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Hello words how are you today. I hope you were doing well. I'm doing fine except I have the stupid injury on my finger which I mentioned a few episodes ago <hes> but today's Thursday which means that tomorrow's Friday which means that the next day's as the weekend all right first word for this episode is Amphibian pro-style Yeah Yeah A. M. P. H.. I. P. R. O. S. T. Y. L. E. IT's an odd word. This is an adjective from eighteen fifty having columns at each end only as in an amphibian pro style building amphibia pro style is also a noun own this is from the Greek amphorae plus Priscilla's <hes> which means having pillars in front and that is from pro plus still owes or Stilo which means pillar and there's more at the word word steer now. We have amphibious Beena A.. M. P. H.. I. S. B. E. N.. A. As is an interesting word. This is a noun from the fourteenth century a serpent in. Classical mythology having a head at each end and capable of moving in either direction amphibious bheenick is an adjective this is from the Greek amphibious which means on both sides <hes> from 'em fee which means around <hes> plus binding which means to walk or go and there's more at the words <hes> by B Y and come C. o. m. e. now. We have amphitheater a much more quote unquote normal word A. M. P. H. I. T. H. E. A. T. E. R. This is a noun from the fourteenth century one and oval or circular building with rising tiers of seats ranged about an open space and used in ancient Rome especially for contests and spectacles not the spectacles that you wear in front of your eyes but a spectacle in the sense that it is a big thing to watch to a a very large auditorium to be a room with a gallery from which doctors and students may observe surgical operations. You may have seen that sort of thing in an older T._v. shows and movies <hes> but I guess they still use them in in current ones as well to see a rising gallery in a modern theatre to d a flat or gently sloping areas surrounded by abrupt. Erupt slopes three a place of public entertainment as for games or concerts amphitheater Eric and Empha- theatrical are adjectives and amphitheater glee is an adverb now we have amphibian <hes> this is <hes> Noun from fifteen sixty seven. It is spelled capital A.. M. P. H. I. T. R. Y.. O. N. The husband of ALC- mean or Alchemy a. l. c. m. e. n. e.. I am not familiar with that although God I probably read it when I was in the A._l.. I don't remember I read a lot of these words. All right moving on we have amphora could also be pronounced amp free or amphorae. I feel like I'm singing that word how Di da Di da Buddha but at that I'm terrible with words <hes> all right Amphora a. m. p. the H.. O. R. A. VIS is a noun from the fourteenth century one and ancient Greek jar or vase with a large oval body narrow cylindrical neck and two handles that rise almost to the level of the mouth health and broadly such a jar or vase used elsewhere in the ancient world to a to handle the vessel shaped like an Amphora. I'm curious to know why this word and <hes>. Another word like amphitheater why they have the A. M. P. H. or A.. M. P. H. I. Prefix <hes> typically that means on both sides of some kind <hes> amphitheater. I don't really understand why hi it's used that way. I'm sure there was some reason back when the word was created for these old ancient Greek or Roman <hes> theaters <hes> Amphora maybe because it has two handles. I'm not sure <hes> but I might have to go. Look those up on that etymology website a right next. We have amphotericin A.. M. P. H. O. T. E. R. I see this is an adjective from circa eighteen forty nine partly one and partly the other specifically capable of reacting chemically either as an acid or as a base this is from the Greek amphotericin which means each of two of that is from 'em foe which means both and and there's more at the word or the Prefix Ambi a. m. b. i. now we have amphotericin B <hes> so be is kind of its own word. AMPHOTERICIN is A.. M. P. H.. O. T. E. R. I C. I.. N. and this is a noun from nineteen fifty five an Antifungal antibiotic obtained from a soil streptomycetes and used especially to treat systemic fungal infections the. <unk> streptomycetes <hes> scientific name is <hes> streptomycetes no dough seuss next. We have amp H._r. a._M._p.. Next Word H. R. This is an abbreviation for ampere hour which re read a couple of episodes ago now. We have ampicillin A.. M. P. C.. I L L I n this is a noun from nineteen sixty one a penicillin C sixteen the h nineteen n three four s that is effective against gram negative and gram positive bacteria and is used to treat various infections of the urinary respiratory and Intestinal Donald Tracks now. We have the word ample a. m. p. l. e. visit an adjective from the fifteenth century one generous or more than adequate in size scope or capacity as in there was room for an ample garden too generously sufficient to satisfy a requirement or need as in they had ample money for the trip three. We have these synonyms buxom and portly as in an ample figure synonyms are spacious and plentiful ample. Notice is a noun and amply is an adverb. Now we have an plexus. S. A. M. P. L. E. X. U.. S. This is a noun from Circa nineteen twenty seven the mating embrace of a frog or toad during which eggs are shed into the water and their fertilized. I guess it could also say and fertilize there but maybe that's not as proper English. This is from Latin it means embrace. It's from employees to embrace and that is made <hes> combining am <unk> or Arab which means a round plus planetary which means to braid and there's more at the word Ambi and ply P. L. Y.. I would love to memorize a lot of these words like amp lexus but I probably won't right last word for this episode is amplification a relatively normal word amongst all these relatively not normal words a. m. p. l. i. f.. I C. A.. T. I O. A win. <hes> this is a noun from fifteen forty six one eight and act example or product of amplifying one be a usually massive replication of genetic material and especially the of a gene or DNA sequence as in a polymerase chain reaction to a the particulars by which a statement is expanded to be an expanded statement alright that definition.

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