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Corey Taylor from Slipknot Comes On


If you don't know sirius x._m. Than listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they have it all and right now. You can get your first three months of sirius x._m. Outside the car for just us one dollar go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series x._m. Streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show weekdays from nine a._m. To two p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Dan mason channel one fifty six. Hey what's going on everybody to bully ray and we got one hell of a podcast for you today me and the greco are going to be talking about match from smackdown live last night between roman reigns and body murphy. We both loved the match. Go can take behind the scenes a little bit. I've got to tell you why we loved it as a fan and i'm gonna tell you why i loved it. As a wrestle love to sing collagen and love the way the match was booked dotted. Check it it out and you gotta listen to what we say. Plus check this out. Everybody in the world of rock and roll and heavy metal is talking about slipknot looks like they're going to debut abune number one with a bullet with their new album going to be talking to lead singer and frontman corey taylor corey taylor's new humor mask designed by tom. Savini the same guy design the themes mass we're going to get into the wrestling and the things we're gonna get into the rock and roll and the things have some laughs with corey taylor helluva podcast helluva show gonna be must-listen. We got all that and much much more more coming up on the busted open podcasts starting now we went weeks you know when it comes to raw being a little sub par not being up to snuff and smackdown you know fell down to average man leading up to summer slamming now what we got this week. I think a really league good week for the w._w._e. I would agree. I enjoyed summer slam. I enjoyed raw. I enjoyed smackdown there. Were some you know like you talk about little things here and there little storyline point turn. Maybe a couple of things that don't make sense but for the most part i've been enjoying the product last night i i really liked smackdown last night and we're going to get into a today what i liked about it. I'll tell you like on the surface what i liked about got it and then i'll give you a little peek behind the curtain of how good some of the things that they did last night really worked and i think the big thing coming coming out as smackdown last night is roman reigns and it's funny. We talked about a bully how the big storyline with roman reigns was in being played out on the second biggest pay per view of the year with summer slam as a matter of fact that go home show ended with a who done it with roman reigns just before we get the sunday for summer slam in toronto and then coming out of what we saw last night same thing show ends with the big question mark about who is attacking roman reigns. What what do you think of this story so far. I liked the story so far for many reasons. The first reason is roman reigns is as far away he from the championship the world universal championship or the w._w._e. Championship as possible and i think the farther you keep him away from it right now the better because when they eventually go back to it you're going to be you're gonna wanna see roman reigns chase that championship as opposed i as opposed to be forcing to wanna see roman reigns chase that championship so being away from the championship is a great thing. Also i have a great story story for roman actually emotionally invested in roman right now because she got people toppling lighting rigs on top of him. I'm hitting him with cars. He's in a situation where he thinks he knows who did it but it turns out that wasn't the person he had to apologize now. He's getting toyed with everything that they're doing with roman right. Now is relatable. Dave has been you had incidents in your life. Where you've you've made a made a wrong judgement on something and then had to apologize for it yeah of course everybody can relate to apologizing college is getting everybody can relate to somebody else having it in for them at one time a note whether it's in your workplace or in your personal life so what's going on along with roman is relatable now. It's not relatable at somebody's trying to kill you or maim. You are hurt you but people can relate to the fact that they're people are out to get them and i think this is why this is resonating with wrestling fans because not only can they relate to going on to what's going on with roman but when you take a guy like roman and he humbled himself and apologizes to a guy like samoa joe and then we get a situation last night where he's he's being bullied into an apology by <hes> by daniel bryan and rohan that immediately forces people to have sympathy for roman reigns and think of roman reigns right now roman reigns has always been the alpha male. We see on monday night raw like you said always the guide it's either chasing the championship for holding onto that championship and a lot of fans disliking roman because we always heard the same thing over and over again for years bully that he was being forced fed. Those things are now done. He's not being forced fed. He's not in a championship title picture and like you're saying a story with a cliffhanger that we're looking forward to two week in and week out now. You mentioned the apology so think about roman. He's being attacked twice now. There's been incidents where it's could have taken his life and he blamed samoa joe. Then later had to apologize to samoa joe then he beats up buddy murphy and now we're going to get into that match and a little bit he's putting over buddy murphy and then you look at the finish of the show last night we standing face to face daniel bryan and he wants to blame rohan for everything that's been going on on but now it seems like they may not be involved so think about the situation that roman reigns as in he want somebody to blame. He has no idea who this ca- possibly be and for the first time since he's been with the w._w._e. There's a lot of doubt when it comes to roman reigns. Can you relate to has anything nothing ever happened in your personal life that is similar to what's going on with roman. I'm not talking about anybody trying to hit you in a car. Maybe one of your ex wives but other other than other than hat. Can't you relate to being confused about something. That's going on in your life and trying to get to the bottom. Of course everybody can an and that's what the foundation of this story is and that's why you the w._w._e. Is doing a good job of having people we'll reconnect. Emotionally with roman reigns think about it. Did anybody boo roman last night now. Are you hearing those boo birds that we were talking talking about about a year or so ago about roman reigns not even close people are excited to see roman again right yes completely invested in roman as as if the royal rumble two thousand fifteen never happened because if we put our finger on it that was the night when rocky came out and the people felt that they were getting force fed roman reigns and that's i think what you're saying about rome and has been the thread when it comes to this entire week in the w._w._e. Look at what took place on sunday. Seth wrong is getting booed going in and getting cheered going out now like you said yes they a lot. A lot of that credit goes to brock leser but the truth is the truth. Seth rollins is perceived differently and it's the same thing with roman reigns and you know what it's not having having to do with his battle with cancer obviously when he came back he got a hero's welcome because he had that real life fight but you know as we got further and further away away from that you started to hear the boo birds again for roman reigns. That is not the case these last few weeks because i think you talk about emotional investment bo you. You preach that all the time on this show there is now for the first time in a long time there is emotional investment with roman reigns and you could tell by the match last night that he had buddy murphy. Okay roman did not do this to things that people can respond to when it comes to rest at his actually three things. It's the moves that you do the words that come out of your mouth or you just standing in the middle of a ring with with wrestling these days it feels like performers have to go out of their way to do a lot of spectacular stuff just to get a reaction. What spectacular stuff did we see. Roman reigns do in his match against buddy murphy last night. I can't say it wasn't wasn't spectacular stuff. It was a story again. It's emotional investment and that's always what grabs you in pro wrestling exactly so that's where roman is winning the fans back over because they are emotionally connecting with him thus he can go into a ring and have a good wrestling match but it will seem like a great wrestling match last night there was so much more to roman and buddy murphy and i know we're going to get into this a little later on or or as quickly as you want to but there was the fan in me. I love the match but the professional in me love the match so much more yeah and i can understand why you're right. We're going to dive deep into that match because there's a lot the layers to what took place in that segment and i think it's going to be good conversation with the busted open and i'm also gonna remind fans some of the old school fans sounds like us bully how that reminded me of a match duck took place in august of nineteen eighty-six because there's ways that you could turn somebody that's it's perceived one way and when the match is over you can perceive them in a completely different way michael. You're hearing god's busted. Open live weekdays from nine nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Fe nation channel one fifty six four on demand with the sirius x._m. App forty murphy and roman reigns lanes and bully. I said i talked about a match that it reminded me of back from august of nineteen eighty six and this match was against against n._w._e._a. World heavyweight champion ric flair going up against the mike jackson. Do you remember mike jackson but not michael jackson jackson. Oh no all right well. Mike jackson was for lack of a better term enhancement talent the match. I'm talking about what was with mike mike jackson not michael jackson but mike jackson and rick flair and the t._b._s. Studios and we're going back to studio wrestling in the fall with the n._w._e._a. Rick rick flair decided that night he was gonna make mike jackson look like gold. Mike jackson was a nobody he was he was he was nothing and people still talk about out that match today that's from august of one thousand nine hundred eighty six because ric flair decide. You know what i'm gonna. I'm gonna have this guy put on a showcase and you know what he's not going to win the title but i'm going to give him a fifteen minute match on t._v. And i'm gonna make him look like gold and like i said people remember the name mike jackson and they remember that match now. I hope for buddy murphy. There's more success than just what we saw last night but i have to go back to that match because who who is putting murphy tool five live most people who watch smackdown probably don't know who he is and maybe the first time they ever really recognize them was last last week but in the ring last night that was a prize fight. He looked like a main event. I totally agree with you and when you say a who is buddy murphy. We're not slagging on buddy. Murphy norges being quite honest. The majority of raw and smackdown audience do not know who buddy murphy is until he got brought into this storyline a couple of weeks ago with the who done it now now. The way he got brought in was kind of like a bit player in this whole situation who basically was getting a little bit of a rub from roman in the locker room then he got beat up from roman and you thought they might have just did away with him. Maybe he was just a little bump in the road for roman but last last night what i saw impressed me so much as a fan and as a professional a long time ago jerry jerry briscoe the brother of jack brisco and famous briscoe tag team of of the sixties and seventies who was at that time with the w._w._e. A producer an agent and one of vince his right right hand man's for a long long time and very very knowledgeable taught me in a very important lesson. He told me bubba if you don't make anyone you didn't beat anyone and last night. Roman reigns made buddy murphy. If you go back and you listen into the audio that we just played coming out of break you when you hear the one two three those people popped as if roman reigns just beat somebody important or it sounds like he beat somebody up beat. Somebody much higher on the card agreed then vinnie buddy murphy now going into that match. We've only seen buddy murphy in the ring for two zero five live. Why would that have even been in a match. You would think roman reigns just destroy him inside the three minutes. When you see roman reigns versus buddy murphy you might even be thinking squash mattress dave yup. That's the last thing it was because roman nose and the w._w._e. Knew in that moment if you don't make buddy audi- you didn't beat buddy and roman who is nothing is going to affect roman in that ring right now he gave himself to buddy murphy and he allowed buddy murphy to shine and intern buddy. Murphy played his part extremely well also on the surface. They had an awesome match. I loved it. There was nothing crazy about the match. There was no four fifty moon moon salt. It was just a good pro. Wrestling match with two guys that you had emotional investment in it was however however along was twelve minutes. It was a great t._v. Match a lot of people are clamoring on social media that it's like the t._v. Match of the year yeah there's even some people that are saying that should being consideration for match of the year when we talk about it at the end of the year and overnight buddy murphy now can step into the ring with a motive of credibility because he was able to hang with roman reigns and not only was he able to hang buddy got some credible false finishes with roman and he kicked out of superman pont yup. Did you see the look on roman reigns face when buddy murphy kicked out of the superman punch. It was like oh my god who'd hell is this guy exactly you. You just said it. Who the hell is this guy. This is a two oh five live kid and he just kicked out of a roman reigns superman punch. Who the hell is this guy in that moment alone. Buddy was made he can now step into the ring and be credible with just about anybody else on the roster and and bully this goes back to what i said earlier about that that there seems to be a different feel to raw and smackdown now. I don't think this would have happened a year ago or even six months ago that they would have had a buddy murphy going in a ring with a roman reigns and put on a spectacle like we just saw it would have been probably a glorified squash match and why why not do what they did last night like you said about you know mr briscoe coming to gerald brisco saying hey if you know it's true if you don't if you don't make it it's on percent true you know we would have gone off of last night and that would have been just another match for roman reigns and we wouldn't have thought twice about it but now not only does this make buddy murphy. This makes roman reigns better in the eyes of everybody because for the first time in a while in the ring on tv you're emotionally invested in a roman reigns match and i know we never cater to those internet trolls or you know that that fan that likes to slag on roman show much but even that sect of wrestling fans has to be cheering roman woman rains this morning because there are some people out there that are just a root against roman reigns no matter what but after last night when you when when you see how giving roman reigns was when you saw how unselfish roman reigns was there was a part in the match where i legitimately thought buddy murphy might get the one-two-three yup. You suspended my disbelief enough that a two oh five live guy i could have possibly beaten roman reigns you know and this goes back to also a lesson that i learned from vince mcmahon when he you know he told me <hes> he he was talking about the san francisco forty niners and the dynasty that the forty niners had back in the eighties and he said even the forty niners. I got lost on on any given week meaning. You never know what's going to happen and that's why you play the game. You don't you didn't know what was going to happen happened last night because roman made buddy so well minute by minute by minute that when buddy eventually got some credible credible false finishes you're like oh my god is he going to beat roman and that's the beauty of it and that's why you got the reaction at at the end of the match you would have thought that roman reigns pained samoa joe kevin owens or branch stroman in reality. He only pinned buddy murphy but wow did. He pinned buddy murphy and also too. I i know maybe i get into length of matches too much but given them fifteen minutes on a two hour. Show that tells you something to. This wasn't just a five six minute match. This told the story story along for fifteen minutes of to our show so that means to have a little bit of confidence and buddy murphy and you know what the nation and the w._w._e. Universe is gonna look eddie murphy and a completely different way after that fifteen minutes last night if you don't know sirius x._m. Then listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they had it. All a lot of people think the car to enjoy sirius x._m. But you don't you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of sirius x._m. Outside the car for just one dollar just just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at home and online that sirius x._m. Dot com slash busted offer available the new series x._m. Streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required. The name of the album is we are not your kind. They are currently on tour by the way bully. If if you wanna take a bit of a trip after we sign off the air you can go out to virginia virginia beach and see them tonight and that is slipknot and the leader of slipknot the voice you hear the one and only the legendary the great is he there yet according taylor corey. How are you today. I'm never going to live up to that man yes you. Will we put you over to the moon. You could follow it up can't you. You don't want what then that's what we do. We know we don't we don't put david greco over ever. That's not true. Corey the fans do that and that's all that really matters at the end. Today is what the fans think right that you know what i can't argue with that law dude. He's got a point and corey. The fans have spoken. This album us going to hit number one. The fans love it. Everybody's talking about it. The tour selling out <music>. I'm mean people say rock is dead. I think you are definitely making the statement. That rock is not dead well. I just love it. It's pretentious fools suit think they can call out. Something like rock is dead. You know it's it's the people kind of like sniffling and and waving their hands almost like let i mean cake kind of home. It's like aww here to tell you that you know. Rock is not creative and it's not it's not pushing the boundaries of art and it's it's like really we have you heard so yeah. I love it. I love it. It's two giant bill. Bully wanna take that one buddy well well. I'm actually one of these pretentious. Snivelling asses of dog shit that you're talking about right now and here's here's the thing you you guys are probably one of the only bands that are keeping rock and metal alive. Now i know that there are other bands out there doing it on a much smaller level but what rock and metal band other than slipknot and you're probably even though you guys have been around forever. You're probably the the most over newer band. I mean right. Slipknot is doing things that metallica can do that. Engine roses can do that a._c._d._c. Can i do so if it's not for slipknot what other bands are doing it man and i think that's what rock is dead. You know thing comes. It's like who is carrying. The torch for metal other than slipknot with the problem is the way that we started promoting rock about. I want to say about fifteen years ago. Where that active rock sound really became prevalent. You know so every band sorted to just sound like like two or three particular bands and everything was mixed the same way so it would sound the same way on radio. Everything was every song sounded the same sort of sound. The same on radio as hard rock's concerned so a lot of creativity. Then i can see was like you could you could have that kind of idea that it was sucked out but there are bands right now like one of my favorite bands right now is gravel son's like ah that banned me makes all of the other rock bands like garbage then on the heavier side. You have been like code code orange bands like king one. Oh like you have all of these other bands with all this potential <hes> and then the hybrid bands like horror <hes> <unk> bans like <hes> well city more external more hip hop but there are a lot of underground and up and coming bands that are are really starting to push the boundaries like when let live <hes> kind of reformed it became fever three three three that that that became kim exciting that is going to be something that people are going to start to talk about so there's this resurgence of of rock tapping right now <hes> where people want that add one hunts and it doesn't sound like that same girja -tated formulaic you know half time one twenty same corn caressing same same same auto tuned garbage and that's why we're seeing that research because it feels alive again. You know corey. You're living the life man. I mean you know you're you. Oh you got an album. That's gonna hit number. One people are actually you know not only downloading it but they're buying the actual like physical music which is something that just doesn't happen nowadays and you're selling out but more than that i mean tom. Fucking savini made the mask that you're are wearing like dude. I mean seriously like what's that like for you. I mean tom savini. I tell you what i don't know what was cooler <hes> having him all my face to do it or going to his house geeking out on his horn sci-fi collection dude like it was like it was like wandering around in my own personal museum and just losing losing it. I mean it was crazy. Man it was it was cool. I mean it was a hell all of an opportunity. I met him through one of my friends jason who works with him and he's actually the one he and tom was worked on <hes> bray raise raise new mask so you know the it was it was it was cool to be able to meet him. I didn't even know that opportunity was going to happen until we really started talking about it and then one thing led to another is like gloom. I know a lot of people don't get the concept behind my mask but now now that take the music now that they're seeing show now that they see what i'm doing like especially underneath the mask with the makeup and everything i think they're really kind of starting to get the point of what that that was. What is supposed to you know to be and it's <hes> it's it's really cool and the fact that i have that kind of memory to kind at a fall back on it is so i think it's really cool that. Savini made your mask. He made the fiends mask. I know you're a massive wrestling fan have you have you caught. The fiend caught bray wyatt and what are your thoughts on it. All i mean alan. I'm one of my favorite youth anyway. You know like there's something about the way that he's it's just the the charisma that comes off him when he's in the ring no matter what <hes> i just knew that he was going to be great. It's knew that he was gonna be great. Star even back with the family <hes> but this. I love the fact that this has been created specifically for him. You know the vignettes leading up up to that reveal where so much fun you could tell he was having so much fun with it you know and then giving it that dark edge with the fiend character i mean it was like it was like you could tell that this was something that they they he. He pushed really worked to make this happen happen. You know i haven't seen clicks from the from the baylor match so i was <hes> our balance covering <hes> <hes> but he's always been dynamic in the way then you know like his like like selling selling disturbing moves just seems to be in his book for god's when did you. When did you become a wrestling. Fan is a fan when i was a kid man you know like when i was a kid my my graham would be hanging out at my grandma's house and i would get <hes> i would get the old <hes> like n._w._e._a. <hes> like rebroadcast on the superstation <hes> i get obviously i get a w._w. Because of like u._s._a. and stuff but we'd also get you know a bunch of stuff like the the the minneapolis <hes> promotion <hes> on the like the cable awa anyway yeah exactly yeah man so i grew up with all that stuff man and then you know every once in a while you'd catch <hes> like a clip show like world class. I'd get that moineau it was kind of perfect like to moines was like this this crossroads of wrestling 'cause it was it wasn't i'm too far from any of the territories so you get little bits coming in here. I remember watching <hes>. Kevin sullivan stabbed somebody in the chest. It was like it was a very very very <hes>. <hes> i like a formative moment in my life for that was widened. He's like he came running across the bring with it. I mean like double fisted above his head coming down. I thought i was watching a warm warm like what eight years old it scared the hell out of me. Then like kevin sullivan was like my favorite wrestler a ah good year or so you know and obviously i've always kind of gravitated towards you know the heels. I was you know i was. I was kevin sullivan in fan. I was a body fan massive roddy piper fan like i just i just love the dudes who just seem like bad students in the room you know and <hes> and i was yeah i was just a wrestling fan since i was a kid corey when you go to a slipknot show and when you watch you guys perform. It's like watching the king of the death match tournament. I mean it's like you guys are throwing following yourself around. You know on that state especially in the earlier days you guys were going crazy and not only the strain on your body but for you. It's the strain on your voice every night. How are you holding up after all these years i mean did you have like knee surgery or something recently. Aren't you like. Aren't you like as banged up his cactus actus jack <hes> do i'm. I'm beat the hell food. I had <hes> yeah w. Surgery right before we were on jimmy jimmy kimmel actually <hes> and <hes> it was it was supposed to be just kind of a a that minor kind have scope. It cleaned up kind of stuff but we discovered i. I have a an issue in my right knee where the band that goes across the the kneecap up keeps slipping off any in it my my knee and full on me so i have to wear braces braces on stage <hes> which really doesn't even work mark. I'm trying like all these different races for stability and stuff. It's hindered my training like in the in the gym and stuff like can't do as much card healer as at blanks cardio <hes> it's. It's just it's tricky. Man you out is do we put our bodies through. Hell and you know it's you you get to that point where you're just you're. You're not twenty five anymore. You can't take the bums used to. It's just it's it's a it's a bom out but the will is still there. You you have to kind to do what you can to to you. Know put the show on you know so for me. I gave up almost all my vice as long ago as far as from voice <hes> circumstance i haven't drank and nine years during a quit doing drugs long long time ago but i quit smoking about almost five years ago and that is stuck in its honestly because of that the quality and the strength strength. My voice is come rushing back so i could i can sing longer and harder <hes> more nights in a row now than i ever could. It's just crazy <hes> <hes> but then you know the health factor man. It's just try to keep up with being forty five almost forty six and doing this it crazy show every night. You know it's it's important to me. You know the hardest still there. It's important to me at it because it's i know it's important to millions alien to fans. You do what you gotta do to make sure that the next show the next match the next concert the next everything is absolutely the best your building no questions ass cory. What was it like for you. Man like the first time i saw you guys was in two thousand at tattoos. The earth tour i saw it at giants heinz stadium and yeah yes amazing. Slayer was on that show as well as it was nuts. Yeah what was that like for you because casino starting out you know kinda just a niche band small audiences and then blowing up we even now you do an arena stadium. I mean it. I hate to say the word because it's almost like a taboo word but i think it i think it applies like becoming mainstream where you're not just getting the hardcore metal fans but you're getting a different type of audience seeing that seeing the show was that strange for you. I love saying i love telling people there's no one was as surprised by our success as we work. Nobody beat us on that level. I mean it was we were aband- dad. Doc was fully prepared to maybe at our peak cell and this is at the time movie two hundred fifty thousand you know and and maybe have that be our highest you know album sales and that would allow us to be able to tour and live comfortably. You know like we're from iowa. You know we were like we just for a lot of this was kind of like a a kind of a blue collar thing for us. You know let's be able to work. Let's be able to pay our bills and let's just be able to to do what we love for a living you know when the band blew up it really took us by surprise like in so many different ways <hes> <hes> but at the same time it was a learning curve to because it pushed us into this having to figure things out you know like after coal chamber tour that'd i mean one of the reasons that we had to do to the earth is because nobody would take us out. Nobody wanted us to open for them. Because of just the chaos that was happening so we had to headline for ourselves. We had to go out and really start to build this and because of that i think pushed us even further over and dance. It's i mean to this day on paper. We shouldn't work you know nine dudes in mass playing crazy greasy brutal metal <hes> in you know in in jumpsuits in numbers from iowa. None of that math makes any any and it's i mean i. I love the fact that it became what it was. You know it's been a hard active. Follow up to sometimes but i don't regret anything. I think it's killer and honestly it's because it's because the fans made it what it was that it's it's. It's stage so relevance in so fresh. Basically it's so crazy to hear you. Tell that story sorry about nine dudes in jumpsuits with numbers the masks and how you would never supposed to make it it resonates with me okay so much and it hits home because when you say that i immediately think back to those morons who were tied is and goofy perfect glasses and overalls who were never supposed to make an wrestling and rock and roll run so parallel so when you when when when you when you say that story like i feel everything that you're saying so much because so many people start out in wrestling wrestling and rock and roll thinking the same way you do like we're not supposed to make it so when you do your shocked by it so i really really loved that story on our show bus it open here. We try to take people behind the curtain a little bit on the world pro wrestling. Can you take us behind the curtain a a little bit with slipknot like what is it like being and slip not these days as compared to you know fifteen years ago and how is the relationship amongst the nine of you. I mean we're good man to be honest. It's <hes> you know obviously we've had. We've had some personnel changes and <hes> that has alleviated t._v. Aids summit the tension <laughter>. Okay the nice wave saying that. We're we're all getting along. <hes> you know we're all we're all you know. We're all almost fifty <hes>. We've all been doing this since we were in our early twenties together and you know. Did you get you get to that point where there days where you love each other and there's days where you just like you know what i'm going to avoid him right until before the show 'cause i know well. I'm in a bad mood. He's in a bad mood. We're just gonna start chewing on each other but we at least know that now you know and it's like it doesn't take away from the show and that's the great anything like no matter what happens for the show you go on stage and you absolutely kill. It and it's got to be like this in the locker room to for you guys you come off off and you feel so good because you've put on just such a hell of a show that a wipes away all of that crap and i think that's just human nature you know the difference now between like then and now is just we just have a couple more rooms can spread out like before when we were first are now. We were all in one ru through backstage. Just kinda stared at each other going. I just need. I really need to get the hell away from you. <hes> and if i don't i'm gonna lose my mind like now i can spread out. Chill out a little bit but i mean it's it's essentially pick in and it has to like when you talked about having maybe maybe if you and one of the other dudes i have a problem one day and you stay away from each other until you hit that stage once you're on stage and you realized is the brotherhood that you have and you look out there and there's twenty thousand people going nuts the gotta smile at one another all that negativity has to go away in an instant absolutely oh dude melts. It's completely gone. You start you know and then that person might have been chewing on that day. <hes> becomes the dude that you mess with the most and you and you end up having the most fun during the show like it's it's this weird dichotomy that people unless they're in that instance they really don't get it like unless you've performed for a living for really good period of time with the same aim person man. You never realize just how quick that switch can go <hes> because you realize just how special the the situation is. How special that a person is that you're with and how grateful you are to be able to continue doing it for that many years no i. I totally understand what you're saying. A lot of tag teams in wrestling can relate because a lot of tag teams right didn't didn't quite get along and just talking from personal experience got along really well but there are times where people would say to me. Oh do you hang out with. Dan and i'd be like listen as long as he's at that. Curtain win the music plays. That's all i care about and then we'd get out there and we'd look at each other and the magic would happen so you know the stories that you're telling razan eight with wrestlers so much because we can relate but i think that happens in any relationship. I mean there's times with my wife. I just have to get away. You know whether it's right go to the living room and watch a movie or go. Take a drive so i think that's the case and any kind of relationship not just in in music wrestling. Well never mind the fact. Everybody has to remember that not only are we performing together but nine times out of ten and i don't know if this was his way it was with u._n. And and d but did you guys. Did you guys travelled together in the beginning or was that something where you guys got to the like you got to the arena or the or the place where you were going to perform <hes> on your own then you hang out with us. We were always together. We were always traveling together together so the potential for us to maybe start kind of getting on each. Other's nerves was kind of exponential exponential by that point yet. We were attached at the hip three hundred days a year for ten years right right there was there was no getting away from each other but i mean we genuinely got a long. Everyone we we learn how to deal with one another real quickly because you have to. You're forced to you and in the world of wrestling if you have any frustrations you have to kind a high them because it could affect the act moving forward so like i said can totally totally relate to what you're saying understand that corey <hes> and this is the last question for me and i i really appreciate you know you come in on your in the middle of a tour. Are you know we're just a wrestling show. Here on siriusxm busted open where fans to but we really appreciate you taking the time out because this is your time and he didn't need to do that so we really appreciate that today. Thank you anytime i can quit roots and talk about wrestling and rock okay earliest that come on man. That's awesome now so let me ask you this. I know you're a massive wrestling fan. How how are you feeling about the whole eighty. W thing are you excited for this. Are you mostly a w._w._e. Fan what what's catching your eye these today's when you get to watch wrestling i'll tell you what i was at all in the 'cause it was in vegas. <hes> and i took a bunch of friends of mine. We know pay the ticket. We sat in the stands when you you know we were just giant marks hanging out with a bunch of fans man it was i really enjoyed it. I know i was listening to cornick on about it. <hes> thinking that it didn't have the level of our say level quality body but man. I really those matches. It was a lot of fun and i think that's one of the things that people forget is that at the end of the day ah you're supposed to sway these matches well it doesn't it's not that doesn't there's no taboo about you know watching these matches and then and maybe be laughing. Maybe there's some sumer in it. You know it doesn't all have to be so damn serious. That's one of the things that you know w._w. Can learn from me of that is a lot looser in the imagine sell themselves. You know <hes> that having said i mean obviously i'm always going to be a fan of the w._w._e. I love annex t <hes>. I just the matches. There are just so damn god man. The level of quality is just the show. It's like outside the box think like never know what you're gonna. Get that x t match you know an etched and i think that's one of the reasons why i love as much as i do and it's one of the great things about the fact that they kind of picked us to to have the same song on you know as soon as as soon as that offer i was like yes there are by now but not so i was really really stoked about it and and then come back <hes> runner takeover and have on his team that i it was just like it was everything i want on it. You know so <hes> yeah. I love you. I'm really excited to see what happens especially that kind of that ah kind of <hes> inc of like all of that talent being able to really show what they can do <hes> it's just exciting exciting wrestling fan right now you know and i'm glad you said that corey because i think it really is more than has been in. Probably the last twenty years you see the landscape really changing you and i were both on the jericho crews by the way you had this awesome return of the living dead t shirt on jericho call. Thank you see like you know you're filling up a cruise line of people who are wrestling fans and music fans that's you you'd never would have seen seen that you know five ten fifteen years ago and i think right now is the perfect time for there to be options for the pro wrestling fan it is time you know i mean. I've heard people talk about it for years. You know the price of the monday night wars the fact that there was a it was one stop shop which kind of killed the business for awhile you know i mean nothing's gonna really kill the business because you're always gonna have like outside territories in and i and you know independence <hes> and i've seen a bunch of those as well but for there to be real competition in a real spirit writ of ingenuity and creativity. You'd have to have different options. I mean there was obviously there was t._n._a. But i never i i i just didn't get into t._n._a. As much as i wanted to and i really tried <hes> but at the same time there's something about a w different sorts. Let's there's there's definitely a time where you know looking at arguably like three or four different promotions right now that it's gonna be well. No no i mean there's even more than that because i'm leaving out a new japan but there's there's so much more that you that there's there. There is for people to offer right now that you can you can it doesn't matter where you look for you can put on <hes> a program and you at least one. One of those matches is going to be so over that just love it. You know i mean. I think one of the things that hurt t._n._a. Was that stupor biker gimmick in there that world champion that they have absolutely sucked so let me ask you one more question about the music zik and your philosophy when you're on stage and especially when it comes to slipknot when when i look at wrestling i always say that the perfect wrestling match opens opens up with detroit rock city and ends with rock and roll all night because for me this is and i'm sure you wear a kiss fan might not love join but you always gotta respect with kiss was able to do so when slipknot is up there. Is there one song you have to open with and one song along that you have to close with. What do you like to mix it up only definitely <hes>. It's kind of a good problem to have press. We've got like four or five to that. We can potentially open with that. People instantly losing their minds about you know. It's the the middle that gets a little weird. You know because there are so many sony moments like kind of hitting spots in the in the middle of it that that that it's it's kinda hard it kind of gets washed out a little bit sometimes trying to figure out the right flow to get there but then there's the the end you know it's. There's like two or three that we could end with. I mean nine times out of ten. It's almost always surfacing. We end with <hes> just because is it just has that smack. You know it's just like we're. We're going to leave you on the floor. It's your it's your job to figure out how you get home. Okay okay but we're going to leave. You feeling like i couldn't have taken another. God damn song if you paid me right <hes> so that's our period at the end of the sentence but before that there's about four or five that we can open with you know we can open with fix we usually what our thing is is open with the first song on the new album to kind of set the tone for that and really just those give that energy chance to kind of be thing i and creatively experienced that because we're all thinking about it in the studio to kind of make that a reality is the best you know <hes> but other than that you know we can we can manipulate the the beginning to kind of be whatever one wants sometimes but that end that end is almost always servicing so last one for me since you're you're the one who asked to sing these songs night after night. <hes> is the set list ultimately your decision. I used to gather ah <hes> me and clown throwing ideas at each other. I've flown at it and usually i'm the i'm the cheerleader tries to get the you know the the old dudes to kind of relearn but it's you know it's <hes> most part art critic collaborative effort but it kinda starts with me just sitting down and going what could be a really great set for this for this leg for this album cycle you know and then that you know turns into me sending out to everybody. <hes> you know then we you know basically rehearse it a little bit what makes tweaks changes here and there and then during and during the tour if we wanna trade trade songs in and out we jumping rehearsal room we'd give it a little second then we try to soundcheck and then boom so yeah i mean i always got about twenty twenty four songs in my back pocket or cycle that could be changed in and out if we if need be you know if if we're we're not feeling pulling the middle or the beginning or something like that you can always change it out and this bantu so good about knocking the rust office stuff that it's literally just one due to kind of run through and then it's a necessity each you know corey. It's funny <hes> bullying. I just saw kiss not too long ago. I'm gonna go see alice cooper bour on friday and i love the newer music they make but a lot of fans. You know that's the time they go and get nachos or go use. The bathroom was when they play newry very music and you know. I hate that because i love here in new songs in the set but let's face it. That's the way fans are but like with you. It's it's amazing when you play these songs off the new album. Nobody's going anywhere like i mean that's a testament to not only the band but the new music think that you're playing so kudos for that because that's not really the way it is in music right now well. I'd say what i mean. Credit words jude jud though i mean that's not necessarily the way it was for kiss and alice twenty years into their career. Though i can remember seeing alex on razer fists and yell tour he was playing stuff. Why were all glued to kiss same way. During years. We were all watching the new stuff so if i am forks to have <hes> <hes> the kind of longevity that they do <hes> <hes> after forty almost fifty years. I'll you know if people are going to see like going to grab a beer during our new stuff and if we're still making can new stuff that's all right. You know. I'll die hard like you guys and just sing to them like i mean. Some people stowed votes. They nobody's sticking around for the stones new stuff you know and it's brilliant you know <hes> that blues album that they put out was incredible in the fact that are they recording it reportedly in three three days live maim one do band myself included the could do some shit like that. Sorry all right if i can't. I don't know if i could swear i'm just it's just incredible to me that those dudes in their seventies can pull stuff off and yet people probably aren't aren't gonna stick around for the new stuff so it is what it is. You play the news at that age stuff because you want that energy want that. That's that that chance to kind of. Do something different because you know alice has been playing schools out for what forty five years craze yup it's crazy man and but that's songs now is as aunt and resonating as it was then as it is now and you wanna talk about do still alice cooper's and one of the nicest day ever met in my life like just the told me by my first name and i almost almost lost my like. I couldn't believe it. I was like look whatever that's i can't even buy brain can't handle that by the way on the new tour. He does roses on white lace from razor fist and yell so. I can't freaking wait for that on friday he days it's in the set. He hasn't done it since that tour that you went to so it's unbelievable. I can't wait speaking tours. You're on tour right now. You're in virginia beach for tonight and you're going to be coming to our neka woods bully. Can they become to new york and new jersey at at the end of the month and the new album we are not your kind corey all the success in love and good luck and good lock men not that you need it but you're doing it man you're killing it and you're keeping the metal brand alive and you're you're waving the flag and we appreciate it boys as long as the means don't local completely out. I'll keep running around that stage like a jackass so we'll see what happens. Hey guys around while we're there. Please hit coming up. We'll get to do a show man at least say hello and hi five and whatever but trust me corey trust me now that you've put that out there la- greco will be hitting you up for free stuff. He's best. That's not true because when we get off the air today he's going to be like oh. My god bully corey said that if we're in town we you should just hit them up. So can you please get in touch with him and get us tickets and maybe he can get us a t shirt and tell them that i'll wear my t shirt t. shirt on the radio and i'll put him over that don't listen to anything bully says it's all the truth. Just go on social media and our fans will tell you as a matter of fact everybody listening right now tweet corey corey taylor and let him know how much audible i call bullshit. I'm going to see our on friday. I didn't hit up nita strauss for tickets. I bought the tickets. I support the bands that i love bully. So you know what i'm not going to ask corey taylor for. I'm going to buy tickets to support the band by <music> i buy you haven't bought anything when it comes to wrestling or rock and roll ask because part of the wrestling media when it comes buzek abusive corey thank you i apologize that we're fighting on the air and that europe is going to say look you're making. It's really really nervous. Anxious over here it all right good luck with everything. Thanks for the time. No worries man good talking to you guys man well. Thanks brother boy bully geez. That's for a fight after the show not door in this show wait a minute. Everything is fair game on the show and you know damn well. You're gonna blow up my phone. Not gonna have that yeah. You are no not tonight might not do it because you don't wanna prove me right this. You know i'll screen capital of the text next and put them on social media. Put you are going to try to weasel free slipknot tickets out of me some way shape or form. Thanks for listening. Can i just weekdays on busted open from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on siriusxm by nation channel fifty six the busted open podcast.

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