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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? The pride passion, then patron Torri of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Second half a second hour of the show. Second half a little bit off the second hour of the show is underway. And we appreciate you for dropping by on this Friday afternoon. And a lot of conversation about coaching changes. This will eventually come down. But not yet especially at Alabama new name in the mix today. But he is a familiar name. He is Kyle flood. Remember, he used to be the head coach at Rutgers the program practically blew up under his tutelage getting slammed and he was given a show caused by the NC double A because of the academic irregularities. And certainly that kept him out of college coaching. He went to Atlanta where he worked under Sarkissian for the last two years at staff didn't farewell Sark was sent packing and Kyle flood the show caused now gone has arrived at Alabama as the offensive line. Coach formerly the head coach at Rutgers program. Really hasn't been the same sense. But it he is now in Alabama trying to help Nick Sabin and rehabilitate his own career. More changes have been speculated. We'll get to them a little bit later on your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five up now as we get right back to the calls and more guests will join us shortly Gerald is up next in South Carolina. Hello, gerald. Deal that this is Darryl. Darrelle there. Yes, I got to put things in perspective. What I didn't see on the field last month tonight. Then see a cure for cancer found and I didn't see world peace. You know, it was all game. It was over Clemson one. Then. And enjoy the wind. But now that win you can't eat it. You can't wear. You can't drive it. It's like vapor. It's gone. Do it do it again next year and Alabama will win again. Absolutely again, Clemson lose again. And also. Do you participate in sports? You get beat one day. All I have to say now, I gotta go change. A poopie diaper from granted Thomas is up next in Mississippi men for so glad we got him Darrell Gerald who cares? You're on the air Thomas next. Shit. Are you there Thomas? Oh, yes. Yes. Great. Mad is up next in San Antonio. Matt welcome to the program. It was a full you've been Lutheran for doing great Matt car cocky out Dane in basketball game with Auburn men and him. Right. It wasn't a good look for on. What's that? Now. Looking at their in game to watch fall gave up in more. Remember, auburn's really good. But an yet they are good on-scene admit that as an infant that they aren't really get king. But I have anything bad game. Like that at all time Paul thanks happening. If it's true, you know, it's going to talk to you, let go conveniently Kimball issue. You know, what about team this year? Did you not really good season, Paul? I mean, if you have to schedule I think, and I really did Stephen like recruiting class, so far I think this year they're going to challenge teams in the west never leave. Good record. And only has like three questions for you today, my friend. Okay. The first question is you do you think we can be Nick saving cow field. This year. Right now, I wouldn't say so, but I think it's going to be a really good game. I'll put it that way. I think that's one of the games. Alabama has to be careful about a game. I second question, you know, and you're saving Senator freedom against Georgia right now. Right. He has. Yes. Why did he that? He always like go in Texas recruit against him. We'll Fisher as she that playing out the next couple years. Listen, I I think that Nick Sabin and JIMBO probably compete for fewer players than Nick and Kirby because of the geographical region. But but I do think they'll go head to head on a number of players because they're because am is now in elite recruiting machine under. Jimbo Barbara is up in Tennessee, and you are on the air. Hello, barbara. Hi, how're you doing? We're doing great. Thank you. I am just really upset about Holly Warlick's. She needs to go. And you know, it we're Barbara are you going to allow her to try to right this ship? Or do you want her out now? Well, I don't have to does. She she needs to get out. Now liston before you go one thing I want to say about and I knew this because I'm I'm from there. But there is there's nothing like, Tennessee, women's basketball fans. So I care about their program. And and we've we've gone through this a couple of times over the last couple of years but four game losing streak and losing by Twenty-one. Dalla Bama, we'll get people really upset. On. Now, poverty goes a fifth straight loss. Alabama too. That's that's unusual and. Hey, she'd been football co she were already being shown, and you know, it I would agree with you on that. Now, she's been on the bench with Pat summitt. And no way. Here's our problem though. I mean, you got a let's say Arkansas coming up, and then was it Monday Wednesday twenty four th is that Monday if play Notre Dame and that game nocco deal. Geel? Notre is that in is that a Knoxville offense. So yes, I Notre Dame is one of the top teams in the country. They're sending national champs. So that that's going to really be a critical moment. I think for her to try to to right this ship. And if she can't do it there. Arkansas is good. Notre Dame is great. And then LSU couple of easier games after that. But but this is a this is a real critical situation for her. And I listen, I know you or your I you want her to succeed. And I think everyone who's called in being critical once or just exceed the problem is you if you Tennessee is not used to being thirteenth in the SEC. After I retired from tasting wave route three hundred and sixty something miles one way to not we had season tickets that in back in one night. And you tell me that I'm not too. You know, I've got many friends who who until recently were probably bigger bigger women's fans, and then the men's teams come on. But. This is a critical situation. I mean, I'm not I'm not sure coating anything here, regardless of my personal feelings. I if she can't turn this around pretty quickly. It will get out of hand. Now lately tell you your day can to me, and you have this way these the hallways over the town. Thank you. And it's been a pleasure to talk to you, Barbara. Thank you. Bye. There are more people calling up about the Tennessee women's program today than anything else, which I think is Indyk indicative of the passion that that program has and the high level of concern that currently exists Joe is an Oklahoma. Joe you are on the air. Go right ahead. Here's Powell wanted to say a word or two about the Tennessee lady ball program out in about three years ago and talk to you we talked and and I was a little bit concerned at that time and the fellow that called in earlier that said it was painful to watch I have to agree with him. It's just I tried to watch Kentucky and Tennessee last week and. Louisville in Notre Dame was playing it. I just had to switch games. Go play them. Holly Warlick is I'm sure as a as a real fine person. She has and there's no question about her Bill ability to play basketball that year nine eighty four years old tall, and you and I both know that great basketball players and great football players, do not necessarily make great coaches. And I just I have to agree with the people that I think, you know, it's just time to take a look is is all that site. One other comment, I'd like to make this big daddy that called in the other day and cars, you fraud and a liar to me that didn't say much about you, Paul it. It said a whole lot about him and there, and I appreciate the fact that you have to put up with. Well, listen, I don't I really. We appreciate you. And so many other saying that, but this is this comes with the job. And i'm. I want people to express their opinion. They don't like me. That's fine. They're welcome to say it and spit it out. Yeah. I understand plus as long as they listen, I'm pretty happy. I understand that you understand. It comes with the job. And just but it's. I'll have to make the same comment. I made about trying to watch that lady Volvos and Kentucky game. Is that? Listen to him was painful to listen, I understand. Well, listen, you be well and hope talk to you again soon. Joe? Thank you. Thank you hope. Holly Warlick is not watching today. We will take a break. We'll come back in continue this conversation. A couple of guests are heading our way shortly including Seth Emerson from the athletic. He is on deck to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Seth Emerson joining us from the athletic. He's covered Georgia in his former life. Seth still covers towards in this present life. Good that good to have you on the air. Seth we had one of our friends here. The other day that wasn't overly high on the dog's next year. That is contrary to what I hear. And what about you what kind of team are we expecting from Kirby smart next year. Yeah. That was old friend Brandon Marceau he caught his stir. I know you know, I I could see where he's coming from Georgia's having a replaced both coordinators not as many coaches as ala Bama, but still and they go nowhere players. Yeah. And they lost four players early to the NFL draft still not as many as Alabama. So wonder. This is going. Yeah. But their they lost four guys offense that was very good to begin with. And then they promoted from within for offense coordinator, which means whether the continuity should be pretty good. So they were dealing from an area of strength from where they lost the defense. Did not look good in the sugarbowl. But it was without the Andre Baker and d Andre Walker and the nose tackle, Jordan. Davis freshman, he'll be back Walker and Baker won't so long short of it is Paul. Yeah. I mean, I I still think this is a team that has concerns and questions going into the year. They're they're probably still a step behind clips, Clemson and Alabama and maybe even somebody else, but they they get their toughest games, probably at home, Texas, A and M and Notre Dame. We'll see how Florida is. We'll see how Auburn is. They have to go there. So I think it's probably a lot like this past year. In terms of what the expectations should be that. They should be the SEC favorite. They should be preseason top five maybe number three. But whether they're the best in the country. You know, you haven't shown enough yet. Seth this program has done really well under curvy smart. But is there any sense that? That that window was open to to get Alabama last year. I have friends in coaching you probably do as well who who believed that the game plan that Kirby and his staff put on the board. This year was good enough easily. Good enough to beat Alabama. They had shot with a field goal to go up by seventeen. We'll leave Alabama teeth gnashing for for later. But I mean is there is there any sense that a lot of really big opportunities have gone by not that they aren't still there in front of them. But I'm I'm really curious about that. The answer is yes. To both questions. Yes. They missed opportunities in both those games. Yes. They're going to get other opportunities and the way Georgia is recruiting despite the way, Alabama's also recruiting. You've gotta figure Georgia's still going to get that shot that this. I think this time last year Paul you, and I were probably talking, and there was this talk about the pain of losing the national championship that way second twenty six. And and I think I remember telling you that while it's painful and people didn't like to talk about it. It wasn't this kind of my God, we lost our one shot at it. There was this sense of there's going to be more shots. And there were there was another one this past year, but they couldn't deliver. Then I think there's still that same sense. But there's still there's maybe now a little bit more of a knowing sense of. Yeah. We'll probably get more shots. But we gotta gotta make sure we do because the historical parallels. Probably been pointed out on the show before I pointed this out other people's kind of caught onto historical parallels between Kirby smarts, I three years and Mark Ricks. I three years are Erie. Like the records are almost the same. The the results as in SEC championship champions and second year SEC east champions third year are the same. And I was around going into two thousand four Mark Ricks. Yeah, I was covering the team then. And there was that sense of you know, here come the championships we've missed out, but they're coming. And obviously, we know they got close, but they never did get it. So there are going to be people around here who remember that and say it really looks set up, but nothing is guaranteed. On the other hand, I wanted to get the the Georgia take of Alabama, and you've you've had a line or two already about the turmoil. The the beatdown. Some people believe that Nick Sabin may have missed this year because he was trying to hang with Kirby smart last year by when he lost in recruiting. He he blew up some of the staff brought in a bunch of young gunslingers, and it didn't help at least it helped in recruiting. It didn't help on the field. What's the view over there of what is currently going on in Tuscaloosa? Well, not to bring it back right away to Georgia. But I I think you hit on something that I noticed when Kirby put his first staff together here just heavy on recruiters that above all he wanted recruiters. And you've got that sense with this past year, Alabama that yeah. Maybe he was kind of you know, doing that too. In Tosh, loophole known as this great recruiter. The apparently they didn't feel great about his Xs and os or coordinating. So he's kind of sent off to the NFL to to get a little more reeducation on that so to speak, but it's kind of gone as good as. The recruiting has been for Kirby smart, they've tended. I think to develop and coach pretty well to. I it's interesting to watch what's going on in Alabama. I I I I wonder how much attrition they can keep having an a coaching staff and and keep it up. But I am persuaded Bruce Feldman in the athletes, and that story that a lot of attention. Well, deservedly yesterday on Danny knows finished with the thought that you talked to coaches, and they say anybody who has any idea that Alabama was gonna slip just because they keep losing all these assistance every year is in for a rude awakening because Nick Sabin still there and Nick Sabin hasn't still bet culture, and that structure that just allows for continuity. Plus he has Scott Cochran there to help that. And you know, what there's a parallel with Kirby there too. He's established a culture and a structure he's had some turnover. But it hasn't happened with a strength and conditioning staff yet either which everyone knows so important. So a lot of similarities, which is reason then I think a lot of people would Bank on George now Obama being right back in Atlanta, next, December competing for a chance to be in the playoff me. I I know what you just said. And sometimes people don't say very much out loud. But within that war room in Athens was there relief or concern that Alabama looked so bad? Meaning meaning what I'm not sure. But being I mean, these are the the two big guns right now in the SEC and everything that happens in Tuscaloosa is watched closely in Athens and likewise in Tuscaloosa toward Athens. Yeah. I I don't know that they I do have a sense that if if Kirby could raid, the best coaches he could off of Nick staff that he would and Nick would probably like to do the same things. Or is there? Anyone left to raid? Yeah. Well, there you go who else. But I I think they kind of. Kirby being twenty five years younger than Nick probably looks over there. And just says I mean, not not saying he wants to outlast, you know, that he's not going to win a championship until it's gone. But there is still this sense. I mean, I think the elephant in the room is how many more years is Nick saving gonna coach. Whereas Kirby smart is sitting here and everyone's expecting him to be here for another twenty five years again. Life doesn't always work out that way, we thought that with Margaret to again was about the same exact age as curry was when each was hired as coach. But I just do think that they are competing with Alabama. I'm not sure how much they look at the coaching part of it. They look at the recruiting part of it. But they also look at it that they're competing with Alabama. Well off the field now when they're catching up when it comes to administrative financial commitment to thing. They finally got that indoor facility years ago. They're building more things in there. They're allowing Kirby, retain and compete to retain. Coaches like they they didn't lose Jim Chaney to Tennessee over money. They lost it over. Jim Chaney was ready to go and Georgia was ready to promote James Cohan place. I I think that part of it Kirby looks at it and says we can be with Alabama on these things we just need to win it on you. Well done as always Seth Emerson from the athletic. Seth preach coming by. We'll we'll talk very soon anytime very insightful conversation there about the dogs. I'm much has changed may have lost a game where two or three, but they're still Kirby smarts team. And they are. Wanna be terror for many we are up against a break. More. Your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five co book little bit later on on some of the coaching changes in the SEC. We're coming right back. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. And we are back. Glad everyone is here on a Friday afternoon. What a show it's been so far and about to get better. Jim is next. You know, even though it wasn't in my original contract with you. When we started, you know, before the ESPN. Whatever it is. But here's my point though. You know, I I was kind of this is the thing that that can be very competitive about your show, and you you you're getting better and have it used to be absolutely own spot. Oh, target doing this. And that is Colin bad callers immediately out of the way like that food said Alabama wasn't playing for saving that kinda crappy. Don't even need to be heard is so stupid. But anyway, and then but on the other hand you good at letting somebody like miss, Barbara. I love that lady. She's charming southern lady from Tennessee. And I mean that kind of call is good for the show. I'm telling you, why me, and my mom and dad, you know, I had a mom and dad, very Scypion. That's where I come on my pants, and I just thank you ought to. That was a good call. I was great call them. Here's the problem. If you jump on a cholera meal, you you're not really sure what they're going to say. I know Paul would give you a lot of them. Go too far the bad ones. I know that for a fact you used to be right on talking with that you you'd see it comes in when he would just about do you say gone. Well, you know, the answer to that Jim is I've been ESPN ESPN now on stand all that you told him have ruined everything here. You know on Nove drill hail. I know I'm the one that was in the room where you many days when we do show prep, and it was show. Yeah. Well, Jim you you should have convinced me harder to leave. We we could have avoided all this. Well, let's get to the back to you know, they'll say though, my day. I've never smart sapient daddy. And he said son he was riding, and I never did this that much. He said son, you catch more flies with Honey than you do with vinegar. Your daddy. Was smart. He was smart Paul smarter than me. And so with my mom, but anyway, I just wanted to say I love kid a charming lady. But she made a lot of sense and she's one of the oh fashioned ladies at at a leper. I helped me with this gym. I mean, we have a bunch of people to call in the show a lot is. I mean, would you if you were still in the room with us before the show like he used to be back in the day? Who should I just check off the list and don't let donating let on. Well, I mean, I there's no names. Should I can come up? You know, it's not a name that I wouldn't even I wouldn't even bring up now. It's the people that like today some of just just the whole point is is not who they are what they say. So just be more be more sapient. The OPA all that was all worked. This is about you used to be alert. You know, it happens to me you Jim you start kind of slipping away here. Well, follow you. You know? I hope you're not give it that age where you're getting a little, you know. I I have to take Napster in the show. Now, Jim Barbara. Barbara might a good point. She said you have a sweet call on the sweet, boys. And sometimes you do you have a great radio voice. I've told you that before you tell me that I used to have a great radio where you had the best. Jim we've ever had on his call now, which is even giving that guy, but I've thought about somebody that that that that has a point versus just sings associate. But without my voice is, but I you have a good voice. No question about that. That's probably what got you about ninety percent of where you are. Now, you divorce you raise you got the best radio voices salary. Rush limbaugh. Yeah. Well, he's the best. I think he actually got a bit of voice at him, you know, through as far as just a voice. Bless good voice. Well, I'm glad to hear that. I'd never really liked. I've I've never really liked my voice. But that's you know. Guy competitive radio, boys. There's no question about that. That's one thing that attracted me to keep calling. And when I got mad at you. But when I first started you have a great radio. What she really did. You know, not lying. I don't allow stuff like you know, what I'm not. I'm not exaggerating. But anyway, I love the call. Let's just one more thing. I think I'll bring up Bill. What's he doing? The point is the guy that I like that guy that was talking about sportsmanship. He kind of stumbled a little bit. But you know, it's a nerve racking thing to do this all, you know, I'm I know that even though I can be good at it. But I also stumbled sometimes when I'm not on key on Q, and he was stunned that he had a great point a great call about sportsmanship used to be. I grew up playing when I played ball out. You better believe I respect anybody could beat us because we could play Paul. And so, you know, you had these respect him. But you always wanted to go say, hey, man, great game and getting give him kudos for what they deserve. And most great forts skorts Mahan. Great giants sports figures will do that. And do still do it. So that that got you need. To go to what about a sportsman car of the year sports. Like, you know, that's a great idea. It really is. It really is. Hi, I'm getting another call. Interrupt. Jim go gate, grab you call. He always hate when you're hosting a program and a caller gets another call and has to leave the program. I bet that doesn't happen with our next guest Casey in New Jersey. Casey, welcome back to the show. Yeah. Paul how you doing? It's been a great. It was a great football season listening to you guys everyday watching the show and tomorrow, I'm in the car for seventeen hours drive in Florida. So I'll be on the podcast for seventy hours. That's a trip. Yeah. I got they by the way, you're getting you're getting out of the you getting out of the east coast just in time. Yeah. I got I was gonna leave Sunday. But I think I'll leave tomorrow it added there that's pretty bad and just do it right through. But but Auburn we're paying gusts seven million dollars a year. Yeah. Hi, he's underachieve tile. I would say I think we could all agree. I think that would be a couple of years. How come you can't recruit a quarterback though? You know, we well hold on. I think he did. I think he has a good quarterback coming in bone-in. Knicks knicks. Yeah. Well, everybody says that but whatever somebody transfers the rumors are out there, you know, Kelly. Brian. We've got the guy from we tried to get hurts. We tried to get the guy that came out of. Clemson Kelly Bryant, nobody came. I mean, it's like, okay, we got Knicks. But why are we going chasing all of these other, quote, actually, it's the way it goes. I mean, Oklahoma's got the top quarterback coming in. But they went after Jalen it's all about having more than one and the problem with Bo Knicks. He he's never played before. And right now Auburn is going to count on him more than likely to be the starter without a single down of experience. Yeah. What do you think? Eight nine wins Paul to keep his job. Or you think ten wins keeps his job? I think probably nine and above is is is going to be necessary. But we were chatting about it earlier. Casey. That schedule scary brutal. Yeah. Yeah. One thing about offer Nate to schedule tough every year Paul especially the opening game. Yeah. That's that's that's a tough game. Never had a cupcake. But anyway, love your show, and I'm glad everybody's doing. Well, John registrations. More quit his baby. And till we. Fun. Listen, I'll I'll be. On the road. Thanks a lot Logan in Colorado. You're on the air. Hi, how are you doing today? Hey, logan. So I I'm in Oklahoma fan. I have been since I was real young. And I remember twenty thirteen Oklahoma and Alabama played in the sugarbowl, right and out with you. You can argue that Alabama wasn't motivated. That's not the point Oklahoma won that game and going into the playoffs era. I always thought there'd be more parody in college football. But when you look at it, it looks like it's just ala Bama and Clinton right now, I would argue that Oklahoma has been top five program in that time. But it doesn't seem like they're really closing that gap. Why why do you think that they really the play out there? You've had Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma. And I mean that has been the playoffs the majority of the time. I mean, there've been a couple of fly fly-bys, but not very often. Yeah. So so what what is college football? Would you would you think that they have a parody issue right now? No. I don't think I think parody. I mean, it's hard to use that word when we're when we're talking about these one off games. So I mean, Oklahoma was is not like Oklahoma wasn't competitive last year with Georgia the game went into overtime. So I mean, I think Oklahoma is just because of because of the defense in the big twelve and the fact that Oklahoma had a historically bad defense this year for for contender. It it creates issues. I just think Clemson in Alabama had just separated themselves a little bit. And then you I mean, I think Ohio State would be the next team with Oklahoma right behind them. Yes. You would argue that in the playoff here Oakland has been number four in your opinion. Well, yeah. Because Okla because you have to give the edge debt to Ohio State. They've had two terrible outings lately, but they did win. They did win the championship for years. Yeah. That's sure they won. They won the very first one. Yeah. But so what what is called football have to do to close that gap. Because I think that Sweeney I think he joined that ROY bus and now it's Ella. Bama. I mean, because this is a you you this is a conference dominated sport. I I don't know if there's really anything can be done. I mean, I think as long as we stay at four I think you're going to continue to see the majority of the same schools, and he listen, Alabama. Clemson, I think Ohio State Oklahoma. And then who's next probably Georgia Alabama has to get past Georgia every year. Ohio State really doesn't have to get past anyone, but their own shadow in Oklahoma has to get really past no-one clemson's path to the college football playoff is pretty simple. We are up against the break. We appreciate your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. We are coming right back to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Let's grab some more calls here on a Friday afternoon. Greg is in Athens, Alabama, you're on the air. Greg. Hey, Paul, thanks for taking my call. Thank you. Do. You remember Admiral Hyman Rick over? Sure. Yeah. He was the father of the nuclear navy and one of the most powerful military man in the history of our military and so much so that he could address congressmen and senators with impunity and often did so. He also chose every single officer while he was alive that served onboard submarines and one of the things that he did he would bring them in and have them wait for an indeterminate amount of time. And they would sit in a chair that was uneven. He would have the front ends of the chair cut six inches lower. So they were always facing forward in an uncomfortable position. And the reason why did that was he wanted them to be able to he didn't wanna hear candy answers. He wanted them to think on the spot and think outside of the box when they were responding to what he was asking. Because the interview would only ask we'll ask for three or four minutes, and then he would make his decision based on that. And the reason why bring that up is that like him and like the military, you know, the military isn't for everyone and some people will get in there, and they'll stay in for one of this when you get out and some can do it for life. And I think Nick Sabin is the same way. He's lost a lot of turnover. And of course, you know, the conversation has been you know, how's this going to affect him? And I don't know getting ultimately, we won't know until the the season pans out in the games are played now. It's a good time. I think I'm right about this. I remember when Jimmy Carter became president. He he I think he went to the naval academy. And he talked about his first interview with Admiral recover in in the Admiral asked him, Mr. Carter, have you always done your best and Carter said, no. And he simply responded why not. And that exactly the name of Jimmy Carter's book, why not the best, and I've never forgotten that is as long as I've lived even though it's been what forty three years since Carter was elected forty two years since Carter was like the president. But it's a it's a great admonition to people. There's no excuse for not doing your best. You're right. And I think that, you know, great people on that. And that stage. Like that or similar or or share similar traits? And I think you know, Nick Sabin is wired that way and in. It's not something that translates to everybody then. So it's very difficult it. Yeah. So when you go to work for him, and you're not used to that. And you don't adapt to it. Then it's gonna rub you the wrong way. No. I never forget Barbara Dooley. Told me the story wants when Derek worked for saving. And that he had them working. I think either on Christmas day or Christmas Eve, and she she was she invents we're friends with Terry and Nick Sabin, and she went over to the house and and started like yelling at him. And he just started laughing said, Barbara he said, you're not working for me. Your son is enough shut up, and let's get on with whatever we were talking about. Because I mean, he didn't matter. That's that's the Mark Nick Sabin. It doesn't matter who you are. He's only interested in the bottom line. Now. I it can't affect them a little bit. It's not a family like like the Daboh. Situation. But it has worked quite efficiently in spite of all the turnover. You're right. And I think if recruits didn't continue to come in flocks Nick Sabin, then that family dichotomy might be more. What what would they knew in Greg in you understand history? Very well. I mean, people are always looking at greatness and trying to pick holes in it. And and listen, you you have a. You have a twenty eight point loss that we've never seen before. So you have that coupled with ten days of turmoil. This staff will be announced in in some saving was never was not going to do it piece by piece at some point this weekend. Maybe or next week. You'll have an entire announcement. And there will be over and then on national signing day in two and a half weeks. They've been we'll be number one. You're correct. So I just thought it was a a good analogy to look at those two individuals because a similar, and it just shows that there are many pathways to success, and and just because you don't fit in one path doesn't mean you're not going to succeed in another point. Really, really? Appreciate you sharing that yet. So I just wanted to get that out there, and and, you know, Bama fans need to to take a breather, and or BC powder, whatever. And just relax because he knows what he's doing. I mean, he's the most successful coach in history. And you know, the Mark of of a true champion is being able to face versus and overcoming it? So. We have not seen him in this position. Very very often. I think that's why it's so intriguing. Great. Thank you for the call. Another couple of hours to go on a Friday afternoon.

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