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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. The trump administration says it wants to introduce an emergency economic package worth one trillion dollars to stimulate the economy as it wrestles with the corona virus but today Dow Jones futures indicate the market will drop nearly four percent at the opening bell. The mayor of New York City and the state's governor are at odds over eight potential shelter place order to deal with a corona virus. Npr's Windsor Johnston has more mayor. Bill de Blasio says New Yorkers should be prepared for a possible shelter in place order or decision has not yet been made. It has not happened yet but it is definitely a possibility at this point. New York Governor Andrew. Cuomo is rejecting such a move saying it would cripple the city. What do I do for four policemen the next day? What do I do for firefighters? What do I do for the nurses because this is all about my healthcare system overwhelmed? How about my doctors shelter in place order would require all city residents to stay in their homes but would fall short of a complete lockdown. It would also require approval by the State Windsor Johnston. Npr news the majority of K. Through twelve schools in the US are closed. Due to corona virus. Parents and school leaders are now asking the federal government. When will it be safe to reopen schools? Npr's Corey Turner says the answer is complicated the CDC. I weighed in Friday with guidance on when schools should consider closing but by that point many places had already said they'd be sending kids home while most of those early closures were for two or three weeks. Cdc's guidance disagreed saying shorter closures. Like those won't slow the spread of disease instead greater impact would come from closures eight to twenty weeks long. Yesterday the School Superintendents Association was supposed to host a briefing with CDC TO. Give school leaders some clarity but CDC cancelled telling NPR. It's still needed to quote fully adapt to stricter guidance. The White House released on Monday yesterday. Kansas became the first state to announce it would be closing. Its schools for the rest of the school year Corey Turner. Npr news former vice president. Joe Biden further cemented his odds of becoming the Democratic presidential nominee with wins and all three states that voted on Tuesday. Npr's asthma hollered reports. That was in Florida. Illinois and Arizona Biden began his short election night speech on a somber note discussing the corona virus outbreak. He spoke from his home in Delaware he sounded like the primaries were over. Praising his rival Bernie Sanders in the Vermont. Senator supporters for their passionate. Let me say especially to the young voters who have been inspired by Senator Sanders. I hear you. I know what you stake. What we have to do. Biden may not need support from young voters to become the Democratic nominee but he will likely need their support in November if he is the nominee. Us my colleague. Npr News you're listening to NPR news. President trump is promising to help. The tourism industry survived the economic fallout of the corona virus pandemic as NPR's Franco or donas reports the executives insist. They need federal help. The CEO's of some of the biggest hotel brands and resorts are pleading with President. Trump. For help they're comparing the fallout to the two thousand eight financial crisis and nine eleven or worse Christmas Sata the C O of Hilton says. He's never seen anything like this for the first time in one hundred hundred years. We've never closed tell that wasn't going to be demolishing rebuilding MGM RESORTS Chairman. James Murren says seventy thousand people will be put on furlough as part of plans to close all MGM resorts in Las Vegas. President trump promised to quote Yeoman's effort to get business backup Franco or DONAS. Npr news the White House Musher from Norway. Thomas Wearing has won this years. I did Rod sled dog race in Alaska. Trail is a thousand miles long. The idea ride continues to draw heavy criticism from animal rights activists. The people for the ethical treatment of animals issued a blistering statement calling for the quote despicable race to end pita executive vice president. Tracy Reimann alleges one hundred. Eighty dogs have been pulled from this year's race for a elements some life threatening China is banning American journalists from three US media outlets from working in China. China says it's a countermeasure last month the US limited the number of Chinese journalists in the US to one hundred. I'm KORVA COLEMAN NPR news.

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