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How El Chapos Son Got Away


From Connecticut to California Mississippi to Minnesota millions of American businesses are using Google tools to grow online the growth Google Initiative sports small businesses by providing free digital skills workshops and one on one coaching in all fifty states helping businesses get online connected new customers and work more productively and people were just terrified today on the show we're going to tell the story of what had harass you're listening to what next stick with us tire begins that was horrendous and terrifying but it was insight they is the Sinoloa cartel a drug trafficking organization that until recently was led by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman been last week in Culiacan and what it says about how the Mexican government and the US to are implicated in cartel violence thing that made me cry because no child should go through this was last week it became clear just how much the narco culture has come to define Kuli Khan when these videos started to surface on twitter in this one the camera pointed a well kept strip of lawn with a busy road beyond full are running yelling taking cover and all the cars are trying to move in reverse then the from Connecticut to California for Mississippi to Minnesota millions of American businesses are using Google tools to grow online also very very sad there's a video of father protecting children who are lying on the side of the what do you mean how does that happen you've got a with time with time walking around Cooley Akon you might notice t shirts baseball caps all stamped with seven helping them get online connect with new customers and work more productively learn more at Google dot com slash grow that's google dot com slash grow quite literally a war so in the middle of the day in the middle of the week in the capital city for state in Mexico and more customers globally means it strider bikes can hire more employees back home in the US the growth Google initiative is committed to helping American businesses like strider one hundred one that was number on a Forbes billionaires list of years back but it's not like the people are wearing those those hats are businesses like strider bikes in rapid city South Dakota are using tools like google market finder and Google ads to expand their reach and connect with more customers globally the father was going on whether or not those were gunshots he said Mexican authorities were zeroing in on a narcotrafficker named Ovidio Guzman Lopez who's facing extradition to the US accused of helping to run the Kuli Khan Mexico is a city with a secret but journalists Land Kraus says it's a bit of an open secret upon Ovidio Guzman Lopez and then a little bit later it became more clear that they had been trying to hunt him down perhaps bikes use the web to grow that's why grow with Google provides free digital skills workshops and one on one coaching small businesses in all fifty states Rhode reclose to their car and you can hear gunshots several gunshots far away and and the kids are asking Sinoloa cartel his father Joaquin El Chapo Guzman is serving a life sentence in Colorado supermax facility part was interesting to me in Mexico not too far though the cool in Generaux when you say that it's part of the just general culture to help the American authorities and then they reach some stumbling blocks and they had to stop and that's how things spun out of Control I'm not gonna I think one of these conceptions is that the culture of the Narcos is just exclusive to them that's that's not the case especially in we should fussing eighteen to me while he was detained Yes yes yes yes so there's there's there's a certain arrogance that it turns out that there wasn't operation was planned clumsily to say the least to apprehend Guthman and can you describe it you you talked about the way he looks at the camera will set twenty nine year old man with a handsome face there are no clear signs that there are criminal organization walking around you wouldn't feel threatened if you went to can listen they're heading there this was the version that we heard from the government but then there was another version of events on patrol simply stumbled on a residence in Culiacan and that some people began firing at will this is part of the mess the initial version that we got from the government hours and hours after this had happened was that a group it's a little bit unclear exactly how this battle started because the early descriptions were that Mexican forces sort of stumble they faced by the government of Mexico they faced the dilemma of letting him go to prevent the Group of National Guard soldiers who then entered the residence and then just out of luck found or vehicles man surrendered and let this man go free to the delight of the cartel and their fans because they do have fans it was planned let me just put it mildly yeah I mean after capturing him the Mexican authorities released this photo ovidio a day later a shootout in the state of Guerrero killed a soldier and multiple civilians but Leon loves his home country before he could someone took this picture of him when they detained him or at least held him and he's looking at the camera with certain arrogance I corporation which was very complex was to be carried out in broad daylight in the capital city of it went it didn't it didn't even ask he told me he doesn't want to think about Mexico as a failed state if you went to many parts of Mexico right now the US it's more like fifteen thousand here which is just seems alarming yes I agree I just think it's important to and violence broke out in the streets of Kuli Khan last Thursday it was men from the clutches of the Mexican Armed Forces hold it they've already been songs written go yes absolutely very dangerous spots which doesn't mean the situation is not very difficult and what happened in quicken is not very concerning that he probably knew who was coming for him what was going to happen next. There's another picture of Kim using using his phone calling some someone which is Josh Allen and that quite frankly I actually said this on the news that he yeah I mean I should say that in a place like Kuli Khan you've alluded to this a little bit but in some ways the cartels maybe more some regions of Mexico there really is a parallel state and that's just inadmissible that's just not possible imagine the casualties or trying to extricate him from Ken and they made the president the decision with active than the government's I was reading one report that like for instance if your car was stolen you'd probably have more success getting back if he went to the you would be very very safe and you will enjoy the country very very much I always try to be very clear about that adjourned cartel than the local Police Department yes and listen I I laugh but but it certainly not a laughing matter I mean in cartel violence is an only happening in Culiacan a week ago gunmen from the HALLEY SCO cartel amber state police and killed more than a dozen of them because something what happened was the cartel unleashed help the cartel began burning vehicles I I read the murders in Mexico are on pace for a record high this year like the compared to its I think it said thirty seven thousand this year and just to compare that to the other aspects of the rule of law that belong to the state I think is an interesting distinction you just made between a failed state and parallel states shoot unarmed vehicle beef I want to go to Mexico City and only number vehicle in Mexico City or in Merida Yucatan or where of course they're in conflict because one of those states is not official absolutely right and I think another another misunderstanding is this attack was a manifestation of the superiority of the cartels to the government and she ended by saying the government can't protect us to prevent the removal of Aviv from the city but again we don't have definitive version of events what we do know is that at some point more powerful than the state the state this week the criminals are strong but hearing you describe these cartel forces it can be explained by what happened next I mean we still don't have the definitive the cartel I mean and we immediately so for example some North Korea those written of the heroic epic scape of Ob what's happening in America if all of us all in a criminal organization to control of Taxation Law enforcement and place that number in context and Mexico ace and immense country that has many things that are very very positive but what can I say yes but as violence played out in the streets of Kuli Khan last week the says Lopez over door was shockingly silent let me awesome has been because she's wrong Mexican armed forces are better equipped better trained than the cartels I can't help but wonder why wouldn't the Mexican forces the state forces go in prepared for a real battle which seems horribly sad it said an proves just how successful the campaign of terrorists the go ahead from the president himself version of Mexico to let go plus guy he'll simple thrive on our smile one woman who said you know we always knew that the criminals had better guns than the local folks here but this was a manifestation but also as a Mexican when I get the privilege of of an interview like this one but also when I talked to my friends in Los Angeles I mean they have asked me so much we'll see about this response about what's going through his head well he he he's a very stubborn man who has convent's but it turned out to be really a perfect storm off to an concluded in the Mexican government's relation who terry slackness bigger than the cartels it is better equipped it is better trained the problem lies elsewhere I think it's a leadership issue crisis of violence in Mexico he strategy is not the use of force but something quite different and very controversial I it's interesting you say that the Mexican forces aren't outmatched but a certainly seemed outmatched here and I I was struck by what all here well that's a great question the answer probably a there was just lack of planning just she but the perception of course when you see the sort of brazen siege of a city the perception is this this this people Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is Mexico's president he was elected last year after serving as a leader of the country's opposition party promised to end corruption to think of their dear old mothers their grandmothers when committing a crime will this work well I can't think of then he was cut off from communication for an hour since he flies commercial when he landed he wants to reporters no comment he said once again accident not no yeah I mean of course it's it's unbelievable right but I choose to believe that he knew so let's say he knew in those two to stand down through to persuasion rather than enforcement of the rule of law and he has taken these two extremes for example he has asked criminals to Kalina or in many places I think violence in Mexico you still contained enough fuel full of heart legitimate questions Lopez forcefully attacked the reporter he

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