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He may eight you like movies. Do you like movies about big red dudes with attitudes? I do a couple times before this. And I'm not talking about Santa. I'm talking about Hillary. Can reaction retelling of the new hell boy red band trailer. He had the newest trail the news of the drug just dropped a couple of days ago. If you have in go check it out, it's on YouTube. If you're on your daily, it will wait. Okay. All right. Yeah. Go all right. So okay, man. I have a lot of feelings about this man, mixed feelings. But it doesn't feelings. I think he looks better than the first trainer. Yes. I think they still have a little ways to go. God just something about him. That just you know, what this this this thing this movie's going to remind me of it's gonna remind me of like, Ben Helsing with the one with Hugh Jackman, Hugh, Jackman and. Okay. For people. My your Eder anybody over the age of twenty. Maybe it's been a while. Yeah. We we've have we have a hell boy he was a perfect perfect in. That is Ron Perlman, rob Herlin. I mean, look the the the makeup was legit Gambill. Bill Toro is amazing film monster maker, I mean to toil is amazing director, and he has a style. That's perfect for a lot of it was practical fix and a lot of it was cool mak- and legit things. This is. I don't know, man. This is going to be the first to did really wolf I understand correctly. So why would they not bring del Toro there? It's it's just like, oh what worked twenty years ago? Let's go ahead and redo it. It's like because that's why Perlman said if del Toro's not in it. I'm not an because they'll tour was amazing in. I mean, I I don't remember everybody having a backlash of it. I was really good the box that could be wrong. The I did. And I thought the second one did. Yeah. I mean, and now you have David harbour again like him. I like things like in. I don't mind him his hill. Boy is I think is the makeup makeup, man. It's it's I think you're trying to make him to like eyebrows. Dislike stays has enough movement. It's kind of. Yeah. I remember I think we were talking about this before that it looks like a mask. Yeah. It was. A hell we mess. Just doesn't look good. I mean, he's just Rawlins of your campus. Yeah. Pretty good. And I don't think they resulted Welsh. So I think it's God. And like it's a lot of GI. And it's it just reminds me of too much CGI. And I don't I think that's what they were gonna show. You shopping down the road is siegi in the end the world and don't get me wrong. He looks cold with his his firecracker on and his big horn horns. Yeah. The full horns, and you know, I mean is. Trailers wants to get you excited about this. I guess people my age has ready seen a hell boy and were little more. Maybe we're jaded little Jason has had a near perfect hillbilly. Yeah. I mean, and especially with his his kind of humor that has and with this one. It's like, I think humor might be little forced. Especially like, oh, you know, between the Capricorn in your crazy BU. No. It's like, okay. Cool. I didn't see like I'm in. Yeah. I thought that come into mile. What's the same plot to got a evil gyp into becoming up trying to get him to join them because he supposed to be evil himself? Yeah. Wasn't that? That was. For two and I with fresh Butin and. I don't know. This is going to be it's going to be times. Can you tip the guy? Yeah. Yeah. But I'm hoping they touch up while here's think so, you know, the fighting's look cool, but CGI there. I mean, you have him bowing this big giant. And it just it looks like like, the hobbit the new hobby of the the battle of five armies where he's fighting the the king or whatever like to me all this. But it looked so cartoony, and it's it's an it's like, oh, man. I understand these things aren't real. And I understand life perception is a lot different than most people because I can you know, I can really tell CGI, but you have it reminds me of what that new Tom Cruise movie the mummy. It's like, okay. The CJ kinda takes you out of the store is actually takes you all the story. And that's when I liked your hashing department. Couldn't find a sixty foot giant bay game. They they should use those guys now telling out the matters G is. Let's not just the giant like said we've had before. And if it's just another retelling of the same thing ever rights drag in this time. Yeah. Which is cool. But it's it's like, okay. It's like we're gonna call this live action again. Oh, good. He has a pretty strong supporting cast, though, McShane is planned lobby Schrager Bruton home of the guy who discovers ghastly, the funny thing is there was there was a point in the new helpfully Rabanne trailer where he comes out of this whole, and you love reminds me of these sack same hell boy at win. It looks as acne same. I had to do something like that. And the funny thing is that in show is show his face his face might be completely different. But then it was like, wait a minute. This accent thing. Purdy much. Yeah. It's the same origin. I mean, we know his origin. Yeah. Arjun telling the Batman origin. Again. Why why do it this is like the spider-man's just jumps right? Just jumps right into really know who help is. And the thing is these moods. Aren't that old? I mean what nineties early two thousand that might be in the early two. So I mean, yeah, I mean, they're okay to us said. I said all this twenty. Picking the odds. We wish the Toky's. With good, you know, any no modern random, but we got indicate. Yeah. Mill jovic. Yes. Sorcery fifth century Mitch or slight bed or. Yeah. And then she tried to pantley bang bang thing. Dude being held boy. L A. Well, yeah, he's he's her king. Yeah. Then you got Daniel day Kim, who's played a new paranormal character who can turn into Jaguar. Yeah. Which is cool. But look Arteni look. It look really had to. Oh, yeah. I mean, I mean. It's American roof in London the transformation looked better. Yeah. This did. Yeah. It was got. It's like we're complaining about too much vs. But it's true. You can have too much of something. If it doesn't take me out of the story. CGI us look good. Yeah. But when you see you go, that's as it's not usually is he giant it. Just doesn't look good in in. That's more. Like a lot of people are going back to particle because it's hard to replicate particle fix. Yes. I think the practical fix were were better from Carol Girma detoro. But that's that's his style. You know, it's he has very weird style. And I like it because it's when it's practical, you know, it's, you know, it's practically, and it doesn't look that it works. It looks better. It's mobile leave -able. I like a mix of practical ANSI Gye. You know, I like the way that you don't need really notice like the practical. When when it's doesn't draw you out of the story is actually in Washington. Oh, let's see. Yeah. I mean, when you know, the whole thirty or fifty foot monster comes through London bridge, or whatever that kind of expect to be at least make it does evil. It's just one of those things like I mean. When like God like that went through a bridge. It didn't look bad. It looked really good. So I said if if you wanna watch helplessly, what's the first two, I don't think I would watch this in theater as of right now. Now, if if there's a huge hype in a lot of the critics like, oh, my God is the most amazing things. Yeah. I'll go check it out or another trailer comes out that's because this a come out to later twenty nineteen. Yeah. I think it's like August flying even later. I was thinking November. But either way I got time to improve it. Yeah. I mean, you know, hopefully, the, but then again, that's what they say. Principle is mostly what were shot at it'll be would have to redo re-shoots and just fix his face because I can fix the CGI. Yeah. I mean, it got his it's, you know, it's funny. If if even if he looked xactly like Ron Perlman round Perlman may that character. And this guy. I don't think I don't he? He's not. Out here, you hashtag not my homeboys. Yeah. I don't know if he's strong the carry that the hell boy, I'm Perlman was in so many conic things. And in this guy everybody really knows him from. And I think been very my muscles. Sorry. Everybody is Phillies and everybody. Can that can really knows this guy only from Stanford things. They'd be. I don't know. What else? He's I don't really like change certain Strangford thing. I just good job hopper. But but Ron Perlman he's been so many things that that he's he's an iconic actor by himself. The putting him in this role was is pretty good because he just he has that that charisma as hell bar explore the moxie foot spa. But. CGI is a little too saturated for me, I think. We'll see if I I'm pretty sure that if this is the best parts of of a movie in a trailer than Bobby pass on. We'll we'll probably end up reviewing it. So we'll we'll probably see every I won't see it with money. But if I if I get to review it, I'll go check it out. But you know, I I'm usually a little honest with my reviews if I don't like something I had lie. I usually pretty much almost every move. I like I like being the team that that's not a those people look for deep meaning Shakespearean plots unless watching Shakespeare's, and even then made you'll be able action Leonardus everyone's CGI my Shakespeare, right? But yeah, there's been a few movies. I just walked out now after it. I'm hoping this is not one of them. Yes. Especially since dole who heads at for me, especially since you know, the comics come movie that you know, we don't wanna kill the reiteration of hell boy. No. We want more come movies. People should be acquainted the newer generation these to be acquainted with hillbilly. Exactly. And if this is the this is the new generations help way, I wonder if he's gonna be all PC. Yeah. He's gonna have a man. Lisa didn't make an all female hill. Boy. Yeah. Hell that'd be interesting. Interesting concept. But I think the more I think about it. Maybe I do. See this one. Yeah. Yeah. Opposite of hell boy of permanent boy studios, if you're listening. Yes. Silencer free. There you go. Oh, dear what hell girl equal. Now. I wanna see hill. The the foot of doom is what you just clobber. I hit. To stab people here. Jimmy choos. That's still a thing. I don't mind defection those bread bottoms is that Jimmy choos or Donna. The style. Whatever the winner of the stylish or day until we were stylish ones that t shirt polo shirt. Well, yeah, I think that's that's about enough review. But what do you guys think come down below? Do you think this is going to be your generation if you are twenty five and under or are you like us on over the scene? Hell boy. And I mean likely will pick it up at red box or streaming boy. But heck, not my hell boy, if I if if that's all trending on Twitter, you know, are back in pi day hill boy was wrong back in my day of the lower off. Hey, we'll more years be twenty twenty. All this all those kids are born in the nineties being thirty take that and I'll be fording Esab. You're running my cassette tapes with a pencil, actually. The be kind rewind. Jetpack giant Louis been the while you're coming the subscribe button hit that Bill. I counsel notified where we built a new episode. And I think that's from us by name is Petra with Dr with the term maternal newer nocturnal to me. My name is Patrick talk dirty to me. I am truly also talking to me. And we'll see you guys at the mix video later nerds. Is a car. What class you play gore? In all of each e.

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