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It's time to eat four. Sit Down and get ready to consume abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross. Tucker and Joe Dolan me now on the fantasy. Feast Eytan podcast. Yeah let me baby is the fantasy fees eating podcast and it is of course presented by bet online. Just use the Promo Code. Podcast one right now. They're giving out a one hundred percent sign up. Bonus good timing by the way too because you can bet on the NFL draft and that's what we're talking about today we're talking about some of the prospects in the NFL draft with old friend. Evan Soave he's at Evans Silva on twitter. The Star of the show. These days is Joe. Dolan at F. G. Underscore Dolan an absolute rock star in the industry. I am merely Ross. Tucker former journeymen offensive lineman five teams seven years now. I've got five podcast that I'd do over seven days. You get it kind of just made that up at. Ross Tucker. Nfl twitter instagram. Facebook really appreciate the follows. The likes the everything makes a big difference at RTF. Podcast is where you can go ahead and make sure you know exactly. When each of our shows has posted there is a bunch of them. Evansville had the best mock draft in the world last year. We're GONNA talk to him about his success there. Because some of you may WANNA bet based on Evans mock draft plus e does the work on evaluating these prospects. So I'm looking forward to getting Evans thoughts on some of the skill. Guys he really likes and some of the skill guys in does not like that are going to be rookies. Perhaps on your team. Perhaps you'll be drafting him. Perhaps you already are in Best Ball Leagues or Dynasty Leagues. You're already talking about whatever so we will get to that momentarily. I should mention by the way that April is testicular cancer awareness month. And you probably did not know this but one guy every hour. Every day is diagnosed with testicular cancer. 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Feast your balls will thank you again. Manscaping DOT COM use code. Feast pretty cool that. They've teamed up with the testicular Cancer Awareness. Society very cool. Uh speaking of cool. Let's dive into it all right so you obviously know him. Well you recognize his voice or you will momentarily. He is the man at established the run DOT com. Check HIM OUT ON TWITTER AT EVANS. Silva he his dad to the cutest little girl and the CO founder of established the run DOT com. The one and only Evan Silva our buddy. Evan always great to talk with you. Thanks for coming on the show. Hey thanks for having me guys. I think this is my first time back since we went our separate ways. But you guys crush. It had awesome first year I listened a lot and you guys pumped out great information and you know. Thank you as as a loyal listener because it made me smarter every week. Wow I praise that will get you everywhere. Thank you Evan. Appreciate that well. I'm going to return the favor right now because you were and this is like objective. This is not subjective objectively. The number one ranked mock draft her in the world last year. And you've been among the top five. I believe over the last five years so I guess. Let's start with that Evan. Before we get into specific thoughts that you have for this year What do you attribute the success to and I guess why do you do it like why do you put so much time into it and do it just for fun to do or just to be a part of the contest Take us through your process in reasoning. Yeah why always wanted to be good and I was terrible for a while and I would do. I would try different methods like I would do my own. You know top top fifty board and then I would try to do you know. What do I think that team should do? You know and I would try a bunch of different ways I would The beat writers always do their own mock drafts. And I'd try to look at you know what what was the beat writers projecting and you know that never worked in you know so finally I was like I really do. Want to get good at this and You know we started on the fantasy feast during the offseason to have some level of interesting content. We started bringing on our shows guys. That had shown they were good that they were accurate. Mock drafters and you know. We had several of them on and we talk about what their processes were in. So I tried to pick their brains and just from being rota world for a really long time because the foundation of that website. Is there player? News blurbs you know what you're doing is you're what national am beat. Writers are reporting in so I try to cultivate that and I tried to figure out you know why. Why was Bob? Mcginn so good at Predicting predicting the draft like he would year-over-year be really good. Why was Mike mayock better than everyone at that? And then now General Jeremiah has really emerged as the best mainstream mock. Drafter studying their mock drafts and just kind of using all all those different information sources to better myself and and finally I was able to get myself to a a position where I became decent. No again Boeing's actually good at predicting the draft. That's one of the things that makes the draft show. Great I mean I I compared almost to like the NC double A. Tournament in terms of predictability and surprise factor and. I think that that's going to be even accentuated this year because there really aren't that many a drought pre-draft rumors coming out there aren't that many pre-draft reports coming out because you know it's cousy executives are not out on the produce trail and not talking as much. They were no. Nfl owners meetings and the big talk really. This year at the combine was not necessarily about the players as much as it was about the CBA. So I think that this year in terms of predicting the You know mocking the draft is going to be the most difficult that you know of that. I've ever seen and I think there's GonNa be a lot of surprises and I think that people that are saying like. Oh that will never happen like they have no idea what they're talking about and I think my mock draft is GonNa be terrible this year and then I think it's fascinating that you're talking about. There's not a whole lot of inside information coming out but I do. WanNa bring up something today and this relates to your mock draft on establish the run DOT com. It's up and Evan. I believe everybody can read that right now. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. Good so I want to bring this up. Because we're going to talk about a specific player. I'm reading tweets here from the Miami media. This one's just from Berry Jackson. I'm not calling him out or anything like that. I'm just saying what he reported and Berry Jackson said this today. We're talking on Thursday. The ninth of April spoke to two more. Nfl personnel people who have been in the League along time and he points out with no horse in this race so not dolphins related people but he covers the dolphins for the Miami Herald. And he says he. These people insist to quote in top. Ten is simply too risky. Whether fins believe it or not the notion of giving valuable assets to trade for to a seems increasingly a logical. And I'M NOT GONNA call you out for what you've done in your mock draft. But I've seen that next from Berry Jackson who writes for the Miami Herald but I've seen multiple. Dolphins beat writers over the past week plus kind of start to in a way. Soften the blow for Dolphin fans who have wanted to all throughout this process and I think that's notable because in your mock draft Joe Borough go number one overall. I don't think that's controversial. It all at this point and then you have Washington taking chase young too but at number three that originally the Detroit lions spot you up the chargers trading up to draft to a and I think that's fascinating because it's it's looking more and more likely that the dolphins are turning their heads away from two and I think it's really interesting that you decided the chargers the team that are GonNa make the splash move and trade up forum. What was your rationale behind that? Yes I can tell you from experience that. Berry Jackson is one of the absolute best beat reporters. He's almost like he's one of the absolute best. And you know he goes really really deep any research every angle and you know. He was always wanted to the his column He. He did it so perfectly for us at Rota world because he would just have like nuggets you know throughout his column and you know he didn't necessarily right no big articles with big long paragraphs you just he gives you like one hitters and And he's he's got a great track record of accuracy so I absolutely do not dismiss anything that he says also from the same paper Armando Salgueiro has a little bit more quietly and a little bit less directly although he's gotten pretty direct recently He's been saying that. The dolphins like Justin Herbert better than to For a long time For maybe even months and also Mike Lombardi. Who I know has been on. Ross's show Before the Ross Tiger football podcast He has a stated that he thinks that Herbert might go ahead of two. So look you know kind of Crazy Times that we're living in the actual world like you know teams are unable to get the medical access to to that they normally would. There have been reports that have come out about his injury history and his you know people who have got Medical report on him from the combine. The results weren't weren't great. So could we see a slide down the board from two? I mean that's something that we've we've got to start considering to be a possibility. This mock draft. I wrote like really a week ago. But I'm willing to absolutely change. The craft in order to account for new information and I don't think that this is minced misinformation. It makes a lot of sense logically that teams when they can't examine a A player at their own team facility with their own doctors would have in. Its at such a critical position They might have some pause when when they're when they're when they're on the board and they're considering to of because of his injury issues yeah. I think that's well said Evan. One last question at least from my perspective before we get into some of the rookie prospects you like and don't would be. Do you feel like the mock draft. Exercise helps you per either fantasy football or perhaps betting on the totals for these guys you can bet if the guys at twelve and a half if he goes over under does it serve other purposes or is it just about the mock draft itself when you're a mock draft. You have to examine a lot of different factors have to examine team needs. You have to examine the history of that team or that. Jammer that terrent front office. And what have they done to that point? In the off season you know what has been their off-season strategy who else is left on the board Do they have a history of trading upper trading down so yeah I mean I think that you know it can be a very instructive exercise. Just from the writer himself or herself to do to conduct a mock draft. Because it's just it requires you to put in. Some effort is put together a decent looking mock draft with decent explanations behind each pick and each moves and then I think that that also can be instructive for the reader. Absolutely so I mean mock drafts. Kind of get like you know. They're kind of laughed off. And They Kinda don't get you know The best name but I think that you know a good mock draft absolutely Has its utility and shoot especially in a time like usually leading up to the draft. You know there's not a ton of great information out. The free agency has really ground to a hall and it's just it. It gives us something to talk about. Evansville let's get into some of the specific positions by the way. Just go to establish the Ron and check out Evans. Mock draft if you WANNA go through. We're not going to go through every pick as a matter of fact this fantasy. Podcast that we're going to focus on the skill position Guys Evan. In addition to the quarterbacks which you said you know we're getting a little bit of information that might make you change that but everybody knows here that the the cream of the crop of this draft is the wide receiver position and going through your mock draft. You have seven of them going in the first round you only a first round. Mock you at seven wide receivers going in the first round and interestingly enough and we've been hearing more and more that this could happen you actually have henry rugs as the first wide receiver off the board and to me. It makes sense. I know his production wasn't where you'd like to see it in college. But you're talking about a team in Alabama. That ran the ball very well. He had to compete for targets with Jerry. Judy and Devante Smith and a bunch of other guys. There were Alabama's just completely loaded with skill position talent. But you have rugs going off the board and don't want to compare this too much to Darius Hayward Bay ten years ago but the raiders are the ones who pull the trigger. They go get their speed guy. What did you see from Henry Rugs when you watched him? And what makes him really appealing fantasy asset especially ends up with somebody like Jon? Gruden and the raiders and from a volume standpoint. You know. He didn't get nearly as many targets in receptions as Jerry. Judy did And I'd love Jerry Judy but Henry Rugs I think at the very worst is going to be a guy who changes coverage because of his speed and I also thought they one thing that stood out about him was how physical he was. He's not like a finesse. Deep threat sort of player. He's absolutely willing to go in there and mix it up. I think pro football focus actually has him as their number one overall wide receiver and we started to hear a lot of kind of buzz about Henry. Rugs being number one Drafted wide receiver in this class last week so mocking him. There was kind of a reactionary. Move to that but I think it makes a lot of sense when you look at the raiders They don't have that right now. Tyrone Williams I think is a solid number two you know outside the numbers receiver. Darren Waller had an excellent season as the low average depth of target tight end. He really wasn't making a lot of his plays downfield but he fit perfectly with their car. In Hunter. Renfro had really underrated season as a slot. Receiver what they don't have is that you know second third level player that not only tilt coverage what makes plays downfield and Derek Carr has been a guy that has been accurate when he has gone downfield but he has not gone down. Co very much Not at a high frequency and I think you have to add that element into the raiders. Offense see if Derek Carr can do something with it because I'm not sure that you get the full evaluation of Derek Carr and at some point the rain at some point very soon the raiders are going to have to make a decision on Derek Carr And I think you have to see him with that Henry Rugs type of player before you can. You can make that decision with full like with with the full at like being able to make that decision with all the information available. Evan before I ask you about other receivers that stood out to you either positively or negatively. I know Joe feels very strongly about what under you should be wearing while you're at home during this quarantine. Go ahead Joe Ross. I haven't put on a pair of normal pants in a couple of weeks. I probably should do that. I should try to get a to get into some sort of routine I've been sleeping in and honestly one of the big reasons I've been sleeping in Ross is because I'm damn comfortable look. We've spent a lot of time at home. 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Tommy John Dot com slash. Feast all right so Evan. I've seen your tweets at Evansville I said earlier. I know you've done a lot of work on the receivers and so I'll just ask you one guy that you really like perhaps more than others do and maybe the opposite one guy that you're not as high on as other people appear to be at receiver. I think a brandon I am. I saying that right. Joe You are indeed having. It's Kinda where you put the accent you I or I you. I think it's I S. It sounds like that you know that sound that. Dufy makes are you. Yeah you know when he gets when goofy gets launched in a in a cartoon. Anyway I'M GONNA I should probably myself after that I thought that he you know and someone a presented. This comparison to me. He just remind me a lot of Chris Godwin and he's built exactly like Chris Godwin. I think he moves a lot like Chris. God when he is so freaking good after the catch you know. Caught everything when I watched him. Here's a guy that came from Juku. Originally I believe and then he was kind of overshadowed by Nikiel Harry at Arizona State and then he exploded in his final season. One thing that we used to talk about a lot on the fantasy feast was wide receivers and really any skill position players. That had a lot of success. on special teams as kickoff in. Punt. Returners which you did because it was indicative of a player that was really good with the ball in his hands. You know t y Hilton. Odell Beckham even Dez. Bryant was an incredible return man at Oklahoma state. You know the list goes on and on an ICU. Was Incredible Return Man at Arizona State. He's got a bigger radius than you would think for a guy who's a quote unquote only six foot two. Oh Five. Because he's got a almost thirty four inch arms which is like left tackle links and I think that that shows up when you watch him play as well The thing is that he just had this core muscle surgery. And so I think that that you know just any kind of medical alarm right now worries me about mocking him in the first draft from in the first round but so I probably will will pull him out of next time but man. I'll tell you what when I watched him. I was like wow. This guy needs to be considered right on the first and second round fringe. Adam Kaplan and Daniel Jeremiah have talked about how he had a chance to go in the first round But I I do think that this core muscle surgery that he just had. I don't even know the extent of it but I think it's just it's just enough to keep him out of the first time especially at such deep position but I I really really like is game. Oh and then A guy that I might be lower on then consensus I think the more that I've watched t higgins and Jalen Rieger. I think that they both of those guys are of difficult to evaluate jalen. Rieger kind of a smaller burner. Who did not test as well is. He sort of like was expected and forecasted to do. He's a great athlete. But in terms of straight-line speed he wasn't quite as fast as expected And then a t higgins who also was not as fast as expected at his pro day when you watch him play. I mean he's a big long vertical threat. Sort of like a poor man's Martavis Bryant or like a discount Martavis Bryant and and he has become a a difficult guy to evaluate because I know that he was really highly thought of in College But I think he might end up being a second or third round. Pick as opposed to a first rounder. That he was maybe kind of considered to be a when all this started. And then we can talk about the reasons for this for about one hundred hours and too many hours of already been spent on it. But you have no running backs going in the first round of your mock draft up established the RON DOT com. However we know how important the running back -sition is for fantasy football and for sure you spent a lot of time watching an analyzing them who are some of your favorites in the class Maybe one high end guy one sleeper. And maybe one guy that you don't think is as good as maybe the consensus things. Yeah well first of all. I think it's a really good actual draft you know. I think it's a really good Tommy class. I think that it's an incredible obviously wide receiver class. You know. I think that six wide receiver wide receivers are probably going to go into. I found at least five. Maybe six maybe even seven You know so. I think that it's it's drift or really really good draft and so. That is one reason that I don't have any running backs in the first round of my mock draft and the two guys that are inconsideration for that would be Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin But I think that we as like fantasy analysts and I think the matches up really well analytically. I think we're a little bit higher than the. Nfl is on Johnson. Taylor right now and I think that we're a little lower than the. Nfl is on the Andrea swift and Andrea Swift. You know he might be a guy who I mean I can see him being a guy that comes in and just really tears it up in fantasy because he is a really good receiving back and he's good enough as just like a traditional ball carrier and that's what he did at Georgia. He was like a really a a pro style running back You know he was a guy that outperformed the competition. Yeah he was he was just extremely competitive backfield's at Georgia and he was always you know like at the at the top of of that backfield in terms of efficiency and you add in that that passing game value and men and if you add in some some pretty good draft capital which assures that he's GonNa get a lot of opportunity early on. He's a guy who could come and absolutely Fantasy and really run laps around Jonathan Taylor who is a guy that looks great from a workhorse projection. But his passing game value has big big question marks and if he can't catch the ball I mean I read on established around. We did a podcast. The other day was Mike Renner of PF college and he noted that Jonathan Taylor had eight drops among fifty Among fifty targets during his career at Wisconsin. That's still a small sample size but man. That's that's not a good number eight drops on fifty targets in your career. He only had one season where he was even halfway. Productive from receiving standpoint of but de'andre swift is a guy that I think that You know I'm really really excited about entering the league lower end guy that I like is key Sean Vaughan out of Vanderbilt He looked like a guy to me. That to break tackles who was big enough in that to fifteen range and that could really excel in the passing game and was highly highly efficient right around six and a half yards per. Carry running against SCC defenses and running behind the vanderbilt offense of line so I think that a lot lot of things to like about Sean Vaughan. One guy that I kind of went back and forth on was JK DOBBINS. Because he's a guy that really made his mark from getting being able to handle tone volume and excelling with it and he was good enough. I think as a receiver I think. He had seventy one receptions in three seasons at Ohio state but he was not a guy like made plays from the slot or outside or anything like that. And I think the Andrea Swift can be a guy like that and then if you look at. Jk Dobbins how he's built and his game as sort of like an interior grinder. He's only two hundred nine pounds and he did not test before the draft so he was a guy that I kinda keep going back and forth on and I'm probably just GONNA let wherever. He lands his landing spot dictate how much. I liked him from fantasy and real life going forward standpoint evidence always good to have you on the show. It's always good to hear your voice. I feel like we could do like a five hour. Show about your thoughts on these prospects. I could ask you about tight end. But it doesn't seem like a very tight end you fell in love with is there. No I mean I there guys that I try to I want to. I WANT TO LIKE ITEM. Trautmann from Dayton and the Albert guy from Missouri. I mean Joe. Can you pronounce his last name? A coup Buna. Are you serious? I've been working on that. A coup dude. He's like that guy goes in the in the Vitali category for me were big by ties. Big that tight end is Albert. Oh Alberto is that dude's near well. Hey Evan thanks so much coming on the show. Great Dear Your Voice. Congratulations with all the success over at establish the run dot com thanks guys crushing and take. Take it easy man. That was awesome. I knew it would be highly encourage you to take some of the information you got from Evan and go to bed online. There's still a lot going on. We got the NFL draft coming up. We talked about a great way to bet that based on some of Evans Silva's thoughts on the matter. Bet Online. Of course has the Promo Code podcast. One for the one hundred percent sign up bonus but they also have blackjack. They had the online casino. They've got poker so even if you don't want to bet the NFL draft heavy you can be all over it at. Bet Online dot ag your online sportsbook expert. Speaking abetting. Check out the even money podcast. Yesterday that was awesome couple of our listeners. Who actually won ten grand from bed online via this survivor pool? Last season very very cool. Encourage you check that out and of course we will have the goat. Greg cosell talking linebackers tomorrow on the Ross Tucker Football podcast right now. Though I am stuffed totally four. I think we're done thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker. Football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts. Ross Tucker DOT COM or wherever PODCASTS can be found.

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