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1332: Fear: How to Face It, Conquer It & Find Freedom by Chris Reining on Public Speaking & Anxiety


This is optimal living daily episode thirteen thirty two fear how to face it conquer it and find freedom by Chris rining of Chris Rining Dot Com and enemy narrator just a Malik reading you blogs every single day of the year and we have five shows where we do that search for optimal living daily wherever you're hearing this to find all five shows. Chris running is typically narrate on optimal finance daily. You hear a lot more of his stuff there without get right to it. As we optimize your life sir fear how to face it Congress man fine freedom by Chris Rioting of Chris Rining DOT COM. I want to share with you. My wonderful readers some insights into how our own life experiences have shaped the fear that all of us feel from time to time the different levels of fear and how we can combat for your anxiety in our everyday lives. Let's get started our life. Experiences cause fear drawing up. We can probably all relate to the fact. Our parents were not perfect in rearing us. They made mistakes. Hopefully learning from them told us they were sorry. Man continued to provide the love and nurturing parents are are required to perform however some of us may have not had our needs met by our parents on a consistent basis now. This wasn't our fault props. Os a result UVA neglectful parent or a single parent household even apparent dealing with mental illness or there's a traumatic events like divorce death in the family more abuse this regardless of the situational event a child experiencing one or more of these things will tend to be overly fearful anxiety prone annot this exactly exactly what happened to me. This causes a child to see the world as dangerous untrustworthy and frightening place having this programmed into your brain at a young age. We'll stay with the person their whole life. Even though as adults we may be responsible and competent people a functioning part of society everyday we live with needless fear and anxiety not that paralyzes and controls us when it'd be awesome to know that these feelings that caused us to stay in a boring dead end job. It's comfortable though to continue a relationship. You'd be happier ending. I can't be alone how I find someone else to not reach their full potential off fail. I can't do that. I don't have the right skills are or simply left over from childhood. The good news is when we realized that and take a little bit of action to overcome our fear and anxiety we can lead an exciting and adventurous adventurous life the same life we wish for because we see other people living at the realistic levels of fear we know fear is a normal emotion ocean. Mrs Survival Mechanism fight or flight response that happens during an attack or other harmful event e._e._G.. A snake covered bear when you're a campaign that threatens our life on this planet. There's different levels of fear from low to high level one making decisions switching careers asking for a raise interviewing her job dubber giving a speech level to rejection success and failure level three simply. I can't handle it. Here's here's the thing fear. Anxiety will never go away. If we are growing we should feel uncomfortable and we should feel some fear. It's when it paralyzes and controls us that we need to confronted head on as counter intuitive as that seems in the past I look for ways around my fears or ignore them or avoid them hoping that by not dealing with them they would go away then. I meet a life changing decision to stop avoiding my fears that paralyzed and control me and to deal with them with confidence as a challenge to overcome. Com Fun right how to respond to fear. I can't handle it is used for all sorts of situations in our lives of these dogs ever crept erupt into your mind. I can't handle Mickey mistakes so I'm not going to try something. I haven't done before I can't handle more responsibility or being in the spotlight at work soldiers stay in my current job. I can't handle the unpredictability of having kids so I don't want any. I can't Oh people not liking me soul say yes to whatever people ask me to. Do you know what successful people handle fear with confidence and they think whatever happens they will handle it. That mindset has become a favorite mantra of Mr Everyday dollar. I WanNa tell you about a fear of mine. I thought I couldn't handle. I couldn't handle talking in front of a large group of people so I avoided giving speeches or presentations just recently. I realized I couldn't live my whole life carrying this fear on my shoulders so I left into action a researched how to overcome a fear of public speaking and was led to a professional organization called toastmasters that helps people develop public speaking and leadership skills. I found a local club near my home and started going to their bi. Monthly meetings ready to start forgiving my own speeches after a few weeks in however my fear anxiety of public speaking overcame me. I started making excuses for why I couldn't give a speech each. I was too busy to write one. There were too many other activities on meeting nights. Oh we'll do a later after I get back from Argentina months without giving his speech turned into to a year then I forced myself to sign up to give a speech so there was no backing out I wrote it are practiced. It endlessly had a sleepless night worrying about it. Mr Everyday dollar was a mess the Dan my speech came and I showed up to the meeting metric busy myself not to fake an illness with heart racing Emmaus dry I.. Wait until is introduced. Delivering must be sweaty palms and plenty of nervous energy manifesting itself into Pacey. I pulled off the speech without a hitch. My felt awesome. I faced my fears and I had one. I handled it. Even though I was convinced I couldn't with an additional speech under my belt that I gave last week on emergency funds uh-huh I now feel like an old pro up there sure is still feel a little fear and anxiety delivering a speech but overall is no big deal and I never thought that was possible all in fact I like giving speeches now so readers and listeners. I want you to imagine how much you could accomplish at work and in your personal life. If you believed whatever happens I will handle it. You just listen to the post titled Fear. How to face it Congress and find freedom by Chris rining of Chris rining dot com a real quick. Thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast. Anger is the easiest way to make a podcast. They'll distribute your podcast for you so can be heard everywhere spotify apple podcast. Google podcast and many more you can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools allow you to record in Eddie your podcast cast so it sounds great download the anchor APP or go to anchor Dot F._m.. To get started Chris's dead on with fears in this post easier. You're said than done to confront your fears head on but if there are baby steps he can take definitely do that. I I wouldn't want you signing up for a huge ordeal. You could do something at just ten percent. Take the baby step. I use fibers or one percent. That's better than trying to do one hundred percent and then running away from it but yeah. That's the only way to truly work past it. It is actually confront it. Let me of any other ideas of your own but I'll do a four today have a great day great weekend if you're listening to real time and I'll see you tomorrow for minimalist Monday where your optimal life awaits.

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