Jessica Alba & Cash Warren - On How To Balance Building A Family, Business, Brand, & Legacy With The Honest Company & Pair Of Thieves


The following podcast is a deer media production boy. Oh boy. Have a we got a treat for you. Jessica cash has so kindly offered all skinny confidential him and her listeners twenty percent off, all on his company and on his beauty products. Simply visit honest dot com slash confidential. That's honest dot com slash confidential and use promo code confidential twenty at checkout. I personally recommend starting with my favorite's the organic beauty oil and the insane hydrating mist stock their site for details. She's a lifestyle blogger extraordinaire fantastic, and he's a serial entrepreneur, very smart cookie. And now Lauren Evert's in Michael box, dick, bringing you alone for the ri-, major illness. Welcome to the skinny confidential him and her. What gets you energize like a what can you think of that you can do when you wake up every day, and you're like I'm pumped for today? And so, however, whatever business or idea or how someone wants to reinvent themselves. They gotta be pumped about what they're doing every day or else is just like it's repetitive. And also, like a lot of people get envious of other people's reality. And that's also not a great approach to how you should think of building your brand. What's up guys? Happy Tuesday that clip was from our guests of the show today. Jessica Alba and cash Warren, they are on the skinny confidential him in her podcast to talk family, their careers and building a life. Together, we very much get into it. And Michael is a happy, happy happy Tuesday. It is a hobby hubby Tuesday, Lorne happy birthday, young nineteen years old. Right. Is that what you're I brought in a very special person to sing you, your first happy birthday? Song of the day Taylor, take it away. What's not even on. Of course. I'll be birthday to you. Happy birthday to happy birthday. Dear lauren. Beeper to the song. To you. He added for beautiful round of applause round of applause. Is that what you is that everything you'd imagine in more for your nineteenth birthday, learn nine bibs are nineteen Michael? No. You just got them redone, the pretty young really young guys. We have an exciting show today, long-awaited Jessica Alba, and cash Warren on the mics in the studio on the show with Lauren. I little him in her aspect to the show. Very fun to do a hem in her aspect. I have so much respect for both of the brands they belt, the honest company and pair of thieves both their brands are crushing it and to see such an entrepreneurial couple with three kids is inspiring. But let me tell you something. I've got to spend a little bit of individual time with both of them now, both at honest, and at pair of thieves and amazing, people very, very nice humble down-to-earth, cash warn, hooked me up with so much. What do you say underwear underwear Bach? Another man has never gifted me so much underwear in my life, and I love this stuff guy. 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And yes, it is comfortable underwear. They're holding everything up. Thank god. Through ping gravity. And they wick moisture, you're working. I don't I hate that word moisture what is moisture wyking to remove moisture from the nether regions. I think that that's important to make sure that guys we're we're on a mission to combat swath. And so we don't want any guys out there with swamp s and so moisture wicks not want you to have swan fast. I'm sure the ladies out there would would thank you for that. Thank god. Anymore. Jets go, you know what I I noticed. Because we, we have a we have something in common. We had the same tattoo artists. Woo. Because he I saw you posted in the nice how you posted. That's that's who does only all my stuff. He's talented town quite the artists. He's a really nice touch. Did you go to the new the hideaway to go in the secret place? Yeah, it's beautiful. It's a cool little vibe there. So it's, it's at we've probably gonna get all mad. Heroes about the word it's a very. Remember, remember when we go to the club at the Roosevelt in by the pool they used to have like that thing. So it's literally like a Cabana like right there. Well, this is a perfectly in for my first question, I want to know how you guys met. Definitely not at the club. Work long time ago fifteen years ago in Vancouver Canetti and Vancouver Canada. She's doing a movie fantastic. Four, I was working with director, Tim story and she was the one of the lead actresses. And so I was asked to take photos avert a test the her contact lenses and I was like, oh, my gosh. Fell in love with her. Oh, gross. I yeah, you're took a minute. Well, he was saying somebody else. And so, as I the time, I don't know, I've always kind of been, my mom is a put your face on before you leave the house person. And so I didn't have any makeup on, and I normally would like be really self conscious. I remember feeling totally comfortable that he was just like taking my picture, and I had no makeup on at all. And I just was never that person. And I was like, oh, this feels really comfortable, let's coal. And then and then he dislike instantly felt like family like we did a group dinners with everyone who was an ex Pat in shooting in cougar. And I did a TV show up there called dark angel. So I knew this city so I was like happy to, like, tell people about all the things you know, are fun to do. And then one day like it was like what? Like we're looking hat. I then went up to and I was like, hey, let's grab dinner tomorrow night. And nobody else showed up. And so it was just man. I had like a little Spidey sense, like wait a minute as creepy, like should I be worry like why? Where is everybody else? And then and then it was fine. And then and then we walked to Togo's we didn't there's a great sushi spot in Vancouver called jazz. Until we went out to dinner there and then we walked home. We had like a five hour dinner amazing. Yeah, I was. And then I was at memo's it, boom, three kids later, three three kids and a lot of pill and so much po-. Can you tell the audience about the story, the recent one that just hotline's latest the delegation of the pill? We're we're just started talking about because we're trying to figure out what we're what we're in for here. What we're getting into Michael just started talking about kids with himself, but. Catch what's going to happen? What's going to happen to me, your life ends? Okay. Fair. Oh, you're as. And it turns into another life. Of cool. There's lots of who in vomit and play, and changing diapers specifies at data ever gave me when we were having our first child was changed every diaper. It's actually like something that had a lot of dads for some reason. Don't do but he's like, it's the easiest thing, people don't realize the quickest thing and you get the most credit for it. And so I took that on true. Yeah, it was so smart on that strange. I mean, I've never been a doubt but dads that don't want to change it feels a little odd to me, like, why would you not want to help your I know strange? But yet it's different generation. Yeah. But the millennials and on they are much more in a part of the day to day domestic household stuff. And that just wasn't the case. I'm definitely not a millennial. No, but, you know, I'm just what is how eight thirty seven is the cutoff non miss that you're on the cusp. Maybe you're millennial. You. But I feel like you also have a more modern progressive mine. Mine very involved, dad. He was like my mom and my dad growing up, and he taught me a lot. And so, you know, we share responsibilities and also, you know, in everything at those, how did you guys both grow up. Was it similar? No, no. He grew up real fancy. And I didn't. Sure I wouldn't call it really fancy. But my yeah, I guess, fancy Sandra LA. I went to a school crossroads in Santa Monica. It's a small private school, and I had a really engaged father, and he was, you know, entertainment and successful. And you grew up also like UCLA law, men like Jon Gruden UCLA, but, like wooden was like, in our life, and in your household in the new went to jail, and it was like paid for by your dad. You know, I know there's like and you spent some time with Gary, who we've who, who we all know. And it's there's a lot of people that have those opportunities and they fuck them up. So it's, it's interesting to see, you know, when you see someone that has those opportunities and they continue to push and continue. Now you starting businesses done a lot with your career. And so the other side of that is even when you when you grow up privilege, it's not always a formula for success. A lot of times. I go the other way so many times. Absolutely. I think that, you know, it's the drive to, to wanna do better into live up to expectations or the drive to just wanna, you know, pay parents backed by making them proud of you. And so that's kind of what's kept me motivated along the way. So you, you're tell me if I have this wrong, your parents were in the military, or one of them was nitrogen on my mom's family was actually in the navy her her mom, and her grandmother and aunt. And then they worked in the Pentagon, and like she has like a deep kind of military background heard. I was in the marines. He was head of the marine orchestra. Like so that's like my mom's side. But then when my mom got with my dad, her extended family was racists, and they that pretty much like cut my mom off, and then her mom who raised her and all of them, they all passed away by the time I was three so my mom's only family became my dad's family, which is they're all Mexican, and my dad's family. They weren't a military background. But then my dad was pregnant, you know, he got his girlfriend pregnant, who became his wife quickly with me. And he was like, how can I go to school and get paid to go to school? And the best opportunity for him at that time was to go into the air force. And so he got to get his business degree. And then he was in the air force, and he got in a wood. What is nice as when you are in the military, and you are going for that, that higher education, those opportunities are there, and then I had a lot of medical problems, and health issue or health issues when I was a kid, and they paid for all my medical stuff. And that's like so nice that my parents got to have that in their seventeen eighteen years old. And they when they got together eighteen what was that, like having a medical issues when you're so young, you know, I think I, I didn't know anything else, and so I spent a lot of time in hospital rooms disband sizing about being somebody else, and wanting another life and wanting to be a superhero, and I think that's where I think, my, my drive to be a storyteller and to into dream and to try and manifest, those dreams. What would it actually take it I think? Where it all kind of started spending, so many lonely, days and nights, Ospel runs minute this what you've done, and we're going to get into, you've done so much with your career of a lot of our audience, nosy from when you're acting. A lot of nosy from honest when you describe yourself today when you describe what you what you do what you professions. How do you describe yourself now with everything else that's been accomplished? Well, we loaded question. I play. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think I think there's lots of I, I think a multi hyphen it right. I started my life early on in a career in entertainment, and I was fortunate enough that I was able to be successful. And then I, I became a mother and my perspective and, and, and things changed in and, and my and my values in what mattered changed, and I then was really driven to create a brand around the ethos of a healthy and happy life because I grew up without the luxury of having my health. And I wanted to make sure them a little one wasn't going to be sick. And I couldn't ensure that because there were so many things sort of fighting against us and I didn't trust what was out there in the marketplace. So I created it and, and that drive is where I am today. And I my love always. In my heart is, is being able to tell stories for sure. Like I can't I can't shake that. But my focus for the last ten years has been on, on building the business, and I found it at seven years ago, and it's always changing and evolving. So there's that but my, my number one is like, I really value, the person that I've become in learning how to navigate the world with a partner with cash, and then also a being a mom to my little people who've taught me, you know, leaps and bounds. How to just evolve in and try to be more thoughtful active conscious person. How do you guys balanced your relationship with all that you have going on with three kids and two businesses? I mean it's a lot. How do you guys make time for each other me? And Michael sometimes have problems with that, when you're working together, I think that you, you find the time. And I think that is. As one of the things that we talk about a lot is just is not being stagnant. Is always trying to push each other and help each other grow and trying to learn new things and pushing each other, you know, beyond our comfort zone, and I think because we also have that dynamic. It allows us to find the time. I don't know. We just we you figure it out and. Figured out. And I think what works today isn't going to work tomorrow and allowing each other to evolve and change and not expect either one of us to kind of be stuck in the person that we met, because we're both so different. Right. Circumstances have changed so much and he has a lot of pressure. And, you know, he's building a company and he has, you know, people that, that rely on him every day. And so do I an end. There's no it was. Just that's, that's a different extra pressure on top of we need to be good. Parents, we need to be good partners with each other. We need to be thoughtful with our with our own parents and siblings. And you know, there's this a lot more to it than we were when we were twenty three and twenty five and I go, and I totally get that we met, when we were twelve when we used to make out behind the tennis court and where we haven't been together the whole time, but twelve longtime release longtime she's been chasing me for a really long time. I said fine. I'll, i'll. Give it a shot. Every single speaking of twenty three twenty five roads, you've obviously been in the public eye, both of you for a long time. There's a lot of listeners influencers creators, that listen to this show that are starting to think about how to transition in their careers. Maybe they'd had a platform with a lot of attention for a long time when they're trying to figure out longevity. I was listening to an interview that you did, and just to go, and you were telling your staying in the interview that you always thought of yourself as a as a brand, it's personal brand, and then because of that you're able to transition and create a lot of longevity, obviously with all the stuff that you built. What advice would you both have to young creators that have platform now that are trying to stretch that into the future? Do you wanna go first is you've actually advised a lot of the early YouTube influencers along the way? Give us all the tash, but I, I will with Jessica specifically, you know, when when shoo pregnant with honor and shoes becoming a young mom, one of the things that she wanted to do was reach out and speak to other moms. It was early in social media, and I think Twitter and Facebook at only been around for about a year or so. And so I said, you know, you're, you're, you're publicist and you know, your team isn't going to reinvent you. They're not going to turn you from this maxim, hot sex, symbol, g Q covergirl into a mom, and they're not going to help rebrand you, and so you need to do that yourself. And so social really was the platform that shoes able to utilize in order to engage with other moms out there and to speak to, to folks into to learn and to get advice and input about what it was like being a new mom. And so, I think in general. You can reinvent yourself as influencers I think that you don't get pigeonholed and don't get stuck people won't do the work for you. And, you know, you're going to have to really make sure it's core to who you are. But use social and use the platforms out there at engaged with your audience, and find things that excite you that they also respond to, and it was scary at first because I was living in at the time, 'paparazzi and all of that, like, we felt hounded every day, we couldn't leave the house can go to the grocery league, literally, we could do nothing without many people violently trying to get up in our. I loved the ice to steal their car keys. So, when they, they would follow Jessica, because they would like just follow her everywhere. She went and, and so any anywhere you went like, if it was to go get coffee as you're driving. You like park on the side. They all leave their cars in the middle of the road at the time. And just hop out to go get that one photo. What do you do? If you wanna look homeless. And so I would jump out of the out of the driver's seat run to their cars, take their car keys out tonight. Gutters. And so there were just stuck in the middle of the street. I did that until one guy threatened to kill me. Then I decided, you know, this probably isn't a good idea anymore. Like an MA fight. Are you worried every single time you leave the house about what you look like or did you just start to not care? I think you know, again, I grew up with a mom, who literally wouldn't drop me off at school until she had her face on. And so, like she could be in sweats or whatever, but as long as her faces together and her hair was like somewhat assembled shoot at least blow to her banks down. And so, I always like I feel like I'm always a little presentable but yeah, I mean, it you just have to not care because if you care too much than you're going to be a weirdo. And so we got to a point where I was kind of like known about it. But the privacy thing and being on social media, it felt like the antithesis of, of it was like everybody's. So invade it felt like my whole world was living in a fish bowl and they were invading my privacy. And like the only thing that I. That I had was like my alone time or my private time. But then we cash was saying is, then you're putting it your persona in media, companies hands, essentially, and whatever article they wanna write in how they want to skew. You is how the public will think of you and he was, like, so in order for you to get your authentic self out there and tell your truth isn't a fight against said media company that misquoted you and an article, but just be real in and just start slow and and start communicating in the stuff that feels. Right. And so I did it in a as slow way and drug control. The narrative a little bit more a one hundred percent because no-one no-one you know, monitors our own was doing not. And then when I started on this, I was actively in doing the social media arneses as well. And so I was managing both counts in that got a little bit overwhelming. To say it was a lot. I think you have room. I think it's also like what gets you energized. Like, what can you think of that you can do when you wake up every day, and you're like I'm pumped for today? And so, however, whatever business or idea or how someone wants to reinvent themselves. They gotta be pumped about what they're doing every day or else is just like what the point it's repetitive. And also, like a lot of people get envious of other people's reality, and that's also not a great approach to how you should think of building your brand or or anything. And, and that's we've experienced a lot of that is hall girl hard. You guys are in that photo. No news. A little faces on Lorne fucked up picture up because she don't a picture that she liked to yourself. And I think that horse. I think I have a lazy, either to care. It was the best to me. Oh, she relate to this? I am constantly used as a prop. I have no say, and you'll be imagery show is bright pink. What are you doing funny? I was thinking that I have zero to pick and choose my battles. Yes. To pick and choose your battles. And that's not one of them show that when people are like can I get a photo of the two of you. And then they're like, all right, cash a little to the left. Little more. All right. Cesco loan. Prefer to be more behind the scenes or do you like to be in front of the camera more? No. I prefer to be behind the scenes. How did you decide to start your business? What's the story there? My business. So prior to that of starting my own company at twenty four and I used to do produce documentaries and we did film financing, and, and I had my first tech startup. And so I've always been somewhat of an entrepreneur. I think one of the most frustrating things that I found with the entertainment industry and producing documentaries specifically that you can just you can work on a project for like six years before it ever sees the light of day and the development cycle on entertainment properties can can last years and years and years. And it just was frustrating to me that, you know, I couldn't just make something and put it out. And, and so with with pair of thieves, one of the things I wanted to do kind of like what's a business that I could start where I didn't need to raise any capital for I didn't need to have any investors, I was kind of tired of having a board of investors meeting to answer to people and so- socks. Or something that I could be reasonably reasonably passionate about and at the time, you know, all the men's dress socks for these, like, really thin nylon. Socks I call them like drunk socks because they would lose their lasted city and they would. Yeah. Yeah. I the worst feeling ever. And so I hated drunk socks and I wanted to make a better one on one to combine like a performance sock with a casual designer where sock. And, and, and that's how it started. I, I never do anything alone. So I partner up with people that are a lot smarter than me. And so I partner up with a kid I went to high school with who's a really great designer graphic designer. And then we brought in a kid who went to UCLA who understood manufacturing and supply chain, and operations and the three of us ran pair of thieves for the first few years target was the first retailer, we spoke to about it in two thousand thirteen you know, timing is so important, like I wish you could pick, you know, having great timing over a great idea, like every I would pick great timing all day long. And so when we pitch target the buyer was like this exactly what we've been mandated defined. Let me give you a test run. We're like, oh shit. Now. We got to figure out how we're gonna actually go make all the stuff and selling in the idea of actually making it all. And we were able to execute it. And so fortunately that first test front went great. And so we started with socks and today we make underwear under shore, complete basics brands, so underwear undershirts, and socks team is growing. We still haven't raised a dime and it's going great. Well, let's take a quick break, guys. I don't know how many times I gotta tell you about skill share. But I gotta tell you again skill share if you're not using skill share. What are you doing living in twenty nineteen why don't you interested in learning new skills? What's going on with you? For those of you that are interested. Skill share is an online learning community for creators with more than twenty five thousand classes, and design business and more. You'll discover countless ways to feel curiosity creativity and stuff for your career path. Let's talk about how I got creative with scotch how Michael Bostick so, so many DM's about how I create my Instagram story videos. I also add them to snap chat. And this all thanks to sculpture Taylor. 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This one is blood orange led orange, and it's so pretty thank. And I just told her earlier that I was wearing her magic bomb right now. Can you give the audience a couple of tips on how to use the magic Bon just going on a beauty tangent? For one second. I love specific on beauty. Caches. I, I haven't put a magic bomb on cash when he has his dry lips. Oh, that when your sleep and. When we're in the car, and I'm like, hey, it's like an little. Little crusty over there. Yes. So this is a great bomb. It's something you can put on your lips input onto dry cubicles. I put it on the high points of my cheeks down the bridge of my nose. I put it on my girls as well. It's just like a great everything bomb. And, and just keep it. It's nice in, in your purse kind of fits in any pocket in any purse. And, and you're good to go guys, MRs one of my favorites you have to check it out. It's called magic bomb. Yeah, it's really, really good. Right. I want to get into the detergent story. Okay. And how you were allergic to detergent. Can you tell the audience a little bit about that? And how that was I feel like you are. That's sort of the basis of the idea of honest. Right. Yeah. So I had pretty much kicked a lot of my asthma and allergy related problems by the time I was twelve or thirteen I dramatically changed the way that I ate and also because I was financially independent, because I was working full. Time working as an actress, at that time, I can then choose what I wanted to bring in my zone is basically, anything that had a strong scent. I didn't use. So I would buy alternative cleaning products, personal care products all of that. And, and then I became a vegan for a few years cut out dairy my health changed dramatically, and then from then on, like I just didn't even really remember having asthma attacks like all the time. Like I did when I was a kid until I was pregnant, and when I was pregnant I asked, my mom, you know, as you do what should I use, like, I'm so confused. Like can I just wash? I got all these clothes from my baby shower. And I was like can I just wash this, the, the whatever detergent that a us, and she was like, Imps fragrance free? And, you know all the things and she was like, no, you have to use this other one that's for babies. And I'm like, oh, okay. Why just like makes the baby's clothes soft? Baby's clothes need to be soft, and I was like, okay, so I used it and the turn on my hands. And I got a rash, where the detergent was on hands. And as I was folding laundry, I had like this prickly red itchy rash. And it was sneezing ally. And I was like mom, there's no way this a safe for babies, like I'm allergic to this, and she's like, well, that's the detergent that I used on new when you were a baby. And you are fine, and I'm like, no, actually really. But she's like you're I'm like, this is crazy, like you're making me sick like how, how dare you recommend than she was like you're hysterical. Your hormonal, and I'm hanging up until you're ready to be nice to me and I was like, I'm going to Google what's in this stuff. So then I went, and I googled, what could be in this thing that could have had this reaction to, and it was the first time I really looked at ingredients in the correlation that certain ingredients can have on your health detergent, that my mom used on me, very well could have been a totally different detergent because companies can change their ingredients. They don't have to say. Hey, this is a totally different thing. It's all under the same brand so you assume you're getting the same thing but to cut costs and to improve your margin, a lot of companies use more sympathetic, and cheaper ingredients to get their formulas down to a cheaper price truck detergent. But, but that's an that's an everything. Right, that send beauty products. That's personal care products. It's in cleaning products, even on, I was, like did this research, and I found this website called healthy child, healthy world. And so, I was then like, oh, do I buy, I was like learning all this stuff, right? Paramedics and failures and synthetic fragrances. And how it like messes up the way that your body develops in exist. I mean, it was, I would like telling cash every day and all this stuff and I would just throw out like all his stuff, and he would be like, what are you doing? Like, that's my soap and I'm like, but it's so bad, that your windex has gotta go. And I don't know. I don't know. I just like throw everything in the house, and then I started making several vinegar, unlike baking soda and catches like the house takes melts like, like salad dressing. He's like Easter egg and just everything to stinks and I was like, so then I was like, there's got to be a Brian, there's got to be a company that can do this better. And as I was doing research, it was like at one company, does detergent really well? This other company does this one shampoo very well. This one other one does this one thing, but there wasn't one company that was like transparent about the ingredients that actually worked on was effective because often when you're getting a natural alternative or a better for you product, it didn't work, and I was like a work as well. Experience that of a DOD department would Lauren when she switches over to those natural ones. I've been struggling with anybody out there knows where I'm going on a tangent here. But now we've experienced things also smells like Easter eggs. You have to give yourself also like a solid month for your body to change over. It's been a solid five years that you've been on a natural. One more one more, by the way, I have I have a few that I can give you. But you're gonna be wet under the arms. That's just what your what's going to happen, but you don't need smell funky. So I can I can help you out in that. Religious just clean up some of the. If I'm being honest back invent to you for a minute. Nobody wants to be funky. It's. Well, you know, we it's interesting with the natural products, we have in that gift box, and plenty of there's, there's an all natural, personal lubricant in their cash, you can check that out later. But we, we created this product, but it's more premium expensive product. And when I was going through the process like, why are these ingredients cost more than other natural and basically got back. It's because not many companies use natural ingredients that are not as an abundant, so it's harder to create products around them when you star, Sarah material, maybe, there's, like three companies that are using it verse. There's a hundred companies have the scale to make things cheaper for the more synthetic ingredients. But yeah, I, but the more people is similar to like the organic food movement. The more distribution in the more. I guess the consumer wants it the more Ford -able it becomes, so it was also my mission. Like, I know that my products when we build them, they're going to be more expensive to make. But I still need to have a healthy margin profile to have a sustainable, business or. Right. And so, but I, I can't have it so expensive that people can't afford it. So I'm priced within reach and even like our diapers and wipes. So we have a diapers and wipes bundle that you can get at honest dot com. And if you price compare going to your CVS Walgreens target with other diaper brands in diapers and wipes the same amount. It's, we're we're the same, but you don't have to leave your door, and where the most natural disposable diaper on the market, and we really work, and we've keep designs so early days when you were trying to source all these ingredients. Was it difficult because on long there's a two ways to manufacturer. One is you partner with a manufacturing partner and they are in lockstep with you with your regulatory team to go and find those raw materials in bulk at the best price. The other one is if you develop. Yup. In house, which we have two labs in house, and we develop our formulas in house, and then we go and just directly source those raw materials because we know what we need. And then we send the bulk of those raw materials to the manufacturing partner that we've picked to actually assemble the product. And then we have our chemists go and oversee the process of even mixing this, and that because the process of mixing in hating things on all of that, that's where things could also fall apart. You're immature injures formula, sometimes writer, or changes the way they are labeled. Well, it changes the, the stability of the formula could, and then you need to put it in your package, and then you need to do stability testing. So I've learned the hard. I wanna talk about that, like, maybe gritty like how I want to go into the nitty gritty with both of your company's when you guys have your ideas. How quickly do they come to fruition? Is it does it take awhile? Like did it take two years? Is it a year? Did did you both have an idea and? No, you're looking for a business. Plan was or was it something that you just sort of like fell into undecided? Oh, I'm going to transfer from acting into business or was it like a conscious decision is very conscious, and it was impossible to prolong took a law three years, while for both three years, both companies about? So you had the idea, and then it took three years to rumour. We had probably how long develop products. Yeah, it does it. And even now with with a business with the full product development team, a design team, all of the resources you need. We still spend about a year and a half on every new product. We release and I think a lot of that is because you're trying to solve a problem. You're not just creating product for the. Sake of creating product. And so when you're trying to improve something or change the way, something has done. I think that by you know, just naturally, it's going to take a little bit longer. You're both not just slapping a label on something. It's not white labeled. You're creating yourself, which is probably why it took so long exists. A why you're both developing these products were you guys acting simultaneously or was it separate lean he's never been an actor. Oh I thought you were in the fantastic four. Oh I thought you were in it. No, no, no. I've never been an actor. Oh, acting. No acting at all. No, no. Never I would be terrible. No. Really his dad was an actor dad was. It is inactive. My dad is an actor and he was a basketball player at UCLA. That taught me a lot. I wanted to be behind the camera. I wanted to be on more on the business side of, of entertainment initially, I wanted to be a producer. I just looked at that as like a career path that actually had long jetty when I was growing up. My dad was on a really big hit show in the eighties and early nineties. And then, you know, when when that went away, I saw his career kind of taper off a bit. And I realized how hard it must be just to grow old in that business. And so for me it was always, like I want something a little bit more stable, and I'm a bit more conservative. I guess what a fantastic partner, though for you for what you do to have. He saw his dad, and so he was able, I'm guessing to help you as a teammate transition from acting to business. Yeah. I mean, I think what's nice about having a partner that understands the business, but isn't competitive with you in the business is that you, he, he understands what it takes to do it. 'cause like I'm working sixteen hours a day. It's like it's not glamorous. It's it's like pretty intense and, and you are on all the time his everyone, so sensitive to the people who are in front of the camera. So every interaction you have with everyone from the people who are in tramp, spoke to the office staff to the camera folks to the catering and crept, like everyone. So sensitive to you, the always have to be this person and one business that I would say that I don't fully understand, is that there's no way hooking up with someone else's, not fun. Not considered. She's always like, other so many people around director there, there's, I'm like, there's, but you're still having fun that dude stud like there's no way or not gonna like hooking up with him. She's like, oh, gross. That I'm like, no way. A Cisco, I would be an actor just to have that in that moment. Right. For difference. Between me and you men and women. It's just like it's disgust. Doing most of time because they're usually a stranger and you're just like, oh my God. It's been more fun. No way. No, no strings attached as besides, like a massive contract. Our auto. I mean, I think Pierce Brosnan and Bruce, Willis are very attractive. Yes, woman. Yes. But like. You know that's like we are. It's weird will that one may have been a little weird to or those both those made? So what are you talking about? I don't know. I mean he's just it's like so aggressive. So. Obviously, it's interesting to talk about because I think like from Arctic. That sounds pretty good. I mean a straight man, but Pierce Bronson Bruce, Willis, like maybe cool. It's just it's just not when you're choosing to want to be was someone in that way and beaten very intimate like like you're breathing on someone. And it's like I see what you're saying there and, you know, you're smelling, the skin and it's like they're you want to choose who you're doing that with. And you got a really kind of like pretend I would have shot. It's killing high, too. I do. I'm gonna say unprofessional one hundred percent because I feel like really good entertaining. Entertain our store and talk about this. Have you heard him talk about like human? He did his movie private parts of like sex, scenes saying he was all riled up turned on, like fully fully in and Howard Howard as he was saying, I don't understand how male actors don't how this doesn't happen. I mean what do you. I don't know. How what are you supposed to do? If you're with, you know, one of the most beautiful women on the planet in your in your in, in these type of scene. How do you, you have to disclose completely, but also being the moment, you're also like doing it for sixteen hours, fifteen hours. That's how long those things take. Yeah, you're shooting. Sometimes it's days. I'm not that much of a man hours days and days of the same thing and you have to recreate that moment every time and recreate the the peak of your intimacy. And what that, that thing that they want to capture need it from this angle, and that angle in this angle in the single and that, and it just like I don't feel bad for you. It's any. Just saying, gene hours is a long day, though. It is then, you know where. Alive for you with with everyone in your face. Probably the makeup artists in the hair and the touching and the everyone's right here. Yeah. That's a lot thing about it is alone again or no. I mean it's just come on. I know it's not intimate. I'm not saying Sinn having people in your energy space. You know, in your bubble? What was this war here? What is your favorite part of about acting? And what is your least favorite part? Maybe we've already just touched on the least favorite. What's the when you become such an entrepreneur and bit business mogul? But when you think about acting what really sparks joy here. I would say the vulnerability of not knowing I, I love to control the outcome. I'm a goal oriented person, and I probably micromanage a lot in my life. And so it's kind of the only time I'm forced to not be me, and I get to just be vulnerable and be open and, and be free. What is my least favourite part of it is probably it's still a pretty sexist industry, and it still pretty racist. And, and you feel that and people just can't get over the hurdle that like the world is diverse. And women are intelligent. And they're not just this thing and to be in we're not just things that you can like put in this one bucket, or see this one way, and were allowed were allowed to be more than that. And that's still like such a huge struggle and fight, and they feel like if they have one person of color than they've done they've like checked, but you're like, but it it should be like you shouldn't even put a label on someone needing to be this color should just be best person for the job period done. Being married to earn seeing kind of for me. What one of the most frustrating things for, for her would be that, like she said she loves to manage her outcome she's goal oriented, and she likes to, you know, control situations, but an acting when you're filming a movie, you're so far removed from what that final product is going to actually look like and feel like and be dull depends on, you know, that, that part is made in the edit room and so not knowing what the outcome is going to be not knowing if they're going to take your best take or they're going to use your best take in the actual film. Scene, you know, better on the other war. Yeah. And so just the surprise, you know, isn't always good. When you go actually watch that final cut, and you're like, damn, I thought you know they, they didn't use my best takes their they didn't. Or they cut me into a character that I, I didn't think I was playing. I think the back in probably be extremely frustrating. How different is being a business owner from acting. I mean couldn't be more different torture. Business one hundred percent because it's like your your child. It's also like your identity and an care about it. So deeply care about the people, I care that are, that are actually helping bring this dream to life every day and putting in their sweat, and their and their creativity and everything else that you put into building something, I care so much about the consumer and them bringing us into their home and you can't control you know, things there's things are just going to happen on both sides. You know, and, and I just I really do have the best of intentions, and sometimes you don't always have everything going, exactly how you want it to go, and, and then also being able to set the vision to stay aspirational in in progressive and moving things forward because, you know, the companies that are out there. Dominating the beauty industry. The personal care industry and consumer products packaged goods in general, a lot of those businesses been around for hundreds of years, and it's like there, there's room for a little disruptive company to come in and do something different. They'll still dominate, but maybe we can influence their practices in a positive way. Quick break here guys. Do you like saving money? Here's the deal. My assistant, Emily told me about this pug in called, Honey. So the reality is, if you're not shopping around, you're probably not saving money. So what if there was a way for somebody to do the shopping around for you? That's exactly what Honey does. Honey is a free tool that you download on your computer's browser. It's so easy to download so while you shop online, Honey scans the internet for coupon codes and other discounts than it automatically. And this is so. Portent 'cause, you know you forget to apply coupon code automatically. 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That's join Honey dot com slash skinny, Honey, the smart shopping assistant. Saves you time and money. How efficient you guys are both entrepreneurs and we talk about this from our perspective lot on the show, but in my opinion, entrepreneurships, extremely glamorized especially in two thousand nineteen world. And I think a lot of people think it's a lot easier than it is. And it's a lot, and it's, it's a happy life. Speaking personally, it's pretty much. I wake up every day. Okay. What kind of fire problem I going to have to deal with today? It's pretty much ninety percent of my day at three year, four o'clock and have that to our like, writing down everything. That's running your choosing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm saying. It's like it's so glamorized there's a lot of young people. It's okay. I'm creating I'm going to run a business and they want to join in idea without a lot in my role in ensure you've seen it. What would you tell young people that are thinking about jumping into business creating their own brand starting a, a product? Whatever it may be a basically just covering entrepreneurship talking a little bit behind the curtain back and talk about the difficult because someone looks at both of your lives is okay, great careers, great family, great marriage, great companies, and they don't necessarily own kind of get into the struggles here a little bit. I think everyone likes to look at the final product, but they don't see what, what it took to get there. And I think it's always easy. Like I said to look sideways into think, like oh, they, they look like they have the grass is greener. Right. They look like they got it all together. But, you know, I deal with that journey was we were saying we work on our marriage. It's not easy to wake up next to the same person every day. But told me. Chosen family. Right. And we made a commitment. We made a commitment to our kids to our family will always be family. So we're going to like figure it out. And I would say you know what gets reported on not necessarily with honest, or with in with honest. But you read a lot about those unicorn businesses you read a lot about those companies that go out and raise a ton of money and they get valued at billions of dollars. And in two years, you know, it's worth a billion dollars. And it's it because that's what gets reported on so often, it's easy to think that if you don't do that, then you're failing. And what I would give what advise I would give is slow and steady wins the race and be patient with growth, you know, be patient with expand team expansion, you know, be patient with it. If you look at those legacy businesses like jagged, Jessica was referring to a minute ago in, in beauty or CPG world and your Davis until. Davis until stem decades and you know. Chain and operations and their consumer insights, and distribution. And it takes time for all of that stuff doesn't happen overnight, and so two to not be dissuaded by that. And to, to be patient with it into, you know, really and be profitable if you can if at your like jump off. If you can be figure out how to be profitable from day one, then you'll always be able to control your own destiny and that are running. I've always admired about with cash built from day one. He was profitable. And they've always been able to really just kind of like sit in the driver's seat in their comfortable with slowing down the growth in order to build their internal str- infrastructure. Right. And then they can ramp up the growth again because they know how to do that. But that's so nice. What a luxury to be able to do that. I think my advice for entrepreneurs, I think they need grit and humility. I agree. How have you guys both leverage social media in maybe influencers with both your company's is there is there, something that you, you know, is it press boxes influence marketing? What have you guys done with social media land? We're in your underpants. Great vide surprise, surprise with the cookie and the socks and the balloon I love engaging with influencers and, you know, as one of the things that I always try to do is try to find the partnerships of the relationships that, that aren't just purely on the surface. And I look for people that actually really respond to the product. And those are the people that use to engage with. You know, I never asked for people to posed unless it's something that you feel compelled to do we don't do we don't do any paid, you know, influence or stuff. And so it's really it's really up to them if they wanna post. And I think that because of that there's an authenticity behind it that there's a real. You know, appreciation of, of whether it's a gift, I've sent them or, or that we've sent them or products that they've bought that they love. And that's what compels them to post. So for us, it's been really organic and, and fruitful. Yeah. In cash does have the benefit of being really close friends with lots of very big influencers and having genuine relationships with them. So not everyone can use that strategy. I didn't grow up in LA, and I don't have a same types of relationships with tight, you know, relationships like he has with folks, but I to reach out to my home girls. My friends, and I just like when I'm excited about a new product, I want them to have it and, and I want, I want it to be like an unbalancing like a like a present. And so that's kind of how I think about it with, with my friends and. That's that's sort of, like that, that high end sort of, like influenced survive, and they're really just women that I respect and that I am we have, like we go to dinner, and we like hang out like we're we're actual friends, and so we lean on our friendships, but mine, aren't as as because are like the biggest. All the land was first starting out. It was really cool because you could look at social, and you could look at their Twitter feed or or their Facebook page, and we would know four five months before somebody had now that they were pregnant because they would start following honest on Twitter. They start. You this person's can, you know, pregnant, and so it gave Jessica, I guess it gave them a little bit of a, a leg up where they could then start engaging with those influencers early enough in the process where where it was genuine and it was real. And so. Then. Yeah, the micro influence our strategies really around, you know, honing in on the things that matter to the person, and then aligning, our brand with people who care about those values and you know, it's, it's family. It's safety. It's clean. It's transparency. It's honesty, health and wellness. So those pillars of those matter to you, you're usually part of our, like tribe. And then we just want to delight, you know, ours is junk comfort. So if you care about junk comfort measuring. Align with. If our audience was to start with a and I know this is going to be hard with one of your products. What would you tell them each to start with, like, what's para socks? Would you tell them to start with the underwear? The socks is there a color. And let's go beauty, which beauty product would you start with I would say the miscarriage? Oh, okay. Are you wearing it 'cause it's really pretty? Yeah. Okay, I'm wearing it and for baby or personal care products. If you're gonna put all of that mush that up, I would say are lotion, and I, I would say you should start with a pair of are much Accu socks. K. I don't wanna talk about why whatever I'm going to hear this, the brightest underway everywhere. It's comfortable. I'm not kidding. We have they're very comfortable, the super fit underwear there breeze as well. That, that fabric is like air conditioning for your Junkins. So we really do that is our hero product. That's our bestseller that builds loyalty are blackout. White out program is just are multi pack of black and White Sox, which by far the best sellers. We have a give back component associated with that program. And so we've donated to close to five million pairs of socks in the last two years onto the homeless, and they're exceptionally comfortable. They're really functional and they're just generic black. You know they're not generic but they're black. They're basically. So I think that, you know, Princeton patterns aren't for everybody. And so, you know, we do offer just as core colors. And so, I would probably it's kind of, like our gateway drug. I've inside with everything going on businesses kids, a lot of kids talking about buying so many kids. All the things going on. And I know now you're in a you're doing another show. How do you what do you do to find time for health and wellness, and staying in shape we have to talk about your health and fitness? Those are both all by count. Shame. We gotta talk about that, because our audience definitely wants to hear how you guys stay in great shape. No more kids, though, I'm giving free vasectomies on Father's Day if anybody wants to come. You need to give yourself a free vasectomy. I've been trying to get to get that one for sure. Though, my, my mom made my dad get one and then Rover decided to reverse and then had to get it again. And he was pissed. I understand down. Now, that'd be sure health and wellness say, Dan. Sure about that one, health and wellness. I yeah, I've known a Kelly Leveque for awhile. I was feeling overtired stressed out. I couldn't like shed that, like ten pounds thing. Everything just wasn't fitting, right? But I wasn't like eating a lot. And so I didn't understand what was going on. And she just educated me on, like healthy, fats and whole foods and having as much plant paste as possible, and don't mix your carbs in your proteins. And keep your sugars also isolated and she taught me how to combine food and then start your day with this kind of thing, and then you're allowed caffeine. But if you I was like easily doing eight shots of Espresso while, and she was like, you know, when I was still tired, and she was like you're adrenals are spent and, you know, she was teaching me all the stuff that I was like, what's happening? And she just like just helped me kind of figure out. Slow steps, like how to how to take my food, and how that is your fuel and to be very considerate about that instead of just not thinking about it, and it just being kind of like it's just hair. So just being thoughtful and then the other thing, and she, she has a book called b Welby Kelly are be well, but she's been on here. Yeah, she's great. She hasn't her like shake in the morning. You know, just like just educating me, also like, I, I had to have like a no fat diet, July div know everything the no fat as much sugar and is so processed indebted like you're right. And it just changed my whole thing. So right now, I'm doing vegan for breakfast, all away, basically up until dinner Watson. You're fabs movie. Yeah. Is it four? Yeah. I'm not doing protein in it. I'm doing it's pair lemon. Apple cucumber celery, blueberries, a ginger turmeric, kale and spinach. Oh my God. How do you remember that? But it's, it's buying all the pro to and just having annaborough sing it, cutting it and doing a Margaret block bags for each day without so smarter just throwing the whole thing junior. Love pears don't get no flow. There's nothing better than a solid. Pair Mars pears a good pair in season. Yeah. Yeah. Hey hasn't been there. Hey, hasn't been there like an overripe pairs off a rock. All this shit. Peres though, because you never know you don't want another poop story. Oh. Maybe it's not boy he I there were open varies in that PO I was so mad. So mad about I'm not a good lake. I can't get down. Like I can change a diaper. But when it's like, in the tub ISIS is so it's like when they throw up on me like every time I'm like, oh, God. I care my girlfriend just came to his house and the. My friend's girlfriend's dog came to his house, and he has a roomba and the dog shit on the floor. And then they left in the room but went around and spread it. Replace. That sounds like my nightmare. God maybe by room or by DOD by room. But right now, we're never going to sponsor this show out cash. What about your diet, exercise, while nece? I don't know. I, I don't want her working. My lawyer just naturally Moore, Michael works out once and this is his weight. Look great. Thank you. I'm not a huge fan of working out. We need to get back into it. We both we both need to start doing it again. I just, I couldn't fit it into my schedule when I was doing the show. It was just way too hard. And then I got sick. And so I was like every excuse, I need to work out of day feel better. You do to do it to just level set. We just need. We would feel better. I was a real grump. This last couple of weeks. She got in trouble on contain CORUS because I was I let it go. And then I it just built up to work out how to get to do something. It's just not even so much for the jockey. I just takes too much as it is. I'm pretty calm right now, haven't had a lot, but I think it's because I got up and did it but I down. I'm like, yeah. What is a book a resource or a podcast that you would recommend to our audience? What is your audience prime what said demographic, like what are the millennial probably? But millennial usually it's I don't host lers wanted Hustler's looking to hang being doing different things pushing the boundaries. Okay. Very curious curious. American greed. Oh, what's that? It's terrible show. We see or something, but it just shows you like all the really smart people out there that just decided to push or to push it too far. One where if they just would have kept it legit. They probably would have been just as successful, but they decided to cut some corners and break some laws and they got caught. And I just loved that because it just there is no shortcut, right? And the same smart, people that could have built, something amazing. And if they only just had integrity, they could've actually done something positive in maybe even change the world in, in their own little way, because I'm big on not being jealous of other people's success. And I think that the only thing that would drive you to really to commit fraud or to commit those kind of crimes is like some somebody who's trying to get there quicker. And I think that if you're just patient with it, and you're on your path that you'll find your pot of gold to speak. So you're pretty confident ingred, I knew are you are thank pretty confident guy. Walk up to Jessica Alba. No. Yeah. It's cool man. Thank you. But he doesn't have like a ego like he's warm. He's like a hugger toward what did they say about compelling people? They say they have strengthened Washington warmth, warmth, meaning like the way they define it as warmth, meaning that you do things, but not just for the benefit of yourself, but for the benefit of others and strength. Meaning that when you say you're going to do something that people actually believe that not only will you do it, but you have the ability to say you're going to change diapers. That you were going to change the diapers. But they say most people either have one or the other in it's rare to have both. That's cool. Okay. Yes, yes, there has a Ted talk series called a by Adam grant called work-life. Okay. It's work life by Adam grant, and he's in organizational psychologists. So he basically goes into many different organizations and he gets up underneath the psychology of how it operates and what works and what doesn't and outliers, and it's just like it's really interesting because then you can kind of understand where you fit in the context of your organization. Whether you're building something in your out of startup or whether you're inside of someone else's in organization company, whatever. So I really I think that one's really good one redoubt ios tedtalk life rate raid. I've only heard Ray Dahlie on Tony Robbins. I gotta listen to his Ted talk. Like the radical trend. I don't know if it was called the. Principals. Grant credible. Did he write that book, if my thinking of somebody different he probably did? He co writes, with a lot of folks pimp, yourself out. Before people don't know where you are you are. Oh, like social y'all. Give us all your social. It's just my name out. And then at honest. Right. Her name is Jessica Warren just over click on my, my, my real name is Jessica, Warren. Because it's like it's nice that I can have something that's private just like my family, and we can have all the same last name, just how bad at just cowboy on, on Instagram on Facebook and Twitter. And then at honest, beauty, honest underscore, beauty, and then if you have a babe, or you're thinking of having a family at honest. There it is at cash Warren. I think there's an underscore in there. I'm at cash on Spotify Aaron as and then mine might be better at pair of thieves by lava very cute. Thank you for doing this thing. You for having us. This is incredible really cool. What fun episode if you guys want to win a pink? Glittery TSE pop socket. Leave your favorite part of this episode on my latest Instagram at the skinny confidential and the TSE team will drop into your DM's, and send you on, we'll pick a bunch you this time. Hope you guys love this episode, and it brought you tons of value. And with that we will see you next Tuesday. This episode was brought to you by thrive market by market is your one stop shop for high end high quality in highly discount, grocery supplements. Beauty products household supplies drive market guarantees its customers twenty five to fifty percent below retail on all items, because it cuts out the middleman, go to thrive market dot com slash skinny for twenty five percent off your first order and free shipping. 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