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Local Hour: Sedano vs Dakich


This human resources professional is crushing it thanks to Cronos and this is is hype song. I've got H._R.. Payroll talent and time <music> we engaging all the best people Kronos H._R.. Solutions for the modern workforce learn more at kronos dot com slash H._r.. Swagger the Dan Le Batard Gotcha podcast is brought to you by the capital one saver card or four percent cashback on dining entertainment Ju- percent at grocery stores of one percent on all of the purchases now when you go out you jim what's in your wallet terms. Apply warned South Florida that the hurricanes talk is coming. I promise you it will happen. We will get into quarterback talk and I will start annoying you but something happened over the weekend. Locally that is still very much a a hot topic on twitter if you are a member of heat twitter you know exactly what I'm talking about. It is Dan Ducking now Dan dockage for those who passionately follow mine he twitter Dane dockage has been villain for heat fans for very long time now dating back to the Pacers heat rivalry. He's in Indiana sports personality not a big Fan of ours at all as part of the reason I will give him credit. He is part of the reason we are disliked. In Indianapolis. He had a several year head start talking bad about us and and Dan dockage doesn't like us which is funny. Wait doesn't have much reach if you can't get the Fort Wayne which isn't too far from me no fence dockage but come on I mean we run a town away from years. What's going on there slowly but surely the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz brand will surround Indianapolis but he's got a pretty strong foothold on that city? Do you think he doesn't like that. We talk about luck so much like can we laugh at his voice. I would say that if people in I truly am curious how they find the Andrew Lock thing is is perceived a super mean because we do love Andrew Lanka Gano I mean we would laugh a piano sound because some of them were ridiculous but I feel like there is like we we have a soft place in our heart for luck and Pagano and the colts and Indianapolis but the dockage really dislikes us I think and I understand why he dislikes Miami I really do he put himself out on. That island was obviously hey look man. He was Indiana Pacer Tony Fiorentino. He's he's going to be a home for is seeing the same way. I'm a homer for my teams the same way you're homer for your teams right but if he's going to be a homer don't call Fiorentino out for being homer and crushing the local Miami media media for being homers when the first two coaches out of your mouth are nate McMillan and Brett Steven Butler in Indiana and then Macmillan is Indiana coach so we told you we're working backwards because we're telling you about the feedback to it and all the reaction to but let's play the original sound in question this came when Dan Dockage was calling a heat summer league game with Giordano at Crown Prince of our boy a crown prince of heat twitter even though he's turned his back on us and is now in Los Angeles Lakers fan but it's it's whatever whatever back he's turned he made up for with your sound so it's really basketball and this conversation started in the middle of the broadcast in which Dan Dockage head controversial take on heat head coach Erik Spoelstra you know Pat. Riley is a guy that you say well. You know what he can help my career. Yeah Eric's bolster to bolster is one of the top two or three coaches in this league. Wait a SEC. Oh that's not even debatable that is so debatable so you can say this sternly as you want. That's not the bail and Jimmy branch even five to two or three months a Popovich Brad Steep Popovich. I'll give you the jets I'm giving grads. Lucky nate McMillan Camila. I'll give you a ton of Guy Brad Stevens. Where's the championships that were okay? Where's where's spoelstra been since Lebron lap uncle? He's been deep in the playoffs Brad Stevens he went to the he went to the finals without Kawhi Irving but it's not like everybody wins at the time tonight. Seemingly no come on look at all the coaches he's had that's not true. That's that mean win with I'm not trying to. I'm not trying to tell me if you're gonNA tell me Erik. SPOELSTRA is one of the two or three coaches yes nice debate. I would just simply say you're out of your mind then. I don't think the top ten now you're out of my not he's just a guy's a nice guy. That's ridiculous. Now that's absurd that is not a two-time champion. You're not just a yes you are. When you have Lebron and what we've what have we done since about Pat Riley after he'd left the Lakers because he didn't win for a long time until two thousand six after that and then Giordano made a comment about doing sports radio here because that was a sports radio segment in the middle of the Summer League Basketball Chris Billy really your thoughts when you hear that sound he has Lebron hasn't won with Lebron's one with two coaches and nobody's won Multiple Times with Lebron except SPO- yeah I get it but Lebron also taken some very bad coaches to the fine I get it Spo- had a great team mm-hmm but you know I I just feel like everyone's going to be doing this argument today but if you look at all the great coaches Pat Riley Phil Jackson they all had stars so it's just it's just ridiculous argument? I WANNA go completely other way with this conversation. Billy your thoughts on controversial. Dan Dockage pitch takes. It's not that crazy I mean he he won championships with Lebron. I wish that all broadcast that we're just two guys arguing with each other like I wish every broadcast had like a homer for each side and the two of them are just fighting with each other the entire game and and they're both outdoing each other without over the top. I mean imagine how much energy a broadcast would have if each broadcast had one person representing each team doing and there was absolutely no professionalism whatsoever. It's just two guys yelling at each other every time the team does something good. You're yelling in their face every time there's a review both guys think that they win and both guys think that they were cheated. When it goes the other way there's going to be so many actual fights in the broadcast booth? If that actually ever happens like legitimate fights I I'm kind of with billy that Dan dockage does bring up some good points. We already know how Dan Dockage is approaching this. I mean the first coaches out of his mouth. As Chris said had Indiana ties no one in the league outside of maybe Dan Talk. It's considered nate McMillan to be a better coach Erik Spoelstra. I will say US even us year in media that had certain ties and have talked to other people the only way I know Eric's culture is a good coach is by the results he's had and by other coaches telling me he's good good for the most part fans. It's very hard for us to tell who's a good coach unless it's painfully obvious that they're either good or bad all we have to go on on how someone is a good coaches their player rotations their actual defensive rotations sends their results. It's hard for us to know exactly what Eric Culture is doing or not doing that makes them a good coach so when someone comes at you with the Post Lebron results tell you something Florida and then great and yet there are reasons like Lebron left and it wasn't just Lebron left they did a huge sign and trade for the Braun which was super confusing at the time when we look back on it because they gave up so many draft picks that really put them in a whole all after he decided to not opt into that final deal that was the main reason we gave up so many draft picks in the first place and yes Chris Bosh we've been over it had the blood clots believe Chris Bosh had the blood clots when they made that deep run in the postseason where the three succeed and we were within one game of the Eastern Conference final. I'm pretty sure that the heat have been in the top five at least top ten defensively almost every defensively you can tell that air exposure is a good coach inbound downplays his another way so there are certain things that we can watch that if you know a little something about the game these that that he's good obviously by being around this long. He's in the top ten because there hasn't been A. I don't think they're ten coaches that have been around. It's still in the N._B._A.. Since School started coaching but Dan Dockage isn't a full two point to some of the results. You've missed the playoffs twice. I know you've just barely missed the playoffs but you have missed the playoffs and the other reasons for that but you got beat. Alpine Detroit last year would they go down the stretch four and six you had you had the advantage on them and he got beat up by a team that won four and six in their last ten with Super Important Games on the line. You gotTa Tyler hero out of it but let please adhere dockage L.. Let's not hold up the Post Lebron job as it's been great. There are reasons for why it hasn't been good. They made some puzzling decisions now that we have you know twenty twenty hindsight on it in terms of the contracts they dished out and obviously Chris Bosh thing but these results aren't adequate and I think our exposure would be the first person to tell you that yeah but the roster was so bad. It's been bad everson. I mean not bad but you know what I mean. He hasn't had anybody I couple years ago. I decided Dan dockage was not going to bother me anymore. I wasn't going to give him that power anymore. I understand why Dane dockage hates us because when you're on the I understand why he hates Heat Fan yes not spo- like what are you GonNa do. The SPO thing was weird and I just think it's all just tied to his dislike for heat fan. He's using that bias and saying something incorrect. That's what he fans are mad about. No one I agree with you Dan dockage should he hate heat vans. We've you've been very mean to him. That's that doesn't mean he can we can let him get away with something saying something ridiculous top two or three coats the force you to answer for this. Why are they so upset about this? Who cared? I'm not a lot you also. I realize you're Miami. Somebody's nationally Eric's bullshit does get love is one of the better coaches but to say Brad. Stevens is a top five coaches not crazy precisely at that thing that people believe why no I'm not this is this is not me going after Brad Stevens the way he went after spoke the top top two or three coach thing. That's obviously debatable like you have Popovich Doc rivers all these coaches so that's an obvious one that he's not topped. I mean look what look what Brad Stevens did ten. Though that's where he guy he had ten that's that's. Where are he fans right? I'm very atty when you gotta live. Mike and you're just trying to fill adjectives content. Sometimes they'll say something ridiculous. Knowing who's a good mass dwayne Casey one coach of the year and was fired tired was fired after winning coach of the year but after what I saw what and granted Leonard was on the team I could see that okay. Maybe dwayne Casey wasn't great. Isn't this nurse good basketball coach. I don't know what a championship have you seen the way the warriors were injured so I don't know if he's a good coach and I have you seen the way SPO- walks out on the court when it causes time out coach I feel like a big part in coaching is acting and selling like huffing you swing and if you take off your jacket and you throw your jacket oh you're great well. It's like mcadoo like just where there's no way that guy's going to be a good coach. The way you enter a press conference SPO is though is he looks great when he walks into that press room. I think that's just because he has a now. I would like to go back to some footage of his first William. I'm cliff look good and he's not a good coach but I'm not talking about N._F._l.. Head coach. I'm not talking about the way he actually looks. I'm talking about his demeanor when he walks into that press room he owns it really well. I kinda culture. He gives off the <hes> that he has to do this. But would you say that Gregg. Popovich looks good when he will. I feel kind of like oh I don't most surely Jesus law but he kind of walks in and he's just like like like he doesn't WanNa be there and I wouldn't say that he he commands the room. Just 'cause everyone's one's afraid of talking to him but I wouldn't say that he walks in and he's like this guy. Great Coach just based on physical appearance. I want to get back to the Brad Stevens thing because Brad Stevens has always triggered he twitter because nationally there is a perception of Brad Stevens being this amazing in coach and the results some people would argue that the results are there. He twitter would certainly point to the results and say what results nothing there but you can't tell the amazing job at Erik Spoelstra date in the wake of the the Chris boss Bosch Injury as a means to support your argument against Brad Stevens when Brad Stevens did excellent in getting to what was it game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals Without Kyrie Irving Without Gordon Hayward wasn't spo- perceived to be kind of like that before he got Lebron on the people who knew what they're talking about kind of perceived spoke to be the way they talk about Brad Stevens and he doesn't have any results but people just say he's a good coach didn't not maybe as high as Brad Stevens but didn't get that stuff and even before Lebron Spo- Israel rebounded but prominent to get him fired yes so like Lebron come in with a lot of not not terrible on something that they kept both your that yeah and won two titles through it all and the heap also value Brad Stevens taking the air and said that <hes> the heat really really valued Brad Stevens to the point that if the pat reilly thing ever happened and they would need to bring in a new regime Brad Stevens would have been near the top of the list Brad Stevens is a very good coach. You can say that he's a very good coach and their expulsions a good coach. You don't need to have team brad and t merrick but sounds like the heater team brad as they won Riley steps down Brad's GONNA come in walk into town and take over the whole organization and it's a slap in the face expulsion. I do think that if if if Eric's polls show just from what I know about how the he'd value Brad Stevens if Eric's bolster ever got fighter and then I don't know how close it ever got. I don't think it ever has just by hearing people that know what they're talking about. Pat Riley is always backed up Eric Expulsion. They weren't going to let Lebron on James via coach killer but say the pressure got so immense there. I don't know if it would have been riley coming down from the top like all the heat fans were clamoring for because all the people that are on twitter right now backing up Erik Spoelstra I would love to go through your tweet history and see how many times you've tweeted needed out firestone dot com especially that first year with Lebron because we're have been revisionist history dude. Everybody wanted Pat Riley back every single person I didn't. I don't really remember I know I didn't dispose by the way they're expecting them. The most adorable couple you know very few piano and they can play songs together. It's so cute Nikki Spoil Show on instagram. They seem to have it figured out at least on instagram. That's all but it's a lot like coaching. I don't know how happy people are from instagram. I don't know how great their relationship is. Just based off instagram and I don't know how good coaches just based off of watching games. It's anything gundy tells me air exposure very good coach. I Trust Stan. Van Gundy also tells me everybody's Oh got fired. He'd get hired right away by someone for sure I sure and like I think doc rivers got traded for Doc rivers. I think he's famous for his inbound plays. He was a weekend Westbrook for spell down while we should have done Aradio show wow I think there's a lot of people that was a joke you. I certainly wouldn't have done it but it would have been interesting to see because rather give up Bam or SPO- Bam just because San keeps telling me how good of a Co jerks culture is and there's things that I can watch just by being a fan of the game and I'm like okay. That's a good coaching. That's good coaching in there's Times. I'm screaming at my television by saying. What are you doing playing this person in the game or why are we trusting Josh Richardson like that at the end of games when stand on again we should have them rank the coaches because he won't do it he won't he won't do it? He'll tell you they're all number. They're all tied for the top five well right now saying Gundy's in the middle of a contract negotiation so we don't know where we stand on the next actual full on co-host thing thing. I think you'll give me like a spot start here there. I think I want to do that before football season. Did we talk about this thing rationally enough because I think a lot of people expected us just yell at dockage and I'm so just beyond done like getting passionate about the dockage because he's just a wrestling character folks. Don't let them have that power over you busy having that power over you Chris I mean I was annoyed by it. I'M NOT GONNA lie but I caught him with you that it's just Dan Dockage doing Dan Doc. It's got to consider the source I take it with a grain of salt. I don't really know why we say that. What what is the origin of that why would take and things with a grain of salt like why it tastes better? Maybe that's it because salt helps things taste better grain of salt lake. Take this bad news and take it with salt so it tastes better. I'm thirty three two years old and I've been saying take it with a grain of salt I think since I was at least like ten and I I heard that cliche around there I've been saying for a large part of my life and I've got no idea what it means other than it's just like consider the source right. That's a synonym for it we find out the origin of take it with a grain of salt and I maybe start talking about you and quarterbacks or we just realized that the audience hated this first segment and we take calls and we just goof around and give you the the flash paper that you come to know and love we'll find. Got Together folks STU gods here. 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I was lying because fake laugh ninety five percent of the time okay and I feel badly about it I do because I could tell you hurt by we build you feel badly about it so that makes two of us. It's really good <hes> this is the lebatardshow with stugatz on the ticket so we received a couple of calls and after what I thought was a fairly rational take on the Dan dockage thing. We realize that people are still fired up so we're not going to totally ignore the the homer Khomeinism bias take out of Dan Dockage. We have a caller on the line not from he- twitter though online to it is our favorite street sweeper. Is that <hes> David. Should I call you that from Toronto a street sweeper yeah I am. I'm a seat if there I think I like a sucker say <hes> it's it's <hes> the vacuum so yeah the street vacuum so our favorite succor from I know what are called Torontonians on telling yes unfortunately that's a horrible name for you guys T- daughters or do you guys you guys just claim the six. Do you call yourself sixers sixers. I like to call myself a sixer and <hes> I don't. I just tell people from Canada. Are you just saying Yes to everything I'm asking. You know I'm going GonNa say all right there. You go all right. What's your take on this whole Dan dockage thing Dan doctorates coach and Bowling Green State? Have you heard of them before and you're going to say no. I've heard of careen. I didn't know that it was a is this a bowling green university. That's in Ohio. I don't know I'm from Candle Ohio. What do you mean I just? I Google doc kitchen. I looked up the staff. I'm like what this Guy No about even coaching he he he played for Indiana hoosiers but with the Bobby Knight on crap on the on the court that's all I know about doc alloy thing about the wait wait. I know you're from Canada but you can't who plays for Indiana under Bob Knight. That was a very good team that he played for any shutdown Michael Jordan in college. He's making good points. I'm talking about David Yeah. I was born in nineteen eighty six okay so does anyone really remember the these who are members Bobby Knight exactly I was born in in my time exactly okay great point smell look. He was the interim head coach for Indiana. If he was so great he would have been the regular head coach not the interim head coach right David. They would've hot after he was the interim coach. If he did such a great job they would have hired him. Would they not have yeah yeah he and he weren't announcing some call it some random game with Georgia Donald that no one's even GonNa hear about unless it's on twitter when he worked talking about it because if he wasn't when he was running his mouth no one's going to even be talking about what he not to say. I mean what nationally because he's he's a big time sports personality in Indiana there David saw really in Indiana okay. I live in Toronto so that things that have happened in Indiana. They don't happen over here. You know what happens. If the Habits Indiana the raptors beat the Pacers. That's all that happens earwood Indiana even after they got Brogden. We're still GONNA be them with a poss- cow and the nets coli. WHO's GonNa be Oji okay so I I must admit cocky? Raptors fan is not something that I ever thought I would see and got it. You got it. David Raptors fans even localized on because you know what coli play you what our Lady of the night that's Toronto was when Karai I played us. He he told the Lakers that he was gonna come over there and he was like Yeah Gimme Gimme some time. Give me some time and then we'd come over Toronto a six hour flight and then he comes in spend some time over here what do you why do you spend time in Toronto to spend some time here waste time here six hours here six hours back that's twelve hours and then he tells them just chill on the Athens Davis contract this show on it and then they go is then tells George come to the Lakers who by then said that he was recruiting Butler to go to the Laker delivers the COPA hit him yeah exactly he's been playing everyone bohol trying when he was playing the rock of her time a lady of the night. That's who the raptors are you. We are going to do in the end. You're going to ask you all the other nice okay that took a turn. <hes> not Toronto is going to be back to being irrelevant. I gotTA assume right that was that was fun. Though Toronto being good for a year like that was awesome I I'd like to see it more but come on it's done just me I've been on the other side and I sounded crazy. Post Lebron and I look man. I thought Hassan whiteside was the key you saw Roy Hibbert. Did we got Hibbert on steroids. Saw The fleet yeah yeah so vanfleet is very it was amazing for you in those finals and I'm a fan of him but now that's what rolling with Siaka Vanfleet and no one's talking about you in this conferences like hey keep in mind the N._B._A.. Champions are still out there. I know like you're going to be confused as to how few times on national television although in Canada you're always on national television. Indiana Indiana on line two is not happy with David all right Chris. You're on the air. Hey Dave. It's come on man. What are we doing here Davidson on the air anymore like if you want to talk indirectly to David There Chris or David can call? Bows David Dolphins okay well when I wanted to say David is listen to a lot of us in Indiana we don't dockage. Don't wrap us all up in this DACA check. We don't like them either. He's he's been kinda dragged through the mud <hes> he talks a lot of bad especially in southern Indiana. He's been kind of a family to be honest with you but <hes> but I mean the whole Toronto Pacer thing I mean come on dude. You quite for one year like you got letterkenny. That's about that's about all you got. Okay just stick the letter Kenny. I was a little confused because is I always heard Indiana was like you know the home of basketball and they had this great support and even for heat games like that audience was that crowd at that arena was looking a little thin and I've watched the Pacers Games off and on likely pass and I'm a little confused as to why the protein doesn't get the crazy support that the college teams <hes> get out there. Is this a misnomer about the pacers support well. Are you talking about like the heat time of Lebron. I'm talking about <hes> he time. I'm with Lebron's posts Lebron like they would <hes> the Heathen Pacers. Even Postal Braun have had some fairly intense games and the crowd there at that arena is a little thin. I don't know if anyone talks about this nationally. Is that a thing there in Indiana like the Pacers need to get a little bit more actual actual support from people in the sands. Well I'll tell you there's Miami travels well. You guys know that Miami Miami's big especially when you guys got Lebron but lebrons that's Lebron's not far from here. You know where he grew up so you got a lot of fans bucks as far as patriots fans <hes> <hes> a lot of people jumped off the wagon after the whole Detroit thing the mouse on the palace and we were really upset with how we acted and everything like that and they wouldn't back up the pacers forever but ever since the last few years when we started making a run against you guys that's Kinda when everybody's been coming back but I would say Pacer nation strong now I mean especially with all the depot hometown kid from I._U.. That we all watched in college and now he's playing with them the enemy we I mean I think everybody's back yeah. I A lot of people like billy was laughing initially when you said he fans don't when he said he fans travel well but there are a few cities that stick out while they don't travel while they have transplants transplant in Atlanta. It's essentially a home game for Miami but that one's obvious because considering the proximity Orlando's Kinda like that to a Brooklyn is one of these the Madison Square Barn has become this and Indiana was always confusing to me but I think it's because you guys are driving distance Cincinnati and there's a a weird amount of Miami transplants. I live in Cincinnati. There's a pretty big Cuban population and I think a lot of those people drive over is a theory that holds water. I know I I mean Yeah Indiana. I always thought any of them. Florida Romo sister states like there's a lot of common thing between any in a Florida as far as the people. He's got yeah pretty much. <hes> I got a lot of in-laws that live in Florida so I'm there a lot and it's almost it's it's like I never left other than you know the beautiful sunshine and the phone three yeah you realize Miami is nothing like the rest of the State of Florida like we've got our own special unique brand of crazy but I say that judging the stuff like the Florida man stuff like yeah so you're saying there's an Indiana man that is akin to Florida man. He pretty much yeah. I'm pretty sure if you google you might find on something I mean there's gotta be but I mean any. I loved you guys. I just don't believe what you hear on twitter. You guys got up here following in Indianapolis. I appreciate that don't believe anything that we read. Oh David is back home right hang on. I got a copy on the Orion so you can talk to them directly. What Line is David? Let Me Lock in David. You're on the air. Go ahead David Good. You're on the air. Hey what buddy wants to go off on me about house like one like I'm just talking. I'm speaking backs over here. Like this guy was and dockage was saying something about are not know about coaching like was he was the coach what something green school coach it's true but he's also not defending dockage at all not at all. No we don't thank you. I was more defending the whole Toronto like you can't be the annoying Toronto Fan after one year because you traded everything you had for the best player in the world like you don't have that no more so don't just don't be that guy. That's all I'm saying. Do you know who sunny wings this. He's do you know who who the to Anderson's understands our who we traded for who for for <hes> Vince Carter no same here Toronto has been a joke for many years okay so for the one a near that we go off and we make up lay. You run a say something like don't don't because one of the one of the Pacers ever done. They've always thrown everything away so they could win. Maybe penrice from now where where Hibbert I dan. We're Hibbert is say this team here because we're on the same team here because neither one of us did anything while the broncos in the east. We couldn't do anything until he left so I'm with you man. We haven't done anything twenty years either Toronto until we tried but we tried. We tried we got P._J.. Tucker Got Regard Patterson. We got take try to win. At least we tried what the what the Patriots ever do things out read people. The Pacers beat now David's right. This is a good again champion good now but he was talks about being a broad has around the pacers. Did nothing try to come out him. They got rid of George Okay they. They got rid of they got rid of Hitler got injured and then even like try to go after another guy. The robbers only tried to get better Indiana ever do band dockage. That's what they did. That Pacers team did disappear thirty quick you fake the Pacers got worse when we got rid of Georgia and got lilla depot. I mean that's I'm pretty sure peoples federal player than George over the last two years easy now easy now because George had a nice little bounce back on my. I like the depot all right. I just tell them rings. Just tell them rings. Tell Him David uh-huh ring letterkenny. Okay let me all right all right <hes> so we're going to call that fight off. Thank you guys for Chris David. We appreciate it. It's Dhaka this dockage. Thing does make me one depot now. I want the heat to get all the depot. Just a stick at the Dan do a deeper I think all the depots one of these cats and we need to keep an eye on because of the dwayne Wade connections and guys. We didn't even talk about this. It has begun Bradley. Beal has started making waves CBS. He has started doing the necessary things to force his way out of Washington. I read that the wizards aren't getting no you did not read. Did you read the Candice Buckner piece that came out yesterday about how Bradley beal it is internally discussed that Bradley beal is essentially essentially a goner we will get into that. He's not coming here. Like of course they're gonNA happen. Corsey is as soon as he says he will only come here. This is the gang didn't work for Westbrook. This is the game and it just began Gan Technology truth brought to you by GEICO truth teenagers can communicate entirely emojis how why birthday party pizza slice kitten soccer ball pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch and save car insurance at GEIKO DOT com. What are you talking about? paperclips shoulder shrug high five wizard hunt what Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more Dan lebatardshow five one stugatz eighty five six. This is Dr Show with Stugatz on the ticket. Yeah can't believe it took us that long to get into it. The candice buchner piece Kanus Buckner been on this show before she's a very well placed in the Washington sports and has a lot of good sources out there and she reported yesterday that there is a growing belief within that Washington Wizards Organization that Bradley Beal is quote out of there when his contract is up in in two years. This is the necessary thing. This is how the only way possible especially when you're devoid of the necessary assets this is the only way possible to get a superstar of Bradley beal him making a stink of it and this is the. Started for very classy individual. This is how you start the whole Bradley Beal Movement to Miami. Did you guys see what amount of bio dead on twitter was that Bam on a bio did the whole hey big head thing too because he twitter his nickname bill. No no no no. You're not familiar with a big head we so this way dwayne Wade was talking about Jimmy Butler on social media and the idea of him being in Miami and Butler teas that there weren't going beginning other meetings any other need to meet anyone else or see any other teams by just saying hey big head yeah so bam out of bio. Is You WANNA call back to that by re tweeting and old tweet of Bradley Beal's who said the heat were his team him and <hes> which is the very curious decision from Bamut of bio because he'd probably be a name that would be involved in those talks if I'm Washington right so at the time line on this bill. It's funny that you should say that because if you just step back from it <hes> there is no urgency they can do it. At any point of the season they could be two months before the playoffs. They could wait all year on it because they'll be fine enough to make the playoffs offs if Gordon drug issues healthy with Jimmy Butler so there's not they're trying to get a second guy and but there's not an urgency I would guess the urgency would be Jimmy Butler and his window being that he's what I'm saying is it can be the at any time this year like and if it's not a good enough offer it could be next year right. I don't know what was sold to Jimmy Butler. No one does outside of Jimmy Butler N- No one's reported on it or spoken to it I would. I don't know if Jimmy Butler is going to be the guy that is like you know. I have faith in what this plan is. What last time Pat Riley traded for an absolute star that wasn't you know making a scene Mrs how you get the the players today in the N._B._A.? I was really trying to go over and impactful -TROIT's always never mine. It's been Alonzo Mourning. It's been Tim Hardaway. That's always been the move Shaquille O'Neal. It's always been the yeah but shack was aided like I think the last time that he traded for someone who'd be considered a star that <hes> all the other. G._M.'s had an equal shot at that wasn't specifically instructing people. I will go to Miami make that happen with Miami was probably Jamal Mashburn when it becomes open season on these superstars saint presses done it. There Amaury is done it Pat Riley hasn't really done it out without the assistance of superstar and that's fine. That's not a shot at Pat Riley but it's really him giving up these future draft picks he doesn't he came really compete unless the star does what we're hoping Bradley beal does which is say a I'm coming there. Bradley beal does have a deadline coming up <hes> in which he's eligible to extend in about eleven days and if he doesn't agree to an extension Washington probably starts getting really worried. Why would they be motivated trade into the heat? What did he have to offer her because Westbrook? At least you wanted to get rid of him because he was going to be a malcontent and he had what was viewed as not a great contract but if beal's younger and he has a better contract. Why is it that you would be motivated to trade him for a team that doesn't have high picks in the next couple of years and they don't I really have assets to get back except bad contra? The reason why is because if Bradley beal goes public with desire to extend with the heat and only the Miami heat other GM's would be less enthused to give up anything for a rental now we've seen the teams do the rental thing thing <hes> with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and they've been rewarded. I don't know if this will be a become a thing. A danger is always in the market for a star and Bradley beal comes up in two years so this is actually one of the better rental situations out there but but I guess the general thinking is why would Washington go to a team that has what is on the surface less assets than some of the other competitors is the other competitors might not be crazy about trading for Bradley beal and would and their offers would reflect that why would Bradley beal just just for clarification. Why would Bradley beal say the only place he'd want to sign the contract with is the heat because why are the heat more desirable than some of the other places especially if the heat are GONNA be trading assets to get him? I can't then you don't have the pieces around you. I can't answer that but players are doing free agency now before they're actually up is free agents. It'd be less weird than what Butler did. <hes> it would be players are deciding where they want. The next phase of their career we saw Anthony Davis just do this with his lists of four teams that eventually dwindled bill down the two he told it's a very similar situation to what Bradley beal is in right now. Bradley beal decides to do this depending on how messy is agent wants to make it but Anthony Davis gave the Pelicans four destinations the to Los Angeles teams in New York next in Milwaukee Bradley beal can do the very same thing and that list afford dwindled down the two while he still had another year there so the reason the the way Miami can get him on a discount is by Bradley beal saying I will only send with Miami it's reasonable skepticism and by the way billy like you're not a fool for saying I just wonder because every time there's a free agent available every time there's someone that could be traded. It just seems like we get stuck in our Miami window. Our little Miami bubbling well. Everyone wants to be here because championship culture culture and this and that and all these other teams are rebuilding themselves and they have a better looking future than the heat necessarily do right now like it's likely that were on that list it. I don't understand I agree with billy. I don't see why bill would say only Miami. I I can see if Miami's one of the teams but why wouldn't he have the teams on that list Yeah I. I understand what you're saying even though they don't have the room although the Lakers can clear out that room I think if Bradley beal were to make that decision but hell again Jimmy Butler just did this. Jim Jimmy Butler just chose Miami over all these other things so you never know what sort of backroom dealings there are in wicked WanNa stay east with all the power out west. Bradley beal went to school in Florida. I I know his girlfriend is a big fan of Miami so so I can't answer as to why he'd find attractive but I couldn't come close to answering why Jimmy Butler would find Miami attractive outside of the weather that we walk into from work every day and the culture and the Culture Dan the Miami Heat do need to do something considering they just acquired this star a star that is considered a top fifteen player that has respect of the other players in the League Kawhi Leonard reportedly according to Mark Stein was recruiting Jimmy Butler to be his running mate in Los Angeles. What are you hearing? Any names are noted heat insider the heat don't really leak out any names something up Dan even if you're not here make something up was excited because it was such a letdown that they I mean Jimmy Nice but it's just Jimmy Butler and that's all that's happened this offseason so far just say the name C._J.. mccollum say something something exciting it was reported that the he poked around on the Kevin Love Jiang. Do you guys have more interest. If I give you the threesome the the group <hes> which one do you want the bill love or mccullum like you get if I gave you the choice of the three Bela mccollum feeler mccullum similar right from that list yeah people are down on love. I'll take love in general but with that list I push love aside. Bill Between Bill mccollum Bill to me is the best player they're slam jam. Maybe a Dick. What are you doing warming up for the game? I all the Games I watch even when I can't get tickets it helps bring stadium atmosphere to wherever on watching all the dirty dozen again come on Vick save it for the air. We've got a game and check out vivid seats. It's the easiest way to get all the tickets to the Games. You want to go to vivid seats for the win baby. The C maccallum started this. It was an interesting player in that Berry Berry Jackson thing the report was C._J.. mccollum doesn't ever envision leaving Portland but he's been a long and mirer the Miami Heat and it was sort of a few of the praise of Miami Heat and that's where exact sort of like take hints from players. They're both second Tier Stars though everything you're talking about there <hes> I you said Jimmy Butler you said matter of factly Jimmy Butler is a top fifteen player. I'd I don't have off the top of my head. Fourteen guys better than that but yeah I thought top fifteen was safe. I he's just he's second tier and these guys you're talking about. Then would be what third dear. I don't think br Bradley Beal's on a Third Tier Bradley. We build better than all star several times already right but for terrible teams always for terrible team but he's not one of these luder in the riot. Kevin Love was that's what Kevin Love was. He hasn't been allowed to be a Lutheran right because John Wall plays but we saw yeah but when saluting as soon as John Wall was out became a Lutheran right I think he didn't as usage rate go through the roof against John Wall. We have to look the usage rate because I'm not I would say it would be natural because John Walk sorta pounds the ball that Bradley beal's would go up but so he was their best player and they stunk and he got all the all the acolyte Br Bradley beal became someone who coveted an a name an all star name you'd want because wall went down not to me but I think too many people bowl that weren't necessarily familiar and who would pay attention wizards basketball. I will say that they were very good for a little bit there with Randy Wittman as their head coach Randy Wittman with someone that I didn't consider to be a good coach and Bradley beal and John Wall. We're one of the better pairings one the better backward pairings in the League Dan. You're GonNa Destroy Dan Dockage now or you're gonNA save it for national with the plan here just trying to plan out my day going to save it for National Dan you could live. That's the move you gotTA. Let Dan Dockage get to you. Come on don't do it. Don't be above IT ABOVE IT Nora O.. I'm just GONNA laugh more at the idea. This thing that we do or might says Jimmy Butler is the top fifteen player and Dan dockage just says it's the Stugatz School of broadcasting away spos- is not a top ten coach no way and okay name the ten or better and he opens with Popovich and Brad Stevens you you can make an argument for Brad Stevens but it's certainly not any kind of clear cut. If you're choosing breads stephen anyone nate McMillan which is when one and <hes> the the arguments are losing steam but you never go to Dan Dockage his Senate his ways folks. You're not going to change in Dhaka's mind. Don't you think broadcasting. We talked about this a little bit earlier. Don't you think broadcasting would be a lot better if every game broadcast had had a homer from from each team and they're just yelling at each other each time like no professionalism. Get rid of that. We don't need that get that out the window just have it be Saddam dockage yelling at each other each one of them crazier than the other one yelling all their homer `ISMs no the heat of the greatest organization a history tree of mankind. Oh my God better than the Romans All at SPO is a better leader than patent ever was and then doc. It's just like he's garbage and then you don't even really know what's going on. You're just hearing two guys arguing with each other the entire time isn't that what happened yeah but that's what I'm saying. He was an incredible credible broadcasts. I wish every broadcast was like that and then God help us if you get to replay because every guy always thinks that their team is right and then when they're wrong they're team was cheated and it's the refs every single time. That's what the future broadcasting is. You know what Al Michaels thank you. You did a good job professionalism all that jazz but I wanna hear guys just yelling at each other. I WanNa hear how their team is. The best team and the other team is garbage. That's what I wanna hear every single broadcast and two guys just fighting with each other and if we get to the game we get to the game. That's just kind of background noise for what's actually going on in the broadcast which is too crazy people just yelling at each other the entire time. I don't like what's happening here. I feel like I'm the only one that's team spo- feel like I'm sitting in a room with a bunch of team. Dockage is no. I'm not backing up. Let's for the Audience Johnson all right. Let's let's be inclusive for the audience. It's just catching up. Maybe wasn't listening to the the first segment which I don't really understand why you wouldn't be listening to us for our but here is the the sound in question Dan dockage it show which Donald calling a similarly game and it turned into a sports radio bed you know I think Pat Riley guy that you say well. You know what he can help my career. Yeah Eric's bolster to Eric's bolster is one of the top two or three coaches sleep. Wait a SEC. That's not even debatable is so debatable. You can say this sternly as you want. That's not the bail and Jimmy branched even five to give me two or three months a Popovich Brad Steve Popovich. The job gave you the Brad Stevens. I'm giving grants giving nate McMillan. I'll give you a ton of Guy Brad Stevens. Where's the championships that were okay? Where's where's pollster? Benson's Lebron left. He's been deep in the playoffs Brad Stevens that he went to when he went to the finals without Kawhi Irving but it's not like everybody wins at the time right seemingly no come on look at all the coaches he's had. That's not true now. That's been win with I'm not trying to I'm not trying to tell tell me if you're gonNA tell me. Eric's bolster is one of the two or three coaches at size debate. I would just simply say you're out of your mind. Okay then. I don't think the top ten now you're out of not he's just a guy's a nice guy. That's ridiculous. Now that's absurd. That is not a two time champion. You're not just got. Yes you are when you have Lebron and what we've what we've done since then play about Pat Riley after he'd left the Lakers because he didn't win for a long time until two thousand six after that I kind of feel like I've led people down and not being passionate ashman passionate heat homer guy which I am often and I just have nothing else to give Dan. You're basically saying this is like stugatz saying something outlandish about another team. Why are you taking him seriously? I know like this is a little bit more dangerous because he's not doing it on his radio. Show as not the stugatz character. This is a summer league game that like fifty people are watching me but fair point. I don't know why put it on the pedestal house like this is a broadcast asked on E._S._p._N.. If he knows what he's doing doc it's actually thinks he's right. That's the difference in all this. I think dockage knows exactly what he's doing. Now Revolution go biased by his emotions that he has that feeling about social he had his initial racial bias feelings and then I think we compounded it by being horrible heat twitter people or just just what is known as the heat twitter person and horrible about defending your coach. No I'm saying over over the years key twitter like now this is not some. This is not just the debate about the coaches. This is some baggage with Dan Dockage and people have taken it personally. I think maybe through a degree Dan dockage has taken some of the heat. He's caught here here. Locally no pun intended personally and it sort of shapes any take that you'll hear the man say whether it's the Miami Heat or the Dan Le Batard show was Su guts just doesn't like Miami. That's fine. I I kinda missed Tony Fiorentino after this weekend he had supposed back during the Hulk Hogan ear cupping thing and maybe wish like yeah I was really microphone. I was reading all his tweets in his accent of course dockage insulting the man's Bono who you are. I don't know what he calls himself. A coach and he is not a coach listen. He coached Mount Vernon and he was a part of this heat staff. He's the coach you you go Jonathan Coachman if you want <hes> yeah because he calls himself a coach's he and actual coach. That's who you should be mad at John Crotty so this is not an anti-drug cry thing but there is a part of me that Mrs Tony here same here. I wanted him fired up credit. That's is giving us way too much credit. I think we might have pointed some people in the direction of like this is funny we were. We did what we do with him. We do what we do with Steven we do with Andrew Luck we find people we enjoy and we play their sound and we imitate them. He's always been on this side and and billy does make some sound points. Any dog I do low key sounds funny when he talks located. We had a whole like for two months. We had a series of Greg Cody. It's great and Mike recreating movie scene. That's FIS two bumbling fools voice. WHOA WHOA WHOA Whoa Eric Reed was portrayed as a bumbling? My Dad did air creed and he's still here and we love him. We love love of Eric Read. I love Tony Granted. We did play. I think more so than the impressions when we would he'd make some mistakes. That's where we go and billy. You're not without fault there okay you. Have you had your role to play in all or this to all right but I might have nothing to do with this is rather not talk about the Tony Fiorentino thing the worst thing was when I took a picture with him because he didn't know and I just had had to do it and during that picture he's probably like yeah baby. My the hands were trembling my it up. Put It on my God. It's the photo so blurry because my hand is shaking while I'm taking it. We're running out of time. I had the greatest weekend who was an unbelievable weekend. I went to the over.

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