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But I don't I really don't have any regrets really don't. I've I've lived exactly wanted to. I've tried my hardest every single time win the matches maybe I should always wind or. But I really get a mile so that he is. Hello everybody. Welcome back to the body serve I'm Jonathan and I'm James and to seven finds us in the unusual position of previewing fringe open at the end of September. Autumn. In Paris rain fog coldness humidity, it's going to be a blast listen. This is a very quick turnaround from the US. Open. We didn't even do an episode at the end of last week because who can keep up with these tournaments. They've squeezed into weeks of clay tournaments before the French Open a lot of people can we just guessed not Madrid? I did mention the last week that Madrid was happening after. Rome. They say the correction should be louder than the. Mistake and I mean a blue through that about two seconds. So the correction is here and it is now longer than the error. Well. When we first getting feedback and folks like very nicely. Very nice. Very nicely saying. Madrid's actually not happening. You're like, how did you let that get to air? Like dude was your half of the episodes edited I caught it live clearly in have the bandwidth for them maybe it just wasn't listening to you. But as you Madrid did not happen. No great loss really. But now we are Roland Garros starts on Sunday. This is the spot in the calendar, the general vicinity of the calendar the. Bernard, you tell the French. Open plopped themselves at the start of this whole covert fiasco. When we wondering willy be having any tennis this year, the French Open announced they took the choice upon themselves to just decide where you're going to have this tournament in the fall. Regardless, not gonNA collaborate with the three slams, not going to talk to the F.. Not, GonNa have any consideration for the tournaments that would have been scheduled around this time. This is our time we're not gonNA talk to Roger About Lever Cup either I. Know they're here and France is having sadly a resurgence of covid cases. And Paris is not in a good spot to be hosting this tournament we'll get to that a little bit later on all. That is the backdrop and the context for getting in to a preview episode, which Y'all want to hear about the draws it is the bane of our existence. As tennis podcasters, but we do it for Y'all. This is how we show you our love. Really let me tell you. This is the end of a long day after a long week in the words of Tina Turner we're going to give it to you nice and rough. And fast. Well then we'll start with the men's draw. We'll start with a few of the players who are not in Paris who won't be making the trip ashby not like she did for the US Open will not be traveling from Australia. She won't be playing she in the interim one acute little golf. Tournament A club championship Naomi Osaka's currently hating Bianca Undress Q. is again like she's been for the entirety of the last calendar year out of action hoping to Rehab herself to be back in full force next year Belinda bench a last minute withdrawal right before the ceremony. So that's four of the top ten not in Paris but for the most part we're seeing far fewer. Absences than we did at the US Open Yep on the women's side actually on both sides, it feels like an absolutely loaded draw obviously on the men's the highest profile withdrawals, Roger Federer who has taken off the rest of the year apart from Federer you'd have to go all the way down into the twenties to find another men's player who's not at this event. Meals around each Paulo shortly before the draw in curious is not making the trip Kalama does not there Joel Freed Sanga. We knew he wasn't going to be there for a while for an end of her desk. We'll get to that toward the end of the episode, Luca Queen, and that's really that's really it from the top one, hundred men. So by and large, this is this is a regular field for Grand Slam on both. Sides Save for a few of the couple of of the top woman Bianca wasn't going to be there anyway most likely. So why don't we start with the men's draw I think it's important to note right away that this event more. So than most is right for upsets ripe for all kinds of shenanigans as you like to say, we gorie and trickery. Gary wiggins jittery trickery tomfoolery all of that stuff you're gonNA have unusual klay conditions. It's going to be a wet Paris. It's GonNa be a cold Paris, their brand new tennis balls a difference of tennis balls using at this event switching from Babylon to Wilson and much of the talk leading into this event has been about how that change in conjunction with the weather conditions, what that will mean for the players and the actual tennis. We'll see. So we are of the opinion that you should expect anything at this. You should probably prepare for some ugly tennis some long match training points. For me in advance of the draw, the most interesting thing to look out for was weird as dominant team fall because if you're Novak or your Russia, you do not want face dominant team before the final and so team falls in Rafah's half the bottom half. Jovovich has I. don't want to say easy but it's not a crazy difficult draw I think we should retire calling draws. Fair enough because if you're looking at your faves draw, it's a minefield and if you're looking at your foes draw, it's a playground that's just the way it's always shake out and on top of that, we know that what we think to be minefields they often explode in ways that you don't think and Clare's a pad. Yeah. So I want to just talk about what it. means. So on a macro level, the the top four who landed in which is half is Dino Medvedyev. Who by the way has a not a good record on clay. Video unclear is not who you would think he is, but he is very optimistic that these weird conditions will help his more flat hitting style on clay. So we shall see stuff not passes the other top eight seed here. He's down at the bottom he's currently in the Humbert semifinals, correct Yup and I mean we have there are a lot of very intriguing first round matchups here gutting Kohlschreiber Kohlschreiber as one of the. Most. I'm going to stop you there at the risk of bullying you. I, think you're about to say the exact same thing that you said about. At the US Open draw. Listeners go back is that Kohlschreiber is one of the last people to beat. Jovic early in a slam already, that's different at the round of sixteen here at Roland Garros in like two thousand, nine or something it was a long time ago that is different from what? You remember what you said about my ideas open I did and I got bullied then as. We started is out of control. We've got I mean for Jovovich fans and Jovovich haters alike Roberto Bautista has an outsized presence whenever he's in Jovic area right people feel that about Tista is the most dangerous player perhaps in history, it's a bit exaggerated Pacific for Novak yes because. Out East, Oakwood has caused problems. We know that other players simply have not been able to. Especially on hardcourts though, but we've got BAUTISA here who opens against GASQUET FRANCIS AFO versus number thirty seeds strove John Millman playing publicly new booster that could go five point nine, six cents. Yes. Be here for about ten hours Pospisil Bertini possible civil has game is less effective on clay, but he's writing a High Bertini. A seven seed that could open up a big hole there for for someone to take an opportunity medvedyev plays future rich in the first round less than ideal. I'd say yeah. But Fudge of which I guess as someone who would benefit from. A big hitters shots not penetrating on the slow kind of sticky court Dennis. TROPPO Vilo. Doctor shows on twitter. So hilariously coined and nobody really interacted quality stuff opens against French stalwart zeal CMO seem Moi he still out here that's the top half first matches to look for as far as we're concerned let's go as far as the run of sixteens because it's typically where we cope with our mid tournament episode when it comes to these slams yes. Let's not we're not GONNA do predictions as to WHO's going to win. We're just gonNa tell you what that looks like. Novak according to the seeds would play current Huchon honnef in the run of sixteen or could you stand getting? Who was today? A bemused bewitched bewildered. And most of all bothered very much bothered by an underhand underarm serve by Alexander Public The argument was that was not fair because I was not ready, which is patently false. It is fair and in my opinion a little bit trashy but it is fair. It's within the rules you hate the I do and I'm tired like we have taken the official position that well within the rules and it's a good tactic which I don't disagree with either. Or this musk has course and tennis in General I. Think. To Bury. Tenuously, you've agreed to that really because. Sure like it's it's a good tactic i. just think it's kind of tacky listen I worked through my issues with them the buttoned up puritanical nature of my cricket upbringing. Challenge you to the same with your conception of tennis I think it's because I'm naturally a contrarian. So now that everybody is like, Oh, it's a great strategy headed out. Now I want to be against it. It's just it's just more never inclination you're never and also I don't understand why commentators and journalists are obsessed with return positioning. It's like the only tactical thing that certain commentators talk about it's the only thing they. Notice and then they they fixate like do I care where dominant team stands to return serve I don't I, really don't and only talk about it when it's hurting it during the US Open it was spoken about constantly as he won over and over and over like why is it interesting I'm going to write an essay one day about how it's bound up in masculinity but I haven't gotten there. I haven't connected the dots yet. You mean. Going, me right now a magnifying glass to find some of those dots. All right back to the draw. In the the round of sixteen, we could see BAUTISITA versus Bertini Bautisa if he won could face Novak in the quarterfinals so that would be the matchup that. Back detractors are like licking their lips about which I think would be foolhardy cly. Novak is easily in the last ten years. The second best player in clay the let ten. Stomach team has been chipping away at. The. Last few years he could say he is number two now carly based on the last couple years. But cumulatively over the last ten years Novak Jovic squarely number two behind Rafa Clay and when you consider the gulf between Roberto's performance on play compared to hard courts, I, don't see this as a big threat the where would if it were hardcourts? We saw that this was a potentialities at the US Open that did not happen. It's a long road before we get to that. Now, Novak is the Rome champion from last week he was never truly called upon to play his best tennis, and this is this is how you become. Novak Djokovic. You don't have to play your best tennis to summon what you need to wet at critical moments in matches, and that see that to me is scarier than dominating the field. You know the conditions weren't great. He probably wasn't feeling his best and we saw it at the US Open he wasn't playing his best he was struggling with the net. But he's the kind of player who like that doesn't really matter like form coming in that said, these are the types of conditions you throw in a bit of wind with the cold with the rain. You know perhaps the roof isn't closed maybe he thinks the roof should be closed, but it won't be closed their lot of outside factors weather and otherwise dot could weave their way into his psyche and shift is wiggle but. And the non tennis media will be watching him for any behavioral misstep because he got a code violation for profanity. Tennis Media Yes be because now his profile has expanded further because of this default from Roland. Garros. The the Non Traditional tennis media is picking up on. The little things that he does and sort of is taking it out of context because it was a news story. So recently, in the second quarter here in the round of sixteen, we could see Medvedev and Ruby. We could below that we could see Dennis Chappel music verses, seat CPOS. So that does a loaded quarter of youngsters on the come up and players who played well at the US Open. Something we've seen upon resumption is that we should trust what we've seen in the lead up on surfaces to these big events. Those generally speaking who played well leading up to the US Open played well at the US Open. Those who've played well on clear leading up to the French Open, we should probably expect them to play well as it turns out. Then shop of all of is one of the only ones on either tour who've done both making the semifinals of Rome coming very close to making that final before Diogo Schwartzman nabbed him nipped him. TRIPTON. Trapped him at the end of that Matt. Yeah A Ruby is in the semifinals of Hamburg ditsy boss currently to depose. In a quick turnaround from the deduction at the US Open, we won't know if he's put that behind him until he finds himself in the situation again, good for him. Potentially a good opportunity to get right back out there less than a month to sort of get that taste of otherwise you'd have sat there with it throughout the entire offseason leading into Australia. Now if he's able to to get this monkey off his back that had such a short visit. Sport visit this was not a long-term day. Then, he can start the Europe fresh and this narrative won't have to follow him. Really. So in the semi finals, the seeds would be Novak versus Medvedev or city bus number five I would look out for. Each who has played great tennis over the past few weeks who has to play Stephanos in the third round. So that could be test of whether that monkey is office back. I do WanNa Shadow. Liam. Brady who qualified for the French Open for the first time in his career and claps on the court on his back. Really really happy about it. He's GonNa get to play your vessel in the first round. So that is what's the first half the top half of the men's draw. We have three more halves total to do. We are trying to fly through this episode as quickly as I told you Nice on rough. So Mafias blue. Book, is an intriguing first round to me boob like who hoodwinked guarding with an underhanded serve today and who likes to do this. Now, he gets to stunt everybody on a fringe open show court. The right we have just below that we have Emilio Gomez from Ecuador who qualified he is the son of nineteen ninety Roland Garros Champion Andres. Gomez, that is cool. We have There's another son of Grand Slam winner Mr Sebastian quarter we have Mr. Drip Drop Cohen Dante. I only mentioned it because of because of drip down the pointing to say. Drip drop from from empire season. He was actually a pretty cool song drip drip drip drip drip. Are you saying that? The show music song is not a good. We'll we'll get. We'll let you all. It has some interesting lyrics. And gives us some insight into potential other careers that Dennis might have wanted to pursue. Had He not become successful tennis player? He's talking ad. nauseam about race car driving. It's a metaphor tapping on the gas and then making a pass, you wouldn't understand because you're not an emcee. Apparently. So it you asked me if it was good, I? Think he was inciteful. This bottom half is. HEADLINED BY THE POTENTIAL DULL team semifinal but there's a lot of other interesting stuff going on here. Stan Wawrinka. An Andy Murray, or drawn to face each other in the first round, which is absolutely crazy. It's crazy and you kind of fed into this ever growing narrative on tennis twitter in particular that these draws are fixed it. Or not I don't feel like you believe that. But some of the things that you write jokingly kind of. Our run parallel to that or I see. Do you know what I see what you mean like? Serena Drawing Christie. For the second major in a row. But like why would anyone fix that to happen? Do you know what I mean like the the draw fixing argument is a self fulfilling prophecy because you can sort of find a narrative to fit your conclusion that draws are things it doesn't. It's not like the evidence creates your conclusion you start with the belief and then you find things to confirm him. It's. How conspiracy theory operates, it's also not outlandish in certain parts of the draw where certain players can only fall based on their ranking. Very controlled now with thirty jucy needs and where they can all fall. So to think of it on a macro level and say, well, what are the odds of this one person lending in this one spot doesn't really work like like To be totally Frank I, don't know because I failed my probability tests. All of them I hated I hate him of ability made no sense to me like if you draw what's the odds that you draw a jack of hearts and then a spade a I don't know I don't know how to find out. So don't ask us about what are the odds However Stan Wawrinka in any Murray will play in the first round and Andy. Himself has said, listen this is the match that wrecked my my hip this was this was. The, end of the road. Yeah. For his in two thousand seventeen that semifinal against Dan before Rafah waxed Stan in the final and get this. The winner between these two oldies has to play dominant culture who is on a roll who's playing way better than his ranking suggests that's it's not great for either of those guys. You won't say Mazzetti in this field but this what eighteen year old Italian has made big splashes in this young abbreviated clay season beating Stan right in Rome in the first round I believe yet Mazzetti next to beat Nishikori and then lost to dominate. Kupfer was here potentially facing winco or Murray in the second round every tournament like this there folks who perhaps a little bit unheralded who are coming in on a streak and folks immediately looked to them as the dark Horse Cup for a guy at this tournament yet, and I would add someone like Casper road to that list as well Nishioka Oj Elliot's. Could be an interesting first round. Polka sock could be an interesting match to skip shielded team. Chile is a former Grand Slam winner. Of course, one can never discount him. It's not dominic, maybe ideal first round but I think it's more about the name at this precise moment in time rather than what the matchup is going to look like I'll be interested to see if these heavy conditions. Forced Dominic to try and blast through the stratosphere even more than he normally does right. And will his shoulder survive? Rough amid a comment in his. French Open press that he's kind of worried about these conditions about the safety. Of. These conditions with respect to injury with the balls being so heavy and the overcast conditions and the cold and. That is not something that we should look I. Think Yeah. You See Marco checking auto here who qualified and you know Tennessee's rough right checking out a was a semi finalist two years ago at this tournament beating. Novak. Job. Rich and you'll see a similar thing on the women's side Sarah Irani, had to qualify and I mean. Her career has taken a a massive victory and she sort of clawing her way back but she was the runner up here in two thousand, twelve to Maria Sharapova. She has seven clay titles to her name and. It is it is rough even for players who have had great success but see for CECCHINATO doesn't WanNA match at the Grand Slam since that run at the French Open. Ben. Wa pair is the number twenty, three seed and he is tired. He's sick and tired while literally sick he went previously Yup I'm now tired the tantrums have gotten a little bit much ben what has been a lot of people's hipster fave and tennis for Awhile. There's there's literally nothing in tennis that annoys me more than tennis hipster fandom. It is so tiresome I think there's room for all types of fandom. Trying to be the diplomat here because there could be a lot of people listening who who really liked wall but ben Wa has been throwing a lot of tantrum reasonably he's annoyed with the protocols with the isolation all that and like okay. But nobody is forcing you to be here. All of this. It's a lot just to lose in the first round. Do. You remember when trixie mental said, this is a lot of emotion for safe. That's what this is. Just turn it down. JAHIC SINNER FACES W go fan in the first round that is rough. These young Italian guys are out here. They have a bright future we could be seeing the back of the phony era. So soon, it may have already and this this generation of Italian men will probably outshine his generation by quite a bit. Absolutely that would be my guess and I do. Lake. Prompted often to talk about the really the Italian. Women's Dream Team that won fed cup titles that that Panetta's Schiavone Vinci. Iran. Iranian era, which was such a boon for Italian tennis and so I appreciate that a lot of these young men talk about how they grew up watching these women plenty. It's cool center seems to have his head screwed on real good not trying to get to ahead of himself. Dan Evans versus Corey Poor Que. He's really had a rough go of it. He said coverted he's not playing his best. This is just sort of rebuilding time. That's that's a tough out in the first round. Round of sixteen fees would play. Schwartzman, Veronica should he get there? Should he get past Andy Murray should he get past Nishioka or opium assume in the third round he would play dominant team in the fourth round. So that quarter movies Schwartzman verve Rinku team. Cute. It's cute right it's very you Schwartzman the runner up in Rome Casper Rude could be dumped teams third round opponents I know you said we don't WanNa do what draws easy draws but team has not been given a cupcake here. It's tough. It has a lot of dangerous Klay floaters the team Chila thing if donald teams playing even fifty percent of his best unclear, that's not a thing but I'm talking about Casper Rude. Possibly Stan. Diego Schwartzman in the quarterfinals just saying it's not impossible but it's it could have been much easier. He's a US Open champion. He's a big boy with lots of air miles lots of frequent flyer miles. He can handle it fourth quarter Alexander. Zverev is a we don't even mention his name yet number six seed could face gopher or yanic center or centre or pair. Technically he just made a joke that he's losing in the first round. The seed drawn to face Rafa in the Ronald Sixteen is Fabio for. But. It also could be Jonah's ner. I've seen a lot of buffalo fans big Matt about his draw I mean it is what it is Rafa on a regular French Open surface under regular conditions probably won't be to his fans probably would be too worried about this setup. Yup. You get to the semi finals you have to expect to at least play somebody tough and it might be team. That's what you get. It's not the end of the world right? If you get them the semifinals as often a dull at the French Open, you're ready. You're there and bribe are you willing are wanting to make a winner on the men's side? No I'm not making a single prediction not one. No. Why because I mean, there's so many unknowns in this tournament, it remains to be seen if it will even finish. Women's draw I think for the first time in a while the number one seed is the presumptive favorite. You've jinxed her and you just jinxed her. For the first time in a while we have a clear favourite at a grand slam tournament someone a hollow, just one Rome. She's on a big winning streak. You have made the argument that Naomi Osaka would have been a big favourite in this position. Well, she wasn't number one a runaway favourite for the US Open Art. She was injured coming right to it that for wrench into that this one Simona had cute run of the mill boom boom boom. I am that woman at the Rome tournament taking care of business. As they say, winning her twenty second career title, she's a two time slam champion. and think if I were to make one prediction about this tournament, not necessarily that Simona will win but I think we are set up to have somebody winder third slam title. At this event Oh enforce second slamming a row could be Simona could be vico might not be. Petro. What about Mabuza winning her third that would be the other one. I think they're that trio of mobile with a as a Ranko and Simona come in as the trio of favorites for this tournament I would say outside of that inner circle Selena could see this as an opportunity to win her first. She's currently in the Strasbourg final we could also see. Key batons doing really well, she's promised to go deep at the French. Open before she's very accomplished on clay, you could also see somebody like Yulia put save a do really. Well, we talked about the the whig and the trickery and the GIG ARY and Tomfoolery this is right a personality. All that said someone held up as the number one seed she is a tough quarter. There are some real threats in their Vandross, UvA could be. Round of sixteen opponent. Vandross UVA. Who? Please beat in the semifinals of Rome but she is the runner up of girls last year lucy to ASH BHARTI NEC move into third round Joe type in the. Second. Round. And then not to mention the other side of that quarter Johanna. Konta who was the runner up in Rome last year the semifinalist enrolling girls last year Kiki Bertens's you mentioned. succouring as well. Yes. Very intriguing first rounds in this quarter as well and listened like where do not discount split Lennox Nitsa even though she opens against. Pablo Chunk Janko better twenty, eight seed. She didn't come to North America. She is a former champion of wrong girls in two thousand nine I believe she is I mean she's the energizer bunny like one can never count her out. She's had so many career resurgences. Some other first round matches I'm looking at is ESPN's tech versus Vandross Uva Johanna Konta versus coke off like I just mentioned all of contests clay credentials, but she has to open up against this force of nature. What what are you doing here? You skipped right over Diana's go Dario Governor Logo what are you doing? Okay. Governor Lova. tweeted something to the effect. I was just saying yesterday watch I'M GONNA draw. D. Y.. And it was tweeted in a way where you got her meaning that this mess of a tennis player is not someone she wants to be in the vicinity of and that's who she gets like these girls don't like her. It appears that way. You know we are the world I believe the children are the future black white yellow, all the colors of the rainbow. Yes. Terms go is now without her colorblind partner in crime social buying. and. We shall see how she fares at this event. She's a bit of an easy target right now she is. If too many players start getting up on her, I'm going to start leaning toward the opposite end because it's going to feel a little bit mean Tom lawlor soccer in the first round either way a likable. Player with star quality has to go in the very first round and contemplated plays Carolyn Garcia Garcia unseeded at the French Open to expect Garcia to make a deep run at the French Open. Historically that has not been something you can call upon however this is where Andy Murray I crowned Garcia as a future number one. Anna Caroliina Schmead Lovo plays Venus Williams in the first round. Now, this is not the big high-profile. Oh, my god Venus draw the number three seed in the first round scenario. But this is the player who was beaten Venus in the first round of the French Open before and on the two one to two one head to head record against her and the last two times they played schmead low has one and both times Venus won the first. So we. I'd I don't WanNa? Say we I WANNA say I at this point do not have high hopes for even for Venus at this tournament I admire her fortitude and try heartedness stick to it ness. Yes. She's been in Europe longer than most of these folks who played the US Open partly because she lost in the first of the US Open. Like she's been putting in the work cold conditions, heavy conditions. I can't see this being a recipe for success. For Venus I've seen a lot of unions fans so relieved that she's not facing even the first round if Venus gets that match look who's there in the second round. Victorian Could play as Aranka for the third time in what six weeks in Kentucky Venus played vk their blitzer that precipitated because rise back into the top fifteen. Of the. Tour you say blitz, we could say, bless. They played again in Rome and Vico One vico was up big in that first set on Venus kept clawing back clawing back eventually. Got It to a tie-break and. It's frustrating I'm sure for Venus because she's giving herself chances she's not playing poorly she didn't play poorly at the US. Open shouldn't be morally in Rome but there is there's a limit to what she can bring over a long period of time in these matches and when you get behind early, it becomes that much more difficult bright for her at this point like she's. Despite the record over the past few weeks, she's not playing badly is just that's so many women are playing really well, she played well against Serena when she lost to Serena and Kentucky. Some other players who are in this half of the Draw Jeannie Bouchard has. I mean she was dumb dumps right? She was her ranking was on the three hundreds. She couldn't even get at qualifying in some of these WTI tournaments. She got a wildcard here because of what she's been doing over the past few weeks. She's one of the only non French players to get a wildcard her and Setanta on Cova based on how she performed at the US Open. A genie has a shot to win a few matches. Shout to renew China's Zoa from Mexico, who's the first Mexican woman to play in a grand slam main draw since two thousand. I believe she first. Came tour attention in Monterey. The and that was this year. Those. Crowns do remember those crowds when she was winning those matches. Like. We said Serena Williams drew Christiaan again for the second consecutive major round of Sixteen Howlett plays when Roosevelt. KONTA. Should she get there because there's a lot to get through there would play Kiki Patterns Selena would play Martin's as Ranka should she get through Kovic in the first round? Schmead Lavar Venus in the second round likely Britain's UVA in the third round should play Serena in the fourth round. Fiddling is going to be tough for anyone on these courts. In these conditions she is the Rome champion twice over and she's made to quarterfinals here at Roland Garros the last half the fourth half of these men's Bolaise Draws Aka the bottom half the but I'm answering the women's drove is headlined by carrying applicable who retired in the Rome final didn't have much to give in that room final against Simona Halep we know that she can play well on clay I just don't know that this is the right set up for her with the cold weather with the. Likely slower conditions. Yeah. I mean she's going to really have to grind if she wants to do well, she won't Rome last year like she knows how to play on clay she plays well on the faster class should guard as well. We shall see her condition in Rome wasn't great. The injury is concerning this close to a grand slam. So it's really hard to know what to expect. This is just a different kind of clay. Yeah. We have to accept that Oh yeah someone co at the top of that bottom half she would play mobile with in the run of sixteens Rebecca would play cannon in the round of Sixteen Kavita with either keys or Kerber and Petro. Marta Jr.. WHO. Is To my mind? Always a dark horse on clay wherever she goes even though she's the number thirteen seed, she's one to watch and then carrying applicable March police cover. To round out the draw in the round of sixteen. first-round matches to look at Supper Lenka. Just Gula I've watched that Monica Niculescu Daniel Collins. Collins being potentially annoyed at some of the wizardry on-court. There could be. A fair few yells from Danielle on that court yet he beano versus cost Yuck. Now he be no reached the semifinals in Strasbourg. This week cost yoke is a young player who frustrated the hell out of Naomi Osaka at the US Open this year. There were two matches on the women's draw that I wrote L. L. Beside the first round the first one being. Dr Gavrilova. Against Diana's trump's go and the second one is Lauro Sigmund against Christina Madonna Vich. Mostly for the mess potential. Will Ya? That's that's what else are we here for Ziege amount of course, is coming off of a doubles victory at the US Open Yuli Gorgas versus and risk you say, of course like people are supposed to remember what people are supposed to remember that. Somebody is is somebody tweet. Why did I just Google the winner of the US Open. On the men's side as like, yeah. Why did you like well, who was it and there's like shit? And it took me like five to ten seconds. This is so condensed. What's going on in Tennis Who can pay attention? No disrespect to doubles. So for me, I'm looking out for Medusa. Rebecca. Now, who's in the final Strasbourg right now. But who could face Fiona Ferro in the second round Barrow feel is poised for big breakout at a Grand Slam tournament because of her success this year Sophia Canon has. You know floundering may be too rough of a word during pandemic year but has not found her best tennis recently something to watch with this event. How much of an impact will it make on the French players not having that many fans there. I mean for a lot of the French players, they seem to suffer with fans there. It could be a beneficial who knows. Know Pinko gets Madison Brandon the first round. We should've mentioned facing Pletikosa in the first round is Meyer Sharieff the first Egyptian woman to play in a grand slam main draw and with her qualifying when became the first Egyptian woman to win all match at all added Grand Slam tournament. From this half you're definitely looking at to my mind Magor with A. Salvo Linko. Rebecca. No. March. That's why I'm looking at but it could be somebody could have a huge opportunity in that fourth quarter could be someone like an Kerber could be somebody like dare we say it slow Stevens. Yup Shirt. It's bound to happen at some point. Yeah Right. I think. So I would love to see a reserve from Yelena. Pinko. At this event. I. Know I said I wasn't GonNa talk about tough draws but I saw Mugabe the tweet something about. Her, life was currently. And she was doing all kinds of ridiculous physical activity and she looked ready a F- in that video and then you look at the Straw and then you see that she potentially gets COSMO or Christina disco in the second row and then Jennifer Brady in the third round and then Sup Lincoln the fourth room it's not ideal. That's draws. Let's talk about some of the other themes that are hovering around the statement. As you mentioned earlier, the cove nine hundred numbers and France are not great. They're experiencing another wave and we could be headed there encountered assume. The French Open wanted to have what twenty something, thousand funds per day at this event and that was just. Outrageous by any standard. Right Eve- even if the country was handling it really well in the case numbers are down. That was a lot. Then it was ten thousand than it was five thousand. Now it's one thousand, the Prime Minister of France came out and said I. he said mistakenly, you can only have one thousand people on grounds including staff. At any given. Time. He corrected himself and said actually I. Meant you can have your staff plus one thousand spectators because then it becomes a question of how do we run this event with just a thousand people on site right every day to run a singles event on both sides to run doubles events. To have media accredited to have. Concessions people well, because if you're inviting spectators, those are probably open bulk at. You have extra sanitation workers because of covid nineteen. From such incredible optimism to panic. Within the space of a couple of hours and then it come we come to find out that okay. You can have your staff plus one, thousand, five. Yeah I just I can't imagine these decisions being taken three days before the tournament starts. What have you? You're one of those people who had tickets. It's it's too crazy. Well, that's a risk that you take. If you are tennis ticket to this grand. Slam. You took that risk yet I feel no way in saying that and also we know living through this pandemic. No. For what six months that things change you're doing great one day, and then fourteen days down the road hits the fan. It is not a linear. Progression. UPS and downs. There's a reason why we're seeing lots of graphs with lots of squiggly weeklies and a lot of that is dependent on on the citizenry on the government's response and behavior during this pandemic and twenty thousand was not in keeping with keeping down the curve it wasn't no. It's hard for us to know what it's like being in this bubble or bubble noah. Rubin had a lot of complaints that he erred on his podcast. Some players said, well, that's actually not the case I've been tested a bunch of times. It seems pretty strict around here so. It's hard to know what exactly is going on. So I don't want to launch any criticism there because they have physicians in officials advising them. The Benoit's para thing is a really good example of. People who aren't experts kind of going off and saying, well, that sounds unsafe and then physicians telling you will actually it makes sense and it's not crazy that he would be allowed to play. It's an interesting thing and like we're learning new things every day those those of us lay people you know. So bete-noire tested positive again for Kovin he tested positive last month and he subsequently tested negative a few times. So you know he got the disease while. Ago He has tested positive again because apparently you still shed viral Rene for awhile and you may test positive but that doesn't mean you're contagious. So the tournament doctor said, you know he went through his isolation period, he's no longer contagious. That's why he can play. Okay. Got It. All that tells me is that if I'm somebody like Ash Party, I'm so content with my millions with my family with my new dogs with my golfing excursions sting my asshole. In. Australia. Right. Now for none of Dusko just came out today and said Hey I was disqualified from Roland Garros. I. Had Covert and August I've tested negative several times since just tested positive here in Paris and was thrown out immediately. So what I don't know because I haven't really seen the official. Response from the tournament, we've only seen vernaculars version. How is this situation different from pair if for Dusko did test positive Nagas does this mean he's no longer contagious. So why was he ejected right away I don't know. So it's not criticism. It's just a question at the US Open we cut the narratives of Moms, that was an enduring narrative we also got the no spectator stuff. What is it like to play at night in front of Nobody On our thrash. In the absence of so many other things at these makeshift grand slams with so many external factors affecting what's going on court the commentary is going to latch on as they always do but even more. So No to things. This much is clear. The thing that we are going to hear about nonstop Ad Nauseam specifically as long as rough on the does in the draw a the conditions different Hauer, the balls affecting play compared to previous years. How is the colour temperature? The playing under the roof because it's going to be rainy is going to be rainy it's going to be cold. The balls are going to be heavier our all these things going to affect play and a lot of folks are focused on Nadal himself specifically because we know historically that his perfect date when somebody asks you, what's your ideal date? Oh, it's a walk in the beach. It's the. It's an eighty degree day. No humidity no wind a lightly dusted Philippe surgery where his ball can get as many revolutions as possible and bounce. As high in whichever direction he so chooses. Right. But that's rough is ideal. This change in equipment and condition now brings into question. Will we see anything remotely close to Peak Rafa on clay? And that that's going to be a narrative for the. Week at least of this tournament and should it get to the back end where Russia has to play team or Jovic the way we conceive of those matchups previously may not be. What we see in effect this time around, it's just a different beast, this tournament, a tennis players, and all elite athletes are superstitious and they're sensitive to minor changes and climate equipment balls. All these things RUFFA tends to focus in on the ball like if you know of tournament changes the ball, he's the first one to notice, and he's the first one to vocalise about it. He's not happy about this ball change Wilson. So Wilson is going to get a lot of. Pr Over these next two weeks and it may not be good. It's not like rough a call a press conference to announce his displeasure no, his ability. Obviously, he was asked about it. Yes. Roth is going to his thoughts on it. It directly affects them as far as he's concerned. What's going to happen is that folks are going to have trouble generating pace. We saw some of this in Rome last week it was not pretty tennis. The courts in Rome were chopped up a bit to begin with. Well, that's sort of standard it was. There were some trashy courts enroll. So we just hope that this doesn't present too much terrible tennis, but we expect it. To be frank, we got a question from Dennis. Asking if the one dollars contract only happened, know who the current players would comprise the nine. Who would be the be jake equivalent. This question comes against the backdrop of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the original line. This past week Wendy's nine players signed contracts with Gladys Heldman in effect creating the Virginia Slims tour, which would later morph into the WTI tour the birth of women's tennis. In this modern era, it's an interesting question because there are a few women's players who have been politically active for a while but I feel it's difficult to answer because that historical moment. So to produce the people who are necessary for that change, right? Like Billie. Jean King exists in that era in the way that this period this this time kinda necessarily created. Naomi Osaka's activism specifically in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and combatting racism, in America because for for a lot of women, tennis players, it probably feels like the job is done. As far as tennis goes right their. Concerns May. Be. Bigger than tennis. And I think it's much easier in twenty twenty to be individualistic be inward-looking. There are I feel more impediments to collective organizing if you're a successful professional athlete. Basically, you have money and you have privilege to make those things a feel necessary. I. Think it's important to to focus on what you said it. It's too hard for me to. To conceptualize who these players would be with respect to starting a women's tour because we have a women's tour. But we we don't really know who would step up until it becomes necessary to step up and you know the people who have been vocal about things bigger than tennis cocoa. Venus and Serena. Mayo Naomi Vico Sloan visa visit with choices candidates Christiaan but I would Nicole Gibbs I think what we're seeing is that working a lot of North American players right I would look a little bit deeper in the rankings and see who are the players who would truly benefit from a more equitable. Sharing out a bit of Levity to end the episode firstly, miss repeated mess recurring mess a sequel that we did not need starring Nick Curious and Boris Becker Boris Becker, who as always is impervious to his impending. Financial doom current financial doom, impending litigation, potential prison time. What have you truly the only person who needs attention more than curious is Boris Becker. So Boris ordered some attention and he got it. He Nick Uriel posted a picture of himself. On tennis courts with the caption different breed on instagram and Boris totally unprovoked comments. In your dreams like Boris Becker is fifty, two years old fifty two he's a fifty two year old man why this is what happens when young men are never forced to grow up Apparently. One would presume. Boris has kind of an obsession with Nick Euros. He finds it very offensive that nick goes after fellow tennis players. And feels that these things should be dealt with privately. What I don't understand is you have all these personal crises in your life your public reputation within tennis could exist separately and apart from that, and you could still be that person who is revered who can ride the coattails of his legendary career and still occupy the penthouse. Of Men's tennis history. and. You're just and yet you just want to burn everything down burn everything down to the ground he he could have stature like Stephan Edberg who has a very similar resume who played at the same time and who's been kind of minding his business Boris's in the news constantly talking about Novak revealing things that probably should have been private going after the curious lusting after Marianna value on TV. It's just nonstop. It's disgusting comments. About. His comments about billable were disgusting because not only is he doing all this other stuff's for attention, but he's being a disgusting pig as a commented. I don't know if you needed to know all that I don't know if we needed to talk about that. But it's something that happened. And it's on the record that brings us to our dramatic reading a dentist troppled Olov released on all platforms, his new single drip featuring call Tom date. A according to Cohen it's pronounced Herenton Matz. This is the follow up the second single from the debut album after. The night train. Just nitric just I dream law. So we are going to read you the lyrics Dennis's verse is way too long I, I'm sorry I couldn't sit here and transcribe a two minute long bursts. So have we decided whether Dennis is taking himself seriously or if he's taking the Piss, this is no the serious. This Zeros. Indeed serious I will say if we go from what he did with Blur Henley on-court, that was just a couple years ago to go from there to here that is that's quite developed. It's an improvement I will say where all of that fits on the scale from trash to good. He's still aways away from good. Put it that way I mean as far like on the scale of Toronto rap. You, Drake obviously is the is the emperor you have at the bottom. You have Tori lanes who shot an icon, and then you have Dennis somewhere somewhere in the middle coming for drake's crown I don't know how drake crown in the first place I don't think emblematic of greatness but that's a discussion fortnight another day. So, here we go. Yeah you know I got that trip down drip down made another mill with that drip down trip down get another kill with that trip down drip dome. GotTa, leave my crib with that drip drip? Drip? Pull up in a new whip every other week dress. So fly everybody know me phone blowing up the Press WanNa meet fuck that man I was about to leave. They said, I'm rated. How far could they see took a vision test couldn't pass line three talk so much shit. They forgot how? Thought I told the world don't mess with the g going so fast. Pilot can't crash. I just sit back. And countless cash I just hit gas yet. All I do is pass Nyman delete Competition where you at try to lock the doors, didn't know I had the key. Scared of a wolf. DidN'T WANNA. Let me freight. To do what they say every day I said fuck it. Start to do it my way. Got Me running out the gate Oh. Gee. Now they scream my name unbeat everything I do is on fleet be across the globe in a week if you still want to hate feel free. Yeah. You know I got drip down to dawn. Morte. Eight him up. He, like he really did like he's actually kind of good. Well. We don't know corner. Those lyrics are in French while they just they just sound his his flow with buckets flow as I don't know what the I mean I just don't understand why this is a featuring. For multi I don't understand like he is the better one. This is lake when Connie was recorded monster and invited Nicki Menaj to absolutely body Jay Z. Rick Ross and Kanye West listen phone blowing up the press. WanNa meet. Foot the men I was about to leave. You know it's not all seamless I don't understand this part. The phone is blowing up because he just oh, he just WanNa match I guess so his phone is blowing up on like The press wants to meet death Oh this is like insider tennis perspective and fuck that man I was about to leave but he still there he goes to the press conference. So this is fronting because he's a good boy this is fronting. He. Also did some incredible rhyming with C. Three P. and G.. See that there's a rhyme scheme this poetry I don't understand the line talk so much shit. They forgot how to P. I think there was some like the dishes and together was like putting number one and two together in one sentence it was was a choice. Yeah. Okay. Listen to it on spotify called drip. The artist is Chateau Music Dennis troppled Volvo man no that. Chappel. Music is like his actual name and so they can follow this as wrapping. At, least song on the platforms yeah. So anyway, listen if this guy wants to have fun how fun but the moment it, it starts to take itself too seriously than you're asking us to take it seriously as well, and then we just got to be about it I. Mean Tennis Player should have outside interest we dealt with Serena's acting career come on. Wow. Anyway. Welcome Roland Garros Twenty Twenty try to behave yourself, my name is Jonathan. You can find me on twitter at tennis underscore John, and I'm James, at Elliot Jamar to els to tease we are at the body serve on twitter and instagram invite us on spotify apple podcasts all your favorite podcast apps. Please feel free to leave us a review. It helps a kind of boost the profile of the podcast and we appreciate it. Thanks for listening till next time. Thank you very much.

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