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Support for this. Podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars. Buy a plane ticket. Pay down your student loan. Treat yourself to those shoes. You've been eyeing with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer survey to save with progressive in two thousand nineteen. Hello everyone and welcome to a lot of here. On big blue view. Radio i am the host of the show nicholas kilonzo and today. We're going to be going over the last week. What was going on in the nfl. And i gotta tell you. It's going to drop on a sunday but man this past friday march twenty six was really a doozy. Really jumbled up the nfl draft order and also zach wilson's pro day which doesn't necessarily affect the new york giants too much but man. He looked really good slaying. The football all over the yard and throwing from all different types of angles looking like a supreme talent right in front of joe. Douglas and the new york jets. But let's dive into these trades. It's very very interesting to see. Kyle shanahan john lynch and the san francisco forty niners target a specific quarterback in trade all the way up from twelve to pick three with the miami dolphins who drop all the way back and we thought that was over. We think that's a big deal in. Its own right. And i feel like it is because they had jimmy garoppolo. Reportedly they wanna stick with jimmy g. through this season. But obviously you don't trade up that far to not select your quarterback of the future and the san francisco forty niners gave up a decent amount to move up. They gave up that number. Twelve overall pick third round pick in twenty twenty two first round pick in two thousand twenty two and another first round. Pick in twenty twenty three. So miami is just stockpiling and at this point right. They are just collecting assets so they can replenish roster. That's already solid may not have the quarterback of the future which is really problematic when you look at the fact that they selected to buy low in the top five last year but that still remains to be seen. Then miami shocks everybody less than an hour later. They trade back up into the top ten with the philadelphia. Eagles were sitting there at six. They give up twenty twenty two first round pick and the number one hundred twenty third overall pick in this graph may also receive the one hundred fifty six pick in this draft so the eagles essentially get a free round. Pick out of this just to drop those six spots. And if they weren't targeting somebody at the quarterback position which is seems like they actually were. According to a lot of reports howie. Roseman was looking to trade up but looks like now their plan. Is they by an extra pick. See how jalen hurts place and if it doesn't work out next year you have more ammunition to trade up safe. You go six and eleven since it's going to be a seventeen week season or something like that and you're picking at pick ten. You have an extra first round. Pick the trade up into the top one or two to select. Whoever the top quarterback is next year. So i love the trade on the eagle's perspective and now they're sitting behind the new york giants which is kind of nice for the new york giants can't get scooped by that division rival although the dallas cowboys are sitting there at ten. And now you have the cowboys. The giants and the philadelphia eagles from ten to twelve. Nfc east having a little party at that section of the draft. But let's talk about this from san francisco. Forty niners standpoint. You trade that draft hall. It's not the biggest haul we've ever seen. But it's pretty massive trade hall to jump all the way up. You have a quarterback in mind cow. Shanahan has a player that he feels. He can finally hitch his wagon to the first quarterback that came to my mind was actually the one from north dakota state trae lance trae. Lance is a talented player. He didn't play in all that many games because he played the twenty nineteen season started and then he played one game at twenty twenty. which wasn't his best outing. If you watch just that film but in two thousand nine hundred and you could see upside as a rusher. You can see the offense that he runs where he's basically tasked to set the protections. At the line of scrimmage which is a pretty big responsibility for a nineteen year old kid and trae lance. I feel like he could be somebody who could mesh well with what kyle shanahan wanted to do on offense. Just run that system where you build it off the play action you move the pocket a lot. If you're i read isn't there you can dump it off to the fullback. Which is something that kyle shanahan lots to do in his system and they're bringing back. Kyle us check this year so that works out. He also has a camden of an arm. Accuracy is a little hit. Or miss. From what i've seen. But he also has like cam newton type of upside as a russia and now is that hyperbolic a little bit. Maybe but his ability to run. How fast he is now. Physically big years it's gigantic and it's going to be used heavily in any offense to be honest with a good offensive coordinator. So that's the first quarterback came to my mind especially since his trait happened before the pro day for just fields now. justin fields. Prodie doesn't happen yet. It's going to happen in a couple of days after this releases but it hasn't happened yet and it just doesn't really jive with me that they would make destroyed before that program. They already went to the other pro days for these top quarterbacks including mac jones. But i'm i don't really believe that's what the san francisco forty niners are going to do. I believe it would be trae. Lance or zack wilson. But it looks like sack. Wilson might be that number two pick to the new york jets which is interesting in its own right and then you look at this from a miami dolphins perspective right. Miami dolphins dropped back to twelve get more picks and they trade back up to six. Who were they looking to. Target with that six overall pick they have somebody mocked. They're looking to add to that office of line where they just spent a first round pick austin jackson last year. They got the guy from louisiana lafayette. The robert sale coached. Robert hunt play the interior played. Well at believe they drafted him in the third round last year or do look to add to the skill position players because preston williams can't stay healthy devante parker has been hit or miss through his career. He's shown significant strides. I think you can say but they don't have that necessarily reliable burner. I liked you. Kim grant as a gadget type of player credible speed and explosiveness. There is another player. Who's always dinged up. So do you look at someone like jalen. Waddell there pair with to a tunnel. Bilo a former teammate. Obviously at alabama. You say the same thing about devante smith or do you bring in that x. type of receiver that big body receiver who can win contested catches run routes. Well isn't a phenomenal. Athlete is not the jail waddell type but still phenomenal athlete. In jomar chase. Do you go in that direction. You looked at ad added. Rashawn slater to really bolster up your office of lines. You do have erik fire. Starting guard there. I think miami. It's fascinating that they traded backup. And it's not going to be for quarterback wouldn't imagine it will never left if they had a quarterback in mind so i think that's a really interesting situation there for the miami dolphins and just for this draft in general on the one thing. I really want to take away from these trades from these blockbuster trades going back and forth is that it's excellent. This is happening for the new york giants drape for the new york giants because this basically solidifies that at least two of the top three picks. I'm going to be a quarterback. They're going to be at least three certain quarterbacks in the top eleven i would argue. There's probably definitely going to be forks. I don't believe justin fields gets passed the panthers or the lions so. You're talking about four quarterbacks that are going to be gone before the new york giants select at pig eleven. This is going to push the bush on slater's possibly down the board gonna push them. Mike parsons down the board. It's gonna push some of these high profile type of guys pitch jalen waddell who. I don't think the giant fully will out. I'll be i do believe. They should upgrade their offensive line and find ways to generate pressure. I don't want the giants to be spending a the eleventh pick on one of these edge. Rushers i don't know if the value is at that position i would love for them to trade down. Don't believe that's going to be dave cattlemen's mo it's never been his mo. Before so. i can see the new york giants either. Staying put selecting a best player available now. Who will that be. The quarterbacks are not something the giants gonna target with daniel jones on the roster in this sort of quasi peuvent type of year but these other players are going to be falling down the board a little bit more now. 'cause the miami dolphins and san francisco forty niners traded backup into this top. Ten out of the miami. Dolphins are probably going select somebody. And we're gonna want for gonna be real but san francisco. Let's go on for a quarterback and we could have top four picks go quarterback for the first time i believe ever with trevor lawrence. Probably gonna jacksonville. Zack wilson to the jets. Maybe trae lance to san francisco and possibly justin fields returning to georgia. Where he's from. The study was born in to play for the atlanta falcons. Who are going to need a quarterback. They can't get away from matt ryan contract right now. The cap hit is just too much matt. Ryan will be starting quarterback for the atlanta falcons this next season but arthur smith can get his guy. You can get a good one. Justin fields to help lead his franchise into the future. Because matt ryan time. They're coming to an end. Julio jones is also making a ton of money he's stone affect receiver but he needs to stay healthy as well. Yeah i think these trades though they. It's interesting that kyle. Shanahan is going to find himself a rookie quarterback after a year being removed from the super bowl. I mean greg good on that rookie quarterback to have that kind of coach kyle shanahan and a team in the infrastructure on that team. That just coming off the super bowl not this past year obviously the year before i mean that's gigantic for whichever lucky quarterback of the four land there or do i say five with mac jones. I mean. i don't believe that's going to happen. But we all know. Cow shanahan likes his kirk cousins and quarterbacks quarterback that can process really really well a quarterback that is accurate with the football and a quarterback that get the football out of his hands quickly and that is mack jones. But i don't. I'm not buying daniel. Jeremiah floated that out there. I'm not gonna bite. But i figured i'd bring his name up. Just in case who knows. The giants are lucky enough. Some team will fall in love with max jones. Or maybe that doesn't have to even be a trade like new england trading from fifteen up to the lines or something like that. Maybe that doesn't even have to happen in the lions or the panthers fall them. The panthers coached him at the senior bowl. And then mack. Jones ends up going before the giants. That's five quarterbacks and then that just leave six picks up until the new york giants really five. We're gonna talk about going before the new york giants and look at the list to get the penny souls. The offense of tackle from oregon jalen waddell from alabama the wide receiver your marchese wide receiver. Lsu got the corners caleb farley patrick 'certain mark. Mike parsons you have the quickly. Pays the world. Sean slater tackle from northwestern who really really interesting to me. There's a lot of good talent. It's going to be available for the new york giants at eleven if they stay put. So that's going to be a very interesting thing to kind of. 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Mike parsons he opted out of the two thousand twenty season. But he's an absolute wrecking ball in terms of being a blitzer. He's very very good and run support. Huge tackle radius. I mean he's six foot three hundred and forty-three pounds just ridiculous. Thirty one and one fourth inch arms and lebanon chance which is unreal a physical freak and he just ran a four three nine at two hundred forty six pounds. I'm sorry two hundred and forty six pounds which is in sane put up the bench nineteen times post a thirty four inch vertical jump at ten. Six broad trump phenomenal athlete. And i just love the fact. Picturing him in patrick graham system as a blitzer. We know patrick. Graham loves to use the nickel blitz. he loves the us the weakside linebacker blitz. We saw it a lot with take. Crowder sought some david mayo. Even saw it a little bit with blake martinez and mike parsons as a second level defender who can impact the past russia's. Well let alone. Just be an excellent linebacker next to blake martinez against the run and in coverage that can take this defense to the next level but the value for edges and necessarily there at eleven to the giants go with someone like z. Social laurie yes they go someone like jalen phillips who is more of a four three type of end but it's still a very talented player. Yes it'd be a stretch. I think even aziz would be a stretch. And i do like. Oh laurie but i still think it would be a stretch and eleven. Parsons is a complete type of linebacker. Nobody's gonna know. Michael parsons better as terms of his character than some of these giants coaches man pat flaherty was on the penn state staff. Obviously sean spencer was a defensive line coach. They know mike parsons characters. His character is in question because of some hazing violations or purported hazing violations from his past. And you're talking about a great athlete. Here who can affect all levels of the defense in terms of coverage getting after the passer and stopping the run and i know linebackers quote unquote devalued position. And i understand that. But i'm in the business for the giants of adding good football players and michael. Parsons is probably going to be the best player available. And that's going to significantly upgrade that defense. I mean i like takeout or take graph it or whatever you wanna call him. Think he's a solid player. But you can upgrade from that position and bringing in parsons who was recruited to penn state as an edge. Rusher could really help the ability to rush. The passer. clenched hands is ridiculous. It really is. That's insane kind of grip strength. Their his ability to stack shed play peekaboo around offensive linemen. Who try to get to them. At the second level let alone put himself in an advantageous position because process the game. At a high rate to now i would i would love that addition and that's kind of warmly in a pro day. Who saw joe judge patrick. Graham both talking to him. He's in real consideration for the giants at eleven get twenty six pressures five sacks according to pro football focus the last time we saw him which was twenty nineteen because he did opt out twenty one years old. He'll be twenty to the start of the season. Could seventy seven tackles had four. Pb us pro. Football focus numbers from two thousand nine hundred and his numbers were the best in the nation. And he's incredibly accomplished. I would really love. And there's his teammate. Jason away now. We bring up jason as a six foot five two hundred and fifty seven pound edge rusher from penn state and he ran a four three six forty at his pro day. That's amazing when you think about it. It thirty four and a half inch arms looks the part. His vertical jumps in which really vertical jump at broad jump. It's really kind of shows off the lower body. Explosive ability burst of a player jumped thirty nine and a half inches in the vert and eleven feet two inches in the broad. That's insane type of numbers right there. That's a lot of explosive abilities. And now you may be asking. Why isn't anybody talking about jason away at pick eleven. There's reasons why as because jason away didn't have a sack in twenty twenty. It's not because he didn't knock down he just didn't get home. He had twenty pressures. Ten them came against indiana and the first game of the season. Four penn state but he disappears. Lot doesn't show up on the tape all that often. He's a good run. Defender uses his length with very very well controls. The point of attack set a firm edge. But he doesn't finish he seven sacks coordinator pro football focus and twenty nineteen twenty eighteen combined and then none in twenty twenty and that really hurts him. You're still talking about probably second round prospect here especially after. He tested the way he did. He looked the way he did and he measured the way he measured. Nfl teams put high precedent on those types of things reasons. Not being talked about at eleven is because he didn't have the production you need to be able to get the production obviously in the nfl and always also not somebody who's going to be dropping into coverage and playing now flat which we know patrick. Graham likes to have a lot of these defenders. But like i always say graham always find a way to make i feel like someone fit into his system as long as they have the athletic ability and as long as they can play the run. I think those are huge. Parts of patrick ram. What's due to keep continuity of his defense intact but still. That's cute for jason. Oh i don't really know the giants look in that direction but that's still gigantic for but again. who knows. pat. Flaherty sean spencer. Both penn state coaches who a coach both of these players so that has to be waited. But mike parsons and eleven. Like i said. I think that's a real one right there to watch. Now it's another player. It's been linked to the giants a little bit. A lot of these mock drafts. I don't think the giants are going to go in this direction. But he at his pro day. This past week said edge rusher quitting pay equity pay six foot two two hundred and sixty one pounds. He ran a four five. Two forty yard dash really freaking good for his size. Really really good had a thirty five and a half inch vertical. Jump as well and he had thirty six reps on the bench. That's insane the next closest. Wolverine was ben. Mason the fullback when twenty nine. You're talking about an edge rusher here. And he looks the part as well. I like woody. Pay watched his film think he's going to be a good football player but i don't see an elite player there i don't and it's really sucks because pay kinda came up a little hobbled after one of these forty yard dash dries so he never got the do his twenty yard shuttle he got the do is three cone or any of those ridiculous tests that he supposedly would just annihilate and be like the ninety nine th percentile. So that's something that. I would have really kind of help. Elevate him i think a lot of people know that he would do really well knows. I think a tweet came up earlier in the offseason. A him running a three cone and was an official time but the time was just insane and quickly pay. I think he's going to be a first round pick. I don't believe the giants are gonna look necessarily in that direction but kenley platt somebody who is now the analytics director for pro football network. Somebody i used to work with at inside the pylon. He collects basically the entire testing database. But everybody from nineteen eighty-seven who goes through all these tests. Aggregates are scores and he finds what he calls. Ras which is the relative athletic score and the stats that he calculated. Check out to be quickly. Pays forty third out of one thousand. Three hundred and thirty eight defensive ends that were tested since nineteen eighty-seven like i said he comes in forty third in terms of his. Ras score which is based on a number from one to ten ten being the best one being the worst. Pay a nine point six nine. Reis when you look at his module everything is basically green except height and his weight. Little bit underweight undersized because pay did only come in at six thirty to a lot of the websites had listen to six four six two. That's not great. Really and ed rusher so but athletically gigantic for him. He has burst the explosiveness and all of the underwear type of olympics. We talk about with a lot of these edge. Rushers one more name. I wanted to go over his allies robert tucker from usc. They had their pro day earlier last week. And i think he should be. Somebody that can be linked to the new york giants. Now a lot of people think he'd be a much better in zone power gap and i could see what they're talking about. The natural feelings only played a lot of zone at usc. But you can also see how he can pull into. Space has great location ability on a strength at the point of attack can execute those down blocks really well on the playside can bucket step and pull on the backside as a court and he played left tackle for the us trojans. This past year is more regard. But he left tackle. He didn't really miss a beat bro. He was also six four three eight pounds. He ran a five ten forty and then he jumped thirty two inches in the verb. Which is really frigging good. Three six reps to twenty five on the bench with as really freaking good and the giants need help on the interior office of line. Think possible use help tackle. I don't believe they're gonna look in that direction because you have. You spent the ninety ninth. Pick in two thousand twenty draft on you. Bring back nate soldier. Who has started many games in the nfl. Though he did not look like somebody who could bend the last time we saw him but he was playing through an injury. I believe the giants need to add talent still to this office of line. It's not a sure product who speak about the upside of parrot we talk about well hernandez and jalen possibly being the starters here at guard. Hopefully it's not zach fulton to be honest if he if he still playing his twenty twenty self but i feel like the team. The new york giants are good football team right now on paper. They had a lot of interesting pieces. But we're all hoping that all of these assets on the office of line reach. What could be solid player. So the office of line to be solid enough to allow daniel jones defined kenny golladay sterling shepard darius slayton kyle rudolph in ebony ingram on these passes then they open up holes for saquon barkley. Healthy saquon barkley. I mean that's enticing enough as it is but it's not a certainty that it's going to happen me. We'll hernandez was bench last year for shane. Lemieux shane lemieux has struggled in pass protection. They were pretty bad andrew. Thomas had a lot of bad tape early on corrected himself but he could have a sophomore slump and then matt baird the last time we saw him he basically helped give up three sacks consecutively to the baltimore ravens now that they weren't his fault but they all came from the right side. Of the line of scrimmage. It's not great. And i'm all about competition and i know joe judge in this. Coaching staff is all about finding players. Who are versatile and multiple positions that is allies avert tucker. Thirty two inch vert. Thirty-six reps on the bench is huge. His tape also checks out as well so they got the name to kind of throw in there now. He doesn't play all that long. He arms aren't overly long for tackle. And that's why a lot of people are projecting guard but he executes great angles yet only slightly over thirty two inches which is in great. He's very very smooth with his kick. Steps is kick slide. Vertical sets jump. Set frames blocked. Really well i think he's somebody kind of pay attention to he. Won the twenty twenty. Moore's trophy which is given to the pac. Twelve best lineman offensive or defensive. I just think it's another name that we should be considering. Just because i mean i'm not super comfortable with the offense of line right now. I know a lot of other people. Who follow the giants. Aren't i think it a wide array of outcomes. The giants offer the if they reached their peak. They're going to be able to open. Those holes are going to be able to pass protect. But that's if they reached their peak. Daniel jones has been pressured so much these last two years. They may not reach their peak. That payer may struggle early on may not be that strong at the point of attack. You've just hands that well. I never really loved his punch to be honest. He's more about going to make contact and use my length which i love the fact user length but he doesn't dictate with a strong pop. His hands will hernandez. I don't know what to expect. Don't know who are getting. I would take two thousand eighteen hernandez twenty nineteen we'll hernandez was a let down and then twenty twenty will hernandez got benched now. Cova could've played a role net. Yes and shane meal. I like him as a run blocker. Good on those polls but man. He is a liability and pass protection when he gets hit quick with speed the power conversion. We saw that against tampa bay buccaneers on monday night. Football with william golden and not consume. They both were able to just get interior pressure on daniel jones. Sheila new cannot hold up at the point of attacking and it was like the happened twice every game. It seemed like he needs to get better at that. Hopefully he will. But i still think investing top one or two pick in this offense of line specifically the interior office of line is a smart course of action for dave gettleman and the new york giants already. Everybody thank you so much for listening to this. I am nicklaus lotto. Is one football. Please check out everything we're doing over there. Big blue view dot com. We haven't greek writers over there writing about this team. That you love the new york football giants. Hope you guys are taking care of yourself. Be safe be well. We'll talk to you soon.

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