people who have kids in this time because one of the most talked about effects of Corona virus is obviously economy. It's People's health and then I find in a close spot like right near the top. Is Parents saying this is the worst time they've ever experienced in their lives because they have to teach their kids. You have three children correct. I have three children and their schools are doing a great job of. They're still receiving instruction from school so I haven't had to be their teacher. I think I'm ill-equipped. Be Their teachers and I'm really proud of them. They've been great. I have no complaints. But if they if they were toddlers and babies I would probably lose my mind. Yes toddlers toddlers are the worst because they don't understand what you're saying because I mean they basically drunk the whole time. Yes I feel like. You're in such a good place that you've decided to help others get into a better place Which is part of the reason which had seen today the initiative? That you're kicking with reese. Witherspoon sounds amazing. Amy Adams is part of it as well. I saw Peter Neon Gosawx Chris Evans. I saw so many. Alice names coming together and if I understand correctly you're going to be reading stories to children. Tell me more about this. Well Amy Adams called me a couple of weeks ago and said I. I'm worried about the kids that are out of school and I know thirty million kids rely on school for food not to mention all so many kids don't have broadband don't have books at home. Don't have access to school supplies or anything like that in their schools can't afford to print up and send them home with them anyway but her ideal was. Wouldn't it be great if celebrities read books for kids? Who are home and for whom? The News is scary. And there's not a lot of and then we asked for donations and I said well this is actually what idea and we immediately asked no kid hungry to partner with us because their specialty is urban in food our specialty is rural and education and some things has been really awesome. And what's incredible is just how much people want to help. And Reese Witherspoon always the first to jump onto a way to help people and then and we've just been running it for my little office while my kids are in zoom school and yeah it's we've raised a couple million dollars and wow in mostly ten dollar donations which just shows that people at home are really generous. There are a lot of people that say. Yep I'll give ten dollars but also people are just enjoying the videos. So you're making these videos and you readings kids and you're raising the money to help other kids who need to get food and you're trying to help everybody in any way that you can. I guess the question is not the why but but rather like why these areas specifically I know you worked in it but what was what made this so important for you. Well I know what it looks like in Rural America. I grew up in rural America. My Mom and my mom and dad boats did they both grew up poor. I didn't but I was surrounded in West Virginia by generational poverty and I've I've worked in the traveled extensively throughout rural the poorest pockets of America. Save the Children for twelve years. They are living on a razor's edge there really when these kids show up Monday for school. They run into school and it's not because the breakfast that is served at school is so fancy it's because they haven't eaten since the snack at the. Save the children program Friday after in the after school program. They they might have eaten but they haven't had a real meal. And no I had just been Kentucky the week before. All of this went down visiting our programs out in Perry County and all they were talking about was okay. How are we going to get food made? And then can we afford gas and bus drivers to get it to the kids and when we do. How will we get enough books to be on the buses for the kids and so when amy called me and had this great idea it was just like yeah? This is exactly what I should be doing exactly how I need to spend this time before I let you go. How can people help if they want to jump in if they want to participate in any way? What can they do to help? We'll first of all just for fun of it for the fun of it. Go Onto Instagram to at save with stories. And you'll see we just put Steve Carell up tomorrow. We lin-manuel Miranda going up Kathryn Newton with so many great people up there reading and more going all the time and your favorite favorite books and I'm personally matching everyone with their books and if you want to donate it's ten dollars you just text the word. Save two two zero two two two or you go on to save the children dot org slash save. What stories got and that would be awesome. Because we're just taking everything out of it that can to help these kids call. Thank you so much for doing that. And we'll help as much as we can and outside appreciate it. Do you want to read for us? I would love to. Would you let me know when we'll jump in on it? Oh good okay wait. I wouldn't we're seeing to tell yes it's been so successful for. Save the children here in the US that it's up and running in the Netherlands. Sage Sabe with stories South Korea saved with story South Africa. Uk is getting up and running Australia so India. So it's become a whole global thing. Isn't that cool? That's really really amazing. This is one of those things that I hope will stay long after Corona viruses gone. We just keep doing this and keep helping. I hope so. Well thanks thanks so much. We really thank you so much for your time. Yeah take care be safe. Thank you so much Jennifer Ghana. Well that's our show for today before we go though. This is a make or break week for many doctors nurses and first responders around the country and you at home can help them protect themselves while they're saving lives all they need is help getting mosques gloves and gowns or to protect themselves during this crisis so please go to thrive global first responders first and donate whatever you can to help get P P to the people saving our lives and if you want to help New York City specifically then please go to the New York Mayor's Fund Covert Nineteen response and help them out. Stay safe out there. Wash your hands and remember only cough into your own elbow. Other people doesn't work so well I'll see you again tomorrow. Daily show criminal. Here's a dish. Watch the show weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy Central and the comedy central watch full episodes and videos at the daily show dot com. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram and subscribe to the daily show on Youtube for exclusive often and more. This has been a comedy central podcast ow.

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