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Full Episode: Wednesday, January 15, 2019


Tonight several breaking stories as we come on the air the historic moment on Capitol Hill late today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signing the articles of impeachment articles then hand delivered to the Senate tonight president trump. Just the third president in American history to face it impeachment trial in the Senate the presently while tonight at the white lighthouse focused on his victory today with China. What does it mean for American workers American farmers the other tonight the horrific accident the van carrying a team Amo College Sophomore kill just one day for celebrating the twentieth birthday? She had just set a world record. Do Reporting Tonight on the Delta passenger jet the dumped fuel all over several playgrounds as prepared for that emergency landing. Did they tell controllers. They weren't going to dump the fuel then. Did it anyway. Major store moving in white across the country tonight heavy snow ice and rain heading all the way into the northeast strong wanes. Then snow and ice rebuild Elliot to New York up to Boston. Rob Has is the do track tonight. The fourteen year old girl. WHO said no one would listen to her about alleged physical and verbal abuse? She set up a hidden camera and with authorities. Now say it revealed deal tonight the arrest. The state of emergency declared tonight by Virginia's governor temporarily banning all weapons all guns in the state capital as the wildfires raging Australia. The alarming news tonight about climate change across the globe that new and dire numbers just in from Noah and NASA scientists. Very close call today to women walking and the building that came down right behind them this is ABC news tonight with David Muir good evening. It's great to have you with us here at A.. Wednesday night in history was just made a short time ago in our nation's capital the impeachment of the president advancing to the Senate for only the third time in history. The president will now face a Senate trial just before we came on the Air House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi taking the historic step citing the two articles because of impeachment against president trump won for abuse of power the other for obstruction of Congress. The articles look at this then carried from one side of the Capitol to the other about two two and a half minute walk from the House to the Senate this walk. This moment. Hasn't been seen in twenty one years seven members of Congress making the walk. They will present the case for senators. Senators to judge meantime at the White House tonight. The president aware of this history but also trying to focus on his victory today a split screen at the White House where he signed the preliminary trade deal with China. So what's next. How quickly does this move? Will there be witnesses and with Republicans in control of the Senate is the outcome all but certain Mary Bruce lead us off from the hill tonight tonight and historic handoff House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signing the two articles of impeachment against President and trump then a solemn march across the capital the articles hand delivered to the Senate may be very clear that this president will be held accountable that no one is above the law. This speaker today announcing the team of lawmakers to prosecute the case against the president seven members of Congress led by I chairman Adam Schiff during the trial all one hundred senators will have to sit silently and way the charges that the president abused his power and obstructed Congress Congress by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his rival. Joe Biden's Senate is on trial. We will see whether they conduct a fair trial and allow the witnesses or conduct have to cover up. Democrats insist there's more to uncover and they're sending the Senate new evidence handed over by left parties and associate of the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani among the documents. A note Parnis wrote himself get Ukrainian Presidents Alinsky to announce that the Biden case will be investigated Giuliani and saw the former American ambassador to the Ukraine Maria Ivanovich as an obstacle and text messages provided by Parnis suggest. She may have been under physical physical surveillance in the texts. Robert Hyde a trump supporter in congressional candidate claims to have contact with a private security team monitoring the ambassador visitor. She's talked to three people. Hide told Parnis. Her phone is off. Computer is off. She's next to the embassy. They'll let me know when she's on the move and then these ominous words. They're willing to help. If we you would like a price. Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money hide would not comment ABC News. You've Arnovitz was eventually fired. She later learned. President trump told the Ukrainian president. She was going to go through some things that was very concerned concerned. Did you feel threatened. I don part is also gave Congress. A letter Giuliani sent to the president of Ukraine. Giuliani Johny requesting a meeting in his capacity is personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent. That letter makes clear that Giuliani in his own words is acting at the behest and with the knowledge and consent of the president but one top Republican. Senator is unimpressed. Nothing much there and the hasn't been already acknowledged by either. The president or Mr Giuliani. So let's get right to Mary Bruce. She's live up on the hill tonight and Mary tomorrow. All one hundred senators will be sworn in to act as jurors in the trial of president trump and David. The Chief Justice John Roberts will administer that oh he will be presiding over the entire Senate trial now today. The president's team said they think it is quote extraordinarily unlikely that the trial lasts more than two weeks. David David we'll see Mary Bruce. It could be a long two weeks ahead. Thank you for that. And as I mentioned at the top tonight the president fully aware of what was playing out over on the hill but he was moving forward victory victory of his own at the White House. A signing ceremony today for the first phase of trade deal with China the Dow closing above twenty nine thousand for the first time at the president did make reference reference to what was happening on the hill. And here's ABC's chief White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl now. President trump gathered his top supporters to announce an agreement. He says has keeps one of his most important campaign promises but I mentioned the drama on Capitol Hill. Some of the Congressmen may have a vote. And it's on the impeachment hoax then with great fanfare. He signed a partial trade deal with China together. We are writing the wrongs of the past and delivering a future future of economic justice and security for American workers farmers and families China has now promised to spend an additional two hundred billion dollars buying American products over the next two years including seventy seven billion dollars on airplanes cars and other heavy machinery fifty. Three billion on oil and coal and some forty billion dollars. On agricultural goods China also says it will take steps to protect intellectual property by cracking talking down on fake American products. Counterfeited in Chinese factories are ready to. Let's get right to Giancarlo with the White House tonight. John this is just the first phase of China trade deal on the president made it pretty clear today that he's not lifting steep tariffs against Chinese goods David some of the tariffs will be reduced and tariffs. The president had threatened back back in December will not go into effect but overwhelmingly most of the tariffs will remain in place. Subject negotiations. That likely will not begin until after after the presidential election Giancarlo at the White House tonight John. Thank you and next to the other news this Wednesday night. The horrific and deadly van crash in Florida tonight involving college women's rowing team. Several student athletes and their coach hospitalized. Tonight in one student did not survive a sophomore. who had just set a world record and just yesterday? She celebrated her twentieth birthday. Here's ABC's Victor Kendall. The scene is devastating. We have several victims talking inside and they may be extricated from the vendor this mangled then transporting the College of the Holy Cross women's rowing team when it violently crushed with this red pickup killing sophomore. Grace Rent and injuring twelve. The team split in two vans on their way to a training session this morning in Vero beach. Florida twenty year old Rhett was a rising star in the rowing community last month. Setting a world record for indoor rowing grueling sixty two hours nonstop might teammates teammates. Were stopping by face. Timing texts coming in on my fit bit every two minutes so like I think that was the coolest part for sure. She had just celebrated her birthday. Tuesday of course was the late eight to all who knew her. She was incredibly passionate and hardworking. The school tonight saying six students and the coach who was driving are still in the hospital. The cause of the crash is under investigation. David Victory Kendo. Thank you and we're going to move on now to that new reporting tonight on the Delta Passenger Jet Dumping Fuel as a prepared for that emergency landing in Los Angeles. This is the image of the plane. We showed you last night at this time so close to the ground. They're dumping that fuel and in its path. Several schools students and staff members said they could see smell the fuel a little more than fifty were treated at multiple scenes tonight. This question did the pilots tell controllers. They weren't going to dump the fuel and then they dumped it anyway. ABC's David Cordani covers aviation the FAA tonight is investing Delta triple seven dumping fuel lower than recommended and spring several schools rules near lax leading dozens complaining of symptoms declaring emergency after takeoff with an engine. Issue the pilots said they did not need to dump fuel burn fuel. We're GONNA come back at that Critical as the jet circled back. The pilots were asked a second time. Okay so you don't need to hold the dump fuel or anything like that Negative five right but the jet heavy for a flight to China started dumping fuel as low as twenty three hundred feet far below the recommended ended five thousand feet at some point. The crew changed their minds even after telling. ATC They didn't need to dump fuel. They changed their mind for the safety of the passengers and the safety of the airplane. They had that prerogative. Give Delta says in a statement. The release of fuel was required to reach a safe landing. Wait we have to give these pilots the benefit of the doubt. They did what they had to do. In that get get that airplane and all those passengers safely Home Delta tells us tonight they are looking into the procedures that were followed in the cockpit during that emergency landing. David David curly on this for US tonight. David thank you. We are watching. What could be a travel nightmare for millions in the coming days the major storm moving across the country from the West all the way into the northeast heavy snow l.? Ice And rain and wind will be very big concern. So let's get right to be urologist. Rob Marciano he's tracking it all for us. Hey Rob I. David wins going to be bringing in that cold air. The advisory up too much of the northeast from Boston all the way down. The road could us a fifty miles an hour tomorrow and then Friday morning wind chills will feel like three Boston and buffalo minus eleven Burlington. Here's a storm in the northwest. It's impressive spitting into Oregon wind and winter advisories and warnings posted. Kids two to three feet of snow. The air is in the rockies. Winter storm watches already posted for the played. It'll be there by Friday. Minneapolis Chicago. Your interests no Friday night than Detroit and Pittsburgh Saturday morning then New York Saturday night. It does turn a rain in the big cities but a huge swath. Difficult Travel David. All right thanks. We'll be watching with you. In the meantime we turn now to a fourteen year old Florida girl who says she tried to report abuse for years but that no one would listen so she set up the hidden camera and what it captured tonight the arrested. ABC's Gio Benitez with the images and we warn you. This is difficult the video you're looking at was recorded on hidden surveillance cameras installed by a brave fourteen year old girl. She told police. People did not believe her. Claims that this man forty-seven year old Damon Beck. No was physically and verbally abusing her. The girl's mother asking us to hide the teams face. The OKALOOSA Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office in Florida looking at this video from late December. Just watch the man threatens the dog you the girl begging him to stop police say the video also shows the man headbutting girl tonight Damon and BEC Knowle's facing charges of felony child abuse and animal cruelty and David. The girl is now with the state assigned Guardian and Beck No has been released on bond. We've tried reaching out to him but have not heard back. He'll face a judge next month. David Archie thank you and out of the race for twenty two thousand tonight if you watch the democratic debate last night until the very end are you likely notice Senator Elizabeth Warren refusing to shake Senator Bernie sanders hand after an exchange during the debate over whether a woman could win in two thousand twenty. ABC's ABC's Linsey. Davis is just back from Iowa. They call each other friends. But when Bernie Sanders extended his hand to Elizabeth Warren on the Iowa debate stage. She refused nice to shake it to then appeared to exchange tense words. A rift between the two progressives appeared after Warren claim that in a private two thousand eighteen conversation Enders Koenders told her that a woman can't win the White House where else a matter of fact. I didn't say Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by three the million volts. How could anybody in a million years not believe that a woman could become president of the United States? Marin not backing down I think the best way talk about who can win is by looking at people's winning record so can woman beat Donald Trump. Look at the men on this stage collectively. They have lost ten elections the only people on this stage who have won every single election that they've been in are the women. Amy In many of us saw that tension right after the debate Sanders Campaign Manager says at Warren came to raise a concern and he said said. Let's talk about that later. Tom Style of course ended up right in the middle of that exchange. He now says that he was trying to get out of the way as fast as possible. David Probably Smart Lizzy lizzy thanks to other news tonight. In climate change of course Lindsay was a major issue in last night's debate tonight. Here are the alarming new numbers from scientists at both NASA and Noah. Here's here's ABC's James Longman those extreme and deadly wildfires continue to ravage Australia and tonight the alarming numbers according to a new report. The last decade was the Earth's warmest on record twenty nine thousand nine the second hottest year ever global land temperatures increasing scientists say the bushfires part of the dramatic matic fallout from climate change and rising over Australia tonight. This phenomenon. so-called fire clouds spanning dangerous weather conditions. Fueling the flames battle with the elements goes to the ends of the earth heat levels in the ocean the highest ever recorded melting at a distressing rate one study finding the amount of heat heaping released by. Climate Change Equals Five Hiroshima explosions per second. We made it. We've landed on Antarctica. I saw the devastating reality firsthand and Clement researches telling me time is of the essence. I'm hopeful we can. We can fight climate change both here and at home and now says human activities are leading to record amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which warms the planet and if those emissions don't drop we can expect much more extreme extreme and an unpredictable climate. David James Longman on climate change tonight James. Thank you and back here at home. The state of emergency in Virginia tonight after militia threats over gun reform governor Ralph Northam temporarily banning all weapons from Richmond's Capitol Square ahead of a protest planned for Monday against proposed regulations northern citing do intelligence indicating that among the protesters there may be out of state militias with quote militias plans for the rally. They're still a lot more ahead of world news tonight this Wednesday very close call call today. Look at this two women walking the building that came down right behind him. Baseball's cheating scandal growing tonight. The Red sox firing and we'll have news in a moment on that and bracing for another volcano eruption. Tonight Bob Woodruff is on the scene for several quakes already and what he saw for himself today. We'll hear from Bob in just a moment reporters ahead when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. I that's why you need indeed dot Com post. A job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast I accelerate your results with sponsor jobs. NEW USERS CAN TRY FOR FREE AT INDEED DOT com slash. David M that's indeed dot com slash David M terms conditions and quality standards apply offer valid through March. Thirty first twenty twenty. If you don't know your numbers you don't know your business serious entrepreneurs and finance teams run on net suite by Oracle the world's number one cloud business system. Net sweet offers a full picture of all your finances all in one place in real time right from your phone or desktop schedule. So you're free demo right now and receive their free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets we'd dot com slash event. Set up your free demo and get your free guide today a Netflix DOT com slash event. Where to turn next here tonight? To the growing danger in the Philippines authorities are now warning that an active volcano could possibly erupt again within hours or days and ABC's Bob Woodruff. Is there tonight. All eyes. On the tall volcano spewing ash and lava experts warning and explosive corruption could be days even hours away and worse than the initial blast over the weekend shooting plumes of ash inside that cloud streaks volcanic lightening tens of thousands forced from their homes today. We found village after village. Empty blanketed in ash police blocking us from getting any any closer to the volcano. We're not allowed to go inside the danger zone utter devastation. Livestock left behind in many now taking their chances going back to save the animals that can carry volunteers rescuing pets and despite the threat people here I determined to clean up. Have you ever seen anything like this before First Time this eruption is the Tahal volcanoes. I in more than forty years at Bob Woodward reporting in from the Philippines tonight in Bob we understand the government there is now urging people in that high risk area to get out the experts saying all the warning signs are there they are ineffective been almost five hundred. Earthquakes detected out here. We walk out in the road. You can see more cracks. which they say means there's more pressure sure building underneath the push the magma up to the surface and we just pulled up here a few minutes ago? We saw more ashes coming out of the volcano. So we're going to stay out of the dangerous spots and stay here where it's a little bit safer to the index and the close call in DC to him in crossing the street one of them using a walker there a building under renovation collapsing. Right behind them. No one seriously hurt. Major League fallout from Baseball's cheating scandal. Red sox manager Alex Cora also fired now for stealing signs accused of masterminding schemes with the Astros and possibly the red sox core faces severe punishment from the League as well. The new inductees the rock and Roll Hall of fame tonight. One voice like whitten's she's among the classic twenty twenty. She joins depeche mode the DOOBIE brothers nine inch nails Torius VIP. I G. T. REX funny tonight. Jeopardy's greatest of all time. It all came down to final jeopardy. Did he come up with IAGO. He did not Ken Jetty. You the greatest of all time happening happening Ken Jennings walking over to Alex. Greatest of all time jeopardy James and Brad Brad Robin asking this morning as it set in what was it like when you knew you had a clinched I just remember feeling shock. I have never never. I've been in a lot of these jeopardy's super tournaments and I have an amazing talent for finishing second so I had no idea what to do when you actually win it turns out you walk over and stand by our. The determinant was taped last month. But Ken kept it a secret from everyone but one my wife knew. I didn't want her to divorce me. I told my wife immediately. The kids didn't know my parents didn't know everyone knows trophy. And a million dollars. Ken Jennings greatest all time jeopardy champion. Yeah it was fun David in Europe to see it right back here tomorrow. Good hey everyone. ABC's Paula Farris. I'm the host of journeys of faith. Faith as you know all too well. We are in an election year so on this season. We're talking to twenty twenty presidential candidates and other political figures about about how their faith and religion influence their person and their politics. Before you tell me about your religion for show it to me and how you treat other people you can call God by many different names but we are worshiping the same God checkout journeys of faith wherever you're listening now.

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