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CM Punk Debuts on WWE Backstage


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Yesterday we had on our podcast. We had the great billy corgan president of the NWEA talking about how great that show show has been unfortunately we talk about Nwea power in a different light because of the insensitive remarks from Jim Cornet absolutely and we had some breaking he news that we don't have to worry about that anymore. We discuss insensitivity in the world today. Also we have Mark Henry who is somebody that knows. Jim Cornet very very doing well had a very strong relationship. He talks about those insensitive remarks. And what we heard from Jim Cornet all that right now on the bus it open podcast. How about the fact? Oh Wednesday is going to be the night Wednesday L.. No it's Tuesdays. Now are the night for pro wrestling and as bully likes six to say the good the bad the ugly. I think we got some of that last night. And we'll get deeper into some of the bad for sure but let's start with the good good punk we're anxiously awaiting what we're going to get from. CNN punk wwe backstage a couple of weeks ago only got about forty nine thousand people watching doing the show. That number doubled last week with an appearance at the end of the show by CSM punk and then now we all knew we're getting Siham punk glass night on wwe backstage for us that. Get a burly. Like you and I- Tommy to do the show. It was tough to stay up past midnight but I think it was well worth the appearance by. CSM Pong that. Sit Down that he did with Rene Young. I have not listened to a sit down interview that intently since probably where Lebron was going and I think it had like that type of build up and I hung on his every word and he is my friend. I think gum in his inner circle. 'cause I do probably talk to him about once a month and man I thought it was great and he was very very honest. I I did laugh and I put it out there on social media. I feel with him on this show. It's GONNA quickly become very very popular. Show he knows how to get people engaged and he's also very very honest and what he said really doesn't lead to speculation. But always fans WANNA speculated it but just little things he did on that show like when Rene Young was talking about the shield. He's echo which one's your favorite. I like them all the say all equally fully. Yeah Right Roberta and him giving his opinion and he was honest because and that's what he's always been like that and it's if you love him love him if you hate him hate him he doesn't care but he's going to give you his opinion. Why and he talked the pros and cons of rustling and as an analyst? That's what you're supposed to do and I. I heard an interview with him and when he said Fox came to me and they said Hey we have a rod. We have Troy Aikman and we want you to be like the wrestling guy. I'm the why they asked me. But that's a whole other story But he's going to be impartial and he said he hasn't spoken to anyone in. WWe So the that's true. Well Tommy. We talked talked about it last week. And there are a lot of questions going into this appearance last night. And we'll get into what we feel where the answers to some of the questions that we had in the fans ad but we talked about this last week. He is an employee of Fox. And like you said Troy Aikman not paid by the team that he's broadcasting the game of now he's he's he's an employee of Fox. Same thing here with Siham punk. So yes rene young employed by the WWE page employed by the WWe Booker T. employed by the wwe that is not the case with CNN. Pong Siham punk is employed by Fox. So he doesn't have to worry about any ramifications affiliations for the things that he says because he's not an employee of the wwe so a lot of questions going in were I. Will he be critical. I I think judging from what we saw last night I don't think he has any problems with being critical. No you know. I've watched the show. I WANNA say watch it from the beginning even though right episode three three. But I'm always up late at night and I caught the show live the first time. I caught it the the next time and they already were going outside the box. The show and Alex and I have discussed it reminds me of a television version of our show with a sports center field. With the scroll as well as a first take where you're getting opinions and they're bringing all these different people I really do like the show. Oh but even last week before punk was there they were talking about Lana and rousseff angle and the and the WWe universe not caring for where this is. You know that that never you don't ever discuss that. I mean I was part of the Katie Vick. I was in the company. Dirk Dirk Vic when everyone was just moaning and groaning about it and maybe the storyline of all time. Yeah but one person really liked it so it was like. Hey Hey we love this but this is the worst so that that is if they're gonNA be raw an honest that's what you know. Today's society side Man. You can't especially social media. You have to be like that. It's it's taking professional wrestling to a different level. Like I love what eighty w does does where they bounce back and forth between storyline reality when they do after matches PROMOS almost like a press conference from what the NFL Tony. Kahn has experienced with that. Even with Matt Camp when he has that little thing on the Internet. Where they they? They do an injury report from annex t and some of it is a work some visit shoot but or even now deputy busting their own stories. I remember back when I was first when I I was there. They they WANNA ever have anything to do with the Internet. Shane McMahon who was running digital in running the Internet. He was like listen. We got to do that. And then there's always the big issue of do we break this story. Will everybody knows about it. Why not get our own hits and then you know what they do? They they brought in Ryan said and he breaks the news of people signing contracts. All that stuff. Hey it's a different era and it's a cool era. Yeah and like even see 'em punked playing with page as far as with Baron Corbin storyline. What took place on smackdown with Roman reigns and the mascot coming out and kind of come on page? You know. You didn't like that come on on and I like that kind of interaction with the other players because it's almost like they're in but they're not fully in like see 'em punk is it's almost it's like he's playing with them knowing that there are limitations for them but he has no limits. You know you know. He always says the voice of the voiceless. He is like it's like yeah. WWe backstage it's wwe show but we have our guy in on the show where he's going to ask the questions since he's going to say the things that everyone else is afraid to say and that is great when you're going to be. That is the job that you were given even by Fox and also guess what he's a guy to say. He is walked the walk and talk the talk. He's done that and then it raises the questions which of course to the fact that renee young brought up that. Hey Is there any chance of you coming back. Everyone wants to know it because every listen man. The divorce from professional wrestling is hard It's like I say this. All the time fans need enclosure wrestlers need closure the way he left it was. It was hard for wrestling fans to digest. Talked about it for two years for for him to say you never know what could happen but he said at least logically. Hey I've never spoken to anybody in. WWE I can't just go and have a match But Wrestling Fan. I did it for Beulah where I let the fans say goodbye to Beulah and she was just in the east. CW Arena and we sold that place out because she needed that for herself because she really doesn't watch wrestling and she was like. Hey thank you and she didn't do that because like you know. I'm married her and I gave it to kids even though she likes me but She did it because that's performer. Beulah for with performer. Tommy Dreamer you need that closure wrestling fans need it it. He'd gave us that closure for the six years that he was gone. But guess what now he's back and you never know what could happen. And that's that is the beauty of professional wrestling. Well you mentioned it earlier about the sit down with Rene Young and I thought that you needed to do that like it's one thing to have in part of show but I think they needed to have that sit down. They did it last night on. WWE BACKSTAGE AND COURTESY OF S F S. One let's go back to what we heard from punk last night and Rene 's question about why why now when it comes to pro wrestling wrestling and what I'm doing now or two completely different things. Obviously I do not work quiz. have any kind of a relationship have talked to anybody and wwe. This is strictly a me and Fox thing and I think that's very interesting dynamic because here I am somebody who is not employed by WWe. And let's get down to it. Yeah Yeah I get to criticize the product and that's something I've always done. I think that's what made me popular because to a fault. I have no filter in between my mouth and my brain. I've always been this way and it's just something that now I feel maybe I can do. And maybe it'd be kind of find my way in the business again right now like because there's a Lotta stuff that's broken and I think what the product needs what the show needs what the fans need. Is Somebody without those ties. Worry about if they're going to get punished for saying something just to tell it like it is corny the voice of the voiceless right. I have no ties. Nobody's GonNa fire me. I'm not going to get a job. Suspended sent the TV told him not needed all these all. These things don't exist in my world anymore. Here I am. If it's good great I'll take the back we'll talk about. It'll be excited about it. It's bad you probably going to be mad at me now. How punk in that answer said this is a good way to find his way back into the business so a good follow up question and Rene did? It is if if we ever see him back in the ring are we going to see. CNN punk step back in the ring. I mean we've got survivor series is in Chicago. We're rumbles just around the corner. Me People love that that element of surprise of rumble. So it regardless of what my answer is somebody that's always going to be upset with it right. And like as I said stated I worked for Fox I haven't talked to anybody in wwe. It's nothing that I'm actively actively pursuing you're interested in but I'm forty one years old and I've lived inexperienced life where where I know to not say no but that they I mean that's going to be a bridge that is is I'm going to have to be built and it might take as long as building the Great Wall of China because as there's some hurdles there's some hurdles there all right so a lot to digest here from those two who answers from Seattle punk because he says this is a good way to find his way back into the business and I agree because when you're somebody that causes controversy zero-rated done not even talking on a Mike but on social media without even trying by just adding a certain person which is unbelievable. We'll get into that because I want to get your take on something that we talked about yesterday with bully but then you great. Follow up question to with Rene. Young Renee Young is very underrated. I think she got so much better as being a commentator for Monday night raw and I was really upset as she was kinda getting her groove. They pulled her to do do this but now I know why because this role for her is almost custom made for renee young but she asked the question that everyone is interested and is is if we'll ever see him back in the ring and it sounds like punk honest. He's not actively pursuing it but he is forty one years old and he's An and you notice Tommy in in this business you never say. Never Yeah and you know it has to be right time right situation as well as white right dollar amount and he straight up said. I get paid a lot of money by Fox to do this. It had to be just like UFC. He didn't come in there for for free or he came in there and got paid. He did it as a fan. He got so much backlash from that but it was funny. That was even addressed on the show with David Arquette and you know when he talked about his UFC record but he then at least paid him the respect of Haymond it takes a lot to prepare for fight and I mean I was talking to punk during that time when he was preparing for those fights and it it is he he the joking about that him and I you know like I said I speak to him and I will tell him about stuff on the indies and he's urine saying why. How do you do this? I love it and he's like at times I loved it too just from the stories and he was a wrestling fan. You could go back and see him in an e C W shirt in his in a minivan going to a show where he was always the different kid like wrestling. And it's it's it's what made him a household name and you will never lose that Phantom you could get taken away from it But you need a bit of a break to come back but also bottom line money Michael. You're hearing catch consider open live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Siriusxm Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the series. Xm Apple going into break. I mentioned an interview that I did with punk before Wrestlemainia twenty nine and coming out of that that interview. I was really disappointed as a fan because here he is If you remember Tommy at Wrestlemania twenty nine. He faced the undertaker. I I mean going up against the undertaker at Wrestlemania. That doesn't get it doesn't get much bigger than that. I would probably say that being in a match at that time during the streak week with the undertaker was big and being in a championship match at Wrestlemainia. Most people especially at that time looked at the undertaker matches almost the main event. Even if it wasn't the main event I think wrestlemainia twenty nine was definitely an example of that and sitting down and talking to him. I just got the sense. Yes and I had a conversation with Alex mets about it when he listened back to the interview doing getting some sound for our tenure anniversary special. I said it felt like this kind of an appreciate it. This guy doesn't savor the moment. This guy is just not understanding. How really a big this is and I kind of forgot about it? And I was reminded during sit down with Rene Young last last night and courtesy again of F s one in. WWe backstage. They talked about the nerves. And if you made the right decision is it was. It was kind of stressful in the closer. We got got to showtime the more nervous. I got and that leads me to believe that I'm doing the right thing. I made the right decision. It's been so long since anything related has made me feel anything. I'm a guy who wrestled the undertaker at Wrestlemania. And you know my my few. I was just down the ramp talking to my future wife and she was like your music's playing and I was like I. I really rather just sit here and talk to you. I know you know so the the butterflies were good thing. I feel like I'm not dead inside. So that's good. So so basically saying that at the time of Wrestlemainia twenty nine Tommy. He was Kinda done he was like. You said dead inside. You know being a performer. This is everybody's dream and sometimes you realize that the dream you're living isn't the dream dream that you wanted to live and it happens everywhere with you. Know for your personal experience was he. You just got I guess closure for that so he could care less about going into the ring. How do you think he cared about an interview with you? and his mind was elsewhere. You know why his mind was elsewhere. Swear because he wanted to be the main event and he wasn't the main event to resume and he went on the air and vented that for a competitor Heyman. There's guys who who play their entire career hall of fame players that don't go to a super bowl if we're talking football or hey but I won the AFC conference game game but you didn't win the Super Bowl things like that bother you as a performer. Because and your thoughtless a man I I lived on a smaller level in the sense of you know I'm known for my love and passionate professional wrestling part of the reason why I'm on this show because how much I love wrestling. I watch watch wrestling. Almost I watched three shows yesterday and I stayed up late and I enjoy it I quit ah the wwe. Because I was no longer happy doing something that I've loved my whole life and it was because of the situation I was in because I felt they had more to offer and there was behind the scene situations that were preventing me from doing that and I did nothing wrong. I could see if I did something wrong but I didn't and once I left. WWE I got it. I really did in the sense of. Hey you know what it's not real. Paul Heyman saw something in me. That maybe Vincent man didn't or there's so many different cogs pulling you at different ways. Cool cool and I discussed this on the air. That's that's in life that's in real sports. It happens look Marcus Allen that story. If you've ever you know you and I have discussed it. Oh without Davis. Yeah Heat with Al Davis and then he went to become a hall of fame running back with a coup. Somebody else believed in him. Do you think seeing punk couldn't have made invented wrestlemainia the undertaker. I'm sure okay but someone said no and if that is what they mean something to you then yes at that point in his life. He's cool and he's he's pissed about that and him China Yeah I don't know if he was with Aj at that time. But that's a cool little moment. Where Hey I rather talk to you then go out and Russell the intake or do you know that my I was me and Little Guido for only two people to be at resume? Anyone to perform at Wrestlemainia. I couldn't wait to get to Wrestlemainia ice to fight scrap and this is when you ha you know. It was a three hour show for our show getting to Wrestlemainia for me. The the days leading into it were probably probably the worst day's going because at one point my match was scratched to give more time to Molina and Ashley Massaro and I was like. Are you kidding me and then Rob Van dam checked out while we're going to the ring. 'cause there was no Ravin de Mer Saba shirts and the show was in in Michigan and he realized like they're not selling my shirt here and he was quitting the WWe as we're walking down the steps to come to the ring. And I'm like rob please. We have to go because I'm trying to wrangle all these crazy people but these are moments behind the scenes that people don't realize so if see empire listen man does seem punk needs. have sit down Vincent Man and triple H. He never has to see them ever again if they bring him to a show. You don't have to do that. I was part of the the the company where Bret Hart was inducted. And he said he didn't want to be an eyesight of showing Michael's that was that was the thing that he said then they went on TV and hug it out if CSM punk is okay with his status. Great if Vincent Man and triple h you're cool awesome punk status. Because I'm sure they had sign off on it. I'm sure if they're saying. Hey this guy's gonNA keep on knocking US every week. You know there has to be something like that. They they did. They did unsure if you went on the air every single day and started ripping up our boss. He might say hey. Listen I don't know if you WANNA do that so so it's GonNa be great and it's going to be great for wrestling. I'm happy in Punk is back. I'm happy the fans have him back if you want us to even said you're gonNA start chanting eating my name. There were so many little things like when he said inner circle and I was like. Oh my God. He said inner circle to Rene Young. He's going to e w there's little little things that you could just jump all over as a wrestling fan. Or as a conspiracy theorist well let's put his possibilt- possible career in the ring wing and return with to the wwe. Let's play in the here and now and added as a host on. WWe backstage hang on. He's also great right at that. He's great at that job. Renee young is the best. She really is an Siham. PUNK is great booker. T. is great. That show as unique dynamic doc like I said it's it's it's busted open on television. I would think that we do a much better job. And I understand where they're not going to sit and talk about other wrestling organizations. That's because they're talking about things that were never discussed for on. WBZ's WWe backstage. So I don't think anybody goes in their thinking they're going to talk about eighty w dynamite might from last Wednesday night But one thing that we know he will have to talk about an ad is the wwe product and actually talked about with Rene young what he thinks things of the current product. I think the product is the same. When I left it I think wrestling could be so much better? It could be so much more nor obviously there's a reason myself yourself. Everybody who puts on a pair of boots fell in love with professional wrestling And I just think regardless of what I think of the product now opinions the same as when I was there. Stuff's overproduced stuff's micromanaged. I think the best characters the people that the fans loved the most throughout all of wrestling the characters that they get to figure figure stuff out themselves instead of being told what to do by somebody who maybe never done anything and never been anywhere near Joo money brother now so I think there's a lot wrong with it but I see a lot of bright spots. So what are some of the bright spots but something that you're seeing right now that you are taking. I like all the women I don't like the forest. You know women's Revolution Lucien thing. I just let the women the women and they'll show you why they kick ask them why they need to put a Hashtag label on everything. I I like selfishly. I think I liked the next thing because obviously I see myself in a lot of that I was. I was in Indy Guy I was in. WWe developmental. And I don't want to be brought to television so I know the struggle And I think those are the characters or for lack of a better word less tainted ain't that's like what you just said how he is so good at this role. That's what we want to hear from Siham Pumpkin again thanks to F S One. WWE backstage back stage for the audio. That's what you WANNA get from Siham punk. Yeah and that's from his life experiences and he was the champions when the longest reigning champs and WB history and and he man if you talk about history has there not been a wwe champion. Who did not have a problem with management? Think about it Bruno Bob macklin Warrior Bret Hart Hulk Hogan trying to our wrinkles voice but I can't because it will distract from my great analysis what champion hasn't had an issue with me After after their rain or during their reign everybody has had it so the this is such. It's so good for wrestling. And he's going to give from his experiences just like I give my experiences just like bullying visit experienced Mark Henry and if it is that free forum. He's he's a perfect guy to do it. Yeah I'm really looking forward to seeing more from him on. WWE backstage and again. You can see that every single Tuesday night on F s one if you don't know Sirius Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They had all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollar just go to Sirius Xm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash plus did offer available to new SIRIUSXM streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. I gotta be honest with the adding get much sleep last upset. I understand very very upset. And so you should be We had billy Corgan in studio to talk what about the NWEA yesterday and And I we add on for an hour and it was a pleasure for me to talk to him for sixty minutes because I'm such a huge fan of w power. It's it's to me it's great and yesterday and I in catch it While was actually live because my house at that time in the six o'clock hour is like grand central station. The Legras House with everybody coming in going and coming home from work and go in after school activities and everything else so I didn't hear it so when the show was over I I saw that. NWEA was trending. And I was like wow and then and then I saw that Jim Cornet was trending and Mike. All right. He must have said had something on social media or said something on his podcast and then I was so disappointed to hear that it was made on. NWEA power and and and. I'm not going to repeat the so-called joke he was trying to make On the show because because it's just not worth mentioning again but let's just say it was completely insensitive on multiple levels like not even like not insensitive towards one group of people but like multiple groups of people in the honestly any group of people because anybody that heard that like I when I heard it it just your your heart sinks like how somebody could be don only that insensitive to make that kind of a joke put the do it on a show. Oh where you actually think that that that that is a funny remark to make am I. Am I wrong on this timing. Nope you're one hundred percent correct act and it's just like and then you know loving the NWEA product like I do and this is GonNa be a reflection on the NWEA product The one good news news to come out of it though is this just came down a few minutes ago that Jim Cornell has resigned from the. NWEA ALEX correct right. He's he's resigned from wait a minute. This is breaking news. We Have A. We're not breaking news sounder. Because that's the this this is i. I yelled out what I don't follow these sheets on go ahead Alex yes This just came down from the NWEA effective active immediately. Jim Cornet has resigned from the national wrestling lions as an announcer on the November nineteenth edition of Nwea power. Jim made remarks during a singles match between Nick. Alvis and Trevor Murdoch like that. We're both offensive and do not meet the high standards of decency and good faith of the national wrestling alliance to ensure that such an error can never happen again we establish new Procedures Have Review for all NWEA program and going forward. We sincerely regret our failure in this regard and it was a it was is a big mistake because obviously the show is not live. It's taped but I will say this and and and not in defensive Jim Cornet because Jim Cornet like tomake that kind of comment and knowing you made that comment knowing that the show is taped the not being like hey. I think I might have said something. That was completely lately. Insensitive I apologize. Let's make sure we edit that out of the show that never happened. And I honestly don't know how anybody else heard it and didn't think it was an insensitive remark to edit edited out but I will say this I know Dave Logan who's been a part of the show is whereas like nineteen different hats and unfortunately unfortunately when you're taping his show and you're doing multiple things and you're you're you're taping stuff for social media and you're taping this show and yeah you're you're we're looking for the graphics and you're watching marks in the ring and things like that unfortunately when you do too much things are going to fall through the cracks. Unfortunately this fell through the cracks. Now you know when it comes to productions of a show things like that are unfortunately going to happen win but man for Jim Cornet to actually say what he said into a microphone. It's you know what if he didn't resign this this morning. Then by the end of the day he should be he should have been fired. Because you see you cannot come on. That's just disrespecting like insensitive just just an insensitive remark that's completely disrespectful. And unfortunately now this is gonNA shine a light on the NWEA something that's been extremely positive to the world of pro wrestling Tommy. We talk about that that that world of the NWEA has been very very positive. Billy Corgan. I said there's been no negativity attached to that. Does that company or that show at all and then you have that dumb ass say those remarks and and and it hurts me for multiple reasons. Tim Cornet has been a guest on this show many times. He's somebody that I grew up watching. He's somebody that I grew up. I respected and even though he has said things things before they make you shake your head and maybe even get you upset and he says things about the wrestling world that you may not agree with. I've always had a respect back for Jim Cornet. Because of what he's given to the business anybody has given to the business. I do have some respect for man. It's really really hard for me. After hearing hearing those comments to have any respect for this man anymore and it hurts me to say that but my my heart is broken today and then the other thing that really really hit me. Tommy I know you WANNA jump. I apologize for kind of Bogart the time but the other person I thought of right after that was more cannery because Mark Henry obviously is not just a Co host on the show but he but he's somebody I call my friend. He's a friend and I know how much he respected. Jim Cornet and I know oh how much he loved. Jim Cornet. He says it all the time on this show about if it wasn't for Jim Cornet. He doesn't know if you had been able to have the career that he the ad is somebody who has talked about that. Nobody is ever taught him more than Jim. Cornet and I was completely heartbroken for Mark A last night after hearing those comments and now other things are coming out of the remarks that were made throughout the years are being thrown out on social media and that's it's a trend to me like if God forbid something slips out you say somethin' in in the heat of anger or something like that this is not the case he actually said Eh during the match to any any actually thought that that was a joke I thought that was funny. Straight up the NWEA has been great. I was the first wrestling company to welcome back the NWEA Through House a hardcore. Tim Storm Nick Caldas. And we shot a nice angle for. It didn't know what it was going to become. The show has been really really good when you look at Social Media When it was trending all that Staf still trending this morning and people want to blame the NWEA? You WanNA blame Billy Corgan. You WANNA bleed blame Dave Logan A- Their their own men and right then and there from that statement they owned up for the mistake of airing it right away. David Ghana went to social media and apologized. College is now I know David Ghana is not a racist. I know Billy Corgan is not a racist that so you can't blame them if this was. WWe Who would you blame. You would blame David Ghana for letting it air and he would be let go. You can't let go Dave Laguna because it was it was it was an oversight and I'll tell you like we all know how hard he works. He posts it and I'll hit him up late because he's up at six. Am You it happens. When I first heard it I was like? Are you kidding. Me and I was just like what an outdated reference where you're trying to like that's an eighties because you're talking about like when in South Park did like starving Marvin and Ethiopia. I'm like that it's such in what was that Hunger aid all that stuff back in the day. I've evade I was like what an outdated reference brow because I heard it and then I was like Whoa. WHOA WHOA wait a minute? There's a whole there's no way there's so many different aspects of that being offensive. And but it's just when when I'll tell you what for the impact impact when we go through a process there are four to five different people who get a screener of the show. When and there's an editing people in Nashville and from four to five different people? They will pick up up on different things that when I watched the show I didn't see it and and you know so. That's where hey stuff can happen and where it does slip through the cracks on impact. And I've said this before we had a we had a guy have a match coach and he wrestled Moose and then we just redid something and he the same Guy Wrestled Moose but he wore a different outfit so what we do is splice in the Finnish. Not One fan said why is that guy. He's wrestling the whole matching one outfit. And then when he got pinned he was wearing another outfit. Coz we put together two who different matches and showed the finish. And and Tommy. I watched that show and I didn't catch that so think about that. So you know and and hang on what I'm trying to say. They is five people whose job is to make sure we have continuity on a show. Five people miss that until one person said I missed that. That's why I'm saying. This is an Omelette GonNa it for his job. Yes but he shouldn't lose his job over that because of David Gone lose his job. Guess what. NWEA's gone yeah and the end everybody has owned up up to it Kudos and much respect to the NWEA for doing that. That's it on now with regards to Jim. Cornet Jim Cornet He goes does he has a podcast that also does rip up a w after eight W show I. Don't listen to his podcast. He goes on social media and fights with fans He fights with Joey Ryan about the Dick flip fights with a lot of stuff. I just feel if you took so much time out of your your day to and I'm sure he'll he'll go after me because of what I'm saying but I don't care because that's irrelevant in my world If you hurt other people and you hurt people or you spend all this time trying to be negative in your life. I don't need you in my life and that that's the bottom line or straight up. Wrestling is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to take you away from the real world but if you WANNA have angst or you threaten to kill people. Because they're professional wrestling time timesheets. I interviewed Kevin Thorn on my podcast and Kevin Thorn did a comedy spot in the ring and he sent word through land storm and this is when he he was in. WWe If he doesn't get out of the ring he's going to beat the shit out of him and then Kevin Thornton. This is while he's wrestling. He said tell them. Bring it on and then Lance storm came to the ring and said Jim Cornet just said he's going to his car to get his gun to kill you. I this was on my podcast and I was just. It's like really he said that. So listen man He just needs to deal with himself. And if you want to spend so much it's time being negative awesome then but then why do people buy into it and that's it you're no longer relevant and if you always have to go go and Shit on other people then you hurt your. You know you're only trying to do that to become relevant. And that's cool. He again. I have I I have no or I should say I had no issues with him personally. always say hello to him. I love the midnight express are up but hey that was a long time ago. Yeah you have to you know Impact as this retro. Show coming up when the retro show happened that was when the whole miles myles Garrett there it is at no not myles Garrett males what's his name Jordan Miles Jordan joy miles T shirt thing happened. I looked at that t shirt and I was like. What's wrong with the shirt you know why? Because I'm a forty year old white guy who I was just like. Oh it's like that. Look like the rolling stones to me and I was like why is this so bed head and then I went into the locker room and there was Moose. There was Kongo Kong there and you know what we had. We had one of the best discussions I've ever had had when there's when there's a race issue. I talked to mark Henry I talked to MVP. Hey man what's up with this. And then they tell me why and it was Kongo Kong. WHO said did you know why that's offensive? Because back in the day they would hire white actors to portray Black People Al Jolson and they would not hire black entertainers and the moment. He told me that I was like. Oh Wow that's a really messed up t shirt and thank God. I didn't react on social media because I was like. Oh wait. That kid approved that t shirt. So that I'm like Whoa. There's all this nuts going on. I don't jump on a the topic right away but I was educated through other people where and like I showed this too. I showed it to don callous. I showed it to Scott d'amore and they're like okay. Well we didn't understand the deal. And it was even a Stephen Smith when they talked about the Colin Kaepernick tryout and then he's like why how did you wear a a KUNA contain t shirt. Yeah if you're like why would you do that and that's not my. I can't have that plight because I'm not an African American man but when someone tells you that Oh 'cause like Mark Henry is my brother. D Von Dudley is my brother. MVP MVP all these. I don't Care Willie Mac yeah. I don't care about people's color if people are cool with me. I'm cool with you and you know what like that's that's just a sign of intelligence that if you're not if you're not sure about the something or you don't understand about something you ask questions it was. It was the greatest conversation we ever had and everybody else we we had Indian people in there we had the rascals where we joke about. We don't know what Trae Miguel is like. I don't know what I am. People mistake me for everything I lived at back in the day with task. People thought he was iron sheik thought he was Persian wanted to be the next iron sheik and housing Persian. You know but this is the nineties when you couldn't you you didn't WanNA speak up to the veteran and I'm glad you brought that up because in time you have to evolve and it's obviously that somebody here in the wrestling world hasn't evolved and unfortunately now it's a it's black mark on the N. W. I and I hope that people don't blame the NWEA because it's a great organization and it's a great show and hopefully we can get past this Mike. What you're hearing catch? The open live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. XM APP. Up coming off a night like we had last night with such great wrestling that you know we have to talk about something like this but I also think it's good in a way the shine light on something the net needs to be you know we're we should be but we should be passed something like this Tommy. We should be passed remarks like this and you know what really upsets upset me. And I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Bring Mark Henry in just a second but you know like Jim. Cornet tweeted a promotion for his podcast this morning and it starts off morning. Everybody heard any good jokes lately. Like why would you tweet that after all the mess that you created last tonight. Why would you tweet something like that? Tommy Honestly Mash question. Sure follow him on social media. I do okay. Well then on follow him because was in your less of a person. Why would you want that person in your life? Why would you want for one? Glimpse of that person to upset. Just did that there. You go case closed all right. Let's go out to our good the friend and obviously co host here on Busted Open Mark Henry and and mark and I am so sorry about everything because honestly when I heard some of the things that have been coming out on social media The first person I thought of was you because I know how how much you loved cared and how much high regard you thought of of Jim Cornet Yeah Man When I first went to Louisville so Jim Cornet realized that I was mark. Not Just my name but that I was a wrestling fan and and a big time wrestling fan. He's okay. We got to reprogram and I said what do you mean he's your fan and you love wrestling when you're entertain by plant but now you're going to be in it and you have to be one of us. You have to be a wrestling aficionado. Historian you have to be studied. You have to work hard to understand the history of this business and understand it from the inside out rather than the outside in and I said okay. What does that? He's like well. I have the largest this library probably in the world wrestling information. And you're welcome to it and I won't you come to my how any time you know said well That sounds like a lot of information and he said you know what I've already got. It broke up in two years the fifties sixties and seventies the eighties and the nineties. There was the late nineties ninety nine at this point and he said I have a lot of information through till now. I immersed myself in wrestling link culture. I studied all of the panthers and the the year groupings that he gave me I went to house. I'll watch them before or vhs even he had reel to reel stuff too. And I never ever saw a side of Jim that said this guy's a race is you know is He never used the N.. Word in front of me never talk politics. We never talk how we talk wrestling. We talked wrassling and I had a lot of respect and still have a lot of respect but his wrestling Akron in in and knowledge and understanding. And what he did for me. But I can't not goes by the fact that the things that you know from last night which I was there when the common when that Promo was cut. That was not the first time. The Promo was cut. The first time that that Promo was cut was by a guy named Robbie Dick's food from Baton Rouge Louisiana who I was very good friends with who passed away and Robbie cut a promo against somebody. You don't want it with me. you rather rent through hill with gasoline draws on you rather rent to Africa with fried chicken strapped to your back Robbie Biggs was a black guy very hyper colorful and that was the promo that I don't know why Jim felt like I'm a cut. This Robbie Digs Promo on live. TV which there's a double standard of course. There's there's a double there was. It's a double standard from a long time ago and just GonNa as always going to exist today but that's neither here that's a whole nother conversation. The point is that that Promo was not here to say in the first place and it that Promo has made him look bad a- and You know with all the other stuff that people have said like he never showed the the racist thing to me. But I can't defend him on this. I'M NOT GONNA offend nobody. That says I'm a racist. I'M NOT GONNA defend nobody that's GONNA say Fried Chicken and Africa jokes. That's not remorseful and say. Hey Man I apologize but you come on in the morning and the first thing that you see is has. Anybody heard any good jokes like I. I can't I can't cosign for that. I'm not a Tom. Never the have been a tom and people of color all over the world that that enjoy pro wrestling or hurting and right now and I'm GonNa tell you how I'm hurt because I respect Jim Cornet crazes. He'll have always said that. Jim's crazy crazy but he's he's crazy crazy for wrestling so I don't care but I do care about this this this this is like you're my mother guy. Rest are so beautiful Christian woman if she would've said this guy's is your father and I come to find out as an adult that the guy was not my father. I would be hyper pissed at my mother. Maybe to the point where I may not spoke to her for a very long time all depend on how God grace my heart. That's how I feel about this situation. I feel mistrust. Trust feel misled. I don't feel negative about the teachings but there are a lot the people that have been talked about somebody mentor by Somebody but was also misled by somebody. And that's where I expand and for all of those African American fans and all the people that that sympathize with the plight of African American in life and in Sport I'm not apologizing for him. I'm sorry that you had endured that because I hate that I had endured an Mark Lake. Listen if if I made a comment and I didn't mean at a certain way and you took it a certain way and you said that's insensitive. I shouldn't be saying that you know what I'm GonNa do. Or what any normal human being would do they would apologize. Apologize and say that was not my intent that I didn't mean to offend you or offend anybody. The fact that I did I apologize. I'm not saying it would've would've cured all but man I if Jim Cornell would adjust like went to social media and just said I am. I Apologize Apologize. I I said something. That was insensitive. That wasn't my tent. I am sorry that maybe we're talking about him a different way this morning but the fact that he made the joke out of all the people that were upset by what he said that takes a certain kind of Manitou something like that mark. I'm sorry but like you know for him to make a joke of it and say hey. Have you heard any jokes. Could jokes lately. Man I mean what kind of insensitive person sends out a tweet like he did this morning. you know what there's a name for it but you know Always caused Goto era caution when you start labeling and judging people the only thing you do is step away from people when that way and It hurts me man because there is nobody in wrestling. Nobody that has co-signed. Jim Cornet like I know one. And his knowledge edge of the forest if you will is beyond measure but this is not wrestling this is this is real world real life real emotion real understanding of the plight of a per of people that yes yes. Five hundred years ago weren't even on this continent and just say something like that was five years ago. That should have no bearing on what's going on today. Our own white people that had nothing to do with look. I'm not trying to get a white guilt and nobody when I'm trying to do is understand. Dan You managing and love all people the way God meant it to be and that's not what we're getting in. Today's world would be divided because of our color and ethnicities and The things that make us the smallest. It's a bit different small things. What religion you practice? Don't matter God has got. It's been a different. Language is in a different concept. The reality of understanding understanding of people is to look in the mirror. Because all you have to do understand Japan Africa Africa Australia Canada Russia is looking to Mir. They're the exact same image of you just in a different shade. We all have the same issues. We all argue with our wives. We all try to pour ourselves in kids we all. I love sports or entertainment of theater of something that that grabs it and puts us in the same category. That is that whether you don't like whether you don't like sports. That's a different. If simple but you agree to disagree but as it relates to your color and something that's sensitive to people you have to respect other other people and say hey man I hate that. That's something that's even said about your people or people that look like you. I hate that and Little sensitivity would be nice. Yeah but I don't want our country to be divided Because of the obvious things around us that are dividing this and it just it's GonNa take some time there's always a hill and I'm still pray for him. I'M NOT GONNA stop. I don't have hate I don't harbor hate but I'll tell you you what I do not want that in pro wrestling and power content to have continues to have that. Then power won't have me. I'll never watch it again as much as I love. Dave Logan Mr Corgan is is a hell of a man There's guys on that show that I love and respect. That are friends friends of mine and now I have to turn my back and that hurts because I really was enjoying it. I don't know if you heard Jim Cornet resigned from NWEA. and W owned up for the admission of. Hey we messed up for airing it. It was a slip. And it'll never happen again. Yeah La Ghana right away apologized immediately after the airing and then and then Jim Cornet this morning. I mean you know. Obviously there's conversations all night long into this morning about what they were going to do but Jim Cornet has stepped down so he'll no longer be a part of the end of UA. Mark Asha question that Promo. You said that I don't know the first Rowdy Dick. What year was that That had to be ninety nine I'm thinking and I'm I'm probably sure that if you it does You could call house. No Danny Davis Whoever was responsible for the OB W archive and you can pull promos from Sleet Robbie Dick's and and find that Promo But it wasn't as Promo to cut. That was well a fan also just sent us here and I'll I'll send it to you. He was talking. It was during a Bob back on X.. Pop match where he said the same same exact line but He said about Lawrence Taylor and Lawrence Taylor should Do the fried chicken on the back and go through Africa or Ethiopia wherever And I don't I'm just trying to look at the the timeline. Those when Bob backlands Jacqueline's wrestling Ninety five one thousand nine hundred ninety five so that wasn't his promo to do. If if we're looking at time wise I just you know it's just I I I don't know repeat offense not learning from your actions and not learning from your mistakes but like mark said in Nineteen ninety-five. You could say a lot. Different Dan and you can say today. But it was a repeat right and It'd be a Goto line. Just a very very bad. Go to go to things like that. That was one nonetheless it will mark like I said when this all came down I thought of you because I know how close you are and how much you cared for this man. And how much respected him. What he did for your career and and and I know this one had to hurt? So I feel for you buddy and I'm and I'm and I'm sorry for everything that's transpired over the last twelve hours worse. Yeah Man I wake up this morning I and I didn't I I was watching my daughter She's in a in a in the VAC theater hitter Showing of a Christmas Carol and got a nice prominent role and its throughout the play. And I didn't didn't get to watch power last night so I get home and I had at least five people say something to me about it and You know I mentioned it to my wife and she said Oh my God and then We you know we get this morning. And all of the rumblings I got. TMZ COLUMN IN CBS News and And and you guys busted open open on the day but I'd be on Friday We'll we'll talk about some things to you know as it relates to this on Friday but You know the news is right now and should be publicized right now so here. We are once again dealing with racism in sports and racism and pro wrestling and I hope that we all learn from this like and alienate take anything. That's negative to what we love. We can have the negativity something. That's so good and so positive and again to like if you hurt someone's feelings whether it was intentional or not the words I'm sorry in an apology would could go a long way and obviously the from what we've seen. Jim cornets not remorseful at all. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. AM to noon in eastern on Sirius X._M.. By Nation Channel One fifty six busted open podcast.

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