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Hour 1: 2/20/19


The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Pride passion and patterns re of college football lives here. The Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast. Well, we have made it through another day. Glad you're here middle of the week much to discuss. And hopefully, we got all the time in the world for you to discuss it in any way. Let's get to the headlines before we get to the guest before we get to the callers before we get to the fun. How about this? We heard about the stories we were heading out of here yesterday, but twenty four seven Brandon Marcella reporting that Auburn and Georgia expected to move their annual late mid mid to late November game earlier. Here's where it is. Right now. November sixteenth. It's always two weeks before thanksgiving. Since one thousand nine hundred thirty seven it may not be much longer. According to Brandon report. Auburn has complained mightily about having that game before Alabama. Meanwhile. Travis possibly sideline Cal challenges. Other Biggs got hurt last night in Columbia. Kentucky one not overly impressive. But that was to be expected after two brutal games at home. Meanwhile, South Carolina, all the sudden making some NC double A knows Frank. Martin's team won last night against ole miss Kerma Davis out of a yet. They've been a big surprises here. Anyway, we say Hello to you on this Wednesday afternoon. Lots of do today. We'll take your phone calls in just a moment at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. But before we get to deep. Let's tell let us tell you the Brandon Marcello from the Auburn Georgia story, we talked about a minute ago will join us and tell us what all that means might Coursey longtime writer for the sporting news one this basketball minds out there chip towers dog nation. Reporters the dog nation have covering the dogs anyway in Andy Kennedy, former ole miss coach now basketball analyst. He'll join us to preview the evenings games. Tell us who's looking good Alabama lost again last night at college station. Second time this year to the aggies, and they are trending in the wrong direction. So big game tonight. We'll talk about all of them mentioned your phone calls. Okay. A lot of us bother you over there. Let's get to the calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five. And Brian starts us off in Miami hill. Lebron? Brian. There is. And Ronnie air. Yeah. We're here. Oh, good afternoon. And always a pleasure. Thank you. My college us Lundy to get your thoughts on the rescheduling of the date sales, Otis rivalry. I guess my first question who influences these kind of decisions, and ultimately who's in charge of making this bogus decision because I'm an alternate alum. And this upsets macduff upsets me greatly. Well, alternate Lee Brian these decisions are made by the SEC they control the schedule. Now, I I really don't know much about this. And I'll have maybe a better idea about twenty five minutes when we talked to Brandon Marcelo, I believe Auburn officials have been campaigning only to get out of the west but to get out to move this game earlier. So I mean, it's not a free lunch as the old economist once said, I mean, you got to play it some time. Do you wanna play it in September or early October? Do you wanna play as traditional? I like it where it is. I mean, you're not both. I think are thinking the same thing here. There's nothing more special on that middle that middle day in November. Then Auburn Georgia. It's one of the great rivalries in all of college football. That's lutely. I agree. We apologize for any Nores. You may here. They are literally drilling. Outside the studio right now, but shouldn't bother us. I mean, don't don't let progress getting away. Of a program. You guys here that are they drilling through the wall or I mean, I don't wanna see that drill light sticking out here. Anyway. Let's get some more calls Scott is in Arkansas Scott good afternoon to you hype. All did you hear Mike Anderson after Arkansas lost in the fifty states yet? And I know you guys were playing tired. No, okay playing. I'm not a great big basketball fan. Honestly, the last couple of years I've got into a little NCA ball just by listening to you in the off season. Okay. And I'm starting to remember why I was never a big basketball fan. It really it really kind of looks lazy to me until you get into the playoffs. I don't see a lot of effort. Well, let me let me offer this. I would I wouldn't take different view basketball's, a tough sport. And I I'm not I'm not speaking specifically of Anderson steam, that's a strange comment to make it sounds a little bit like the football comment. We heard yesterday from LARs Anderson at Alabama just was tired before the national championship game. Sorry for them. I know I was no Jim from Tesco LUSA loosen high school, but I play ball on both sides of the ball the entire game every game from the time. I started to the time. I ended you didn't get caught standard around with your hands on your hips. I could've played anywhere in the state of Arkansas on one side of the ball. No problem. I I don't understand the tired. I don't get it. I would love to have been able to play on one side of the ball. It'd been a gift. No. By the way, I found. I don't dispute the source. I mean, he was he was just reporting what he was hearing. But thanks for the call that. I mean, the idea that that a team on the fifteenth game. Yeah, it's a long season. But but twenty eight days passed between maybe maybe twenty six days passed between the SEC championship game and the national semifinals, and then you had another. Ten days between the game of Miami. And the game in Santa Clara. I mean, that's just third. That's that's a loser mentality and saying you were tired, Harry is in New Orleans Harry good afternoon. Afternoon ball. Paul is locked in the house today. Mark is is out today. Well in case, I forget, maybe you can tell him. I wanna apologize for calling mock John Monday. That was a slip, and I shouldn't happen. But it wasn't intentional Australia. And anyway, Paul tonight. I'm looking forward to that Florida LSU game. And I'm wondering if if you think Florida can hanging out with you look relish you to not look towards Saturday. And and and have a he he will. I don't think it's easy, but because Florida pretty pesky team. But I think LSU right now is playing at an extremely high level. Thanks for the call Harry. Do appreciate Fred is calling next. Fred guard had Paul thank you for taking my call. Thank you. I wanna follow up on that basketball thing. And as you call it may have been earlier before I remember and helped me out an NGO, mice live really made into see basketball and big focus powder ably about two thousand thirteen is when I'm remembering is that about right? Yeah. He brought in a consultant. Someone who used to be involved in the NCAA basketball tournament a little bit of success was found and then when Commissioner sly took over he he elevated that even more by bring in Dan, LeBron bits and also Mike Trang Gieszi, the former big east Commissioner, okay? With that in mind. And if you look at the rankings for this week number have eighteen top twenty five Kentucky's for tuna Theus five they will want. Of course. It'd be lost Kentucky. A little bit of more of a easy way for Tennessee. The most expected LSU's at thirteen and if they win this weekend against Tennessee. You could have three SEC teams in the top ten now major saying that what does that tell you about? How far the brand has come because it seems like it's come a long way just in a few years to be able to say just that. Well, listen, I think it has. I mean, the SEC has always had a couple of pretty good teams at the top the problem for the SEC has been once you get beyond that, you know, if you remember last year the league had eight teams in the NC double a term, that's really your defined by that you're also defined by what you do late in March in two thousand fourteen the SEC had three Sweet Sixteen teams and ultimately to NCW final four teams in Florida in Kentucky. But you know, but in the end, you only had three three three NCWA teams, which is is not enough. So I think a lot of work has been done. Now this year, Fred if you forget the top three it gets a little bit squirrelly after that. Because a couple of weeks ago there were six seven eight maybe even nine SEC SEC teams in contention. But there has been a degree of cannibalization right now. And I'm not sure I mean, you you have Alabama on the bubble. Florida's on the bubble South Carolina's Hoving around there. Ole miss trending maybe in the wrong direction. So you have a lot of activity Auburn going the wrong way. So I mean, all of this was shakeout not to use a cliche because but but everyone's playing each other. And in the end, it's not really helping the league overall. Well, I definitely understand that point. And when you look at the that team throughout literature out the top twenty five not just in Popkin. But I think that it's at least a milestone worth noting again. It means I've got a rude on a little more cannibalization tennis on down L P MAC on Saturday morning and nothing anybody's going to be watching just the whole country. Right. But to have three top ten teams in the SEC when the league really had been seen as the football league unfairly baseball league, every sport Lee Gifford, technically. But I just am hoping that this respect will in view to all of the members of the and that we we do have a be pushed in the tournament. But just an astounding statement to be able to say possibly on Monday three tops. And after you've done. Glib way. It's hard to see what you thought about just initiate of three top ten teams and basketball. So they. Great show to the rest of thank you very much for. I'd always a pleasure. Always great to have you on lot to deal with today. And we'll start unpacking it all in a minute. Couple of guests in the first hour and your phone calls on a Wednesday. We will continue to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. We are glad you're here on this Wednesday after noon. Get some more phone calls here and Thomas is in Los Angeles. Thomas. Thank you for calling for joining us. Good afternoon to good afternoon guys. How are you? All today. We're doing great. Thank you very much. You're very welcome. Are you ready for my question? I am. I am sure. My question to Paul is what are the steps to take towards becoming a sports announcer. Well, let me ask you a couple of questions or are. We is this you or someone else that we're talking about. It doesn't mean for sure. Okay. We'll tell me a little bit about your background and your experience. I'm an athlete I've been a sports announcer at Santa Monica college. But I wanna take it to the next level. Can you help me out? Well, yeah. I I think I can I think I think you're already off to a great star. I mean, the most important thing is is some sort of experience, and I say that because if you don't have anything to point toward people will not pay much attention to you unless you really know someone high up. So I I think I think the experience that you have you have to be able to use that us contacts that you have met, and then meet all the people that you possibly can. I mean, it will not work Thomas just to call or or write or contact people because they're just so many people out there looking for jobs. So do you do, you know, many people in the industry? I mean, I know you this is a good idea calling me. But in terms of people that you that you've talked to or with whom you've come in contact with do you have a decent list of folks that you can rely on? I know quite a few good number of people, Paul. But I was hoping that you can be my mentor. Well, I'd be more than happy to try. Tell me tell me this. What if you had to are you out you're out of school now, or are you still in school? Actually, a job developer at the moment. School. Okay. And if you could paint on a canvas. The ideal job and don't tell me, you know, broadcasting the Super Bowl. But what would it be? It would be a local Olympic like a loss. Angeles Olympic faith Olympic gathering all the athletes together in the area. And. Pretty much advertising or broadcasting or you know, highlighting the athletic ability in just the area. I think that'd be quite cool. So you wanna stay in LA? Right. I do. Yes. Okay. Well, then you break right now, Joe when you're certainly going to have to really utilize your contacts in that area because good knowing somebody on the other side of the country probably won't make any difference. So what I would do is. I would be very aggressive. I would come up with a very simple portfolio something that people can look at that doesn't waste a lot of time that lays out who you are what you've done what you would like to do and maybe some sort of. Collage of your work. If you had it and get it in front of a number of people and then be aggressive. You know, the one thing I noticed a lot of young people. And I don't mean this to be disparaging. But you know, they'll they'll take a shot. And then they'll let it go. You have to you have to be able to follow up you have to. I don't mean campout at somebody's door. But make yourself known find a way to get in front of that person. And then follow up continue to follow up. And I and I know that sounds generic like maybe you got this advice from some one one eight hundred number, but but I'm deadly serious about being persistent. Good. Well, I'll tell you what I want you to do this. I want you to come up with a game plan. Call me back in a couple of days running pass me. And then let's get let's get after it jolly good. I appreciate your life. Fall Thomas studies that look forward to talking to you saying thank you very much. Matt is up next. Matt what's going on? Much phone kicking back and relaxing, my friend. Great to hear. I'll and talk to you about that sector thing in basketball game today phone. Yeah. That was a big win. I mean, they were way down the guy that works. Phone he challenged them. And that was a huge win because they're still alive now. And it was. They look pretty good in that game. I mean, I was impressed. We were down we were out. And we came back we fought hard. And we won that game. I was impressed with my basketball team. I mean was it wasn't gonna be our year. Not really. But I think he'd be learning experience for them were that can take this learn history and learn from it better your next year. Listen, this is the program that's been to the Sweet Sixteen two out of the last what three or four years, so. I mean, I mean this year was maybe unavoidable with all the great players. I mean, listen you had at least three players that went out. You know, one did it wisely. The other two may have aired. But I in the end, I don't think we could have expected much more. I think coach Kennedy's doing good job. Thanks for the call Eddie in Alabama next up. How are you Eddie? I'm doing really good foll- tried to call yesterday in could eat through trying to get through. It is great to hear from you just to feel everybody on that deal yesterday. That was the very last lap of the race. You by the way, let me give me one second. I was talking about Bobby Allison. And Donnie Allison who I think that's fun out the rea the reason why this is an interesting call is that the person on the other end of the phone. Here is Eddie Alison, I believe there were through. You you were you the we're we're we're where did you fit in the brothers? So you're the oldest the middle or the youngest though. Okay. So you're talking to a brother of the two of the most famous racers that era, and certainly Bobby Allison has to be considered one of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time. Eddie, go go right ahead of didn't mean interrupt your story. She. She. And what happened was kale Yara term to stir? We'll to write three times going down that back straightaway that racetrack. And that says I want to kill you. So when they ended up at the bottom of the race track. Donny had a halfway containing self. Because in that, I'm Don his life is we're lethal. If Kaley are Burwood raised his fist to Donnie Allison at that moment, kill you are being a casket. But anyway, so you're saying was Donnie was that tough guy Donnie has not forgiven him to this day. Oh my goodness. We're talking forty years. Yeah. Right. I mean, you know, if he, but anyway, what happened was I'll be stopped to see dining wonder ride back to garage because of that time in our race in business. You didn't have to get them Simione wouldn't like today so KO walked up to bobby's car and in through the window with his helmet. Oh, my goodness and so- Bobby who is not really a fighter per se got out of the car proceeded to but kill. You are Bruce knows hit his fist. I liked what you said that, you know. And so, you know, and you constantly hear Dale. And I mean that Kaelin Donny fall Kaelin Honey did not if they would have like I say it with over. But anyway, so we got that all settled what I called you about was Greg McElroy. I guess is on Facebook because I not on a penny. Solid and was trying to figure out. How he could watch the in enjoy it. Well, if you can talk to Greg and he's coming to Alabama, tell him to get in touch with me and me and him. We'll go the thing. And I'll even take him up to the racetrack will run around and raise grow, Greg. Greg lives in Birmingham. So that shouldn't be a difficult issue. Yeah. So I'll make sure he he gets a hold of here. It sounds good. And keep on you. Do I love this show? You know, I says you're babysitting. My two grandchildren every day. And so I'd get watch your lot. You know Jacobs. Two little children are my bride and jewelry. Well, I'll tell you. What it is. It is so great to talk to you, Eddie. And then I'm glad not a better person in the world declare that story up than than one of the Allison boys. Okay. Pre sheet. It man got a great to have you on house and longtime friend just impart of the first family of of racing from Huey town, Alabama. We're here up against the break. We'll get into the Auburn Georgia situation coming up here. Shortly back with much much more. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. We're back. Glad you're here on a Wednesday afternoon. Really interesting story developing start happening late yesterday. Brandon Marcello breaking the story about the possibility. I say possibility because it hasn't happened yet that Auburn and Georgia could move off that traditional mid November day, Brandon joins us now in Brandon always great to have you on really do. Appreciate it. So take us through what you know. And what happens next good afternoon. Paul. Well, I kind of been working on this for about a year, and it's been discussed in the public realm and behind the scenes really for a while. Now back as you see spring meetings. Kirby smart was even asked about it and mentioned it Alan green, the athletic director for Auburn it back in November himself wreck Garrity at Georgia, and it kind of came to a head here within the last couple of months. It's finally been discussed within the SEC circles. And it appears that if everybody's on board, which my sources believe won't be the case they're going to move the deep south hills robbery from November two looks like early October. And the reasons for that mostly is because Auburn which plays Alabama and Georgia both on the road. Owed every other year. Watts to find a way to alleviate that stress in November and the best way to do that. At least temporarily is to move that Georgia game to earlier in the season. And the earliest thing could do that's twenty twenty and the reservoir right now, they are on course to get that done. And the first time since nineteen thirty six we're probably going to see a Auburn Georgia game that is played outside the month of November during the regular season. Brandon. You mentioned Georgia are USA guessing they're eager to do this as as Auburn. Well, I would say Auburn is more eager. But my understanding is that Georgia is is okay with it and back. Curvy smart is okay with it. I know he mentioned that the spring meetings that he'd be fine with it. I think everybody that's. Solved. However, kinda wants Auburn to return the favor for what George they had to do back in two thousand twelve and two thousand thirteen and that's when Georgia with the SEC expanding and scheduling changing Georgia had to travel to Auburn in back to back years to help with scheduling as Mizzou at Texas saying then joined the SEC will Auburn wants to fix the hiccup in their schedule because when that will happen over and had to start playing both Georgia and Alabama on the road, even years and at home and the odds years used to be one was either home one the other one was away every year. Well, the only way really the fix that. And there is Georgia and and even offer for Auburn returned the favor and play two straight games at Georgia and back to back years that the problem with that is the earliest second happen. It appears is two thousand twenty five and two thousand twenty. Eighty six and that's because the current scheduled for the SEC is pretty much locked in all the way through two thousand twenty four and there'd have to be some things done to prepare for that back to back games. But Auburn I was told back in November by athletics rector, Allan green is willing to go to Georgia and back to back years to fix that scheduling hickup, and that's something Gus malzahn wants to do too, but they're not going to be able to do that. So two thousand twenty five so in the interim, this is a temporary fix that would help Auburn and Georgia wants it. Why not do it? Okay. So Brandon if this happens went when was the when is the game likely to be played? And then what happens on that mid November Saturday that we've all watched so carefully for well not for as long as some people. But lately, we've it. It's been one of the great games on the college football schedule based on what I'm hearing. The game would take the place at least for Georgia where they usually play Tennessee on the schedule which is usually been late September or early October. And as it stands right now those like early October Atkin change, of course. So it looks like that Georgia would end up playing Tennessee in November. Well, and and Auburn would play Georgia in October. And Auburn already has a non conference game actually scheduled for the date. They were supposed to play Georgia in two thousand twenty and then that's a non conference game against UMass. So it looks like offered would play UMass when they would usually play Georgia, and then probably have a bye week before they end up playing Alabama the next week. Hold on Nick Sabin just jumped out of his chair. A buy week be. There was a there wasn't there some legislation years ago that that outlawed the BI week before the Thanksgiving Day games. I I'd have to check on that. I thought I did not I y both thought aware of that. But the reason for that is that everyone I mean, Alabama and Auburn used to have that. And then by the way, this this this piece of this policy may may already be outdated. But but I thought everyone. Tried to guard against that. But but anyway, I I have now that that may be an an antiquated policy of the SEC. Yeah. I had I had not heard that. But my understanding is that with Auburn they they would be playing a non conference game that week that you shouldn't play Georgia against UMass. I don't know what they would do. Rather soft into this or other soft end of the season, and by the way, and I don't mean to be snarky here. But. Now's on more than more than willing to to to make this move in twenty twenty twenty-five, right? Yeah. Yeah. I wonder why guess exactly, but I think he's actually you know, if they had the opportunity and they had to play back to back games. I think you'd actually be okay with it even like this season the next season. If he you know, he was still around. I don't know if he would actually would, you know, obviously, you could sit there and say, yeah, sure, you want to do that. 'cause he won't be around. But I think he just wants to get that done and fix that hiccup in the schedule as quickly as possible. But the only way to do it is the play the play at Georgia and back to back games and kinda repay the favor. Auburn's very willing to do it. I mean, they when I asked them about back in November. They're like, yeah. We're definitely interested in doing that. It's just a matter of getting the SEC onboard, which I'm sure they would be, but the can't do it until this SEC rotation. The schedule comes to an end. But yeah, I get see why you'd be like. Yeah. Gossipy? Okay. With that. Played them in time starting in twenty twenty five. Yeah, I'll be sitting at the lake Harmon money. Well, let's get to the the issue. That is interesting and no answer right now. But we we'd beaten this Auburn scheduled to death. And we talked a little bit about it yesterday. And it's a it's a it's a bear of scheduled Brandon. You, you know, the the inside and out of this program. In a way, we've asked you this. And we'll ask you again. Those listening on radio Oregon is the first game. The fourth game is at Texas AM. The six game is at Florida at Arkansas at LSU, Georgia and Alabama at home. What does this team look like now that national signing day is two weeks in our rear view mirror? Well, their defense will be top ten or top five. I just that. I don't think they're office could be any worse than it was last season. Even though they're going to have a new quarterback. There was just so many problems with that offense. But does that mean they win nine games next season? I don't know not that that's schedules. Just extremely tough. You mentioned. I mean, one they got to open up against the work in which is probably going to be a top ten program at that time and Justin Herbert returns quarterback a first round NFL draft pick potentially. Then you gotta go to Florida and Florida is not Florida from two years ago. It's Dan Mullins Florida, which is going to be a contender in the SEC in my opinion that for for years to come. Then of course, she got Georgia in Alabama. And and all that it's you know, it's a difficult schedule. I know I know Auburn gets georgiana Alabama at home next season. But can they can they hang with them? I. No and going into the spring. I just won't really have a good feel for this team until I I know who their quarterback is going to be an who they're running backs going be. I I still think that they don't quite know who they're running back skin. That'd be, but you know, this ain't their defense as a chance to be top five because they returned most of their defensive line. They're really good fry. They're gonna be good on the back end. It's just that offense was bad last season. And I don't think it could get working get worse, but they're breaking in a new quarterback. So you never know if they disapprove a little bit on on offense. They'll have a chance to win nine games or so, but it's still that brat rendered we're late on the segment, but I have to ask you, and I I understand there's always optimism at Auburn. But. Which nine do you see them winning? That's that's the thing. You've got they've got to win one to get to nine wins. They've got a probably be LSU at LSU for the first time since night tonight. And they would have to go to probably fifteen Florida team and beat them. I it's difficult at can they beat Horgan in week one with a brand new quarterback against the season quarterback. I I don't know. I mean, listen, I talked about this every day, and everyone always says the same thing. And I'm thrilled that people have so much confidence and Gus malzahn, but I just don't know why. Auburn's got the talent to win nine games. I just don't know against that schedule if they can't. But they they have the talent to potentially when nine I just don't know. They will Auburn has the talent to we're nine games against that schedule. Okay, brandon. We'll we'll talk about this again like probably tomorrow. Thank you, very very much for the information about the scheduling change, Brandon Marcello and again, two days and road. We've talked about Auburn two days in a row there is optimism on the planes. We are coming right back. More of your phone calls after this listening to about Paul finebaum show podcast. Okay. We're back here on a Wednesday afternoon. Let's continue read is an Alabama. You're on the air. Go right ahead. No, I'm on there. Yes. You are. Thank you for the call. Oh, hey, how're you doing Michelle? Mom, we are doing great. Thank you. Thanks a lot. So I'm I know I'm in Alabama, but on the massive LSU fan, and I just wanna make it known to LSU is the only school in America as of right now that has baseball basketball and football on the top fifteen. That's pretty cool. What have done didn't realize that it is? But also wanted to talk about a couple of other things we can talk about Auburn thing. I looked at Auburn schedule. And one thing highlights is how underrated what JIMBO Fisher's got going on and take saying. And that's not going to be an easy game for them. Especially breaking in new quarterback. I look for Gus malzahn, not the last in the season with the only reason he might I think is buyout would would be five point five million dollars less if he makes it to the end of the season, but I'm sure that can be negotiated. Interesting. It's almost like a less mall situation. I think that be it's similar to Baton Rouge two to three years ago because expectations are so high and a talent level is at a certain echelon to where. Okay, they expect to go eleven and two and they're scheduled right now as it stands just isn't realistic. Yeah. I don't look at it. And I I agree. I just don't. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm with you. I mean, I mean, there are certain things that are not going to happen next year. And you know, what one of them is Auburn is not winning and tiger stadium. I don't think so either I try not to I don't wanna come here and just by oh LSU this LSU that. But one thing she was doing is following kind of that Nick Sabin mantra. And what I mean by that is it daft ability because for the longest time less miles LSU endured a archaic offense. It was underscored by terrible quarterback play. We had all this talent all over the place, and we're trying to be Alabama at their own game. We go and get a better taking game. We have a five star in a four star quarterback young and ready to come up at or drawn. And like what he sees? He goes and gets a transfer from Ohio State, and we're instantly better position. I think because we're willing to adapt we may be able to eventually challenge Nick Sabin in the west. But I think that next challenge JIMBO Fisher will Texas now, I mean, the amount of resources that he has the recruiting grounds in Texas and Louisiana, and basically that I mean he can dip in California. I I just don't think Auburn poses that threat of thing. They're gonna go through a transition and Gus malzahn ended up leaving. And they may have three or four down years. Great to hear from you. Thank you, very very much. Dalton is in Georgia. You're on the air. Go right ahead. Dalton. How Paul how you doing? Hi there. Do you think that this is the year that you g prevails and sales and wins SEC championship? And do you think coverage smarts a real deal? Listen, I I think it's entirely possible. I I don't think many people will pick Georgia, but I would give Georgia a really good shot right now. Now, I know what they're missing I know what they're losing. But they have the most important element that you need to win. And that's a quarterback, and they certainly are in great shape. There. So I listen trying to pick that game right now is impossible. I mean, we're we're what a February. Twentieth. So I do I bet it's kind of like picking Alabama. Clemson, you know, the friend finally happened and it happened. Again, Georgia has had to swings at Alabama probably could have one either one should have won one of the two. Maybe both. They didn't if they meet again, would you would you say they're going to win most people wouldn't I think they have a good shot. We're right back with much much more as we're at one hour down on this Wednesday afternoon.

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