The Spawn Chunks 100: Many Respawns Later


And the ran the distance starts here. Good morning jol good morning, Johnny, the render distance. Yes. We should probably explain to everybody who has tuned into the main podcast feed this week. Welcome to the extended edition of the spawn chunks, which we called the distance, and it normally goes out to AL patrons people who've pledged to support the show on patriotic on. But in celebration of this being episode, one hundred of the show we would release the extended edition for every body so that you will get a peek behind the curtain about what it's like to be part of our patriotic community and so that you can hear A. Little bit about the you know here a little bit of the Chitchat, that Joel and I usually share before we start the main show, which is sometimes minecraft related sometimes, just a little bit of stuff that's going on in our lives what we've been up to lately, and of course, if you WANNA skip this, get straight to the minecraft segment of the show we completely understand, but it's you know we tend to wax lyrical on the show anyway. So I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind us just chats here a little bit beforehand. So, what did you do this? We can do anything fun this weekend. I. Dipped back into dungeons and dragons with my usual group. After having leveled up lost time and done like a very brief seeing this time, it was more open world exploration for them. I kinda gave them a bit more of an open ended scenario whether just set loose in the city and have a few places that they can go. They went and got their weapons re forged and had a chat in the pub about the way the plot has gone and the motivations of the villain which. Is Pretty exciting to hit your play his talk about something that like in my head I know more or less what is going on with the campaign, which is a homebrew thing I've been working on myself. So I'm I'm writing the plot sketching all of these characters and a lot of it is like improvised in the moment, and then I build on that when I take full whatever the next session is going to be right and now Hearing the players talk about what they think is going on and how much they've got right and how much of it they are still like way off the mark on is really fun for me So yes, I'd from that they they jumped back into another ruin dive, which is wha they've been calling the sort of exploratory dungeon crawling stuff they've been doing under the city and I who are listening to the show who haven't heard the render distance before my dungeons and dragons campaign is taking its cues a little bit from the procedural generation of Games like minecraft and mine craft dungeons in that I basically have the players roll the dice and I have A. Set of options for what the next room in the dungeon can be So every time they roll defoe I'm choosing from full options, and then that is what whatever comes up on. The four is the number of the room that they go into in my notes, which can be a puzzle it can be a monitoring counter. It can be like a couple of other things and adds an element of fun randomness and exploration for them that I think is kind of cool. That's really cool not to mention that because you've prepared these for. Four scenarios for example, it takes the. Decision making out of your hands but it. It means that you're not like guiding them through if that makes like, yeah, there's there's there's choices and then there's chance. And that that enters in. That creates a more interesting I think adventure especially if like there's a situation where they're holy not prepared for a monster encounter and that's what they roll. Exactly. Like I think one of the major complaints I have heard about dungeons and dragons campaigns in the past, and it is one that mainly applies to stuff like the podcasts I've been listening to because I am ready to be much of a part of any dungeons and dragons adventures myself. This is like my first campaign and I am deeming it but I've heard that people really don't like being on rails and the the group that I am hotel coral still first time plays themselves. So sometimes a little. Bit of guidance helps them, but I also want them to have an experience where they feel like they're exploring the environment and it's throwing everything at them and the I also don't want to structure a dungeon in such a way that it becomes either obvious what I am trying to do with all repetitive for them and I want them to feel like they have agency whilst also kind of casting themselves to the whims of fate every now and again. So it makes it exciting for both parties in this because. On the one hand I, don't have to do I have to do a little bit more work preparing all of these things but I don't have to worry about is this all going to be in service of the plot and this stuff is a lot more like the loot grind that happens before they get on with the story missions, which is the way I've been thinking about it, and that happens a lot in other video games that I play as well. So it's kind of fun to play around with stuff like that. I'm a side mission junkie I. It's one of the reasons why I still have never finished quarter lands to just because I. Just I keep wanting to complete all the nodes in my area before von and it takes forever. Yeah. When it's a good game and that's something that's really nice about that is that you know for two reasons one I'm a completion est I'm aware of that but two I just I genuinely enjoy the exploration and finding what's out there and and and in. A lot of cases it makes the game easier for you. Long term it takes longer. But because of all the stuff that you've found orders, there's any kind of monetary system in a game like borderlands. Then you end up with much better gear because you can buy better stuff. You know that that really difficult Boston counter like admit game you're just Kinda like well, it was difficult but still survive because I had this like you some. Yeah. Some amazing wepener ability or something like that that you've unlocked far ahead of other players because they went. Solely story vision. You know, yes I'm a big fan of like the grind and the kind of like side quests. Full rewards approach to stuff like Japanese all PG's also have this switches like the games that I grew up playing rarely was that you know you could breathe through the main story and it might be a more balanced challenge for you if you didn't do any of the side missions and get like the secret weapons from the ultimate dungeons and that kind of stuff, and then you go to the final boss and it's actually like Experience I was very much not that player I was the one who go and do all of the optional stuff and beat the optional bosses before the end bosses who are largely speaking very underpowered. By the time you've done everything you can do in like a final fantasy game, for example, and so yeah, I'm trying not to get that way with the dungeons. And dragons stuff where I just give them stuff. That's GonNa make them Opie by the end of the fight. But then that's the cool thing about DVD as well as being able to make a few extra numbers on the fly and you can scale the encounters based on the party's abilities instead of being programmed ahead of time like it is with with RPG's. Yeah Video Games but yeah, it's it's been a really fun experience. We're actually looking to do a little bit more. In. The future because a couple of our friends have just peripherally Hud playing d. d. now and asked us have that's going, and while obviously we're still trying to do things remotely. We're thinking bringing in couple of other people and doing like a couple of one shots and Yes. Some friends who've been interested but haven't played before or have not played for a while. We could potentially. Yet bringing a couple, people do like little one off sessions here in which would be kind of fun. I know I've mentioned this ages ago when we first started talking about Dean my tabletop experience, but one of the first times if not the first time I played tabletop RPG was at a convention called not in Utah years ago and it was a one off star wars RPG sore. You were very familiar with the world. So it was net what's Nice about that is that as they were describing what was going on, you know what battled Reut looked like so You you. You can imagine the scene and you had to kind of. Set up the scenario in your brain but you had the visual reference from all the movies and video games that you can just kind of like piece together as to what was going on very clearly production the production design is done for you basically. Yeah. Yeah. The Art Direction was all done and so so that was really cool and it was a lot of fun and we had like a mixed bag of people there was no jet is that was the rule But. We had like an easy walk with a little blaster we had wookey. Can't remember what I played. I might have been the wookey or it might have been I might have been like a smuggler type character, but it was cool. We had to be scenario is basically just like get into the hanger. And get access to get into the hanger and get access so that you could get on the ship and escape and the battlecruiser trying to block your this game, and so there was some puzzle things, open doors, and then also some some battle with the joints and went on it was fun. It was it was really cool. The one thing is nice because. For people that don't know they WANNA, try India they want to get into it, but then they just don't want it. They don't necessarily know if they can commit two weeks upon weeks of regular play yet campaign stuff when when I started out with Migrelief by wrote a one shot and said, well, we'll just do this to see if we like it and it turns out they did. So he kept the same characters and we kept going. But yeah, it's There's there's a couple of other systems that I want to try out the some that are way more complex and some that away most simple The one of the other podcast I listen to you started in Aachen, a newly developed PG that I think they are still the only ones who have full access to like the core rulebook like an early draft of it at least but the system is called still fleet and it takes place in like very, very distant future Sifi setting which I think is phenomenal is the kind of stuff that I grew up reading when I was like in my mid teens. Old kind of like sci-fi masterworks of the seventies and eighties, and it has very much that like very weird take on what Sifi with real aliens could be. And yet, there's some this cool systems out there I just keep hearing more and more about it. Now, I'm more and more entity. In DNC ways it could branch out from that where the podcasts that you're listening to. For D I've been listening a lot to the adventures zone especially some of the earlier episodes of that very fun and they have some really nice like short arcs wherever sort of six to ten roads that are very thematic and there's a couple of really good examples of like carefully plotted aren't scenarios in that adventure zone is gone through a couple of different. Some other systems and then back to playing D. and D. for their latest campaign friends at the table is one that changes system basically every campaign they do and right now they have a system accountable it's cold, but it's got a lot of Mexican stuff in it. So it's much more of like Saifi Gundem style not not Gangnam style. Gundem. Smile. Setting for it and yeah, there's a few others fun. City is the one that was playing shadow run and is now playing still fleet. There's also a D. podcast that I recommend frequently. But with the proviso that it is a very adult show, which is called Rue. Roots, Tales of Magic which is dnd, but yet very explicit and hilariously funny if you're into that kind of thing. But if you're the kind of person who volks swear words and Lewd stuff definitely avoided, it will not be for you. But yeah, anyone who's into adult humor and wacky stuff of the kind of like I want to say a Rifkind multi level I. Don't know if that will be an insult to the creators of retail exactly how they feel about. Rick, and Multi in general tends to be kind of a controversial show but. Yeah it's. It's that sort of level of like Brash brazen kind of humor that really kind of sets the tone of the show. I do find it tricky sometimes when you're recommending podcasts having spent now several years doing minecraft content minecraft podcasts with you. Lots of stream stuff like that I'm always self-conscious of passing people onto another content crater or podcast or something that I like, and then I have to put a big asterix next with by the way. Your phones and no small humans nearby because. Because adults like adults sometimes yes. Might my favorite way of addressing that? Was I think, Alex Hirsch, the creative gravity falls had this in his twitter bio awhile ago he said I swear sometimes because I'm a human adult. I always just prefer that as like obviously, we don't swear on this show and I tend to keep my own content family friendly people occasionally come into my twitch channel. Do you swear occasionally in videos unlike? Yes I sometimes swear intentionally in videos I, just always cut it out because I don't want people to like to hear that if there's especially younger viewers and listeners and stuff. But yeah, it's one of those things where like we're we're adults you know we mature we comfortable with that level of stuff and you know the other people don't have to hear it. As. Something that I find really fun about these cafe is, is that again we swear a lot or use a lot of vulgar language on the show itself in our conversation but because of content that we cover like we did years of watching game of thrones, lots of stuff on Hbo of that stuff is you know would be considered quite risky for you know not a family audience for that kind of stuff. So you can't have a family friendly podcast when you're talking about stuff like thrones. But what's funny about having friends on yourself included. On the Little Cafe when I do content and want to interact with people into which it's family friendly and then on the little cafe is like the one spot where everybody gets swear and I hear a friend that I know isn't another adult and I know swears on regular basis. Comes onto the Civil Cafe and swears on Mike with me, it's that little kind of like a ha moments like, Ooh, that was fun. A little look behind the curtain of like, Hey, there's a real person. Or the real frustration with ago this show wasn't very good or they didn't like a character or something like that, and you can feel the frustration about that kind of stuff like when I think it happens more when. Someone's favourite piece of content like a book that they really like is adapted to into film TV show and it's terrible and they're so mad and then then this is unless you're unless you my friend mega and then she just swears a lot of doing so yeah. It's But. You're. Sailor. I I had a conversation with somebody and I forget who it was soy apologize if they didn't want me like mentioning this they, they did sort of just dm May, and just ask barrel like my decision to keep my content family friendly knowing that once again, I, am an adult human who swears occasionally in his personal life and they were saying you know, is it something that you do for just viewership to make sure that like the maximum amount of people can come and see videos and to me it's sort of like it's that plus a certain amount of responsibility to the community plus having worked in like. Full kids, online games before like for people who don't know it used to work for Disney interactive. Ago Working on like some kids entertainment and places where like there were chat filters in place and stuff like that and You know I just have a sense for that kind of stuff and I realized that it didn't necessarily have to be part of my brand. One of my favorite Comedians Bailey is a guy who probably sweat fairmount in his personal life. But never really says in his stand up comedy and you don't need swears to be funny in that arena where there are some Comedians, I love who will really lean into a swear and it will be like. Just the emphasis, it will make something funnier, but it's not the language itself. That's making it funnier way they're emphasizing it. So language is really one of those changeable immutable things that I think a lot of context needs to be awarded to in order for people to really get it and obviously there are some people who turned off just by the usage of that language without any, you know any context for why is being used and that is something I. I completely understand that point of view. It is not I share, but it is one that I empathize with I. Guess. That's tends to be why intend to keep most of my stuff like family friendly way possible it just it makes it accessible. It means kids don't get in trouble and that's That's the thing too and I. Same reason for me you know broad audience you know trying to represent. The community in in a positive way knowing that there's a range of people and all that kind of stuff and because. Minecraft I correct me. If I'm wrong, I think minecraft the average players probably close to twenty. Would you look at the grand scheme of all people playing I mean I I think in our community probably in terms of the broader community of players I think it's probably us a little bit younger than you'd expect just because of the amount of players who were on consoles and tablets and imagined the Java edition community might be a little older because to playing like on PC's wit on. You know not not not to cast any Tatar anybody with any particular brushes, but they are. It's typically like a more adult way to play games if you're playing it on a laptop, which is also used for like work or school or whatever, or you know you're playing like a full desktop pc, I feel like a lot of younger players are going to be playing it on mobile and that's where the majority of mine crafts play Bass is really is in bedrock edition mobile and console. Of so that's that's one reason why I keep it family friendly. But also, and I, I'm the same way like if I to. Crater on twitch. That's that's swearing I'll stick around long enough to find out why And there's a couple of new content creators that I've been following and. They do swear but it's in context. It's not every other word because they can't. Expand their vocabulary. Past one syllables. and. So it makes it more funny when or more fun. When this, what happened in appropriate places like being chased and a dark by spider, I fully expect swears. A streamer or content crater that uses that kind of language. Then it's going to happen when they're scary spiders around I. Get it. It would I would probably have to work to not do it. You know onstream. But yeah, it's one of those things that I think is always an interesting take and I'm with you there on the Comedians as well. I, prefer it when it's like. It's almost funnier when it's comedian that doesn't swear that often then they one thing to just zone in on that really bothers them and it's usually even funnier when it's something mundane like they don't like the way that Coffee Cup of sitting on a counter you know or they don't they don't like the way that a co worker you choose their sandwich or something, and they're just lacing into the hard language over something completely useless. That comedic juxtaposition is like they have to sell it because that's that's their. That's their profession. Speaking of Professions, let's do our profession and let's say you a podcast that sounds good. That sounds great. It's only one hundred time we've done this. Yeah. Really though you think we'd be used to getting this done on time. My Gosh. All right. Starting the show in three. To. Welcome to the sponge, chunks? Episode? Number. One hundred for Monday August third twenty twenty my name is Joel Duggan and joining me as always is my friend Johnny who you may know better as pixel rifts. Hello Sir one hundred episodes new. Santa thanks. I. Guess Pillow Horns sounding in the distance would be like the mine cross equivalents. Only knew the person that edits this podcast that could put a pillar horn in the edit that would be fantastic. Let's see if I remember after we've done this show welcome in folks and I hope everyone enjoyed listening to the render distance. If you stuck around for that, thank you just wanted to give everybody a peek behind the curtain at what the patrons of. The show get by subscribing to the show at Patriot dot com slash the scorn chunks. You hear US talk about it every week, and now you get an idea of the stuff we talked about if you've skipped heads to this point in the podcast, we just had a conversation about dungeons and dragons swearing in media and why we don't do it in our own. Shows in our twitch streams and videos and that kind of stuff and I feel like it's always fun to have a bit of a conversation up top gets US warmed up for the show and for the folks who are listening live in discord right now gets them to let you know let them get to know us a little bit better. So if you listen to the render distance, thank you if you want to hear more of it once again, Patriot dot com slash this born chunks. And stick around for the post show because I played a lot of satisfactory this weekend and I'll get a chance to talk about it dad. Oh. Yes and since the first of the month I want to extend a huge and big one hundred episode. Thank you to all of our patrons who support the show. You are a massive part and essential part of making the podcast allowing Johnny United to take time out of our busy weeks to produce the show ad free. So thank you. It's wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a better and more supportive community and it's continuing to grow and it's just fantastic to be a part of this one hundred episode train. Yes if you WANNA. See people post images of camels in the discords every every week. Then join a join our discount and and if you if you're just curious about what the context is for that I'm not going to tell you and that's why you should become a patron behind the scenes peeks like this. But once again as Joe was saying, thank you guys so much for supporting the show it really means a lot of so this has been a big milestone for the show and This is also more or less two years worth of the spoon chunks, but it's been average minecraft week other than that. So Joel, what you've been up to in minecraft this week, we'll speaking of Patriot actually I took a tour of my Patriot server. It's called Infinity Cove and it celebrated one year on August I and I've been on on the server before I don't play on it myself. I don't have the time, but there's now twenty odd members doubling since I think last year and. Boy, was there a lot of content to checkout so? Hats off to loss and. The. Mighty corn who put together A in game minecraft book with build names who built it and coordinates for me to teleport around the world and because I'm opie this over for nine been reasons. Yeah. So it was real. It was great. And then there was there was some like you know guided tours of more complicated builds, cough cough, many packs, holy smokes and there's just a lot going on the server and it was really fun and inspirational to see a very lively server first person walking around that's. Not, as old as the Sydell, but has way more active player. So citadel is like three years old I think but there's only six of us and really only half of US play. Consistently. So it's great but there's not a lot of built happening because it takes everybody who long time to do stuff but it makes me think though having watched Cove I should try to organize more. The citadel is more active now, and I try to organize more group projects you know where we can. Where we can. Work together and get something larger done faster. Yes. Yeah Yeah you know. So I think that's going to be. Probably. Part of the future for things like the. Medieval realm that we're GONNA do on the server but anyway, Infinity Cove there were. Zen. Gardens Panda Sanctuaries. Lighthouses. Wizard. Towers. An absolutely massive stone statue. There's some images being shared in our life discord right now, which is just phenomenal. And like we're talking big tasks at you, I'm thinking like the Argo Nath from Lord. Of The rings like just. Huge huge. Huge huge. Really, really fun to walk around and see all that kind of stuff. It was very inspiring. Got Me excited to do some some cool things. Also, I, think the veil. which was skull he's built I didn't want to drop too many names 'cause I'm going to miss people. But there's just a lot of really well thought out in developed areas. So it's not just like one thing plopped into landscape everybody believes together there's like a town area and then there's like a s people get further away. You walk into another bill does not just one build more like a dozen built by one creator and they all kind of Mesh together. They're not just popping things kind like Willy Nilly and so it really felt fund it felt like there was a lot of. Artistic Expression I guess is the best way to put it on on the podcast and and there is a vodka so you can check out. My on twitch dot TV slash chill Doug and I believe my friends Stephen Ese tour on Sunday as well and he was interacting with some of the players I was doing more of a how many people can showcase onstream. So I didn't have other people on Mike Bounce around yeah. But but Steven did like some walk throughs and I think he had some people on discordance up walking through. So it was very, very cool and I'm excited to get into. minecraft and do more because of what I've seen on and on the server as for the citadel. I'm GonNa Build. So I'm I'm taking small chunks out of the underside of another and developing the Nether Hall, which is my personal exercise in trying to learn how to use blackstone efficiently, and I'm finding some uses for it but most of this weekend was not designed it was just progress. It was knocking out a large area with a lava ceiling, which is treacherous died twice and I lost stuff so sad days but It I mean it was and I want to say my own fault the the fire resistant potion had run out. The lava was coming down from the ceiling and I fell off my scaffolding down to the slab floor which was covered in like an eight by eight of lava. There was no hope. No Hope. I think the only thing that survived was. I think a bundle of courts that I had in my inventory that just kind of popped out outside of the level of. The dumb thing is that I had a decent like probably of end game soak touch pick diamond pick on me. I have a knife ancient debris that I could spelt it and turn it into like it could have been another right pick that I was I was gonNA. Say this is a selling moment. The this is the moment when the right kind of. Hello can I interest you in an upgrade? Maybe I just I find I, find the grind for debris boring, and so I found someone I put it away and I, forgot about it. Okay. I haven't used it and so mental no going forward I will probably I will probably do that and it's a good incentive for me to tweak my custom texture pack to have some cool nether right to designs or something fun I might do that onstream. But yeah. So then other eight hall. It is. More than one hundred blocks long there are big two by two pillars every five blocks. And it's long enough that you can't see the other end. It is Spooky I. Love it I'm. Thinking of doubling the length. Helped me now a because that effect would then last longer when you're in it and when you're in the middle, you wouldn't be able to see either end. Yeah. That idea I love that idea. So that's that's where we are with it. There's really nothing to report. It's a bunch of an empty box with pillars in it right now. It's funny. It's funny how the fog effect in the Nether is something that a lot of people have been telling me in my comment section to turn off the fog because you can do that opt fine I. Think a couple of content creators have done that recently just to see the nether like extends outwards towards weather end distance in the oval world would be instead of being kind of like a little bit more claustrophobic with the fog around you but personally I find the folks so effective that it's actually worth having because I, you get those. Really interesting different volume full colors in the nether now as you move around the different volumes, but I think so much of the atmosphere of the nether comes from that stuff and so I'm much more interested in seeing effect like you're describing, you'll standing at one section of a room and you can't see where it extends off to in the distance the sense of the unknown and that full voting that comes with another especially now it's great ambient sound pretty cool. SANTRAC and stuff as well. I think it really adds to the effect of the Nether rarely. I'm running fabric and I don't remember what the fuck sittings are. I. Think There's simple simply an on off toggle. I don't think you can set the distance because normally what I am doing is with op define is that I would turn fog on but I would put it back a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Not A lot. There's like six eight and ten or something I can't remember but I would have it whatever one take past default would be just a little bit farther and most of that was just because I, I had some really cool builds in the over world and I wanted to see them from further away than what I was getting. But. But I haven't. To run around in. So busy in another with fabric, I haven't spent much time in the world. So I don't know how fabric is rendering. The world in terms of the settings for what I have with. Fabric with sodium and the other Mazda they're actually have an email but that later I'll talk about that then. But what have you been up to in in my graft? Oh, I've done a lot this week. Actually it's it's been the starts beneath Sky Block series, which is always Super Fun the New Sky Block Map full one point sixteen Dr Troy has made a couple of interesting updates to it, which I don't think I covered last week, but I might as well cover here now. So you start off on the regular Vanilla Sky Block island in the world. But as soon as you mine and collect a piece of dirt, it transports you to the nether regardless of you've taken out of. The chest or if you cut down the tree or anything like what have you normally do in Sky Book as soon as you start thinking about making a couple stone generator by usually by digging up some of the the blocks of that gross island it teleport's you to a similar island in the nether with the walked fungus and some blackstone and a piece of soil, and the chest on this island has some blue ice and a bucket of lava in it. So you're supposed to make assault generates a to get yourself back to the portal little. Take you back to the oval world. So it's a really interesting twist on the Classic Sky Block formula, and aside from that, it is the same map as you would been playing in one fifteen point two it's got to pillage and watch Taryn a witch hunt in in the perimeter in the overwhelmed now as well. So that Super Fun and it really feels like a new lease of Life Sky Block for me because. With that series I I started it in an earlier version of the map. So I didn't have the witch hunt or any of the new structures I just about found the ocean monuments I'd gotten quite far in terms of progression I had diamond gear and villages with trading. Me Stuff I had beaten the dragon side, go some electra and could fly around the sky book world but I kind like starting again with that. Now, it gives me an opportunity to go over some of the decisions that I made in the first one and think, could I have done that better and then I've made A. Better mobs born as a result I've made some some improvements to some of the early game stuff I was doing and I'm GonNa make things prettier as I go. So I'm actually going to work with some more aesthetic stuff fairly early. Once I can get hold of it plus now we have the option to get a hose with fortune to break leaves than the sapling grind in sky. Block is actually going to be a little bit easier as only have access to fortune that I can use to get say dark oak saplings then can hope that that tree will be renewable for longer whereas in my. I Sky Block series I didn't get more than two dark oak saplings out of the original tree and therefore couldn't regrow its until the wondering traders showed up which once again I think we have an email about the wondering trader later. But as you know he is a little bit useless as far sunken said. So, book has been great fun been getting into that again, and in the survival guide I am finally working on the project. I've been talking about basically since I started playing minecraft actually which is a museum that's going to contain every block and autumn and mob in Minecraft, and yes, there are some things that you can't bring to the world. So they will be sections of the museum in the Nether as well but I'm looking forward to really getting into this project I've chosen. A place for it, which is right by a stronghold. So can include end portal blocks in the museum and there a couple of spawners nearby that I just started excavating and yeah, I'm planning on drawing ideas from all across all of the stuff I've done crossed previously to bring it all into this museum. So it feels like it's going to be an attempt, my magnum opus I guess it's going to be like one of the most ambitious things I've done in the game so far but. Already built a mountain range, I'm for the challenge. Yeah, it's it's like those. It's like your version of the redstone sorting system that sorts everything sort of in minecraft right like you. Just it's the it's the artistic builder's version of the sorting system. You're like, no, it's a museum I only need one. Thing and somebody who specialize in making shoot oriel videos. Now, after fashion that oriels that are in the survival game but I still think of them as Utah Royals being informative and so I feel like yet for the the redstone is dream being something that suits everything for you and has all of these kind of redstone bells and whistles. The builders dream is designing an entire city kind of thing. And that you you'll make his dream is having the most informative minecraft structure, which is what I'm trying to do with this. There's going to be interactive elements to it as well. I feel like the experience of going to a museum is more than just looking at stuff in glass cases to make museums engaging they have interactive exhibits they have like stuffy to press and turn and Robin Look at and There's a bunch of different stuff that will make it interesting. So I have a few exhibits in mind that are going to take advantage of that at the very least I'm GonNa have electons everywhere so that I can have written books with information about each of the the blocks items and stuff like that. There are GONNA be Rube. Goldberg. Machines in the redstone area, there are going to be you know a bunch of a bunch of different things does even going to be a bedrock exhibit some point where you can just go down to bedrock and they'll be like a gloss floor over it and that can be like this is bedrock. Yeah I'm looking forward to bringing more of these ideas to the table but I I got to build the thing and it's going to be enormous Joe I. Don't know where to get a Larissa Fromm. We had one of her screen shots one of our thumbnails it was It was something about. Journalism and there was a huge museum in the bill and it was a world that people go to actually read books in minecraft. Yes. The uncensored library I believe. was called what. So what kind of what kind of are there real world buildings that you're drawing on for inspiration for the museum this a little bit of just anything I can get in a Google image search for museum, but that's mainly going to be the outsides the exteriors I'm planning on making it look like quite a mind kroft structure after. A fashion feel it minecraft sort of has its own identity in terms of style that I'm trying to celebrate with the structure instead of trying to emulate something from the real world not least because if I go with a real world rebuild if I'm doing it to scale, I cannot guarantee that it will have room for everything in minecraft in it because ultimately. Museums in the real world don't have to think about can we store everything that exists in this building? Because of course, they can't because they they they curate stuff. That's kind of the point whereas I won't this museum to contain more or less everything, and then some of some of the time it's going to have demonstrations of what that thing does and I didn't have much space that's going to take up. So while I'm trying to plan this stuff, I'm leaving myself with room for expansion and I really can't emulate any kind of real life structure with it because it would either be unfathomably lodge or it would be not big enough to contain all the stuff I have plant. Very, cool. I'm excited to see that come together. Yeah we'll. We'll see how it all goes moving onto the news. For this week, we have a minecraft JAL edition one point sixteen point two pre release the released last week last Wednesday. And at the head of this article, it says from now on, you should mostly sea bug fixes leading up to the full release of one point sixteen point two, which we expect to happen in a few weeks. So they are hedging their bets a little bit making sure that they get all the bugs fixed and not guaranteeing that it's going to be ready by next week or anything but considering the we thought it was just going to be the piglet brute it turns out. There's a lot more to it than that and in this change log, which you can see on minecraft dot net has the full change log there along with all the bug fixes there aren't new accessibility settings which have been added to help with visual comfort distortion effects such as nausea, and the Nether Portal overlay can now be reduced at low values. The nausea effect is replaced with a green overlay as an alternative visualization field of view effects shown off to speed modifiers are applied. Can now be reduced. So yeah, anything that. Moves your field of view around if you have say soul speed and you're standing on Seoul San Block, suddenly you feel view zooms out a little bit more as though you've just cranked the field of view slider bit and apparently that can be adjusted now big changes in at one sixteen to pre one include chains. Now being placed in all orientations intimate will no longer place their held blocks onto bedrick blocks piglets non angry with plays who open or destroy a chest mine carts villages lose their job sites when changing dimension Chatila has been added to the chat setting screen and custom well, generation at dimension settings. Now use the same folder pattern in data packs as other resources do. There are some notable bug fixes in this one one of which I've just thrown in because I saw a bunch of people going how on Earth did this ever get noticed and then fixed but Stop with throwing projectiles getting destroyed on contact with known solid blocks. An example being a snowball thrown at a to block holly flower was going get destroyed. Now, those will pass through flowers now that that has been fixed bubble columns weren't affecting eggs, snowballs and polls, splash potions, lingering potions, files, and Shell. It's so all of those projectiles now affected by bubble columns, which has some interesting implications villages who didn't get dejected from a Oh. Sorry Villa's did. Get ejected from a mine cart when converting to a Zombie villager. So there's will never stay in the carts new nether plants can be picked up without she is all silk touch that hasn't been fixed. So Nether foliage has to be she had gathered with a silk touch tool and the last one because it was hilarious, the game crashed off to killing a mob that was being written by Guardian while it is being written by a with a skeleton. So somebody. Somebody in there we it's like creative test world or or maybe even maker of somebody who's been re texturing these. So the something else has spawned in a with skeleton writing a guardian and then something else in that's writing the with a skeleton and killing the with a skeletons passenger caused the game to crash. I just saw a bunch of people in the reddit thread for this change log going, okay. Yep. We've run into that one once or twice. That was pretty hilarious good on them for fixing that one I'm sure that will fix a lot of people's issues and joking aside I think it's it's good that they're they're still tracking down these game crashes and figuring was was caused them and it might be something more complicated of the back end that that is good. It's. It may have other implications but I. I love the idea that there's one minecraft player out there going finally. Yes. I've been waiting for this. Finally. I can have my with a skeleton Rodeo with guardians and yeah, it's it's a giant mess but I imagine that it's a good thing that's been fixed and passenger issues in general may have like you said been fixed as a result of that. One, last light item of news. Before we get into this gushing about this they they finally released a an iteration of the how we make minecraft series. There's an episode about new jobs up on crafts YouTube channel, which is a lighthearted take on the difficulties of adding a new mobile to the game, and there are some actual game design advice in there. Somewhere I say that because the video is largely a kind of a cartoony and I guess kid friendly approach to the way Mo- Jiang designs new jobs for the game and the perils of introducing them to something that already has a bit of an ecosystem to it. Did you match cash that video. I did. I laughed a couple times. I thought it was funny I'm I'm a little disappointed that they're not taking A more informational approach to these because I would really like to have more information about how they actually do that. But I guess what? You get more in the live. QNA's from Mine Con Live Mine Yeah My. called. Contestable. Whatever. It was gonNA. Be Mine Craft Festival this year but I think it's probably mine can live again because of the the current situation with the world health crisis and everything. But I, don't think that you have to make this kitty for kids to understand it I guess is my point Yeah Yeah, and they've clearly got a Fun Out Directing style with it. They've clearly it's funny and an aesthetic that they're working to, and yet it feels very much like kids programming with a little bit of useful information thrown in there as well. You'll probably get more if you will. You know not not keen on this thing you get more out of the the Jiang Mojanke videos that they've been putting up elsewhere on the channels. So there's probably a little bit more behind the scenes developer feedback stuff there whereas this is clearly put together by like you know a team that's interested in. Sharing this kind of information with a younger audience. I am all for the accessibility setting changes and I. You're always championing more accessibility tweaks in sliders and stuff for my craft and I think it's great I think it's it's a simple thing that they can change. I don't need these changes amount someone that has those kind of visual issues with the game, but I, know some people that do so I think that's great i. AM definitely turning down if off the nausea settings on portal's that's yeah it's a it's the bane of my existence because we've got a couple of shaped portals and I know that there's actually a vanilla tweaks. Data out there now where you can do shaped portals but we have the traditional square portals that are the decorated to look different shape very often you'll find yourself going through a portal facing the wrong way or you're stuck in a corner. More new players, I kind of know the spots to stand in which way to face now but you can get caught and when you're caught trying to find your way out and you're wobbling around like it's just it's just frustrating. Doesn't it takes me out of the game and so between that down, it will also help with some of the Saifi bills we. Want to do on the citadel where the wobbly thing is not necessarily what you want to happen it. We'd better, if it was a cleaner straight, you know kind of like teleportation through the portal. So yeah, I'm looking forward to that I actually liked the zoom setting that happens when you have swiftness I, find it a good indicator win swiftness activates and wears off. So you're like, Hey, there's a beacon effect happening or oh, Hey, my portion of swiftness run out as I'm not mining sand at the speed of sound anymore. So How you feel about the accessibility changes. I I agree with you I. Think the nausea will as good and I think the swiftness or Soul speed one is is probably been prompted more by Seoul speed because I have been doing a lot more ancient debris morning on my streams and whenever I run across a patch weather is one or two blocks of soul San down one of these long tunnels on digging weather too late day or just to just to go straight strip mining all branche mining for for ancient debris on finding the I just get this sudden lurch of f.? O. V. CHANGE AS I run over that block when I speed up and then that gets a little bit disorienting if not. If not nauseating. It's definitely a little bit like. If feels uncomfortable. If feels lies on the just like. Maybe, it should kick in if you're on a large patch of it and you're really taking advantage of the soul speed effect but I'm just walking backwards down this tunnel, and then suddenly it's like I've. killed over backwards temporarily something it does it gets a little bit distracting a becomes noticeable after a while and done a few times that would make sense you know like no. Soul speed of Pov changes unless you're running on more blocks of of soil sand. Wait until you're actually up to speed. I guess before it actually happened. Yeah. It's all about where you draw the line with those effects though and for some people it could be useful I think it's just good to have the option like I'm all in favor of there being more tweakable options and more sliders for stuff like this so that you can. Adjust it to how you how they feel about it Let's look at the other changes in this change log sideways chains they seem to be one of those things that that ever everyone has either championed or they just like. Well, that's nice. I'm I'm in the second category I wasn't like champing at the bit for being able to place chains. But I can see how they look good for a rope bridges and stuff like that. Do you do you have a particular affinity for this as a change? Well, exactly I think rope bridges would be really cool like so I mean the issue is going to be the same thing that you run into with any sub block like fences and walls, and in that, they're not going to be able to connect to everything young. So like if you put a fence down a chain than they don't connect to another chain kind of floats. But if you have solid blocks and then chains run between them, that could be cool for like a chain railing on a bridge or maybe a harbour I might see what they look like on on a harbor. Harbor Front and my city I'm excited for. You can make honest to goodness drawbridges now and you don't have to do the Jenky diagonal placement of iron bars. Or buried chickens with leads you in the ground get something that looks like I mean it's going to be a minecraft drawbridge and that is going to be at a right angle. But there are drawbridges that have that kind of that kind of hoist on the on the gate where it's not a not a forty five degree angle chain it's like a two chains one goes horizontal. The other one goes vertical down to connect to the. So there are some really cool implementations. I'm excited also about the waterlogged chains. I think that that has the combination in is really cool. You can do lots of really cool stuff chained underwater and. I think linking things together. Having something that looks like it's being towed. All that kind of stuff is cool. I kind of hope that. This leads the way to maybe something like minecraft rope. How cool. Would it be if the science behind the chains just applied to maybe you make rope which you then climb you know or do different things with I mean people could also re-texture your chance to be rope. Yes. Yes. I assume chains are also unique enough in that. They don't behave like I in Basel fences that they still set a precedent for horizontal fence posts and stuff like that like I'm I'm I'm worried about the slippery slope of like. Well, why doesn't all of this? A have a sideways thing as well where you know we've done just fine without them before kind of thing I. I wonder if wools will now connect to sideways changes while I hadn't looked into that but I wonder if because now wolves will connect to a variety of things full this sort of solid wool. Idea with gloss pains being able to inset into a into a wall well, enough I wonder if maybe that will happen. Yeah. I know they'd look speaking of glass panes actually that conversation come up in my discord channel In the minecraft section about the chains and someone said, this is amazing. I wish I could do this with glass panes and to which everyone went. Oh my gosh. Yes and some of the star wars fans in my discord can like single glass panes that you could position sideways like now. Instantly. Bolt like just ready made. But also being able to do glass panes horizontally for like the ceiling of a greenhouse or just like just being able to take that one block and just being able to do it in in. Two axes changes so much about about how you could use glass panes and I don't think like again we've got changed the do it. We've got an rods that do it. Is there anything else that goes horizontally. Can. Nothing from communism all but but. Like. Having the glass panes be another similar block like that's not a stretch I don't think right Outside of the box. Walls and fences I think would be like woo were pushing the box. But. which don't get me wrong I would I would love sideways fans but. Or being able to pay posts, fences, undecided things but. But actually had this discussion on stream the other day I think that. The. Blocks that have. Either sub blocks. So they have some sort of thing carved out of them. Anvils, what angles fault? So that doesn't make any sense but. Not affected box by gravity like It'd be really cool if you could place the cauldron sideways in the same way that you place a log just directional placing whichever block face you're facing. That's where the feet of the culvert go. Yeah. There are definitely a lot of things that could be. You. Could really good with Directional placement I? I wonder how often there is just. A disagreement behind the scenes all or some sort of justification made for it where the colder and is still meant to be a coldren and The coach Nalty of it comes into play. Yeah. Exactly. Like stomach that like an and having. Having it connect to certain surfaces like depending on how realistic it is how Anything is meant to be phys ways in a game where blocks all floats. So physics is like an optional concepts. Scaffolding. Yeah, exactly. Yes. So so this this interesting arguments and we could we could definitely get into that I think maybe something to be saved for a round table episode where we can really pick apart all of the stuff in this little bit more a little bit more of a few more examples We've got bubble columns now affecting all of these projectiles again I think end appeals is the big one. Here because technically that means you can throw an end Appel and it will stay hovering in this bubble Cullum, which means as soon as you trigger something that causes the NFL to Landau impact on a block you tell there immediately, but the end Appel will stay floating there indefinitely until you trigger that. So it makes teleportation possible which is a a concept that people have been doing for ages now with other. Things, they've had slime blocks being able to juggle and polls in place until you're ready to stop the slime block machine and then you get teleported back there you've had nfl launches and things like that before using slime blocks but now yeah, it is. It is possible to send an independent up to the top of a wheelchair elevator that goes to build heights, and then you just triggers something using a column. Of Redstone and you end up being able to teleport to build height instantly from ground level if you want to and then you just set up another end Appel, and you can do that again whenever you like there's some some very neat applications of it. I'm sure I am only scratching the surface of what symbol technical folks of, but that's an exciting prospect for people who likes to play around with those things. Do. We know what happens when and enter Pearl. That is active having been thrown by the player leaves rendered a since. I think it just stays there sort of loses all momentum and stays there but. The play account currently throw anything out over into distance. But if it's kind of hovering in place, I don't think it would tell you back there because anything that it would be able to impact on would be unloaded as well. Right. So presumably when you get back within rented distance of the NFL whatever was happening to it before continues to happen. Because I'm just thinking about like if it works with bubble comes I wonder if it'll work with like waterways and stuff like that but I guess it would. It would impact the ice. In the waterway so yeah. Yeah it's it's still be affected gravity. The bubble is the thing that's keeping it afloat at that point I so it's a vertical thing not a horizontal thing. Yes that's interesting. I'm looking forward to the. future redstone genius videos on Youtube. Yes. Yeah and there's all kinds of odd stuff that I'm sure they will. They will come up with We have pig Lynn's being angry over mine cart chests, which is once again another controversial one. Another thing that we we would like this was all one workaround for having like a normal chest in Venturi in in the nether but yet the piglets nothing is sacred from these swines. We've we gotta deal with that now as well and it was it was. An oversight perhaps but I felt like it was kind of fun to have one thing left as a workaround aside from redstone component inventories which I presume AH, being left untouched only because. Making Redstone contraptions in the Nether is fun and having that process hampered by piglets could be a step too far for people don't know how you feel about that one. Yeah I think it's consistent. So it makes sense with what the game currently has. I just think that currently implemented rule is. In the wrong direction I I think we've mentioned it. I. Think you've mentioned on the show I think ender chests and shocker boxes should be the two things that they ignore. And then I'm fine if if everything else is like You know if you WANNA make the harder. That's awesome I. Don't think it would be. I. Think it'd be too difficult to differentiate between player placed chests and chests that are you know in the world or in the pickling bastions and then it just wouldn't happen at all. I've been able to deal with it by just having spun proof another not being in line of sight of of Lens it doesn't happen nearly as much. I get hit actually I've been killed by plague liens more for mining gold yen for not having A. Gold. Helmet. On that I have for opening chest. So it's not a big problem as I thought it was going to be for me as a player but I do think that like the endgame reward of having shocker boxes as your Go-to and having enter chests in the in the nether would be a good way to say like all right. Well, the ones don't get mad at those because they don't know what they are that kind of thing. The. The Mine Cart Chess I tried that. And it's not as useful as you think, interacting with chest is so much easier than the hit box and trying to interact with the moncur chest. Yeah. The the amount of setup it requires as well bringing the mind caught the chest and the rails with you everywhere, and then if you break it, it breaks down into separate items and you have to re craft it again there are there are steps there that I thought was I think a worthwhile balance between it being awkward to put together but then gives you something that's a workaround from piglets. On you but I guess if you wanted to leave one somewhere as a permanent storage solution, then maybe that was a work around that they didn't feel like was something they wanted in the game I don't know. But that that's that's one mild inconvenience. I suppose the the joy that is the Nether update thus far as speaking of which we have walked routes and Crimson routes and stuff like that. Now have to be picked up with she and silk touch, which on the one hand kind of invalidates the shifting floor femme design I was using for them, but that will also still give you walked in Crimson Fungus. I believe you don't need to get the fungus with silk touch Yoshi as. You. Just need to get the nether routes Another sprouts were already an a category of their own way you had to share them anyway. So it's kind of moving one plant into the other category and I already had a farm setup was. So I could harvest Nether sprouts so I can basically just use the same one. If I want to wage can just go back and forth with she is still touch tool in a mine cart and gather all of that stuff that way. So the thing that confused me this is I guess neither routes both of them, the Crimson and the worked versions are just decorative like there's no other real function. Effectively, they gross yet the net rains of gross grass. So so the sheer thing makes sense what I was wondering if there might be a two if people wanted to have the Mac more like flowers in that, that could be a natural source of. sci-fi for the worked version and I want to say Magenta die because while the roots are crimson nothing else that's called Crimson. In the Crimson forest outside of the Netherworld blocks or read their most of it is like a purple. But it'd be neat if you can have the nether, be the sources of these unnatural dis dis that you have to make by combining other dies in in real life, and then maybe they could return to the floor design but I, can I can appreciate the people that like well now, my shifting Florida's doesn't work, but I also say like, well, what were you using these four because they don't they're just decorative. and. Also. And this dawned on me this past weekend. There's no version of the was it the sprouts? There's no crimson sprouts. No, it's just won't sprouts which is and they're not. They're not even cold what they are called. Nether sprouts Snow Valley you only for them and walked by oems but they are specifically called Nether. Sprint speakers. They aren't part of the warped family which is yeah. It seems like a strange concept to have there's no the gross and there's other nether gross you know. But I think it's kind of cool. I like those sprints actually if you want to use them as like frosty like morning frost gross in like a mountain by Omar Snow by on them I think those look really nice in those areas combined with the kind of bluish-gray Gross Kelly you get there. So I can keep some of those around. You might find a more useful than you think if you working on something aesthetic. Oh. Yes. I was thinking more functionality. I think they're also very attractive and working decoration, but like you don't need hundreds of them. necessarily. Very cool. Writes Let's get into the junk mail for the week we have some listener e email to read. We actually have quite a few smaller emails here, which is kind of fun for our. Hundred episode just to kind of throw in a few different things into the pot. This comes from Coco, who's eight landscape artist member and over. I'll patriot and the subject as loot chest banners and says, Hey, soy listened to episode nine, thousand, nine today and the loot chest conversation gave me an idea. How would you feel about randomized banners being thing in Luke Chests? Not only would that mean free banners maybe some cool ones but it could also be great source of inspiration for designing banners especially since there are no other natural banners in the game already aside from the bland ones in villages and Pillow Bananas which all Unique Anyway Love, the show goes. Yeah this kind of rolls off the back of my. Suggestion to make loot chests more viable endgame where you could find cosmetic items in them and I think redesigned banners deal a fun idea. The only other ones I can think of that weren't mentioned in the email all the. The banners that you find on N. cities that are kind of our gloss. It's funny because it's actually like the null texture. Texture like. It's. described. But if if you load up a texture file in this corrupted or something, then what you get a patent of like blackened Magenta squares. Where texture needs to be replaced and basically the end city banners that. But in banner form with the kind of two opposing triangles of Magenta and black and and so those are kind of fun. But those are again the only banners that you really find anywhere else aside from. Yeah. Pillage patrols and and pillage watch towers. So I, think it'd be kind of fun I'm. The random obvious thing is the problem because I imagine there will be some combinations that just end up source of hideous but it does give the player a little bit more incentive to mess around with banners, and you could wash some of the designs of using. Colin if you feel like it and maybe that would you know uncover abandoned his own you a slightly happy with what do you think about this this idea? I'm on board I think that it would be more quote unquote minecraft to have P- redesigned banners in. Luke chests to inspire players to play with banners more you know. To to know that there's more possibilities than just dying them a single color. Especially, with what they've done with the piglet bastions and some of the new carved blackstone blocks and stuff where they've got like the piglets note. You can have a piddling banner in lieu chests you can have. I'm trying to think of other examples like anything that looks like a mob. You know anything any banner that would indicate you know cow or creeper skeleton that kind of stuff could be Kinda cool. I'm finding a creep Obama would actually be very useful for I mean abandoned that was already emblazoned with the creeper to kind of get around the fact that you have to find. You have to get a creeper ahead to make that banner patent in the first place I mean it might be a little bit of A. T, walk around in a sense. But also you know if you've only got one of those banners Nikon Control, what layer it appears on. That or or just you know peaceful players access to it in the first exactly. Yeah. That'd be that'd be kind of kind of useful and I have yet to play around with the piglets snapped Bana Pattern that you can get in some of those chests I do have a couple of them but. Most of the time when I designed ban is like don't do it in game I tend to do it using external tools like the Bana designer on Planet Minecraft Dot com or a need cool shoes dot com they have one but neither of those have the snap back patent added yet. I think planet minecraft has the globe from the one fourteen update that you get from categories, but they don't have the pig snout yet. So I need to get in game and actually play around with some of that because I haven't really haven't really tried it. Yet. Some people have said it looks like a cartoon pair of eyes as well. So in the right design, it could actually like a face so you could you could end up doing fun stuff without any to mess around with that some more I've seen some really cool stuff. With banners I think it was on her craft where like it was designed to look like the front grill of a truck. Yeah. You know stuff like that and I I'm looking forward the only thing that with banners for me is that I wish they would stop swaying in the wind. It was a bug for a long time and I. Loved it. Because, they always used to be stationed there and then I or I think they would stop swaying after awhile was the thing and so world was old enough. Then there just was no wind Eddie more which felt like a very old thing to come to terms with in physics terms but yeah was was sometimes nicer if you didn't have your banner like clipping through the blocks that it was attached to or something like that. So some sort of control over that would be kind of Nice I'd agree and just add string that the recipe you know yet hide banner. Move will not move that. That'd be a fun data pack actually. We are next meal comes from. Sony has all cubby one to three I. Hope I got that right? Fabric optimization. Hello there johnny. Joel I listened to episode ninety nine and it was great as usual but I thought I would point out a few things. All three of the optimization models that you talked about sodium lithium phosphorus are made by the same person Joe's joey squid she has discord and a get hub and through the three months are meant quote unquote to be together but lithium is suggested to be server side best to have on both while the other two sodium in foster will work just fine on the client side loved the podcast chunks out H. why does everyone keep coming out a coming up with these? Really, good silence. We didn't write the down I do I need. I need to start the Google doc of all of the good of the people have made. We'll keep them coming folks and thank you for the correction there. It's good to have clarification on that. Yeah. Absolutely. No big discussion here I just wanted to pass along the information very much appreciated We will have links to Jelly, squids twitter, and her get hub page in the show notes for this week also include links to sodium lithium in foster I had those last week but did not link to jelly squid her links on those pages. For clarification if you want a quick way to get to the things, check out the show notes at least chunks dot com. That's what I do during the afternoon is I make those notes. So if you want to find something from the show quickly, that's probably the best way to do it. Absolutely, well, that one taking care of we'll move onto the thirty mile which comes in from billy, and this is the one I hinted at earlier because the subject is that you wondering traders rapport Hello Johnny and Joe I was listening to you a discussion about the trade with Zuma from episode ninety-six and I wanted to share my thoughts I'm also of the opinion that the wondering trader is. Meant for new play who've not discovered every yet. But on any later level, the wondering it becomes pretty useless unless you need leads. Of course, what I propose is this seeing as the wandering trader is a villager, give him an experience bars well, like villages more trade levels will be unlocked when trade with him more the lower levels would be roughly the same, but the higher experience levels will get. You more useful stuff like higher quantities of non-renewable valuable ot to gather items I see two options either this works per wondering trader where you I have to make one or two of the week trades before you get to the good stuff or there is some sort of guild system where every wondering trader knows how much you've traded with wondering traders in general this way getting better trades might take. Longer. But once acquired, you don't need to unlock it for every separate wondering trade of that comes your way. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Your work is very entertaining when grinding out lodge products in my world. Cheers Billy. Thank you very much billy as somebody who's also working on larger projects. I can definitely say that pulsar a great way to get through some of the motifs sections. I, love this idea. I think it's a great. Not. Only. Is it a good idea to for improving the wondering trader but it's also. A very minecraft the idea like it's not really outside of the box, it's taking in game mechanics that are working and cool and fun, and just applying it to something that is currently not Super Fun. Wondering trader. I think that it gives the wondering trader a decent reason to exist for all players early game late game forever worlds and even peaceful players and I love that it adds a mysterious unseen wondering trader guild somewhere that you just never see just yes. We don't know where they are where they go or or what it is that they're talking about. But when they come back, they're happy to see us. Yes league-leading that nomadic. Yeah anything to give the wondering trade in more depth. This point I, love the design of the Guy I do think it's one of the cooler like design textures that they've come up with for Yeah. For these kind of neutral passive dudes like like villages but I have rarely if ever found the wondering trade a useful, there are maybe one or two things that I will go for which are things like slim bowls. Nautilus shells if I don't have a drowned fom yet and saplings if I'm in a sky block world but those are really some of the things that I find useful home from the trader outside of the context of some kind of like Mo. hectic survival challenge he doesn't appear at all in the Nether. He was one of the things that would have been really useful to me in the Nether survival challenge I did recently but just you know inaccessible and. I've never seen the point in having both a diesel in time on how long the trader sticks around and having him lock his trades after a few goes I mean I understand that if you keep the guys Gui open, then he can't born right but then no player in their right mind especially on a single player weld is going to do that forever because eventually you run out of stuff to trade anyway. But I I really don't see the point in having him eventually born, but then also have a limit on the amount of stuff can trade because it just it just means that the individual traits become so trivial as to be purposeless, I would love if he cycled his trade off to they became locked so that if you had a bunch of stuff from the wondering trailer, you didn't actually once but then you thought Oh if I could trade with him a few more times, maybe he'll come up with a sand trade that I. Need if you're looking for red sand in particular or something like that, that would be there would be a couple of things that would make it a little bit more functional. It would probably take me over into appreciating him as a feature a little bit more and billy's idea ready flashes at out in terms of lower as well. which kind of like the idea of there being a guild of wondering traders is kind of fun to me and at the very least if he gave you know discounts. Yeah. But like larger bulk trades. If you traded with a lot of wondering traded before which I believe is still a statistic game tracks. Then that makes a lot of sense to me. I like the idea of getting higher items to. The first time you see him, it's the same old stuff. Second Third, fourth fifth depending on how how long it goes You may get something like you know I don't want to say another star but like something higher up like maybe you get some diamonds or maybe you get. Blackstone or or other things that I guess there's piglet bartering. So we'd have to not have the same things there but like. Something that is. Really hard to get you know. would be would be really cool. Yeah Yeah and it's it's so difficult to find out what those all. But once again, if you added something like the cosmetic items that I mentioned, maybe the wondering trader had a couple of those that you can't get anywhere else maybe something that maybe I don't know makes you almond look like his robes little bit does yes. This stuff that could be added in future that might give the wondering trae little bit more purpose in. The same way that campfires would give him a little bit more purpose when they could then be used to smoke beehives and stuff like that. I think there is still potential. The wondering trade could have which wasn't added along with him in one point fourteen, but still still has some potential. So we saw on the wondering trade. Yeah. We've had a lot of success both on an infinity cove and on the citadel with a implementing the. Same data pack of these and Hermit Crab which adds player heads and then mini blocks to the traders. It's again it's a data pack. So it's outside of Vanilla play really for a community thing in a server thing. One of the. Rooms that I toward was like the hall of Heroes or something on infinity cove and it was just You know everybody that's on the server head like a little statue with their head like and that's that's cool and you can do that with the wondering trader, which makes it. Not just here giving me heads. It's like you know from admit it's like, oh no I actually have to work for this and just slowly but surely. We Wanna see the wondering trader Aleksei New Player. If you see a wondering trader tried to go get your head so that we can include you in the hall of Heroes. Link. That kind of stuff is fun. Yeah, and it's the same kind of ideas I was having with stuff in the it's Kohl's metric. It's relatively inconsequential is just really nice when. It shows up because you can't get it any other way. So it's not something that's going to be gained breaking to gate it behind a guy who turns up randomly and you can't really control that but it still gives you something exciting to trade with him. Once he's there at any level through the game as long as you've got emeralds I suppose. Moving onto the main discussion for the week, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the one hundred episodes of making a podcast about minecraft. I'm calling it behind the MIC block and I thought it would just be fun to talk about how we make the show and what goes into it and I guess the in and outs of spunk week-to-week. Yeah. It's. It's funny because I was listening to episode one the other day. Just in context of. Episode, one hundred and kind of seeing how much has changed and how much has stayed the same and. I think the structure of the show aside from adding listening email was basically the same. So I feel like it's it's kind of Nice to have a conversation about minecraft every week even though we're both streamers and content creators ourselves, we tend to always have something to talk about and just checking in with how those projects are going digesting, everything and sharing it with the community has. Always been one of my favorite parts of of doing this show I think it's fun to have a discussion about the news every week and to their credit Mo- Jiang has been very good at providing us with news every week with the regular snapshots and and other things that highlighted on minecraft dot net. The introduction of stuff like mine craft dungeons has been really interesting getting to explore. A new dimension of the game in that sense and and. I was GONNA say in three dimensions but now it kind of it it minecraft already in three dimensions thinking about Mon- cough the dimension that minecraft death has added was a a fun distraction for a while there as well. So there have been some some really great changes ready great additions to the game into the community over the last two years of doing this podcast and it has always been a pleasure. I agree it to me. It's one of those things where. I'm probably going to do this anyway like I'm probably going to talk to friends about minecraft for an hour or more. A week anyway. Those friends, are they going to be like this again? Well yes. Johnny likes to talk about mine crap but. I knew that I mean having been a podcast for a lot longer than than two years I started the cafe in two thousand and eleven and. And having listened to a lot of pop part of others. I was part of Comics Coast to coast for several years I. Think I did a couple hundred episodes with them as well and I was actually thinking about this this morning, which is how many podcast episodes have I made not just of the spun chunks but like all cumulative and it's coming up on four digits I think if you put all of the shows that I've done together, it's not quite there but it would be it would be a larger number that I may be one or see written down. But it's it started off as a fun hobby, but it's turned into part of my job and I love that it it's It's. Two, it's two parts. It's one because of the supportive and incredible community that we've been able to cultivate and have come to support us on spot checks. But also the content coming from Mo Jing studios as you mentioned is just like not only was. minecraft new to me and consuming my brain. But I sort of felt that minecraft was on an uptick and I don't know if I really realized that at the time I think it was when I maybe I got wind of the one thousand release and what that was going to entail and that I was just like wait a minute this. This is an ongoing thing like this has got some Looking for just ongoing content from from the developer, it's called momentum. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And of course, I had been a fan of yours doing a lot of research and stuff boat minecraft I. Think you were still undecided leaving ill at the time. Yes. decidedly Vanilla starseed's its fifth season concurrent with me starting the minecraft survival guide and both those when one thirteen launched. So it was it was funny to hear me still talking about the server that I used to be portal and still chat to the the other crew behind the scenes but. We've all kind of gone our separate ways since then and yeah. The the early days of the update aquatic being Yeah. Everyone kind of settling in and getting used to it You'll still playing on the same server that you were two years ago. The Citadel has gone through several iterations since then but you upgrading you'll suffer from one point twelve and so unit you're still you're still playing in the same world that you are all those years ago as well. How does that feel? It's good. It's it feels very familiar. There are some struggles with like what to do and where to go next because I've been in the mood to do some technical stuff but then I kind of have all the firms. Don't really need a lot right now. Yeah. I mean, there's more to I shouldn't say that we didn't until the another update happen now there's lots to do but but previous to that, all the overruled farm she was like. I have a chicken farm. Don't need like a farm you like this. I don't have one, but doing necessarily need to build one. So there's that but I build more when I'm in the mood for technical I am kind of like. Well, we have all the things but when I'm not in the mood for technical, obviously there's a lot of really cool areas we lucked out and have a really nice seed. There's a lot of really fun areas. And because we decided to all agree on the implementation of command blocks and teleportation from large like four, thousand, nine, thousand block distances to build the medieval realm or the SCIFI realm or whatever it is we're going to do. That that has kind of relive my creative juices to the point where now I just don't know where I wanna go I log into the service in the mood for wanted to go to the modern city. Do I wanNA start the medieval stuff? We'll see so. So that's been cool I think the thing that I. Remember most about starting this bunch and then also having the citadel around because the citadel was a year old when we started the spahn chunks is that Not, only has the the news been consistent week tweak from from Oh. Jang but. The updates have been pretty consistent starting with around one thirteen. It was that's kind of when we started to get the like big update summer smaller update Christmas sort of cycle. It's not the dates are not exact and it's still I think obviously they flex to win things are done or when they need to be released but I found it it good for the server because really every six months you get some new content and I play all the time as long along with a couple of other people. But there are some other folks that don't because they can't and but then when something comes out when I showed Megan pictures of the another, she's like what what is that because she doesn't keep up with the news cycle great and I think that's one of the things that I find interesting about. The doing this week week is that. We'll talk about the new features coming out. Snapshot. Snapshot. release. RATE UP UNTIL THEY'RE HERE And we already know everything. We haven't missed it necessarily seen it in game or played with it, but we've certainly talked about it in at least a shown for him. Yeah, and. It's while it's cool to be on the cusp of all that I do find sometimes that I have to live vicariously through my friends on the server seeing stuff for the first time because I've seen it weeks and weeks and weeks in advance. And I. Know I've heard about that from other podcasts, cover things like world of warcraft and things that have a lot of development and they get news and interviews. But when it actually comes out there like they're excited but it's also not like they've cut him in, eat sleeping and breathing it for weeks and so is not the same. But yeah I really hats off to the current momentum of minecraft and I feel like it's really been there could not have been a better time in my opinion to start. A minecraft podcast than two years ago because. I don't know if you remember but. I had you on the Citadel Cafe? Sixty one was called Pixel revson and hockey sticks, and the thumbnail is actually a picture of when you're obelisks from I think it was decidedly vanilla. SEASON FOR THE Jungle Lake with all of the kind of. Like Horizon Zero dawn inspired robots and stuff. Yeah. Like yeah. Dinosaurs and that was well ahead of US starting that was in February of two, thousand eighteen and then we didn't start the podcast until. Until August and I think you want another time in between that I can't remember what it was for maybe. It. was another would have been another two hundred episodes coming up in my search but there was another time when I had you on and I. I think it was the idea of. There wasn't. Any other minecraft podcast running at the time into than eighteen. There were some archives they were like three to five years old. And much to the conversation that we had rendered since they were really vulgar like it was an easy listening show. So I thought, wow, there is a whole here for a family friendly all-inclusive content podcast minecraft and. I'm really glad that we did it. It's one hundred episodes. podcasts hit a hundred episodes quite often. There seems to be a big celebration on Youtube when people had a hundred episodes but podcast while it's a nice landmark and it's good to reflect it's not like. The be all end all because people the hundred episodes on podcast all the time and but it's for this particular show. Because of the level of support, it gets and the the amount of fund that I have. We have making it I. I'm really happy that it's something that has. Not survived but something has just shown. It's it's test of time. It's it's not going anywhere anytime soon, and that's a good feeling. I like that it's it's something that we can continuously make. That's fun. And from what we've heard and from our INBOX has value for people, which is Great. Yeah absolutely in the time since we have started minecraft, it has also become the world's best-selling game It was on that trajectory already and we knew that for certain but it has eclipsed Tetris, which I believe was previously the world's best-selling game and has now risen to you know its peak, but not necessarily its peak because I feel like the popularity of Bancroft has the potential to continue to grow and so yeah, this is in theory you know this, this could have been a short series of podcast. It could have just been like, Hey, let's make like ten to twelve episodes about minecraft in how we feel about it but since the game keeps coming the episode's keep. Coming as well it definitely feels like one of those things that can sustain itself now, which is is really awesome and I think our workflow is adapted a little bit so that we can sustain it. The quality of the show has gone up and you know my transition into being a fulltime micro content creator has allowed me to invest a little bit more money and equipment and a little bit more time in projects like the podcast and I feel like that has has kind of showing. We always started with like a good quality product to begin with because I had a background in recording and you've done podcasting for you know close to a decade and I, think we've we've. Gone from a strong position to an even stronger position at this point, which which is very cool I wanted to cover a little bit about the process of making the podcast for folks who haven't listened into any of all Patriot content where occasionally will do a quarterly hangouts that take a look behind the scenes of how the podcast is doing, and we can kind of clue people in a little bit towards. Our process of of making the show. But should we should we talk to people about about like how we make the show just for anybody who might be interested? Yeah I, think. So we can get the technical stuff out of the way quickly because that's going to be the first thing people ask. The Mike that I use is a blue microphone Yeti and it's actually showing its age. It's about eight years older more probably. Well, I've I've had it since I started this cafe. So it's nine years old at least Solta, the microphones though. Using. Yetis, world anything I mean yes it costs me around one hundred and fifty. Canadian when bought it. But if it lasts me nine years that's tekle. Invest in. Thank you very much. It's plug and play. It's it's. It's pretty pretty good. Any recording issue that I've had over the years have been more software related. So speaking of I record my audio on my end with a piece of software for Mac called audio hijack. It's from rogue AMOEBA and it's around thirty bucks. It might be a little bit steep if you're just starting off podcasting but as someone that's been doing it for ten years, it was worth thirty dollars to have virtual audio routing on my machine I could if I wanted to import. Southbound from Youtube or you know live stuff I do a bunch of a bunch of different things. But really what it allows me to do is record. Both my track, Johnny's track and a combat track. Only needs my individual track that he added in later but having to backups running at the exact same time is a just A. Great great idea case bad things happen. You know the Internet does go down dischord does get choppy sometimes. So it's Nice To have those files on hand So. That's me for the technical. What what are you doing for the technical side? Technically. Technically I'm using sure sm seven B., which is the for I use for all my youtube stuff. Going through an analog desk via a usb connection to my computer from there all of the sound goes into ob s where I record my microphone track isolated from desktop audio, which is basically everything else that goes on my PC. But in this case is just the discord call with you and once you send me your audio, I can sync up the the audio track that you. Send me with what you've said in the desktop audio track live recorded that goes into adobe premiere pro, which is what I used to edit video and is also just an editor that I- functionally know my way around very easily. So that leads to a very comfortable editing workflow for me. It's probably not what professionals might use a quote unquote professionals because what's all we? If not professionals? Joel. It's what? Video Editors will typically use to do this stuff and I find it a perfectly serviceable audio editor. It can export to any kind of audio format you want, and so he wants I've done editing tweaking a little bit adding the intro archery music. Then I just send the audio off to you as a finished episode for you to add all of the Meta Data and upload it to the podcast feeds and as far as editing the show I really don't cut very much out there may occasionally be vocal stumbles that we want to do a second take off and that's usually Done live in the moment and our discord audience gets to hear all of that stuff. They already get to find out how the sausage is made in that sense. But we don't tend to cut out large areas of the discussion. We don't tend to edit full-time in terms of the amount of content that goes into the show, which is why our episode lengths vary wildly if we've had a longer discussion that day, then the entire discussion goes into the episode and we don't tend to cut anything time really unless there was just something that we really thought. Well, that was entirely relevant. Irrelevant Tangent. Let's take that out and then once the the episode is topped entailed as it were and split into the Renna Distance, which is the version that goes out to patrons on the Patriot rss feed and spawn chunks, which is the main show. I'm sure most of you all used to hearing. That'll goes over to Joel Joel perpetuate flop flowed? So. Once I get the recorded. Episodes I create the blog post. I use wordpress in combination with a theme called Divvy, which I work with a developer professionally as as a designer. So I've got access to divvy through their multi licensed, but I have on all my website just because it's an easy team to work with especially because it allows you to have some templates and so I have an episode template that has like empty new section, empty email section, empty discussions section, and I just fill in the blanks I take notes from Google doc and I moved over to the show notes I add the MP three once it has like the metadata tags like the description and the author and the title, and I put that into. It's called Blueberry. Blueberry without the ease and the and the US. And it. It that. Plot podcasting plugin for wordpress. Creates the RSS feed and it's that RSS feed that is then sent to spotify I tunes the android Google? Play store. It's on the website and Stitch is the other one. So there's a bunch of different places that all get the same feat. So it's great for me. I only have to do one thing make the blog post make sure it's in the podcast category and hit publish done goes to all the places that most people get their podcasts The only thing that I have to do is the Patriot post the patriarch page it has a really cool feature that has its own RSS feed and that allows us To have both the spun chunks and the render distance on and RSS feed. So patrons can subscribe to your s feet on the Patriot page and then the same way that you would get a podcast from your itunes or from you know in your podcast apps on your phone, you can subscribe to the view from the Patriots page and get the render distance rate on your phone if you're a patriot and so it's the same experience you just have to do one extra step. To log in and get that RSS feed, and then you have the option to have both and I've I've done that before with other podcasts that I support where I don't have time that week to listen to their full extended version, and I have both on the phone because I subscribe to the. and then before I obviously pushed published, I do have to make the show art. So I do the title card every week I usually just pop into a minecraft world that's just called Spun Chunks titled Cards and I just fly around look for a cool spot that's relevant. Maybe spun in some mobs that we might have talked about on the show. And take a screen shot I do mess around a little bit with an photoshop just because especially lately where another is such a dark by OHM. I I will often add a little. Color correction or brightened things up a little bit. So it's a nice clear thumbnail. So when we when we posted online, we've got some cool. The reason we do that is because most people click on links that have photos or images with them yeah, and so that helps and then also The shows was onto youtube, but that's you so that after it's all published on on on the website, I then send the show art back to Johnny and then he puts it on on you. Yes and so if you're one of the folks who listens on Youtube that's kind of my responsibility. So I know the back end of Yuji pretty well at this point. So yeah, it just gets uploaded. The same way regular video does except I've imported into premiere pro one last time with the full show attached to a time line that just cycles between the spoon chunks title art and whatever the episode art is for that week and that just gets uploaded as a video, which is surprisingly large given that there's only like two images in the entire. But it's an hour plus worth of audio. So I, guess that's where all of the data comes in but then that gets uploaded to the youtube feed usually the same day depending on how late in the day we get to publish the main show and that's the the entire process more or less in a nutshell except it's not because occasionally we like to have guests on the show and guests. while. They are lovely to have also introduced like scheduling things that we have to work out and hair to get their audio where all of our guests thus far have been very kind enough to record them microphones isolated in the same way that Jolan I do. So they can get their audio over to me and they've always made it very smooth process and at one hundred episodes I think it should. Be a good thing to thank all of the guests that we've had on the show up point. It's been a pleasure to talk to folks from Hermit Cross folks from the Whiter minecraft survival and creative community minecraft and education folks like Adam Clock Server owners who've been plugging away at stuff for a while like fix it and yeah, we've had Zuma we've had gray and we've had some pretty big names. In the Youtube seen on the show and it's it's always fascinating to talk to New People Hey their approach to mine crofty their philosophy about producing minecraft content, just playing the game in general and what minecraft means to them, and that site it is an absolute delight to be receiving listener emails by the bucket load at this point to the extent that we've had to have help with our email inbox. Can make sure that we can filter out the the the right sort of emails that we want to read on the show, the kind of stuff that's going to lead to an interesting discussion, and it's been great to have a community that supports us in that way. So thank you listeners for that. One hundred percent I it is mind boggling the amount of email like I just I just did not have time. To read it all. But. But speaking of thank you actually that brings a good point I. WanNa give a shout out to Graham and cosmic dancer the mud's in our dischord discord channel. Because they are fantastic at welcoming new members something else that happens at a rate that I can't keep up with which is phenomenal. But it means that there's a lot of people that need to have like, Hey, here are the rules welcome on board just read this before you get going and this goes here and that goes there. You'll find a in general please don't hesitate to ask but I always find the welcoming community in dischord to be super awesome but I know that anagram cosmic are the ones that are setting the example for that as well as other members but there's too many to thank the monster are doing a fantastic job the the thing that I wondering about your process is how do you get ready for the show like what? What does your prep for this bond chunks look? Adding stuff to the show notes and making a cup of tea usually know. From just making sure that my room is as it usually is when I recalled the doors closed, the windows are closed. If I can Batu, it's kind of warm lately. So I haven't really. Shutting my window for like soundproofing as often as usual. But yeah typically like a lot of the stuff that's in the show notes is stuff that I've looked through throughout the week anyway because of my. I have a vested interest in making sure I know what's going on in minecraft. So this almost feels second nature to me at this point typing up a couple of thoughts about how I feel about various things in in a sense whenever I chat about this stuff in videos are on streams. I'm keeping a mental note of Oh that'd be fun to bring up on the spoon chunks. So yeah, I feel like that is now part of my process. Now, the show is sort of folded into the ecosystem of everything else I do in this game and it's it's easy enough to just pop into the show notes and type in a couple of thoughts how about you do? You do anything special. You have like a ritual go through before you start the show well, the showed they're important to me I've been a little bit late to the game. Lately I've been getting getting to the Monday morning normally I'd have them ready and I trip some ideas in I've gotten into the habit both the podcast I do to just quickly open up Google doc and I have thought put it in close Google doc and then just expand later it's just the way don't forget what I wanted to say it's easier with minecraft. It's harder with the cafe because you have to remember like specific things about films television that you're watching and things like that. But. But with this, it's Like you said I have a vested interested in it as well. But usually what happens on Wednesdays if there is a snapshot or Pre release that will come out and I will hear about it either on twitter or I'll notice things on youtube people talking about it and then I will start to formulate. Talk about on the show coming in that week. But. Two of the go-to that I that I cannot fail to mention our is a void and sliced lime. I'll read the patch notes but I rely on youtube videos, those videos to explain some of the more technical stuff sometimes. and. There are fantastic resources for those snapshot. Upkeep so. That's kind of like my behind the curtains like, yes I do the research and I yes I do read the patch notes but I totally watch youtube videos. It's like the Coles notes version it's like here's this thing that are. Things are probably gonNA matter to players, and here's some of the technical stuff that you might not have understood from just the patch notes and it just kind of gets me in a position where I feel I can talk about this stuff from both sides of the coin and and I liked that those videos are part of the weekly ritual to because obviously I enjoy both content creators. Let's call too. But then? I try to bring things in during the week I, try not to do it all at once. The email thing that's a matter of the email being filed into a bunch of different categories. And then me going in and trying to find something that is either one response to the previous episode I'll try to include those if and when I can. Or something that is. Going to generate a conversation at which point Mike get flagged for like this might be better for. A round table you know yeah or if it's a quick hit now, today's a different example because it was episode one hundred we had some stuff that was relevant that was short but if they're really short emails like, Hey, what do you think about this new thing like neither a pick ax or whatever it is then those go into a folder for The Chuck Nell Dispenser, which is the every third week. In the month, we have a special episode that's been unlocked by our. Patriots support, which is we? We skip the discussion section and we just do for the last half of the show. We just do all list or email. We try to get through as many as possible, and so we try to get the ones that are good ideas but are also short. And that just means we can just bank through a lot faster and so so that's usually what happens. It's usually the weekend I started thinking about emails. And then come Monday I make sure I. Usually try to make sure that the notes I'm reading in the notes on Monday morning, but I usually have like. A bullet former throughout the week. Yeah and sticking to a structure like this has been super helpful for the first hundred episodes of this podcast and I imagine we will hit will continue to keep the same show notes format for the last for the next you know hundred and more vickers. It feels like it's it's done pretty well for us so far, and so I guess onto the next hundred. We'll. We'll see how we're feeling about. It come episode two hundred and what space craft will be in who knows but I expect will be looking down the barrel of update one point twenty. Something like that along those lines at that point. So looking forward to the future of minecraft and the spoon chunks as ever cheers his two hundred episodes and thank you so much for listening to the spoon chunks that's going to be for our main episode today you can find more information about the show and links to some of the stuff we talked about today. At the scorn chunks, dot com the music for the show was composed by me, and the sporran chunks is proud of than ever to be listener supported podcast. If you get some value out of the show, consider putting some value back if you've enjoyed listening to the RENNA distance and you'll get a little bit more of that in the post show consider joining up. At Patriots Dot, com slash the spawn chunks you can join our community listened to the render distance every week and get access to all patrons. Only discord chats. It also gets US closer to improving the offering full patrons, which includes a monthly audio hang out, which is our next milestone goal where we just hang out every month without discord folks much the same. Way We, called the show, but just having a chat with them about what they're up to in minecraft and sharing screen shots and just having kind of round table discussion with them. We currently have two hundred, two patrons, which is another increase from last week, but there is always room for more and special. Thanks go out to our content engineer patrons without who's generous support. Some of this, we're GONNA say all of this, but a great deal of this might not be possible. Thank you to Cameron Scale Sqi GRENA CANNOCK JD Williamson and years for your support on this episode and every other episode you've supported. Sharing the podcast with your friends is the easiest way to support the show. It's free. You can find us at the spun chunks on twitter and Instagram. But a personal recommendation is by far the best way to share the podcast with your friends Polka front and the arm say, Hey, this is the spun chunks and this is where you can go to listen to it. You can email the show it spun Chunk Mail at g mail the COM subscribe on Itunes Android Stitcher spotify and Youtube and leave. US A star rating on the apple PODCAST APP or spotify or whatever platform you're using podcast reviews are great way for people that are looking for the show but no the name of it to find a show about minecraft the better that it's reviewed the more new listeners that we can find the RSS feed is linked on-the-spot chunks, dot com, and the Patriot only rss feed is on the Patriot page and that is where the patrons can listen to the render distance but this week you get it to. My name is Johnny. 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Thanks for visiting the spawn chunks the world outside is infinite onwards to the next century. And this is the post show yes, we're here. We made it. Yes. which once again, thank you so much for tuning in for the entire show. If you are a regular listener listening to the regular feed, the podcast or perhaps at listening in on Youtube A, we typically hang out for another ten to fifteen minutes after the show is done just to chat about whatever else is on online or anything that we feel like we've omitted from the show notes because sometimes we take so many notes we can't fit all into what we think a reasonable show would be. And sometimes, there's a listen email. We think maybe we'll say this for afterwards. It makes for a good discussion that we can continue now discord chats, or in this case Joel is GonNa tell us a little bit more about what you can do satisfactory because I know you're keen to discuss it. So something that really came to mind this weekend because I've reached the point in satisfactory with the game where I'm planning train routes and these things are massive like I just the train engine itself is. Eight meters by four meters. It's a and it's both minecraft scale in terms of how this game too. So you think like you know eight blocks, four blocks, but it's a single thing that rolls around the world. And it's. It's really complicated in terms of like trying to get the trains to line up and because you need so much room for these things because they don't make. Right. Angled turns like mine carts in minecraft they take. Let's see. Four it was. It's four. So it's like a sixteen meter area to make a right angled turn because to do an arc like it has to do like a curve. It's interesting. No twelve twelve year that does still seem quite reasonable. Yeah Yeah in real reasonable. But you get used to your your mind craft brain going into satisfactory. It's like, Oh, I, can't make. You know because all the other things in the game the road, you can make right turns just like minecraft the the foundations are much larger. They're they're eight by eight meters I guess but but the. Yeah the tracks and stuff are huge because things in this game are just big like everything else larger than life, which is fun. But. It made me think like how much I wish that there was a better mine cart system like that things worked just a little bit better that it was a better form of travel like for example, trains and satisfactory are the fastest vehicle like you're on rails. Where you want, you have to build a road I, but it is the fastest. In terms of land travel and so you know. Maybe, think about like I've been in the mood to do something technical in minecraft forever because of all the technical stuff I'm doing and satisfactory. But I'm really enjoying the the expansion trains and like moving stuff around and I wish that there was ways in minecraft you could see more. I know with some people storage systems like they'll have glass walls vacancy, the items going through on the water streams, and I do that when I can I just wish there was more. Like that in Minecraft, I know that there's some odds and stuff that I could maybe try out but it's one of those things that I. I'm getting a lot of the satisfactory I'm not. I'm not done with minecraft obviously I'm enjoying both but I'm playing about the same. I think I'm putting him with the same amount of time into both games right now and. I'm finding that I'm getting a lot of inspiration as well from satisfactory. So much more limited Palette. You don't have as many different blocks parts as you do in in Minecraft, but it's also a game that's currently in development out yet early access. So. It makes me wonder like down the line what could be in store for satisfactory once it reaches a release date has All the content in it. But, something that. I think. Satisfactory scratches niche that my craft doesn't is the speed at which you can build massive stuff. Your. The train platform has got to be. Oh Gosh. Hundred, you know foundations by fifty foundations so like it's Eight hundred by. Six. Hundred meters. Sort of things in minecraft like big big big big and put it together in like an hour. You not just the flat part of it. I. Mean the technical stuff is gonNA. Take a lot longer but the laying the foundations and filling stuff in does not take that long. Like a SIP SIP, a drink at the in the evenings going to mess around with it before we go to bed and it's done sort of thing, the technical stuff in satisfactory sitting down and figuring out the puzzles of. This thing is making forty five items minute. It has to be split into threes that each of the other machines get fifteen minute. They're spitting something else out that you have to send someone else. I love that aspect of the game it has a real puzzle quality to it but that stuff takes an e. on like the game is just I swear to you if you're watching what it might satisfactory streams, forty, five minutes of cumulatively not all at once but forty five minutes of it is staring in thinking. Not, not just blankly but like we're looking around a build and just Kinda parse out like what's the best way to approach this how many buildings do we need? Where do we put this stuff when we're done? And so it's been really fun and I'm at that stage now in satisfactory where I am comfortable enough with all the game mechanics and I remember reaching this point in minecraft to where. I'm now attempting something massive where building devastator the. The the big factory that's going to essentially eat the world and make all the things and I've decided to go eighties transformer themed. If. I if you're familiar at all with devastator devastator was the he was the big guy in town back when I was six. There's a lot bigger sense, but devastator was all of the construction, the all the construct cons, the backhoe, and the bulldozer and stuff, and they all combined five of them into one giant robot where like each robot would make a leg or an arm. Torso. doodling this as we speak, and there's a very neon green and Purple Stan. Yucky. Going on here neon green and purple. It is an satisfactory has that kind of mood to it where you can paint things whatever you want. You're not there to make friends with trees there to mow things down essentially and so while you want things to look pretty. You also have the ability to do whatever you want and what's cool about satisfactory is that. The the paint gun. You can have preloaded colors. And once you. Change one of those preloaded colors it will change everything you've already painted as well, and there's a there's a default kind of like Classic Factory Orange, and Grey and if you change the default that everything you build from now on, we'll be painted that color and only when you want to change it D- Can you need you have to change it? So I'M GONNA mess around with the default eventually get like this neon green I may not go that neon but I'm GonNa go green and purple, and I'm in the Rocky Desert Zone, which is all kind of brown and blue. So it's really standout. It's going to be it's going to be kind of an eyesore but kind of at the same time. And so because you have control over the color, it gives the limited amount of blocks and textures that you have a higher range because imagine minecraft if you basically had an RGB slider for blocks of. The Palette would be endless and that's what this is. It's like you do only have a few textures of middle walls that you can put up, but you can change them to every color in the rainbow, which is cool. So. Yeah. I'm looking forward to that and it's it's just got me thinking about like. When I was in? I WANNA say it was After I did the Guardian Farm. Once, I started to get beacons I'm trending about the biggest build that I did probably my nether hub. But I would say was probably a solid. Year of playing on the citadel before I reached. A comfort level in minecraft where I'm just like, yeah, I can handle anything like it's going to be big and I have to plan it. But if I I can I can figure it out. And that's about when I started to feel really comfortable with the game and things really started to come together quickly and I really had a vision and then I was hooked once I knew that I could handle. Big Things, in minecraft and complicated redstone project then I, was like okay. Then the world is kind of opened up to me and it's no longer I have to watch tutorial or WANNA do this but I don't know how now I kind of like. I know the general how I may have to go into some details. But. But with minecraft like I'm very very comfortable and I'm just on the edge of that with satisfactory there are still things that don't understand because I haven't long unlocked all the techteriors yet. So nuclear power is there I note exists I know there are some complications with, but I haven't messed with it yet. So I don't know the INS and outs same with aluminum production. I haven't gotten there yet because I kind of a room in my my current factory design. So. I'm just I'm really excited about this and it's making me want to do more technical factory stuff in minecraft but yet. I have to do it in the over world if I wanNA move items around efficiently. and. I'm just trying to think about like what cool link mine cart transportation almost Rube Goldberg because that's the idea behind satisfactory like you can make things really clean and straight if you want to. But if you wanted to have spaghetti nonsense, you can't it looks mad it looks wonderful good luck troubleshooting it, but but it but it looks really really fun and. I've seen some people that have done play throughs were on purpose. They are just like they send the track loop to loop just because we just did just because they want to send the conveyor belt up over something just because they can, and in the end when you do that for hours and hours, it looks fantastic. But have you played satisfactory factory dollar? It. I've still not and I have A. A an inkling, the other games like that Allah just GonNa eat my life and. I WILL WANNA play less minecraft get into something that feels like fraction interesting. That's the problem that I face as minecraft creator of careerwise now is not wanting to allow myself to get too distracted because if my motivation for minecraft drops, then I end up not playing the game for a couple of months, and then that's you know the a large portion of my audience that I'm letting down and a large portion of my career kind of. You know slipping into something different, I? Don't know what that looks like for me But yeah it it's really interesting hearing you describe it because you're talking about you know obviously, you can build some really big stuff pretty quickly in satisfactory but I get the sense that with the train stuff as an example that really only does one thing I mean it might carry. A lot of stuff and you know you might be able to transport yourself around very easily using it but like it is designed just to be a train station I, feel like everything because of the nature of the game, and this is absolutely not criticism of games like satisfactory but everything is designed to have a discrete function whereas everything in minecraft is designed to have. An abstract function and it's all put together from so many small pieces instead of like satisfactory or probably a game on slightly more familiar with no man's sky you get enough two or three material components, and then you build one giant like cube of storage or one giant Cube off base that you can just plop down and it looks roughly the same as usual and You can apply creativity by connecting it in different ways and sort of setting up segments of it. In different ways, you're working on a much larger scale than you are in minecraft wear minecraft. The Minutia is everything and everything is a block at a time. So it takes a lot longer to produce something but in the end you end up producing something that doesn't look like the components. Else has in a way like US blocks in a way that very few other people have unless you copying somebody else's tutorial bailed block for block. So yeah, it's it's really interesting hearing the ways in which the other games have kind of made themselves but still allow for the creativity to come in how you lay everything and whether it becomes something hyper efficient and the creativity is from like how all of that stuff is enabled to work at its highest level of function versus the stuff that is a bit more creative and you know madcap like stuff flying everywhere jetsons world of tomorrow. Kind of style thing where everything's going through tubes in the sky for no apparent reason like I think it's it's really interesting applying stuff like that, and and again that stuff that is all technically possible in minecraft but you have to make several leaps of imagination in order for you to get there man you have to put as much time into acquiring resources for that as you probably put into like the entire satisfactory playthrough is just sand in a desert somewhere. So you can have enough gloss or whatever. Yeah. I think to the thing that I like so much about water systems in minecraft. Item transport stuff and what happens is in satisfactory is movement. And Is Very. Often missing from minecraft they've done leaps lately in thirteen and onward that include more of it bees, for example, ambiance stuff flying around Fox scurrying around like there's more movement now minecraft than there ever was. But. When you're building stuff in minecraft at tends to be pretty still unless you're using Pistons move things around. Single blocks with animations is about what you get is like a furnace having kind of fire crackling relation in front of it is a kinetic is it gets minecraft without a lot of player impo. Campfires or another really great example for for animated ambiance and stuff and with satisfactory once you've got things moving everything is just always moving and so it's A little bit of a slam on your computer, sometimes depending on how busy your computer factories but but but that's also. I don't have the best. But I've seen other people play it. It looks just mad but what I what I find so. Interesting now, and this is where I find that I'm at that level where I am now running into situations where the power poll that they give you in the factory is a powerful it is the size of a stop sign roughly. maybe a little bit taller that's it. So you get. So if you want to move power across the map or if you WANNA move power forty feet down factory, it's the same thing and so I'm trying to I'm. Building. Giant power-poles because I want the power thing I want my power line that goes across the map to be one visible from a distance and to look like a big power line like the ones that you'd see kind of like in our world. Electricity pylons like running a field somewhere. Big Big things forty feet tall. and. So in the process of doing that, I'm then now combining because you don't get anything thicker. So I'm trying to combine different components that are all men for other things. Where the called Conveyor lifts and conveyor polls and conveyor stackable polls and putting them like at the base kind of like piling stuff up at the bottom of these power power-poles to try and beef up the bottom of it. So it looks like more substantial like this is an important power pull. It powers thing next to it. Take Note, and so that's why I'm I. Think I'm just hitting that stride satisfactory where I'm using things like pipes that are meant to move water across the map but I'm using them to make it look like you've ratcheted something to the side of a mountain. And that's that's where I think the creative fund can it comes in and you your base and your factory builds start to look very different from everyone else like I watched a video online the day where somebody was building circles satisfactory. How on earth do you build circles and basically it's just a matter of building these foundations at the right angle because everything that this is where satisfactory has shortcomings compared to minecraft there's no coordinate system, there's a compass, but there's coordinates and there's no Wi- value. You can never tell like say value, there's no vertical value. You can never tell what height you're on. You're using inflatable pocket dimension and you're basically assembling things at the speed of light and yet you can't tell how high you are. And so when you're trying to likings up the meter or When you're trying to line things up across a large distance you're like, Oh, I, guess I have to build a thousand meters of concrete slabs to get there to make sure. Oh, I'm glad I did that because I'm to foundations higher than I think I should be so stuff like that is a little bit tedious. But. What what's. What's Nice about like going with this? The Flexibility of it is that it has the same no gravity as minecraft. So if you build a foundation up in the air and you move stuff around it, nothing happens just float. And so you can get into some cool stuff with like. Building like you could essentially build something that looked like it had like repulsed engines or something. So it'd be like a floating platform. The way they get around is just really fun and I really enjoy the juxtaposition and I'm looking I am getting more and more inspired to do cool things in minecraft. By building in satisfactory I, and this is never going to happen. It would be something I'd have to find on but I would love that if there would be some sort of. Conveyor belt or other way to move stuff around that you could see, i. wish that in Minecraft if you had a mine cart that was full of stuff instead of a mine cart chest, you had a mine cart with just the texture of the thing in it. Yeah So if you. If you had a mine cart with with that was full of grass, it would have grass blocking it. Doesn't have to be fancy just a single block is fine but then. Go back barrels with contents and like being able to open a barrel and actually have the item inside it. Kind of yes. I'm aesthetic. Yeah. That kind of thing would just there's just little things you think man that would that would make mine carts basically I just go back to mine carts. It's like the combination of trains and conveyor belts satisfactory is is kind of like where I land on on. On mine carts in minecraft right now like I. I I'm itching for them to have more content and I'm I'm wondering I know that we haven't mentioned it too much on the show, but they've been all these rumblings in the community about a quote unquote up date but. Unless excited about a cave update but I would be very excited about a cave update including updates to mine carts. which would go hand in hand, right? Yeah. A mining updates of some kind wooden. The ticket and two things before we wrap up here know we are basically at our usual time. Yeah. First of all, fairly certain a conveyor belt small in minecraft has already been made. Because of course, like if you can conceive anything in minecraft, somebody's already made a mold adequate But the second thing I wanted to say was in regards to the knowing your characters hiked in the world like the Y axis value I feel like more games should take cues from terrarium in this respect because terrar- area stunts you out finding. Accessories that you can eventually combine, and so you might find a compass which tells you how far to the left or to the right to you are kind of does it in terms of West but terrarium to game and ascites roller. So you kind of find out how far to one direction or the other you all from the center of the world. Then you can sometimes find a depth meter that will tell you how far down in the world you are Ohio how you are because you can go and visit some islands in the Sky if you're lucky enough to find but then over the course of the game you acquire. So many of these little informational read outs that eventually you compile all. Of them into a cell phone and the cell phone has basically a bunch of APPs on it, which you can enable and disable from the heads up display that tell you things like the weather, the wind direction, where is good for fishing the deb the height if there is any cable nearby, how many monsters they're all what calling monsters there are the. It gets so granular an interesting, and of course, terrarium we mentioned before is the kind of the kitchen sink approach where minecraft is a more conservative in sort of like reserved approach to it, and they've kind of gone with well. Of course, you could tunnel of these into a a kind of Arcane Goblin device and then a cell phone and it'll work perfectly well but yeah I feel. Like satisfactory could use one of those satisfactory has a month but I've not been playing them because I'm selling in my vanilla playthrough, it's one of those things where like you Kinda WanNa play Vanilla minecraft before he plotted minecraft Yeah. Definitely I, always I'm still very, very confused by people who are like I played minecraft for the first time. So what are the molds and I'm like? No. Stick with the main game for them as we will be doing for the next episodes more probably. But thank you so much for listening to the renter distance. IB enjoyed today's extended show if listened on the main feed thanks to all patrons for listening in discord and as always stay chunky.

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