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How can I help somebody educate and learn and develop if I don't have the context of their life. What you see your perception of abbey sporting events. Get this. Welcome to outside the lines. I'm Kate Fagin after a turbulent offseason. College basketball returns to the court. And that's today's big story from studios Z since we last saw college hoops in action. A federal jury returned a verdict. Convicting three men connected in pay for play schemes the first of three trials with documents naming some of the game's biggest players and programs, including Kansas, Duke. Michigan state and Kentucky all teams hitting the court tonight. In addition, the NBA's G league announced one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar contract option for top level talent as an alternative to spending one season in college. Of course that option came too late for the nation's top three prospects, all of whom will wear the Duke jersey for the first time tonight. What remains to be seen is how much the drama around the game might actually change the game here to offer. His perspective is ESPN basketball analyst, Jay Williams who joins us from Indianapolis before tonight. State farm champions classic J. Let's start with Duke. What does this star studded freshman class mean for Duke? Well, on paper K is the best class at Duke or ever had. Now dukes has some pretty amazing classes. But when you land the number one and number two and number three prospect in the nation at all commit to the same team. That is unprecedented. We haven't seen that before and a one and done era. And also, it will be the most relevant Duke has ever been in the history of the game for that program. They are highlights twenty four seven three sixty five and it starts with a guy like Zion. Williamson who will be everywhere social media star you combine with the likes of RJ bear who might be the first pick in the draft a guy like Cam reddish, who's a silky smooth guard. Trae Jones who also is a point guard can lead his team in so many different ways. This team is everything they're gonna live up to be. But with hype comes a lot of hypothetical. So we'll see what they have in store. RJ? From a broader perspective. How do you see the off season the FBI investigations conviction actually impacting the business of college basketball? Well, I love that use the terminology the business of college basketball because it is a business for everybody else. But the players frankly, I'm pretty shocked. This stuff has been going on for such a long time in our game. And people have known about it. You hear stories going all the way back to some of the oldest coaches in the game. And the fact that these will be considered federal crimes just kind of leaves me not knowing what to say. When you hear terms like bribery being used? Well, that's bribery. I see bribery happening in business every single day. The reality is that you know, none of these coaches are being held to blame here. So we have certain players at this sit out we have other individuals who potentially even after the pills process might have to go to jail for federal crimes, but we're not seeing any coaches with the exception of Rick Pitino and that was his third strike on something that wasn't this. So this all kind of leaves me flabbergasted, and the reality is I I don't know if bans actually care about it. Now, we have to watch it every single day we talk about every single day. But I think man perspective unless they want to use it by saying, hey, your school's cheater or your coach teats, and then they move on because it benefits their own school. It seems like nobody really cares. Yeah. Why do you think that is that fans don't seem to care about the revealing of this underbelly? Now, I know we're not supposed to talk about politics when I'm going to tip toe into this area. Anyway, it kind of reminds me there's a there's a headline that came out today that said, you know, Trump is making voting great again. And it's almost why with today's midterm elections. We're seeing record-setting numbers for people coming out to vote because there was something so disruptive in that vertical. It woke everybody up. We're having something that disruptive in our vertical, but it's not opening everybody's eyes. So I don't even know if a major coach goes down if you know, Mark Emrick goes out, Mark Emmett goes down with something. I'm not saying that's going to say that's going to happen. But something like that happens to that the green will that be enough to shift people's thoughts about what's actually occurring. But the the the realistic matter of this whole thing is that fans when they come home, they want this to be their escape they want to be entertained. They wanna sit back and watch their team and enjoy their team, and that's it. So until something disruptive to that nature. Skate. We're not gonna have any moment. One thing that was attempting to disrupt was the G leagues offer of one hundred twenty five K for top prospects. We got about thirty seconds left. But I wanted your opinion on how you see the top high school talent responding to that G league offer. Well, look content is moving down. And what I mean? But we have contracts for NCWA conserve is for NBA. And now high school is the next thing you're seeing companies like overtime really take over in that market. If I'm a high school kid, if I can create my own brand and have one hundred or two hundred thousand Instagram followers. Why would I hold out? I mean, I would do to Darius Bazeley, right? What you get potentially a new balance deal for fourteen million dollars or overseas or more make money as soon as possible or just train and get ready for the NBA draft. All right. Thanks J. Shaved today. Thanks. Kate lobs it into Murray. He gets down the lane leans in riverside, layup. Remain. Oh, he is. He did sell to remember that. Resolution said about forty points, but the ball desserts gonna crowd. That was curry Irving in the seconds after the Celtics loss to the Denver, Nuggets frustrated after the nuggets Jamal Murray took a last second shot to attempt to reach fifty points, a shot that Irving believed was in poor form of us. Just one of the NBA's many storylines ten games into the season. We've got interim coaches and gangbusters scoring. And of course, there's always the Lakers. We are now joined by ESPN NBA analyst Ryan Hollins who happens to have spent a season with curry Irving wall with the Cleveland Cavaliers Ryan, what do you make of that end of game reaction, by Irving. I love it because career having is a guy who's so talented that it was tough at times to get him motivated for to play basketball because the game comes so easy to him. So that he was actually frustrated in irritated by something happened. This is absolute greatest thing to happen for the Boston Celtics in curry to see him motivated and loving to play basketball again, and really frustrated and keep in mind. Curry Irving is a guy himself who can go out is score a fifty points or forty points at the basketball game. So this is a guy who's not capable of doing what Jamal Murray had done in this situation. This is a guy very very capable of say come on young fellow act. Like you've been there before I know you're excited, but there's levels so this and there's rule so the game you got Murray putting up forty eight which is a huge number on par with the kind of big numbers that have been going up across the league for these first ten games. It's been eye-popping on pace for the highest scoring season since nineteen seventy seventy one with you. Watching these games. What do you think accounts for the jump? Well, the one thing that they've changed is obviously the perimeter rules. You can't put your hands on the defender, and there's been an emphasis to level things out in post why the post players had beginning so penalize that you can grab and hold guys in the post. And now, you restrict their emotion you essentially penalize guys for being big. But now in the post they're calling it just as tight as they are on the perimeter. I was joking last night with corden McGinty. I said coy the way you got to the free throw line, you'd average thirty points a game in today's NBA. So if you know how to create an advantage the NBA is turning into a true game of skill. And if you can shoot it you can drive it, and you are physical. You can have a fill Dan today's NBA I've never seen so many guys averaging eighteen in nineteen points a game. But it's great for entertainment. I love seeing the buckets in scoring. All right. So it's been a busy week in Cleveland for many reasons and one of them being that Larry drew he agreed to coach a Cavaliers for the rest of the. Now when you look at Cleveland place that you've been what do you see going on here? Well last season they stepped in and try to have somewhat of a youth movement through the playoffs and Tyron Lou tried to insert the young guys like the Jordan Clarkson, the nance's of the real into the system, and it just wasn't working. And you saw toward the end of the Cavaliers playoff run. Tyrod Lou made a push and said, I'm going with my veterans. These young guys are going to sit. I have to win the way that I know I'm going to win and they were very successful doing such and you see the battle again as the season started entire rule. Tyron Lou, I think they just agree to disagree and said I had to be the coach that I can be in. It's not forcing young guys into the lineup. So the Cavaliers are moving forward with this this youth movement, so to speak, and I think they started to do that Koby Altman and company last year. But now they're going go and Tyron Lou has chosen not to be a part of it. You seem JR Smith speaking out Kevin love could be on the chopping. Block korver. So all those veterans are essentially going to be out of Cleveland, and they're starting over all right here in L A, Ryan. So I gotta ask you in LA question. Of course. So Magic Johnson has said Luke Walton job as Lakers coach is safe. You're watching this team closely. What have you seen from Walton's coaching and should his job be safe? Well, the one thing is that Luke Walton is done a good job. But he has a lineup in a roster with the Los Angeles Lakers with a group of young guys who need more firm coaching. They need to be more held accountable. You're running a veteran system inch which worked in Golden State. But these young guys still need to learn a bit more in. This is a firm reason let me come back to LeBron James a Y LeBron James chose Los Angeles. Because you have a GM in the name of Magic Johnson who's willing to speak up who's willing to deliver those tough messages to Luke Walton of sorts so right now this they're meeting their speaking was nothing out of the ordinary nothing different. They. They are supporting Luke Walton, but this is necessarily a cause for concern. Because Luke Walton you gotta notice and you got to see that they are not producing and he is at the helm of the ship. All right. Thanks, ryan. Predate your time today. No problem anytime. All right coming up, huge news from one of the most important stories of the year. That's next. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like this is good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking at all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. I was told to be quiet, and I think that when somebody in high power is telling you to be quiet. You know when right when they realize you are abused. I think that that is a threat, and especially when their first concern should be to make sure I'm okay to get information for me to see if my other teammates were abused to see what else I knew to get to the bottom of it. He was say gymnastics just said, we're handling this. We got this like stop asking us questions. Don't talk about it because you're going to tip off the investigation. So I didn't want to jeopardize anything. Come to find out. They didn't report it right away. That was Allie. Raise men on January sixteenth from outside the lines talking about USA gymnastics role today. The US Olympic Committee has begun the process of revoking USA gymnastics status as the sports governing body. This move comes in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the sport with former national team trainer. Larry Nassar, serving forty two one hundred seventy five years in prison and also after USA gymnastics, many failed attempts to create a healthy and functioning organization here to help us understand the impact of this move is USA today investigative reporter Rachel accent. Rachel, why did the USOC reach this decision? I think this has been a longtime coming in their letter to the gymnastics community that they wrote that the new leadership that's been in place, his struggle to change the culture rebuild the leadership and serve the membership. Feel remember the USOC wrote to them in January and mandated a series of changes said you must do these things or we will come to this point, USA gymnastics. Continued to flounder and make some fairly questionable decisions even with new leadership. And so that's why we're here. Now, what are the next steps in terms of revoking this? What will we see happen next? So there'll be a process that plays out under the USOC's bylaws, the USOC will appoint a three person panel that it will designate from various councils, and that will be chaired by USOC board member they will have a hearing where the USA gymnastics, can you know, sort of present its arguments, and obviously the USOC we'll have made its case that panel will issue report with recommendation of with a recommendation of what should happen to the USOC board of directors USOC CEO, Sarah, Hersh Lynn can also issue a report to that board. And then based on those documents the board. We'll make a decision. That's final most notably the US's bylaws don't outline a timeline for this. So we certainly don't expect it to take forever. But there's nothing that says. It's going to happen tomorrow or next week or how that process plays out in terms of timing. It's easy to think of USA gymnastics as just our Olympic team. But obviously, there are thousands of athletes all around the country who fall under the umbrella of USA gymnastics, if this goes all the way through and USA gymnastics is has its revoked from the USOC committee. What does it mean for the sport? That's potentially huge ramifications. Certainly USA gymnastics could continue functioning as an organization just without that recognition. But part of what being the Olympic and gbi confers as a cafe in a credibility that draws people into that grassroots pipeline as you mentioned thousands of athletes. The USA gymnastics is one of the biggest end GB's with more than one hundred fifty thousand members. And so if that's not the entity I would expect that we would see people leaving the organization, you know, certainly in the interim while this process plays out the elite level the teams that are competing at worlds. And at the Olympics are going to be fine. USA gymnastics will continue sort of functioning as it has been in regards to them. But it's really the the grass roots that there are a lot of questions about how that could be affected. If it does lose its NGO status, if we're seeing some byles right now on the screen, and she along with so many other of our economy gymnasts were at the heart of making sure that so much of this. Show is brought to light what role can be stars play in ensuring. The next iteration of this organization is healthy. Well, I think part of what has gotten us here today has been the voices of survivors like Simone biles. You just head alley Razman on earlier who have really pushed for changed and said the organization is not there yet. They're not showing us that they get this cul culture needs to change. You know, Simone biles in a tweet lead to decisions that close the curly ranch and led to. Interim CEO Mary Bono, leaving the organization after five days last month. They have a powerful voice, and they know it, and it's certainly clear the USOC is listening or at thanks for your time today. Rachel. A new analysis done by outside the lines shows that student athletes are about three times more likely than other students to be accused of sexual misconduct or domestic violence at power five conference schools. This analysis comes in the aftermath of numerous scandals coming from high profile athletic departments in the last few years, including Baylor in Michigan state. In order to provide background and context on the findings. We are now joined by ESPN investigative reporter poll Levin, Paula what is the main takeaway from this analysis. Well, I think there's two things one is athletes are more likely to be accused in these types of cases than regular students. And although that's not terribly surprising. I think it's interesting to see just how much more likely they are to be named in these complaints. And then the question is will, you know, why is that why why are they being accused of these things more often? And I think a lot of people would say, well, this has to do with the culture among student athletes. There's a small percentage of people who say, well, they're being targeted. But I think the larger voice there is that there's something that needs to be done to address the behavior that these athletes are engaging in and the second takeaway from this study, I think is is looking at not just the numbers that we have. But that the numbers that we don't have and the number of schools that are suffering from a major lack of transparency and not providing these numbers to us, and, you know, leaving students, and parents and athletes and alumni in. Dark about how much of a problem. They really have yet. It's not the sexiest to ask how data is compiled. But I do think it's really interesting for outsiders to understand how this process works and some of the obstacles you face. So how was it compiled? Well, very slowly painstakingly over about eight months. I mean, Kate, I if you just go back to even just the previous conversation you had with Rachel about the gymnastics issue. I think when you look at entities that handle reports of sexual assault sexual misconduct. There is a real demand from the public to be more accountable and to provide these numbers and whether it's university governing body whatnot. And in our case. I mean, it took several months for us to get these schools to hand over the numbers. When I first asked for this information back in March, Kate, I think maybe four schools actually said, yeah, we'll give you this. We ended up getting to thirty two schools. But that was after I logged I think the other day six hundred emails hundreds of phone calls going back and forth. Saying, hey, this is an interest. That's of issue to the public that you really need to have a better accounting for how many complaints are being made against your student, athletes and even students in. Because for a lot of these schools, Kate, they couldn't even tell us. How many complaints have been made against students much less even the narrower subset of student athletes. Are you released this analysis on Friday? So there's been a bit of time for it to breathe what has the reaction been since? Then. I think there's been a lot of reaction from individual of fans or students from particular school saying, hey, you know, I was really disappointed to see how high the percentage was at my school. You know, can you address this? But honestly, what I saw more of people posting who either students or alumni at particular schools that didn't give us information saying, hey, you know, what's up here what we should have this. We should have this information. So and and I think it has someone advanced the conversation again saying look, we need to do something to address this. Because one thing we do point out in this in the story is that this hasn't changed over over several decades. This is still a problem and the numbers indicate that it it's still going on. All right. Thanks call. Appreciate your time. And you can read more about paula's investigation on ESPN dot com are coming up. What happens when you lower your guard in an Uber. That's next. -nology truth brought to you by cold. Truth teenagers can communicate entirely in emojis. How why birthday party pizza slice kitten sucker bulb pineapple truth? It's so easy to switch them. Save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about paperclips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard hat what gogo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Tonight on ESPN. We tip off the college basketball season with the eighth annual state farm's champion classic four of the top teams in the nation number ten Michigan state and more on Kansas in the early game at seven and its fourth ranked Duke number two Kentucky will they're also available live on the ESPN app. You can watch anywhere. A cautionary tale emerging from the NHL as seven Ottawa Senators climbed into the back of an Uber last week and had the kind of candid conversation smack talking coaches assessing team effectiveness that athletes usually reserved for spaces far away from recording devices. Here's a quick sample of what went down in that Phoenix. Uber. What he wrote? Video action. Ever teach you anything just commentate happening. Here's a Simpson's heat. Here's the other thing too. We don't change anything over so lighting meeting like fiction. Three weeks side note on the kind of Uber passenger whose goals to get from point to point b without exchanging any words, in fact, when I see that a driver approaching has a stellar four point nine two rating, but is known for great conversation. I consider cancelling the right? I mean, I don't cancel it. But I consider it. So a lot of things to dig into here in the big questions swirling around the release of this video is whether or not it's a violation of privacy, many Uber's have amounted camera and in notification underneath obviously these passengers the Ottawa Senators said they were unaware they were being taped are. But what's also really fascinating about. This whole story was how it brought to light. What I assume is an age old practice athletes out on the town, speaking freely on recorded leaving rumors in their wake all across the city. I mean, don't we assume most of the New York Knicks and the nineties and the Yankees and the eighties got into cabs and chatted up the driver. Now here we have that exact scenario, but given the time in which we live instead of hearing. Third hand. I don't know. Like, all right. So Vinnie says Charles Oakley was in his caveat other day and Charles is fed up with how weak the Knicks are on the boards. Now, we have a four minute video that confirms everything everyone in Ottawa probably already thought about the team. But no players were willing to say on the record. I mean that is until they didn't know they were on the record that will do it for outside the lines today. NFL live is next. If you're a smoker, you know, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes. And e six they just didn't deliver the satisfaction you expected but jewel is different. 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