150: Kail's Diagnosis, Making Changes, and The Impact It's Had


All right everyone. We're back with another episode of combos podcast. And today we are podcasting from philadelphia. Pennsylvania are we. Oh yeah we're in pennsylvania. Billy is in pennsylvania Why do i not know that. Well i don't even know what stadium in always asked me about where i'm from and i usually say delaware because i never know like what. Yeah i'm just from so many places. And i'm like oh what state is delaware and wait. How do you know like where you're from like what determines that How long you lived there. I don't know because it depends on the conversation. And like who's asking because i lived in pennsylvania for so long but like i've been in delaware i seventy you feel like you're a true pennsylvanian call pennsylvania but then i've also lived in northern pennsylvania for ten years and then i lived in like allentown whitehall area for like ten year valley for ten years almost ten years and then now i've been delaware for seven years so it's like where am i which one of my from yeah. I don't know how to answer that. But i live in delaware. 'cause like i i tell people i'm from south carolina because i lived there from birth to fifth grade but then from fifth grade on i lived in atlanta so like where am i from the no okay like i say from like child you know like right right right. Whatever but yeah. I don't know wait. What is delaware. People called like delaware. Ian lee oh it is is that right yes yes. I'm getting leniency. For sure okay. So we've waited to do this podcast for well. We've actually. This was planned last minute. No i know. But i'm saying like we talked about not talking about it Yard that we can be together and talk about it quite time film about it for team mom yeah. Ps were filming for How do you want to talk about it. Okay so i think we've just preface this by saying we talked about some stuff on the podcast. You guys have followed up with a lot and pretty much on a weekly basis. Like i talked about super heavy periods and just like having some issues like bleeding and female reproductive have yes and so that being said i have like some stuff to catch you guys up on and i did tell lindsay and talk to lindsay about it but before i kind of get into on the podcast. I want to preface that. I'm not a doctor. I'm not giving medical advice. This is my own personal experience and I'm not telling anyone what they should or should not do with their bodies and medical situations Is there anything else. I should specifically say explicitly say okay So you guys convinced me to go get my period problem checked out and for those of you who are new here. I was having such heavy periods. I was bleeding through three and four changes of clothes per day during my period. And no that's not an exaggeration. And i would lead through my mattress. I would leave everything and I really didn't think anything of it. I guess it started that specifically started after lux was born but it was also like multiple periods a month. And you couldn't figure out like when you're leader never yet been. Heavy period started after lux. Didn't think anything of it I just thought like a heavy period. I was just having a heavy flow. Yeah and then when i started talking about on the podcast i started when i was talking about it. I was like kind of thinking of other things that i was going through. And so with everyone saying like oh. I really need to get that checked out. I was like all right. Fine I scheduled with my gyn. And he ordered the lab work and the ultrasound in the ultrasound he found on my right ovary. I had multiple cysts I wanna say almost ten like somewhere around that number and then on the right ovary. He found Assists that was half the size of my ovary And it was weird. Because i didn't have the results but i got the lab work online and then my doctor went out for medical leave. So i'm googling symptoms like googling the lab work and what they mean and the first thing that came into my mind. I'm like oh my god. I have cancer. Like i'm like crying. I don't wanna die. Like i was going through this whole thing because i didn't have answers. Nobody called me. I got the lab results online. And i just sat with it for weeks until someone called me. You were freaking out and over a weekend yes. We're actually talking about this off the podcast about how i have never gone to my doctor and had any type of labs sent to me over the weekend and especially especially If it was abnormal to be sent labs and then not to get the call. I and you're just like sitting with it or nobody called me. They're not the doctor. Not the nurse. Not an uncool person. Nobody called me. So then. I'm texting kristen and i'm like hey like what does this mean. What does that mean. What does this mean. And what do they mean together. We're playing at this point much. I'm just like googling what is all of this is and the first thing that did come as a form of cancer and so then i literally cried myself to sleep almost like. I don't know what i'm gonna do here so fast forward. I don't think it was actually weeks. I think it was several days before someone called me and was like you know he really wants to do some. Follow up stuff weeks. Yeah did feel like weeks. And then i had gone to the gym. I felt this like really weird. I can't describe it was like it wasn't like a pop. It was almost like think of like guitar strings. And if one like pops off that would feel like like like a rubber band yes and it felt like that in my abdomen area and i had they re bursts so go get another ultrasound and there was the one big one on my left was not there so i'm thinking bursted away. You have to tell this word bursts bursts. It burst so quit rewind. Tell the story about how you're contemplating ongoing to the are not going to the er. Oh yeah. I was when that happened. I was contemplating going to. You are not going to are. Because i had like cysts that i know of any really like medical problem in that way so like i'm like. Is this poisonous. Like i could this like make me sick. And so just to be sure. I ended up going. Because i i. I've never experienced anything like this. And i also don't think i had answers at this time. Did i have answers. I didn't really have answers at this time. But at this point kristen she showed kristen my labs and she said i missed it. She said that in the like notes Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Oh i didn't see that. I missed it for several days. But kristen was like kill and i was like. Oh wow but like no doctor captain david ho again. So i was like okay. So then they I find the doctor finally calls me and basically confirms over the phone. I have pcs. We do more labs where they're testing more hormones. Testosterone was really high among other things. And i guess getting the diagnosis. I was like i. I knew before he told me because kristen was like adding right like the my weight. First of all let me just start by saying i really believe that me being unhealthy not taking care of myself. Not taking care of my body was where it really manifested itself and again. I'm not a doctor. This is how i feel and my own opinion. I don't think i was taking care of myself. I got to a point where i was overweight. And then all the other things started coming with that now. I have creed and i cannot get the weight off so i like did a one eighty with my diet really started taking care of myself because i realized i got to like a really high weight that i wasn't comfortable with and i started going to do these intense fucking workouts like all them remember when i was posting about him and they were on. I was talking about it on the podcast with the band. My legs and then you attacks and you would be like. I am doing these hard workouts and i'm like really putting forth the effort but i'm gaining weight like powell pound and you kept going through the motions of like am i not doing enough cardio am i not doing whatever and then you were having this bleeding like simultaneously and all these other things going on so it was just like weird. How everything. it's like all these different things like coming together to be hindsight. Yeah and then it all made sense. Like i can't get the weight off my periods where we're now. It's weird because from the time. I got the diagnosis. I have no longer had super heavy periods. Now i just bleed red spot randomly throughout the month so it was and it's so crazy to macy from teen mom. Og sent me a t m package when we were in philly in october and one of the shirts was a green teal shirt. Like from and i've been wearing it consistent like i know. This is all crazy talk. But i've been wearing it. That's and says pcs on the sleeve and it's just like weird. Because i feel like everything is like. There's like a thing going on. You know i really quickly just wanna talk about anna louisa. I absolutely love their jewelry. I have a couple of pieces Do have the khloe ring which is a braided gold ring. And i absolutely love it. It's so pretty And i just love that. They have like layered adjustable pieces. They appendi- chains extenders. 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Who has pcs us in the overweight and situation but as far as like the periods and getting pregnant and all of that don't fit the typical. Like when i sat down with a fertility specialist for something for the egg freezing situation which i did tell you guys on the podcast that was doing. He said that he's never had someone in his office. That was wanting to go through this process. That already had four children. Wow but in my research and he also wrote a book on. You can really develop it at any time. And they're not really sure why or how like what causes the environmental genetic a combination. Like what is it and so for me. I definitely feel like it was. This is my opinion Environmental and something that i got from not taking care of my body so that people who don't know what it is like what is like the i guess. I don't really know how to ask the question like what is pc like poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Where really patrick is saying. It's polycystic ovary syndrome. Okay so i don't really know too much about it since the diagnose. The diagnosis is super. New i know that some people have trouble getting pregnant on it. It affects fertility affects. Your insulin resistance. Predisposed to diabetes and other things heart disease And it can be very very difficult for people who have pcs to lose weight. It's definitely and i've gained so much weight that it's like. I can't hide it anymore. It's one of those things where it's like. I knew something was wrong. Because my weight does fluctuate. But that was one of the things i was like. This is not normal for me. And my doctor really didn't want to believe that i had it until all my horn hormone slow. All of my hormone levels came back and my testosterone was high also affects for some people muscle mass which is crazy because my muscle. Mass is really insane. Like it's not like normal. Even if i go to the gym for two days. It's like really. Yes it's weird. That is really crazy. So so i mean is this diagnosis. Normally are a lot of people diagnosed with this often. Or from what i'm told. And what. I've read the the fertility specialist that i talked to said that a lot of women have it And don't even know it but it is fairly new like it's only about seventy years old and nobody really knows where the rise is coming from. That's so crazy. 'cause i mean i've heard a couple of people that have it and but i guess until you went through. It seemed kind of here. I mean even. I mean i know macy was She's an avid pcs awareness. And i really. That was the only little bit that i knew about it. I didn't know anything about it. Prior to that and once. I got that diagnosis. I was like part of me was thinking like okay. Yes i have four kids. I don't really fit the criteria and that kind of goes into like. Why wanted to do part of the reason why i wanted to do. The agra troll process was because i don't have a partner right now it's not something i don't know if i could meet someone that wants to have kids of their own. I you know i could. I would potentially think about doing that. But then i'm older and i have. I may not be able to conceive. Naturally now that i had the diagnose like i know. Do you know what i didn't. I don't know what it developed. I don't know when i got it. So i don't know if i have the the infertility issue or trouble getting pregnant. I'm not sure. So i went to the fertility person and so that i'm going through that whole process so did you have any signs of p. c. s. before having creed i would say aside from the heavy period and the weight game I was always tired. Like i was always tired really and i think that having can affect your sleep and then high cortisol is that right stress Once you have quarters all you can't sleep and then that also affects the way game and not being able to lose weight. Wow yes so it's like all connected so that's why last week. When i was on the podcast i was saying like after this trip like i need to change. My diet was prescribed metformin than i have not started yet. So that's supposed to help regulate my periods balancing my hormones and then it may or may not help with weight loss. But that's something that i'm gonna. I'm willing to try. My doctor wanted to put me on. So we're gonna see how that goes and kind of go from there so it's just basically trial and error at this point. I think so. But i truly believe that i need to do the work on my ammo. Ninety nine percent of the work needs to come from me and it needs to be taken care of my body from the inside out eating well working out all of those things. If i'm not doing those things. I can't rely on like meds. So i definitely want to really focus on that. It's just it's so hard. I know and then i also think of you saying that you just don't want you didn't want to know what was wrong remember. You did say that part because you didn't if it was bad like you would just rather not know but does it not feel better to know and like to be able to take care of yourself. Yeah i mean. I definitely think it feels better to know i. I don't know why felt like that like now that i know. I don't know why felt like that. Because now that i have an answer i know what i can do to fix it or at least try to minimize symptoms at take better care of myself all of those things. I don't know why whatever not wanna know. I think it was. You're so scared of cancer. Oh mike lindsay. I bawled my fucking is out. Like i am not ready like i don't want to do this. I don't like i can't even tell you the things that were going through my mind i couldn't sleep. I was just constantly thinking about cancer. When you were thinking about how it would affect your kids you know like yeah who take care of them like obviously they have dads right right but to live a life without their mom was really jumped to that like you went from. I'm not going to doctor. I don't know what it is to. I went had labs and owl. I'm convinced that i have cancer But i think a lot of people probably do that. I think that's probably a normal will come off the internet like we should probably not have women web. Md any like self diagnosing from web. Md is literally the dumbest thing that we do and could possibly do right like googling. I literally was googling my labs and like what is this mean if it has this and this and this and then like lo this and like all my labs were. It had like certain things on there. That was abnormal. Low high abnormal. Whatever i don't know exactly what they were at this point but Eight didn't have everything was off though. Yeah and i was like what the hell There was like one normal thing. I feel like there was like something that was normal. Yeah that we're normal. But then once. I did like the the hormone thing he was like. Your testosterone is high so it was like cool great awesome. So i'm going to get hair in places. I don't want it I feel like my nose hairs. I've gotten longer. That's a real thing like your pits lake. Oh like a man kill. What is that real bill. I guess it makes sense. I feel like it makes sense to sit like prison after looks like that was one thing. So maybe i oh. I've had it for a long time and not really known but now because my weight gain associated. I'm noticing other things. Yeah you know what. I mean that makes sense to me but again it's like i have to watch what i'm eating. I have to watch what i'm doing. They did test me to see if i was diabetic. Because that's like one of the things that it can causes lead to. So i was like i don't like i don't this was like a reality check. I think so many people that are listening to this can probably relate to going in feeling like something's wrong going and having labs done and then just the waiting game of no answers of knowing wondering like things are gonna come back. Yeah or that. They've loved someone that has gone through something like that And just not knowing what the outcome is going to be that so scary it was. It was really hard especially. Because i was like. This is the worst time. My doctor could have take leave. I mean like the worst time ever. I just even the fertility. Because my gyn my fertility doctor are two different doctors. Both whoa my regular. Gyn didn't want to believe that. I had it. Because i was telling him like. I have the symptoms for and he was like. I don't think so i don't think so. I don't think so called me to confirm after taking another look. Yeah and then did the labs and it was like you definitely have it so we should get you on the or whatever. And then the fertility doctor. Same thing like you don't really fit their normal criteria. But i i beg to differ. I feel like i definitely do google. The symptoms like the periods are either irregular. You don't have one or they're super super heavy right so i don't know that aside from having four children i think that i fit pretty much all of the criteria and then remember we were also again not but web. Md everything in like. Oh is it What was the an injury in dimitrios like kanter. We were thinking all of the things like all the workers well and so the facility doctor actually said something to me about like having the super heavy periods or the random bleeding is could be a uterine issue but when i went to go have my Ultrasound when i do ultrasounds when you're not pregnant to see how things are yeah. My uterus came back normal okay. So it's it is weird because it's like the internet says one thing and then i have to doctors that are kind of saying similar but still different things and then like how long does it take to develop something like this is it. I think it's unknown. They just don't al. And is there any hereditary factors. Like i don't believe for me. No but again. I'm not a doctor. Yeah but yeah so. I think i'm still going to move forward with the egg. Retrieval and all of this because the doctor believes that could potentially respond really well to the meds for ovulation and then i kind of just told him. Even if i decide not to use the eggs at all in the future i would at least have a backup a backup chance to try a way to get pregnant. If i can't do it naturally have that option and But if i never use them. That's okay to wait. So can we talk about that. Because i feel like you just like entered a new phase of your life. Where i'm just call me khloe kardashian. Yeah all right guys. 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Like i feel like it's easy for anyone to say like. Oh i'm choosing to be done having kids but when the option is completely taken from you and i'm not saying it has for me but i feel like i'm speaking for a lot of people like it feels like it's not fair right like it feels like it makes you want. It makes you like we always want what we have now. You're the option away from me to decide on what i want So i have. I have a family member who had a situation and she said the same thing like she. She knew she was done. But now that the option was taken from her she. She's thinking what would i have more. would i have more kids. Yeah so it's it's kind of one of those situations. And like i said i don't have a partner so who's to say i won't to have kids with somebody or they wanna have kids of their own so that i just and i'm still young enough to do that. So the whole process is all young. Yeah like i'm still. You're not even thirty yet and you have. Are you have four kids. And they're so potential there. Yeah like i could. Her marley have real. Till i'm like forty if i wanted to. I feel like that's normal now. Right yeah i mean people have kids so ladies as i feel like starting to have kids at thirty five is normal. Yeah versus a long time ago. you know. yeah. I feel like we're both kind of abnormal. I had one at twenty three. And isaac was born when you were seventeen. Twenty one twenty five twenty eight so young. Yeah like that's so young targets. Yeah so like wait do you. Will you talk about the egg. Yeah okay so how'd the appointment. He was like. This is very rare for me. I've never had someone in my in front of my face with four kids. Why do you want to do this. Gimme your story. And i'll give you my spiel and i was like okay. Well i explained. I don't have somebody. I don't know what i wanna do. Moving forward i have. I don't know how that's gonna affect in the future and wanting to have kids if i want to. And he was like okay. And he kind of went through the thing the process Insurance doesn't cover a lot of it. Only covers the initial labs. And then i'll start like ovulation meds ultrasound ovulation meds I'll go in for. It's not really like a surgery but you do get sedated. Non leg full on anesthesia. But they will like you know and then they take a needle and retrieve your eggs and each load is six to eight eggs and it's a combination usually have mature eggs and immature eggs. And then you know you decide how many how many cycles do you wanna do. And actually it's funny that you say that you mentioned this for me to talk about because What was that you like. This now turns true. Crime right like be right back will hold the story. Khloe kardashian just did an interview where she said that she had to Guess cycles worth of eggs. That did not make it through the freezing and thawing process for her. ivf And that is that she did. Ivf yeah true. I don't know about with true. But i know that like even on the show. She started went through the process of egg freezing. And that was something that the fertility doctor told me was like. I do have to warn you that even if you go through this process you could freeze eggs. You're paying to go through this process paying freezer eggs and then there is a fifteen twenty percent possibility that you could freeze them and thaw them and they will not survive so it was like. Oh i said well. That's that's interesting. Thank you for letting me know. Or whatever but i still said that. I wanted to move forward just because i feel like again. I don't know where i'll be at and who i'll be with and you know all of those things but Each load is about six to eight eggs you decide. How many cycles. You wanna do How many eggs you wanna freeze. And then when when you're ready you would go in and you you know go through the process of idea and they would create embryos with the sperm either from a banker from your partner and then they would do that whole process which i obviously have not there yet but i go for my Follow up ultrasound and bloodwork next week. And then what happens from there Get on the meds to do to trigger ovulation. I'll do trigger shot. And then i will do the egg retrieval a couple of weeks after that i mean. Are you nervous at all or you feel at peace with it. I feel okay. Because i and he also is an advocate for really like taking care of your body from the inside out with the diagnosis. So i really wanna take this time to really listen to my body and no like take care of it. I've i've done some research on like dieting. The mediterranean diet is supposed to be really good and then Plant based obviously or supposedly kito a variation of kito sustainable for lifestyle But those are some things that i kind of want to look into. I don't really eat fish. But i feel like i could. Maybe adapt to some variation of mediterranean diet. Till he take care of myself. And do that. I think the diet thing and i use lay lifestyle. Yeah but i think that's so relatable to so many people because it's a hard thing to do just up and change a raleigh as habits your everything like you're talking about changing a diet working out doing all of these things that's hard. Yeah and then. I've heard that the adjustment period on metformin which is what i was prescribed. I've heard his is can be really hard like emotionally or probably both I've heard some people experience like it doesn't mesh well with carbs like are a high carbon take And so that can cause a lot of like Somac- peens gi issues. Like so we want to be really careful with that and obviously not mix it with high carbon take And then i've heard like a couple of weeks of like real sluggishness and just like adjusting to that Like a life sentence. I don't have to be on it for the rest of my life. I think it's just like we're gonna try it. See how it goes and then kind of go from there. That's what i was gonna ask. How long do you have to be on the medication. I got to refills. Okay so i. We're gonna see where i'm at and the fertility doctor that i talked to says that he does not have enough evidence to see like he hasn't read enough studies or research to back whether or not it's helpful or doesn't do much for ovulation If you look online and stuff there are some people that have like good results from it. I think it just very much varies by person person. Yeah yeah it's just so weird that you don't have the aspect of not being able to get pregnant. Or maybe or maybe i dave always have. It didn't always have it. And then which is crazy not to know like when something developed i definitely know it was in the at least in the last year maybe maybe longer Because this weight gain has been so significant for me. And i know it's just not normal for me yes. My weight has fluctuated. But this is not normal and then also like my have been all the sudden. They went from heavy changing my clothes. Three to four times a day to nothing. Yeah which is like randomly spotting throughout the month is so weird to me and you would be like. Football games are in atlanta. Yeah i bled for two days but like not period leading and then all of a sudden it's gone which is like i have an app where i track track my period and it's just like random spotting throughout the month. This isn't normal. This is not an getting worse like is there a spectrum kind of thing. I don't know yeah. I don't i don't know are you guys. We're gonna take a quick break to talk about one of our partners brooklyn in that. 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Yeah so i don't know this is all new for me and i don't other than macy i don't know anyone with i don't know I'm sure there's listeners that definitely have it or have symptoms of it. yeah it just it's wild how it just like went from not knowing anything to like now knowing all of this yeah i mean it seemed like a longtime because it seemed like you had to wait for so long to find out. Yeah but then. It was kind of like a short time. You know. I definitely want. I would be curious to see if any of our listeners would be interested in like kind following my journey if i like blog any of this. Yeah i definitely. I want first and foremost wanna be healthy. But i also wanna go on like weight. Loss journey a little bit and fitness ernie. And try to take care of myself and see if it would help anyone or if anyone would be interested in that but i think that could be like a cool. Didn't you've logged your accutane. I did. I mean. I did at least videos on that. That was another. Thank you for pointing out. That is another huge symptom that triggered all like not triggered but like what made me realize was that my hormonal acne on my chin and my jaw line came back and i was on accutane for its back. Oh i don't know. Oh yeah you do. Have i mean not a lot but like no. It's it's definitely less than what i had. Yeah but i should like. I started breaking out again and i don't feel like why all of a sudden now. Yeah and it's all hormone and then it's like okay. The periods the weight gain the pimples. The you know what. I mean like the sleep is even worse than it was in the beginning. Obviously have kids. So i'm never going to sleep again but i mean even sleeping less right. Yeah so yeah you're never gonna sleep again probably not regardless whatever but yeah so. That's my story. That was my diagnosis. All of the things that i can think of. Kristen can you think of anything else. That i was experiencing that led to like that makes sense for me. Tired of seat gerald. Yeah oh that's a good point. I don't really have the hair symptom. Which i know is a symptom for many women is just like because the testosterone is high. So sometimes you'll get hair and places that you don't really want it to be or it's darker thicker I don't have that issue. That's not something that i'm experiencing right now in a knock on one. I hope i don't. And i feel i really feel for the woman who get that because i feel like. That's so hard to deal with. And you also remember that thing with a sleeping like where you were going to do that sleep study. You never did. No i never did. It's like any connection with like all of this stuff. That like you think about it. If i'm overweight if i'm so overweight and i can't get the weight off. Naturally that's going to lead to sleep issues so yes. Yes or not p. c. o. s. Or not it makes sense. So i just wonder how many listeners that head wrote in with the questions and software the amount of messages that we've gotten in dm's about endometriosis peo- s like all of the things I just wonder how people who have also experienced similar journey with this. You know would like trying to find out what's going on. Because i don't know how you would if i didn't have the period problem that i was having. How would i have ever known to be like if it was truly if it wasn't for our listeners. I would've never went and got labs blood work and any of that. Like i truly wouldn't have. I would have not thought anything of it. I have a heavy period. Whoopie fucking do. I know it's not really normal but not so sick not so abnormal that it would be like that. I would think that i don't need that. I need to get it checked out. You know what i mean. And so it's it's crazy to think about that. Part of it is like how many women are living with this and have no idea and you won't. I couldn't just go to the doctor and be like. I can't get this weight off like even my and you're the type of person that wouldn't but i'm sure there's plenty of listeners. Nobody would. I would want to my doctor and literally didn't believe i like you wanna believe it off it. Yeah he would be like. We'll go on a diet like what do you need from. You know what i mean. So if it wasn't for the period i would've never in my. I couldn't go to the doctor and i can't get this weight off. It's not making sense. They would be like Go to the gym. But i also wonder how many listeners are in scared situations like you. That would rather not know. I wonder how many people have gone through that part because i'm on the opposite end of the spectrum if like my fingernails bleeding. I think something's happening. So i just go to the you're you know like there's some people that are like that hypochondriacs and then there's like some people they're like. I know there's a problem. But i'm not going to get help. I just didn't think it was gonna be a problem that was like like i said my. Gyn wasn't really concerned. I can schedule you an ultrasound and labs if you want kind of thing. So i just i don't know like i just didn't think it was a problem that was going to need a solution. It's like it was just kind of like okay away. Yeah it'll subside in time or we'll get you on birth control and that was the original answer was let's get you. Let's get you on birth control so that your periods are later. And i'm like okay but that's a band aid and if i'm not having sex which i'm not i don't wanna take control like i just don't like why am i putting that in my body. If i'm not having sex to does that make sense. I think to that point that i also don't take it because i just don't believe in putting the hormones and if you're like if you're not having you don't need it why are you doing. Yeah however i mean. I definitely could have used it in the past you know but with that being said again it's a band-aid i think that's a a general thing with you. Go to the doctor. When i first started my period they were irregular sets a first thing they say. Oh get on birth control because it will regulate you. It'll cause your periods to the breakouts. It'll help all of the things but really. It's just a band aid to a bigger problem. But then that led me to think about labs with your annual checkups. Are they not checking for these Levels on a regular. I never had with an annual. You never did know letty. I would get my annual pop but it wasn't like a blood test I will say the hardest part for me in all of this is very Superficial maybe But comments that i get about my weight gain on social media and being on the show and stuff like that has been the hardest part for me because it's out of your control. Yes and that's where i get emotional because it's like i didn't expect it and it's not something have been able to control. I'm tr- i've tried. And when people come and they're like oh pig cow that in third. I'm like well fuck like i. Something is wrong. Like i ate a salad and gained a pound. Yeah and that's especially like right. After i had created it was like and i don't really see normally i don't care this much just because my weight has fluctuated so i've always been like. Oh i'll just lose the way and it'll be fine and feel better about myself but like now for a little over eight months like i have gone through. I'm like do. I get surgery. Do i like what what is wrong with me. That i can't lose weight those workouts. I was like directing. I loved it at first when i started the dreaded because it wasn't sustainable not wanting to eat and then i'm trying to eat healthy and i don't normally eat these things and like that was the hardest part for me. It was like the comments on instagram. And i know that like my friends and stuff like they've noticed that game you it's it's undeniable. That's been the hardest part for me being on tv and in the public eye. But i think every person can relate to a degree with social media. It's just not real life. I guess but i see myself like my feel it like my weight gain in my face and dislike my body. I don't to get him. Bathing suit will end. How many eyes are on you. Right here to magnifies like what are mardi going through. So it's been like it's been hard in that way. Like i'm i just wanted to take the time. I'm kind of glad that like this season is kind of coming to a close so i can take some time off and Focus on like my weight loss and getting healthy. What are you gonna do turn into a gym rat for two months. I don't even want to turn into a general. I really think. Even if i don't go to the gym if i eat right And like try to hugh my body from the inside out. I don't think it will roll. I don't think can reverse pcs but it can definitely lessen the symptoms. I think you know just being very mindful of the things. I'm putting into my body and endings also because of social media. Everyone can relate to the fact that you want the instant gratification of i want to wake up and like look more like this or whatever and you have to put in the work permit and it's not you're not gonna notice an immediate difference right tomorrow and was time like i mean. I went to that gym. I was working out five times a week and driving an hour out of my way to get this workout in. Because i knew i would burn x amount of calories and then on top of eating right. Why am i fluctuate. Like i think in a total like process. I'm i don't really think maybe a pound or two. I don't even think i lost that. I don't remember what i remember. Just feeling so defeated like what is going on. but i never connected the dots until now like the diagnose. Everything makes sense everything. I hope that when people listen to this episode and listen to someone who is as followed as you And does have these types of struggles real life struggles some for real life people every single day and you're a real life person. I hope that They think about going on your instagram and putting those types of comments because people don't understand how one comment like that is so hurtful in the nafta see over and over and over again just magnifies the issue and it's a huge problem with society. It's a huge Social media can be so great but it's also so hurtful and so damaging and so many different ways that Look at how successful you are and how far you've come and then you have to be beat down every single day anytime you post something well and it was hard to when i didn't know and then it's even harder when not all these months what's been like has been like two months kristen since i found out roughly two months or even like two months since we started trying to figure it out either way it was. It was hard. When i didn't know but i didn't really connect the dots too much. It was just like okay. I'm beating myself up over what i'm doing and then i get the diagnosis and now i'm not only suffering in silence being quiet about it because i didn't want to say anything until you know i was feeling ready for it but now i'm also getting comments. I mean still and suffering in silence not saying anything about why can't lose weight or ryan bigger or why people are you got you got worked on or you've gained weight or you. Just you look really different. And it's like. I'm fully aware of the weight gain. So just call it like you see. Don't get anything at all But yeah it's been. It's been a rough little ride. I for this little period of my life but i want to get it under control and they want to focus on that. And that's what i'm gonna do in the next several months. I'm proud of you for sharing your journey with us. It's really brave and For everyone who's listening. Make sure that you guys tune in what will this probably be like last episode of teen mom two something similar to the season of teen mom two and you guys will see behind the scene footage of this and we're just so thankful for our listeners for encouraging kill to take care of herself go in see her doctor and again. This is Not medical advice and any way the suggest her sharing her story And also just about all being said if you know something is wrong with your body. Listen to it. If you even think that some you know what. I mean something could be wrong because it's better to know and to be able to take care of it then suffering again in silence because you also were suffering in silence by not doing anything. Yeah i agree because it was still on my mind. Even though i didn't want to know what the time so. I think that's all for today. If you guys have any questions that kill maybe can answer. Maybe we can do something in a story no medical advice but just maybe her experience with it. That was not covered Or if you wanna share your stories then you can either call in. We have a number on her instagram. Or you can send us a dm. Of course if you have not follow us on at coffee congress podcast. You can do that on instagram. And make sure you subscribe to us by using the purple podcast app. If you're an apple user or on spotify or we're on any other podcast at we hope you guys have a great week and we'll chat with you sandwich zia.

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