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Moment of the Day (07/24/19)


Now time for a moment of the day it's brought to you by Resorts World Casino in Queens with over six thousand games. This is how N._Y._C. Role Smother Geo gearing up for this big fire island vacation next week at a rough shopping experience at Costco dealing with the other human beings apparently a problem so woman comes on how much in those things how yours I dunno six hundred ninety seven six ninety nine to what needed the fence off yours yeah wow it's also the type of place you know. Every item is twenty dollars. Yeah basically essentially right what chicken twenty Bucks Toilet Paper Twenty Bucks Salmon more than by I serial <hes> could be ten bucks but you get to monster boxes. Also what you do when you go in and I don't know in Long Island. Where did you stay on the outside? You don't walk into the middle. I had a row any of this stuff you mental.

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