Waking Up The Evangelical Voice In America


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You get your podcasts. Hey everybody welcome to this edition of the Charlie Kirk. Show Mega Doctrine for sale. This week make sure you get a copy the Maga- doctrine it is doing quite well. We are trending nicely. We want to get on that New York Times bestseller list so with your help. You guys buy a copy we can get on the New York Times bestseller list and go back in the Charlie Kirk Show. Archives couple episodes previous. You'll hear a pretty awesome conversation with Ben Johnson from turning point USA. So make sure you do that. Maga- doctrine M. A. G. A. Doctrine. Get your copy today. Today we are going to air an exclusive conversation that I had with my dear friend Rob McCoy about Christianity about politics about what Christians should do in the political sphere. If you're an atheist or agnostic I think you'll love this conversation as well. It is something that the people that heard this. Conversations was one of the best one of the most exciting had a lot of energy and a lot of thought provoking questions. So this was that Jack hibs church. Cavalry Chapel Chino Hills. Great friend of mine. Enjoy this episode. Where we give you unfiltered unedited me addressing thousands of people with my friend. Rob McCoy here on the Charlie Kirk. Show BUCKLE UP. Enjoy it here. We Go Charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk on the college campus. Won't you know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie curbs running the White House folks? I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country. He's done an amazing job Building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. Usa. He will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are an amazing mentor to me. Personally and It's incredible to see how you pastors. Have courage in this broken culture and Jack and Rob or two of them and when I visit some of these churches and I confront some of these pastors as lovingly as I can. I say what's it going to take? Is it going to take four thousand abortions a day for you to speak up is it? GonNa Take Drag Queen Story Hour for three year olds for you just to speak up. Is it going to take for them for the church? Totally shut down for you to speak up and I WANNA. Where's the line that's going to be crossed for? Unfortunately there's two ways to organize the thinking of it which is part of the church is basically. They're silent because they don't know how to react and they've been taught that Christianity and the church should be absent of politics which is wrong. It is incorrect. The other part is and there's a faction of this which is they're complicit in it is that they believe in a almost a Christian Marxist worldview and they can flate wrongly the teachings of love and tolerance of Sin and they inflate them in a in a very dangerous way in an example. Would be where you see. You know some of these churches come out and they say without saying any names and some pastors and they say well it's not our position to take a stance on life or abortion and I ask myself what on Earth would you take a stance on if anything then. You are the moral center of a community. And if you can't take it very simple stand of when human life begins. Why should we trust you with anything else? From that point forward at all Charlie our founders gave us the seven articles of the US Constitution. And it's interesting that it begins with the preamble that declares the sovereign in America is and every nation has a sovereign in America. The sovereign is the first three words. Preamble we the people but every sovereign needs a counselor. The president has his Cabinet Right. Kings have their counselors. Our founders understood after they gave us a seven articles of the constitution. That didn't give us any right to protect the rights given to us by God and then they gave us the counselor the First Amendment Freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom of religion the freedom to peaceably assemble for right of redress of grievances against the government and the ideas. The pulpits are supposed to be the counselor to the king. You and if the press is bought in the pulpits are silent. The king is in trouble and I am so grateful. You have a wonderful wonderful counselor. Not only Jesus but yet pastor Jack I meant and what we have to look at the other side leftism if you will for lack of a better term as a religion and they view it as a religion and California is perfect test. Case of what happens when this religion goes unchecked. We don't view it when we have to view this as a sinister force that will deconstruct a culture or a state. I want you to think about this for a second. The left takes the welfare state. They take abortion funding as seriously as a devout Jew. We'll take Yom Kippur if you dare take away. Abortion funding to a leftist. They will protest. They will barks in the streets as if you were GONNA take a religious for religious. Do the whole religious. Judah holiest day of the year out of their capacity do what they view this religiously and so then I. I'M JUST AMAZED INSPIRED BY CHURCHES. Such as this and they're starting to pop but more and more because it's going to be the church which I believe is the sleeping giant in this country. That will be awakened actually fixed. It and I'm amazed at how pastors will get up. And they will give great terrific sermons on salvation and eternal eternal damnation or eternal salvation. And they won't care about if they're offending anyone about their eternity but when it comes to men who think they are women participating in high school sports that's way to political that's something that we can't take a stance on you know. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and Palatine. High School was the kind of the poster child for this entire transgender nonesense debate. Where a man who thought he was a woman one and access to the female locker room and it was lawsuits three years of lawsuits and the church was silence now. The church in the local area did not participate in school board races in the mayor election. The state REP races and eventually through lawsuits and the capitulation of the school board. This man who thinks he was a woman is now allowed to go into the female locker room. Now it takes us in the past. Rob Can tell us what a couple of chapters before. God says and he created man and woman. It's not that complicated. It's basically as simple. When did when did the church become the defenders of science and two genders? There's GonNa Laugh at that. Thank you and there are only two. Genders biologically realistically spiritually and theologically. It takes if you believe there are more than two genders. You must have a doctorate degree from a California University. So you must be taught that it's not self self cheery and but what? What is the goal of the modern left and I hope this can make sense for everyone here? The boil it down as simple as this. There's one side that wants to create chaos and one side that wants to bring order from the chaos everything the left does seats to create more chaos open borders create chaos by definition creating racial tension creates chaos having people confused about their gender from a young age creates chaos. And what's happening more times than not? And here's the good news. I can delivered all you visit. These campuses is when young people have lived in a decade of chaos from age eighteen of not being sure what gender they're supposed to pick not sure if there's a god at all whatsoever all of a sudden. There's a need for awakening and revival. Burt and a rebirth. And you've seen some really good signs and indications of this and guess what we have these answers because our book the Holy Word of God is the same as today as it was two thousand years ago and we have the. It'll be two thousand years from today. It'll be exactly the same is that I. There was the word the word tells us. How many genders there are how to interact with our government. How we interact in marriage how we should interact civilly and yet immigration immigration borders rule of law sovereignty. If you ask a leftist what is your reference point every single one of them will give you a different answer well they might say it's the communist manifesto they might say it's the Rachel maddow show. They might say they might say it's NPR they might say it's the La Times where if you if you think about it if they do not have a central reference point like the word. That's why they're so confused and confused. People try to create more confusion and more chaos and so we as Christians have to look at a secular world that more than any other time I think in the history of this country is breaking under the Senate Pornography Addiction of drugs and the broken of divorce and people that are just waiting for the order that the Bible and the word can give. Is that each one of you can offer not just eternal life to individuals that are suffering and confused but you can give them very specific rules for their life that will say here's some order to the chaos that you might be believing look around you right now. I'm sure you see what I see. 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He etc and in the midst of the cacophony of noise. Jesus says who do men say that I am and they some say you're John the Baptist others sale. But who do you say that I am? Peter says you're the crisis son of the Living God and Jesus says blessed are you Simon Bar Jonah for flesh and blood has not revealed this devote my father in heaven and upon this rock. I build my no. No no no king. James said Church Tindale and the Geneva Bible in the original translators of the Maverick Tech said it assembly. You See Jesus. Co opted a secular term. He didn't say synagogue or temple. Which would have been a religious term is a word. Echinacea which is a governmental term which means an assembly and you are an assembly of believers the temple of the Holy Spirit infused in the culture to cause it to rise to the glory of God. Now you gathering this larger assembly to be fed but you go back out and you're that moral preservative you're the salt of the earth and so what Charlie's touching on? God bless you man. You're like no up well and so I go to college campuses to students that refused to believe in God refuse to believe in a higher power and I last spoke to you guys here and what a warm welcome you guys gave me and thank you for that. This is a church unlike any other. Except Maybe Rob's church which is pretty extraordinary seriously. I have the gift preaching church down to a size Jack It's extraordinary extraordinary. This church is unlike any other an because it's the courage of the leadership and it's the conviction of the leader and it's something that could be duplicated and blueprint for the rest of the country. But I spoke at Brown University and mid December and I spoke with you before that and we live to tell it I lived the Taliban and if you want your child to hate America send them the Brown University. That's all I have to say if you want to turn them into anti-american godless atheist unhappy radical. Send them to Brown University. Brown University is in Rhode. Island is Providence Rhode Island. It's one of the ruling class universities. Basically if you get into the school just by saying you went to Brown University. You've been admitted to a country club of sorts. That you'll get jobs you don't deserve to get just because you went to Brown. There's only about ten schools like that in the country. California is home to one of them. It's in Palo Alto that you figure out which one it is but basically there's nothing against the institution at against the people that go there but you exactly the type of school that I'm describing that as soon as you get through that door. They protect their own. So I spoke there and I was met with protests and opposition anger and vigour. But the thing that got them the most upset the thing that got the most mockery the most repulsion thing that made them out of their chair. The thing that made them almost visibly physically irate when I said our rights come from God not from government. That is what drove nuts. It wasn't when I said that president trump is doing a great job. It wasn't that I said we need to build a wall. It wasn't that I said we need to enforce immigration laws that we need to end abortion time that they're only two genders all. That stuff is true and I said all those things that was just the first thirty seconds it was instead instead. It's what I said where our rights come from because when I say where our rights come from which John Locke recognized which are founders. Were inspired by our entire framework of government is designed around all of a sudden admitting to the brown hyper entitled Leftists. Marxists your not the most important person in the world. You're you actually don't matter as much as he madder and what he did for you and that admittance was met with and I kid you not visible repulsion now. Why what's because they might not be able to continue to live the way that they think they should live. They might have to drop the lifestyle that they've been following that they might have to behave differently that they might have to drop the Hubris or be more open minded or be more humble or other things that were called to be in the word and it struck me right then and there that this is really what it comes down to all of this matters the fight for life fight for basic biological standards the fight for school choice the fight for taxes the fight for sovereignty to fight for borders. However if we don't recognize this is a spiritual war first and foremost that they are fighting for the abolition of a belief in the divine. Then we're just arguing knows when there's a much bigger picture at play here because as soon as you get a college leftist especially to admit that there is God ubiquitous omniscient God that has power over them. That has granted the rights to all of a sudden. Maybe government doesn't matter as much. All the sudden net clump of cells. That they think is in that they call a fetus. Actually might be life if you admit there's a god all of a sudden right and wrong or not an opinion anymore right and wrong are true that is written in the word because if you believe there's No God right and wrong is just a matter of opinion. It's just well. This is what I think is right and this is what it's called moral relativism. And what is that got in the world sixty million abortion since ROE versus Wade where we have an epidemic of pornography in our country that the whole culture is acting as if it doesn't exist right now in America and you see this happen until we recognized where the rights come from from a divine than that is the discussion. That really needs to begin to happen. And what was so telling me though it might when I closed my time at Brown and my conversation was of course the opposition the antagonism but once you stood firm and you did not care about the arrows. The names the protesting and the screaming. Finally they begin to crack. Yes after forty minutes of protesting in an hour of protesting. Something happens. That does not usually happen in the mind in Ivy League Marxist leftist. They began to think there's a difference between following and thinking and God gave us a heart but he also gave us a mind analytically and rationally. And if you rationally look at leftism you'll come to the same conclusion that it is a force of cultural chaos and destruction that will destroy everything that comes in contact with chaos order. Remember that dichotomy everything they stand for is about creating more chaos that why else today. What chaos when you create chaos degrade excuse for two Talibanism when you create chaos. It's a wonderful license again. Make exactly it's a wonderful license to create a King a dictator ruler. Robert Explicit was going to say that the GALLEON dialectic. But we don't have time for that Charlie when you go on these campuses and I imagine one of the struggles with young people and I think it's difficult for the Church to reach young folks and especially the conservative message because their concept of freedom is different than really what the Scripture says freedom is. This is such an important point now. I let me just preface it by saying in the stairwell the law school at at harbor and they've been doing this since one thousand nine eleven they say the laws of the wiser streets that make men free supply restraints towards evil in order to pursue excellence but the younger people especially the schools that are indoctrinating them dictate freedom in separate way. Why don't you touch on? This is a conflation of terms so young people believe freedom or they look at freedom as I can drink whatever I wanNA drink. Whenever on a drink I can put whatever I WANNA put my body. I do it I will want sexually at any time and I can use it every word. I WANNA use whatever website. I WANNA use like a stamp as late as I want to stay up. That is bondage. You will not be a productive happy or fulfilled person if you do that for one day one year or one decade or a lifetime now the lie that we teach teach young people we allow this the pass by and we allow this to pass by without countering is not only we have to say what is easy is not necessarily good for you but what is good for you is sometimes difficult. Well I find when I find his. Eighteen and nineteen twenty year olds is younger and younger and those that have high school kids are going to nod in agreement. Is that the sin. That was impermissible for me as a high schoolers all of a sudden widespread for a twelve and thirteen and fourteen year old. I'm talking about drugs. That are more lethal than ever. I'm talking about access to mobile technology that we and I only went to high school. Eight years ago. I'm talking about websites that would have been forbidden from any sort of person to visit all of a sudden. You're seeing young people dive into more dangerous. Dangerous Pervasive Senate. A younger younger age by the time they're eighteen and nineteen. You have a miserable generation. This is why suicide rates have gone up so alarmingly. It's really interesting when you look at the epidemic of suicide in America because suicide is a unique first world problem if you look at the poorest countries in the world. They're suicide rates are much lower than our country. It would be the exact opposite. You would think right they. They sometimes have access to medicine. Food Clean Drinking Water yet. They're suicide rates are so much lower and they keep why is that? What's because the reason that people choose that unthinkable choice? Sometimes it's because they think freedom is the freedom to continue to indulge it. Whatever they want to indulge however they want somehow at the end of the tunnel if I just take one more hit and I just visit this website one more time if I stay up to five. Am One more time that will bring me happiness. But with the Bible tells us and Jesus said this so clearly it's freedom from that sin. It's freedom from addiction and that will bring you actual liberty liberation from that bondage. And that's the message. That young people are waiting for every single day. You went to school eight years ago. I went to school thirty eight years ago. How are you guys suffering under the cartel the colleges have you guys been sold a narrative of lies from higher education? 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But I didn't say well. That's the moral thing to do. But where's your character and we'll see what do you mean? Why didn't you tell the other children to stop it? Now when the body of Christ starts getting character and what I was touched by the back room talking with Charlie's is he's I think you're the most visited citizen to the White House in the United States. He wouldn't say that but it's true. The President looks at his tweet every morning. Which is kind of exciting. I wish he tweeted about me. That'd be really tweet tweet. But when we were back there the thing that Charlie and I hear continually is this caustic approach to the president and they don't like the way that he has mannerisms in the rudeness and the things of that sort but you touched on his kids and the fact that he enforced the moral law raising them. You can't Yay yet. Fake good kids and I've had the amazing opportunity contrast it with some of the Christian families you've run into. That was profound and I'm going to say it as as lovingly as I can. We love to offend anyone. Stand up because I'm old dirt. I got A. I've got I've gotten to know. Don Jr. Vodka Eric Tiffany and Baron. A Little Bit. But the other four quite well. You can't fake good kids. That's what I've learned from my travels and from numerous experiences Since starting turning-point USA dealing with students in dealing with kids. The president had a couple of rules for his kids from very young age. First and foremost if you need to reach me. It's one ring. I'll always pick up the phone immediately accessible and every single kid every vodka jared vodka eric and done to a tee. We'll tell you they needed to reach their father. It's one ring straight in these in the most important meeting developing the most important building in the world direct accessibility and he had three very big rules for his kids. No drugs no alcohol no cigarettes three rules and he imposed it from a very from a very very young age and he was intentional with raising three. I think outstanding citizens of the world that have been so unfairly treated by our media by the way and you look you juxtapose these three outstanding citizens with other people that serve under just end with that. That's all I have to say with that don't however I would. I is zero tolerance policy that the president always had for those three things in particular and he would repeat it. No drugs no cigarettes no alcohol and I think you know people say. Let's say Will Charlie? I don't like the president's tweets. I don't like his candor. And his tone and rob has a very very good response to this and I'm a little bit fatigued answering this question but I ask myself the question I say so George W Bush probably was more of your your tone. Yeah I liked him. He was always smooth. How many times did he speak at the march for life never none? He was married to a pro abortion activist who appointed better justices George W Bush trump not even close. We have John Roberts underbush whose questionable at best we have gorsuch and Cavanaugh. One hundred eighty seven circuit court judges who cut funding to planned parenthood trump. Who Expanded George W Bush who actually took on the Iranian threat and killed casino solid Qassam Soleimani President Trump? So move the embassy move. The embassy to Jerusalem recognized the Golan Heights cut the funding and the Palestinian Authority who has signed executive orders for Religious Liberty. And has his vice president pray over him almost daily a very godly man. Mike Pence who? I've had the opportunity to spend time with and so I get a little fatigued than answering this question. But here's the analogy. I always use. America was drowning under bipartisan ruling. Class rule so if you WANNA to know how America's divided it's not right versus left it's ruling class versus working class okay. The ruling class is both parties. You don't have to explain that we're from California. Okay Yeah but we were drowning in the middle of the ocean under the ruling class and finally there is a light that came in the distance of the helicopter that was going to rescue us from the middle of the ocean and we get rescued in the person. Finally we can breathe again and we look up and the first thing we asked to. The person who rescued us is all I remember you. I don't like your tweets very much. You're breathing you're living. You're able to advance. You've been resuscitated and revitalized. And you look at the person that might say something that you might not find favorable and someone and you say well. Yeah thanks for that whole life saving thing. Thanks for that you know. I'm able to continue my life but your tweets don't really checkout with me and I say to myself is smooth politician who lies to your face and continues the destruction of the family and the country. Something that you ve vastly prefer or someone that biblically mightn't body Sampson and rob will be able to articulate this very very well who was called by God in an unusual time for a very specific purpose and mission to save a gift and a blessing from God. That is someone that I want. I'm supposed to give him segues to talk and he gave me one. That's really sweet. The Lord gave me this picture because we travel. The country spoke over twenty thousand passengers across the country. Trying to awaken them to move the sixty to eighty million evangelical Christians. Half of them aren't registered to vote of the half the registered to vote only half of those voting a presidential election twelve percents non-presidential. It's apathy and push back. I can't vote for management three times married and twice divorced. Say Look Fine. And he's cost on his twitter and I hear it all the time. It's moral tim and I say that's fine but just make sure you take Sampson out of the hall of Faith and they said what do you mean I said name? One moral thing about Samson's life. He was in a prostitutes bed all night and the spirit of Lord came upon him. I can't teach that in Sunday school. Not once but twice he went to pay off a gambling debt and the spirit of the Lord came upon Him and his downfall was women in his iconic care. I'm not going further with that. But my point is this. Why is he in the hall of Faith in Hebrews Eleven? Why would God pick a guy like that judges? Fourteen four would Samson's parents didn't realize MINOA and his wife and by the way Samson and Jesus are the only two babies in the womb prophesied by God before they were born to lead. God's people and Samson was raised with the Nasdaq vowed. He was home schooled. Wait you're not gonNA like the second part of this. He went off the rails because the very first words recorded out of his mouth. Were that Philistine woman. I WANNA go getter so watch the home schooling. My point is this. My point is this. Why would God choose? Judges Fourteen. Four Samson's parents didn't realize as God was seeking occasion to move against the Philistines Samson was willing to do with God's people weren't confront the evil in their culture now there are seven mounds of cultural influence arts entertainment media business politics religion education and family and of those seven mounds of cultural influences currency in each one of them in politics it's winning elections in Media Arts entertainment selling movie tickets etc. So let's look at moving the culture and let's look at the current president arts entertainment. He had the number one television show in America media. Just he's mastered the the twitter world politics. He took out seventeen Republican candidates in the most heavily funded Democrat candidate in the history of the nation. Business trump brand is over. Now we can just go through the whole thing. This is a man is equipped. And if you don't like him fine but you know. I got picked him because there were no Christians available. Some of the candidates running were Christians. But were they equipped in every mountain of cultural influence. So there are times where it unless the body of Christ steps up and starts doing his job and encouraging people to engage in the Public Square and the work that Charlie's doing political and the byproduct spiritual. This is. Why I wanted him to come Jack. Invite me to speak. You don't need to hear from me and I'm GonNa shut up in a minute. I wanted him to speak. Because this is critical. We need to infuse this next generation. With moral knowledge they'll come to faith but the law will point them their support this man Charlie. You've got a podcast. The Charlie Kirk show yes. I've subscribed to it already. If you haven't the last time we were here you guys took the show to number three because you signed up on it but it's true how to do it. I will and then we do. WanNa get some questions. We're not done yet. We're not done yet. We just I want to thank you guys for the blessing you guys gave me last time. I mentioned it so basically podcast comes out three to four times a week interview. Everyone from the vice president to Ben Shapiro to Senator Rand. Paul the Senator Ted Cruz. Some great content on there if I may say so myself but I plug it. I asked you guys to look it up on your phone on the PODCAST APP and we beat the New York Times for like five days straight justice room so those those that help you guys can make sure your subscribe your help. Your friend subscribe but if you guys would do that today. It's a huge blessing to each one of your phones can do it. And it's free of charge so thank you for one more thing. 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You gotta look. I put my jacket on guys. So you guys. Here's the rules to the questions You're going to ask your question. You're not going to make a statement. Put a caboose on the end of that train. Okay and if you'RE GONNA make a statement than the guys in the sound booth are going to cut you off ask a question and let it be answered okay. Second thing is this is a church gathering. This is a five. Oh One C. Three religious assembly. And if somebody's here to disrupt religious gathering you should know that it's a federal offense and their federal and state officers and local officers here. Love all of you. We love all of you but the rule of law is the will of God and if you get arrested look. We made a big mistake. One time we had a Heckler who started over here in the section started screaming a lock bar and security took them out sideways then then the police asked me if I wanted to press charges and I gave him the Gospel and we didn't press charges which turned out to be a huge mistake. Nine months later he was arrested in a terrorist scheme. So we take this very seriously so we'll visit you in prison. We'll send you packages me nervous. I'M GONNA go all right so who has asked the first question. You want to get a microphone. Jody of the Mike. He's all set donahue. Go get him. That's a joke for the older people. You might want to get a microphone. That works Democrats always go after the Republicans so for instance they get Republicans. Thrown out of office. The Bible's quid pro curl the actually admitted to a but nothing happens to them but Republicans they lose their seats or get thrown in jail. Look I mean I talk about this quite often. There's we don't have the justice system in our country right now unfortunately and hopefully attorney general bill barking at this sorted out what's happening. Roger Stone is one of the great injustices that I've seen in in recent memory where you have any McCabe James Komi John Brennan and all these others that have had any McCabe in particular that has had criminal referrals totally dismissed and Roger Stone. That's facing anywhere between seven to ten years in prison. It just feels as if and it just not a feeling. Analytically that if you're against this president right now you're going to be held at an absolutely unfair level of justice and they're gonNA throw you in prison and throw the keys away but if you're in the opposition you could basically do whatever you want. We have senators violating the Logan Act illegally meeting with Iranians overseas and there will be no criminal charges being held there whatsoever. Illegal spying against our president from the FIS abuse. Look if you see actually picture of Lady Justice Lady Justice is supposed to be blind. That's supposed to be blind to class two income any sort of prejudice. It doesn't matter what political party you are. Unfortunately we're living through a time. A very very partial justice not impartial justice. And that's where the ruling class working class divide really comes in. Because what they want to do. Is they want to create show trials which is a Soviet tactic of trying to create an example of anyone that dares side with the insurgent Donald Trump that. Hey if you if you side with them we're gonNA take your life away in your family away and we little doubt all of a sudden might make people back away. I think it's having the opposite effect. I actually think that it's making people grow more fervent in their support of the president be more convicted than ever before to contribute to knock on doors and to go vote for the president. I think it's having the exact opposite effect. Your observation is exactly right. You're going to make the answer shorter. Because there's a lot of people can just quick question about. I've had a lot of college students founder. Colleagues say Jesus Socialist but. I'm just scriptural references that you would say just back against that but thank you for the question. I I get that quite a lot and I get the question Charlie. Didn't you know Jesus was a socialist? Well first of all the fact that Jesus might have been something of an ideology that was developed. Eighteen hundred years after he lived is an insult to him being king of the world and Savior of the world and part of the Trinity as God. In himself he was nothing more. Nothing less than God divine in the Savior of the world and say Oh he was a Marxist so let me get this straight so Jesus was something that was a working class failed ideology that was developed the mid eighteen hundreds nonsense. But they're really trying to say what they're what they're trying to say but they won't say oh. Jesus was a collectivist that Jesus would hate the system of private property ownership and he would hate the system of markets and of capitalism. I point to you to a very important parable and a very important recurring theme of Jesus testimony which is the theme of multiplication specifically the parable of the talents. The parable of the talents. As all of you know was a parable of a owner if you will distributing a certain amount of talents which was which was a year of a currency to each of the individuals that worked for him and the individual that produce the most from the original deposit if you will or the ritual investment was most pleased in the eyes of the owner and the individual that produced marginally but somewhat was somewhat police. But the person who did nothing with the gifts that they were given was basically said they would be put into eternal damnation. It was one of Jesus's most harsh repudiations of action in the entire four gospels and to cut a summit altogether that you have to ask yourself the question. What system allows the people in the body of Christ to multiply most effectively for the kingdom are people were people multiplying in the Soviet Union or people multiplying right now for the kingdom Venezuela where they can't even eat in order for multiplication to happen? You must have individual freedom and individual liberty in order for people to multiply. You must have a system that allows multiplication to occur. Bob McEwen gave a message here. Where he covered that Congressman McEwen and one of the things he often says he says that that for wealth to be created to parties have to benefit. So if you're a farmer and I'm a baker. I'm going to buy grain from you at a price at the market will bear with the Prophet. You make you buy more fields. Hire more workers with the grain. I Buy Bake bread and when I sell it with the Prophet and make I buy more ovens hire more workers and it creates wealth for well to be created to parties have to benefit now in socialism. We in this is why young people are drawn to it because they see the disparity between the rich and the poor and they think that this is a system that works even though it's failed in forty countries over the span of six thousand years even though it's a late comer it's already had massive failure but I tell young people I say. Listen you're getting an A. in class because you do your homework and your smart as a whip and you get up early and you go to bed late and you do what's necessary. You don't do Squat. You are lazy and shiftless and you are your pathetic. Quite often illustrative speaking. Hey Hey it's okay you're you're getting an A. And you're getting enough and so we're GONNA make equality we're gonNA take two grades from her and give them to you so you both have a see what happens in next time grades come out. You're not gonNA work hard. What's the point and you're going to be waiting for your handout. So production going to decrease so you take the fourth greatest economy in the Western Hemisphere Venezuela. And you give it socialism and now. They're eating their zoo animals. It destroys a country. You can vote yourself into socialism. But you're going to have to shoot your way out and of story and sorry. No go ahead. No Jack Jump in one. Final point is that Jesus called US individually to be extraordinarily compassionate and long suffering and loving individually. However he never not once made the argument for coercive collectivized government to do that for you to abdicate. That authority to say that the state or the bureaucrat should do that never never instead. Socialism gives people an excuse not to be generous. Socialism gives you an excuse not to give to charities. Socialism gives you an excuse not to show up at the soup kitchen to not show up at the homeless shelter to not show up at the pro-life clinic or the pregnancy crisis center. All of a sudden socialism is oh someone else's taken care of that. Yeah that's fine socialism. Create selfish self centered and secular people and capitalism is altruistic. We see an increase in giving with Kevin Jackson. Tell you something of that Charlie. Just with his words. I saw the pictures. I've seen this in real life. Does anybody remember what the acronym? Ussr means wet. It's so it's socialist. I've been to Russia. Sixteen seventeen times collectively. I probably lived there for if you put all those visits together. Probably half a year with every visit with every. Stay with every bit of work that I did there. You see not some but an entire population of individuals that are lifeless. The government has sucked hope. There is no. It has sucked. Hope out of them. There's no compassion towards someone else. Not because Russians don't have hearts is that they didn't have any capacity to help the person that was earning everybody was exactly the same. They were exactly the same clothes and they lived exactly the same flats and they functioned exactly the same way I lived it. I saw it and you need to know that young people today don't have a clue of what that does to a human soul. That's why God was banned in Russia. That's why on in Red Square in Moscow. I had a Babushka eighty years old. Grandma come up and grabbed me by the face speaking in. Russian crying and kissing me because I was preaching the Gospel and she said I was ten years old when the communists came into our home and took our bibles took our cross and told us that God did not exist and she said I. I was praying for seventy years to hear the Gospel again. That kind of stuff happens in socialistic. Worlds do you think. Hugo Chavez was going to allow God to be preached in Venezuela when he was alive they can't tolerate it. China cannot have it because God to them as competition. God gives meaning God gives purpose and bottom line. Second Final Point is this the scriptures demand that every one of us will stand and give an account and the day of judgement for what we did with our lives. If Socialism's trill than God's false God is true and socialism's wrong because socialism gives you. Somebody said it the excuse to not get involved in doing anything. It's godless it doesn't work and kids are being sold a bill goods frankly by overpaid EGO centric professors. That live in the wrong country now. They've been educated beyond their diligence. And it's tragic with home security. There's two ways you can go about protecting your home. There's the traditional way we have to wait weeks for a technician to a messy installation. That could cost you a small fortune. 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I was wondering what your thoughts were on this. So seeing how our country like the origins and how God is inscribed even in stone like all over the country and just seeing how far away we've drifted from where we started. I started kind of analyzing trying to figure out when that happened. And my only thoughts were when the family started kind of falling apart and seeing mothers kind of going off to work and seeing children. Kinda fathers then leaving the homes fatherless homes and so I'm trying to figure out wanted to see what your thoughts on this what your thoughts were on the family and the impact that and how important that is in order for the change that we're hoping for to come sort even I'll start. I mean look. The left has been on a campaign to destroy the nuclear family for fifty or sixty years. In fact you saw the front page of the Atlantic that said the nuclear family experiment was a tragic mistake and you can check it out yourself at the Atlantic now why is that well. The family unit is Biblical. The family unit is self. Reliant outside of the state and I'll point to something that happened in the sixties and Seventies. Some very profound things happen. We had the Great Society Act passed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson who in a sinister fashion destroyed the American families specifically the Black Family through the welfare state quasi-socialist policies that allowed Marxist ideas to be infiltrated into our inner cities and people became more dependent on the federal government and more addicted to government programs at the expense of somebody else but also some more fundamental things. We stop teaching the Bible in our schools and we got prayer out of our schools. And so I'm waiting for revival to happen. Politically point spiritually and we should be unapologetic and talking about this. And even some Republican Christians disagree with me on this because they point to a false talking point where I say that we should pass federal legislation. That if you receive any money from the federal government you should teach the Bible in public schools and now people say well Charlie what about separation of church and state and I said. Wait a second. I'll get to that second but I checked it. Took keep going. You know I'll start. I'm just I'm just interrupting. Did did you know some guy by the name of Jefferson? When they saw him and John Adams saw the direction of our nation with the children that there were there was there were reports that children were having either classroom. Settings are homeschool settings that they were assembling for school without a Bible. And did you know that Thomas Jefferson and John? Adams made sure that a Bible plate what a Bible had to be placed in a place of Education for children or else wasn't a school our founding fathers. When was the last time you heard about that? Very First Public School Act was the old Satan elude or act and that was to teach children to read so that Satan couldn't deceive them and they learned from the Scriptures New England primer. Charlie finished sorry and so they say some Republican Christians. Don't WANNA fight this battle because they say separation of church and state incorrectly. They also don't stand that right now. We have religion in our schools. It's called leftism that is a religion. It's a core beliefs values so the absence of Bible not teaching the Bible at all even as a historical document. You don't necessarily teach it as the word of God. People naturally come to that conclusion by being exposed to the Bible and they will understand the stories in the history and the wisdom within the taxed. However we've removed it strategically from the public schools by the way public. Schools are still teaching the Koran and they're teaching leftist ideologies at alarming rates. The single book that has an answer to all of our problems thousand years of history sixty six sixty six books thirty-five authors. That's the book decide not to teach our youth. You look at the nineteen sixties and seventies after the greatest generation. Yeah the sexual revolution. You had the attack on Christianity. You had the wrong ruling of Roe versus Wade which has been a fifty year crusade on the destruction of the American culture and it has to be the church that will rise up and revival against we can do one more question children's ministry children's all the guys kicked me out. We just got done talking about family talking about family but the problem is they all got kids. That's so that's not a problem. That was a joke. The blessing is a blessing. Children are blessing from the Lord. Just joking so which whichever one of you has the most amazing question? We'll just oh she knows to more jacked tomorrow morning. Good evening. Thank you for being here and what I want is some guidance for for young people. I have a sixteen year old daughter in law a granddaughter. Laura who is just an excellent student strong Christian girl. She's North Carolina. She clerked at the state government. The summer is involved on debate and everything has got his found. Your site and really appreciates what you do. They want to know how to she get involved with your group secondly for for any young people that have that type of desire to to fight for their country and and to use all the gifts that God has given them. What can you just talk about? Some of the some of the logical path they need to take and consider classes education in. If you would just speak to that happy to so thank you for the question so anyone that might be interested in getting involved with turning point. Usa We're now on two thousand high school and college campuses across the country. We had five thousand students at our end of the year event. Website is a great place for her to start. She can fill out a form there. It's a super easy website to remember teepee USA DOT COM so USA with in front of it. We're bringing these ideas to high school and college campuses. Every single day. I personally visit dozens every single semester and I give this exact same message to sometimes very very hostile college crowds. So here's some just general advice that I have when it comes to young people college general. We need to ask high school seniors. Hey why are you going to college? Where are you going to college? We we we do a we do a really really bad job of over glorifying the institution of college and stigmatizing carpenters electricians trades people as somehow less intelligent. I want you. I want you to think very clearly about this. Think about this when you're GonNa Watch presidential polling the media's going to divide America for you you know how they divide it for you the approval rating of the President for college educated and Non College educated. What are they saying for you? Here's what the smart people think. And here's what the dumb people think. In fact I think it's the opposite. I think the Non College educated people are far more wise than the college educated people that subtly and subliminally does to parents out. There is they say. I don't want my kid to ever be in the Non College educated category. If you WANNA play Russian roulette with your kids values. Send them off to college. They may come back someone completely and totally different. They want to be a lawyer or a doctor or something very specific and they got into a very good school. That is financially realistic for you. Then college might be the best option for you. We have way too. Many people going to college in America like ninety percent too many people going to college. It should be about career. Preparation not ideological exploration and people all the time they say Charlie whereas my kid going to get knowledge. If if your child sat down and watched every single prager you video. They would be infinitely more wise than the professor's teaching them out of the university. Enclosing is I know we got children's minister. I don't want to get in the way of that but look there's a lot of advice. I give to young people on the contrary radical with this way which is have your children divest from social media at the youngest possible age and this is somebody who has millions of followers on social media and I rely on social media to get my message out so maybe pick one social media platform that you'll have for your kid. Maybe I I only have one. It's just twitter. My team manages the rest. It's been one of the most liberating things I can possibly describe to you. I don't have instagram. I don't have facebook all gone twitter. Just there's a special relationship with twitter and I really enjoy but seriously the amount I talked to young people all the time especially young women I say what are you most anxious about social media social me. It's the driver of comparison. It's the driver of bad areas. You don't need to have it. It's not mandatory. And I know that's a radical radical idea and the other contrarian idea that I have for young people is to really consider taking a gap year before going to college taking one year to if there's something you really passionate about. I guarantee you the size of this church. There's an expert in this church that is in that field I am. I am passionate about media. I'm passionate about cars passionate about plumbing passionate about the trades. Find that person in this church. This young person. I'm talking to right now. Look at them in the eyes dress. Not How you might drove dress like this. This is fine and I look at them in the eyes and say you don't have to pay me. I'm deeply passionate about what you're doing. Will you allow me to study under you and Mentor under you? For one year for no pay. I will do whatever you ask. Because I'm passionate about this thing. Please give me a chance and in a church community. They probably will say yes. You will learn more in that one year about either your you might not actually passionate about that thing after like two months. That's a really really good thing to find out. Guess White No debt right. No sorority or fraternity. You had to Russia people that call you call you friends. And they're really not and you'd have to go through any event right or you actually might find. That is something you're passionate about. You're learning from an expert and you're learning for free and one year you will be one hundred times more qualified than someone that went to university southern. California studying that same thing so anyway you guys. We're going to. We're going to have to move quicks Charlie. We're GONNA have to go quick all right here. We go so which means we have to have them back right. So here's a question. Hey Charlie great to see you on my side of the coast for once they see you speak all the time and you were on fire tonight. You were on fire question. You will amazing amount of American activists in this room and I need to know. How do we take back ground? That Islam has actually gained in our education system as well as our government system as well as our financial systems. It is an urgent urgent question. I'll stood as quick as I possibly can. Can I just say one thing? I know you don't want me to answer the question. And then I have something to say after three of you to in the Bible says depre- for kings and the authority that we live quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and reverence pastoral pistol. I asked people all the time when I travel the country name for me. Your five school board members that you pray for by name and the issues they're dealing with that allow your children in your community live quiet and peaceful lives in all godliness and reverence and they don't know their names. You want to make a difference step into the Public Square. Go to the school. Board meetings support candidates. Educate yourself and take back the culture and I know I'm trying not to point my finger because in two thousand fourteen. I was like everyone else. I had no clue. I didn't know politics from elbow from my ear lobe but I know more now engage. Take it I one call to action on this. Jack will enjoy this. Which before before the Election Day if I come back here do a program called adopt voter find one person in your life that you know is going to vote a likely voter and spend time with them. Shepherd THEM INFORM THEM. Show them videos almost pester them about this until they commit that they will vote correctly. If every single person in this church did that it would double instantaneously. And you'd be amazed. Everyone is worried about macro Makro. Macro what do I do to fix? The big problem with the left has done so well is they said we're just going to start with your kid and they did that a hundred million times over the last sixty years and that's how they been able to take him by the way they start with your kids for lotteries but one of them is. They're terrified of adults. That's why they start with your kids. Okay Listen Act for America. You familiar that you want to know stuff about Islam. Had to expose his Lomb in the Public Place Act for America. Brigitte Gabriel's doing great work. She's got chapters all across America pulling the mask off of Islam's infiltration into the public school system. Okay and then. There was a young man Ben. Was that your son. Does he have a question here? Buddy you WANNA ask. I knew we had more time Do you do reach out to your employees if they have different beliefs than you a great question. The answer is yes we have. We have a very diverse organization not necessarily politically for obvious reasons. But look we. We try to have socratic democratic marketplace of ideas and one piece of advice for every young person and give it up for the young man had the courage aspect workers the unafraid from a very young age to do with the left refuses to do which is to talk to the other side. It's very tempting not to want to talk to your liberal relatives or talk to your liberal friends or your liberal. Neighbors do what they refuse to do. And that that is living by the golden rule isn't it? Which is it's hard for the person down the street that has the Bernie Sanders sign and the coexist and the planned parenthood bumper sticker. But maybe they're one conversation away from having a completely change of world view. I have seen it happen more times than you could possibly imagine people working for me at turning point. Usa that were marching in the streets for trump's impeachment two years ago and all it took was someone with a table on a college campus to look at them in the eye and say. I believe in a system of government. Were all lives matter. And your life matters that believes in individual liberty and dignity in American sovereignty. An American excellence. And you'd be amazed at how shallow and how how fragile the leftism is when we as Christians and conservatives look at leftists in the is love on them preached to them and communicates communicates them as human beings. They're waiting for us to do that all the time. So you heard two candidates tonight. I'm running for reelection November and I want to say this to you my wife and I commit this and as citizens of California. There's fifteen million. Two Hundred Eighty Thousand Evangelical Christians half your registered to vote. You're talking soaking. They're not gonNA they're going to miss it. Men that man how important fifteen million evangelical voters in California half of them are not registered to vote of the Hatha registered to vote. They only half of those registered to vote. Vote got that. So twelve percent twenty five percent of US vote. But here's the challenge to all of you and my wife and I commit to this every election. You tied your church. These candidates are coming to you and it's called consent of the governed they're asking for your consent to to legislate your sovereignty and the way you give consent is support them. My wife and I commit ten percent of our income every election two candidates we believe in. It's GonNa cost you something if you really believe that. We make need to make a difference. It doesn't win elections to be cost too concerned visceral emails to your friends walk some precincts host to coffey put out a yard sign and contribute to the candidate and if that is offensive. Then don't complain because that's how you win elections. God bless you Jack. Jack asked me to close in prayer before I do that. I just want to reemphasize if you guys do do that. Small thing subscribe to the podcast by typing it in it helped immeasurably because people organically are GonNa wake up in the morning. And they'll see the Charlie Kirk show at the top and they're going to hear this exact message and the very same one I gave last time with Jack. On stage had well it was one of the best performing episodes. We've ever had hundreds of thousands of people listen to it and I got message that people coming to Christ all around the world and you guys made that happen so if you guys do that it'd be a great blessing to me so if you join me. Join me in prayer so dear. Lord thank you for this incredible church for this chosen leader of Jack. Hibs and everyone that is here tonight on a Wednesday voluntarily spending their time. Lord we pray for our country yes we pray. For our president we pray for people that are seeking spiritual and political revival we pray for the unborn children and we pray for the mothers that will come to the revelation that they choose life. Lord we thank you for. Everyone gathered here. That action will be taken and that truth will be fought for. Thanks so much for listening everybody and make sure you guys get your copy of the magazine doctrine a G. A. Doctrine. Right now we are on pace for a bestseller and a g a doctrine on pace for a bestseller. Thanks so much everybody talk to you soon from the creators of cold case files and PD stories comes the next great. True crime podcast. I survived every week. I survived presents. Chilling first person accounts from people who overcame deadly situations allowing the survivors to describe the events as they unfolded and how they made it out alive. If you love true crime you're going love. I survived. Be Sure to subscribe on spotify podcast. One Dot Com apple podcast many other podcast apps so you can get new episodes every week.

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